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The Best of Friends – Chapter 3

The Best of Friends – Chapter 3

The following Saturday, Wendy stepped out her door at eight in the morning and saw Aiden stretching in the quadplex’s parking lot. At his feet was his school bookbag. When he saw her, his face lit up into a smile and he grabbed the bag and hurried over.

“Did your nana send you over with all your homework?” Wendy said with a laugh.

Aiden laughed as she stepped aside and let him inside. “No. Although if you’d let her, she’d have sent it all over. I hope it’s okay. But I realized last week, if you’re going to be tutoring me, it might be easier on your nose if don’t stink up the place after we finish jogging.”

The boy placed the bag on the couch, facing away from Wendy. Her eyes rose in surprise. She’d tried to make him feel comfortable when she’d smelled his sweaty body while they were studying. Still, the idea of the boy taking a shower in her bathroom didn’t bother her. In fact, a part she was trying to ignore rather liked the idea.

“Sure. You can use the shower first when we get back, before we look at your homework.”

She liked the way he smiled at her when he said, “Thanks.”

He looked down for a second before continuing, “Ah, I’m sorry about my nana last week. She can be a handful the first time you meet her.”

Wendy opened the door and stepped out, “Don’t apologize for her. I had so much fun meeting her. It’s nice to know that she’s okay with me tutoring you.”

Aiden followed her out to the street, laughing. “Yeah. I can stay all day if it’s okay with you. If I’m going to stay past dinner, she told me to let her know.”

Wendy hadn’t thought that far ahead. The idea of hanging out with Aiden all day appealed to her, “Cool. Let’s stretch and warm up.”

Normally, they jogged Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at six thirty each morning, and at eight on Saturdays. They upped their game to three miles over the past couple of months. Almost the same distance of the five-k run coming up. This morning’s run was also three miles, and they finished up in less than forty minutes.

When they returned to Wendy’s place, she got a couple of bottles of water from the fridge and said, “I’ll show you my shower.”

She opened the door to her bedroom and Aiden stopped at the door as he saw her king-sized bed. “Jeez, Wendy. That bed’s huge!”

He was right, she thought. But Uncle Walt had been insistent. And generally, when Walt Benton was insistent, Wendy learned it was best to give in. She giggled a bit as she said, “Well, room to grow.”

She nearly regretted the comment as Aiden’s cheeks colored. Wendy wondered how his imagination played with what she had said.

She went over to the bathroom door and turned on the light, “Here’s the bathroom. I hope you don’t mind. When they built this place, all they put in was a shower.”

Aiden brushed past her as he walked over to the shower. “Holy shit! That’s a shower.”

Wendy tousled the boy’s hair, “Language.” Then she nodded and over to the shower door. “Yeah. But I like it. It’s fun. Pull the knob in the center there and you’ll turn on the water. Turn it to the right for cold, to the left for hot.”

When she looked over at Aiden, he was pulling his shirt off. His skin, normally hidden under his shirt, was a milky white. Not too different, she thought, to her own milky yellow skin. There wasn’t an ounce of fat that she could see. Instead, there was a bit of muscle tone on his abs. She realized it nearly mirrored her own, developed over the past couple of months.

She smiled, not really aware that she lingered, running her eyes over Aiden’s body. “I think you’ve got it from here. Let me know if you need anything.”

She closed the bathroom door behind her and headed back to the living room. Although it was still a few hours away, she wondered if she had anything in the kitchen for lunch. She opened her fridge, ignored the bottles of water that filled up most of it. The cupboard, metaphorically speaking, was bare. It didn’t surprise her. When Uncle Walt had enrolled her in the university, he included a meal plan for her. She could eat all her meals during the week in one of a half-dozen cafeterias on campus. Additionally, she had a debit card against which she could use to pay meals on the weekend. She closed the fridge and decided she’d see if Aiden wanted to eat in the closest cafeteria. She used her phone to check her debit balance. Her eyes rose in surprise. Uncle Walt had topped it off again. Over a thousand dollars. She shook her head. Since her parents’ death, her dad’s attorney had been like the favorite uncle Wendy never had.

“Funds? Check!” She whispered to herself. Lunch would definitely be at one of the campus cafeterias. And if Aiden stayed for dinner, she had that covered too.

Back in the living room, she saw his bookbag on the couch, “Oh, shit,” she muttered, “Aiden will need his clothes.”

She picked it up. It was fairly heavy. She didn’t think the boy would mind it if she pulled the textbooks out. Unzipping the bag, she saw a pair of superman underwear on top of a pair of shorts and tee-shirt. Wendy flushed at seeing Aiden’s underwear. The superhero apparel was a simple reminder that Aiden was still just a boy. She pushed her thoughts aside as she fished through the bag and found his math book.

She closed the bag and carried it back into her bedroom. She was approaching the bathroom door when Aiden called, “Wendy!”

Standing next to the bathroom door, she said, “Yes?”

“Where are the towels? I don’t see them?”

Wendy silently cursed herself. When she’d taken a shower last night, she’d not bothered putting any fresh towels out. She said, “They’re in the cabinet closest to the sink.”

A moment later, Aiden’s voice was more distressed, “Ah, Wendy!”


“I forgot my clothes!” there was a note of desperation in the boy’s voice.

Feeling for the boy’s predicament, Wendy said, “I’ve got them here. Is it okay for me to bring them in?”

There was a bit of hesitation before she heard, “Yeah.”

Wendy opened the door and slipped into her bathroom. The glass on the shower wall was foggy. Aiden’s head and right shoulder poked out from the shower door. He probably thought the foggy glass blurred the rest of his body. His form, though, was easy to see through the condensation. Wendy bit back a gasp; Aiden’s penis was visible despite the fog-created distortion on the glass.

He appeared distressed. “I’m so sorry, Wendy. I shouldn’t have forgotten my clothes. I’m an idiot.”

No matter how she tried, Wendy couldn’t keep a smile from her face. For reasons she didn’t understand, she found Aiden’s distress endearing. After setting his bag on the counter, she grabbed a towel from the cabinet. She considered setting it on the counter or crossing over to the shower and handing it to him. The latter won out. She hurried over to the boy and put the towel in his outstretched hand.

She focused on his face, where ringlets of wet blond hair hung down to his eyebrows. His blue eyes were still round from his predicament and he bit his lower lip as Wendy said, “Here you go.”

With that, she turned and hurried from the room. Her own emotions threatened to get the better of her. When the door closed behind her, she sat on her bed. She’d definitely caught a glimpse of Aiden’s boyhood. The fog on the glass hadn’t hidden that from her. And despite trying to blink it away, she couldn’t shake it.

The image made her think of a long-forgotten memory. A few years before, Her Aunt Kim, who was actually her mom’s cousins, came for a visit because she was having problems at home. She brought her kids with her. That included a son, Tuan, fifteen, and a daughter, thirteen-year-old Binh.

It had been fairly late, and Wendy had gone to take her shower. The bathroom door had been unlocked and when she’d opened it, she saw Tuan, sitting naked on the toilet with his hand wrapped around his penis.

Wendy had closed the door right away, but the image had never gone away, even though she’d never mentioned it to anyone. And Tuan, to his credit, pretended nothing had happened. Still, one stereotype that plagued Vietnamese men proved true, at least as far as Tuan was concerned; they were small. Thinking back on it, Wendy was pretty sure Tuan hadn’t even been four inches. And if what she’d seen in the shower wasn’t too distorted by the foggy glass, her eleven-year-old jogging buddy wasn’t that much smaller than her fifteen-year-old second cousin.

Wendy tried to shut the thought away even as another one came unbidden. What would Aiden look like at fifteen? Despite herself, Wendy was pretty sure he’d beat just about any Vietnamese man by then.

“Okay, girl,” she whispered. “Get a grip.”

By the time the bathroom door opened, Wendy had, as best as she was able, locked those images away. Aiden had put on his shorts and was vigorously toweling his blond hair. His shirt shook around in one of his hands. “Thanks, Wendy. That was a lot better than the old bathtub at Nana’s.”

Wendy took the towel from the boy and helped him dry his hair. “Yeah. I wasn’t sure about it when I moved in, but since then, I’ve become a believer.”

She set the towel on her bed, “Let’s see?”

She pulled him close and pushed her nose under his armpits and against his bare chest and then pulled his head down to her face. His body smelled clean and his hair smelled of her strawberry shampoo. Wendy felt a fluttering in her belly as she realized how nice Aiden smelled and how she enjoyed holding him.

Even as Aiden giggled, she said, “I definitely approve. No more stinky jogging boy.”

Still laughing, Aiden said, “But you said I didn’t really smell last week.”

Sticking her tongue out at the boy, Wendy said, “I lied. Go on and get your math book.”

When Aiden returned, he sat down beside her on the bed, his shirt forgotten next to him. It only took a few minutes to figure out what Aiden had covered since the previous Saturday, and she quickly went over the assignment and left the boy to do an exercise while she went for her shower.


As Aiden worked the assigned problems, he set the pencil down. He simply couldn’t focus. Even though Wendy had said nothing, it still embarrassed him that not only had he forgotten his clothes when he’d gotten in the shower, he’d not been able to find the towels.

And despite the foggy glass, when Wendy had come in and given him a towel, he worried that she’d seen his little dick. Compared to assholes like the Wheaties Thief, who had been hauled off to juvey a few weeks before, Aiden had nothing of substance between his legs. He sighed as he felt the little beast stir. The last time he’d measured it, it wasn’t even three and a half inches. And unlike a lot of the other boys in school, he was still too immature to produce any sperm. No, it was better to think Wendy had seen nothing. And even if she had, she’d never be interested in him that way. After all, he was lucky to have her as a friend. He should be thankful for that.

By the time the water stopped in the bathroom, Aiden had finished the assigned problems and laid back on the bed, running his hands along his belly, feeling the muscles under his skin that even a few months before hadn’t been there. It was the most comfortable bed he’d ever been on, and that included when he’d climbed into his nana’s bed when he’d been little.

A few minutes passed until the bathroom door cracked open and Wendy’s head stuck out. “You’re not going to believe what I did.”

Sitting back up, Aiden looked at her. Besides her head, he could also see part of Wendy’s bare shoulder. She added, “Apparently, you’re not the only person to forget your clothes. I forgot mine, too.”

Giggling, Aiden said, “It must be contagious.”

The girl giggled, “Yeah. Anyway, I need your help. Please.”

Aiden slipped off the bed as the girl said. “Go over to the chest of drawers.”

Aiden walked over to it and looked back at Wendy, “Okay?”

“Open the top right drawer.”

Aiden flushed when he saw a drawer full of panties. There were white ones, black ones, polka-dotted ones and even a lacy pink one. Looking back at Wendy his voice was strained, “Which one?”

With a shrug, Wendy said, “I don’t care, any of them will do.”

Aiden grabbed the lacy pink ones and said, “How about this one?”

Aiden felt his tummy flip as Wendy’s face turned red, even as she said, “That’s fine.”

As the boy padded across the room, he could feel his erection poking at his shorts. As Wendy reached out her hand to take the pink lacy panties, a small part of her chest came into view; Aiden glimpsed the modest curvature of her left boob.

As Wendy took the panties from him, Aiden couldn’t help saying what he was thinking, “These are pretty.”

Part of a giggle escaped the girl’s lips. To Aiden, her voice seemed slightly strained, “Yeah. I bought them at the beginning of the school year.”

Like most of the boys in the intermediate school, Aiden had tried to sneak glances up girls’ dresses and skirts. He had an idea that Wendy had bought them to look pretty for a boyfriend.

He hadn’t retreated yet from the bathroom door, even as Wendy’s head and shoulder retreated around it. “Um, do you like wearing them?”

There was rustling from the other side of the door, “Dunno. Haven’t worn this one yet.”

It was hard thinking of Wendy as just a friend when she was just on the other side of the door putting on lacy pink panties. A moment later, her head poked out, “There are some tops in the drawer next to the panties. Can you bring me one?”

Turning, Aiden opened the drawer. And just like with the panties, there were white bras, cream bras, sports bras of various shades, and a lacy pink bra that matched the panties he’d just given to Wendy. He grabbed the silky material and headed back to where Wendy’s head had reappeared.

As Aiden handed them off, he said, “Will this work?”

Wendy flushed a bit as she took them, “Yeah. It matches.”

Keenly aware of the fluttering in his stomach and the stiffy in his shorts, Aiden retreated until the back of his legs found the bed. Wendy disappeared again, presumably to don the top. He shifted his penis in his shorts as he wondered what the older girl looked like in the frilly panties. Then the idea popped into his head that he was making Wendy uncomfortable, even though she’d accepted the underwear he’d selected. Despite his butterflies and his stiffy, the last thing he wanted to was make Wendy uncomfortable, when all she wanted from him was friendship.

He spoke up, “You want me to get you shirt? Shorts?”

After a delay the boy couldn’t help but notice, the girl called back, “I’m good.”

When the door opened, Aiden sat down on the end of the bed and drew in a sharp breath as the nineteen-year-old came into the room. The panties hugged Wendy’s hips. Modest enough to cover what needed covering while still hinting at what was hidden. Narrow pink straps looped around Wendy’s shoulders, holding the small, pink three-quarters cups in place. The pink, frilly hem at the top of each cup tastefully covered everything it should, while still leaving exposed the low rise of her upper breasts.

Wendy blushed, her cheeks a bright crimson as she stood in the middle of the floor, her eyes fixed on some spot on the carpet. Only in Aiden’s dreams had he ever seen anything as beautiful as the girl, vulnerably standing in front of him. Despite his innocence and naivety, somehow, he sensed the girl could have hurried into the room and grabbed the rest of her clothes. His mind reeled at the thought that Wendy could ever need his approval. Surely that couldn’t be it, his mind argued. After all, they were supposed to be friends.

But the way she’d paused as she’d come back into the bedroom stirred something in his heart and he said, “Wow, you look really pretty.”

Aiden’s heart fluttered as Wendy’s eyes came back up and met his. “Thanks, Aiden.”

The boy added, “I don’t know why you haven’t worn them before.” Aiden felt his cheeks grow hot and flushed as he continued, “You, ah, um,”

Wendy sat down beside him at the end of the bed, “Yeah?”

Aiden’s voice squeaked a bit as he finished, “look sexy.”

He felt a release of tension as Wendy giggled, “Thanks, I needed to hear that. I bought them when I came to school here, thinking that I’d get asked out by some of the boys in one of my classes. None of those boys have even looked at me twice. They think I’m too short, too small. I think some of them still think I’m just a kid.”

Aiden didn’t know what to say. Wendy had never expressed herself like this before. His insides were jumbled and his stiffy was still poking at his shorts, no matter how much he wished it would leave well enough alone. He knew he needed to say something. Doing nothing seemed wrong somehow.

He put his arm around her shoulder and whispered, “Those guys are stupid, Wen. You’re not too short or small.”

Wendy leaned her head against his, “You’re the sweetest boy I know, Aiden. Thanks.”

She slipped her left arm around his back and gave him a one-armed hug. With a lighter note in her voice, she added, “Seeing as you didn’t mention it, I guess you think I’m a kid, though.”

Aiden could hear the playfulness in her voice. He wanted to match her tone, but what she said struck close to home. When she was as close to him as she was, his feeling for her were terribly confusing. He knew Wendy needed a friend, and that’s what he was supposed to be. Right? But the fluttering in his stomach was strong. Way stronger than feelings normal for just a friend. Was this love? There wasn’t any way Wendy felt the same way. After all, she was a nineteen-year-old woman, and he was just an eleven-year-old boy.

But he was powerless to stand before the hurricane of his emotions, unable to control them. Feeling her hug, he knew it was just something between friends. That’s why he regretted, almost immediately saying, “No. You’re just perfect. But if you were a kid, I don’t think I could stop myself from asking you to go steady with me.”

Wendy’s grip around his shoulders didn’t change, but there was a slight shift in her demeanor. Aiden was afraid she would tell him how silly he was. Instead, she breathed, “Really?”

The boy’s emotions were a rollercoaster. Her soft voice took him by surprise. Uncertainty floated him, “Wen, I’m sorry. I’m being stupid.”

The girl’s hug grew warmer, “Don’t say that, Aiden. It’s really flattering that you would ask me out if we were closer in age to each other. I was just thinking about what I would do if you were closer to my age, because I really do like you. You know that, right?

“As friends?”

Wendy squeezed him in her hug, “Of course, as friends. I’m really glad we met because you’re a good friend. But I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t wondered what our friendship would look like if you were eighteen.”

Aiden’s cheeks grew hot at her implication, “Are you saying if I was a year younger than you, you would let me be your boyfriend?”

Wendy nodded, “Sure. Would you want me as a girlfriend if I was a year older than you?”

Aiden saw the truth in the young woman’s voice. She felt the same way as he did. Yet there wasn’t much they could do about it. Too many years separated them. Still, he wondered how narrow the gap would have to be for them to be more than friends.

“A year difference? Heck, yeah. What if we were two years apart? Would you be my girlfriend then?”

Wendy cocked her head to one side, “Hmm, me at thirteen or you at seventeen? We’d still be pretty close. Yes, I’d date you even then. What about a three-year difference, Aiden?”

Although he couldn’t imagine a fourteen-year-old girl giving him the time of day, but if she were Wendy? “Yeah. That’s not too big of a difference.”

She nodded, “True. I’d date you if you were sixteen. I’d even date you if you were fifteen, although I’m not sure what your nana would think.”

Four years. That was the half-way point between the two of them. If Aiden were four years older and Wendy four years younger, they would be the same age. Even though he was in the girl’s embrace, the boy felt the distance and sighed. “At least we’re friends.”

Wendy shocked him when she leaned in and kissed his cheek, “That’s right. Nobody can say anything about us being friends. Also…”

Her voice faded into a mysterious silence. After Aiden turned his head to look at her, Wendy continued, “Who knows what the future holds? You won’t be eleven forever.”

Aiden asked, “So, if I was fifteen, you’d really say yes?”

She smiled shyly and nodded.

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