The Vlog
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The Vlog – Part 4

Back in the house, Natalie sat at the kitchen table, already transferring the footage from the iPad to Luke’s laptop, which had the editing software. Luke joined her a few seconds later as she hit play on the video. He was hovering at her left side, watching over her shoulder. A glance from the corner of her eye showed that the boy was still at least half hard, his young penis poking straight out against the tight swimsuit. She’d have laughed if the sight didn’t tighten things low in her body.

This close, Natalie could smell the boy; could feel the heat from his body. His hip would occasionally touch her shoulder. As the video progressed, they got to the part where Luke loaded the front of his Speedo with ice. He insisted they slow it down and when they did they got a shadowy, yet unmistakable view of his young dick, lying at an angle in his Speedos as Natalie followed the ice. It was only two frames, and deep in shadow. Natalie wondered if it would be too much. You wouldn’t notice unless you downloaded the video and did it frame by frame like they were doing. They decided they’d keep it in the film.

Apparently seeing himself like that had an effect on Luke, because a glance showed Natalie that his dick was fully erect again, straining at the shimmery yellow material of his suit. It was less than a foot from her face, and the thought struck her that she could hook a finger in the front and pull down, exposing his slim little cock and have it in her mouth all in the space of about five seconds.

A couple of minutes later, they heard Jacob coming down the stairs. Luke hurriedly took a chair next to her, apparently wanting to hide what was again about a half-hard dick at that point. Jacob had apparently been feeling vulnerable, and he’d changed into a large t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts that dropped below his knees.

Nobody said anything about his dress or his earlier reaction. He just pulled up a chair and they all went to work on the video. Jacob didn’t even react when they got to the end and his partial erection became clear on the screen. Natalie was surprised to see in this closeup that it was nearly as big as Luke’s. After an uneasy moment, Luke teased him about it and there was an awkward moment and some serious blushing, but then they were all laughing and the tension was gone.

The rest of the evening went smoothly. Natalie made spaghetti, which was a staple around the house. Luke got teased while they were watching tv later when he developed an erection. He’d never changed out of the Speedos. Jacob seemed embarrassed, which is why he covered it with the teasing. Natalie pretended to be a bit disgusted and uncaring. Luke just lay back on the sofa with his dick standing up proudly, unconcerned by their reactions.

After dinner and some television everyone headed up to bed. Natalie transferred the footage from earlier to a flash drive, which she installed on her own laptop. Then she got to do something which she hadn’t been able to do earlier with the boys around, which was to do slow motion and step by step replays of Jacob loading ice down his front. Much like with Luke, there was a very brief moment where a dedicated observer would catch a bit more than a casual one. Namely, a quick flash of dark pubic hairs as Jacob pulled out the front of his Speedo.

Then, a few minutes later into the video, Natalie watched as her brother’s cock began to grow. When she’d filmed it, she’d been too busy with all the other aspects of filming to concentrate on it, but now she could observe the phenomenon at her leisure. At first, the little lump of her brother’s dick was hard to discern from all the ice cubes around it. It was just another anonymous bump. However, as the boys jumped around, constantly touching themselves, screaming in their boyish voices about how much the ice burned and the possibilities of being unmanned by it, Natalie saw it began to shift.

It started slowly. At first it was poking out towards the camera, what at first could be mistaken for a shifted ice cube. An adjustment from Jacob’s hand, and it was pushed to the side, but it didn’t stop growing. In fact, there was a moment when Jacob actually gave it a little squeeze. As Natalie watched, it began to slide to the side, growing and growing. It was like slow motion footage of an icicle forming, except it was stretching sideways across his groin within the tight confines of the neon green Speedo.

Natalie felt herself growing excited as she watched her baby brother’s cock growing. It was hard to tell, but she thought it was nearly as large as Luke’s. She was disappointed when she reached the point where she’d realized what was happening and moved the camera away from it. She waited to see if she’d gotten another inadvertent shot of it, but she hadn’t. She spent a few minutes taking the best moments and splicing them into her secret montage of the boys.

Then, with the light of the laptop coruscating on the walls while it sat on the bed beside her, she pulled off her t-shirt and then laid back and lifted her hips to push her shorts and panties down and off. Eyes filled with thoughts and images of the young boys, she fingered and caressed herself to a couple of powerful orgasms before drifting off to sleep.

Some time later, Natalie’s eyes snapped open and she looked around, confused. A glance to her right showed her Luke’s cock, hard, framed in wet briefs. She felt once again that tingle that the sight engendered in her. She listened, wondering what had woken her. She heard nothing. Closing the video, she glanced at the time on the desktop and saw it was nearly 3am. She thought about going back to sleep, but decided to get up and pee beforehand.

Considering the time, she decided not to bother with clothes. She very quietly opened her door and peeked out into the darkness in the hall. Nothing. Darkness and quiet. As she stepped into the hallway she saw that Jacob’s door was closed. A short stop outside his door revealed no noises from within.

She continued down the carpeted hallway on soft feet. In the bathroom, a small nightlight came on, activated by her motion. She avoided looking at the large mirror over the vanity on her left. Mirrors at night freaked her out a bit and she never looked into them if she could help it. Past the mirror, she sat down on the toilet and sighed as she peed. Then she carefully wiped herself, stood, and was reaching for the handle to flush when she froze, sensing a presence.

Taking a breath to scream, Natalie turned and saw Luke framed in the doorway. The twelve-year-old seemed just as surprised to see her, eyes wide and startled. Then the young eyes widened even further as he realized what he was seeing.

Natalie whispered, a bit more harshly than she’d intended, “What are you doing up?”

“I had to pee,” the boy answered, eyes drinking her in eagerly.

Natalie had been so startled that she somehow didn’t put it together until she realized that Luke was naked, and that the young cock between his legs had grown almost instantly erect over the last couple of seconds. She instinctively began to cover herself, but then stopped herself, although she couldn’t imagine why. Perhaps it was that view of Luke’s dick on the video as she woke and seeing it again right in front of her. There was no way she was going to do anything with him, she knew, but still…

So the two kids just stood there, staring at each other. Finally, Natalie decided fun time was over and she said, “Well, I’m-”

“You’re so beautiful,” Luke whispered.

That shut her up. It seemed silly, but Natalie hadn’t been told that many times. Sure, her parents used to tell her all the time, and family, and even friends, but hardly any boys, and the last had been Noah. “Luke,” she began.

“I mean it, Nat,” the boy said, using Jacob’s nickname for her. He said it softly, eyes wide and sincere. Between his legs, he’d reached down to grip his erect young cock, and he was squeezing it, just the pink head peeking above his fist. His eyes were in a tug-of-war between her tits and the dark triangle above her pussy.

“You ever seen a naked girl in real life?” she asked, curious, taking an unconscious step forward.

Luke swallowed. “Over the summer me and my cousin Laura messed around some.” He met her eyes. “She’s only eleven, but she’s got little boobs and some hair.”

“And you messed around?” Natalie asked, stepping forward deliberately this time.

Luke nodded. “I fingered her. Twice.”

“Oh yeah?” Natalie said, a bit surprised despite herself. She’d never have let a boy finger her at eleven. Although she’d had her own female cousin at about that age… She shook off the thought and said, “And what did she do to you?”

Luke gulped, almost like a sitcom gulp and Natalie nearly laughed. “She… you know… jacked me.”

Natalie stepped forward again, seemingly unable to stop herself, not sure why she wanted to. “Down here?” she asked, reaching out and touching Luke’s clutching hand, which melted away, leaving her fingers half an inch from his throbbing little boner. Knowing it was too late to back down, wondering where this would lead, she reached out that last little bit and took his young erection in her hand.

Luke gasped softly. Natalie had nearly forgotten the feeling of a boy’s cock in her hand, all heat and satiny smoothness. She gently wrapped her fingers around him, her pinky wrapping the head, her thumb down near his balls, her palm pressed against the pulsing warmth of him. Luke shuddered and sighed.

Without a word, Natalie slid her hand downward, turning her hand under so that she could cup and caress his little balls, then came up the other side, this time forming a proper fist around his short length. She rubbed her thumb over the velvet flesh of his small cockhead and he trembled in her grip.

Then it was Natalie’s turn to gasp as she felt his hand on her left breast, his thumb circling her quickly stiffening nipple with only a small amount of awkwardness. She gripped him more tightly then, feeling him pulsing in her fist, and she slowly began to jack his preteen cock. Then she felt his other hand brushing against her thigh and had a moment to prepare herself before she felt his eager young fingers rubbing at her pussy.

Natalie felt herself shiver against him. She was already so wet down there, and she felt his fingers rubbing back and forth in the groove of her lips, searching. Finally he found her center, and with a bit of fumbling, he was inside her and she felt herself clamping down around his fingers while tingles raced through her suddenly quivering thighs.

Natalie felt her head tip back. It had been months since she’d been touched and she’d been craving it every day. Now that he’d gotten started, Luke seemed even more adept than Noah had been, as he moved two fingers in and out of her. Maybe it was the practice with his young cousin. She was losing herself in the pleasure.

She wasn’t sure what made her do it. Even later, thinking back on the moment, she had only the haziest sense of intent. It was born of need, and frustration and perhaps a sense of power. Whatever the reason, Natalie found herself releasing Luke’s wildly throbbing boner and backing away from him. Then she hopped up onto the counter and scooted up so that she was just barely perched there.

Luke, apparently thinking something else was about to happen, stepped forward, already pushing his boner down to horizontal, which was ridiculous as he was much too short to reach her, even if she’d have allowed it. Instead, Natalie placed an imperious hand upon his blond head and pushed him downward until there was no mistaking what she wanted.

Luke sank downward slowly, uncertainly, until his head was between her legs, and then giving him no chance for discussion or instruction, she pulled his face against her pussy. There was nothing but his hot breath at first, but Natalie waited, and she was soon rewarded with the feeling of a tentative tongue against her molten flesh. Natalie moaned encouragement and the force and movement of the tongue grew more assertive and sure.

Noah had only done this for her twice, for about the thirty or forty times she’d sucked his cock. She’d enjoyed it to an extent, but knowing her boyfriend wasn’t really into what he was doing lessened the pleasure somewhat. Luke was different. Though still a bit cautious, she could sense his interest.

“That’s it,” she said softly, stretching out the words, gently coaxing the boy. She could feel the boy’s tongue against her most intimate parts, lapping gently up and down along her pink slit and the puffy outer lips. Natalie had very little hair below the dark triangle on her mons, and Luke’s tongue and lips against that slick, hairless flesh was making her shudder.

“Put it inside,” she said softly, leaning back until her head and neck was against the mirror and spreading her legs wider. Luke started to rise, thinking she meant something else, but a firm hand on his head kept him in place and after a moment he apparently sussed her meaning.

For the next half a minute or so, she felt Luke’s tongue probing here and there, trying to find her entrance. She was about to intervene when she felt his finger take over, sliding between the lips of her pussy, making her tense as he neared her clit, then shudder as he moved downward and located the spot he’d been trying to find. She gasped as the tip of his finger invaded her, and then it was withdrawn and after a moment his tongue replaced it.

Luke couldn’t spear his small tongue very deep into her teen pussy, but he was game to try, his face pressed hard against her, shining with wetness in the dim glow of the nightlight. The tongue felt great, but was ultimately frustrating, as it wasn’t deep enough. Natalie was about to suggest a change when Luke, apparently feeling the same way, changed things up on his own.

Suddenly, in place of his tongue, his index finger was back. She moaned as it slid into her, and she felt her cunt clamping down around it, wanting more. Meantime, he was licking upward again and in moments he found her clit. Natalie nearly jumped off the counter when he flicked his tongue across that swollen little nub, and the gasp that escaped her was anything but quiet.

The girl saw the young boy’s shadowy grin as he took in her reaction, and only her anticipation of it allowed her to sit still when the wet flick of his tongue came again, and then again. Meanwhile, the finger inside her young cunt was joined by another and he began to work them in and out of her with a wet, squelching noise.

Then he was kissing her, right on that throbbing little button, and she felt the pleasure spiking through her body. Luke’s lips pressed against her at first, then after a few moments took her in, sucking at her tingling pearl. Once again she nearly flew off the counter; the pleasure was so intense it was nearly overwhelming. She slid her hands into the boy’s silky blond hair, pulling him against her, shaking uncontrollably as his lips sucked and his fingers pistoned in and out of her gripping pussy.

With a muffled cry, Natalie felt her legs shooting out straight. She hooked them over Luke’s shoulders, squeezing her thighs tightly together against either side of the boy’s head, part of her wanting more of the pleasure he was inflicting upon her and part of her instinctively wanting to push him away. Her back arched, her slim ass rising up off the marble counter, her body thrumming with orgasmic currents as she gasped and panted wildly, desperately trying to suck in oxygen. She almost felt as if she were drowning in pleasure.

Natalie lost some time then. The electric currents still sparked through her on occasion, like a thunderstorm moving on after a deluge, but mostly she was suffused by warmth. She realized finally that her eyes were closed. She blinked against the brightness of the nightlight when she opened them, the dim light seeming so much brighter. She was lying slumped on the counter, most of her ass hanging over the edge, her head lolling against the mirror, her arms limp at her sides. Luke was standing uncertainly in front of her, almost angelic in the dim golden glow, his nearly four-inch erection straining upward between his legs, bouncing with his heartbeat. She could tell his breathing was more rapid than normal and his eyes raced over her body, a bit wide and wild.

She became aware next of the void inside her pussy, missing the stretch of his fingers filling her, fucking her. As she stared at his small cock she imagined opening herself to him, lying back and letting him fill her with his slim little tube of flesh, the heat of him sliding into her cunt, the delicious collision of his hairless groin with hers, the sweaty warmth of his slim body wrapped in her arms. Lost in the fantasy, she felt her pussy quiver again in a tiny orgasm.

Shivering, Natalie slid forward until she was standing on rubbery legs. Luke stepped forward eagerly, pressing himself against her, his eyes even with her chin, his breath against her neck, the very tip of his small sex brushing against the heat between her legs while her nipples pressed against his collarbone. Overwhelmed by his closeness, by the boyish scent of him, she felt herself bending her head, searching. Luke bent his head back, and they kissed.

The kiss was immediately needy and passionate. Natalie felt Luke’s slim, athletic arms slide around her, holding her close, and she wrapped her arms around him as well, her hands sliding up and down his smoothly muscled back, down to the soft curve of his perfect little ass. She shuddered as the boy rose on his tiptoes, feeling the head of his cock press eagerly at her swollen young pussylips, begging for entrance. She imagined how easy it would be to give in, but she wasn’t ready to take that step.

Natalie wasn’t sure what was holding her back. It wasn’t as if she was a virgin. She’d been fucked before and wasn’t plagued with the fear of the pain she’d had when Noah had deflowered her. She was no longer sure she even cared about the boy’s age. Of course, if someone found out she was screwing a sixth grader that would be another matter altogether. Mostly she thought it seemed like a betrayal of Jacob somehow. Still, she couldn’t leave the boy in his present state. That would just be cruel. Especially after the wonderful orgasm he’d just given her.

While her left hand continued to caress the boy’s firm ass, she slid her right hand around the front, raising it slowly to gently cup his little nutsac. Luke gasped into her mouth and she felt his olive-sized nuggets shift against her fingers. She could feel the silky little hairs on his sac tickling her palm. Then she was drawing her hand upward, sliding it up over the silky heat of his pubescent cock, feeling the slim length of him hot against her hand. Luke whimpered.

Gently leading him, Natalie guided the boy until he was standing with the back of his knees against the toilet. Wishing she’d had time to flush earlier, she quickly lowered the lid and then helped him to sit. A hand against the sweaty hollow of his chest and he was leaning back against the tank, his slim, hairless legs spread wide, offering himself to her, nearly four inches of throbbing boyhood straining upward from a bald base.

Silently directing him, he scooted forward, not saying a word, each afraid to break the spell. Natalie knelt on the floor between his legs, a hand on either tense, hairless thigh. As she leaned forward, the sight of his cock filled more and more of her vision. The thing she’d previously stared at this closely only through a video screen and only hinted at though a layer of wet underwear was now fully exposed to her, in the flesh.

Luke’s preteen cock seemed to quiver. Even in the dim light she could see the little bulging veins along his slim length. The cockhead was pink and nearly glowing, wider than the shaft, like a mushroom. A quick glance at the boy showed that he was staring at her avidly. With a grin, she ran the back of one teasing finger up his length, watching his penis bounce and eliciting a gasp from him. She ran the finger up and down, stroking him with her knuckle, loving the way it made the boy squirm.

“Nat…” the boy begged, his need so clear in his voice.

Forming a ring of her index finger and thumb, she took hold of him, somehow loving the surprising thinness of him. With silky smoothness she stroked him and watched him shift uncomfortably on the toilet set, his little balls bunching up underneath him. She loved the wild throbbing of his young boner, feeling an answering throbbing between her legs.

Worried about going down that road again, Natalie slid her fingers down to the base of his thin penis, holding him still while she leaned her head into his lap. Luke shuddered as her silky hair tickled his overly sensitive flesh, and then gave a shuddering sigh as the wet heat of Natalie’s mouth closed around the small head of his cock.

Natalie gave an involuntary mewl of pleasure as her lips closed around the widely flared little head of Luke’s cock. She’d nearly forgotten the sensation of a boy’s cock in her mouth, the pulsing heat, the velvety stiffness, the strangely textured skin of the spongy glans. She added a bit of suction as her tongue flicked across the immature pisshole and Luke gasped and quivered beneath her. She loved having a cock in her mouth. However, she realized something was slightly different.

After a few moments Natalie realized what the difference was between this cock and Noah’s, other than the size, of course. She lapped at the little pisshole again to be sure. It was the taste. The taste of a cock, she’d realized before, was fairly bland, overall. It was like sucking a finger, or licking a boy’s chest; a bit salty perhaps, redolent of the boy’s unique oils and sweat, but pretty bland. What gave it that heady, exotic flavor, was the precum which constantly leaked from the little peehole. Probably that and the scent from a pubic bush in her nose.

She realized that she wasn’t tasting that from Luke. A moment of reflection told her that she hadn’t seen or felt any of the substance either. Surely she would have by now. Usually by the time Noah would get his underwear off when they were making out his boxers would be soaked with the stuff. When they would play around naked, and she’d try teasing him from his feet up or the like, by the time she’d get to his crotch he’d practically have a pond of the stuff underneath his hovering dick. It was actually a bit gross, but also admittedly exciting in some illicit way.

She wasn’t sure how she felt about the fact that Luke didn’t seem to have any. On the one hand it was nice that there was no mess, but on the other, it really hammered home to her just how young the boy was, for she imagined that was the only explanation for the missing emission. She also admitted, as she lowered her mouth around his straining little boner, that she sorta missed the taste. She began to wonder if the boy was even capable of cumming.

If not actually squirting, Luke certainly seemed capable of climaxing, because he was apparently racing towards just that. After teasing the young boy’s cock a bit, she’d just begun to get into a good rhythm as she bobbed her head up and down, lips tight around his slender boner, and already the boy was squirming and tensing. His knees were knocking against her sides, and his fists were clenched tightly on his thighs. A glance showed her that he even had the tendons in his neck bulging as he practically thrummed beneath her.

Finally the boy gave an explosive gasp and his body jerked. Natalie felt his cock pulsing rapidly in her mouth, but she didn’t get the jets of fiery cum she was used to receiving. Instead she caught just a faintly oily taste coating her tongue. She held herself still, remembering how sensitive Noah’s dick would get as he came, just sucking lightly, allowing Luke to come down from his orgasm.

After a few long moments his limbs lost their stiffness and he relaxed back on the toilet. With a last delicate suck, she allowed his little penis to slip out of her mouth, where it lay wet and glistening on his hairless groin. She stood up on her knees then, so his face was even with hers, and leaned in and pecked him lightly on the lips.

“Did you like that?” she asked softly.

Wide-eyed, Luke nodded. “That was amazing, Nat,” he answered.

She reached into his lap. His little preteen dick was already softening and felt small and squishy between her fingers. For only a moment though, then it quickly stiffened again. “If you tell anyone, anyone,” she emphasized, “then say goodbye to this.”

“I would never,” he swore.

“Even Jacob,” she said, staring at him intently. “Especially Jacob.”

The boy solemnly crossed his finger on his chest. “I swear, Natalie.”

“I’m glad we understand each other,” she said with a smile. Then she leaned forward and kissed him again. She realized his cock was still between her fingers and she gave it a little squeeze, forcing a moan out of him.

“Can we do it again?” Luke asked hopefully. “Maybe we could… you know.”

“Don’t push your luck,” she said with a grin. “Greedy little pig.”

Luke made a soft oinking sound while reaching out to gently pinch her left nipple, which instantly stiffened. Realizing how easily she could do something more stupid than she’d just done, she quickly rose, reached around him to flush the toilet, and fled back to her room.

End of part 4

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