Empress of the World – Part 3


I felt enveloped in warmth when light from the sliding doors of our balcony played across my eyes and woke me. During the night I pushed the covers down to my stomach and my mind grappled with how warm I felt until I realized Jackie had flung her arm across my chest while sleeping. I hadn’t known she was an active sleeper. During the night, she had rolled over and now her body pressed against my side.

A light and feminine snore told me she was still asleep as I felt her bare leg against my own. She had teased me the day before when she was getting into the shower and even though Jackie’s my sister, I couldn’t help but be a bit curious about her. After all, I’m twelve, not eight or nine. I reached into my underwear and pushed my stiffy down before slowly shifting around to see my sister.

If I hadn’t needed to pee, my dick wouldn’t have twinged in pain when it got even harder at the sight of her white sports bra. I’ve separated my clothes from hers in the wash and knew the difference between padded bras, which Jackie liked when going out, versus the unpadded pullover bra she was sleeping in. There were two slight protrusions on her chest and at that moment I wished she had flashed me when she got out of the shower the previous night. I was powerfully curious about what her boobs looked like, especially the small nipples barely protruding from her breasts.

From there, I let my eyes trail down her torso to below her belly. The same pure white bedspread covering my underwear also covered hers. As I listened to Jackie’s rhythmic soft snores, I reached out and grabbed the bedspread and lifted it so I could see her panties. The light from the balcony was just right, and after lifting the covers a bit, my sister’s white panties came into view.

The sheer white fabric began maybe a half-dozen inches below her belly button. And the skin I could see was copper toned and silky smooth. I was smooth like that, but just because I was a bit behind the curve despite being tall for my age. My eyes roved across Jackie’s panties and as I lifted the bed covers higher, I saw the outline of what I thought of as puffy lips. My dick strained against my underwear as I realized I gazed upon Jackie’s sacred place. Even covered, it sang to my hormones.

Before I knew what I was doing, my left hand slid into my underwear and wrapped around my stiffy. I slid my fist up and down, letting the tingling feeling wash over me. My eyes were zeroed in on Jackie’s shielded pussy and I imagined what it would feel like to rub my hand over her bare skin. The fabric lay perfectly smooth against her flesh. Even my boyish and terribly inexperienced mind wondered if she shaved down there.

There was a shift in Jackie’s breathing, and I dropped the covers. But I couldn’t pull my hand away from my own stiffy, and I kept pulling on it even as my sister’s breathing became deep and regular. My other hand reached for the covers again, but paused before I could grab them. Jackie would kill me if she found me jacking off to her. Or at least make me wish I were dead.

But my dick ached and as experience over the past year had taught me, I knew what to do to satisfy that ache. Reluctantly, I slid away from my sister until I got to my feet and tiptoed to the bathroom where I pulled my underwear off, locked the door and turned on the shower.

I was so worked up that the shower’s hot water almost felt cool on my skin. I ran my fingers down my torso, for once enjoying how smooth my skin felt, almost like I was running my hands over Jackie’s smooth body. I grabbed my erection and closed my eyes against the intense tingling running from my dick through the rest of my body.

I added some bodywash to the experience, only intensifying the electrical shock rocking my body as I closed in on nirvana. Leaning against the shower wall, the tingling turned excruciatingly pleasurable as I slammed my eyes closed and felt my small balls constrict as my penis spasmed in my fist. A clear blast ejected, spattering against my chest. My dick kicked in my fist a few more times, as more clear goo ran over my knuckles.

Before I knew it, my ass was on the bottom of the tub as water sluiced cum from my hands and chest. I opened my eyes just in time to see a small bit of my watery semen disappear down the drain. Maybe this cruise was the best thing to ever happen to me. Even with one day down, there were over seventy more. As I climbed to my feet and starting washing my body in earnest, I hoped Jackie would loosen up and let me see her boobs and maybe even that delightful mystery between her legs.



I awoke to the bathroom door opening. When I opened my eyes, I saw Orion coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. I don’t really remember a time when Orion wasn’t part of my life. Sure, I’m over three years older than him, but who the hell remembers stuff from back then? Most of my waking memories of my kid brother are of him being an annoying kid brother. In that moment, though, I realized he was nearly as tall as me. By the end of the summer, he might even eclipse my own five-two. Still, his naked torso, even though it was well tanned, had no real definition. His pecs were flat. Even his nipples had hardly any definition to them, just two flat circles of slightly darker skin. Yet, as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes when Orion came around to his side of the bed, I couldn’t ignore him. Boy he might be. Brother he certainly was. But he was a male of our species, and I couldn’t help wondering about the rest of him under the towel.

He glanced at me, “Morning. You wanna go eat at the breakfast buffet then maybe go swimming?”

It wasn’t my eyes he’d looked at. That’s when I realized the bed spread covered me only to my waist. My chest was covered only by my sports bra’s flimsy fabric. The idea Orion might be as curious about me as I was about him hadn’t really registered until that moment. And it left me confused. After all, he is my brother and there are some things I knew I shouldn’t feel.

Still, I was hungry, and breakfast sounded great. “Yeah. That’d be cool.”

After rummaging through his luggage, he set a plain gray T-shirt and a pair of blue shorts on the bed. After a moment, he glanced my direction, “Um, you going to the bathroom?”

Even though I didn’t want them doing it, my lips curved upward as I realized he was waiting for me to leave him alone so he could get dressed. I don’t know what I was thinking of, but I said, “In a few. Don’t let me stop you.”

Orion’s cheeks turned crimson as he put his hands on his hips. “But you’d see me naked.”

I shocked myself when I replied, “So? We’re going to be sharing this little cabin for the next two months. Sooner or later, I’m going to walk in on you or you’re going to walk in on me naked.”

The wheels behind his eyes spun as Orion considered my words. Even though they were true, I still felt a little dirty as he played with the hem of the towel. Then he shrugged and tugged at the hem until the towel fell to the floor.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. He would be thirteen by Labor Day and I’ve been around enough boys over the past few years to know a lot of them were well into puberty by the time they’re Orion’s age. But his penis was little. There wasn’t even a hint of hair to be seen. I’ve been with several boys over the past few years. My first boyfriend was Colin. We were both twelve when we took each other’s virginity. And I still remember how full his five inches felt inside me as his patch of pubic hair rubbed against my nearly hairless mound.

There was a slow deliberateness in Orion’s movement to grab his underwear. Imagine my surprise as I watched his small stub of two inches grow to over four inches. My eyes were round as saucers. My little brother was quite the grower. As he slid his underwear on, even though his face was still beet red, he smirked at me without saying a word.

A moment later, he was dressed, and I was still lying in bed in nothing but my underwear. I didn’t know what to say or what to do. The last time I saw Orion naked had to be four or five years ago. Now, not only did I just see him naked, I saw him bone up. And for a boy his age, that little noddle turned into a respectable bit of wood.

Was I proud of him? Why the hell should I be? It’s not like I’m drawn to him. Fuck no! Still, when my stomach growled, I threw the covers back, letting him gaze on my panties. I knew I owed him, but I wasn’t ready to entirely return the favor. Not yet. I found my swimsuit laying on the counter in the bathroom and came back into the bedroom where I turned my back on Orion before sliding my panties down. I felt both dirty and a horny knowing that a twelve-year-old boy was staring at my bare ass. Not just any twelve-year-old boy. But my brother!

Once I pulled up my bikini bottoms, my horniness needed an outlet and even though I knew it was wrong, I faced Orion and I pulled my sports bra off.

His eyes bugged out as he stared at my chest. I’ve never been very proud of my tits. First, I was a late bloomer. When Colin and I fucked, my tits were no bigger than mosquito bites. And even now, four years later, they filled out an a-cup, barely. But at that moment, as my brother’s hand reached down and adjusted his shorts, I’d never felt prouder of my tits.

I came to my senses when I realized I’d let Orion stare at me for at least ten seconds. I grabbed my bikini top and, in a moment, tied it on. A few moments more and I’d put on a pair of pink shorts and a yellow tank-top. “Alright, now we’re even. Okay? Let’s go to the buffet.”

You’d think the first full sea-day would have the buffet packed, but there probably weren’t a hundred people in the buffet court. It was easy for me and Orion to get our food and drinks and find a spot next to the window facing the front of the ship.

I wasn’t to the point of forgiving mom completely for dragging me along on this cruise, but the view of the ocean was breathtaking as I looked across Pacific’s wide expanse, chewing on my bagel. For a view like that, I could forgive quite a lot.

“Is this seat taken?”

The familiar voice startled me from my reverie. I jerked my view away from the view. Jake, gorgeous blond Jake, stood at the end of the table with a platter full of food. His smile warmed my insides as I stammered, “Uh, n-no.”

When he sat down, Jake extended his hand to Orion, “Sup, dude? I’m Jake.”

My brother swallowed a mouthful of bacon. Hesitantly, he shook Jake’s hand, “Um, Orion. You’re one of the guys at the hot tub yesterday?”

My body tingled to have this young man sitting next to me. Before biting into his own piece of bacon, Jake said, “Yup. One of the guys. So, what’s it like being this one’s brother?”

The warmth that had been spreading through me suddenly turned to ice. I hadn’t told Orion about my little white lie. After all, what’s the big deal about adding a couple of years to my age? I didn’t dare try to give my brother a warning glance. All I could do is hope he didn’t say anything stupid.

Orion shrugged, “You have any sisters?”

Jake shook his head as he chewed his food.

“You’re lucky. She hogs the bathroom, uses up all the hot water and wants to control the remote control.” Orion looked over at me and winked before continuing, “Other than that, she’s alright.”

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hit Orion or kiss him. I guess he was right about me, but what good was it to be the oldest if there weren’t some benefits? It’s not like a twelve-year-old boy needs more than a few minutes in the bathroom or that much hot water.

Between bites, Jake nodded, “Sounds like my mom.”

Orion glanced my way, “I’m going swimming. See you later.”

Once my brother left, I leaned over and said, “What are you doing today?”



If that Jake fellow hadn’t come over, I wouldn’t have minded hanging out with Jackie for a bit that morning. After all, she’d just flashed me her titties, and I was happily replaying that image in my mind while we ate breakfast.

When she pulled her sports bra off, I got my first bona fide look at a girl’s boobs. After all, the stuff on the internet doesn’t count. Compared to the huge jugs I’d seen online, Jackie’s boobs were small. Instead of boob tissue hanging down where her tits swelled from her chest, hers gently curved away from her body until they came to two small points. Her nipples might have been the size of the eraser on a number two pencil. The areolas surrounding those two little protrusions of flesh were between a nickel and a quarter in size.

I had spent most of breakfast wondering how long before I would get to see the rest of her. After all, sharing the same bed every night for two months, I was realizing anything might happen. After all, here we were only on the second day of our cruise, and damned if she hadn’t already seen my dick.

I had been hard, poking against my swimsuit, when Jake showed up. My stiffy died pretty quickly after that, and I decided I’d rather go swimming than watch him hit on my sister. I wasn’t sure why I felt conflicted as I walked away. But by the time I reached the Lido pool, I forgot about it. The sun was warm against my skin and I could hardly wait to grab a towel from an available stack and get in the water.

“That deck chair next to you taken?”

I spun around, surprised, until I saw Gavin approach. He had a small backpack slung over one shoulder and a towel over the other.

Seeing a familiar face, even one I had only met the day before, felt good. I didn’t know why he wanted to hang around with me, considering he was a couple of years older, but I had enjoyed his and Nathan’s company.

I waved him over, “This deck chair?” I asked, pointing to the one next to mine. “Yeah, it’s taken. I’m saving it for my buddy, Gavin.”

Gavin dropped his towel on the deck chair. “Good, then I know he won’t mind.”

I pulled my shirt off, dropped it to the deck and pushed it under my deck chair with my foot, “Where’s Nathan? I thought he was your shadow.”

Already shirtless and wearing the same red speedos from yesterday, Gavin grinned, “You won’t see that boy before noon. That’s fine by me. More sun and fun for me.”

He rummaged around in his backpack and pulled out a tube of sunscreen. He glanced over at me, facing growing pensive, “Um, Orion, do you mind putting this on my back? Until I tan up, I burn easily.”

I took the offered tube. When we went swimming last summer, Mom, Jackie, and I would take turns smearing this stuff on each other’s backs. I couldn’t have told you why, but I wanted Gavin to like me. Back in school, having an older friend gave you street cred with other students and made it less likely you’d be picked on. I had no idea if the same would hold true in the Teen Center. But if it was, I really wanted Gavin as a friend.

We both sat down on the edge of his deck chair as he offered me his back. His shoulders were slightly red from the day before. I started there, smearing the white goop into his shoulders.

Gavin let his head fall forward, and I worked my fingers over his neck. Then I got some more of the sunblock from the tube and worked my way down his back, starting along his spine and working outward until I got to his lower back.

His speedos were low on his back, just barely above his butt. I stopped just above where the hem of my own swimsuit started. I pursed my lips as I stared at the red fabric that hid his white bubble butt. After a moment, Gavin said, “Can you get the rest? Then I’ll put some on your back, okay?”

My belly fluttered as I rubbed more of the sunscreen along his lower back. That fluttering turned into somersaults in my stomach as my fingers brushed against his speedos. Eventually he said, “Thanks. My turn.”

When I turned away from him, I felt his hands start along my shoulder blades. I lowered my chin to my chest so he could get my neck. And that’s when I saw my dick was tenting in my swimsuit. I knew my face had to be deep red. Why the hell had my dick chosen that time to get hard? It couldn’t have been because I was touching Gavin just above his butt. That just wasn’t possible. Was it?

Gavin massaged the sunblock into my neck and then kneaded my shoulder blades. As he worked his way down my back, he said, “Give it a couple of weeks, and we won’t need any sunblock. Although between you and me, you’re pretty good at putting sunscreen on.”

My dick was still pushing against my swimsuit. Gavin was great at applying it, and his fingers were delightful on my back. I murmured, “Used to do it for my mom and sister last year.”

Eventually, his fingers touched the hem of my shorts, telling me he was done. With people filling up the chairs around the pool, we finished smearing the sunscreen on our own bodies and then made a bee-line for the pool. As I hurried after Gavin, I was glad everything had returned to normal in my swimsuit by the time I finished putting sunscreen on my chest and legs.

The water was cool, but felt great as the mid-morning sun gently warmed us. We’d gotten into a splashing game with some younger kids. That turned into a dunking game, free-for-all. Gavin had just picked up and tossed a girl into the water when I came up behind him and jumped on his back, propelling him under.

He had to outweigh me by at least thirty pounds. When he twisted around and grabbed my shoulders, I couldn’t get away as he pulled me under. As I sank under the surface, Gavin twisted around until he was behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and dragged me to the floor of the pool. My butt had barely touched the bottom when he loosened his arms. That’s when his hand brushed against my crotch. I felt his fingers as they bumped into my dick. When I broke the surface, he was grinning at me.

Before I could think of anything to say, he was on me again. This time, he leapt into the air and landed on me, driving me below the water again. When he grabbed me this time, his arms were lower, wrapped around my swimsuit. His hands came together on top of my crotch. I could feel his closed hands against my dick. I struggled against the way he was holding me. The last thing I wanted was for him to feel me get an erection. That would be humiliating. I was certain he would hate me for that.

Maybe I was stronger than I thought. I broke loose and swam to the surface before my body could betray me. Gavin surfaced after me and spat a stream of pool water into the space between us. Part of me wanted to call him out on where his hands had gone. But if I had, I might have lost the only friend I had made so far. I let it go as we continued to grapple and wrestle in the pool.

Eventually the pool got crowded, and we decided we’d had enough.  It was pushing noon when we grabbed some pizza from the Pizza Station next to the bar. While we were eating, waiters meandered through the sea of deck chairs. I had to sign a slip that billed my soda against our room tab, while Gavin just waved his watch in front of a tablet.

While waiting for our drinks, I said, “How’s that work? You just waved your watch.”

After gulping down a bite of pizza, Gavin said, “Drink package. We bought the drink package before the cruise. Mom and Dad can get fucked up drunk on theirs and I can drink as many cokes as I want.”

I made a note to ask Jackie about it next time I saw her.

The Lido deck eventually got too crowded for us and Gavin said, “You wanna go hang out in the Teen Center?”

A baby’s sharp cry pierced the air before I could say, “Hell yes.”

We turned in our towels before he grabbed my arm, “I need to change into something other than my swimsuit. You wanna see my cabin? Maybe Nathan’s awake by now.”

Once dry, my swimsuit looked no different from a pair of shorts. But Gavin’s tiny red speedos weren’t allowed anywhere but the pool deck. I shrugged, “Sure.”

We rode the elevator down to deck nine. When we got off, we headed down the hall in the opposite direction of our cabin. I liked the idea of Gavin staying on the same deck as me. We’d gone most of the way down the hallway when he stopped and opened a door.

Our cabin was bigger than his, even though both of them had balconies. Aside from a couch in ours, the biggest differences were the twin beds along one wall and a door against the other. Gavin nodded toward it, “Mom and Dad. They’re doing a spa treatment this afternoon.”

Gavin sat on the bed closest to the balcony, “Nathan’s got the other bed. His parents are a few doors down next to a cabin both our grandmas share.”

Nodding, I leaned against the wall, “Sounds like you and Nathan are really good friends.”

A mischievous look passed over Gavin’s face before he flashed a toothy grin, “Yeah. We’re closer than brothers. When he came out to his parents a few months ago, I was right there by his side.”

I felt my eyebrows arch, “Nathan’s gay?”

Gavin nodded, “Not that you’d know it. But yeah.”

Jackie had a couple of gay friends, but I didn’t know of anyone in my junior high who was gay. Not that boys in my class didn’t fool around with each other sometimes. But that’s not the same thing. While it’s true that me and my best friend, Clint had been fooling around a bit over the past year, we saw what we did as just fooling around and experimenting. Of course, we hadn’t done that much. All we had done was stand toe to toe and put our dicks against one another. You know, to see whose was bigger. Well, and watched each other jack off. And then jacked each other off some. But that was all. Well, except for the time when we dared each other to suck the other one off. I was the luckier of the two. When Clint came in my mouth, he was still firing blanks. When I came in his mouth, he nearly choked on a little watery cum. But that was all. There wasn’t anything gay about it. I swear.

Gavin telling me about Nathan made me think back to when we were swimming and horsing around. Even though he hadn’t grabbed me, his hand had touched my dick. I couldn’t help wondering if maybe Nathan wasn’t the only one who was gay.

I knew before I opened my mouth, I shouldn’t say anything. After all, it wasn’t my place. Still, my voice nearly faltered, “Um, what… what about you?”

Gavin looked down at the carpeted floor and bit at his lips before he glanced up at me. “Maybe. I’m still trying to figure out what I like. Does that bother you?”

My mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. The perfection of Jackie’s boobs filled my mind, only to be replaced by my excitement when Clint and I had fooled around. I knew my feelings about my sister were wrong. But she was the only girl I knew well, and thinking about seeing more of her made me feel all tingly inside. But standing there looking at Gavin, I realized I had enjoyed fooling around with Clint. Perhaps it wasn’t the same as what I felt thinking about Jackie, but I wasn’t sure if I could say no if Gavin asked.

I slowly shook my head. His vulnerability touched me. He had shared something deeply personal with me, and I felt emboldened. “I worried about not finding any friends my age on the cruise. Worried the teens on the cruise would have their own cliques and that I would be left out. Kind of like school is for me. After meeting you yesterday, I was really hoping we could be friends, Gavin.”

Gavin stood and crossed the room until he stood in front of me. He stood a couple of inches taller than me, but the way he stood, our eyes were almost on the level with one another. I had to strain to hear his voice, “Even if I were gay?”

With him standing only inches in front of me, I realized Gavin really liked me. I thought back to the time Clint and I fooled around; I didn’t know if I would feel the same way about this fourteen-year-old boy. Especially when I considered my own thoughts for my sixteen-year-old sister. Still, the look from Gavin sent a tingle down my spine as I nodded, “Yeah. Even if you happened to be gay.”

He moved closer. His head was only a few inches from mine, “What if I liked you like that?”

My stomach fluttered as I pushed the image of my bare-chested sister from my mind and gave a nearly imperceptible nod.

He leaned in and kissed me. His lips were warm and moist, tasting of pepperoni pizza. He lingered for a few seconds before pulling back a couple of inches. “Even like that?”

My body was a flood of emotions. As soon as Gavin’s lips touched mine, somewhere in the back of my mind, I imagined what it would feel like to kiss my sister. But most of me felt an electrical shock travel down my body, from my mouth to my neck; from my neck down my spine; from my spine to the tip of the erection straining against my swimsuit.

I strongly doubted I was gay. The thing was, I liked Gavin a lot, even though we had just met. And I wanted to hang out with him, even if he liked me like that. After all, if me and Clint could be best friends back in Austin and fool around a bit, why couldn’t Gavin be my best friend on the cruise? It wouldn’t make me gay to fool around with him.

I didn’t know how to show him I wanted his friendship as much as he wanted mine. But I knew I needed to let him know I liked him back. What I did surprised me. I leaned forward and kissed Gavin back. I had never kissed anyone before. Except for Mom; and she doesn’t count. I had no idea what I was doing, only that I wanted this boy to know I was okay with the way he liked me.

Gavin put his hands on both sides of my face as his lips responded to me. When the kiss ended, he whispered, “Holy fuck, Orion. That was incredible.”

His hands moved to my shoulders, “Do you like me like that, too?”

The prospect of Gavin’s friendship meant too much to me to be caught in a lie. I shrugged. “I don’t know. I know I like you and really hope you’ll be my friend. I think you’re the coolest person I’ve met since getting on this ship.”

Gavin gave me a small smile, “Even though I think you’re sexy?”

I nodded.

He leaned in until his lips were nearly touching mine, “Even though I want to kiss you again?”

When I nodded, his lips brushed against mine as his hands moved down until he slipped them around my waist. When our bodies touched, the first thing I realized is that we were both erect. I couldn’t see his speedo, but I could feel his erection touch my own.

When the kiss ended, Gavin continued to hold me. “Even though I’d like to do stuff with you?”

My lips tingled from the kiss. I nodded, “Yeah. Me and my best friend back home, we sometimes do, um, you know, sexy stuff with one another.”

Gavin let go of the hug and ran a hand between us. Unlike before, when his hand brushed my dick in the pool, this time, he took hold of me through the fabric of my swimsuit, “Stuff like this?”

I nodded, “Yeah.”

He took me by the hand and pulled me toward his bed. He sat on the edge and looked up at me with an enormous smile. Then he took my shorts off and tossed them toward the floor.

My four and a quarter inches pointed toward the ceiling. I felt inadequate compared to Gavin. He was so much bigger, more developed than me. Now that he had seen me, I worried he would push me away and not want me anymore; that I wasn’t enough.

His eyes were round as he swore, “Oh, shit, Orion. You’re fucking beautiful.”

Standing there naked before Gavin, I was shocked at his response. Then he surprised me even more. Gently, he wrapped his fingers around my dick and said, “What about stuff like this?”

I couldn’t help but smile at his praise as I said, “Yeah.”

I nearly passed out when he leaned forward and kissed my erection. Then he stuck his tongue out and swirled it around my mushroom shaped head before taking me all the way inside his mouth. His tongue never rested as it ran up and down my stiffy. After a few seconds, he pulled back, his saliva glistening on my four inches, “What about stuff like this?”

Clint had never sucked me like that. I drew in a deep breath as I nodded, “Yeah.”

Gavin smiled and said, “This is going to be an awesome summer, Orion. I’m so glad we met.”

His watch beeped, and he glanced down at it. “Oh, fuck. That’s Nathan. He’s in the Teen Center wondering where I’m at. You want to head over there with me?”

“Sure,” I said as I reached for my swimsuit.

Gavin stopped me, “Just a sec. We don’t have to race out. Do you want to help me with my speedo?”

When I nodded, Gavin stood up and pushed his hips forward. With my dick still standing at attention, I reached out and took the narrow hem of his swimsuit and pulled them below his knees. I gasped as a small patch of dark blond hair appeared, followed a moment later by his dick. When it popped into view, he was sticking straight out; at a bit more than a ninety-degree angle. Gavin was fourteen, and he looked it. His penis was easily five inches long and at least an inch thick. At the base of his erection was a small patch of blond hair.  My eyes were so close, I could see his pubes weren’t thick, but actually kind of sparse, as they went from curly to silky straight as they spread away from his penis. I was so envious.

Gavin took me by the shoulders and moved us around until he pushed me onto the bed, “Your best friend back home, did you ever jack him off?”

I could see the game he wanted to play. I grinned as I reached out and wrapped my fingers around his stiffy. His boner was a lot thicker than mine. Still, my fingers reached all the way around. He was, I had to admit, a lot bigger than Clint. But at least two years separated Clint from Gavin.

Slowly, I slid my fist back and forth along his dick. Even though I still had visions of Jackie’s boobs dancing around in my head, I enjoyed the feel of Gavin’s erection in my hand.

After doing that for a few seconds, I stopped and said, “You’re a lot bigger than me.”

The fourteen-year-old just smiled at me, “I bet by the end of the summer, you’ll be almost as big. Have you ever sucked your friend’s cock?”

I nodded as he moved closer to me. Clint was smaller than me. Less than four inches, and hardly any thicker than a pencil. Gavin was nearly the size of one of those dry erase markers. Not the skinny ones, but the thicker ones. That didn’t stop me from moving forward until my lips touched his flared head. I stuck out my tongue and touched his piss slit. It tasted like skin and chlorine. I opened my mouth and took his head in, letting my lips rest along his circumcision scar. He filled the front part of my mouth, but not too much. I could still lick at him.

Gavin took all of me into his mouth, so I moved forward, opening my mouth wide enough to take another few inches before my throat spasmed and I tried to gag. I pulled back until I felt the underside of his helmeted head. I sucked on him for a few more seconds before I pulled back.

Gavin had closed his eyes and as I looked up, I said, “How was that?”

“Really nice. Maybe when we have some more time, we can go back to one of our cabins and hang out some more.”

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