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Helpless for the Summer – Chapter 9

Helpless for the Summer – Chapter 9

Day 42


“That’s a fine grip you’ve got, Kelly,” Dr. Peters said as he shook my hand, “I understand a certain young man is turning thirteen today.”

I squeezed his hand and felt the muscles working along my hand and wrists. It felt wonderful to have those damned wrist braces off for good. “Yes, sir.”

“I’m sure your mom is ready to have you helping around the house more.”

Thinking about how my relationship with my Mom had changed over the past six weeks, I felt my face heat up. If the doctor had only known.

Mom, who stood next to me, dug her elbow into my ribs, “I’ve been taking care of Kelly for so long now, I think it’s his turn to take care of me for a bit.”

She laughed, and I felt the heat get even warmer at the double meaning. Dr. Peters chuckled, “It’s a good thing there’s still some of the summer left to enjoy. Now, Kelly, make sure you don’t overexert yourself the first couple of days. You may feel a bit of discomfiture in your wrists or hands over the next couple of days. That’s normal. Any questions?”

I shook my head. While the activities I thought about required my hands, I seriously doubted my wrists would have a problem with what they needed to do.

When Dr. Peters showed us to the door, I was happy as I’d ever been. After six weeks, my wrists were free from those damned torture devices. I could scarcely contain my joy as I sprinted across the parking lot, flexing both my wrists and hands every which way.

When Mom got to the car, my hair was plastered to my forehead. It was the middle of the summer and a Texas one at that. But I didn’t care about any of that as I opened her door like a perfect gentleman. When I opened it, my voice cracked, “Madam, please be seated.”

My voice was changing. If I sang to myself, which was something I liked to do sometimes, my voice seemed to hold the high notes I’d always been able to hit, but over the past couple of weeks, when talking, my voice would sometimes crack. I found it annoying, but Mom would laugh every time it happened, “My man’s growing up.”

Once I was in the passenger seat, I turned to Mom after buckling my seatbelt, “What’re we doing for my birthday?”

Mom started the car and turned the AC on high as more sweat beaded on our bodies. “Last year we went to that pizza place you like so much with all the video games. We could do that again.”

Something stirred in my shorts. Normally, the idea of feeding quarters into an arcade game sounded pretty cool. But now, I just wanted to get home and hang out with Mom. I guess that’s one big way things had changed over the past six weeks. I loved being around her as our relationship had changed so much. On the other hand, that pizza joint made a great pizza.

“Can we pick a pizza up from there and go on back home?”

Mom nodded and pulled out of the parking space, “Anything for my man.”

Driving over to the pizza joint, she put her hand just above my knee, “I’m so glad you’re done with those wrist braces. I can put those diapers back in the attic now and be done with them.”

I grinned, “It hasn’t been that bad, at least over the past couple of weeks. I don’t think you’ve had to change a diaper since the beginning of July.”

Mom dipped her head, “True, Kel. All the same, I’m glad we’re done with them.”

For the most part, I agreed with her. “I know. But if it hadn’t been for having to change me, I wonder if the summer would have turned out as good.”

Mom squeezed my leg, “Maybe not, baby. Without that, we might never have realized how much we need each other.”

I rested my hand on top of hers, “And not just as my mom.”

“Or as my son,” she replied.

When Mom pulled into the pizza joint’s parking lot, I grabbed a twenty from her purse, “I’ll get it ordered.”

There were people in the parking lot, otherwise I would have leaned over and kissed her. Instead, I said, “I love you, Karen.”

As I opened my car door, she called back, “I love you too, Kelly.”

After paying for the pizza, I waited near the cash register. The girl behind the counter looked like she was in high school. I was just as tall as her. Of course, Mom had told me she thought I had grown at least an inch, maybe even two, over the past six weeks. I almost felt sorry for Mom, being as short as she was, not even an inch over five feet. Of course, thinking of Mom made my penis harden. Being taller and stronger than Mom, I wondered what it would feel like taking charge of what we enjoyed.

We came on home after the pizza joint. As soon as Mom parked the car, I ran around to the driver’s side and opened the door for her, again. Part of me just enjoyed being able to do something, anything, with my hands and wrists. Most of me just enjoyed doing something for Mom. The smile she gave me made the effort worth it.

When she stepped out of the car, Mom stood on her tiptoes to kiss me. If I hadn’t been holding the pizza box, I would have wrapped my arms around her and given her a proper kiss.

Once inside, she asked me, “Where do you want to eat dinner, my lovely birthday boy? Living room, dining room, Kitchen?”

I swept past her, “Can we eat in the bedroom?”

Once in the bedroom, I set the pizza on the end of the bed. When Mom came into the room, I turned and put my hands on her hips. It felt so good to touch her without the constraints of the wrist braces.

I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Without the pizza box getting in my way, I wanted a proper kiss. My arms snaked around and pulled her against me as my tongue slid between her lips. I felt her body against mine. It felt different from all those times before when we hugged naked. But not bad. Still, I wanted to show her I really could be her man. When the kiss ended, I grabbed the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it off. She wore a white bra and soon my fingers found the small hooks holding it in place. The bra joined the shirt on the floor as I drank in Mom’s perky tits.

Although I’ve seen them every day for five weeks, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing them. The small nipples hard to my touch were a delight to touch as my hand rubbed her chest. Sure, I had touched her tits lots, even plenty of times without the wrist braces. But now, there were no constraints. I didn’t have to worry about hurting my wrists and the pain was long gone.

As I played with her tits, Mom’s hand unfastened the button on my shorts and forced the zipper down. A moment later, her hands pushed both my shorts and underwear to the floor. It wasn’t just my height that had grown. My five-inch erection pointed at her belly as I let go her boobs and unfastened her belt and worked her shorts off.

When we were both naked, I stopped long enough to admire Mom’s beauty. She was, in my eyes, absolutely beautiful. Over the previous weeks, my fear had fallen away as we grew comfortable in our new relationship. “You’re gorgeous,” I breathed.

Mom tilted her head up and kissed me again, “You’re biased. But I love you all the more for it.”

It was hot outside and our skin was still sticky with our sweat. I took her by the hand and pulled her toward the bathroom. There was something liberating in turning on the water faucet, the muscles in my wrist and hand easily turning the knob until water cascaded into the tub. I adjusted the water’s temperature. I wasn’t in any hurry and wanted to draw out our shower, so the water temperature was almost cool as I held Mom’s hand until she stepped into the tub.

When I joined her under the tepid flow of water, I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered my hands and then gently worked the suds against her tits. Even hard as rubber, her nipples still gave way to my slick fingers. Mom moaned, “Oh, Kel, that’s nice.”

I let the soap sluice from her before I bent my head and licked at her nipples. I liked the contrast in how her nipples felt under my tongue versus her areolas or even the rest of her small, perky breasts. Her moans made my tongue work even harder, and that led to more moans. Eventually, she grabbed my hands and put them on her stomach and I let a nipple slip from my mouth as I applied more soap to my hands and worked my way down her front.

When I touched her pubic mound, some baby powder dissolved under my fingers. She felt just as smooth as me. She must have slipped into the bathroom after I fell asleep last night and shaved down there. I wasn’t one to complain. I loved the way my fingers slid across her smooth-as-silk skin. I ran my fingers into her slit, finding that nub of her clit. I’d come to love the reaction I got from her by playing with that delightful button. It is to her what my stiffy is to me.

I knelt and spread her lips open, giving me a better view of her clit and hood. I slowly dragged my finger along that nub of skin, enjoying Mom’s wordless moan. Then, I leaned in and licked that bit of flesh and was rewarded with a full-body shudder as Mom moaned, “Ah, fuck!”

With both my hands on either side of her slit, I lapped at her clit as her tangy juices hit my tastebuds. While my tongue kept licking at her engorged clit, my fingers found her pussy hole and I worked one deep inside. Mom rewarded me with her groin quivering and undulating under my touch. I’ve seen enough to know what was coming. Or more precisely, who was about to cum.

Mom’s entire body shook, making it hard to keep my tongue pressed against her clit, even as the amount of juice flowing through her slit was enough to send my tastebuds into overdrive. After a few body spasms, Mom pushed my head away from her clit, “Ah, Jesus, Kel. I can’t catch a breath—that felt so fucking incredible!”

I stood, grinning at the look of pure ecstasy on her face. Even though I loved the feel of Mom’s mouth on my stiffy or to feel my stiffy buried to the hilt in her pussy, I also love giving her just as much pleasure as she gives me.

Any pretense at getting clean in the shower was gone. Mom knelt and took hold of my stiffy and stroked me a few times before putting her mouth around my flared dick. Just my head was inside her mouth, but the tingles almost felt like lightning surging through me. I backed up against the back side of the tub and leaned against the tile work. It was that or collapse under the relentlessness of her tongue on my penis. Her hands traced across my legs and my pubic area. Even as her hands caressed my body, a small part of me wondered how long I’d have to wait to grow some hair down there. But as she took more of me in her mouth, even those thoughts fled. All that remained was the fantastic tingling racing up and down my shaft along with Mom’s tongue.

As her upper lip touched my pubic area, I moaned, “Ah, God, that feels so good!”

My stiffy hit the back of Mom’s throat. She didn’t gag. Not anymore. The tightness of her throat sent shivers radiating from my stiffy, down my legs and up my spine. I was in heaven as that tingling turned into a roar in my ears, “Ahh, I’m cumming!”

Mom pushed against me; her lips locked around the base of my stiffy as I spasmed. Jolt after jolt fired from my stiffy. Even though I couldn’t see what happened, what with my stiffy buried in Mom’s mouth, I could envision it. Five clear blasts of my cum coated the back of her throat. My semen, still clear, wasn’t as watery as before. And now, I kept shooting it each time my penis spasmed—five, sometimes six shots of my cum.

When I finally could stand without the back wall holding me up, Mom turned off the water and before I had regained my breath, she was drying us both off before pulling me back to the bedroom. She pushed me on the bed and crawled on top of me.

“You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to not worry about hurting your hand and wrist when doing this. Now I can!”

I gasped as she slid down on me, impaling herself on my five inches. She shuddered as she bottomed out on me, “Oh, fuck. You’re amazing.”

All I was doing was lying on the bed, letting her ride my stiffy. Mom leaned forward until our lips touched and set my heart to racing again when she slid her tongue between my lips. The tingling was nearly overwhelming as her tongue fucked my mouth at the same time she pounded down on me. Still, it hadn’t been very long at all since my last cum, so even though the tingling was powerful, that sense of fireworks and bliss was still distant.

Mom grabbed my hands and held them over my head. The wet sound of her pelvis slapping against my groin filled the room. In the five weeks or so that we had discovered sex with one another, I had never felt her get so aggressive. And I loved how it felt—my body tingled from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.

Time passed as her pussy juices completely coated my penis. I could feel her orgasm as her vaginal walls clenched my penis and throbbed with waves of pressure. By the time I felt that familiar feeling of incredible release coming, sweat poured down Mom’s face, even her tits were slick with perspiration. My growing balls constricted as I felt my cum travel up my penis, which spasmed again and again, shooting deep inside her womb. When I stopped spasming, Mom collapsed on top of me, her face against my shoulder.

She sighed, “When we first made love, Kel, I thought you were just the right size. But you know, as you’ve gotten bigger, I still feel the same thing. You’re just the right size for me.”

She giggled, “And when you’re pounding me with your seven inches when you’re sixteen, it’ll still be just the right size for me.”

I loved hearing Mom talk like that. I loved being inside her. To hear her talk about the future and know it would include lots of hot sex. It made my day. I wrapped my arms around her back and in an unbroken voice softly sang, “Happy birthday to me…”


Day 43


I was warm when I woke. As my eyes cracked open, I realized I was on my side and the covers were toward the bottom of the bed. Yet I was warm. Then, as the great sex from last night came back to me, I realized Kelly was spooning me, him the big spoon to my little spoon. You might think I would be ashamed or that I would be afraid. Those thoughts had already died over the past five weeks. Kelly would forever be my son. But by now, he saw himself as my boyfriend and also my lover. That suited me fine. I loved being his girlfriend and lover.

Still, the first day without the wrist braces, this was new. Before, he slept on his back. If he slept on his side, it had always been facing away from me. So, waking up with his chest to my back was a welcome change. Almost as much as feeling something warm and hard between my legs. I reached down and sure enough, his penis was speared between my legs. I could really get used to this.

I placed my hands over his, which were resting a few inches below my breasts. When I moved them so that each of his hands cupped one of my boobs, he stirred. Gently squeezing my boobs, he said, “Wow, that’s a pleasant way to wake up, ah, Karen.”

I love how he calls me Karen when we’re getting our funk on. It’s one way he shows that he’s my boyfriend and lover. I wiggled my butt and clenched my thighs, “Yeah. You’re going to have to hold me more when sleeping. I enjoy waking up like this.”

Kelly pushed his hips forward, and I felt his erection push against my inner thigh. I wanted more. I reached between my legs and took hold of him and positioned him against me. “Fuck me, Kel. Make love to your girlfriend this morning.”

He shifted his hip forward and slowly sank into my vagina. It wasn’t very far, and he backed out only to slide in a bit further. Each time he shifted in and out, I grew wetter and soon he was as deep inside me as he could be. I murmured, “That feels great. I could wake up like this every day.”

He shifted just enough so that his penis was just below my slit. It was almost as if I was sitting on his lap, just that we were on our sides. As he slowly slid back, his hands massaged my breasts. They were still sensitive from last night, but I didn’t care. I wanted him. All of him. And if he drove me crazy with his hands, all the better.

Being on our sides, having just woke up, Kelly was almost lazy in the way he pulled back. His penis dragged across my vaginal walls until just before he would pop out, he just as lazily slid himself fully into me. Between the incredible feeling on my breast and the even more powerful feeling growing between my legs, I was going to cum before him. But one advantage I have, I can keep on orgasming as long as Kelly keeps on stimulating me.

I shuddered through my first orgasm. Kelly only clenched my tits more firmly and sped up. As he slid in and out, he moaned, “Ah, God, you’re like a glove on my stiffy. Just right!”

I lost track of both the time and the number of orgasms I had before I felt him push as deep as possible as he shuddered. No words passed his lips as he grunted. His penis pulsed, spasming as he shot his cum into me.

My breasts felt so sensuous as he kept kneading his palms against them. Between the intensity of the feeling surging through my breasts and how deeply Kelly had impaled himself in me, a fresh orgasmic wave crashed over me, and my pussy squeezed his shaft tight enough to pull a moan from his lips. Eventually, I had no choice but to take his hands and put them on my stomach just to catch my breath.

He dreamily said, “I love you, Karen.”

I replied, “I love you too, Kel.”

Before long, I heard his soft, rhythmic breathing. My son, boyfriend and lover, fell asleep after fucking me. He was asleep five minutes before his penis softened and slid out. I snuggled against him, eliciting a wordless moan from him before snores confirmed he sank deeper into sleep.

I closed my eyes, enjoying how he held me close. Before long, I joined him in sleep. The summer had started with us being nothing more than mother and son. I drifted back to sleep with the soft comfort of knowing we would finish the summer as lovers.

The End

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