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The Vlog – Part 5

Natalie woke early the next morning and just lay staring up at the ceiling, listening to the quiet of the house. There was no noise from her brother’s room next door. The boys were no doubt still deeply asleep and would be for some time.

She thought about the night before. Not just about what had happened, but what it might mean going forward. She’d basically had sex with her baby brother’s best friend. A twelve-year-old boy. Not even a teenager. Barely a hair between his legs. And she’d loved it. Even now, remembering it, reliving it, she could feel warmth down between her legs that began to spread through her body. Her skin tingled where the sheet touched her. Her small breasts, exposed above the sheet, swelled, and her little nipples stiffened.

Part of her still resisted. She didn’t want to be turned on by the thoughts in her head. She wanted to forget the sight and sensations of Luke’s blond head between her legs, of his eager mouth against her sex, of his sturdy little cock in her mouth, pulsing and then twitching with his mostly dry cum. She knew it was wrong. She knew there must be something seriously off with her.

Natalie shuddered as her skin tightened against the slight temperature change as she kicked the sheet off her body. She gathered her small breasts in her hands, squeezing them together, pressing against her nipples with the tips of her thumbs, circling the rubbery little tips, shivering at the tingles that raced through her.

As her hands moved down over the front of her body, she thought of Luke and Jacob in the next room, sleeping and innocent. Or not so innocent. In her mind’s eye, each boy was stiff and they held each other in their skinny arms, warm and heavy with sleep, locked in a naked embrace. That’s when it hit her, just as her fingers were dipping down into the silky hairs of her small bush.

When Luke had appeared in the bathroom door last night, he’d been naked.

She lay there and thought of the implications of that while she drew lazy circles on her mound. He’d been naked. He wouldn’t have gotten undressed to go to the bathroom, that would be crazy. Which meant he’d been nude already. It had been late, so the boys had likely been asleep for some time before his need to pee hit him. So he’d been naked, and sleeping with her brother.

Natalie knew the boys shared the bed. Still, even after Luke’s admission the day before that Jacob had touched his dick, she hadn’t really explored what that meant. Boys screwed around. That wasn’t a big leap in logic. Girls screwed around as well, she knew. However, it was sort of a big deal to go from show and tell or some light touching to sleeping with each other in the buff. Her image of the boys curled up naked, little cocks stiff between their legs, might just be more than fantasy.

The young teen began to wonder what else the boys got up to in her brother’s room, behind closed doors. Had Jacob ever tasted the oily little drops of Luke’s immature cum in his mouth? Had Luke ever felt her brother’s tiny penis growing in his mouth? Felt his lip tickled by those silky little preteen pubes? Had he rasped his pink tongue over Jacob’s hairless little ballsac? Why did the thought of two preteen boys getting together suddenly inflame her?

Natalie shuddered and realized that while she’d been fantasizing about the boys, she’d unconsciously slipped two fingers into her pussy. While her pinky and index finger caressed the mostly hairless outer lips of her swollen teen pussy, her middle and ring fingers worked wetly in her gripping little cunt. With her left hand she caressed herself; the insides of her thighs, her taut stomach, her firm little breasts, teasing her nipples, wetting her finger in her mouth and then circling each, forcing a shuddering moan from between her lips.

She imagined Jacob leaning over Luke, lust shining eyes in his stormy gray eyes, full pink lips working up and down on the little blond boy’s straining erection. However, as she fantasized, a small corner of her brain began to work at the problem. Just what was she going to do now? She’d sucked Luke’s cock. She’d basically forced him to eat her pussy. She’d stepped over a major line. Where did they go from here? What happened when Jacob found out? She didn’t fool herself for a minute that the wild little blond kid would be able to keep it a secret for long. Would Jacob hate her? Would he want equal treatment? Could she suck her own baby brother’s cock?

It was the thought of taking Jacob’s twelve-year-old erection into her mouth that sent her over the edge. The orgasm had been growing slowly, like a gently returning tide, but at the thought of sucking his pale little cock, it was like a damn broke unexpectedly and she was suddenly flooded with pulsing heat. Her slim hips lifted up off the bed as she rapidly worked her fingers in and out of her spasming pussy, gasping as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her body.

In the afterglow of her climax, Natalie once again turned her mind to a solution to her predicament. She knew Luke would never let it go. He would want to do again, and again. Not just that, but he would want more. She knew he’d never be satisfied until he got that hot little boner between her legs. In the meantime, he had all this leverage over her. One word to Jacob and it would all be over. She didn’t want to hurt her brother, and she thought him finding out would seem like a betrayal. What could she do, though?

After weighing possibilities she came to what seemed to her to be the only logical conclusion: she would have to seduce Jacob.

If Jacob got what Luke had gotten, then the worst Luke could do would be inform her brother that he’d gotten there first. That would lose most of its sting if he also got sucked off by his big sister. As little aftershock tremors caused her pussy to tremble, she wondered just for a moment how much of that was sound logic, and how much was just a sick desire to suck her brother’s cock. Because she couldn’t lie to herself any longer. That’s what she wanted to do. Jacob had always been a beautiful boy, but this new epiphany that he was also sexually desirable was playing hell with what she’d always felt were common moral boundaries.

Mind set upon her task, she just had to figure out how to implement it.

Natalie realized quickly that the first thing she had to do was get rid of Luke. There was no way the boy would give her the space she needed, especially not without giving up the game or interfering in some way. This was difficult because Luke spent almost every single Saturday at their house, and getting him to go home voluntarily wouldn’t be easy. However, she’d sucked the kid’s dick last night, and she felt the promise of a repeat performance would be enough to get him gone. After that her plans got a bit fuzzy. She decided she’d just have to play it by ear.

In order to kick off the first part of the plan, she got up and dressed. She rummaged around in her top drawer for a bit before coming up with a swimsuit she hadn’t worn in awhile. It was coral colored and had a high neck top, so it didn’t leave as much skin exposed as other bikinis, but it also molded perfectly to her small breasts, so if anything they seemed even more visible. The bottoms were a bit small, so they didn’t quite fit her athletic ass, and the front hugged itself so tightly against her that you could see the slit of her vulva.

Modeling in the mirror, Natalie looked at her bedside clock. It was just a bit after eight. There was no way the boys would be up for a couple of hours yet. She hoped that equated to deep sleep. She knew from experience that Jacob could be a heavy sleeper and she hoped that didn’t change this morning.

Natalie started by gently turning her own doorknob and silently pulling the door open, then carefully turning the knob back before releasing it. A glance down the hallway showed her mom’s door standing open. She’d have left by six, an opportunity to sleep in a bit later due to it being Saturday.

The girl stopped outside her brother’s room. Putting her ear close to the door, she was pretty sure she could hear soft breathing from within, although there was nothing louder. She reached out and gripped the knob, being careful not to jiggle it. Then she carefully twisted it, praying neither boy had locked it. It turned easily and quietly. Natalie let out a soft breath.

Now for the hard part. Well, one of them anyway. She very carefully pushed the door forward, willing it not to make any noise. It slid in silently. She saw Jacob’s dresser, top drawer partially pulled out to expose a hanging sock. The top was covered with a collection of junk, including change and a couple of rocks along with semi-expensive jewelry they’d received from their father. There were also two trophies, both for diving, both first place. There were many others of those spread throughout the room, including gold and silver medals on colorful ribbons and framed photos and certificates.

As the door slid open further, she was presented with a landscape of destruction that would have made her mother wince. Action figures, RC cars and helicopters, drones, stuffed toys, two game consoles and their discs and boxes and clothes. Clothes everywhere. Shirts, shorts, swim stuff, and underwear. A veritable river of dirty laundry.

Natalie peeked around the edge of the door, just barely getting the impression of sprawled limbs before pushing the door until it was half open and then once again carefully releasing the doorknob.

Jacob’s room had two windows. One was facing the door. The blind was open, so she was presented with a view of a beautiful Saturday spread across the backyard, sunlight dancing on the water in the pool. The other window was at the head of Jacob’s bed, which sat against the far right wall. As she stepped into the room, careful to avoid the traps on the floor, she was presented with the sight of Luke asleep on his back.

Luke’s mouth was open just a bit, soft breath in tune with the slight rise and fall of his lightly muscled chest. His right arm, the one closest to her, was draped over his stomach. His left was flung off to the side, presumably on top of Jacob, who she couldn’t quite see. What she could see was the gorgeous sight of Luke’s young dick standing upward in the sunlight, like a plant straining for nourishment. His knees were a bit bent, but his legs were gaping wide open, as if presenting his little cock to the world.

There was a tree right outside the second window, which was swaying gently in an early morning breeze. This caused a beautiful hide and seek upon Luke’s body, parts of his body constantly going in and out of leafy shadow. Natalie snuck forward, mesmerized. In the light of the morning sun, the blond boy seemed to glow. When lit up by the sun, every tiny golden hair upon his tanned body lit up like molten gold. His arms were fiery with it, as were his thin legs. Even his stomach. However, it was the tiny hairs around his rampant morning erection that most drew her attention. Like strands of optical fibers, the tiny hairs shone brightly. On his little scrotum could be seen at least a dozen small golden wisps.

So caught up in staring at the beautiful boy, Natalie found herself nearly at the side of the bed before she noticed her brother, and her hand went to her mouth with a soft gasp. Jacob was also nude. His pale body was bathed in the light of the sun, his skin flawless and also glowing as the tiny hairs up and down his arms and legs were illuminated. Unfortunately, his back was facing her as he lay on his left side. His left leg was stretched out straight beneath him and his right was cocked at the knee, giving her a glimpse of his balls in the shadowy space that had been created between his body and the mattress, and even the pink pucker of his tiny asshole, which she would never have imagined would be a sight which would excite her as it did now. His ass was gorgeous, fading up subtly into the artful curve of his slender back and his soft shoulder. His inky black hair was a dark fan over his pillow and the side of his head.

She wasn’t sure how long she stood there, staring at the boys. It was the soft sound of a car driving up the road outside that snapped her out of her daze. Biting her lip nervously, doubly worried now because of his naked state about being caught by her brother, Natalie stepped forward and bent over to wake Luke. She didn’t want to startle him, so she wasn’t sure the best way to go about waking him. Finally, with a bit of a wicked smile, she ran a finger along the short length of his little penis. It quivered and bounced under her touch. She did it again, then again. It seemed to be straining upward ever more urgently.

Finally, on about the seventh such tender caress, Luke’s eyes opened. She’d been half watching for it, torn between that and the sight of his bouncing penis. Seeing him draw breath to say something, she quickly motioned him to be quiet, and then she crooked a finger at him, indicating he should follow. She quietly made her way out of the room.

Once she cleared the door, she hurried into her own room. There was about a twenty second wait, and then she heard a slight scuffling footstep and Luke came full of eager nervousness into her bedroom. The boy was still naked and being led by his stiff dick.

“You’re naked,” Natalie hissed accusingly.

Luke glanced down and then squeezed his cock. “I thought you wanted to… you know,” he said lamely, disappointed.

“Is Jacob still asleep?” Natalie asked.

“Yeah, I was careful,” Luke said, stepping forward, still hopeful. He jacked himself a couple of times.

“We are not hooking up,” she told him pointedly, careful to speak quietly, although her eyes were drawn again and again to his cock as the little pink head kept peeking out of his fist as he slowly stroked himself.

“Then why did you get me up?” the boy asked grumpily.

“You have to go home,” she told him.

“Why?” he asked, puzzled. “I don’t have to be home till tomorrow.”

“Because I need some alone time with Jacob,” she explained. “I have to work all this shit out.”

“What shit?”

“This,” she said, her gesture taking in both of them. “That,” she indicated his penis. “Just… everything.”

“Are you gonna tell him?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I have to do something though, and I can’t do it if you’re here.”

“But what am I supposed to do all weekend?” the boy whined.

Natalie sighed. “I don’t know. Look, maybe I can work it out today and you can come back and spend the night, okay?”

“This sucks,” he complained.

“If you do it,” she said, playing her trump card, “then I’ll suck you again.”

Luke’s blue eyes lit up with excitement. “Right now?” he asked.

“No, not right now,” she said as if he were crazy. The boy slumped dejectedly. “Like, the next time you come over.”

The boy’s hand hadn’t stopped working on his little erection, and he shuddered a bit. “How about do it now and then I’ll leave,” he equivocated. “C’mon, Nat,” he pleaded. “I’m about ready to bust.”

Natalie sighed. She’d known that this would happen. That the little brat would keep bugging her and bugging her and holding this thing over her head. Still, as she stared down at the winking little cockhead peeking again and again in his fist, she had to admit the idea turned her on. She thought about sucking Luke’s cock, sitting right there on her bed, with her door open, with Jacob’s door open, and him lying in his bed maybe twenty feet away.

“I’ll do it now,” she said, and Luke’s face lit up with glee, “but then I’m gonna call your phone. You pretend it’s your mom and you tell Jacob you have to go until at least tonight. Deal?”

“Deal!” Luke whispered loudly, and Natalie scowled at him, making him cringe and hold his hands guiltily over his mouth.

Natalie backed a couple of steps until she was at her bed and then she sat down. When Luke stepped up she realized it wasn’t going to work. Her mouth was at Luke’s chest. Unless she wanted to get a crick in her back bending over, she was going to have to find another solution. Finally she just sank to her knees and Luke moved in front of her, penis bobbing, body shaking, like an eager little puppy who’s master has just come home from work.

Natalie reached out and took the little treat between her fingers, then leaned forward and rasped a tongue up the boy’s short length. She cupped his small balls in her palm, feeling the grape-sized orbs against her fingers.

“Take your top off,” Luke said. “I didn’t get to see your boobs very good last night.”

Natalie looked up, amazed by the… well, the balls on the kid. “You’re a cocky little shit, aren’t you?” she asked.

“C’mon, Nat,” he pleaded. “You got such beautiful boobs.”

With a sigh of exasperation, she pulled her top over her head, freeing her small tits. Luke stared at them avidly and she felt her nipples stiffening with the attention. Hooking a finger around the slender little boner, she pulled it down a bit, then slipped the tip into her mouth. Luke sighed and shuddered as she circled the small glans with her tongue, flicking it over the tiny pisshole.

With her own groan of satisfaction, Natalie moved her lips downward, feeling the slender little stalk sliding into her mouth, until she reached the warm, naked base. The smell of the boy was stronger here. The indefinable funkiness of boy, like sweat, and rainy days, and the little crannies between couch cushions, comfortable and mysterious all at once.

With nearly four inches of boycock in her mouth, Natalie experimentally slid her tongue out, poking it into the loose skin of his hanging scrotum, feeling the tickling presence of the sparse hairs there. The tip of Luke’s small cock sat right at the entrance of her throat. She sucked at it lightly, contentedly. When she felt it jerk in her mouth she realized that time was an issue. While it was unlikely Jacob would get up before about ten, he might just have to go to the bathroom. Every moment she spent kneeling on her bedroom floor with this young boy’s cock in her mouth was a dangerous one.

Reaching out, Natalie stroked her palms up along Luke’s legs. She could feel just the tiniest of hairs on his calves, and then nothing but smooth skin as her hands when higher, caressing his silky thighs, then finally sliding up over the perfect skin of his firm young ass. She squeezed and caressed him there as her mouth began to work in earnest, sliding up and down his glistening shaft, feeling every little groove along that four inch length as she held him tight between her lips.

Luke’s hands drifted to the sides of her head and he began a slow but steady rocking. Natalie dipped her fingers into the cleft of Luke’s ass, amazed at the velvety warmth there. Eventually her fingers found the boy’s rubbery little sphincter, making him tense as they brushed across it. Natalie had never considered any type of ass play, being too new to sex herself, but she found herself curious.

As her mouth worked on his preteen boner, Natalie began to circle that tight little mound of tissue. Luke began to squirm, and gave a warning whine. Intrigued, she began to rub at it more forcefully, even pressing against it.

“What are you doing?” the boy asked nervously.

Using the finger of her other hand, she slipped it into her mouth while she sucked. Then she returned to the cleft of Luke’s ass and located that spot again. Slick with her spit, the circling digit moved with much greater ease, and when pressed forward, it slid to the first knuckle into that tight ring without any resistance.

The effect on Luke was immediate. The boy stiffened and went to his knees, his cock flying from her mouth. Her hand moved with him though, and she could feel his sphincter practically sucking at her finger, just like her own pussy often did. Between his legs, Luke’s little cock suddenly jerked, and a few droplets of boycum spurted out to strike hotly against her stomach. She quickly reached down to catch them and wipe them across her belly before they could run down into the material of her bikini bottom. Luke’s dick continued to jerk, but he only managed one more tiny drop, which hung on a little streamer of wetness before dripping onto the carpet between them.

Natalie moved her arm back, removing her finger from Luke’s ass. Now that she’d done it she felt a bit grossed out and didn’t want to touch anything with that finger before she could wash it thoroughly. Watching the boy cum had been exciting though, and so much different than the thick, ropy strands of white cum that Noah would produce. Then she realized she’d need to clean his little boy jizz off her as well.

Breathing heavily still, Luke caught her eyes and looked at her almost accusingly. “You put your finger in my butt.”

Natalie shrugged it away. “It’s something people do. You didn’t seem to mind all that much.”

Luke had the good grace to blush. “It was weird.”

Feeling a bit giddy, Natalie leaned forward and gripped the boy’s softening erection and then gave him a quick peck on the lips. “Go to bed,” she said. “I’ll call you in a few minutes. Remember to pretend it’s your mom. You have to go somewhere with her. Whatever makes sense to Jacob. Tell him you’ll hopefully be able to come back later today and I’ll call you and let you know.”

“But what are you gonna do?” Luke asked. He couldn’t help thrusting his thin hips, thrusting his once more fully erect dick into her fist.

“You are such a horndog,” Natalie said with a smile. With a last squeeze she released him and said, “I’m not sure yet, but I’ll think of something. Now go!”

Reluctantly, Luke rose to his fee and made his quiet way back to Jacob’s room. Still topless, Natalie followed and watched him until the door was quietly closed, then made her way to the bathroom. She carefully washed her left hand, where her finger had been in Luke’s butt, and then used a washcloth to wipe her belly free of any lingering cum.

As she stood there, she once again found herself examining her body in the mirror, admiring her small, perky breasts and sleek stomach and firm arms. Her little nipples were stiff and she pinched them lightly, feeling a little tremor race through her. Sucking Luke had gotten her all hot and bothered. She wanted to slide a hand between her legs, but was worried about her pussy getting too damp.

Instead, Natalie made her way back to her room. She retrieved her top from the floor and put it on, carefully adjusting it in the mirror. Then she sat on the end of her bed for another minute, just to give Luke plenty of time to get back into bed with her brother. The thought of that sent yet another shiver through her.

Finally, she picked up her phone and called the boy’s number. She didn’t hear anything and reasoned that the volume was down on his phone. After a moment though, he answered. Not wanting Jacob to hear anything, she said nothing.

Natalie was impressed. Luke sounded genuinely tired when he said hello to his ‘mother’ and then paused to allow her space to talk. Then he complained about having to leave. Then he sighed and said he’d be home soon. He disconnected the call.

Natalie thought about pressing her ear to the wall to listen, but couldn’t see what would be gained by it. Instead she sat on her bed, unable to hear a sound, but imagining the boys talking, comfortable in the warmth of the bed, naked together, perhaps kissing goodbye. She felt another shudder.

After a minute or so she heard soft voices and a bit of movement and then Jacob’s bedroom door opened. A moment later it closed with a soft snick, and then Luke was standing in front of her door. He was fully dressed again and had his backpack. He waved and gave the ‘call me’ sign, and then turned and headed down the stairs.

Suddenly struck with an idea, Natalie got up and raced after him. She caught him at the bottom of the stairs. Luke turned curiously. “Let me get your iPad,” she said. She saw his golden eyebrows bunch in confusion and raced to say, “I have an idea. Just let me use it.” Then the boy shrugged and dug it out of his backpack.

“Thanks,” Natalie said, then she gave him another little peck on the lips, opened the door, and smacked him on his tiny ass on the way out.

End of part 5

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