November 21, 2008

Living the Dream
Alex Hawk

Lusting after your own brother is a very, very strange thing. To have feelings that you know are so obviously wrong, but still feel very right. This was the situation I was finding myself in now, as I watched my brother Aaron while he did his weightlifting out on the back porch. He was incredible to see. He was fifteen, two years older than me, and spent a lot of time working out. It meant that he had a fantastic body. All my friends had major crushes on him.

It seemed really unfair to me that I couldn’t have sex with the boy who was the hottest in town just because he was my brother. I mean, I was still a virgin and hadn’t had sex with anyone yet, but having it with Aaron would have been wonderful. Except for who he was.

Every night when I laid in my bed and masturbated I thought about Aaron. When I looked at him exercising, I thought about Aaron. When we were sitting next to each other in church, all I could think about was Aaron ripping off my clothes and fucking me right there on the pew. I wanted to feel his gorgeous body on top of me, feeling hard penis moving inside my vagina, feel his sperm blasting into me. I wanted him so bad it hurt. But because he was my brother I could never have him.

It was so unfair!

Things came to a head the night my best friend, Gena, came to stay the night. We’d known each other for six years, ever since we were in the second grade. We’d shared everything with each other, not holding any secrets from one another. Still, I was a little surprised with the news she had for me.

“Ok, so, guess what, Amber?”


Taking a deep breath, Gena grinned widely and said, “I got fucked!”

My eyes went wide. “What? Really? When?”

“A few days ago. I’ve done it eight times all total.”

“Wow…” I sat back, taking a moment to digest this. “So what was it like?”

Gena got a blissful look on her face. “Oh, it was incredible. Better than anything I’d ever done before!”

“Wow… so who was it with? Jordan?” Jordan was Gena’s on-again, off-again boyfriend.

She shook her head. “No.”

“Well, who?”

Grinning a little shyly, Gena said, “Uh… well, it was with… well, Aaron.”

“Aaron?” I blinked. “Like my brother Aaron?”


“Oh.” I’d known Aaron was sexually active, but I hadn’t had any clue that he’d done anything with Gena. “How did this happen?” I asked.

“Well… I came over a few days ago to see what you were doing, see if you wanted to go out and hang out at the mall or something. You weren’t home, but Aaron was. It was really hot, so he asked me if I wanted something to drink before I left. We drank some lemonade and started talking and getting to know each other. He asked if I wanted to see his bedroom. I said yes, so we went up there and talked some more. Then we started making out and the next thing I knew I was on my back, and he was inside me and it was sooooo wonderful!”

“Wow.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“We did it three times that day and five times since then,” she added.

“Damn. So it’s really good?”

“Oh, Amber, it’s the best thing in the WORLD, believe me.”

My curiosity getting the better of me, I said, “So… what’s Aaron like naked?”

Gena burst out laughing. “You wanna know what your own brother looks like naked?”

“Hey, if I ever slept with Joel, I’d tell you.”

“Joel is only eleven. He won’t be sleeping with anyone anytime soon. Besides, I don’t wanna know what he’s like naked.”

“Yeah, good point.”

“But as for Aaron… well… you’ve seen what he looks like when he works out.” I nodded and Gena continued. “Well, the rest of him is just as nice. He has this really firm, solid ass that I LOVED holding when he fucked me. And his whole body looked good when he was on top of me moving. As for… well, you wanna know about THAT part, too?”

“Sure, why not?” I said, casually.

“Well, his penis is about six, maybe seven inches long, and it’s perfectly straight and, let me tell you, he REALLY knows how to use it.”

“Fuck,” I said, shaking my head.

“Oh, yes. And everything he did was so perfect! From the moment he started kissing me right up to when he came inside me, everything was wonderful!”

“Fuck,” I said again. “Gena, you are so lucky you can get fucked by him.”

She nodded. “Yeah, I am. Too bad he’s your brother.”

“I know,” I said with great feeling. “If he wasn’t, I’d be doing him so fast.”

Gena laughed.

“Gena?” I asked after a moment. “I got a weird favor to ask.”


Mustering my courage, I said, “Well… would you mind, sometime, letting me watch you and Aaron fuck?”

Gena gave me an odd look. “What? You wanna watch your brother fuck me?”

I shrugged and tried to be casual. “Well, see, I’ve never seen anyone have sex before, so watching you guys would be cool… and educational, of course.” I grinned.

“Huh…” She considered it. “Well, I guess I wouldn’t care. I’d have to talk with Aaron about it, though.”

“Ok, well, it’s not THAT big of a deal,” I lied. “I’m just curious, you know?”

“Yeah. I’ll talk with him about it.”


* * *

Three days went by and I actually managed to basically forget about my conversation with Gena. I had a lot of things going on in my life that I was trying to keep track of, and she was doing her own thing, so I spaced on it. At least until she came to visit me one day when my brother was home and our parents weren’t.

“So you still wanna see me and Aaron fuck?” Gena asked once she was at my place.

I blinked, then grinned. “Oh, yeah!”

“Ok. Come with me, and we’ll go to his bedroom.”

“Alright,” I said, standing up with butterflies spinning around in my stomach.

Gena walked over to Aaron’s bedroom and knocked on his door. He opened it a moment later, wearing only boxers. My heart skipped a beat as I looked over my brother’s beautiful, nearly nude body.

“Hey, sis,” he said with a slightly shy smile.


Gena moved towards my brother and put her arms around him, giving him a good, solid kiss. They twirled tongues for a couple minutes as I closed the bedroom door and sat down at my brother’s desk, very turned on by what I was seeing.

My brother started pulling at the bottom of Gena’s shirt, lifting it off her body. He then pulled up her bra and tossed that aside before taking a breast in each hand, kissing and nibbling each of her nipples gently. A wave of arousal and jealousy went through me as I watched this erotic show.

As Aaron pleasured Gena, she moved her hands onto his back, and then down, down until she reached his butt. She cupped it for a few seconds and then slid her hands back up and down inside his boxers, squeezing his lovely ass directly.

Then came one of the moments I’d been waiting for as Gena pulled my brother’s boxers down off his lean, magnificent body. His hard penis, now freed from its confines, popped up into view. The first one I’d ever seen in real life. The one I’d thought about having inside me for the last several months.

As my brother stepped out of his boxers, he reached down and started to undo Gena’s jeans, slipping them and her panties off her body, leaving her as naked as he was. Then he stood back up, kissing her and holding her close, his penis poking between her legs.

My vagina was as wet as it had ever been as I watched my brother getting ready to fuck my best friend. God, this was making me horny! I made sure neither was looking my way and reached down between my legs, rubbing gently at my crotch as I checked out Aaron’s nude body. He was SOOOOO hot!

I watched as Gena laid down on Aaron’s bed and spread her legs. I thought they were going to start fucking right then, but I was wrong. Instead he got down between her legs and started licking her vagina all over. I felt a surge of jealousy as my friend moaned while my brother ate her out. Lucky Gena…

Then came the moment I’d been waiting for. Aaron kissed his way up Gena’s body and laid himself out on top of her. As I watched with wide eyes, he took hold of his fifteen-year-old penis and poked it against Gena’s thirteen-year-old vagina. He poked and prodded for just a moment and then, before my eyes, sank himself all the way inside her.

My brother looked over his shoulder at me. “You like the view?”

“Oh, yes,” I whispered.

Gena let out a moan. “You should see it from this end,” she gasped out.

“You know,” my brother said, still looking back at me. “If you wanna… you know… enjoy yourself? While you watch? I won’t care.”

“You won’t?”


“Get naked, Amber,” suggested Gena. “You might as well…”

“Well… if you guys don’t mind?”

They both shook their heads.

“Ok!” I stood and quickly got out of my clothes. Once I was naked, I started to sit back down on the chair.

“You can come sit on the bed,” my brother said. “If you want. You’ll get a better view that way.”


I moved onto my brother’s bed, aware of him checking out my naked body as I sat down.

“You look good, Amber,” he said as he thrust a little into Gena.


“You can… you know… while you watch,” my brother said, nodding his head towards my vagina.

“Alright.” I reached down and worked a finger into myself as I watched my brother slowly fuck Gena. I really wished it was me he was inside.

To my surprise, Aaron kept his gaze fixed between my legs as he moved back and forth inside Gena. I wondered what he was thinking as he watched me fingering myself. Did he want me like I wanted him? Probably not, but it was a nice thought.

Suddenly Aaron pulled back, his penis, shinny with wetness, popping up and out of Gena’s vagina. He looked down at her and said, “Sorry… I didn’t want to cum too soon…”

“It’s ok.” She smiled at him and looked over at me. “Like the show so far?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Sex rocks,” my brother said with a grin.

“Yeah.” I let my eyes drift down to his penis.

“You wanna touch it?” he said softly.

“What?” I asked, my eyes going wide.

“You can if you want. It’s not a big deal. It’s just touching.”

“Uh…” There was no way I was going to say no. “Ok.”

My brother got up onto his knees, his penis pointing almost straight up. I reached out a hand and slowly ran my fingers along the shaft, before wrapping my hand completely around it.

“Wow… it’s warm…”

“Yeah…” My brother looked up into my eyes. “Gena says you’re still a virgin.”


“Well…” He traded a look with Gena. “If you want, I’ll stick it in you for a few seconds. Just so that you can see what it feels like.”

I blinked, completely taken by surprise. “You will?” I asked weakly.

“Yeah,” my brother said with a nod. “I mean, I’m not talking about, like, fucking you. I’ll just stick it into you for a bit, move it around a little and pull it out again. But you’ll know what it feels like.”



Before I could let my common sense get into the way of living out a fantasy, I said, “Sure!”

“Cool,” my brother said with a slow grin. “Ok, well, lay down.”

Trembling, I laid down on the bed, anticipating my devirginizing by my brother.

Aaron got between my legs and started rubbing the tip of his penis against my vagina. Up and down along my slit, holding it like a paintbrush. Then I felt it push just slightly into me. Not enough to penetrate, but enough to get my attention.

“You ready?” he asked softly.

“Oh, yes…”

Aaron smiled sweetly at me. Then he gave a little push with his hips. I let out a slow gasp of intense pleasure as I felt my fifteen-year-old brother work his penis all the way into my thirteen-year-old virgin vagina. When he stopped he was all the way inside me, and I couldn’t see any sign of his shaft other than his pubic hair merging with mine.

“Mmm… there…” he said, smiling at me. “What do you think?”

“Oh, god…” I whispered as I twitched with pleasure around my brother’s penis.

He grinned again. “That’s what I thought.”

My brother flexed his hips, moving his penis back and forth inside my vagina. I moaned softly as I got fucked for the first time. It was soooo intense! I never thought I’d experience anything as wonderful as this!

Just as I was really getting into it, though, Aaron stopped moving and said, “Ok. I should probably pull out now.”

“No, don’t,” I whispered, trying to hold my brother inside me. “Please… keep going… I want you to… to cum inside me…” Saying the words sent a shiver through my body.

“Are you sure?” my brother asked, pushing forward again, sinking his penis back into me.

“Oh, yes…”

Aaron looked at Gena. “Do you mind?”

“No, it’s cool.”


Aaron took a deep breath and settled his smooth, lean, sexy, naked body on top of mine. He placed a hand on each side of me and started pumping, sliding his penis around inside my vagina with a smooth, steady rhythm that sent waves of pleasure coursing through my teenage body.

My brother’s movements on top of me got him to his destination faster than I would have thought it would. It wasn’t more than five minutes before he started thrusting really, really fast, then let out a low moan as his penis start kicking inside my vagina, his sperm shooting into me. The knowledge that my brother was cumming while fucking me was enough to put me over the edge, and soon I was joining him in orgasmic pleasure. The best one I’d ever had in my entire life.

The three of us spent most of the day having sex. I think Aaron was probably the happiest boy in the world at that point. I know that I was the happiest girl in the world. It was a dream cum (pun intended 🙂 ) true!


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved. Medio tutissmus ibis, which might be true, but isn’t always right.
There ya go. Just a quick and dirty little story! Nothing too big, but it was nice. I hope you all liked it!