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The Best of Friends – Chapter 6

The Best of Friends – Chapter 6


Her legs didn’t ache as much when Wendy finally slowed to a stop in the parking lot in front of her little apartment. Aiden stood in the nearby grass, feet shoulder-width apart, bent over, sucking in as much air as his lungs could hold.

When she caught her breath, the young woman said, “That’s an improvement over yesterday. I don’t think we have to worry about embarrassing ourselves at the five-k run.”

Aiden stretched, revealing a black and blue bruising along his stomach. He hadn’t complained about the pain or aches since yesterday. If he still felt pain, he masked it well. Wendy thought about what was hidden a few inches below where the bruising ended. She was still hard pressed to believe the boy that he didn’t understand the double meaning about the jelly. Still, the laughter they shared over the boy’s inadvertent flub brought the moment to a close. They had spent the rest of the day watching movies and eating meals.

When Wendy caught a second breath, she said, “Come on, Aiden. Let’s go check on your nana before we get on with our Saturday. She felt the boy’s presence right behind her as she walked across the street and down a couple of houses, until she stood on the old, worn-out porch and knocked.

When the old woman opened the door, she looked scarcely any better than on Thanksgiving. Her voice was scratchy, “I was beginning to wonder if you kids had forgotten me.”

Aiden moved up beside Wendy and said, “Sorry, Nana. Yesterday we watching the Fast and Furious movies. They were sick.”

Nana shook her head and turned and hid it behind the door when a body-shaking cough wracked her body. She dabbed her lips with a sleeve, “No. I think I’m sick. If I’m not better on Monday, I think I’ll have to go get this looked at.”

She turned her attention back to Wendy, “How’s my little urchin doing? You haven’t had to take him to task, have you?”

Aiden piped up, “I’m an angel, Nana. Really!”

Wendy smiled. “He’s been great, Nana. A proper gentleman. Don’t feel like you have to rush. Until you’re better, he can stay over.”

There was a rattling rasp to the old woman’s chuckle. “Don’t tempt me, Wendy. You might find yourself with an eleven-year-old boarder.”

Wendy felt some heat in her face. There was nothing she’d enjoy more than letting Aiden stay as long as he needed. Still, she didn’t want her genuine feelings for the boy to shine too brightly. “Well, I can always give him some chores, make him pay his way.”

Nana dipped her head in agreement, “Mighty fine plan, although I have trouble getting him to do anything, including take a shower.”

Aiden piped up, “I’m good. I promise. I like showering over at Wendy’s.”

The heat in her cheeks grew even hotter at the implication. She stammered, “Its, it’s a waterfall showerhead. Very popular.”

Despite being bloodshot, Nana’s eyes sparkled, “You must be doing something right. Or he has a crush on you.”

Aiden made a sour face, “Eww, gross. Girls are yucky.”

Nana gave him a sharp look, before turning back to Wendy, “Don’t believe a word of it, dear. He’s got a crush on you, plain as day. Don’t be surprised to find him sneaking looks at you when changing or in the shower.”

Aiden just scowled at the direction his nana turned the conversation. Wendy felt like she had just stepped into a minefield. “I guess I’ll have to duct tape the keyhole to the bedroom.”

The boy’s nana wheezed, “That would make it difficult for you to return the favor.”

Wendy felt an icy lance down her spine until the wan smile on Nana’s face eased her worry. Feeling it might be okay to joke a bit, the young woman said, “It wouldn’t be temptation if he wasn’t so adorable.”

Another coughing fit hit the old woman. When her breathing approached normal again, she said, “Maybe that’s the secret to a happy boy. Let him hang out with a girl who likes him as much as he likes her.”

The smile was still on the old woman’s face and the laughter reached her eyes. Even so, Wendy didn’t like where the conversation meandered. “I best get Aiden back to my place and feed him breakfast. Call me if you need anything.”

Wendy closed the door to her apartment and turned to Aiden, “Do you think your nana knows how close we are?”

Aiden pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the messy covers over the sofa, “I don’t know. But even if she knows how good of friends we are, I don’t think she cares. I think she likes that you like me.”

Wendy got the same vibe. But she seriously doubted the old woman would feel the same if she knew how much the young woman longed to kiss her grandson.

The young woman grabbed a couple of water bottles from her nearly empty fridge and tossed one to Aiden, who caught it, twisted the cap and then tipped it back and guzzled half the bottle. Wendy took a smaller sip, “What do you want to do, A? Watch a movie?”

Aiden shrugged, “I guess we can watch a movie.”

He came over to her and put the almost empty water bottle behind her. Then, his fingers darted under the fabric of her shirt and tickled Wendy’s stomach. Before she could respond, the boy ran and disappeared into her bedroom. The disquiet she felt earlier dissipated as the young woman ran into her bedroom, uncertain of what she would find.

Aiden, still sweaty from their run, sprawled out on her bed, flapping his arms as though making a snow angel. Wendy eyed the boy. If she gave in to his desire to horseplay, there was a good chance their clothes would come off. But if they did, she would find a line and stop before things could get out of hand, just like the previous day.

Confident in her ability to manage the situation, Wendy launched herself at the bed, landing beside Aiden, where she found ticklish spots on his ribs. The boy flinched as he had a fit of giggles. Then he grabbed at her t-shirt. But Wendy was fast, straddling Aiden’s thighs and fighting off his busy fingers. At one point, she grabbed both his wrists. She pushed forward, forcing Aiden’s wrists above his head.

What she had forgotten was how close their heads were to one another in this position. Aiden stopped struggling and grinned at her. Then he leaned forward until his puckered lips pushed against hers for just a moment. Wendy’s lips tingled at the moistness of Aiden’s lips. Hovering over the boy by bare inches, the young woman said, “Nice, huh?”

Aiden nodded as he managed to yank his left hand free of her grip. He snaked it under her shirt until he found a rib. Wendy let go his other hand, bringing her fingers back to the boy’s ribs, where she was determined to find Aiden’s perfect tickle spot.

Wendy felt no surprise when Aiden tugged at her shirt. This was becoming familiar to her, and she knew they weren’t anywhere close to the line she mustn’t cross. This time, she let the boy work the shirt over her head, freeing her small boobs from their temporary cloth prison. Aiden gasped when her chest came into view, “Wow, Wen. Those are perfect.”

She felt good at the boy’s praise and ignored how hardly anyone else might share Aiden’s opinion. Before the boy could say anything else, Wendy finally found the perfect ticklish spot toward the top of the left side of his ribcage. Aiden would have curled into a fetal position were it not for her strategic seat on his lower lap. He pulled a hand away from her belly, brushing away her hand from his ribs.

When Aiden reached for her ribs, he found one just below the bottom swell of one breast. She pushed away the thought of how nice it might feel if the boy’s fingers moved up. Or at least tried to. But sitting on the sweaty boy as he ran his fingers over her body, it was hard to think clearly.

Aiden must have picked up on her indecision. He wrapped his arms around her back and pushed up with one of his legs, rolling the two of them onto their sides. He didn’t stop with that, rolling himself onto Wendy’s lap, reversing position with her.

Now on her back, Wendy saw her best friend looking down at her. Blond locks were plastered to his forehead and his eyes sparkled. Aiden rested his hands on Wendy’s stomach while her hands had fallen to her side when Aiden rolled them over and traded places with her.

“Now you’re mine,” Aiden giggled as he tickled her stomach. Content, at least for the moment, to see where the boy would take things, Wendy left her hands by her side while laughing whenever the boy found a ticklish spot. When Wendy’s giggles ebbed, the boy moved his hands to her ribs, eliciting new guffaws of laughter from her. And just like before, on one particularly ticklish spot, Wendy felt her bladder give way. It was just a drop. She clenched her legs, determined to not have an accident. But as she squealed with laughter as the boy’s fingers moved up her ribcage, finding more spots to tickle, she felt another short trickle.

“S-, Stop, Aiden. You’re making me, hahaha, pee.”

Aiden’s fingers rested on her ribs, bare inches away from Wendy’s lower swells. “Really?”

He shifted just enough to see Wendy’s shorts. “I don’t see anything.”

His fingers dug in between two of Wendy’s ribs and she slipped into another giggle fit. The boy’s fingers moved upward until only a single rib rested between him and the bottom of her boob. And the spot was her most ticklish yet. Wendy teared up from the peals of laugher the boy drew from her. And she felt a stream slip from her bladder. This was enough to feel in her clothes.

She wheezed through giggles, “I’m peeing! Stop it!”

Aden glanced between them, “Oh, shit! I’m sorry.”

Wendy propped herself on her elbow to see the front of her running shorts. Sure enough, a dark little stain spread from the middle of her shorts. She knew she should be upset with Aiden for not listening to her the first time. But part of her wanted this. Not to pee. No, that was gross. But to give Aiden more to look at.

She sighed theatrically, “Jeez, A. How bad is it?”

Aiden brought a hand between them and touched the fabric of her shorts, “You’re wet in the middle.”

Wendy felt a moment’s thrill at the boy’s touch. “What about my underwear?”

Aiden’s fingers grabbed the front of her shorts’ waistband and he pulled down, revealing her panties. “Um, your underwear is wet in the front.”

Wondering where their game would go, Wendy said, “Can you help? Pull my shorts down. I don’t need them getting any wetter.”

Aiden’s lips curled at the corner of his mouth. He slid from Wendy’s lap and took hold of her jogging shorts and pulled them down her legs. He threw the shorts on the floor, leaving her in just her panties. Wendy struggled with her feelings. She loved the look the boy gave her as he knelt over her. And loved the way her body felt in just a pair of underwear. Yet, she had to keep from crossing any lines. Another look up at Aiden and she felt she had things under control. She wasn’t close to any line.

Aiden moved as though to sit back down. An idea popped into Wendy’s mind. Would the boy go along with it?

“Stop, A.”

A look of disappointment crossed his features, “I promise, I’ll stop tickling if you get close to peeing. I’m really sorry.”

Wendy grinned up at him, ignoring the dampness on the front of her panties, “It’s okay, A. Let’s keep playing. But do you mind taking your shorts off? Is it really fair if I’m the only one in my underwear?”

Without a shred of hesitation, Aiden hooked his fingers in the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down, revealing a tight pair of Spiderman briefs. “This okay?”

There was nothing the boy wore Wendy didn’t like. But he looked even smaller and more vulnerable in just his underwear. Of course, he had a bulge in his front. If Aiden wanted to let her see it, Wendy knew she would let it happen. The line she couldn’t cross wasn’t about them seeing each other’s bodies.

“Yeah. You okay playing some more?”

Aiden nodded as he straddled her thighs. The fluttering in Wendy’s stomach felt good. Her best friend’s briefs brushed against the bottom of her panties. The bulge in the front of the boy’s briefs seemed to be bigger now he was on top of her.

Wendy’s fingers returned to the boy’s ribs and gently, to start things off again, she traced them over his ribs, starting with his lower-most rib. Instead of tickling her, Aiden copied her, finding the bottom of her ribcage and gently tracing his fingers along her ribs.

Wendy fingers crept up Aiden’s ribcage, reaching his chest. At eleven, the boy had little muscle definition or any discernable fat. Even when her fingers were rubbing against the ribs under the boy’s chest, the young woman realized just how rail-thin was the boy.

Aiden stopped on Wendy’s rib just below the bottom of her boob, even while Wendy was tracing his ribs across his chest. The boy’s voice was dry, “No fair. You get to go higher.”

At the moment, Wendy’s body ached for the boy’s intimate touch. She said, “Who said you couldn’t?”

Aiden’s eyes went from Wendy’s chest to her face, “B-, but I’d be touching your boob!”

Wendy caressed the boy’s tiny nipple before finding a rib under the skin, “It’s just a game, right? But if touching me makes you uncomfortable, we can do something else.”

Aiden shrugged, “Okay. As long as you don’t mind.”

He moved up another rib. His finger pushed against the swell, finding the bone under the fatty tissue. When Aiden moved up to the next rib, Wendy felt a tingle under his touch. Even though her breasts were small, they were still there, and the boy was running his finger over the breast, unable to find the rib beneath it.

Aiden’s voice shook, “Is this okay, Wen?”

Wendy didn’t want the tingling in her breasts to stop. Sure, she had played with her tits when she masturbated herself. But even though the boy had scarcely begun to explore her breasts, what he was doing to her felt like an electrical current, if electrical currents felt good. Wendy murmured, “You’re doing great. Just pretend you can feel the ribs and don’t stop.”

A moment later, the boy’s fingers touched her areola. And a moment later, his fingertip brushed against her hardened nipple. The jolt Wendy felt was incredible. The moisture she felt between her legs now wasn’t just because of her earlier accident.

Nothing else compared to the feeling in Wendy’s breasts as Aiden seemed to have stalled out, moving upward. The young woman said, “You’ve got it, A. Don’t stop.”

She glanced down at where Aiden’s body met hers. The front of Aiden’s underwear was less of a bulge and more of a tent. Of course, lying down, she couldn’t see the front of her panties. But the piss hid the wetness she felt.

Wendy’s hands traced down Aiden’s chest, lightly touching the bruising on his stomach, “Does it still hurt?”

Aiden’s hand froze on her right boob, “Not when you touch it like that. It hurt a little when I was laughing, but not bad enough to stop playing.”

Even though she hated the ugly bruising, Wendy loved the silky-smoothness of Aiden’s stomach. She moved her hands until they rested on his thighs. Was Aiden enjoying her tit so much he was unaware of his erection?

“You having fun?”

The boy had just added his second hand to Wendy’s left boob, “Um, yeah. I can’t believe you’re letting me touch you. I thought this is what boyfriends and girlfriends do.”

Wendy felt torn, even as her body reveled in the boy’s wondrous touch. Touching each other wasn’t really where the line was. She could keep things from going too far. “Sometimes. But have you ever done stuff with a friend?”

Aiden’s face flushed, “Um, yeah. I guess.”

Wendy’s hands slid up Aiden’s thighs until her finger touched the hem of his underwear, “Me too. I guess this is like that. Just doing stuff best friends sometimes do together. Right?”

Aiden squeezed her boobs a bit, “Yeah. That’s right.”

Wendy felt relief mixed with lust as her breasts tingled all over. The tingling traveled along her spine, radiating through her middle. “Can I see your hard-on?”

Aiden’s hands didn’t move even as he looked down at his crotch. “You want to see it?”

Wendy nodded, “Yeah. As long as you don’t mind.”

Aiden’s eyes knitted in a thoughtful look, “I guess it’s okay. It’s just I’m not like older boys.”

Wendy’s fingers took hold of the Spiderman underwear and pulled down, freeing the boy’s erection, which quivered, pointing almost straight up. Aside from seeing her cousin masturbating in the bathroom when she much younger, Aiden’s was the only other penis she had ever seen in person. What one saw online didn’t count.

And he was gorgeous. Her mouth felt dry, and she felt an itch deep inside. Although Wendy had seen him naked a couple of times, this felt different. What would he feel like? Her voice shook, “C-, can I touch it, Aiden?”

The boy didn’t move his hands. “If you want, I guess so. Just don’t laugh.”

Why would anyone laugh at something so perfect? Wendy’s hand caressed Aiden’s smooth pubic area, sliding down until her finger brushed against the boy’s erection. His penis twitched at the touch and tingles ran up the young woman’s arm. Wrapping her fingers around his thin pole, Wendy’s question about what Aiden felt like was answered. He was both hard and soft.

Aiden’s skin was smooth as silk and incredibly soft. But just below the skin, he was hard. Wendy understood the biology behind it, but knowing why something was and experiencing it for the first time were entirely different. “How’s it feel, A?”

The boy’s eyes fluttered. A little moan escaped his lips, “Ahh, super nice.”

Enjoying the pulsing under her fingers, Wendy remembered her cousin, Tuan, sliding his hand up and down his shaft in that brief moment of discovery before she closed the door. The young woman gently squeezed Aiden’s flesh and pulled up. The boy’s skin slid along the shaft, causing him to moan again.

Seeing the pleasure she gave the boy, Wendy knew this wasn’t the line she must not cross. How could anything that gave such pleasure be wrong? After a few more tugs, she stopped as Aiden’s hands massaged her boobs, pressing against her chest. Even though the boy had no experience, and was clumsy in his touch, it didn’t keep her from feeling bliss at his touch nor a growing desire for more.

When the boy stopped, Wendy grabbed his shoulders and pulled him toward her. When his face was close to hers, she wrapped her arms around his back and leaned into a kiss. At first, Aiden’s lips were slack—surprised by the sudden motion. Then his lips responded, and he returned the kiss. Unlike the other kisses, which had been almost accidents of the moment, Wendy wanted the kiss to linger, to let Aiden know what was happening was what she wanted.

A dozen heartbeats later, the boy pulled back, breathless. His eyes were round as he stammered through rapid breaths, “Wow!”

Wendy didn’t need to ask what he felt about it. She could feel the heat of Aiden’s erection on her abdomen. Just like he could feel the warmth of her breasts on his chest. Still, she said, “What’d you think, A?”

As the boy’s breathing returned to normal, Aiden said, “Wow. This is awesome. Are we still just best friends or does this make us more? Like boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Wendy blinked at the question. Maybe that’s the line she wasn’t supposed to cross. At least not yet. After all, nobody would understand her dating an eleven-year-old. But best friend, that was acceptable. But waiting until Aiden would be fourteen was an impossibility. She didn’t have the willpower to wait that long for him to be her boyfriend. Through a haze of hormones, Wendy decided maybe that wasn’t the line she must not cross. “I don’t know, Aiden. We’re still best friends. Maybe we’re more. I just don’t know. Is that okay?”

Aiden leaned in and kissed her. This time, Wendy could feel his hot breath through his nose as the boy figured out how to breathe and kiss at the same time. When he lifted his head, he said, “Yeah. I like kissing you and um, ah, when you, eh, touch me. It’s incredible.”

As if punctuating Aiden’s words, his penis twitched between their bodies. Wendy wanted to see the fleshy tube again. She pushed Aiden’s shoulders until he returned to a sitting position. “Do you mind taking your underwear off?”

The front of Aiden’s underwear was bunched under his penis and balls. Despite his crimson cheeks, the boy nodded and stood up on the bed, his feet on either side of Wendy’s hips. He paused, uncertainty passing across his face, “Are you sure it’s okay with you, Wen?”

Wendy nodded, “Yeah, A. I’m the one asking.”

A shy smile replaced the look of confusion, and Aiden slid his underwear down to his knees. Then, he moved his feet to one side of her and pulled his underwear off, tossing it to the floor. Then, he straddled her again, feet on either side of her hips. He began to lower himself, but stopped, “Um, Wen?”


Aiden’s cherubic voice warbled, “Y-, your underwear? Um, they’re still wet. Do you, ah…?”

How a boy’s voice could make Wendy wet was beyond her. But there was no denying it. The wetness between her legs had little to do with her earlier bladder accident. She considered asking Aiden to help her pull her panties down. But the tremble in his voice left her wondering if she was pushing too hard. Instead, she said, “Do you mind if I take them off?”

Wordlessly, Aiden shook his head. Wendy’s fingers shook as she grabbed the hem of her panties and pulled them down below her knees. Then, she leaned forward enough to grab the boy’s hands and pulled until fell to his knees. Then his butt rested on her lap, hiding the top of her slit. Still holding his hands, Wendy pulled at him until his hands were once again playing with her boobs.



Even though Wendy’s boobs were small, there was a delightful softness under his hands as he massaged the surrounding tissue around her little areolas. And hearing the near-purring from the young woman left the boy feeling both delighted and confused.

Wendy had been adamant about them not dating until he was older. The last time they had talked about it, fourteen seemed the age Aiden would need to be in order for them to date. Yet, now they were both naked, him sitting on Wendy’s lap, his hands on her tits. His confusion was mostly for Wendy. After all, she was older than him and she’s the one who needed to feel comfortable with this.

Aiden wanted anything and everything Wendy would give him. If things had never gone further than a casual friendship, he would have been okay with it. But when Wendy decided being best of friends was something she was comfortable with, Aiden had been elated. Being best friends with the young woman meant spending even more time with her. And Wendy had been right about something about best friends. Best friends sometimes did stuff together that regular friends didn’t. After all, it had been with his best friend in the fifth grad where Aiden had learned about jacking off. How was this all that different?

Except it was. Aiden had never felt the tingling in the pit of his stomach for Brian or Derrick as he felt for Wendy. If Wendy wouldn’t relent and make him her boyfriend before he turned fourteen, Aiden would have no choice but to wait until then to be her boyfriend. But touching her boobs and seeing the trail of her pubic hair just below his balls, this was about more than even being best friends.

Aiden was already growing more comfortable with Wendy. After all, he had kissed her back a few minutes before. It was time to show her how much he enjoyed touching her. Thinking about a video he once saw online, he leaned forward, but instead of angling for Wendy’s lips, he moved his hand just before touching her nipple with his tongue.

Wendy moaned, “Ah, fuck!”

The profanity’s tone told Aiden he made the right choice. His lips locked around Wendy’s areola and his tongue licked and swirled around the rubbery texture of her nipple, all the while the young woman writhed under him.

When he finally sat up again, Aiden was rewarded by Wendy’s hand grabbing his stiffy. His erect tube tingled from the moment she touched him. And when she tugged on his stiffy, the tingles grew exponentially more powerful. Had Wendy kept at it he would have dry cummed. But Wendy let go after a few tugs and propped herself up on her elbows, “Wow, A. Where’d you learn to do that?”

Her boob was still slick with his saliva. He grinned, “The internet.”

Wendy’s playfully slapped his chest, “Figures. I liked it.”

Aiden enjoyed the light slap, “So, does that mean I can do it again?”

Wendy reached between them, sending shock waves of pleasure washing though Aiden’s body as she found his stiffy again, “Yeah, as long as I can do this.”

When Wendy let go, Aiden said, “That felt nice. Um, what now?”

Aiden had only the vaguest of ideas about what to do next. Sure, eventually he wanted to put his stiffy into the slit between Wendy’s legs. There was something innate about that desire. But he didn’t know about how to go about doing it. Maybe when Wendy was ready, she would show him how.

Wendy sighed, “We could stay like this all day, but we should probably get cleaned up. Would you…”

The look of expectation in the young woman’s eyes made his stiffy throb, “What?”

Wendy smiled up at him, “Want to take your shower with me?”

A smile creased Aiden’s face. Letting Wendy lead out sure simplified things, “Yeah, that’d be cool.”

The boy slipped off the bed and headed toward the bathroom with Wendy behind him. He stood by while she fiddled with the knobs and set the water temperature. Then, the young woman offered him her hand and Aiden followed her into the enclosed shower, where the rain showerhead soaked them.

Once in the shower, Wendy turned to him, standing toe to toe with him. Aiden’s stiffy pointed upward toward her slit, just a few inches away, “Would you like to wash me, A?”

Aiden’s stiffy twitched, “Yeah.”

Wendy grabbed a bottle of body wash from a ledge in the wall, “There’s a loofah, if you want.”

Aiden had seen the loofah before, but had never used one. And the idea of having anything get between his fingers and Wendy’s skin seemed silly. He took the bottle and drizzled the gel onto his palm. “Can I use my hands?”

When Wendy nodded, Aiden raised his soapy hands to her shoulders and rubbed the suds against her skin. The young woman’s normally soft and warm skin was slick and silky under the lather the boy spread around. Having permission to touch his best friend was heaven on earth. The best part was not needing to ask again to touch her boobs. He simply drizzled some bodywash across Wendy’s chest and then lathered each boob until he could scarcely see her milky-yellow skin under the soapy lather.

Wendy’s eyes were closed by the time Aiden finished soaping her breasts. The tiny moans of pleasure were all the boy needed to know that she approved. Her boobs were beyond clean long before the boy tired of them, but he moved on, soaping her stomach and abdomen too. Wendy’s next part, the part between her legs, was still a mystery. Where the slit between her legs started, there was a black mess of more or less straight hair. It spread a bit to either side, but not as far as the pictures he saw online. It also tapered away to smooth skin within a few inches toward her belly.

Aiden knelt and ran his soapy fingers along Wendy’s pubic mound, touching the silky strands of hair for the first time. Standing off to the side of the overhead shower, Wendy spread her legs, revealing more of the slit. Even below the pubic hair, Aiden could see the slit actually looked like a pair of lips. There was a bit of a fleshy bump of skin visible just inside the top of the slit. Curious, Aiden ran his slick fingers through the pubic hair until his index finger slipped into the slit.

The fleshy bump, Aiden discovered as his finger explored the tight space, was a slight hood hiding a little button of skin. When his finger touched that bump, Wendy shuddered and moaned, “Fuck!”

The look on Wendy’s face reminded Aiden of what he probably looked like when he dry cummed. The young woman didn’t move to stop him, so he explored the little nub of her flesh with his finger. Deeper inside the slit, there were mushy folds of skin that his knuckle went into as he kept plying the nub of Wendy’s skin with his finger.

The young woman’s legs shook as her groin pushed against Aiden’s finger. He barely understood what was happening, but more than wanting to see Wendy have her own cum, the boy wanted to make it happen. His finger inexpertly circled around the button as moisture not from the soap made his fingers even slicker. Then Wendy gripped his shoulders, digging her fingernails into him as she swore again and convulsed so hard that she had to lean back on the glass wall.

This was a million times better than watching a sexy video. More than that, the animal-like grunts and wordless moans were because of what Aiden had done. He leaned back on his knees, resting his tired hand as he glanced at Wendy’s face. When her eyes locked with his, she glowed with a smile, brighter than any Aiden had seen before. She sank to her knees and threw her arms around his neck, “Holy fuck, A. That was incredible. I’ve never cum that hard when doing it to myself. You’re fucking incredible!”

Then Wendy kissed him, her lips pressed hard against his. Aiden’s eyes went round when her tongue pushed past his lips. He felt something akin to an electrical shock when her tongue touched his, only better. When the kiss ended, the boy felt himself sliding to the floor of the enclosure. Wendy, kneeling over him, said, “How was that for a kiss?”

It took a handful of seconds for Aiden’s brain to connect the sensory overload of the kiss with French kisses he’d seen on TV. “You mean we could have been kissing like that before?”

Wendy giggled as she reached up and grabbed the body wash bottle, “I guess so. It’s just that was the first time for me too, A.”

She drizzled bodywash across Aiden’s torso and then leaned down and rubbed, turning the suds into a thick lather until she reached his penis. Then she gripped it and slid her hand up and down. The lather made him tingle and Aiden closed his eyes, enjoying the intensity building inside. The feeling swelled inside and before he knew it, Aiden moaned, “Ahh!”

His stiffy twitched and spasmed amid the most intense feeling in Aiden’s eleven years. Every kick felt like something was trying to burst out of his penis, and even though nothing spewed out, this cum was the best one ever.

When Wendy let go, Aiden felt like he was boneless, lying on the floor of the shower. He didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to do anything except bask in the afterglow of the most incredible twenty seconds of his life.

The water turning from warm to cold eventually made the boy move. A few minutes later, he and Wendy dried each other off. Then they returned to her bedroom, where they dressed before leaving to go to a late breakfast.

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