Minding the Children – Chapter 2
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Dave was whistling to himself as he parked his car. He didn’t know what the hell was going on. He’d been thinking about it all day. He’d stopped and had lunch, and the owner had been happy to give him the food for free after Dave suggested it. He still tipped his waitress though. Then he’d just wandered around, thinking.

He’d decided that it must have something to do with his new necklace. Nothing else made sense. Not that a magic necklace made any sense either, but the world could be a mysterious place. He just knew he wasn’t going to look this gift horse in the mouth.

As he was walking up the stairs to his apartment he heard it. Tiny wheels on a pebbled surface. Cody and his skateboard. He stopped halfway up the steps. He’d never once thought of the kid as he wandered around, pondering how this necklace was going to change his life. That thought amazed him. Cody. How could he have possibly forgotten about the object of his dreams? His wet dreams anyway.

Heart suddenly thudding in his chest, he continued his climb, hurrying now. There he was. The boy was racing in the opposite direction. He was wearing tight little red shorts that ended just above his knees and molded themselves to his magnificent backside. He had on a black t-shirt over that and on his feet were blue and turquoise checked slip on shoes with tiny red ankle socks.

Dave walked to his door and then waited, watching the boy reach the end of the corridor and then start back in his direction. He put one hand on his knob. The doorknob, that is. His mouth was suddenly dry and he swallowed nervously as Cody noticed him, and saw that he was looking at him.

Cody came as close as his own door and stopped. He was grinning. With an idle wave, he brushed a curl of blond hair out of his eyes. “Hey, Mr. Bingham,” he said, cheerily enough, but with a bit of caution and curiosity.

“Hi, Cody,” Dave said, realizing it was the first time he’d ever spoken directly to the boy. “Uh… how are you?”

Cody grinned. “I’m cool. Just chillin’, ya know.”

“Is your, uh, mom home?” Dave asked, swallowing again.

A flash of something in the boy’s eyes, maybe a hint of suspicion. Still, he shrugged and said, “Nah, she works till six.”

“Right,” Dave said, as if he knew the inner workings of the Martin household. If he’d thought about it he’d have probably remembered seeing her coming in at that time, but he’d tried to distance himself from them.

“So you’re just… chillin’,” Dave said. He gave the boy an awkward smile.

“Yeah, well, I guess I better get inside,” the boy said. Apparently Dave was making him nervous. “I’m really not supposed to be riding my board out here.”

Now or never, Dave thought. “Hey Cody, you think I’m a really nice guy, right?”

Cody didn’t seem to think that was an odd way to say it. He just grinned and said, “Of course you are. My mom thinks you’re nice, too. She says you’re just shy.”

“I am shy,” Dave said. “I was hoping maybe we could be friends. Would you like that?”

“Sure!” Cody said, smiling now. He walked forward, skateboard held at his side.

“Hey, Cody,” Dave said, “I’d really like it if you just trusted everything I said and did. You’d always know I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Could you do that?”

“Sure, I trust you, Mr. Bingham,” the boy said.

“You can call me Dave,” he said.

“Okay, cool, Dave,” the boy smiled.

“So just so we understand each other, you trust me completely and you like me a whole lot and you want to do anything to make me happy. Does that sound good?”

“That sounds good,” the boy said, stepping closer again.

Dave reached out and put his hand on the boy’s shoulder. Cody just stood there, smiling up at him. Dave could hardly believe he was touching the boy. He could feel the heat of his skin through his shirt, along with the firmness of his muscles. This close, he could smell the boy, a heady scent of light boy sweat and Axe body spray.

“Okay, I also want you to remember to always be completely honest with me, okay? You want to answer any question I ask honestly, and you should never feel embarrassed about anything I say or do, okay?”

“Okay, Dave,” the boy said.

Dave took a look around. He saw no one. His hand drifted up from the boy’s shoulder to his neck. He was touching bare skin! Then to the boy’s cheek. So soft! He rubbed his thumb across the boy’s cheek and Cody leaned into the touch.

“That feels nice, doesn’t it?” Dave asked. The boy just nodded to him, seeming a bit lost in the touch.

“Let’s go inside, okay?” Dave said. The boy went with him willingly.


Walking behind Cody, with his hands on his thin shoulders, steering him, Dave guessed the boy was just short of five feet tall. It was hard to get an accurate assessment when only seeing someone from a distance. This close, he seemed particularly delicate, but also strangely powerful in his youthful vibrancy.

Heart beating madly in his chest, penis already straining in his briefs, Dave ushered Cody into his bedroom, then he sat on the edge of the bed while Cody situated himself just a few inches from his spread knees. Dave reached out and took the boy by his slender hips, pulling him closer.

“You smell wonderful,” Dave said.

“I wear Axe,” Cody said proudly, and Dave realized that his mother had mostly likely just begun buying it for him; evidence of his impending pubescence.

“I guess you’ve finally started puberty then,” Dave said.

The boy seemed mildly confused for just a split second, and then he relaxed. “Yeah, mom says I’m starting to stink so I have to wear deodorant now. I don’t got any pit hairs though. Not yet. She says I’ll get some later. Maybe in a year or two.”

“So have you got any hair down here?” Dave asked, daring to let his fingertips dance over the front of Cody’s shorts, right where he imagined the boy’s soft little penis must be nestled.

“I don’t yet,” Cody giggled. “I keep checkin’ every day. My friend Jason has eight of ’em so far. He’s so lucky.”

“Oh?” Dave asked, curious. “Have you seen them?”

“Yeah, he showed me last weekend. I spent the night at his house.” Then Cody laughed. “He got a boner when I was looking.”

“Did you like looking at his boner?” Dave asked, excited by the thought.

Again it looked like Cody might have grown embarrassed, but the thought or feeling lasted only a moment and he nodded eagerly. “It was really neat. I’ve never seen another boy’s all stiff like that before. I really wanted to touch it, but I was afraid he’d think I was gay or something.”

Dave had continued to play lightly at the front of Cody’s shorts, slowly increasing the intensity of his touch. Moments ago he’d found the tip of Cody’s little dick. He was gently squeezing it and he could feel it beginning to shift and grow under his touch.

Cody squirmed. “That feels funny,” the boy said.

“Hasn’t anyone ever touched you down here?” Dave asked.

“My doctor did when I had a physical for soccer, but my wiener didn’t get stiff like it’s gettin’ now.”

There was now a flush to Cody’s cheeks and he was squirming even more. Between Dave’s fingers, the boy’s little nail continued to grow. “Do you like me touching you like this?” Dave asked.

Cody seemed to think for a moment, then he shook his head. “I know I shouldn’t be scared, because it’s you, but I am a little bit.”

Dave felt bad immediately. “You shouldn’t be scared, Cody,” Dave said gently. “This is perfectly natural. I’m making you feel good, and you like it when I make you feel good, okay?”

Cody nodded.

“Is that better then?” Dave asked.

“Yeah,” Cody grinned. “It feels really good. I like it when you touch me there.”

Dave smiled. “Cody, it would make me really happy if you took off your shirt.”

The boy didn’t even hesitate. He just pulled the shirt up and off, dropping it to the floor. Dave gasped, drinking in the twelve-year-old’s beauty. Against his fingers, Cody little dick was straining, now fully erect. The boy’s leanly muscled little chest was rising and falling rapidly with his breathing.

Dave forgot about the boy’s cock for the moment. When he removed his fingers he could see where the little head was pressing against the cloth of his shorts. Ignoring that for now, he slid his hands up the boy’s flanks, reveling in the satiny feel of Cody’s skin under his hands. He found the twelve-year-old’s tiny brown nipples and rubbed them until they stiffened. Cody’s breath caught.

“Can you lift your hands over your head please?”

Cody did so immediately, revealing his smooth, milky armpits. Dave had a thing for armpits. “Let me smell,” he said, and helped the boy sit down on his right thigh. Dave leaned in close and sniffed the boy’s left pit. He shuddered as memories flooded through him, of being naked in bed with Luke, exploring the boy’s beautiful young body. He flicked out his tongue and rasped it over that virgin flesh.

Cody giggled and squirmed. “That tickles.”

“How about this?” Dave asked, and he bent his head until he could get his mouth to one of the boy’s tiny tits. He sucked at the surrounding flesh while flicking his tongue rapidly over the pointed little nubbin in the center. Cody gasped.

Now Dave was the one breathing heavily. He helped the boy to stand and his shaking hands went to the button on Cody’s shorts. It took him three tries to get it unbuttoned, and then his hand continued to shake as he took hold of the zipper and tugged it slowly downward.

The boy’s red shorts slowly spread open, revealing black cotton underneath. Dave looked down and instructed, “Kick off your shoes and take off your socks.”

“My shoes and socks?” the boy asked, and Dave realized his mistake.

“Could you please take off your shoes and socks? For me?”

“Okay,” Cody said with a grin.

His shorts slipped down to his knees when he tried to take off the first sock, and Dave said, “You can just leave them off.”

Cody removed his second sock, stepped out of his shorts and waited patiently. Dave stared at the spot where the twelve-year-old’s cock could be seen pressing against the thin cotton. Dave thought about teasing him through his boxer-briefs, but he just couldn’t wait any longer. Hooking a thumb under the waistband at either hip, Dave gently tugged down the boy’s underwear, being careful not to snag his little erection.

Dave leaned back as he cleared about mid-thigh. He was awestruck. As Cody shifted a bit, the undies dropped to the floor. Dave barely noticed. His attention was locked in with laser focus between the boy’s legs. Cody indeed had no hair between his legs. Dave had never seen a real boy with no hair. Luke had sported a tiny little bush, new grown and silky, but there. This was a different experience altogether.

“You’re beautiful,” Dave breathed.

“You think so?” Cody asked.

Dave looked up and caught his eye. The boy didn’t seem embarrassed, but he did seem a bit unsure. “You’re awesome,” Dave assured him. “That is the best looking penis I have ever seen in my life.”

Cody grinned.

Dave wasn’t even exaggerating. Luke, at thirteen, had possessed a slim little boner, about four-and-a-half inches long, with a narrow, uncircumcised head. At the time, Dave couldn’t have imagined anything better. Cody had him beat hands down.

Dave couldn’t say why he liked Cody’s penis better. It was less than four inches long. About three-and-a-half if he had to guess. The boy was circumcised and his little pink head was shaped like a helmet. It was a surprisingly sturdy little cock, thicker than he’d have guessed, nearly an inch thick along the shaft, that and more at the ridge of his little pink cockhead. His small balls were smooth and hairless, but the scrotum had the darker shade of pubescence and his balls were fully dropped and separated. Not very big yet, about the size of small grapes, but delicious looking all the same.

Speaking of delicious, this close to the boy’s crotch the Axe smell was fainter and the smell of twelve-year-old ball sweat was much more prominent. Dave looked at the boy, standing there patiently, his little cock twitching, and said, “Would you like me to touch you some more, Cody? I can make you feel very good.”

“Yeah, please touch my wiener some more,” the boy said.

Dave slid to the side. “Here,” he said. “Why don’t you lie down with me.” The boy immediately took his place on the bed. Dave looked at him lying there. He remembered all the times he’d lain in this bed, imagining this boy here with him, and now, like a dream, he was here, looking so innocent and angelic, except for that needy little cock, twitching between his outstretched legs.

Dave lay down beside the boy. Almost reverently he reached out and stroked Cody’s inner thigh, marveling at the silky touch of his skin. Higher and higher his hand moved until he found his small scrotum. He gently lifted it in his palm, feeling its smooth warmth. He put his thumb into it, feeling the little balls squirm to either side. Cody gasped at the touch.

Dave looked up to the find the kid staring at him avidly, his mouth open, breathing rapidly. Cody’s brilliant blue eyes sparkled, his golden brows raised in surprise. The boy’s cupid bow mouth hung open, and Dave could see the pinkness of his tongue pressing against the left corner of his lips. Dave teasingly traced a finger upward from Cody’s balls, making a line up and around that just barely avoided touching the boy’s little penis, which hovered there, pointing at his chin and jerking with his heartbeats.

When he didn’t think the boy could stand any more teasing, he finally allowed his finger to gently touch the fat little boycock. Cody sighed explosively. Dave gently ran a finger up and down the boy’s shaft, from crown to balls, again and again, each time circling the little bundle of nerves in the frenulum.

Finally, Dave took the boy’s little penis between his fingers. It was a moment he’d daydreamed about for months and it exceeded his wildest expectations. It was so warm and hard and alive. He squeezed and Cody gave a little puppy whine of pleasure, his whole body thrumming. Then Dave began to slowly, gently, jack that adorable little penis.

“Does it feel nice, Cody?” he asked softly.

Cody nodded enthusiastically, swallowing his excitement. “It’s great, Dave,” he panted. “I can’t hardly believe it.”

“Do you ever touch yourself like this?” Dave asked. “Do you stroke your delicious little cock?”

“Sometimes I touch it at night,” the boy confessed, eyes a little glassy with pleasure. “Or in the shower. Not like this, though. Kinda soft and tickley. Usually it starts to feel weird and I have to stop. It feels super tickley now,” he said, squirming.

“So you’ve never cum?” Dave asked.

“Come where?” Cody asked, obviously confused.

Dave thrilled, knowing he was about to give the twelve-year-old his first orgasm. He redoubled his efforts on the sturdy little dick, using his other hand to scratch and tug at the boy’s small, hairless scrotum.

In amidst the needy little whines, Cody’s face began to screw up into a half frown. “I… I think I need to stop now, Dave,” he panted. “I think something is happening.” His hands wouldn’t stay still. He was rubbing them back and forth across the sheets, as if searching for something, then he’d take a clutching handful, only to release it a moment later. Suddenly his hands were on his chest, rubbing, but in an agitated manner.

“It’s okay, Cody,” Dave assured him. “You can trust me, remember? Just relax. I promise you’ll enjoy it.”

“But it’s really tickley and weird!” the boy whined.

Dave’s fingers continued to move up and down on the boy’s little cock. There was just barely enough room on the little stump of a penis to allow all of his fingers to grip him, and his hand jerked rapidly up and down, his thumb constantly caressing the shaft just beneath the boy’s bright pink corona.

Suddenly the preteen gasped and went still, his whole body locking up, stomach and leg muscles bunching as his body straightened like he was being shot through with a thousand volts of electricity. Then he began to tremble. Between his fingers, Dave could feel the jerking pulses of Cody’s little cock as the boy experienced his first dry cum.

The pulsing of the boy’s dick eventually subsided and with a great sigh, Cody sank back to the mattress. Dave held his penis gently, just lightly squeezing it now. Soon the twelve-year-old’s bright blue eyes found and focused on Dave’s and a bright, awed smile tugged at his mouth.

“What was that?” the boy asked. “That was amazing!”

“That’s called an orgasm,” Dave told him, smiling himself. “It’s also called a climax, or a cum, and lots of other things.”

“And that happens when someone rubs your wiener like that?”

“Yup. You can even rub your own wiener and get that feeling. That tickley feeling you were getting meant you’re getting close. You were just stopping too soon.”

“You mean I coulda been doin’ this the whole time?” Cody asked. “Wow. Now I feel dumb.”

Dave chuckled. “Don’t feel bad. You couldn’t have known, and now that you do, well, you’ve got your whole life to make yourself feel good.”

“Wow,” Cody repeated. Then he glanced down to where Dave was still gently squeezing his little penis, which was just as stiff as ever. With a shy smile, he asked, “Would you do it again?”

Dave laughed. “Don’t worry, Cody, I’ll make you feel good, but there are lots of other ways to get that feeling.”

“Will you teach me?”

The sincerity in the boy’s eyes made Dave’s heart melt. “Of course I will,” he said earnestly. “First, let me ask you a question.”


“Do you think you’d like to see my wiener?”

“You mean it?” Cody asked, his eyes going to Dave’s crotch. “Sure I would.” Then he looked a bit nervous. “You won’t tell my mom, will you?”

“It’ll be our little secret,” Dave promised, although he was already thinking about breaking that promise.

Dave slid himself off the end of the bed and stood. Cody just watched him as he kicked off his shoes and pulled his shirt up and off. “Would you like to help me with my pants?”

“Okay,” the boy said, and sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed. Once there, he crossed his legs and leaned forward. Cody tugged awkwardly at Dave’s belt. Once it was open, he unbuttoned and then unzipped his slacks. Weighed down with wallet and keys, they dropped to the ground. Dave was left wearing gray briefs, black socks, and a straining erection. There was a large wet spot where the head of his cock was pressing.

Cody giggled. “You peed your pants.”

“That’s not pee,” Dave told him. “When you get older, when your penis gets really stiff you leak what’s called precum.”

Cody’s face screwed up a bit. “Is that like sperms? We learned about it in school.”

“Sort of like sperm,” Dave said. “Precum comes from the same place. It comes out before the cum does. See? Pre cum.”

“Oh, I get it.” Cody pushed a finger forward, touching it to the wet spot, and incidentally into the head of Dave’s dick, which made him give a small gasp.

Cody grinned again. “You got a boner.”

“You can pull my underwear down and see it if you want.”

Cody nodded and took hold of the briefs with one hand in the front. He tugged and they almost immediately caught hold of Dave’s erection, which went down with the briefs until suddenly coming loose and slapping against his groin.

Cody giggled, then just stared, briefs forgotten. “Man, your thing is really big. And hairy. Wow.” He looked up and caught Dave’s eyes. “You’ve got hair everywhere!”

“You can touch it if you like,” Dave said in a trembling voice.

Cody’s eyes lit with excitement and he reached forward, immediately wrapping his hand around the shaft of Dave’s cock. Dave couldn’t help a grunt and Cody looked up concerned. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No, Cody,” Dave assured him. “It just feels so good having you touch me.”

“Like what you did?” the boy asked, experimentally moving his hand up and down, jacking Dave’s cock.


“Man, your balls are huge,” the boy said, carefully lifting and examining the golf ball sized orbs. “The hair feels weird,” he said. Then he took the shaft of Dave’s cock and pulled downward to examine the man’s pisshole. “I see it leaking out!” he said, excited at the discovery.

Dave couldn’t help himself. He’d meant to take things slower, but the sight of the gorgeous little tween sitting there, naked, with his own little erection straining upward, his hand wrapped around his cock, was just too much for him.

Dave cleared his throat. “Cody, it would make me so happy if you licked my penis. Right where the precum is coming out. You’ll love the taste, I promise.”

Cody didn’t even hesitate. “Okay,” he said with a smile, and then, one hand tugging the five-and-a-half inch cock downward, he leaned forward and swiped his tongue over the swollen cockhead.

Dave shuddered. That tiny pink tongue sticking out between those full pink lips. He’d never seen a hotter sight. “Lick it all over please,” Dave said in a harsh whisper.

“Like an ice cream cone?” the boy asked.

“Just like an ice cream cone,” Dave managed to say, heart racing.

Again without hesitation, the preteen boy began to lap eagerly at Dave’s cock. He licked him from the base of his cock upward, then spent a few long licks at the pisshole. “It really tastes great,” the boy said. He looked up at Dave. “Can I suck it like a freeze pop?”

“Yes!” Dave practically hissed. “Just be careful of your teeth.”

Then Dave got to watch as the boy slowly took him into his mouth. He watched those beautifully full lips spread around him, and felt the heat of Cody’s mouth as it slid around him. Cody took about three inches and then stopped, sucking gently. “Would you try moving your mouth up and down?” Dave suggested, then shuddered as the boy did so, his mouth sliding along his shaft. He repeated the process several times, nearly bringing Dave to his knees.

Dave reached down and caressed the boy’s downy cheek as Cody continued to bob his head up and down on his straining cock. He couldn’t believe this was happening, and he gripped the pendant which hung warm against his chest.

Cody released him from the warmth of his mouth and asked, “Am I doin’ it right?”

“Almost perfect,” Dave said. “If you want to do it even better, use your tongue while it’s in your mouth, especially on the tip, and apply a bit of suction while you’re doing that. Do you know what I mean?”

“Like a vacuum cleaner?”

“More like drinking from a straw,” Dave said.

Cody looked at the man’s cock dubiously and said, “It’s an awful big straw.”

Dave laughed. “Well, do your best, sweetie.”

Cody grinned. “That’s what my mom calls me.”

“Maybe it’s because of your sweet mouth,” Dave said.

“You really think I’m doin’ it good?” the boy asked. “Am I making you feel like an organism?”

Dave laughed. “It’s orgasm, and yes, if you keep it up I’ll have an orgasm and spray my hot cum right into your sweet little cocksucking mouth. Would you like that?” Dave asked surprised by his own language. He’d never imagined talking to a boy like that, but it just seemed to come out without thought.

“What do sperms taste like?” Cody asked uncertainly.

“Like the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted. And guess what else?” he asked, having a thought.


“The more you suck my cock, the better your wiener will feel. Do you remember the feeling you got?” The boy nodded. “The more you suck me, the more your cute little wiener will feel good like it did before, and when my sperm shoots into your mouth you’ll have another orgasm. How does that sound?”

“It sounds great!” the boy said enthusiastically.

“Also,” Dave continued, “the more of my sperm you can swallow, the better and better your orgasm will feel, so try to swallow it all.”

“I will!” the boy said, and he immediately began sucking again.

This time Cody worked in the new instructions he’d been given, applying a nice suction as he bobbed his head up and down, pausing at the crown of Dave’s cock on each upward swing to swirl his eager little tongue around the sensitive cockhead.

Dave continued to caress the boy’s cheek with one hand, while running his fingers through Cody’s silky gold hair with the other. The slurping sounds Cody was producing were filling the room, as were the boy’s gasping breaths as he sucked air through his nose.

After a couple of minutes the boy released his cock long enough to gasp out, “It’s doing it! My wiener is feeling it again. The tickles!”

“If you keep sucking, you’ll get the feeling,” Dave assured him.

Cody needed no further prompting, immediately swallowing Dave’s cock again. The man could feel his climax coming. His balls were tightening between his legs and he was suffused with warmth. Suddenly gripping Cody’s face, he growled out, “Please relax your throat, Cody. You won’t choke, I promise. Just ignore the choking feeling.”

Then, not sure if it would work or not, Dave began to push forward. He pressed deeper and deeper, waiting for the boy to choke on his cock, but after a few moments his groin was pressing against the boy’s lips and the last third or so of his cock was throbbing inside the boy’s throat, which rippled around him.

Slowly then, and soon after with increasing speed, he began to fuck the boy’s mouth. His balls were swinging, slapping against Cody’s chin. Cody was moaning around Dave’s cock, and the man imagined it had to do with his suggestion that his own cock would feel good. A glance showed that the boy wasn’t even touching himself, just sitting there passively while Dave worked his cock aggressively in and out of the kid’s sweet mouth.

Finally his hips stuttered and he thrust forward one last time, pressing himself forward roughly while he unloaded his balls into the boy’s throat. Cody choked once and then gasped, closing his mouth more tightly around Dave’s cock, his throat rippling as he worked to swallow the man’s gushing cum.

Eventually Dave felt a final dribble leave his cock and he slid backward, his spit-soaked erection already fading. Cody looked up at him with pleasure-clouded eyes. Dave swiped the head of his cock against the twelve-year-old’s slightly parted lips, leaving a last smear of hot cream behind. Cody’s little pink tongue snaked out, eagerly lapping it up, shivering as he did so. A glance showed Dave that the boy’s cock was still desperately stiff and twitching between his legs.

Exhausted for the moment, Dave crawled onto the bed. A few soft words and Cody joined him. He cuddled the boy against him, gently caressing his soft skin, reveling in the warmth and nearness of him, inhaling his boyish scent. Dave decided this was the best day of his life. A glance at his bedside clock made him wonder where the time had gone.

4:48 pm.

Seventy-two hours and Dave Bingham had a different life.

End of chapter two

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