April 22, 2009

Xavi and Polly and Me
Alex Hawk

It was a beautiful, warm summer day when my best friend, Xavi, said, “Hey, Tony, I got something I gotta tell you.”

“Ok, what?” I asked. We were both fourteen and currently up in my bedroom where we were laying naked on my bed jerking each other off. We weren’t gay or anything. We didn’t blow each other or stuff like that. We were just horny teenage boys who liked to cum.

“Uhm…” He kind of shifted around on my bed and looked awkward. “Well… look, this is a total secret, ok? You gotta promise you won’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t,” I swore.

“Ok. Well… uh… about two weeks ago, I… um… well, I’m not a virgin anymore.”

“Really,” I said in tones of great doubt.

“Swear to God, man. I lost it a couple weeks ago.”

“Who to?” I asked, knowing that neither of us had a girlfriend.

Looking awkward again, Xavi said, “Look, this is the part you really can’t tell anyone about, ok?”

“Ok,” I said, now very curious as I masturbated him a little faster.

Taking a deep breath, he said, “Polly.”

My mind froze for an instant. Then I said, “Wait… you mean your sister, Polly?”


“You fucked your sister?” I asked in amazement. I couldn’t really blame him for that if it was true. Polly was thirteen and very cute.


I let go of Xavi’s penis and sat up to stare at him. “Are you really serious?”

“Yes,” he said, continuing to stroke me.

“When you say fucked-”

“I mean I had my penis in her vagina.” He grinned a little. “Sixteen times so far.”

From the look on his face, I no longer doubted him. I laid back down and took hold of his penis again, stroking it slowly as I said, “Ok, well, wow. Uh. How did that happen?”

Xavi shrugged. “Well, it got started like a month ago, cause she walked in on me when I was jerking off.”


“So at first I got kind of panicked and stuff, and Polly was kind of freaked out. She left, and I got my clothes on and went out to talk with her. We talked and stuff, and she said she masturbated, too, so I asked if I could see her do it since she’d seen me.”

“And she let you?” I asked, stroking him some more.

“Yeah. So she let me watch her finger and I let her watch me jerk and then for a couple days we did that. Then we started, like, touching each other and stuff? And, well, like a couple weeks ago we fucked for the first time.”


“It was pretty cool,” he said with a little grin.

“What’s it like?”

Xavi shrugged. “About a billion times better than just jerking off.” He grinned again. “Not that I don’t like that.”

“Yeah.” I looked at the penis in my hand. “Damn, you actually had this in your sister’s pussy, huh?”


“Cool.” I thought a bit. “Aren’t you worried about getting her pregnant?”

Shaking his head, Xavi said, “No, it’s ok. With brothers and sisters you can’t make a baby.”


“Yeah, I read about it on the Internet. That’s why it’s safe for us to do it and we don’t even need to worry about condoms.”

“Oh, ok.”

“So, anyhow, Tony,” Xavi continued. “I asked Polly and she said, well, if you want to, you can watch us do it sometime.”

I sat bolt upright. “I can?”


“Really?” I asked, stroking him faster.

“Yeah… really… ah… keep doing that a little more,” he whispered, masturbating me a little faster, too.

Moments later both of us lost ourselves in the pleasure of orgasm, our sperm shooting out over our naked young bodies. We cleaned up, got dressed and didn’t talk about what we just did (we never talked about it), but that was ok with me. My mind was spinning way too much, thinking about Xavi and Polly.

* * *

A week went by. I talked with Xavi on the phone and hung out with him a couple times. I never asked him when I’d get the chance to watch him fucking his sister, but I always wanted to. Seemed like it might be a little tacky, though.

Finally nine days after Xavi’s confession to me, he called me up and said, “Now’s the time, dude.”

“What?” I asked, a little groggy, cause I’d been napping.

“Now’s the time,” he repeated. “If you want to watch me and Polly, come on over.”

I was now wide awake and instantly hard. “Seriously?”


“I’ll be right there!” I said, nearly falling as I got out of bed, hung up and quickly got dressed. Then I practically sprinted to my bike and rode at top-speed to Xavi’s house.

Xavi answered the door when I knocked. He was wearing a t-shirt and boxers.

“Hey, Tony,” he said with a grin.

“Hey.” I was nervous and horny.

“Come on in.” He stood aside so I could walk in and called out, “Polly, he’s here!”

“Ok!” came Polly’s voice from upstairs.

“I’m really gonna get to watch you guys doing it?” I asked, following Xavi as he led me upstairs.


“Fuckin’ awesome.”

Xavi led me to Polly’s bedroom. The door was open so he knocked on the doorframe and grinned. “Hey.”

“Hey,” said Polly, smiling at us from her bed. She was wearing a bathrobe. “Hi, Tony.”

“Hi,” I said in a hoarse voice. Some part of me hadn’t believed everything Xavi had told me, but now I believed completely. I was going to see my best friend fuck his sister!

Xavi pulled off his t-shirt and boxers. Nodding at Polly he said, “Take off the robe.”

“Sure.” She sat up and wiggled out of the robe, leaving her gloriously naked. Her breasts were firm and perfect and her vagina had just a tiny bit of hair right at the top. God, I wanted her so bad!

Xavi walked over to his sister, his stiff penis throbbing. He reached down and cupped one of her breasts and then kissed her neck. Looking over at me he said, “You can jerk off if you want to, Tony.”

“Yeah, we talked about it before.”

“Oh, ok.”

I sat there with my penis still in my pants, more than a little shy about the notion of jacking off in front of Polly. Tony shrugged a little and moved his hand down to his sister’s vagina where he began rubbing as she, to my never-ending surprise, leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around his penis.

“Fuck,” I whispered, rubbing at the bulge in my jeans.

Grinning at me again, Xavi said, “No, that comes later. Mmmm… not that this is bad.”

Polly pulled her mouth off her brother’s penis long enough to say, “It better not be!” and then went back down on him again.

My own penis ached for release, but I just couldn’t bring myself to whip it out yet. I knew I probably would once they started to fuck, but not just yet.

“Now she likes having me fuck her,” Xavi said, looking at me. “But you want to see what she also really likes?”


“Lie down,” he instructed his sister. She lay down and he spread her legs. Then he got his face between them and started licking everything in range. I couldn’t see his tongue motion too well from where I was, but I could certainly see the look of ecstasy on Polly’s face.

Soon Xavi kissed his way up his sister’s naked body until he was kissing her neck and lying on top of her. I heard him whisper, “You ready?”


Looking at me, Xavi said, “Come sit on the bed so you can see.”

“Ok.” I moved over to the bed, a little awkwardly due to my hard-on.

Xavi held himself up with one hand and took his fourteen-year-old penis in his other hand. He rubbed it up and down along his sister’s thirteen-year-old vagina and then slowly, before my wide, staring eyes, slid it all the way inside until his pubic hair met hers.

“And that’s called incest,” Xavi said, smiling at me as he started moving back and forth inside his sister’s vagina.

“Yeah…” I whispered. Now I could stand it no more. I unzipped and unbuttoned my jeans, pulling my hard, virgin penis out. I started stroking it slowly, not wanting to cum too soon as I watched my friend fucking his sister.

Xavi looked over at my penis and said to his sister, “Remember the other thing we talked about?”

Polly nodded and whispered, “Yeah,” sounding a little out of breath.


She looked at my face and then down at my penis. “Ok.”


“What are you guys talking about?” I asked, keeping my voice as steady as I could. I had an inkling, but surely there was no way…?

“Well,” Xavi said, pulling back, his penis sliding out of his sister’s vagina. “Polly and me were talking and if you want to, you can put yours in for a bit. To see what it’s like. You can’t cum in her, but you can have it in there for a few seconds.”

“Really?” I asked, my penis jumping in my hand. I had to let go of it in case I found myself cumming.

“Yes, really,” Polly said. “But like Xavi said, you can’t cum in me.”

“I won’t,” I promised.

“Cool. Take off your clothes,” Xavi suggested as he stood up next to the bed. “It’s more fun naked.”

“Ok.” I stood up next to him and awkwardly undressed.

“You look real cute, Tony,” Polly said, smiling shyly at me.

“Thanks,” I whispered, cause what else can you say under these sorts of circumstances? I looked at her vagina. “So… I’m… I mean… I never done this before.”

“Xavi, help him.”

Xavi got behind me and took my penis in his hand. “You’re lucky, dude,” he said. “We had to figure it out on our own.”

“Oh,” I said, my head spinning.

Xavi got me into position, my penis pressing hard against his sister’s vagina. “Right here, man,” he said. “Just slide it in.”

I closed my eyes and tried to stay calm, realizing I was about to lose my virginity to a girl I had a major crush on, who was also my friend’s sister, who was also his sex partner. Taking a deep breath, I pushed slowly forward, feeling my fourteen-year-old virgin penis slide deep into Polly’s thirteen-year-old vagina.

I opened my eyes and exhaled slowly. Looking down I could see the base of my penis with Polly’s vagina clutching it tightly. I was really inside her!

“Oh,” she whispered. “Oh, wow, that feels nice…”

“Better than mine?” Xavi asked his sister in a teasing voice.

“Oh… I’m not answering that…” she said with a little gasp.

As for me, I was just holding still, trying very, very hard not to cum. I moved in and out a couple times, savoring the way Polly’s vagina clung to my penis. It was pleasure and bliss beyond anything I’d ever imagined in my life!

“Uh-oh, I know that look,” Xavi said, staring at me. “Pull out, Tony!”

I did so reflexively, gasping as my sperm shot out of my penis and spattered over Polly’s naked body. Not only was it was the best orgasm I’d ever had, it was the best orgasm I could ever imagine having!

Xavi pushed me aside and a few moments later came inside the place I’d had to leave. I envied him, but not all that much. I hadn’t wanted to get Polly pregnant, after all, and I’d just lost my virginity, which tends to leave one in a good mood.

Of course as things go, I ended up getting more turns fucking Polly, though the only time I was allowed to cum inside her was when I was wearing a condom. Those times certainly didn’t feel as good, so I tended not to do them often.

Turns out, though, that of course boys can indeed get their sisters pregnant, as Xavi and Polly found out almost a year after they’d started having sex. They tried to talk me into taking the fall, but before I could make my mind up about that, Polly miscarried. Since then there hasn’t been any sex between us, but that was ok. At least I had my fond memories!


Copyright 2009 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.

Alright, so not much of a long story, but I feel it’s a pretty decent one, for what it is. I hope you enjoyed it!