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Kim’s Game – Chapter 9

Kim’s Game – Chapter 9

Kim closed the door as he followed the Tyler women into the living room. The image of what he’d seen when he pulled Andrea’s bikini down was still burned in his mind. When he yanked on her bottoms, he felt a twitch between his legs as her pubic area came into view. Instead of a thick mess of dark blond pubes, he saw Arya. No, he thought, not really. Just smooth, like his girlfriend. Until that moment, the idea of shaving one’s pubic region had never crossed his mind. Now, though, he thought it looked incredibly sexy.

Before Andrea’s bottoms came off her legs, Kim also saw the slit between her legs. Her lips weren’t puffy like Arya’s. There was something more… he couldn’t decide. Just different, he supposed.

He’d expected more protest from Andrea after he managed to pull her bottoms down. Instead, she simply held her hand out for them and smiled at him, even as Arya proved that it’s hard work doing a victory dance when you’re neck-deep in water.

And now that they were back in the living room, Kim could feel the tension as all three of them traded glances with each other. Arya kept looking at him with a mixture of impatience and lust. While Andrea’s glance reminded him of what he felt like when he sat down at Thanksgiving dinner back when his mom was still alive. Hungry. The looks the Tyler women traded were inscrutable to the boy.

Perhaps kissing Arya’s mother had been a mistake. To be fair, he thought, he had tried to talk Arya out of the idea, but maybe he should have tried harder. Try harder? With Arya? The girl was a force of nature, and she usually got what she wanted. Just the thought of trying to rein in his girlfriend made him chuckle, turning the girls’ eyes on him.

Kim felt self-conscious, standing there next to the front door in his swimsuit with both Arya and Andrea staring at him. He cleared his throat, “Ah, what now?”

It was as close as Kim could come in acknowledging that their game with Arya’s mom in the pool was the reason for the silent tension.

Arya turned around said, “Can you untie my top, Kim?”

Perhaps in any other household, a small teenage boy taking the top off a nine-year-old girl would have been out of place, even scandalous. Since Arya’s birthday, in the Tyler household, it had become routine.

Kim obliged the girl. After all, he enjoyed touching every part of her. Nothing in the internal conflict about Andrea could change that. Once Arya was topless, she said, “We both noticed you were feeling kinda down and wanted to make you feel better, Mom. I thought if we played tag and if Kim kissed you, you’d go back to feeling better.”

Andrea was leaning against the bar separating the kitchen from the living room as Kim set the strip of cloth from Arya’s swimsuit on top of it. The young woman sighed, “It took a bit for me to figure out you were behind this. It was really sweet of you, even though I’m not sure it was a good idea.”

Arya frowned as she folded up her towel and used it to sit on as she sat on the bed. “You didn’t like it?”

Her eyes flicked to the boy, “No. I liked it a lot. Kim, your kiss was what I needed.”

Kim blushed under Andrea’s gaze. Arya spoke up, “If you liked it, then I don’t understand why it was a bad idea.”

Kim knew. Even at that first kiss a few weeks earlier, when Andrea taught him how to kiss so that he could give Arya a proper kiss, he had felt something between them. He had ignored it as he fell in love with Arya, even managed to pretend there was nothing there. After all, he was Arya’s boyfriend, and that was that.

But the kiss lingered in his mind, and he realized that even though he loved the young girl and he was happy to be her boyfriend, he couldn’t shut off the emotions he felt for Andrea.

The young woman said, “Because I want more than a single kiss.”

Arya rocked back, and Kim could see realization dawning on her. He hadn’t known how to explain to her why he’d been against the kiss, but now that the genie was out of the bottle, Andrea had explained it so much better. Part of him wanted to kick himself for not explaining it better. But the rest of him wanted to kiss Andrea, to feel her boobs under his fingers, even find out how she differed from Arya down below.

Arya slowly shook her head as she looked at Kim, “This was what you were trying to tell me. Boy, I messed up, didn’t I?”

Kim sat next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, “Hey, I’m still your boyfriend. Nothing has changed about that.”

He even leaned over and kissed her on the lips. But her lips didn’t respond. Instead, tears flowed down her cheeks. She pulled back, “But I saw how you just looked at her, Kim. That’s how you look at me! At me!”

She moved away from Kim, up to where the pillows were, and leaned against the sofa back. “God, I fouled this up. Dammit!”

The tears kept coming, and Kim felt helpless. When he tried to join her on the bed, she held up her hand and shook her head. After a few minutes, he said, “I’m sorry, Arya. Sorry I didn’t say no about the kiss. Sorry I gave your mom that look. Sorry for everything. I’m going home tonight. Dad will be home tomorrow morning, and we’ll… oh, hell, I don’t know. I’m sorry, Arya.”

Kim turned on his heels and left the apartment.

Back in his own room, Kim changed into a pair of underwear. After a week sleeping naked next to Arya, it almost felt weird. He collapsed on his bed, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

He blew it with Arya, and no matter what he felt for her mom, his heart ached to think of the girl hurting. He was older than her, and he should have put his foot down. Alone, there was nobody to hear the bitterness of his laughter. Older he might be, but Arya was a force of nature, and he couldn’t have stopped her from orchestrating the kiss if he had wanted to.

And that was why he felt so confused. He loved the girl. Wanted to be with her. Wanted to kiss and have more great sex with her. And then there was that electrifying kiss with Andrea. Even though he didn’t want to hurt Arya, there was a growing realization that what he had with Arya, he also wanted with Andrea. He shook his head, no clearer on what to do than right after the kiss in the pool.

He went to brush his teeth and remembered all his toiletries were on the counter in the Tylers’ bathroom. Kim lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling fan rotating overhead. The steady rotation eventually helped him to stop torturing himself. He was almost asleep when he heard a knock.

His eyes flew open, and he shot out of bed. Maybe Arya was there; maybe she was ready to be with him. He hurried down the hallway and into the living room. When he opened the door, Andrea was standing there, still in her swimsuit. Her eyes were puffy. She had been crying, too.

Kim opened the door and let her in. “Is Arya okay?”

Andrea shrugged, “She’s asleep.”

“I feel like such an asshole.”

The young woman shook her head, “It’s not your fault, and you know it. She loves you, and that won’t change, but she blames herself for all of this, and when she’s ready, she’ll bounce back. Until then…I don’t know. I just couldn’t go to bed without seeing you first.”

Kim flushed as Andrea’s eyes fell to his underwear. “I, you…” his voice faltered. His mind was a wreck, and even the love he felt for Arya wasn’t enough to stop himself from enjoying the look the young woman gave him.

Andrea crossed the short distance between them and put her arms around his neck, and before he could form even one coherent word, her lips pressed against his. The tiny voice of reason telling him to back away, to not respond to the young woman, died when Andrea’s tongue pressed against his lips.

Kim responded to the kiss by opening his mouth and letting her tongue touch his. The electrical shockwave that rocked his body at the touch destroyed every ounce of reason and resistance in him. His arms reached around her back as he let her tongue invade his mouth.

The kiss lasted longer than any before it. When it ended, and they parted, her bikini top fell to the floor between them. Apart from that brief moment in the swimming pool, Kim had never seen a grown set of breasts. The secretly watched porn videos excepted. Andrea’s were perky, her nipples pointing at him. The swells below her nipples were gentle, the soft tissue was such that there was very little extra to sag.

Andrea grabbed Kim’s hands and placed them on her breasts as she exhaled noisily. “God, how I need this.”

As though they had minds of their own, Kim’s fingers massaged the soft tissue, pushing and rubbing as Andrea looked on. His face has been pressed against her right boob when she’d grabbed him in the pool, but this was better. Now his fingers rubbed at her nipples, which were no larger than an eraser-head on one of his pencils. They felt rubbery yet hard under his touch.

The young woman stopped him long enough to grab his hand and say, “Show me your room, Kim.”

The boy felt himself stir as he led Andrea into a place that Arya had only seen once before. A bit of light filtered through the curtains, and he could better see the untanned and unblemished breasts. The young woman pushed him onto the bed and then straddled him before her lips found his again. The urgency was still there, but there was a tenderness to her kiss that warmed the boy and made his stomach flutter.

Kim was nearly breathless when Andrea lifted her face. He thought about all the times he and Arya had kissed, but nothing had prepared him for what the twenty-four-year-old did to his mouth. Even as he drew in a deep breath, Andrea kissed his neck and then his chest. Her lips found and teased his flat nipples. It had never dawned on him to ask Arya to do this, but it felt like liquid electricity running from his chest down to his groin.

Andrea went lower, kissing his abdomen and belly. Then her fingers traced along the elastic band on his swimsuit. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he shouldn’t. He loved Arya, and this was a betrayal of her trust, even if it was something the girl had put into motion. He stammered, “B-but Arya…”

The young woman gripped his waistband, “We’ll figure it out, the three of us. But right now, I need you.”

She pulled his underwear down his legs until they were off. Then she kissed his smooth pubic area as one of her hands cupped his ballsack. Kim felt a powerful twinge when the young woman touched the tip of his dick with her tongue. The same tongue that a few minutes earlier had pleasured itself in his mouth.

He felt hot breath on his erection, “You feel so much like Cory, it’s uncanny.”

Then she took his glans in her mouth, her tongue pressing against his pee slit. Kim leaned his head back, the feelings racing through him too powerful to ignore. He’d never thought to ask Arya to do anything like this.

Andrea lowered her face, taking all of his erection inside her mouth. At four inches, he felt his little helmet brush the soft tissue in front of her tonsils as her tongue worked around his shaft. The tingling was intense, and before long, that pressure at the base of his dick pushed up. Andrea’s tongue touched his glans, and white lightning exploded inside his closed eyes as his hips bucked into the woman’s face and his dick jerked in her mouth, kicking about several times until his hips fell back onto the mattress and the orgasm subsided.

Kim kept his eyes closed, feeling the effects of his orgasm ebb away slowly. Andrea opened her mouth and let his still-erect dick slip out. He opened his eyes when he felt her lips against his. It was a short, satisfying kiss. She said, “How was that?”

The boy opened his eyes and saw the smile on Andrea’s face, only inches from his own. He nodded, “Wow. That was fucking incredible.”

She chuckled, “Yeah. It was. I had forgotten how nice it is to suck a boy before he can cum. The feel of your dick jerking around as you orgasmed was intense.”

Kim moved over and let the young woman snuggle in against him on his twin bed. Her arms snaked around him, pulling him against her. His dick lay hard and flat between his pubic bone and her abdomen. Now, as they kissed, Kim didn’t feel the same urgency as before. In its place was a simple passion to hold and be held by Andrea.

After a while, the young woman’s hand drifted down and took hold of his dick. She giggled, “Oh, fuck, I bet you stay hard all the time!”

Kim couldn’t help but laugh, “Well, you’re touching it. So, yeah.”

The boy knew what he wanted next. He’d already done it once, so this time he didn’t hesitate as his fingers grabbed the baby-blue cloth of Andrea’s bikini and pulled on it until her swimsuit joined his on the floor.

He had blocked out thoughts of Arya. And all Kim could think of is the naked twenty-four-year-old in his bed. He wanted her as much as he wanted anything else.

His dick was still in the young woman’s hand, so he moved his body enough to line up with her. Andrea didn’t let go of him. Instead, she held the base of his dick as she slid it into the folds of her pussy. She was even wetter than Arya as if that were even possible. After a moment, with one hand still wrapped around him, Andrea wiggled around until she lay on her back and Kim lay on top of her. His dick still in the folds of her sex.

“Fuck me, Kim. I want to feel you inside me!”

The filthy words were enough, and Kim felt Andrea guide his dick to her hole. As soon as he felt the opening, he shifted his pelvis forward, sliding into the young woman’s warm encloser. It was tight, gripping his erection, but not “cut-off-the-circulation” tight of Arya. Still, he knew what to do, and he rocked his hips back and forth, feeling the tightness and slickness making his dick tingle. Still, he’d cum just ten minutes earlier, and the tingling built very slowly.

Andrea’s arms pulled him onto her chest as she groaned, “Ahhhhh, fuuuuck!”

Even her pussy shook under his thrusts as she orgasmed. When he slowed, the young woman shook her head, “Keep fucking me! Need…feel…you…cum!”

Her eyes rolled back as her head craned backward as Kim slid in and out, again and again. There was something magical and familiar as the boy slid in and out, that slow buildup spreading from the base of his dick, flowing toward his little helmet and also upwards to his chest.

Against Andrea’s groans, he sped up, rocking back and forth. His mind was barely working as he felt the connection between the two of them. Back and forth, growing in intensity. His world had shrunk to nothing more than his dick in Andrea’s pussy. He felt as though he was right where he was supposed to be, making the young woman under him happy was all that mattered right then.

Andrea reminded him that she was still riding her own orgasm as her legs wrapped around him and helped him push deep. Then his eyes went wide, and he groaned wordlessly as he collapsed against the young woman, even as his dick spasmed so hard that she yelped as another orgasm hit her.

Spent, Kim’s face pressed against Andrea’s boobs. His dick softened and slid out from between her legs. Closing his eyes, exhaustion overcame him, and he slept.


Kim felt warm, despite the cool air from the air conditioning circulating with the aid of the ceiling fan. He was on his side, his arm resting across Arya’s stomach. He stretched, feeling his morning wood poke the girl’s thigh, as his arm moved upward until it cupped the girl’s breasts.

Kim’s eyes shot open, the events of last night crashing down on him. He spooned against Andrea, who was lying on her back. His fingers lingered on her breast as he thought back to their frantic kissing, followed by the boy’s first blowjob and then mind-blowing sex.

His dick twinged at the thought. But something else niggled his mind. Arya!

The boy groaned, “Holy shit!”

It was enough to disturb the twenty-four-year-old who had shared his narrow bed all night? Was it? He ratcheted his head around and saw the alarm clock. Six-fifty-five. Might as well be all night.

Andrea rolled onto her side toward Kim. His dick slid between her legs as the young woman mumbled, “I want you again, Kim. Take me!”

Almost more than anything else in the world, Kim wanted to fuck the young woman in his bed. But he couldn’t get Arya out of his mind. How he had failed her.

He groaned, “Arya! We gotta check on her.”

Andrea swore, “Oh, fuck! I can’t believe I fell asleep over here.”

She rolled away from Kim and onto the floor where she swore again. As the girl’s mom put on her swimsuit, Kim dressed as fast as possible.

Kim pulled on a T-shirt as Andrea said, “Can you help with the top?”

She held out the blue top. Kim’s eyes were drawn her tits. Her small, perky tits.

While concern for Arya was at the top of the boy’s mind, he knew he wanted to explore what he and Andrea had shared last night. He took the top and, with her help, managed to tie the ends together.

When they reached the front door, the young woman said, “Please, your dad can’t know… about last night.”

Kim opened the door and shook his head, “He won’t know, but we should check on Arya.”

When they entered the Tylers’ one-bedroom apartment, the curtains were drawn, leaving the living room in darkness. When Andrea turned on the light in the kitchen, Kim swore when he saw the empty bed.

Andrea raced into the bathroom before hurrying into her bedroom. When she came out, she said, “We’ve got to find her, Kim. This is all my fault.”

Kim said, “Right. I’ll check the playground and the pool. And it’s not your fault, Andrea. I love Arya, and I fucked up, too. This isn’t just on you, no way, no how.”

As Kim ran across the parking lot, he was livid with himself. And, if he were honest with himself, Arya. None of this would have happened if she’d just left well enough alone. Insisting that he kiss Andrea had started the whole fucking mess.

The playground was empty, and he raced over to the clubhouse and punched in the passcode to the pool. There was an old lady swimming laps, but that was it. When he got back to the apartment, Andrea had dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. “Any luck?”

Kim shook his head. “No. Maybe she hasn’t gone far.”

Minutes later, the boy was buckled into the passenger’s side bucket seat in the older model import as Andrea turned out of the apartment complex’s parking lot.

The young woman’s fingers drummed on the steering wheel. “I fucking blew it,” she muttered as her eyes scanned the side of the road.

Kim was staring out the window, his eyes peeled. Even though he felt terrible about Arya’s disappearance, hearing the young woman beating herself up over everything grated on his nerves. “Stop it. I’m the one who kissed you.”

Andrea turned at an intersection after waiting for the stoplight to change from red to green. “Maybe. But who’s the dumb bitch who knocked on your door, Kim?”

Kim shook his head, “I opened the door. And you know what?”

Andrea’s eyes left the road for a moment and looked over at him. “What?”

“I really hate betraying Arya. I’m a really shitty boyfriend. But I loved being with you. How’s that for fucked up? What’s worse. Even though I would beat myself up over it, if I got another chance to… fuck you, I’d still take it. So, stop telling yourself you fucked up. You’re no worse than me.”

At the next intersection, there was a sign pointing to the left, telling motorists the local Greyhound station was four blocks away. Andrea’s grip on the wheel turned her knuckles white, “Yeah, but I’m the adult. I’m supposed to know better.”

Kim scoffed, “Oh, please! When my mom died, Dad climbed inside his pity hole, and I haven’t known him since. You think being an adult all of a sudden makes you responsible? I’m grateful Dad gives me a place to sleep and make sure I don’t go hungry, but that’s about all he does for me. You love Arya. Hell, you love me, too. I don’t get that from anyone else.”

Kim could see the bus station. The parking lot was mostly empty. He fumed, feeling he wasn’t being understood, “So what if you’re not perfect? None of us are.”

Andrea pulled into the parking lot. There was what looked like a homeless man sleeping on a wooden bench outside the terminal. A bag-lady, with a broken-down grocery cart, was going through a dumpster on the side of the bus station. Andrea parked the car and shifted in her seat, “I know I don’t have to be perfect, Kim, but I seduced you and failed my daughter.”

Kim was fuming. Why couldn’t Andrea understand it wasn’t her fault. He unclasped the seat belt and leaned across the console between the seat and kissed her. It was both quick and forceful. When he sat back, Andrea’s eyes were uncrossing, and he said, “Enough. We can figure out things together once we find Arya. The only thing I regret is hurting Arya.”

Walking a couple of steps ahead of the young woman, Kim felt overwhelmed. Love was a lot more complicated than he’d ever imagined. In the midst of his internal turmoil, the boy felt powerfully toward Arya. The problem was, he also felt powerfully toward Andrea, too. But before he could untangle the wreck of his heart, they had to find his girlfriend.

He grabbed the handle on the old plate-glass door to the bus terminal’s waiting area. To one side, he saw a counter where a gray-haired clerk returned his gaze. Several rows of rickety chairs were on the other side of the room. As Andrea came in behind him, he moved into the too-hot room.

His heart pounded against his chest as he spied a head with blond hair facing away from the door, toward the far wall, which had once been white but was now a dingy gray. Andrea brushed past Kim as she rushed toward the row of chairs. Ignoring the trepidation in his heart, Kim ran after her.

Arya may have been the tallest girl in her class, but sitting in the adult-sized chair, Kim thought she seemed smaller than she really was. She was hunched over, her eyes staring at the floor when Andrea reached her and pulled her into a fierce embrace.

The girl’s face was red and puffy with tears still streaming down her face. Her arms were in her lap as her mom clung to her. She blubbered, “H-he w-wouldn’t s-sell me a t-ticket!”

Kim sat down next to the girl as Andrea said, “I’m so sorry, sweetie. I’m here for you. So’s Kim.”

Arya finally lifted her head, a spark rekindled in her eye, “I hate you both! How could you?”

She turned toward Kim, “I thought you were my boyfriend. I thought you loved me!”

Kim tried putting a hand on her shoulder, but the girl shrugged it off, “I do love you, and I’m sorry, too.”

Kim felt a presence behind them and turned and saw the gray-haired clerk. “Excuse me. But are you this little lady’s family?”

Andrea stood, wiped at her eyes, and said, “Yes. I’m her mother.”

“I’m supposed to report runaways to the police, and I just got off the phone with them before y’all came in.”

Kim’s heart seized at the idea of police butting into their business. He glanced up at Andrea and saw fear there, too. She knelt back in front of Arya and glanced back at the clerk, “Thanks. We don’t want to be a bother to you or the cops. You mind if we go?”

The grizzled clerk stepped aside, “No. Place like this ain’t really a place for kids anyway. Don’t worry about the five-oh. I’ll just tell them her family came and collected her.”

With that, he turned and shuffled back toward the ticket counter.

“Arya, we should go,” Andrea said.

The girl crossed her arms, “Go on, what’s stopping you?”

Andrea glanced out the windows. They could see their car in the parking lot. She begged, “Please, Arya. Before anyone bothers us.”

More tears streamed down the girl’s face as she shook her head.

Kim leaned over, even as Arya edged away. His voice low and urgent, “You can hate me all you want. But, please, let’s just go. Do you really want to cops talking to you about, um, our stuff?”

A glimmer of fear appeared in the girl’s eyes. She stood and said, “I still hate you, though.”


Andrea sagged into one of the chairs at the kitchen table after Kim closed the front door. She pinched her nose, wincing as Arya threw herself onto the sleeper sofa. While she was grateful they had left before the police got around to responding to the ticket clerk’s call, she was frazzled, aware of how much worse things could have gone.

Arya moved to the sofa’s seatback and was alternating staring daggers between her and Kim. The boy leaned against the bar, his brown hair still disheveled, the remnants of his bedhead. He was biting down on his lower lip, a pensive look on his face.

Andrea wanted to come around the bar and take him in her arms and kiss away his fears. She wanted to take her daughter and comfort her, too. It was all just too fucked up.

She sighed, unable to stand the lengthening silence. “I never meant to hurt you, Arya. I wish I could make you feel better, but…”

Her voice trailed off. What could she say? She had bedded her nine-year-old daughter’s thirteen-year-old boyfriend.

Arya’s eyes misted as she said, “Why, Mom? Kim’s my boyfriend.”

Kim looked up from the floor and dabbed at one of his eyes, “It wasn’t just her, Arya. When I kissed Andrea in the pool, something happened. I don’t know what or why, but it did.”

Tears were streaming down the girl’s face again. She shook her head, “You told me you didn’t want to kiss her. Why didn’t I listen?”

Arya lowered her head, resting it between her knees as she sobbed. Kim climbed onto the bed and sat next to her, putting an arm around the girl. For once, she didn’t push him away.

The boy leaned in, “I’m so sorry. I hate seeing you hurt.”

In between sobs, the girl said, “Why would you care? You…you…let my mom sleep with you.”

Kim looked pained. Still holding her daughter, he said, “I care because I love you.”

Arya looked up with an accusatory glare, “But she slept with you!”

Kim sighed, “God, this is confusing. I know we slept together, just like you and me slept together. And I don’t know why I feel this way, but I’ve fallen in love with two of the most incredible girls in the world, and the pain is killing me.”

“But you slept with her!” she cried.

The boy rubbed at his eyes, and Andrea felt his anguish. She should, she thought, it matched her own. After a moment, Kim said, “I know you hurt, but for a moment, if you weren’t hurting so much, would you tell me that you love your mom?”

Arya sniffled, “I guess so.”

“And if you weren’t so angry at me, would you say you love me?”

Arya shrugged, “Yeah. That’s why it hurts so much.”

Andrea could see the connection Kim was making. It wasn’t the one that she would make. The love between and mother and daughter wasn’t the same kind of love between lovers. But she was drowning just much as the kids on the bed, and if it made any sense at all to Arya, then Andrea would grab onto it like a life preserver.

Kim said, “I don’t love you any less just because I found out that I love Andrea, too.”

Andrea found herself nodding as she added, “That goes doubly for me. I love you more than you can possibly imagine, and nothing that I feel for Kim would ever change that.”

Arya shot a venomous look across the room, “But why feel like that at all with Kim? He was supposed to be my boyfriend. Not yours!”

Andrea moved from the kitchen table to the foot of the bed, “You love Kim, right?”

Arya cast a sideways glance at the boy next to her, “I just told him so. But right now I want to kick his butt. I’m so angry.”

Kim took the girl’s hand and put it up to his face, “You can hit or kick me if it’ll make things better between us. I get it if you don’t want to, but I still want to be your boyfriend once you’re finished kicking my ass.”

Arya tapped her hand on his face. A giggle slipped in between a couple of sobs. Then she leaned into his hug, “I’m not done being mad, but I really need a hug right now.”

Andrea felt wetness on her face as the boy wrapped his arms around Arya’ torso, holding her. She moved up and sat next to her daughter, praying they were past the worst of it.

A bit later, Kim lowered his head and pushed it against her daughter’s neck. Arya muttered, “I ought to punch your lights out. If you weren’t still my boyfriend, I might just do it, too.”

Kim squeezed her, “I’m still your boyfriend? After all of this?”

Arya grabbed his upper leg and pinched on it, “Yes. I’m still angry, some of it at you and some of it at Mom. But I’m the one who started all of this. Maybe it’s even more my fault than either of yours. I just know I don’t want to lose you.”

Andrea felt her daughter’s gaze on her, “I don’t know how I feel about what happened between you and Kim. I know I can’t stay angry, and that means I gotta figure out how I feel about you messing around with my boyfriend.

Kim surprised both Tyler women by letting go of Arya and swinging around and straddling the girl’s legs. Before the girl could even react, the boy leaned forward and kissed her. Andrea felt her heart pounding against her chest as her daughter’s mouth responded. The boy’s mouth opened; Arya gasped as his tongue touched hers. Then Kim pushed his tongue into the girl’s mouth, where he explored her tongue, lips, and teeth.

When Kim broke the kiss, Arya’s puffy eyes were glazed over. “Wow,” she managed.

The boy said, “I love you, Arya Tyler. I want to bathe with you, to sleep with you and…” his face flushed as he glanced at Andrea, before returning his focus on the nine-year-old. “Make love to you.”

Andrea nearly shook at his touch when Kim grabbed part of her shirt and pulled her to him. He kissed her. It wasn’t as passionate as the one he gave Arya, but there was still some heat in his lips that made the young woman’s stomach flutter.

He said, “I know it’s crazy. I love you, too. Both you and Arya should probably dump me, because I want to be with you, too.”

The fluttering in Andrea’s stomach only grew in intensity. From the first time she taught the boy to kiss, part of her had wondered what it would be like to share Kim with her daughter. It wasn’t something she had seriously entertained until she had knocked on his door the night before. Now, though, she would give anything to share the boy. Half, even a quarter of Kim would be heaven.

She glanced at her daughter from the corner of her eye. Arya’s eyebrows knitted together. Andrea had seen that look before when the girl had faced tough choices before. Of course, back then, it had been which barbie doll to decorate or which movie to see. Andrea felt her sense of dread growing as time seemed to stretch out. Finally, Arya said, “Even if you and Mom do stuff, you promise me that you’re still my boyfriend?”

Kim nodded, “I swear to God, yes!”

Arya’s arms snaked around the boy’s neck, “Prove it.”


Kim’s eyes grew round as Arya’s arms pulled him toward her face. Sure, her eyes were red and puffy, but there was something fierce and primordial, too. And when her lips touched his, the girl wasted no time in showing him that she’d paid attention to his last kiss. Her tongue pushed against his lips, harder than he’d expected, but as relief washed over him, he didn’t care.

Even as the girl’s inexperienced tongue probed his mouth, Kim knew he needed to make her understand his love was real. Both for her and for Andrea. His hands found her waist and slipped up onto her chest, rubbing her diminutive, boyish nipples under his fingers.

When Arya moaned in his mouth, Kim tugged at her shirt. He managed to pull it off when the girl ended the kiss when she ran out of breath. The girl tugged at his shirt, and he held his hands up, letting her pull it off.

As Arya’s fingers found his zipper, Kim was keenly aware that Andrea was sitting next to her daughter, watching all of this. It was strangely surreal. He was embarrassed that Arya’s mom was watching the two of them making out. And he loved that Andrea would be part of this cleansing, healing moment.

When the girl had pulled his zipper down, Kim stood up on the bed and pulled his shorts and underwear down in one quick action. He returned to straddling Arya’s upper legs as the girl reached out and took his dick in her hand. She murmured, “I really like your dinky.”

He smiled. He caught a glimpse of Andrea covering her mouth as she grinned at her daughter’s choice of words. With his twenty-four-year-old lover watching, he couldn’t resist, “Well, my dinky is looking forward to playing with your kitty.”

At that point, Andrea snickered. Arya turned and frowned, “Those are prettier names than dick or pussy.”

Kim barely contained his laughter, even though he was used to Arya’s silly pet names. Even as Andrea laughed, the boy reached down and pulled on the elastic of the girl’s shorts. He rose onto his knees as Arya helped pull her shorts and underwear off.

Once she had shed her clothes, the girl shifted down, her eyes hungry for Kim. As the boy moved, lining up his dick between Arya’s legs, Andrea said, “Sweetie, if you want to make your boyfriend really happy, there’s something else you can do before he puts it into you.”

Kim’s mind went back to the previous night when the twenty-four-year-old gave him his first blowjob. He smiled as the girl stopped and said, “Better than getting my kitty petted?”

Her mother said, “Well, for Kim it would be. But I think you’d enjoy it almost as much.”

Arya glanced between her boyfriend and her mom before she finally nodded, “Okay. What do I do?”

Andrea leaned forward and said, “Watch me, and learn, Arya.”

Kim gasped, as the young woman’s tongue touched his glans. It was what he thought electricity should feel like if it felt good. Then, her lips kissed his nascent balls before her tongue licked the bottom of his four inches. He moaned when she slipped his little helmet between her lips. Then she slid down his shaft until he felt her lips brush his smooth pubic bone.

After bobbing up and down a few times, Andrea pulled off. Arya stared at Kim’s dick, “That felt good?”

The boy nodded, “Oh, yeah. Really good.”

Arya shifted around until her face was inches over Kim’s erection. Her hot breath sent shivers through him, then she took his glans in her mouth, trapping in behind her lips.

Andrea said, “Remember, no teeth.” Kim loved the little bob of the girl’s head. His dick slid further in when she nodded. After she moved up and down a few times awkwardly, the girl fell into a rhythm that made his stomach flutter. While this was his first blowjob from his girlfriend, it was hardly their first intimate moment. But having his girlfriend fellating him while Andrea watched was an entirely new experience.

The tingling along his shaft built up fast, and after a couple of minutes, his dick spasmed in the young girl’s mouth as Kim’s entire body shook from the intense orgasm. He threw his head back and screwed his eyes closed as the pleasurable wave crashed over him. Even though he had sex the night before, the tension and fear of the morning had left him in a brittle emotional state, and the power of the orgasm was in response to the morning’ emotional rollercoaster.

Kim’s eyes fluttered open, “Oh, fuck! That felt really good!”

Still coming down from the high of the orgasm, the boy couldn’t say if he enjoyed that more than the sex he and Arya had shared. For the briefest of moments, he tried to compare Arya’s blowjob with the one Andrea gave him the night before, and all he could decide is that they were simply different from one another.

Andrea pulled Kim back into a sitting position, “Would you like to return the favor?”

Kim nodded and started to his knees when she stopped him, “No, sweetie. I’m talking about something else. Something that I think your girlfriend would really enjoy if you learned how to do it.”

Cocking his head, Kim said, “Uh, okay. What do I do?”

Andrea traded places with him and then had Arya lean back with her legs splayed, displaying her puffy lips. The young woman flashed him a smile as she lowered her face toward her daughter’s pussy, “Watch and learn, Kim.”

The boy leaned to the side, watching as Andrea kissed Arya’s kitten. No, Kim thought, her pussy. Kissed her pussy.

The girl gasped, surprise etched across her face, feeling Andrea kiss her. The young woman’s tongue slid into the girl’s puffy pussy lips, making Arya arch her back and noisily moan. Kim watched in fascination as the girl’s moaning grew even louder, and Andrea’s mouth grew slick. With her own saliva or the girl’s juices, he didn’t know.

Arya’s fingers grabbed the bedspread, “Ahhh!”

Andrea pulled back, “I’ve got her warmed up, Kim. Let’s see if you learned your lesson.”

A moment later, Kim pressed his face between Arya’s legs. The girl nodded, “I wanna feel like that again!”

Kim’s tongue found the girl’s tiny clitoral hood and pushed under it, eliciting another moan, “Mmm, yeah.”

Even during their first fuck, a couple of weeks earlier, the girl’s pussy produced enough to provide all the lube that he wasn’t yet able to help with. There was even more now. It tasted like nothing he’d ever tasted. Almost tasteless, in fact, with just a hint of saltiness and something else he couldn’t identify.

He slid his tongue into her inner lips, lapping at the fluid even as his tongue worked toward her hole. Her hole was slick, and even though the entrance was still tight, Kim felt his tongue push into the tightness. There was even more of the moisture of her juices, trickling across his taste buds.

Arya moaned, “Ahh, pet…my…kitty!”

Instinctively, the boy figured she wanted his tongue back on her little clit. As he pleasured her tiny button with his mouth, he slid one of his fingers back into the girl. He barely managed to work his index finger into the hilt when Arya pushed down as another groan escaped her lips. Her head shook back and forth as her entire body shook. Kim stopped sucking on her little clit, and she collapsed against the bed, her eyes unfocused, in a daze. The boy moved up next to her. Her eyes finally closed as a warm smile spread across her features.

Andrea nudged Kim. “I need some attention, too, kiddo. Can you help me out of these clothes?”

The boy’s eyes darted back to Arya, “Are you sure? We just got her calmed down about us.”

The young woman nodded, “I know there’s a risk, but goddamn, I want you, too.”

Kim helped her strip down. When he got to her underwear, her crotch was already soaked. When he threw them on the ground, he moved to put his face between her legs. Andrea shook her head and pulled him forward, “We can do other stuff later. Right now, fuck me, please!”

Who was he to argue with the beautiful young woman? Although he had only been in Andrea once, his dick seemed to find its way back to where it needed to go. He slid right in, as wet as she was. With her body moving under him, Kim felt Andrea’s urgency, and it became his own, as he rocked back and forth, pushing his wet dick in and out of her adult pussy.

Kim loved the incredibly tight fit of Arya. There was nothing like it. But Andrea’s experience and maturity was an entirely different experience, and the boy knew both of the Tyler women had their hooks in him. Even though he worried about Arya’s volatility, he wanted both of them equally.

Andrea’s hand gripped his backside, pulling him against her. She pulled so hard, his pubic bone ground into hers as she bit her lips, only letting a low, growling moan escape. She was close. Kim sped up, rocking back and forth, feeling the tension in his own dick growing by the second. Andrea shook, pushing herself against the boy. That was enough, and a moment later, Kim felt like something exploded inside him as his dick kicked and spasmed inside his twenty-four-year-old lover.

He collapsed against her breasts, his face resting in her cleavage. He was covered with sweat, even as the last vestiges of his orgasm seeped out of his body, leaving him a rag of a boy, draped across Andrea.

He lifted his head just enough to see Andrea’s face, “I love you.”

In stereo, he heard two voices, “I love you, too.”

Copyright 2021 – Caliboy1991
All rights reserved


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    I wish this would continue. Go on adventures? Waterparks, tease other kids, other moms and their kids.

    I spend too much time here

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      Jason Crow

      I don’t think Caliboy has plans on continuing this story. But if he did, I wouldn’t mind either 🙂
      And just so you know… There’s no such thing as spending too much time here! 😀 😀

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    A very believable story of tender love between 3 caring people

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