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Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 11

Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 11

Adam set the book down on his bed and turned to the keyboard and typed, John Wycliff’s effect on the Reformation should be measured by the role of reformers in England more so than for his impact with figures such as Martin Luther.

“Adam, what’s a whore?”

The young man’s fingers froze on the keyboard. He glanced upward at the top bunk, “I thought you were doing school work.”

Isaiah leaned over the railing, “I am. I’m supposed to write a paper about the Texas Revolution. And I found a story about a whore who was supposed to help the Texans win their independence. So, what’s a whore?”

Thoughts of the Reformation and John Wycliff drifted away on the winds of Isaiah’s question. “Um, it’s a prostitute.”

“Oh, like Mary Magdalene in the Bible?”

Adam frowned. How in the hell did poor Mary from Magdala get turned into a whore in church tradition? Still, that didn’t have anything to do with Isaiah’s question. Adam said, “Yeah. Are you reading about the Yellow Rose of Texas?”

“Yep. Do you think she really existed?”

Adam closed his laptop, “I suppose. You about done with your homework?”


A moment later, “Adam?”

“Yes, Isaiah.”

“Homecoming is this Friday,” the boy said.

Was October already half over? Adam shook his head. Christmas break would be here before he knew it. He said, “You going to ask some pretty seventh-grade girl?”

“Fuck you.”

Adam laughed. In the confines of their bedroom, the boy had developed a potty mouth. Adam felt a grin spread across his face. The boy had probably developed it because of his tendency to swear when he orgasmed. Isaiah leaned over, “Girls drool, and boys rule. Right? Anyway, I wanted to go. The football team is kicking butt this season. Do you want to go?”

Adam had been living at the Claytons’ for two months. And in that time, he hadn’t taken Isaiah out on a real date. Some of it was money. He’d given the rent money to Amanda each month, and that didn’t leave him a lot of spare cash. But more importantly, he was afraid of what conclusions folks might draw if they saw him and the boy together at a restaurant. But if the two of them played it cool, the last reason shouldn’t be one.

He leaned over and looked up, “Sure, boyfriend. That sounds fun. We’ll go on a real date and then go to the game. How’s that sound?”

Isaiah swung down and nearly landed in his lap as he threw his arms around Adam’s neck and kissed him. The young man set his laptop and books under his bed before running his hands over the boy’s bare back. Adam pushed his tongue into his young boyfriend’s mouth, savoring the tartness of the Smarties Isaiah had been eating.

The boy tugged at his shirt until it fell discarded on the floor. His hands ran over Adam’s smooth chest. A weekly shave reduced his body to the smoothness Isaiah loved to feel. Then, the boy pushed him back and yanked at his loose shorts, giggling in delight when Adam’s orange briefs came off along with the shorts. Isaiah wrapped his fingers around the young man’s growing erection.

Still giggling, he said, “I love all of you, Adam Weston. But I really love this part of you the best.”

Adam couldn’t argue. The deft, gentle touch felt magical on his penis. He could have let the boy have his way, and both of them would have enjoyed it. But he pulled Isaiah to him and wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist before grabbing Isaiah’s shorts and briefs in the back and pulling down on them.

By the time the boy’s clothes landed on top of Adam’s, Isaiah leaned down and licked the young man’s erection. He looked up into Adam’s face, “The only thing that kept me working on my homework was that you wouldn’t let me do any fun stuff until I’m done. Now, I wanna play.”

The fluttering in his belly had stopped as Adam had grown used to being intimate with Isaiah, but that didn’t lessen his desire. He needed the boy’s three-inches in his mouth. Now. Adam picked up his young boyfriend and rotated him around until Isaiah’s head was poised over his erection. Of course, the boy’s rigid nail was pointed at Adam’s face, too. Then he let the boy mold himself to his body as Adam felt his glans enveloped in Isaiah’s small mouth.

He grabbed the boy by the ass-cheeks and pulled Isaiah down until he tasted the first bit of precum on his glans. Then Adam slid the three rock-hard inches into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the twelve-year-old, listening to Isaiah’s groan. Although with his mouth full of most of Adam’s dick, the boy’s moan was muffled.

This was not the first time he and Isaiah had sixty-nined each other, but it never got old. The tingling in his dick grew gradually as the boy went from bobbing up and down on his erection to licking from the balls to the glans, and back to taking as much of Adam as he could manage. Which Adam thought was quite a lot.

He could feel Isaiah’s tonsils slide across the top of his penis as the boy took him as deep as possible, although four inches was the boy’s limit without gagging. The feel of the inside of Isaiah’s mouth was incredible, especially as the boy’s tonsils slid again over his skin. Adam closed his eyes as the buildup continued. The feeling bubbling up from within his balls was so intense, he let Isaiah’s penis slip from his mouth. As though that was some sort of signal, Isaiah lowered his mouth deeper than ever. He coughed and backed up for a moment before pushing deep again. The second time, Adam felt himself tip over as Isaiah’s lips touched his pubic area.

“Holy fuck!” he moaned as his erection spasmed deeper in the boy’s mouth than ever before. After the second shot, Isaiah backed off until just Adam’s glans remained. When the boy finally pulled off, his hand gripped Adam and milked the last little bit.

Then he growled, “My turn, Adam! Make me cum, please!” Hearing his high preadolescent voice talk about sex kept Adam horny as he took to taking the boy’s entire length in his mouth. This was his preferred way of bringing the boy to orgasm, working his tongue up and down the thin shaft.

Isaiah gripped his hair as he pushed down on Adam, trying to drive his erection even deeper. Then he came. One little jet of semen hit the back of Adam’s throat. Then Isaiah’s penis twitched, firing blanks another half dozen times. Even though he couldn’t see the boy’s semen as he swallowed the little amount, Adam knew from the previous day, the boy’s seed was still watery and clear. And sweet. Isaiah’s cum had none of the salty bitterness of his own.

Spinning around, Isaiah lay with his face directly over Adam’s. His feet rested against the young man’s knees as they kissed. He could still taste his semen on Isaiah’s lips. He’d grown used to the taste, but then again, so had the boy.

One thing Adam adored about his young boyfriend was his stamina. Isaiah’s penis pressed against Adam’s abdomen, still as hard as ever. After a long passionate kiss, Isaiah said, “Can we, um, do some more stuff tonight?”

They both had already received mind-numbing orgasms. What more could the boy want?

Resting his hands on the boy’s smooth backside, Adam said, “Sure. What do you have in mind?”

The past couple of months had ended both of their inhibitions with each other. And that’s why Adam was surprised at the flush on Isaiah’s face. Then the boy surprised him, “Can we fuck? I know you said we needed to wait because I’m not ready. But I think I am, and I really want to fuck.”

Adam’s penis twitched at the boy’s suggestion. He had asked the boy to wait a bit. Some of the reason was that he wanted the boy to be a bit larger and some of it was more practical. Isaiah wasn’t a quiet lover. Thank God Amanda was as understanding as she was.

When Adam didn’t respond, Isaiah got up and said, “I’ll be right back.”

A moment later, he returned with some petroleum jelly from his bathroom. “You didn’t say no, so that means yes.”

All the mutual masturbation and blow jobs had been everything Adam had wanted with the boy. But he knew sex with Isaiah would draw them even closer. He just didn’t want to rush it. “Um, okay. You know how it’s done, I guess.”

Isaiah thrust his hips forward, “Yeah, one of us puts it in the other’s ass.”

The way the boy said it gave Adam an idea. He had just turned fourteen the last time Clint had fucked him. The idea of letting Isaiah fuck him sounded fun. “Yeah. You’re right. To get you ready for me to put my dick in you, we’re going to have to do a bit of work to loosen your butthole. But, if you want, you can go first on me.”

Isaiah’s eyes shone brightly as he nearly shouted, “Awesome,” as he climbed onto the bed.

Adam took the petroleum jelly and made a promise to himself to pick up something with an easier cleanup for the next time. He said, “Kneel between my legs, lover boy.”

With Isaiah squatting between his legs, Adam took some of the goop and smeared it over the boy’s still erect penis. Then he took a bit more and fingered himself. The feeling of his finger sliding through the tight sphincter rings felt weird, but when he pulled his finger back, he nodded and said, “You know you won’t be a virgin after this.”

With a face filled with lust, Isaiah said, “I know. But that’ll make us lovers, for real. Not just boyfriends.”

Lining up Isaiah was so different from six years earlier. Clint had been bigger and experienced. Fourteen-year-old Adam had been smaller and the object of the older boy’s lust. In fact, it wasn’t lost on Adam that once Isaiah penetrated him, the boy would lose his virginity before he would.

The slick, cold touch of the lubricant dissipated against the heat of Isaiah’s small head as it pressed against Adam’s sphincter. The young man nodded, “Fuck me, Isaiah.”

And with those three simple words, his young boyfriend pushed inside.

More than six years had come and gone since the last time anyone had invaded Adam. There was a sharp pain that was gone almost as soon as it hit, when Isaiah penetrated the muscle ring. The boy’s three inches slid the rest of the way in nearly effortlessly. Lying under him, Adam enjoyed the pure bliss on the boy’s face when his bald pubic bone pressed just under Adam’s scrotum.

“Wow!” Isaiah said, leaning forward.

It felt like more than three inches inside Adam. And as he felt a bit of pressure forward of his rectum, he closed his eyes at the delightful penetrating pressure.

His eyes snapped open, and he leaned toward Isaiah and kissed the boy before saying, “Go ahead. Move in and out.”

Isaiah slipped out when he pulled back, but his penis found the hole without any help as he let gravity take him back in. The boy’s tip massaged against Adam’s prostate, sending tingling sensations throughout his body.

The boy slipped out once more before figuring out how far back he could go before he’d pop out. He then settled into short rhythmic thrusts that sent waves of bliss radiating out from Adam’s rectum. Isaiah paused for a moment, his eyelids half-closed, before he sped up, “I’m almost there!”

The boy went rigid as Adam felt his insides quiver with each kick of the boy’s penis as he shot his bit of semen into the young man. With a loud yelp of pleasure, Isaiah fell on top of Adam’s chest, letting the young man caress his hair and back while still enjoying the remnants of his bliss.

When Isaiah’s penis slipped out, Adam missed that full sensation when he said, “Was it as good as you’d hoped.”

A bit glassy-eyed, Isaiah lifted his head, and with a big, goofy smile plastered across his face, he said, “Better. That was fucking awesome. Now it’s your turn.”


All was right in Isaiah’s world. The release he felt between his legs was almost beyond words as his head rested against Adam’s chest. The sound of his boyfriend’s heart thumping against his ribcage thrilled the boy to know Adam’s heart belonged to him.

When he felt Adam’s penis erect between his legs, he slid off to his side, “I meant it, Adam. I want to know what you felt. Fuck me.”

Adam turned on his side as Isaiah came to rest next to him. The young man leaned forward and kissed him, “No, my love. I want to make sweet love to you.”

With that, Adam knelt and moved over between Isaiah’s legs. When he retrieved the petroleum jelly, he slathered a bit on his finger and placed it at Isaiah’s backdoor. “Let’s see if we can fit this in you first.”

Isaiah had spent some time reading up about sex. Who would have thought there was so much information on WebMD? And the school was nice enough not to block the medical website. Those moments over the past month when he’d been in the bathtub alone, he’d tried penetrating himself with his fingers. That’s when he discovered soap might lube you up, but it could also burn like hell. Still, he’d managed to get a couple of fingers inside his rectum a few times. When Adam’s index finger invaded him, it didn’t hurt. Of course, knowing what to expect helped, as did pushing against his boyfriend’s finger.

“You okay, Isaiah?” Adam said when his finger was in him up to the young man’s second knuckle.

The boy’s focus was on his butt and the feelings within it. The stretching of his sphincter was a bit uncomfortable but not really painful. Isaiah nodded, “Yeah. Go deeper.”

A moment later, he felt Adam’s hand brush against his balls as the young man managed to get his finger all the way in. Isaiah’s insides felt full, or at least fuller than they had when he’d pushed his own fingers up his butt. When Adam withdrew his finger, the boy felt a powerful tingle between his butt and penis.

“Oh, wow. That felt good,” he said even as his boyfriend slid his finger deep inside.

Adam seemed to enjoy fingering Isaiah, and who was he to complain? His boyfriend’s finger felt good. Then, he gasped in longing as the finger came out. Adam said, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’ve done this before. Your muscles are relaxed a bit. We’ll see if I can fit inside you.”

When he’d slathered the slick goop on his penis, Adam leaned forward until Isaiah felt pressure on his butt hole. Some of the articles he read said that butt sex could be really painful. Others seemed to say proper preparation was all that was needed to make it feel magical. He prayed the second opinion was right as he pushed against Adam’s penis the same way he would if he were taking a poop.

Adam’s erect, hard penis was bigger than his finger. A lot bigger, and as the young man forced his way past the outer muscle ring, Isaiah blinked back tears at the pain.

“Whoa,” Adam stopped his forward motion and said, “You okay?”

Isaiah nodded as the pain gradually faded, “Yeah. You’re really big.”

Without moving his erection any deeper, Adam leaned forward and kissed Isaiah’s lips, “You keep saying that, but I’ve barely average. I bet you end up bigger than me.”

The pain subsided by then. Isaiah said, “By then, we’ll both be experts at buttfucking. Can you go deeper?”

If he had thought Adam’s fingers filled him up, he couldn’t have been more wrong. As his boyfriend pushed in another inch, part of Isaiah felt like he had never been as full. Mesmerized by the feelings swirling inside him, both figurative and literally, Isaiah propped himself up on his elbows so he could see the space between him and Adam.

“Holy shit, Adam, I can see you inside me! That’s sick!” he nearly shouted. Adam took his excitement as proof the young man wasn’t hurting Isaiah and pushed in a bit further. Isaiah’s eyes bugged. There was some discomfort, but nothing compared to the pleasantly weird feeling that came from having most of his boyfriend buried in his ass.

With a ragged sigh, Isaiah lay his head back down as he felt Adam’s pubic bone press against his balls. In a voice tinged with wonder, the young man said, “I’m all the way in. How’re you doing?”

Isaiah had no idea if fucking himself with his fingers over the past few weeks had helped or if Adam’s larger finger penetrating him had done the trick, but now that his sphincter had been violated, every bit of him that had taken in all of Adam’s erection felt terrific.

Instead of moving in and out, Adam let his body rest atop Isaiah’s. The boy would have thought he’d have been crushed, but it wasn’t like that. Of course, as the young man kissed him, any thought about how much heavier was Adam went out the window. His twenty-year-old lover pushed past the boy’s lips, twisting his tongue against Isaiah’s.

When he finally broke the kiss, Adam slowly pulled his penis out until only his glans remained inside Isaiah. He slowly sank back in, gradually driving five inches deep into Isaiah’s rectum. The boy let loose a happy yelp as that tingling in the space between his butt and his penis tingled even more.

Adam’s rocking motion wasn’t fast, but every time his penis rubbed along Isaiah’s prostate, the boy wordlessly moaned his bliss. Then the most amazing thing happened. After an intense jolt, he felt the tingling explode, running up his spinal column, down his legs, and to the tip of his penis. And he came again. The watery, clear cum oozed out of his piss slit as his erection spasmed.

“Ahhh, fuck!” Isaiah cried out as the most intense orgasm he’d ever had wracked his body.

Then, as if that weren’t enough, Adam groaned, burying himself as deep into the boy as ever as his body shook. The feeling of the young man growing bigger and harder inside him just made that orgasm deep inside Isaiah keep coming.

Adam hunched over the boy, nestling his head against Isaiah’s neck until the boy’s orgasm finally ended. Slowly, the young man, a look of astoundment writ across his face, kissed Isaiah tenderly on his lips. After a long, lazy kiss, he said, “That’s how we make love.”

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    Very sexy – very compelling – if hard to believe – at Isaiah’s age, so compatible, engaged and so aroused…

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