A Dream of Darkness – Chapter 1
Levi Holland

Chapter 1

Outside of the town of Misty Pines, Henry Tucker froze as his foot cracked against a fallen branch. A howl echoed in the night, buried beneath the chirping of insects. Out here there was no glow from the moon, no light from the town. It was all swallowed up by the thick, inky blackness of the woods. To Henry, this kind of darkness felt eternal, like it might never let him go.

He couldn’t remember how he entered the woods, and not for the first time, he wondered if he was even awake. There was no path to follow, just the endless forest and the same lingering fog hovering around his feet. Even as he tiptoed cautiously, his mom’s voice echoed in the back of his head, warning Henry and his younger brother Keegan about the dangers of the forest. Even though he was already twelve, she still pressed him about it whenever he ventured out. He knew about Stranger Danger and to avoid wild animals, so what was the big deal?

Pausing again, Henry picked up on a sound he didn’t recognize. A low thrum rolled across the dead leaves, reverberating through his bones. The sound was a siren’s call, beckoning him closer, and as Henry traveled another quarter mile towards the noise, he reached a small clearing through the trees where a sliver of pale blue moonlight revealed the opening of a cave.

Henry was certain he would have remembered any caves nearby, especially with all the exploring he’d done over the years. He knew he was at a pivotal point where he could turn back and find his way home without taking another step closer. The deep hum had only grown more intense. The rough tree bark quivered beneath his palm, and the earth shook through his sneakers. The vibrations were having a deeper effect on him, too, as he grew hard in his jeans.

“Great,” he muttered. “Perfect timing.”

Erections were a part of everyday life, he knew. Sex-ed had tried to make that abundantly clear, but it didn’t help when they actually sprang up. What they should have taught all the boys, Henry thought, was how to take care of their hard-ons rather than coaching them with useless advice like shoving a hand in your pocket to readjust your penis or wrapping a sweatshirt around your waist to hide the bulge. Thank god he’d figured out the way to handle them on his own. The past couple months had been a game changer since then. If he wasn’t creeped the fuck out, he’d probably have taken care of his little problem right away.

Henry tried to pinch his arm as hard as he could. If this was a dream, maybe that would help snap him out of it. He didn’t wake up, but more unsettling was how the humming had suddenly stopped. Maybe stopped wasn’t the right word. The humming had retreated, and Henry was now certain the noise had originated from the cave, somewhere deep within that darkness.


Henry gave up on pinching and slapped himself hard in the face. Wake up, he thought. Wake up, wake up, wake up.

“Don’t be nervous, Henry.”

Fuck this. He was out. He spun on his heels to sprint as far and fast as possible. If he smacked into some trees on his way back to safety, then so be it. He took one step forward when his body betrayed him. He was frozen in place.

“I don’t like this!” he called out. “Let me go!”

Henry could no longer see the opening of the cave, but the deep vibrations began again, this time pulsing, growing in strength, as if someone…or something…was stepping closer. The misty fog which had given the town its namesake had thickened like coiling fingertips around his ankles and up his knees. The fog brushed against his skin teasingly, and Henry couldn’t stop his teeth from chattering as he nervously licked his lips.

“What do you want from me?” he dared to ask.

“You, Henry,” the voice said. It was neither masculine nor feminine. It carried no tone. Its voice was feathers on his skin. “I want to give you a gift.”

A hand gripped his shoulder, and though he couldn’t see it, he nearly fainted as a tickling pleasure radiated throughout his body. The vellus hairs on his neck and arms raised to attention, and he shuddered as his eyes rolled. If he’d been hard before, he was fucking steel now. Henry tried to shake the pleasure away, because while it felt more incredible than anything he’d experienced before—there was something disturbing about where it was coming from.

“It’s okay to relax, Henry,” the voice whispered, so close to his ear. It started to coat him like a thick blanket. “It’s okay to let go.”

“Please don’t hurt me,” Henry whispered in return.

The voice laughed in a whispering bark as the mist and pleasure swallowed him whole. His lungs had seized up. Tears began to fill his eyes as Henry tried to think of a way to escape, but he couldn’t move! Couldn’t cry for help! Couldn’t take a breath! He thought for certain he was about to explode from the intense feelings rushing through him, that his body would rip into pieces, when—


Henry’s dick was going nuts as his eyes sprang open, sunlight blinding him through his bedroom window. His heart hammered inside his chest, and his sweaty black hair was matted to his head. Sitting up in bed, Henry tore back his covers until his pajamas came into view. A large wet patch was spreading against the cloth where his erection pressed against it, still twitching and incredibly sensitive as his orgasm faded.

Four months ago, Henry’s first wet dream hadn’t felt nearly as intense as this one. An awkward conversation followed with his dad when Henry was convinced he’d pissed the bed. His dad had been just as embarrassed and tiptoed around a lot of the specifics, which ultimately just meant that Henry had to endure an even longer conversation as his dad tried to re-explain himself several times. To make matters worse, his ten-year-old brother Keegan kept pestering him multiple times that day about what was going on. He was a good younger brother, but sometimes Henry wished he would mind his own business.

He jumped out of his bed to make sure he hadn’t stained his sheets before changing out of his pajama bottoms. The inside of his pants were soaked, and a thin sheen of cum clung to the inside fabric. Henry couldn’t remember ever cumming more in the past. He buried his pajama pants beneath several clothes in his hamper. No need to have the cum smell wafting through his bedroom. Before grabbing a fresh pair of boxers, Henry examined his softening penis. It hung about two inches, and the few curly pubes around the outside of his dick seemed to be filling in more. He found it funny that he’d gone his whole life uninterested in his dick, and then all at once, it seemed like he’d grown a dozen hairs without ever spotting the first.

Henry thought back to his dream as he grabbed his shower towel. Only a handful in his life had ever felt so real—this one was so intense, between him walking through the forest, the vibrations tactile across his skin, and that disembodied voice. Even in memory it sent chills down his spine.

By the time Henry stepped into the kitchen after showering, combing his hair, and brushing his teeth, his younger brother had already taken the elementary school bus. His mom was in the kitchen, grabbing her laptop and a few other supplies for work.

“Finally,” she said, “Wasn’t sure I’d see you before I had to leave.”

“Sorry, bad dream,” he said with a yawn and grabbed a carton of orange juice from the fridge.

“Well, all better now,” she said, only half paying attention as she scrolled through her phone. Once she left for work in the city, she wouldn’t be back until nearly six in the evening. Henry’s dad worked similar hours, only he had to leave even earlier in the morning. Before leaving, Henry gave her a kiss goodbye and packed his book bag for the day.

Misty Pines was an okay place to live, Henry thought. It was a small town tucked away in a little valley between the Virginian mountains, but that was part of the charm. The weather was comfortable most months, and they weren’t teased with only a few short days of fall and spring. The only problem was that things were a bit…boring. You had to create your own fun. Sometimes that meant pickup games with a few kids down the street, hanging out at the swimming hole on hot days, or exploring through the woods. Except maybe he would hold off on his treks through the forest for the time being.

Sitting on the outskirts of town was Misty Pines Middle, the only feeder school for the surrounding elementary schools. As Henry made his way off the bus, he walked through the common area until he found his best friend Aiden standing alone in the courtyard. They met last year in 6th grade, but already they were tighter than two friends could be. Henry knew he could share anything with Aiden. Well, almost anything.

At the start of their friendship, Henry struggled to understand why Aiden made him feel a little goofy in his chest. Being around his friend was the first time Henry could remember springing a boner out of the blue. It wasn’t until a few months later when he started connecting the dots—he was attracted to Aiden. The boy had a scruffy head of unkempt, pale blond hair, was short for his age, and a mischievous smirk lived on his face. He had never gotten into any real trouble, but Henry had always found himself a willing partner-in-crime fora number of Aiden’s pranks.

“Dude, you’ll never believe this,” Aiden said, waving him over as he bounced between feet. “Take a look at what Tyler did to his hair last night.”

Aiden pointed at the row of jocks leaning together against the courtyard wall. One of them was Tyler who played on the JV basketball squad for the school. Beside him, Molly Sinclair was practically hanging from his arm to keep his attention. What Aiden wanted Henry to see was Tyler’s new haircut, the same mullet he usually wore, but now with the sides completely shaved off.

“No way,” Henry said.

“I know. Totally stupid, right? Also, could Molly the Slut be any more obvious today? Her tits are basically hanging out.”

Not for the first time, Henry pushed down the pang in his chest. While Henry knew he was 100% undeniably gay, he was also about as sure as you could be that Aiden was straight. It didn’t change much at all about their friendship, but a friendship was all it would ever be. That was okay with him. To Henry, their friendship was the most important thing he had. He wouldn’t ever want to ruin that.

“Totally,” Henry agreed, and the two laughed, hanging out until the first bell echoed across the courtyard.

The start of the day was a breeze but a bore. Math sucked, but what else was new? Algebra always made Henry fuzzy in the head when dealing with numbers and letters together. Several times he tried stealing glances at Suzie Lee’s paper, but when she caught him peering over at her paper, she covered it with her hand and turned away from him.

Later on in reading, the class had started their presentations for their book reports. Most of these Henry wanted to doze through, but some of his more attractive classmates, like Max and Asher, would give him plenty to eye-bang when it was their turn.

Henry sighed. Why couldn’t any of the crazy hot boys also be gay? He knew Asher played soccer, and even though he wasn’t buff in the traditional sense, his arms and legs looked really nice from all the toning and warm sun. Henry wasn’t sure if Max played any sports, but he had one of those faces that was pleasing on all sides: full lips, a set of blue eyes with dark hair, along with a smattering of freckles. Oh yeah, he certainly wouldn’t mind getting to eye-bang the two of them during their projects. Instead, he had to suffer through stupid not-hot Rachael stumbling over her words at the front of the class.

Henry’s stomach was in a nonstop grumble by the time lunch rolled around, and he grabbed an extra snack from the stand to go with his burger. The cafeteria was already a chaotic mess of people narrowly missing each other with their lunch trays as they searched for their friends. Aiden was at the same table they sat at every day, already munching through a plate of salad.

“What is it with you and salad?” Henry asked.

“Hey!” Aiden said through a mouthful of lettuce and ranch. “I gotta maintain alllll this, or I’ll never get any before high school!”

Through Aiden’s talking, a bit of ranch trickled down his chin, the white smear fueling Henry’s imagination enough to burn his cheeks alive.

“You good, dude? Not getting sick, are you?”

Henry blinked out of his fever dream and coughed to clear his throat before opening his milk. “Pssh, as if. May wanna lick your lip, though, you slob.”

“Like this?” Aiden asked before excessively licking his tongue around his lips. “Oh Jessica, oh Molly, you turn me on soooo much!”

“Gross!” Henry shouted and laughed at Aiden’s sloppy ranch goatee.

After Aiden wiped his lips with his napkin, he gave them a loud smack before eating more salad. “Seriously though, are you good? You seemed a little off when you first got to school. Keegan’s not being an asshole, is he?”

Memories of the cave and the shadowy hand on Henry’s shoulder flashed through his mind. He shook the thought away before it gave him the heebie jeebies. He considered sharing the dream with his friend, but wasn’t sure how much detail he wanted to go in. They were best friends, so of course they had stayed up late talking about personal things like jerking off and sex, and even though they’d never seen each other naked, they both shared when their first pubes started coming in. But the nightmare was different—it disturbed Henry in a way he couldn’t explain.

“I’m fine. I just didn’t sleep well last night.”

There was a small break in Aiden’s smile, like he was distracted by something else. The small, blond boy shifted a bit in his seat before grinning in a smirk. Within seconds, Aiden was back to his normal, goofy self. It wasn’t long before they were joined by a few of their other lunch mates, and the rest of their time passed talking about baseball, Fortnite, and their lame ass homework they were given that day.

The rest of Henry’s classes blurred by, and before he knew it, the school day was done, and he was back on the bus heading home. He plugged in his earbuds before pulling up his favorite pop station on Spotify. Settling in to his seat, Henry tried to suppress the huge yawn that welled up inside. His eyes fluttered closed as he leaned against the window and drifted off to the sounds of Billie Eilish.

“Heeeenry…” It was the voice. He was back at the cave. Back in the darkness. “Remember, Heeeenry…”

“Yo, Henry!”

Someone slapped his shoulder, and Henry snapped awake as the bus’s brakes squealed to a stop at his street corner. A boy from down the street named Ben was standing in the aisle, blocking the path from a smaller sixth grade girl who kept trying to slip around him unsuccessfully.

“Must’ve fallen asleep,” Henry mumbled.

“Yeah, no shit,” Ben said. “Time to go.”

Henry folded up his headphones and snatched his bag before stepping off the bus. A thick blanket of gray clouds had rolled in overhead as thunder grumbled in the distance. There was little chance of playing outside now, he thought. Instead, he bee-lined for his house, opening the front door with his latchkey. Keegan would have already been home from school, waiting in the house for Henry’s return while their parents were at work.

“I’m home!” he called out.

Henry went to his bedroom to drop off his book bag before grabbing a soda on his way past the kitchen and into the living room. He found Keegan in a pair of gym shorts and a loose t-shirt watching an old rerun of Teen Titans as Robin and the gang leapt into action to fight a group of baddies.

“Want some chips?” Keegan asked as Henry took a seat on the far side of the couch.

“Sure!” Henry grabbed a handful from the bag and cracked open the soda he brought with him.

As they watched cartoons, Henry and Keegan talked about their day at school, but it didn’t take long for their conversation to die down. Henry’s mind was fixated on the dream from the night before. He thought he remembered watching some Youtube video about dreams being reflections of one’s subconscious, but were recurring dreams a thing? And if that was the case, he didn’t have any clue how to prevent them from happening.

Dreams couldn’t hurt him, he knew that. Maybe there was no harm in enjoying the parts of the dream that had been good. For one, he’d came. Like, a lot. And that had been a pretty awesome feeling. Normally when he came, it was a quick spurt or two, and even then, most of it was pretty watery, although his cum had gotten whiter over the last few weeks. He knew that meant he was making real sperm now.

Beside him, Keegan kept shifting on the couch, moving his bowl of chips to the side, and then shifting again before tucking his feet up underneath himself.

“What’s got you all antsy?” Henry asked.

“Nothing, sorry,” his brother mumbled, trying to focus on the show.

Thinking about cumming had the inevitable effect of making Henry hard, and he snuck a hand in his pants pocket to adjust himself, pointing his dick towards his stomach. The vibrations from the dream had been the most intense when the creature had its hand on Henry’s shoulder. That was when he could feel the pleasure coursing through his entire body, ebbing and flowing like a rolling wave crashing to shore. There was something the voice had said, as well, something about giving Henry a gift.

Henry was just about to excuse himself from the couch so he could take care of Little Henry in the privacy of his bathroom when Keegan let out a soft groan beside him.

“It…oh…” Keegan whispered and stared down at his gym shorts. His brother’s face was flushed and his eyes unfocused as he shuddered in place. Henry spotted a small tent poking against his brother’s gym shorts that bucked several times against the fabric. Keegan was breathing like he’d just sprinted a marathon as the pulsing in his shorts slowed to a stop.

Holy shit, Henry thought. Did his brother just have an orgasm right beside him?

“Uhh,” Henry stuttered, his dick painfully hard in his jeans. “I’ll be right back. Need to use the bathroom!”

He leapt from the couch, and the moment he shut the bathroom door behind him, Henry unsnapped his jeans and dropped his pants to his knees. His dick was a leaky mess as a strand of precum dripped from the tip to the bathroom floor. Henry closed a hand around his four-inch cock and nearly came right then. The combination of remembering the dream while his brother had his cum right beside him was too much. Within a quick flurry of strokes, Henry squeezed his eyes shut and groaned as his orgasm struck. He was overcome with the pleasurable thumping happening behind his balls as his watery load jetted from his dick.

With his orgasm dying down, Henry regained his breath as he leaned against the sink counter. He hadn’t been awake for the orgasm this morning, but this had been a top 5 explosion for sure. He wiped his cummy hand with a few pieces of tissue paper before flushing them down the toilet.

Now that the sexual urge ripping through him had faded, Henry wasn’t sure what to think. On one hand, he had found it incredibly hot to see another boy in the throes of pleasure, but on the other hand that boy was his ten-year-old brother. There was a guilty part of him wondering if he’d witnessed his brother’s first ever orgasm. The last time they’d been naked together was in the bath nearly three years ago. Back then, Henry didn’t have the faintest clue of what sex really was or the joys his penis could bring him. There were times Henry’s dick had stiffened in front of his brother, but those moments were always embarrassing and made him self-conscious, even though it occasionally happened to Keegan as well.

He doubted Keegan had any clue at all about what just happened to him. Not only that, but there was the incredible coincidence of it all. Was it just by chance that the moment Henry had remembered the words about a gift from his dream, remembered and relived the intense pleasure he’d felt, that his brother had an orgasm? Henry knew that sounded silly, stupid even. His brother had probably just gotten hard and overwhelmed by the feeling of his penis rubbing against the fabric of his gym shorts.

When Henry finally unlocked the door to leave the bathroom, he went to his room for the rest of the afternoon, conflicted with thoughts running through his mind…

End of Part 1

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All rights reserved

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