Helpless for the Summer – Chapter 6

Day 4


The first thing I realized was not being in my own bed when I woke up. When my eyes opened, a bit of light filtered into the room through the curtains. I was lying on Mom’s big king-size bed. She was lying on her side facing me. Her eyes were closed, and she was softly snoring.

My heart pounded in my chest when I saw her. Everything from yesterday flooded into my mind and I felt an overwhelming desire to hold her and kiss her again. Through the pounding in my chest, I hoped she would do again what she’d already done twice. One thing I had worried about after Dt. Peters put the wrist braces on was how I would be able to jack off; after all, I had only discovered how much fun it could be a few months ago. Being told I would wear wrist braces for half the summer had left me wondering how in the world I was going to take care of the urge to beat off almost daily.

Mom had offered a solution, and I loved her all the more for it. You couldn’t have told me before my wrists broke, she would rescue me from the awkward feeling of wet dreams in my diapers.

That thought about wet dreams made me realize something else. I was wet, and I was pretty sure it wasn’t because of a wet dream. Even though it hurt a lot, I slid one hand between the elastic band of my rubber pants and the cloth diaper. My fingers tingled painfully being used at all. But I could feel something wet against my fingers.

I sighed. The pain medication caused me to sleep soundly. Maybe too soundly. During the day, if I have to pee, I know it and Mom can help me get my diaper off so I can pee. But at night, it’s another thing. I didn’t want to wake her up, but as I lay in bed, my bladder told me it wasn’t quite finished. I can’t remember the last time I willingly peed on myself, but rather than wake her, I felt my piss turn an already wet cloth diaper even wetter.

With my bladder empty, I realized I made a mistake. If I leaked out of the rubber pants, I would make a mess on Mom’s bed. That was the last thing I wanted. If I did that, she’d never let me sleep next to her again, and I didn’t want to be banished to my bedroom again.

“Mom,” I said, my voice barely above a whisper.

Nothing. She was still asleep.

I spoke louder, “Mom, you awake?”

It took a few more times, but she eventually opened her eyes and yawned. Her eyes grew round when she saw me. Like me, she may not have remembered at first, falling asleep next to each other. Then she smiled, “Good morning, Kel. How’d you sleep?”

I didn’t waste any time, “I peed my diaper when I was asleep.”

She blinked herself awake and rose from the bed and fetched the changing supplies from below my side of the bed. After turning on the light, she spread the changing pad on the bed and I rolled onto it. As Mom pulled my rubber pants off, I noticed the tank-top she put on last night was cut away at the midriff. When she stood up straight, I could see all her skin from the top of her low-cut pink panties to the bottom hem of her equally pink tank-top, which ended a few inches below her boobs. That was a lot of skin, and before she could remove the safety pins, I felt myself growing hard.

Mom pulled the wet diaper from under me, “I think you’ll stop having accidents once you stop taking the pain meds. Goodness, you had to pee.”

She grabbed some wet-wipes and wiped my skin, going so far as to have me pull my knees up to my chest so she could wipe my butt, which embarrassingly enough had a bit of piss on it. When she finished, she said, “Before we put a new diaper on, are you finished going to the bathroom.”

The way she said it, I realized she was talking about taking a dump. And sure enough, just the mention of it, made my intestines rumble. She waved me toward the bathroom. “Take care of that, then we’ll get you cleaned up.”

I didn’t take long. I did my business and wished I could handle the roll of toilet paper myself. There was an awful lot I was discovering I liked about having Mom take care of me. But this wasn’t part of it. With a heavy sigh, I padded back into mom’s bedroom, where she wiped me clean.

I reclined back on the changing pad, my erection still pointing toward my chin. Mom leaned over me, “Well, at least you didn’t have a wet dream, right?”

I guess I was getting used to the diaper changes, even wetting myself because I could grin up at her and say, “Nope. You really helped me a lot.”

“As long as you enjoy it, I’m glad I can help out,” Mom said.

I thought she might grab me around my stiffy, but she pinned my diaper closed and then helped me slide the rubber pants over the cloth. It was after breakfast before my hardon finally went away. We spent the rest of the morning watching TV and Mom reading to me from a book on my summer reading list.

After lunch, Mom and I watched TV in the living room. Thankfully, after one of her soap shows, she put the TV on a show that we both enjoyed watching. When that show was over, my bladder made itself known. “Mom, I gotta go pee. Can you help?”

I was dry, so Mom just took my diaper off in the living room and I ran to the bathroom in my birthday suit. While I sat on the toilet, I thought it might be fun to just go naked for a bit, if Mom would allow it. When I came back into the living room, I sat down beside Mom, who was still wearing her panties and tank-top.

She said, “You want a fresh diaper or will this one,” she pointed to the diaper she had just taken off me, “work for you?”

I batted my eyes at her, “Can I wear what I’ve got on for a while?”

Mom chuckled, “Baby, you don’t have anything on. Kinda distracting, you think.”


Mom rolled her eyes, “Fine. But it’s going to be distracting for me to watch TV with such a good-looking naked boy by my side.”

My grin widened as she wrapped an arm around my shoulders and I leaned against the side of her chest. It didn’t take long for the inevitable to happen. After all, we were sitting side by side, our legs propped up on the coffee table. That meant my legs touched Mom’s legs. My hips touched her hips and the side of my chest touched the thin pink fabric of her tank-top. My penis soon rose to attention, which caught Mom’s attention. I think she paid my erection a lot more attention than she did the TV show.

When a commercial came on, Mom shifted slightly, turning toward me a bit. I could feel one of her tits through the tank-top as it pushed against the side of my chest. Her free hand rested on my belly, rubbing it gently. Her rubbing motion went from above my abs down to my pubic bone. Every now and then, her hand would touch my erection.

I felt like we were playing a game and her shifting had added to my good feelings. I wasn’t sure if she would let me make things even sexier, but I decided to try. “You know, Mom, you’d be more comfortable if you didn’t have to wear your shirt.”

Mom flashed me a knowing look. I guess it was pretty obvious. But a guy has to try. Right?

She surprised the hell out of me when she pulled her arms away from me and tugged at the hem of her tank-top, pulling it off. I gasped when her perky boobs came into view. I had paid close attention to them last night in the shower, but seeing them as close as they were now was a whole other thing. Her boobs gently swelled below her nipple. The swell wasn’t big, her boob didn’t sag at all. Now that they were closer to me, I could clearly see her nipples were the size of an eraser tip on the end of a pencil. The darker areola was small too; a little bit larger than a quarter.

Her arm returned around my shoulder and she shifted back to pushing her tit against the side of my chest while her other hand returned to my belly. “This better, baby?”

I couldn’t believe my luck. Mom wore only a skimpy pair of panties. All they covered were her most private parts and being nearly thirteen and horny as hell, I wondered how long it would take for me to see what remained hidden. Still, I was still trying to absorb the fact that Mom’s boob pushed against my chest. One thing at a time.

Mom’s hand eventually dropped lower, and she took my stiffy in her hand. When she pulled up, jacking me off, I dropped my head forward enough that Mom’s right boob was only a couple of inches from my face. I leaned forward more and kissed her nipple. She squeezed me as she gasped in surprise. Then she resumed sliding her hand up and down my stiffy. I kept kissing her nipple, feeling it grow hard under my lips and tongue.

She moaned wordlessly as I licked my tongue across the end of her tit. In response, her hand moved faster and the familiar tingling grew. I wouldn’t last long, so I redoubled sucking on her boob. Like a dam breaking, my cum came up on me suddenly. My stiffy kicked around in Mom’s hand as little clear blasts of cum splattered my chest. She let go of my stiffy and I let her nipple fall from my mouth.

There was a sheen of wetness on the tip of my penis. There was also a sheen of wetness on Mom’s tit. I caused both of them. My saliva coated Mom’s breast almost as much as my watery semen glistened on my flagging erection.

Just like last night, Mom’s fingers scooped up my jizz and put it in her mouth. While it had caught me off guard last night, the truth of it was, I had tasted my cum a few times, so knew what it tasted like. That she wanted it was just an added bonus.

After cumming, I relaxed. Even my penis seemed to have had enough. That didn’t change Mom’s position. She remained close against me, her boob still pushing against my chest. But as my orgasm faded, we both watched the TV show.

By dinner, we both seemed to enjoy our current dress code. Mom looked really hot in just a pair of panties; she kept blushing whenever I would stare at her tits. And I think she enjoyed looking at me naked, given how often I felt her eyes on me. And after dinner, when I had to go pee, I didn’t need to worry about having my diaper changed. I just rolled off her bed and ran to the bathroom.

The movie we had started after dinner was a dud. After losing interest in it, I rolled onto my side. Mom’s eyes cut away from the TV and she grinned. “If that chick on the screen says far out one more time, I think I’m going to scream.”

The show drew my attention when the actress piped up, “Far out!”

Mom groaned, giving a fake shriek. I moved closer to her and put my index finger over her lips, “Turn it off if you don’t want to watch it.”

Mom kissed my finger, “What would you rather do, baby?”

Normally in the summer, I didn’t have to take a shower every night. Usually every second, maybe every third night kept Mom off my back last summer. But if we got into the shower, I figured Mom would play with me some more. “Can you give me a shower?”

Mom hit the off button on the remote control, “Sure, Kel. I guess you’re already ready for it.”

I glanced down. Yep. Naked as the day I was born. I bounded off the bed, “I gotta pee first.”

I had just finished going to the bathroom when Mom came in. She was still in just her pink panties when she turned the faucet on. She was bent over the faucet. Her tits only jiggled a bit, but seeing them move, they were the sexiest thing in the world.

Once the water turned hot, she directed the flow through the overhead showerhead. Then she helped me take my wrist braces off. When she slipped the left wrist brace off, I said, “Thanks. That feels better. Are you going to wear your panties like last night?”

Mom’s face colored at my question. “Why? You trying to see all of me naked?”

I blushed as I glanced at the floor. Busted. I shrugged, “Um, well, I thought you didn’t like getting your underwear wet.”

She slipped her fingers under the lacy hem of her panties and slid them down, exposing her slit to me. I gasped at the sight. I had expected to see a mound of adult pubic hair. Instead, she was smooth and I could see the front end of her slit.

If I hadn’t already been hard, I sure would have boned up right then. If I had stared any harder, my eyes would have burned out. Mom’s body was lean and slender. She looked just as hot as I had imagined some of the girls in my class looking. She flashed me another grin, “You’re right, Kel. Now, this way, we can both get our showers.”

I still hadn’t found my voice, so I let her help me into the shower. We stood under the hot water, almost toe to toe. Mom looked me in the eyes, “You okay with this?”

It was hard holding my voice steady. “Y-, yeah. You’re the best, Mom.”

She snaked her arms around my neck and she kissed my lips. This wasn’t like the other kisses. After a handful of heartbeats, I realized she was waiting for me to kiss her back. Mom was the only person I had ever kissed before. And until these past few days, my kisses with her had felt nothing like this. I returned her kiss and wrapped my arms around her back. I couldn’t grab my arms to hold her. My wrists wouldn’t allow that. Instead, I inched forward until my feet were between hers. That made our bodies touch. Her boobs felt soft and warm against my chest, and I could feel Mom’s smooth pubic mound against my balls.

When her lips parted from mine, Mom sighed, “I love you, Kel.”

I didn’t know how to respond. What I felt inside me was bigger than anything else I’d ever felt. I echoed her words, “I love you too, Mom.”

As she let go of my neck, she pushed me down to my knees and grabbed the shampoo. As she lathered my hair, I enjoyed alternating between looking up at her boobs, just a few inches away from my eyes or down at her barely visible slit.

As she rinsed the shampoo out of my hair, she said, “Once you can use your wrists, would you mind shampooing my hair?”

Once my wrists heal, there won’t be a reason for Mom to still bathe me. I’ll be able to manage it on my own. Yet, here she was, asking me if I wanted to wash her hair once my wrists heal. I connected the dots in my head. A thrill of excitement shot through me, “Yeah. Will you still give me showers once I’m healed?”

Mom knelt down beside me and nodded as she lathered her hair. “If you want, baby.”

Once she rinsed her hair of soap, I asked, “You know, um, if you want, after my wrists are healed. Ah, you know, um, you can still, ah… maybe help me with, uh, my stuff.”

She grinned at me and her fingers gripped my erection, “You mean, this kind of stuff?”

I nodded, enjoying the tingling brought on by her touch.

Mom let go of my stiffy and gently took hold of my right hand. She placed my palm against her left tit. Despite the pain of holding my hand up, I liked the softness under my hand. She added, “How about this? When your wrists are healed, can you take touch me here?”

My hand fell away when she left my palm on her chest. The pain was sharp. But I could already tell, it didn’t hurt quite as much as the day after I broke my wrists. Every day my wrists would feel a bit better. Maybe with any luck, I’ll be able to feel up her tits before the braces come off.

I said, “Yeah. I think your, ah, tits are the best.”

Mom pulled down on me and I sat cross-legged on the bottom of the tub. She joined me, stretching her legs, sliding them along the outside of my legs. She said, “Put your legs on top of mine, Kel.”

A moment later, my legs stretched past Mom’s hips. Then she inched forward until our knees were past each other’s hips. Now, our faces were separated by a hand’s span. Mom’s boobs were bare inches away from my chest. I gasped in shock as I saw my stiffy poking Mom in her belly button.

Mom’s voice shook, “Ah, wow. This is interesting. You okay, Kel?”

I was as horny as I have ever been. Even though Mom’s slit was several inches lower than my penis because of the way we sat, I still couldn’t believe how close my stiffy was to her slit. My voice warbled, “Y-, yeah.”

Mom could have asked me to have sex with her right then and I would have jumped at it, even though I had only the vaguest of ideas about how exactly I was supposed to put my penis into her vagina. I knew thinking about her in that way was wrong. The problem is, I couldn’t see why it was wrong. There’s nobody I love more than Mom, and she loves me just as much. I knew enough about sex to know it was something to be shared with someone you love, and that was Mom and me to a tee. Still, not knowing how to do any of that, I felt it better to wait until Mom was ready.

I added, “W-, what about you–okay?”

She answered by leaning in and planting another kiss on my lips. Two heartbeats later she said, “Yes, baby. I enjoy being this close to you.”

Then she grabbed the soap and started washing me above my collarbone, leisurely working her lathered-up hands down my chest. I leaned my head back, enjoying her sensuous touch. I was beyond ready for her touch when her fingers finally reached my eager stiffy.

She wrapped soap-slick fingers around my shaft, working her hand up and down. When I opened my eyes, she was looking at my face. All the love she had for me was in that gaze. At that moment, I realized I would do anything to keep what we had discovered because of the painful accident. When I can finally take those damned braces off my wrists, I don’t want to give up her kisses or her touch. I couldn’t think of how to say it yet, but I knew what I wanted, even if the how to get it part was fuzzy.

Those thoughts retreated as the tingling consumed me, chasing everything else from my brain. Mom’s hands sped up, as though she had some kind of sixth sense about my needs. Her soapy hands had created a thick, white lather on both our stomachs, as her hand had rubbed against our bodies as she jacked me off. Then I felt it; that electrical jolt started in my balls, traveling through my stiffy, connecting to my spinal cord, where it shot up to my brain instantly. Fireworks exploded in my head and in my stiffy. I spasmed; a shot of cum flew up, hitting Mom’s chin. A heartbeat later, another spasm sent another thin stream of my clear semen splattering against Mom’s right tit. The other two dollops of my seed landed on her soapy belly.

In the midst of my cumming, I moaned, “Ahh, I love you so much!”

When my penis deflated, Mom let go of it, “I love you to, Kel. Thank you for sharing that with me.”

I was still lightheaded as I grinned, “Anytime. That was incredible.”

Mom wiped my cum from her chin and boob, sticking her goo-covered finger into her mouth with an exaggerated “Mmm-mmm, good.”

When Mom continued bathing me, she didn’t move, she just wrapped her hands around my back and washed my back by touch. I really liked her washing me this way. Her head rested on my shoulder and our bodies touched. I think I had just found my new favorite way for her to wash my back.

When I mentioned that, Mom laughed, “I’ll keep that in mind, Kel.”

To get the soap washed off, we had to move about half a foot toward my end of the tub. We managed to move together, keeping our bodies touching even as the water washed us clean. Water cascaded from my head, “Can I wash your body once my wrists are healed enough?”

Mom nodded, “Of course you can, Kel.”

It was her turn to wash herself, and Mom didn’t disappoint. She stayed joined to me at our midsections as she washed her front. It was only when she got below her belly that she scooted back, bringing her slit into view. Her soapy fingers slid down her shaved and smooth pubic mound until her index finger disappeared into the slit.

Mom shuddered and gasped. Outside her slit, Mom’s knuckle moved. Then I realized her finger was doing something to her vagina. At school, I had heard about girls masturbating too. I leaned back, so I could get a better view of her finger, jabbed into her slit. Time had no meaning as I stared. Sometimes, Mom’s entire body shook, other times, her slit quivered. The water flowing from the showerhead began to lose its heat when Mom tossed back her head and wordlessly moan as every part of her shook.

When she pulled her finger from her slit, it glistened with a wetness unrelated to the shower, although the water pouring over us soon washed her juices away. When she opened her eyes, her cheeks blushed as she faltered, “S-, sorry, Kel. After taking care of you, I needed to take care of my own needs too.”

The water quickly went from hot, to lukewarm, to cold. Mom turned the water off and helped me to my feet. As she toweled me dry, I said, “That was cool. I’ve heard about girls in my class sometimes doing that, but I’d never understood what they were talking about. Now… wow!”

Mom’s cheeks kept burning, “Ah, well, boys aren’t the only people who need sexual release, Kel. Girls need it to.”

“Yeah. You looked like you really liked it. I wish I could help you feel that good.”

Mom stood from where she had dried my legs, “I’d like that, Kel.”

After she dried herself, she took me back into her bedroom, “How are your wrists feeling? If you need some pain meds, you can take a pill.”

My wrists always hurt after the shower. Probably because of taking off and putting back on the braces. “Maybe one.”

I would rather not have the pill, because it meant I was likely to wet myself while I slept. But the pain would keep me awake.

Mom let me sleep with her again after she diapered me up.

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