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The Alex Hawk FAQ

October 20, 2008

Alex Hawk – FAQs of Life

v 5.0

Q: Who the heck are you?
A: I’m Alex Hawk and you’re not.

Q: Is that supposed to be a joke?

A: More or less.

Q: Is Alex Hawk your real name?
A: No.

Q: What IS your real name?
A: None of your damn business.

Q: Well, that’s not very nice, is it?
A: I’ve a certain level of privacy to maintain.

Q: What do you say to people who email you complaining about your name being the same as theirs?
A: I’m sorry if you’re named Alex Hawk and you don’t like me using the name as a pseudonym. I DO like it and I’ve used it for a long time, ever since I wrote my first story back when I was fifteen. I’m sure there are people named Hugh Hefner, Larry Flynt or even Paris Hilton who wish other people weren’t.

Q: When were you born?
A: In the evening.

Q: Ha-ha.
A: That’s not really a q, you know.

Q: Well, you’re being an a-hole.
A: Oh. Good comeback, actually.

Q: Thank you.
A: I was born in April, 1972.

Q: Sex? Wait, check that. Gender?
A: Hmph… spoilsport… male.

Q: Birthplace? And PLEASE don’t say “a hospital”. This IS meant to be something helpful to your readers and not just a collection of one-liners.
A: Many of them are two liners.

Q: …
A: I was born in Washington State, where I lived until I was 28. At that point I moved, briefly, to Woodland Hills, CA. I came back to Seattle in 2001, then moved to Palm Springs in 2002. I left PS in 2005 and now live in Arizona.

Q: So what’s the preference? Male, female?
A: I’m bisexual.

Q: When did you lose your virginities?
A: I had sex with another boy for the first time when I was fourteen. It was with two of my best friends in a tent in the backyard. It wasn’t until I was *25* that I had sex with a woman!

Q: Wait, wait… no incest?
A: No, ‘fraid not. I’m fascinated by it, and write about it a lot, but I’ve never done it, aside from fooling around with a cousin of mine.

Q: Married? Kids?
A: I am not married and I have no children, though I have had other’s peoples! Ok, that’s a joke… mostly. 😉

Q: What themes do you like in your stories?

A: My favorite ones are incest, teen sex, pregnancy and loss of virginity. I also have the occasional desire for adult-teen sex stories.

Q: Turn offs?
A: Water-sports, S&M, bestiality, rape, extreme-pedo. Snuff stories usually turn me off, but there are times… dark, disturbing times… I DID write a snuff story, “Boykiller”, and it turned out ok, and it DID get me off, much as I hate to admit it. I’ve done a couple necro stories, too,
but they don’t really appeal.

Q: What do you think of… incest?
A: I figure that as long as everyone is consenting there’s not any problem. I don’t think parent/child incest is a good idea, mind you. Too much potential for power abuse. I don’t see a problem with consensual sibling or cousin incest.

Q: … adult-child sex?
A: This is a tricky question. I think that, again, as long as people consent it’s not a big deal. It’s like tennis to me, you see.

Q: Uh… what?
A: Tennis. You know, the game?

Q: Yeah, yeah. I know what tennis is, but what does that have to do with anything?
A: I view sex as being about as big of a deal as tennis. The two have a lot in common, you know. Lots of balls… if you do it right, you make quite the racket… don’t even get me started on a scoring system that uses the word “love”… Sex is a game, it’s a form of play, it’s not a big
deal. If an adult and child play tennis together, no one worries. The adult is probably teaching the kid the best way to play. If said adult pushes things too far and the kid gets injured, then it’s a problem. Same with adult-child sex. If the kid gets hurt doing it, there’s a problem. Otherwise, I see no big deal.

Q: So what’s your view on… the age of consent?
A: I think that if we have to have one in the USA it should be uniform across the country and no higher than fifteen. I think a better system might be the one the Dutch and Spanish use where if the person is 12 – 14 years old and they or their parents complain it becomes a crime. If it has to be a set age, how about making it 15? Most fifteen-year-olds are capable of deciding what to do with their own bodies. Either that or handle it on a case-by-case basis to determine if the child was really able to consent.

Q: … child pornography?
A: Again this is somewhat sticky. I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment, which would clearly make kiddie-porn legal. However, I also recognize certain realities about the subject. I think that possession, at the very least, should not be illegal. After all, why should it be illegal to simply have information, unless it’s something classified? As far as production goes, well, in my ideal world it would be legal and HEAVILY regulated. I would want for any potential “models” to be interviewed by at least two psychiatrists, one of which would be employed by the state. All the custodial parents/legal guardians would have to support the idea. The money the child makes would have to be put into a special trust fund that wouldn’t be accessible until their eighteenth birthday, and you’d basically have to handle it like any other movie production involving minors. There would probably need to be other safeguards as well. And on a side note, when it comes to computer generated kiddie-porn… come on, people. The children showed in those pics don’t even EXIST! Get a life!

Q: … teen pregnancy?
A: I think that any child born of love is a good child. I think that if a teenage boy and a teenage girl love each other, there’s no problem with them having a baby. It’s true that it’s not always easy to raise a kid when you’re a teenager, but the rewards outweigh the difficulties. Mind you, I remember a few years ago talking to a friend of mine who was fifteen and was trying to have a baby with his thirteen-year-old girlfriend. I knocked some sense into them both.

Q: So who is your favorite “erotic” stories author?
A: I have a couple different ones. I REALLY like Raiderboy’s stories. Holly Rennick does a great job, too. Emerson Laken-Palmer, Daydreamer and Steve Jensen are also all great writers.

Q: Are there any good “legit” books or movies you like that feature your favorite subjects?
A: Certainly.

Flowers in the Attic

(V C Andrews): Well, who can forget the scenes of a brother and sister having hardcore sex with each other? A decent book made into a not-bad movie.

Skipped Parts

(forget the author’s name): Features two thirteen-year-olds who start having sex. Eventually the girl gets pregnant. Made into a surprisingly spiffy movie, though they raised the kids age up to fourteen, which seemed somewhat odd to me.


(Felice Picano): The memoirs of a young boy who loses his virginity to a girl at eleven, has sex with other guys starting at thirteen and gets into many interesting situations.

Cement Garden

(forgot the author again): The parents of four (I think), children die. The kids hide this fact and try to live their lives. The older boy has a crush on his older sister and ends up losing his virginity to her. This book was made into a movie, even! A lovely film if you want to see a very attractive 15yo boy prancing about fully nude. And who DOESN’T want to see that?

The World Inside

(Robert Silverberg): A weird future society where sex is free and sacred all at the same time. Features a great deal of younger sex as well as major incest themes.

Murmur of the Heart

(Louis Malle): A French movie that came out in the 1970’s where a young boy (who has a couple nice nude scenes!), starts experiencing sex for the first time. This includes him fucking his mother.

The Dreamers

(Bernando Bertolucci): Released in early 2004, this was one of the few NC-17 rated movies to be put out by a major studio. There’s a GREAT MANY nude scenes, including close-ups of male and female genitals, and a significant incest theme featuring a pair of brother/sister twins. Get the DVD and knock yourself out with the zoom feature! I know I have! You can actually see Michael Pitt with a hard on… yum!


(director?): A young boy becomes friends with an ephebophile (a person who enjoys sexual contact with teenagers and adolescents. NOT the same as a pedophile, someone who enjoys sexual contact with pre-teens). Not only does this feature some really interesting man/boy themes, but there’s also a boy in the movie who’s been fucking his sister.

I’m sure there’s more books and movies out there that I’m forgetting! Please let me know if you can recommend any for this list!

Q: What stories of YOURS do you like wanking to?
A: Generally the ones I like the best tend to be those with long character development and not quite as much sex. “Blake and Ashley” is up near the top of the list. “Nebraska is Boring” is up there as well. I don’t enjoy my epic tales, like “Chasing Colt” as much as I might. They’re just too much work for me to really get into them sometimes. “Little Boy Blue” was written for a friend of mine and I REALLY like how that one turned out. It went in a lot of unexpected directions. And as for one of my most recently published stories, “Ramble”, well, hell… that’s up at the top of the list! If I thought I could get it actually published in the real world, I would. And, of course, “A Thing as Pure as Love” kicks ass.

Q: Any disappointments?
A: I was kind of disappointed with how “Dear Diary” turned out. I thought that could have been better. Same with some of the “Chasing Colt” chapters (eight most notably). “Just Practicing” came out a bit rushed as well. I’m also not very good at writing the last few lines of most stories. Too many of my tales end with lines like “life could be worse”, and I’d like to get past that.

Q: So what inspires you?
A: Sometimes the strangest things. I’ve been inspired by other people’s true-life experiences fairly often (so write to me with yours). I’ve also written some stuff based on my own experiences. The personality of Eric in “Little Boy Blue” was based on a real person I knew in Seattle. The appearance of him was based on a boy I saw wandering around near my home. He was dressed all in blue with an orange stocking cap (in summer, yet), and I just KNEW there was an interesting story there somewhere. Any further questions?

Q: Not really. Thank you!
A: Thank YOU for reading!

Q: That’s cheesy.
A: I know.

Q: By the way, what’s with all the horrible jokes? Don’t you realize that people don’t really want a good belly laugh when they’re trying to beat off?
A: People will like what I tell them to like! ^_^

Q: You’re weird.
A: I know this.


Copyright 2008 by Alex Hawk, most… no, wait… ALL rights reserved.


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    Mr. Map

    Why the hell would a MAP live in Arizona? Seems quite risky given their draconian sentencing guidelines.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Well… This is actually an one-on-one copy of the FAQ on Alex’s old website.I think it’s dated somewhere around 2010, so not exactly accurate anymore 🙂

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