October 30, 2008

Ringing in the New Year – 2008
Alex Hawk

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” we all chanted at the same time.

As “Auld Lang Sine” played on the TV, I hugged the two naked twelve-year-old children next to me, and they hugged me in turn. I was, without a doubt, a very happy camper.

“I’m glad I got to spend the night with you guys,” I said to Cori and Chris.

“Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun,” Chris said with a shy smile as his twin sister nodded.

“Let me get us some champagne,” I said. I went to the kitchen and popped open the bottle. I poured out three very small glasses and brought them out to the kids. I didn’t want them to have too much, given all the beer they’d already ingested, but a little would be ok.

“Thanks,” Cori said, taking hers.

I handed Chris his and the three of us downed them.

Once we were done with our drinks, I said, “So. You guys wanna learn that last special thing I mentioned? The one that feels REALLY good?”

“Sure!” they both said at once and then giggled.

“Ok,” I said, grinning. “If you guys liked what we’ve already done, just wait until you see what this is like. It’s best if we do it in bed, though, so let’s go to the guest room.”

I led the two kids into the guest room, where I’d already set up the bed for Cori and the cot for Chris. I took Cori by the hand and led her over to the bed.

“Lie down,” I instructed. She did so. I parted her legs and sat down between them. Patting the space next to me, I said to Chris, “Come on up here.”

“Ok.” He sat where I’d indicated.

I leaned down between Cori’s legs and gave her vagina a little lick, pleased to hear her giggle. I then slid my finger up inside her, picturing her brother’s penis doing the same thing. I gave her clit a couple more licks.

“You like that?”


“Good.” I moved aside. “Chris, you take over.”

“Ok!” Eagerly the boy got between his sister’s legs. He slid his middle finger up into her vagina and began licking exactly as I had. While Chris went down on Cori, I moved alongside her and began rubbing and sucking on each of her nipples. I wanted to get her very close to climax before I had Chris fuck her.

Within about five minutes I could tell she was starting to get close. I sat up and said to Chris, “Move aside for a bit.”

“Ok.” He got out from between his sister’s legs and took my place next to her as I knelt in front of her vagina.

I already had plenty of pre-cum on the tip of my penis. I rubbed it all over the head to get it nice and slick and then took the shaft in my hand. Moving carefully I placed the head against Cori’s vagina and began rubbing it all over her slit and clitoris, doing my best to drive her nuts and get used to feeling a penis down there.

I nudged the tip against the entrance of Cori’s hairless vagina a couple times and asked her, “How’s that feel?”

“Real good!” she gasped.


I set the tip of my penis against Cori’s vagina and eased it inside until all the tip was in, then pulled it back out. No protests from here and it seemed to go in fairly easily. I took these as good signs.

I slid the tip all the way back inside and said to Chris, “Hey, look at this.”

He looked down. “Wow, cool!”

I pulled it out and put it back in. “Neat, huh?”


“You wanna try?”


Slipping the tip of my penis out of Cori’s vagina, I motioned to her brother. “Come get between her legs.”


Chris got between Cori’s legs, his hairless penis pointing straight up. I got behind him and took hold of it.

“Ok, you’re going to love this, Chris. You, too, Cori,” I added with a smile to the young girl lying on my bed.

I got behind Chris and took his small penis in my hand. I ran it up and down his sister’s slit for a few strokes and then placed it at the entrance to her vagina.

“Push forward just a little bit,” I said into his ear.


Chris’ body moved, and I watched over his shoulder as the tip of his penis penetrated into his sister’s vagina. I kept my fingers positioned so that he couldn’t slide in any farther.


“Yeah…” he whispered.

“What do you think, Cori?” I asked.

“It’s nice…” She smiled. “Yours felt a little better, though.”

“Yeah, but there’s something Chris can do with his that I can’t with mine.”


“Wanna see?”


I slid my fingers down to the base of Chris’ penis. “Push in deeper,” I said.

Chris nodded and pushed with his hips. I watched over his shoulder again as slowly, easily, he pushed his twelve-year-old virgin penis into his sister’s twelve-year-old virgin vagina. Once he was all the way inside, I moved my hand out of the way.

“There,” I said, quietly, resting my hand on Chris’ firm little butt. “Now you can both make each other feel good at the same time.”

“Yeah…” Chris said, a little breathlessly. Cori just nodded and moaned a little.

“Move it in and out,” I instructed the young boy.


I sat back and began masturbating furiously while I watched brother and sister copulate for the first time. My plans had worked! Months of plotting and scheming was paying off! I was getting to watch sibling incest! I couldn’t believe how cool it was.

I peered down between the kids bodies, where I could see Chris’ very hard, very hairless, preteen penis moving in and out of his sister’s equally hairless vagina. Looking up I could see his firm little ass move as he fucked her, and even farther up I could see the looks of bliss on their faces as they screwed for the first time.

I tried as hard as I could to hold back on my orgasm, wanting the kids to have their own first. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait too much longer before Chris buried his penis as deep into his sister’s vagina as it could go and moaned in pure pleasure. I imagined his young erection twitching as he came inside a girl for the first time, and was distantly aware of Cori climaxing as my own penis began to spurt, a little sperm landing on each of the kids, but most of it landing on the blanket.

After we were all done, I changed the blanket on the bed and we all cleaned up. The kids were both giggling a lot, and by time I said I was going to bed, they were sitting on their bed, kissing and fondling each other. Not more than a couple minutes after I was in bed, I head the rhythmic sound of young bodies in intercourse and the faint sounds of preteen pleasure coming from their room.

I fell asleep not long after the kids finished. 2008 was off to a great start, I thought. I knew what I had gotten the kids to do was basically wrong, but, fuck, I didn’t care. I knew both kids had enjoyed what they’d done, and I had, too.

Happy New Year!


Copyright 2008 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.