Empress of the World – Part 6


I had never felt more conflicted than when I closed the door, leaving my brother and his friend alone again in our cabin. Orion looked so sexy in his tighty whities. Hell, even his friend Gavin looked hot in his red speedos. As I walked back toward the elevators, I wondered if he was really gay or just going through a phase. Then I wondered what I had interrupted.

My thoughts returned to my brother. I know it’s weird, but I want to be his first and I hoped that whatever he and Gavin were doing wouldn’t take that away from me. I know that’s selfish, given that I’ve been with several boys. Hell, even as I rode the elevator back to the Lido Deck, I was devising a way to get Jake to plow my furrow. But since the start of the cruise, I couldn’t deny the attraction I felt for Orion. I knew it should scare me. After all, incest was taboo for a reason. Still, I wasn’t worried Orion would knock me up. I’ve been on the pill since the eighth grade.

I ate lunch with Jake and his friends in the Buffet Court and let him rub my back, arms and legs with sunscreen before lying down in a lounge chair next to him. We talked, and I learned more about him and what he was like. I shared as much as I was comfortable sharing, given the glaring lie I’d told when we met on the first day of the cruise. One thing I’ve learned in my battle of wills with my mom is that lies are hard to maintain, so they need to stay as close to the truth as possible. So, aside from my lie about college, I stayed with the facts.

By the time dinner rolled around, I found Orion and his friend back in the pool. As things transpired, Jake, Allen and Liz joined me, Orion, and Gavin at one of the big, round tables in the Buffet Court. I was as nervous as a cat in a rocking chair factory for most of dinner; afraid Orion would say something that would give away my actual age. But I needn’t have worried.

We hung around the swimming pool until Movies Under the Stars came on a bit after twilight. There was a gigantic movie screen at the back of the Lido deck where they projected first-run movies most nights, weather permitting. And after that, it was almost ten, and I was ready to head back to our cabin. Orion fell in beside me as we made our way back to our room.

Once we were inside, he said, “I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to lock you out, it’s just…”

He trailed off. What would he have said? Sorry sis, I was fucking Gavin up the ass and didn’t want you to interrupt.

I sat down on the bed and sighed at the comfort, “You really like Gavin, don’t you?”

Orion flushed as he nodded, “Yeah. He’s really cool.”

I could see how he would find the other boy attractive. I certainly did. Even though it wasn’t right and it was completely irrational, I had to know. “So, did he take your virginity?”

Orion blushed bright red as he sat down on his side of the bed and removed his sneakers. “You mean, like have him put his dick up my ass?”

I nodded, “Or you put yours up his ass.”

Mercifully, he shook his head. “Gavin’s fooled around with his friend Nathan like that. But we haven’t done anything like that.”

I murmured, “Yet.”

He flushed some more. Still beet red, he said, “Putting a dick up your ass sounds like it would hurt.”

It was my turn to feel the heat in my cheeks, “If he’s huge, probably. Is he?”

Orion gave me a ghost of a smile and shook his head, “Bigger than me, but not huge. Not like Demarcus.”

I turned more red. How my brother had learned about Demarcus was a mystery to me. But that football player wasn’t my finest moment. Cringing at the admission, I said, “Yeah, I wouldn’t let him fuck me. He would have split me in two.”

Orion’s face grew serious, “Um, Jackie, how big is too big?”

I did not know. I’ve always heard a girl’s vagina stretches a lot more than a boy’s ass. My eyes glanced toward Orion. He wore a pair of jeans shorts and a T-shirt. Even though the cruise was barely underway, his arms and legs had a light but healthy tan. I wanted to kiss him. As to his question, I shrugged, “I don’t know. Maybe Gavin wouldn’t be too big. But…”

I lost my train of thought as I imagined my brother taking the fourteen-year-old’s cock doggy style. Now, I was wet, thinking about Gavin deflowering my brother. I murmured, “If Gavin doesn’t mind, maybe I could watch the two of you. You know, make sure he’s not too big.”

I couldn’t believe my mouth. Orion’s jaw fell open, “You’d want to watch us, um, you know, fool around?”

Listening to Orion, all of twelve-years-old, try to avoid calling it sex or fucking was adorable. I leaned over and pulled him into a hug, “Nope, I want to watch the two of you fuck each other senseless.”

He giggled even as my lips found his. When the kiss ended, I crawled across his lap before leaning in and kissing him again. We were both gasping for air when the kiss ended. Part of me wanted to ask him if he wanted to go further, but my needs burned bright and I just reached down and tugged at his shirt until I pulled it off. His belly and chest were lightly tanned, just like his arms. I ran my hands over his chest, trailing upwards until I held his cheeks in my hands. And kissed him again.

Then, as my tongue explored Orion’s mouth, I felt his hands slip under my T-shirt until they bumped against the soft fabric of my bra. I was wet, I was horny. I broke the kiss long enough to pull my shirt off and throw it on the floor. A moment later, my bra joined it. And I moaned as Orion’s hands cupped my tits.

Once Orion’s tongue pushed mine back into my mouth, I knew he was as horny as me. My hands snaked down his torso until I found his zipper. I unbuttoned and then unzipped him before reaching in and gripped his erection through the fabric of his underwear.

Not to be outdone, my brother forgot about my tits long enough to unfasten my shorts. The problem we both discovered is that I was sitting on his lap. Neither of us could pull down the other’s shorts or underwear in that position. Orion didn’t seem to mind. His hands returned to massaging my boobs.

I was the first to grow frustrated by our clothing. I got onto my knees and scooted back far enough to expose all of Orion. Then I pulled his shorts down until they were below his knees. His four inches strained against the flimsy cotton fabric. A moment later I pulled his underwear down to his knees, liberating my brother’s delightful erection.

Orion said, “Come on, Sis. Let me see!”

His voice was pleasantly high pitched and convincing. I slid off him and stood next to the bed and stripped the rest of my clothing off. Once we were both naked, I moved between Orion’s legs. While I wanted to feel my brother’s cock inside me, I knew most boys had hair-triggers and I planned on enjoying myself for as long as possible. With that in mind, my lips found his hard-on, and I licked his little bit of pre-cum before taking his glans in my mouth.

Orion’s warbling moan was music to me and before long, my upper lip touched his bald pubic area. And from there, I was bobbing up and down as fast as I could manage. I figured he’d already cum at least once earlier with Gavin. If that were so, maybe this time in my mouth might take longer.

Orion’s hands gripped my hair as his moaning intensified. After a bit, he squealed, “I’m cumming!”

He barely spoke the words before my mouth tasted his sweet and salty semen as Orion’s cock spasmed between my lips.

When I pulled back, Orion grinned at me with a silly grin he hardly used anymore. But it was one he used all the time when he was little. I figured it was a way of saying what we have is special. Then I moved his legs together again and resumed my earlier position, sitting just below his lap, and leaned forward to kiss him again.

I wasn’t blind to the pressure of Orion’s still-erect penis pressed against my pubic mound as our lips touched.

The remnants of his grin still on his face, when the kiss ended my brother said, “Yummy, I taste pretty good.”

“Mm-hmm. One day soon, I’m going to get your opinion on how I taste,” I said as I felt my wetness between my legs.

Orion leaned up, “You want me to lick your pussy?”

I pushed him against his pillow, “Not now, lover-boy. The way you and Gavin are going at it, if we don’t have sex tonight, he’ll be the one to take your virginity, and I can’t have that.”

The priceless look on Orion’s face warmed my heart. It was a mixture of innocence and lust. “W-we’re going to do it?”

I nodded, “Say it, bro. Say ‘we’re going to fuck each other,’”

That silly grin returned, “We’re going to fuck each other!”

Even though Orion had cum just a couple of minutes before, he was still hard as a rock and when I scooted forward just a few inches, his erection slid against my labia. When I reached between us, his four inches were already coated in my juices. I lifted myself up high enough for him to poke against my vagina, and then I slowly sank down. His glans pierced me first, and I shivered at the feeling.

My brother wasn’t big, and I didn’t feel the painful stretching that came when the dick was bigger than my hole. Still, his glans made me tingle. That pleasurable tingle grew more pronounced as I sank lower, taking all of him inside me, until I rested on his smooth pubic area.

Orion’s mouth was shaped like an O, “Wow, I’m all the way inside you, Sis.”

I gasped at the implication. I was fucking my brother. My twelve-year-old brother! I should have felt dirty. Instead, I felt more complete than I had since Mom first told us about the cruise. I know it’s fucking weird, but Orion in me made me feel more whole and better than I can even begin to explain. As I lifted myself enough to feel him slide against my inner walls, I even contemplated stopping my birth control. I pushed back down and the tingling grew exponentially. Yeah, I thought, there couldn’t be anything sexier than carrying my younger brother’s child.

I glanced down between us as I moved up and down and I shuddered a little orgasm, watching my brother’s thin erection sliding in and out of me. Orion proved he wasn’t just going to lie there and be fucked. He reached up and pulled my face toward his even as my hips worked to keep his erection moving inside me. I let him kiss me and even had another small orgasm when he invaded my mouth with his tongue.

The feeling of my tits pressed against his thin, boyish chest, our lips crushing against each other, and me rocking back and forth, I felt more alive than I can ever recall before. I kept rocking forward, as I lay on top of him, letting him have his way with my mouth while I had my way with his cock. I felt a familiar pressure building inside me. It felt like an itch and Orion’s dick was scratching it, making it feel good. The pressure grew, expanding within me until it was the only thing in my world. Well, except for my brother’s dick.

Then, it happened. The pressure grew, like water rising against a dam, until it crested and overflowed the barrier. I shook as I came. I cried out my brother’s name even as I kept riding his cock. Every jolt of my body slapping against Orion’s pelvis kept my orgasm alive. His reaction showed he was finally getting close, as his hips bucked under me. I came down as he thrust up, grinding our sex organs against each other. It only made me cum all the harder, as I couldn’t stop myself from moaning.

Then Orion grabbed my hips as he thrust upwards even harder than before and I felt him shudder inside me. Even though I knew he was putting his baby-makers in me, all I felt were the spasms of his erection as he came. And those shuddering spasms were enough for me to start on another orgasm, just as powerful as the one that had rocked me for the better part of a minute.

When Orion stopped thrusting, I collapsed on him. My legs were sore. My hips were sore. Hell, even my pussy was sore. And I had never felt better in all my sixteen years.

With his silly, loopy smile, Orion looks up at me, “Why’d we wait so long to do this?”

I had just taken my twelve-year-old brother’s virginity. And I loved every bit of it. I knew I should have felt guilty, but I just couldn’t. The only thing I regretted is that we didn’t have sex sooner. I kissed him and said, “We’ve got the rest of the cruise to make up for lost time, bro.”

He squeezed me in a hug before I slid off and lay beside him. A few minutes later, I heard Orion’s soft snores. I closed my eyes and rested my head against his chest as I fell asleep.



My fingers still dripped from the hand sanitizer as I waved at Gavin and Nathan. I could see the outline of their speedos underneath their board shorts as they approached the entry to the Buffet Court. I smiled. After breakfast, the three of us would hit the swimming pool.

Nathan bobbed his head as he led the way into the Buffet Court. He was trying to be nice for Gavin’s sake. Even though Gavin wasn’t his boyfriend, Nathan was still jealous of our friendship. I guess I could understand it. Even though I knew Jackie was angling to get into that college dude’s pants, I felt jealous of that too. God, I was such a hypocrite.

We were digging into our plates when Gavin said, “Tomorrow, when we reach Hilo, me and Nathan are doing the mountain bike adventure with his dad, while our moms are going shopping with our grandmas. Do you wanna come with?”

“Sure,” I blurted. But then I thought about Mom’s command that any excursion had to be either with her and Max or with Jackie. I back-peddled, “Well, I need to check with Jackie. If she wants, can she come?”

Gavin shrugged, “I don’t see why not. Nathan?”

The thirteen-year-old shrugged, “It’s a free country.”

On the way to the pool, I spotted Jackie lying on one of the lounge chairs close by the pool. Her chair was inches away from that college guy’s chair. When I reached her, I knelt, “Tomorrow, when we get to Hilo, Gavin and Nathan asked if I could go with them on a shore excursion. You have plans? You can come too.”

Jackie slid her eyes over to the college dude, “What’re you all doing?”

He said, “We’re taking a helicopter ride to see a volcano. If we had an open spot, you could come with us, but we had it booked before the cruise.”

Jackie shrugged, “What’s the excursion?”

Gavin knelt beside me. His bare legs brushed against mine, “Mountain bike adventure. Supposed to be fun, see some waterfalls.”

Jackie sighed, “Fine, but when we get to Honolulu, we’re going shopping, Orion. Got it?”

Elated, Gavin and I joined Nathan in the pool, after we liberally helped one another spray on some sun screen. Although after a week at sea, my tan was coming along nicely. Nathan was splashing water at another boy around my age by the time we were in the water, and as soon as Gavin and I joined in the fun, Nathan turned on us and splashed us, crying, “Come on, Carlos, these two pussies deserve a good dunking.”

The second time I’d gone under, it was pretty clear to me Nathan was seriously hitting on the black-haired boy. Of course, the kid seemed to like it. As I came up sputtering water, Carlos had casually tossed an arm around Nathan’s shoulders, “We showed your cabrones who’s the boss.”

They climbed onto the side of the pool and while I spoke with Gavin about our counter-attack, Nathan said, “I’ve got a PS five set up in my room, you wanna check it out, Carlos?”

And before either me or Gavin could respond, Nathan got up, gave Gavin a sultry wink and led his object of desire back toward the elevators. Once the two teens disappeared, I burst out laughing, “God, I hope that kid knows what he’s in for.”

Gavin eased himself deeper into the pool, “Carlos grabbed my ass a couple of times. Maybe it’s Nathan who doesn’t know. Either way, with that sweet cabin of yours, do you guys get free room service? We could eat lunch back there.”

He glanced away and lowered his voice, “I mean, if you want to.”

And that’s how fifteen minutes later, I found myself inserting the do not disturb card into the cabin door’s card reader. Once the door was closed, Gavin pushed me against the wall, and pressed his mouth against mine. His tongue slipped through my lips and I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him back. At just a few inches taller than me, I felt Gavin’s erection poking me just above my own stiffy and I pushed away from the wall, and guided us toward the bed, where the two of us collapsed on the unmade bed.

I reached between us and slid my fingers between his abdomen and speedos, past his curly pubes until I wrapped them around his hardening dick. Gavin let slip a low moan as he yanked his speedos down and let them fall on the floor next to the bed. I slid my hand up and down on his five inches even as he tugged my swimming suit down below my knees. I shifted just enough to get them off the rest of the way and settled in next to him as we masturbated each other.

We hadn’t been at it long when Gavin leaned over me. His warm, wet lips kissed me with as much passion as when we entered the room. He didn’t stop with that, but worked his mouth down my neck, planting light kisses on me until he reached my chest. His tongue flicked against my nipples, causing them to grow hard under his touch. From there, he practically ignored my belly button as he made his way down my bare pubic area.

I gasped when, starting from the base of my stiffy, he licked me all the way to the tip. Then he took my little helmet of a head in his mouth and lavished it with his tongue. I loved the way I felt in his mouth. I loved it even more as his lips slid down my stiffy until he had taken all of me in. That tingling I loved so much didn’t take long to start inside the base of my stiffy, especially as Gavin worked his tongue all over me. I closed my eyes as he bobbed up and down, bringing me closer.

Gavin’s log hair was easy to grab and even with my eyes closed, I enjoyed the rapidly building pressure. My fingers clamped onto his blond locks as I felt myself arrive, “Ahh, I’m cumming!”

It was like the fourth of July behind my eyelids as it felt like fireworks going off inside my body. My stiffy jerked in Gavin’s mouth as I came. He didn’t bat an eye as he worked his mouth and swallowed my jizz. When I stopped spasming, Gavin released me and my dick slipped from his mouth.

“Ah-hem,” came a voice that caught me and Gavin by surprise.

My eyes shot open. Jackie leaned against the wall separating the bathroom from the rest of the cabin. She wore a smirk, “You might want to check the door to the bathroom before fooling around.”

Gavin’s hands flew to his midsection, too little and too late to cover his crotch. “What the fuck!”

Jackie’s smirk turned into a toothy grin, “Oh, did I miss that part? I thought that was what you two were planning next. How does it work? Do you get to put your dick up my little brother’s virgin asshole?”

I should have been livid. After all, Jackie had violated our privacy, catching Gavin sucking me off. Of course, that’s what she’d done the previous few nights. But my dick, which hadn’t really gone down after Gavin’s blowjob, was pointing toward my chest as I lay against my pillow. It twitched at the sight of my sister. She must have just woken up before going into the bathroom. She wore a pair of black panties and a white cami. Of course, when the two of us had fallen asleep the night before, she’d been wearing nothing.

As Gavin’s jaw worked in silence, I stretched my arms and rested them behind my head, “What if he was? Do you want to watch?”

Jackie sat on the edge of her side of the bed, “I don’t think you boys have the balls to fuck in front of me.”

That’s when I suspected the game she played. She wanted to watch me and Gavin do more stuff. And in truth, I liked the idea of the two of us fooling around in front of Jackie, although the idea of Gavin sticking his dick up my ass sounded painful. I gave a bored shrug and said, “Fine by me.”

With that, I bent over Gavin’s middle and took his five inches in my hand as my head centered above his erection. My tongue barely tasted his pre-cum when Jackie leaned forward and pulled my head away, “No. Not that. I already saw your boyfriend give you a blowjob. I want to see him fuck you, just like…”

Her voice faded away as I filled in the missing words. “Just like we were lovers?”

Gavin’s dick twitched between my fingers as he said, “Um, do you want me to, Orion. If not, I’d let you do me.”

The only thing I’d ever had up my ass before was my finger once in the shower. And that hurt like hell. Not because my butt was too tight for my little finger, but the shampoo made my ass feel like it was on fire. Still, the sultry look on Jackie’s face and the hesitant anticipation on Gavin’s overcame my fear of pain and I nodded.

Gavin, still hard as a rock, got onto his knees and climbed between my legs as Jackie said, “Orion, pull your knees to your chest.”

Then, as I felt Gavin’s dick brush against my ass, my sister said, “Just a sec, lover boys. I’ve got something that’ll make it easier.”

A moment later, she returned with a little pink tube, which she gave to Gavin, “Smear some of this in Orion’s ass and use some on yourself too.”

After a moment, I felt something cool touch my butt. Gavin’s finger was slick with whatever my sister had given him and without too much effort, he pierced the tight muscles of my sphincter, slickening my poop chute a few inches in. I liked the feel of his little digit in my backside. When I felt his last knuckle press against my hole, I gasped as a jolt of pleasure radiated out from inside my ass.

When Gavin pulled his finger out, I felt as though something needful had been taken from me. Until I felt something else pressing at my butthole. Gavin leaned forward and kissed me. Then he said, “When I push in, pretend like you’re taking a dump and push with the same muscles. It’ll help you take me in.”

I felt a sharp bit of pain when Gavin pushed, and my sphincter muscles reluctantly gave way. Then I remembered what he said, and I pushed back. The pain eased as I felt his flared head penetrate me. He was right. By pushing my muscles like I was trying to take a dump, Gavin felt only somewhat more uncomfortable than when I took a shit. And he kept on sinking into me. Then his dick rubbed against that spot his finger had touched, and the same intense pleasure washed over me like a wave.

My insides felt all mushy and weird when Gavin’s dark blond pubes tickled my balls. He had bottomed out inside me. His eyes were round as he murmured, “You okay, O?”

As he pulled back, Gavin’s dick slid over that magical place. It felt like an electrical current running from inside my rectum all the way to the tip of my stiffy. I think my eyes rolled back in my head as I let loose a loud moan.

Jackie giggled before she shushed me. Gavin sank back into me, eliciting another moan of pleasure. This time I grabbed one of the pillows and covered my mouth, muffling my bliss. Even though I pulled my legs up against my chest, every time Gavin moved in and out, I felt as though I was melting into the bed, my body a receptacle for his lust.

After a minute or two, Jackie patted Gavin on the back, “Faster, sweetie.”

Then, she surprised both me and my fourteen-year-old lover. She shoved the pillows off the bed and moved to the head of the bed, next to me and leaned over my head and chest until she took my aching stiffy into her mouth.

Gavin swore, “Holy fuck! Your sister!”

Me? I just groaned even louder as the electrical current in my ass connected perfectly with the sharp, tingling sensation Jackie caused.

Gavin arched his back, shoving himself even deeper into me. He grunted, “I’m c-cumming!”

He grew even harder inside me, hitting that special spot that drove me wild with passion. His dick kicked and spasmed and my insides grew even hotter as he emptied his cum deep inside me.

The thing about getting a blow job from Gavin before we realized Jackie was in the bathroom, the tingling in my dick was growing and the feelings were the best in my life. But I wasn’t quite there yet. I pulled the pillow from over my face, “Don’t stop. Keep fucking me!”

Although not intended for her, Jackie doubled down on licking and sucking me even as Gavin resumed pounding my ass. The fapping sound of his balls slamming into my ass was louder than the moans erupting from my throat.

Then it happened. Gavin’s dick pushed hard against that spot inside me and I felt a pop, a release inside me and my vision swam in front of me as stars filled it. Like an atomic bomb of lust-fueled energy going off inside me, every inch of my body convulsed as I came. This orgasm didn’t start in my balls, like the others. No. It came from deep inside me. In fact, my dick was slightly behind the rest of my body. I was already shaking when my stiffy twitched and erupted, sending my couple of watery bursts down Jackie’s throat.

Gavin kept pumping and Jackie continued to suck until I faded into oblivion. When I came to, something felt wrong. I felt empty inside. I opened my eyes and saw Gavin kneeling over me next to Jackie. My sister’s grin filled my vision as she said, “Damn, bro. You were out for five minutes. That was some orgasm.”

Leaning on my elbows, I sat up a bit. It surprised me to see my dick was still semi-hard. Gavin’s had returned to what I presumed was his normal size. Although it was, I think, the first time I had seen him soft. Still smiling, Jackie leaned over my face and gave me a kiss before turning to Gavin and shocking him with one too. Then, smiling, she said, “That was incredible. I’m so damned horny. So, who wants to fuck me first?”

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