Kim’s Game – Chapter 6

The light from the kitchen was the first sign of morning as Kim cracked his eyes open. Andrea was drinking coffee. She wore the white blouse she usually wore to work. She faced the living room as she took a deep drink from the mug.

Kim didn’t think he had moved, but her eyes found his, and she smiled. Coming around the bar that separated the kitchen from the living room, she whispered, “Going in to work the breakfast shift in a bit.”

Kim, only slightly more awake than before, mumbled, “What time is it?”

Andrea leaned in, “About five thirty.”

Kim bit back a groan. It was way too early for a Tuesday morning in the summer. A glance at Arya showed that she was still asleep. She had kicked off the covers at some point during the night. A hand was stuck into the panties, pulling them down a bit. The image of her sleeping, with her hand down the front of her underwear, made something stir inside the boy.

She snored lightly and shifted, turning her head away from Kim and Andrea. Before Kim knew what he was doing, his hand nearly touched the girl. When Andrea sat down beside him, Kim realized where his hand was, and pulled it back.

The young woman said, “I need to leave in a bit, but I saw the two of you sleeping in here. You looked so cute in here with the covers kicked off.”

Kim had been so focused first on Andrea and then on Arya that he didn’t realize he’d pushed the covers down past his knees, and his own white briefs were on display for the young woman. Worse, his morning wood made a tent at the front.

His first inclination was to cover his embarrassment. Then he glanced at Andrea’s face and saw her staring at his underwear. The strange feeling from the night before came back, and he held off covering himself.

After a moment, Andrea’s eyes drifted toward his face, “How was your bath last night?”

Kim felt himself flushing as his eyes drifted to his tented erection. “Um, it was nice, like you said.”

Andrea put her hand onto the boy’s chest, and Kim was certain she could feel the rapid beat of his heart. The young woman said, “Looks like you’re going to be taking over the job of Arya’s baths. I think you’ll both enjoy it more than I did.”

Although he loved the feel of Andrea’s hand on his chest, it still left him wondering if she had feelings toward him. Part of him found the idea very intriguing. The rest of him only wanted to make Arya happy. He asked, “I’d like that. And you’re really okay with Arya and me taking baths and showers together? I mean…” His eyes returned to his erection.

He could see more color in Andrea’s cheeks as she nodded. Her hand slid to his belly and rubbed it there for a moment before running a finger along the hem of his underwear; in a pensive voice, she said, “I think you already know that both of us like your penis, Kim.”

Andrea sat up as though she’d said too much. Flushing scarlet, she got to her feet and looked down at him, her eyes still lingering on his dick. Then, in a move that left him breathless, she leaned down and kissed him on the lips.

Before he could decide how he felt about Andrea’s kiss, she was out the door.

Baffled by Andrea’s behavior, Kim lay back down. He rolled onto his side, and as he closed his eyes, Arya murmured, “She likes you, too.”

Kim moved over next to the girl and whispered, “What’s that?”

A soft snore was the only reply Kim received. Uncertain what to make things, Kim closed his eyes. A moment later, he didn’t care. He was asleep.

Something tickled, although what it was, the boy didn’t know. It was still dark in the living room when he felt the same thing again. He batted his eyes open. The room was still bathed in darkness. He felt a tickle, and now he saw Arya’s back was inches away from his chest, and he realized her backside had grazed his underwear.

Kim craned his neck and looked at the DVD player. The digital display showed 6:58. He didn’t really want to get up, not when Arya was so close to him. After a moment, he realized he wasn’t going to fall back asleep, so he thought it might be fun to hold the girl while she slept on. When his hand touched her shoulder, Arya mumbled, “Hmmm, hold me.”

The boy inched his body forward until his chest rested against Arya’s back. He slid his arm across her chest. And tried to ignore his dick, which was still hard, but now pressing against Arya’s backside. Although sleep eluded him, the boy enjoyed the tingling on his chest, where their bodies met.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d held Arya when she snuggled up even closer to him. “Hug me, Kim,” she murmured.

Glad to hear the girl’s voice, the boy slid his other arm under her and wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug. It also had the effect of pushing, even more, his dick against her backside.

Arya wiggled her backside, which made Kim’s dick feel even better. The girl said, “Your dinky’s stiff.”

Kim murmured, “I can move it, if you want.”

The girl wiggled again, “Only if you move it closer.”

Kim wiggled against her, “I’m about as close as I can get.”

Arya stopped wiggling and said, “Can I see it again?”

“My dick?”

Arya giggled, “That’s a gross name. But yeah, your dinky.”

Kim let go of the girl and lay on his back while Arya propped herself up on an elbow with a smile on her face. He pulled his underwear down below his knees when he realized he hadn’t grown nervous exposing himself to the girl. He kicked the underwear off and said, “Whatcha think?”

Arya’s fingers touched his erection, “I like how hard it gets.”

Kim grinned at her, “I like how it feels when you touch it.”

The girl traced her finger around his glans, “I saw something online where a man moved his, um, dinky until some white stuff came out. Can you do that?”

“I can’t make the white stuff come out, not yet.”

Arya said, “Oh, the video made it seem like its something that you could do.”

Kim didn’t know why he felt embarrassed. After all, Arya liked him just the way he was. But it still grated that he was so far behind other boys his own age. But the innocent look the girl gave him made his frustration seep away. He said, “Once I hit puberty, it’ll happen.”

Arya touched his ballsack, “When will that happen?”

The tingling in Kim’s balls made him feel good. “I don’t know. Most boys my age have already had it happen. I hope it happens soon.”

Arya circled the base of his shaft with a finger and thumb, “Me too. That man in the video looked like he liked it a lot.”

Kim laughed, “I bet. I can still have just as much fun, Arya. I just don’t make a mess yet.”

Arya leaned against him, “Oh, can I see?”

When Kim grabbed his dick in his hand, the girl let go. She stared at him as he stroked up and down on his thin four-inch dick. The tingling in his dick was powerful. Spending as much time as he had over at the Tylers’, Kim hadn’t masturbated in several days.

His fist was sliding up and down, again and again, as the pleasant tingling increased. Then it happened. His butt cheeks clenched as his dick spasmed in his hand. Euphoria washed over him as he kept pumping. His dick jerked in his hand a few more times as he felt his orgasm start to fade.

When he let go, he said, “I guess there’s not much to see, but that felt really good.”

Arya’s hand reached out, and her touch almost hurt at the intense feeling. “Ah, it’s sensitive. Give it a few minutes.”

The girl’s eyes were wide, “Wow, I saw your dinky bouncing all around. Was that your good feeling?”

He dipped his head, “Yep. That’s what it looks like when a boy has an orgasm.”

“Orgasm,” Arya repeated. Then she added, “And when you are older, that white stuff comes out when you, uh, orgasm?”

“Yeah. But it still feels good now.”

Arya said, “Did you know that girls also have good feelings?”

Kim sat up. He hadn’t thought that Arya, at nine, would know anything about how girls masturbated. He said, “You know how to do it?”

A deep red settled across her cheeks as she bit her lower lip and nodded. “I caught Mom doing it in her bed one night. Then I figured it out for myself. Do you want to see?”

Kim nodded and then watched the girl as she pulled her panties down and tossed them on the floor. Arya spread her legs, wider than Kim had seen before, and she put her finger into her puffy slit.

Her eyes slid closed as the girl’s finger pushed into her small pussy hole. Although Kim had watched a couple of videos online, he’d never seen a girl fingering herself before, not in real life. After a couple of minutes of steady fingering, Arya’s breathing became ragged, and then she pulled her finger out. Kim wasn’t sure if she’d actually orgasmed, but she was smiling as she held up a slick finger.

Either way, Kim was still as hard as he’d been earlier. He was even playing with his dick again, enjoying the slight tingling he felt along his shaft.

Arya said, “Next time, if you want, I’ll let you play with my kitty and give me good feelings.”

Kim stopped playing with himself and said, “I want you to play with my dick, er, dinky, too.”

The girl rolled off the bed, “I gotta pee. After breakfast, do you want to play my PS four?”


Kim dropped the controller and said, “I give up.”

Arya laughed, “Girls rule, boys drool!”

The boy leaned over the bed, his body resting against Arya’s, and rooted around for a different game. “What about Onrush? We haven’t played that yet?”

Before he could eject one game cartridge and insert another, Andrea looked up from the table. A laptop was open, and she had a harried look. She had told them earlier to let her alone while she paid some bills. Now, she said, “No more games until you guys get cleaned up.”

Arya groaned, “Aww, Mom. I was kicking butt!”

Kim stuck out his tongue at Arya. In fact, he was relieved. The game he’d just suggested was another racing game, and the girl had an uncanny ability to kick his ass on most games like that. Even though only a week had passed since he’d practically moved in with Andrea and Arya, he wasn’t looking forward to his dad’s return the next day.

The boy pulled his shirt off and said, “Andrea, can I stay over tomorrow night, too?”

The young woman almost looked relieved to get her nose out of the numbers on her screen, “But your dad’s going to be home. You know he’d like to spend some time with you?”

Kim gave her a baleful eye as he pulled his shorts down, “Really? Fine. If he says it’s okay, can I?”

Andrea got up and came over. She sat on the end of the bed and pulled him onto her lap. “There are two things you should know. First, you are your dad’s son. If he wants to spend time with you, then that’s what you need to do.”

Kim sighed; it’s about what he expected.

Then Andrea wrapped her arms around his chest and hugged him close, “And two, you don’t have to ask to stay over here. Right Arya?”

Arya was pulling her shorts down when she looked up and said, “Right. You’re the best thing to happen to us.”

Andrea nodded, “If you want to stay over here every night throughout the rest of the summer and your dad’s okay with it, then that’s what you’ll do.”

She glanced over at Arya, who had just shimmied out of her underwear. “Why don’t you two go ahead and get cleaned up. I’ve got a bit more to do before I’m done.”

Kim slid off her lap. It still felt weird to get undressed in front of the young woman, not least because of the way she looked at him when he was naked. He pulled his underwear down, feeling Andrea’s eyes on him as he led Arya into the bathroom.

Once the door was shut, he turned to Arya and said, “You’ve taken showers with your mom, right?”

She nodded, “Yeah. You wanna shower?”

Kim’s head bobbed up and down, “Yeah.”

Standing next to a naked Arya, long before the water was the right temperature, his dick grew out to its four thin inches. She glanced down and grinned, “I really make your dinky stiff?”

The boy grinned back, “Yeah, you do.”

Once they were in the tub with the shower blasting warm water down on them, Kim pushed Arya under the spray, “You get wet first, and I’ll wash you.”

A moment later, Arya stepped out from the direct blast of water, and Kim squeezed out dribbles of bodywash on the girl’s back and front. He completely ignored the loofah, letting his fingers touch her back, rubbing the wash into her skin, turning it into a sudsy lather.

When he got to the girl’s butt, he was able to glide his slick fingers over both of her small globes of flesh. Arya said, “Oh, that’s nice.”

He finished her back by quickly lathering her legs and then turned Arya around to work on her front. By now, the bodywash had streaked down her body. Kim enjoyed starting on her chest, playing with her tiny nipples until they protruded a bit. And then he hurried through the rest of her torso. Kneeling before Arya, Kim pushed a solitary finger through her puffy lips.

He hadn’t been able to shake the image he still had in his mind when he had watched her finger herself. The more he replayed the image, the more he doubted that she’d managed an orgasm. With that thought in his mind, his soapy finger slid under the tiny clitoral hood and touched her sensitive, immature clit.

Much to Kim’s delight, Arya pushed her pelvis forward as she gave a nearly imperceptible moan. With his other hand, Kim slipped another finger between her inner lips. He felt his dick twinge as he found her tiny hole. Sliding around, his finger was almost instantly slick with the girl’s juices, and he slid the digit up to the first knuckle into her pussy. Arya’s moan was a bit louder, but still only something he could hear.

Twisting around and moving it in and out a bit, Kim managed to slide his index finger all the way into Arya up to the third knuckle. He glanced up and saw a dreamy grin on the girl’s face. He pulled the finger almost all the way out before pushing it as far in as it would go. The next time he did it, he used his finger on his other hand to slide over the girl’s clit.

Both hands were wet with the girl’s juices as Arya’s moans grew a bit louder. When she said, “This feels different. My tummy is tingling, and I feel… oh, wow. That felt…”

Her voice trailed off as she leaned against the tile wall. All the while, Kim’s fingers either plunged in and out of her pussy or rubbed her clit. Then it happened. Arya bit her lower lip and shuddered. Through clenched teeth, she moaned loud enough that Kim worried Andrea might hear.

The boy pulled his hands out of Arya’s pussy as she slid down into the bathtub. After a long moment listening for Andrea, Kim breathed a sigh of relief and sat down beside Arya. He leaned in, putting an arm around her, “Are you okay?”

She dragged in a ragged breath and nodded. She smiled up at him, “I’ve been doing it wrong, haven’t I?”

Kim shrugged, “I don’t know. But that was an orgasm.”

Arya nodded, “That was fun. I wanna do it again.”

“Me, too. I liked watching your face, and how you were feeling.”

Arya got to her feet, “I think you liked playing with my kitty even more. My turn to wash you now.”

The girl’s efforts to wash Kim were similar to his own. When she got to his dick, the girl gripped it and said, “Let me see if I’ve got it right.”

Kim felt himself lean against the tile, just like Arya before. His knees were week as the tingling grew throughout the length of his erection. Even though Arya’s strokes were inexpert and uneven, the feeling growing in his dick was better than anything he’d felt using his own hand. And before he knew it, his knees buckled as his hips thrust forward. The intensity of the pleasurable wave washed over him, making his dick spasm in Arya’s hand.

She leaned over him and said with a huge grin, “That one, I think I did right.”

Chuckling, Kim nodded, “Yeah. You made me feel really good.”

By now, the water coming from the shower was getting cool, and Kim cut the water off. Arya leaned into him and said, “That was a lot of fun.”

She glanced down at the water draining out of the tub before she looked back up contemplatively. “Um, would I need to do something different for you to, mmm, be my boyfriend?”

Kim’s eyes scanned the girl’s face. Gone were any traces of humor. Kim was stunned. Even though he was learning so much about Arya and her mom, because of how badly delayed his development was, he’d just assumed that he wouldn’t get the joy of a girlfriend until his body caught up with the other boys in his grade.

He heard the hesitation in his own voice, “You want more than being my best friend?”

Arya nodded, “Don’t you? The way you touched me. How I touched you. If I’m your girlfriend, then we can do even more stuff together, right?”

Kim wasn’t sure the girl’s logic was on target. But he didn’t care. The idea of having a girlfriend touched something deep inside the boy. Instead of answering, he leaned forward until his lips found Arya’s. The kiss was awkward, as Arya was still trying to get the hang of what to do with her lips. When their lips parted, Kim said, “You don’t need to do anything different to be my girlfriend. It’ll just like being best friends, except we can kiss and hold hands even when your mom sees it.”

Arya leaned in and kissed the boy before saying, “Okay, but I want to do more than just kiss. I want that feeling again.”

They dried off, and before Kim could open the door, Arya grabbed his arm and pulled him into another hug. He loved the feel of their chests touching. And even better, his dick pushed upward against the girl’s smooth pubic mound. More kisses meant more hugging. And more hugging meant he got to touch Arya’s body even more.

When Kim followed Arya back into the living room, Andrea was still at the small dining table. He felt the young woman’s eyes on him as he crossed over to the bed. Kim was still trying to figure out what he could get away with in Andrea’s presence, so he climbed on the bed, still naked and stretched out.

Arya sidled up next to him and lay down, just as naked as he was. At this point, Andrea closed the notebook and said, “You kids have any idea how distracting you are?”

Arya shrugged, “You’ve seen me naked plenty of times.”

Chuckling, Andrea got up from the table, “True. I was mostly looking at Mr. Erector next to you.”

Kim glanced down. He knew Andrea was right, and for reasons he was still sorting through, he didn’t particularly care anymore if she saw his erection.

Arya said, “You need a break, Mom. You should take a bath.”

Andrea yawned, “I should, but you guys probably used all the hot water.”

She came over and sat on the end of the bed. Kim could feel her gaze resting on him. Part of him that the boy was learning to ignore felt uncomfortable with the look the twenty-four-year-old gave him. After all, she was Arya’s mom. Another part felt guilty because the feelings he and Arya shared were real. The last part, the part he knew he needed to ignore, enjoyed knowing that Andrea liked his body. Every girl in the seventh grade had given him the cold shoulder for the past year. And now, in addition to Arya, this young woman found him desirable!

Kim didn’t want to think about any of that right then. He said, “Get all the bills paid?”

Andrea ran her fingers through her hair and nodded, “Yeah. That extra money your dad gave for groceries really helped.”

Arya said, “Oh, no. Not money stuff. Let’s put something on TV, you can watch it with us, until there’s more hot water.”

Kim nodded and moved out of the center of the bed, “Yeah. We’ll make space.”

Andrea chuckled, “Watching TV with two beautiful, naked kids. I don’t know about that.”

Arya blew raspberries, “We used to watch them with me. My boyfriend bothering you?”

The silly way she dragged out boyfriend was a stark contrast to the girl’s earnest request in the bathroom.

Andrea scooted onto the bed, into the space between the boy and girl. As she turned around and leaned against the sofa back, she drawled, “Ohhh, so Kim’s your boyfriend now?

Arya gave an exaggerated head-dip, “Of course, after all, we kissed!”

Kim didn’t know what to make of the byplay.

Andrea said, “Oh, so that’s all it takes is kissing a boy?”

Arya giggled and coyly said, “Well, kissing Kim.”

Andrea reached her arm around Kim’s shoulders and pulled him against her chest, “So, if I kissed Kim, wouldn’t he be my boyfriend?”

Kim felt the cotton fabric of Andrea’s shirt against his skin. Already erect, he felt a twinge between his legs at the contact.

Arya also reached her arm around Kim’s back. Her voice bubbled, “Nope. He’s mine. I call dibs.”

The girl’s soft skin, bare against his, nearly drove the boy to distraction, albeit an enjoyable one. He couldn’t help wondering where Arya and Andrea’s interaction would go. As long as Arya enjoyed herself, he was content to play a passive role.

Arya’s eyes widened for a split second, and she leaned around Kim. Her voice was softly inquisitive, “Do you want to kiss Kim?”

Kim felt Andrea’s body flinch. There was a long pause before she spoke. To Kim, the playful tone in her voice sounded forced. “Oh, sweety, he’s your boyfriend. After all, you did call dibs.”

Arya smiled thoughtfully. “I never thought you might like him, too.”

Andrea tensed up, “You think I like your boyfriend?” She stressed in the same whimsical tone as before.

Arya, though, to Kim’s mind, was looking at her mom differently than before. She whispered, “I think so.”

Kim felt the tension. He’d felt something with Andrea almost every time they shared a moment. While the smile on Arya’s face had faded, the thoughtful expression remained.

Finally, Andrea said, “Maybe a bit. Kim’s a very beautiful boy, especially when he’s wearing his current attire.”

Arya shook her head, “Attire?”

Kim interjected, “When I’m naked.” Then his mind worked through the rest of the young woman’s words, and he stuttered, “Y-you t-think I’m beautiful?”

The two Tyler women, one twenty-four, the other nine, chimed, “Yes.”

Andrea and Arya both laughed, and the building tension defused like a balloon popping. Kim felt it; his laughter was filled with relief. Before, if anyone had called him beautiful, he might have taken it as an insult. From Andrea, it didn’t feel like it.

He looked at the young woman, “Why do you think I’m beautiful?”

He saw Arya staring at her mom, waiting for the young woman’s response. “I guess you won’t accept I just do, will you?”

Kim smiled as he saw Arya shake her head along with him. “You know I was fourteen when I got pregnant. Even though Cory was just twelve years old, the reason I was with him wasn’t just because I was babysitting him and his sister. No, it was because he was kind to me. Always sweet and thoughtful. He practically worshiped the ground I walked on. And, Kim, you remind me of him in how you treat Arya. And like you, he also had brown hair and a smile that could melt my heart.”

She sighed, a faraway look in her eye, “The two of you are so much alike it’s almost painful to watch. The only difference, at twelve, he was just as tall as me at fourteen. That’s where Arya gets her height. I’ve tried to recapture that in the guys I’ve dated over the years, but I concluded that Cory was one-of-a-kind. That is until I met you. And now it’s my daughter, not me, that gets to discover a boy that is worth keeping.”

The young woman wiped at her eyes, and Kim wasn’t sure what to do. While he longed to reach out and kiss away Andrea’s tears, her words galvanized within him the realization he wanted to be Arya’s boyfriend. To be the boy who so captivated her heart that she would give herself to him the same way Andrea had to Cory a decade earlier.

A hand, nearly the same size as his own, squeezed Kim’s. It was, in a way, Arya’s permission to respond to Andrea’s heart-wrenching declaration. Still uncertain, and out of his depth, Kim leaned against Andrea and kissed her cheek. He said, “I think you’re beautiful, too.”

Tears fell from Andrea’s face as she said, “Thanks, Kim. A girl likes to know when a guy finds her beautiful.”

His arm was already draped behind her back, and he gave her a one-armed hug, “I just hope I’m good enough for Arya.”

“You are, Kim,” Andrea said as she dabbed at her eyes.

“And,” Kim said with a note of hesitation, “If things were different, I’d hope that I would have been as good to you as Cory.”

Andrea gave him another hug, her scalding tears splashing on his shoulders. Even Arya reached around the boy, hugging both him and her mother.

After a bit, the young woman pulled her arm from around Kim and said, “I should get on to bed.” Then her eyes returned to Kim’s crotch, and she added, “Who would have known? It does get soft.”

Kim glanced down, and his dick was its normal flaccid size. When Arya laughed, his own taut emotions needed release, and he joined in the laughter.

A moment later, Andrea was off the bed, and after blowing a final good-night kiss at them, she closed the door to her bedroom. Kim felt a sense of loss when the door closed behind her as well as relief. He glanced at Arya, who was still staring at the door. He moved across the bed until he snuggled against the girl.

Kim heard Arya’s sigh of discontentment. He didn’t know how to help Andrea. Instead, he leaned in and planted a kiss on the younger girl.

After a moment, the girl’s eyes were on Kim as her lips responded. She threw her arms around his neck and said, “hold me, please!”

Kim’s arms slid around her waist, and he pulled her to him. Perhaps it wasn’t fair to Andrea, but he pushed thoughts of her aside and put everything into holding his nine-year-old girlfriend.

After a moment, Arya wiggled against him and his dick, erect again, slid between her legs. The girl gasped as the top of him pushed against her puffy lips. The boy felt a familiar tingling and pulled back with his hips until his erection smacked back into his belly, free from the narrow place between the girl’s legs.

Arya reached down and took hold of him, “Again, Kim. I want to feel that again.”

After everything he’d learned this evening, Kim felt something primal within him, and he needed Arya to know that he was hers, and only hers. He pushed his dick down until he felt her slit again. Instead of going below it, he slowly rocked forward, pushing between her puffy lips.

The girl’s breath hitched as his erection slid across her clit. He slid forward, feeling the soft inner lips that were moist with Arya’s juices. He stopped when he felt himself push against her small hole. He slid back, letting his glans drag along the inner lips until he almost pulled out from her slit.

Arya wrapped her legs around him and pushed her head against his neck as he pushed forward again until he reached her hole. Feeling the girl’s heartbeat against his chest, he wanted her. To join with her. Kim pushed, and his slick, small mushroom of a head slid within the incredibly snug confines of her narrow walls.

Arya gasped, “Ahhh. You’re in me!”

Kim slid in another inch, and the girl let slip a small moan as her arms gripped his neck, and her legs constricted around his backside. When Arya tightened her legs, she pushed him in the remaining inches, grinding her bare pubic mound against Kim’s.

“Arrrgghhh,” she moaned. Involuntarily, Kim’s eyes swung over to Andrea’s door.

Every little bit of his dick was trapped inside Arya’s tiny pussy. Kim couldn’t help wondering if he’d have been able to fit inside of her if he were much older. His penis wasn’t anywhere close to an inch thick. Barely bigger than his middle finger.

The door to Andrea’s room remained closed, and after letting himself adjust to Arya’s tight confines, Kim gradually pulled his dick out until he felt his head about to pop out. Then, with more force than before, he pushed all the way back in.

Arya trembled against him, her lips pressed against his neck. The power of her leg muscles around his butt created resistance when he rocked back on his hips, and his dick didn’t come close to popping out before her legs pushed on his butt, grinding his pubic bone against hers.

Kim’s mind was overloaded. The girl’s too-tight hole constricted on his dick. But her juices coated him completely, and the friction between them almost wasn’t there. Except she was really tight. He pulled back, his dick tingling all over, the cool air felt good on his shaft. Then Arya’s legs pulled at him, and he shot forward, slamming into her. The wetness on her mound made a slapping sound when their bodies came together.

He groaned, “Arggh.” He felt that pressure building at the base of his dick and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. That didn’t stop him from sliding back out again. The pressure on his backside from the girl’s legs was different than he’d thought sex would be. On the videos he’d watched, the man lay on top, pounding down on the woman. He and Arya clung to each other, on their sides. He’d never thought a girl could control things unless she were on top. He had seen those videos, too.

But Arya controlled his thrusts with her legs. Even though Kim started by penetrating her, the way she forced him back inside her with each thrust confirmed that she wanted him inside her just as much as he wanted to be there.

The tingling was almost unbearable when he rocked backward. Just at the right moment before his dick would have popped out, Arya squeezed her legs with so much force that the plopping sound of their bodies smacking together filling the quiet room. And pushed Kim over the edge. He shoved himself as deep as he could as his hips gyrated, and his dick spasmed inside Arya’s tightness.

The shockwaves radiating into her from his spasming dick must have done something in her; Arya’s entire body convulsed. Kim couldn’t believe she could hold onto him any tighter, but she did as she wordlessly moaned into his shoulder, “AHHHHHH!”

Kim clung to Arya as his body came down off the most intense orgasm he’d had in all his thirteen years. He opened his eyes and looked into Arya’s, just inches away from his. Her face was covered in sweat as her lips curved into a smile. She leaned forward and kissed him. This time, her lips were a bit less awkward, as they learned what to do when pressed against Kim’s.

When she broke the kiss, her face went back against his neck. She whispered, “Oh, that’s what it feels like.”

Kim’s face was set in a perpetual grin, “I didn’t hurt you when I went inside you, did I?”

She shook her head, “No. You’re bigger than my fingers, but not too big.”

Still feeling the girl’s indescribable tightness, Kim shifted his hips to pull out. Before he finished, Arya’s legs clamped down on his butt, burying his erection inside her. “No, don’t move. I feel like you and me are one when you’re in me. I don’t want that feeling to stop, not yet.”

Kim’s dick twinged. His erection didn’t flag. He was every bit as hard now as he was when he first pushed into the girl’s tightness.

After a moment, Arya pulled her head back far enough for Kim to see her eyes in the room’s near darkness. She said, “I’m glad you’re my boyfriend. I…um, I…”

Kim, feeling the girl’s heart pounding in her chest, sensed what she was trying to say. The space between them was full of their emotions. Despite the confusion of earlier, when Andrea had joined them on the bed, Kim knew what he felt for Arya was real. He finished what she was trying to say, “I love you, too.”

Arya blushed at the words and kissed him again. When the kiss ended, she said, “I wanna go again. Can we?”

Kim’s dick twinged in reply. The boy nodded.

Arya pushed and said, “I want to try something I saw once. I want to be on top.”

Kim rolled onto his back when the girl’s legs finally unwound from around him. He propped himself up on a pillow as the girl climbed onto him. She must have been lucky. When she settled down on him, his dick slid back into her stretched opening.

When Arya was fully impaled on Kim, she leaned forward and kissed him again. “Hold me,” she said.

Kim complied, his arms wrapped around her back as her chest pressed against his. Even though her hole had stretched, letting him enter her almost effortlessly, she was still incredibly tight, as she lay on his chest.

After a moment, she said, “When did you realize that Mom was in love with you?”

Kim was taken aback by the question. He had pushed aside his confusion about Andrea and being inside Arya, he wasn’t sure he wanted to think about the girl’s mom.

Arya prodded, “It’s okay. I’m not mad or anything. I know you love me, and that’s all that matters. It’s just that I didn’t realize she likes you, uh, you know, like this.”

Kim shifted his hips just enough to feel his dick slide inside the girl. Still, the look on Arya’s face wasn’t to be denied. He shrugged, “I don’t know. I should have guessed something was up on your birthday. When I told her I didn’t know how to kiss a girl, well, she showed me how.”

Arya’s eyes grew round, “No way,” there was no heat in her voice. Just surprise. “I really liked it when you kissed me. And Mom showed you how…” her voice trailed off.

Kim moved one hand from the girl’s back to her hair, “She may have shown me how, but you’re the one I wanted to kiss.”

Proving it, the boy’s lips brushed against the girl’s. Arya moaned against his mouth when she slid up against Kim’s body, letting the boy’s dick move inside her. “I know. But she wants to kiss you some more. I could see it.”

Kim moved his pelvis, sliding in and out. It was hard to think about anything other than the incredible feeling of being inside this marvelous young girl who loved him. Still, he managed, “I’ve given myself to you.”

He rocked under her, “I’m giving myself to you, my love.”

He pushed his pelvis up, griding against her labia. “I’ll give myself over and over, as long as you’ll let me.”

Arya sat up and used her knees and legs to move up and down on the boy. “I can’t believe how lucky I am, Kim. I mean, your dad is on the road all the time, and you’re practically living with us, sleeping with me all the time.”

She bottomed out on him, grinding herself against his pubic bone. When she quit moving, she said, “I feel guilty about Mom, though. I found you, and she’s got…nothing.”

Kim gyrated under the girl’s body, feeling his dick move around in her tight space. “Maybe we can set her up with my dad.”

Arya lay forward again and kissed his lips. “Doofus. Mom isn’t interested in your dad. She’s interested in you.”

Kim sighed, lying still under the girl, “I don’t know how we can fix that, Arya. I’m your boyfriend, not hers.”

The girl kissed him again, “I like to hear you say that—a lot. I don’t know. Maybe when we’re watching a movie with her, you could, I don’t know… kiss her.”

Kim’s dick twitched, “You want me to kiss your mom?”

Arya shrugged and sat back up and moved up and down. For a bit, thoughts about Andrea faded away as Kim focused on the feeling the girl gave him as she slid up and down. The tingling in his dick grew slowly. After all, he’s just dry cummed less than fifteen minutes earlier. Arya began moaning within her throat, and before long, she shuddered as she pounded down on his pelvis. Kim could feel the rise of his own orgasm just a few beats away, and he reached up and grabbed the girl’s hips and rocked under her, sliding in and out as fast as he could.

Arya threw her head back as a keening noise came from her throat. It was low, but in the quiet of the night, it sounded loud to the boy as his own orgasm washed over him. He arched his back, shoving every bit of his four inches into Arya as his hips shook, and his dick kicked around inside of her, firing off blanks.

When their orgasms faded for a second time, Arya, still straddling his middle, lay on his chest and, in a tired voice, said, “I don’t want to see my mom unhappy. Not when I feel so wonderful. If kissing you will make her feel better, then, yeah. I want you to kiss her.”

Kim felt his body relaxing. His dick finally slid out from Arya. He yawned, “Are you sure?”

She nodded, reacted to his yawn with one of her own, “Of course, I’ll be there beside you…”

Kim waited for her to finish. After a moment, he said, “Arya?”

Her only response was a soft snore. It was a long time before sleep came to Kim. He couldn’t shake the idea of kissing Andrea.

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