Levi Holland has his own place here at the Jason Crow website. And he earned it!! On this page, you’ll find an overview of Levi’s stories. They’re also accessible through the menu, but why not make it easier, right?

A Dream of Darkness

After being gifted with a mysterious ability to affect people’s arousal, a twelve-year-old gay boy begins exploring his sexuality with his younger brother and other boys in his life, all while something sinister lurks in the darkness.

Boarding School Blues

Blue Ridge Academy is the premier boarding school to attend—unless you’re Cooper Morrow, who feels like his whole life is about to be uprooted. After being outed as the new scholarship student for incoming 6th graders, Cooper will have to find a way to prove to everyone else that he belongs by making a few friends along the way.
For Roman Jacobs, starting at Blue Ridge is the worst thing that could happen, especially when he feels like his older brother lurks around every corner, ready to make his life miserable.

Join them across these 20 chapters, through various trials and ups and downs, as Cooper and Roman learn to navigate the uncertainties of middle school and discover the type of people they really are.

Camping Out

A group of young boys take their first adult-free camping trip out in the woods. Come on…you know where this is headed…Nothing like a little tropey one-shot.

Flash Fiction – A-Z

The Flash Fiction Series is an homage to Book of Firsts by Jack Edwards, and my way into one-shot, single chapter ideas meant to counter some of my longer stories. Still well-written, but don’t expect anything super deep on a narrative level.

Sex Education Class

A group of 5th grade boys participate in the school’s sexual education program. They decide they need to extend their education a little further.

The Side Hustle

Twelve-year-old Sam thinks he has the perfect way to score some extra cash for him and his friends during the middle school football games. Before his plan can get started however, he and his friends will have to enlist the help of eighth-grader Molly Sinclair by learning to pay it forward.

The Snow Cabin

Stuck with just her family on a trip to the mountains over winter break, 8th grader Hannah Clifton is forced to share a cabin and bed with her 6th grade brother, Luke. Over the course of their trip, the two deepen their bonds in more ways than one as an ancient threat looms somewhere deep within those cold mountains.