Kyle’s Little Discovery – Part 2

I couldn’t sleep. I had told mom the Scooby-Doo shirt was too hot. And I guess it is, but the real reason is that I liked how it felt when she had given me my bath and when she had dried me off. Staying in my underwear just felt better. I’m not sure why.

I tossed and turned for a bit, but couldn’t get my mind to go to sleep. At first, all I could think about was how embarrassed I was when Mom saw my thing get stiff. Since the start of the third grade, I just knew she’d hated my thing. When I shifted onto my side, my thoughts turned to how good it felt when Mom washed my penis. I got stiff again when she did that. But this time, I didn’t feel near as weird, not now that I knew mom didn’t hate it anymore.

I got up, hoping a glass of water would help me sleep. I had drained it and then peed into the toilet. I almost forgot to close the lid, but my mom’s voice in my head told me not to forget.

Mom usually stays up a lot later than me. She tells me it’s because I’m a growing boy and need lots of sleep. I think it’s so that she can read her books and not have me bothering her. Maybe I could ask her if she will rub my back until I fall asleep. That used to help me sleep.

Her door was closed, but I could see the light from her TV flicker under the door. So, I knocked. I put my head to the door and listened. I thought I heard her. It sounded like she was hurting, so I knocked again. Still, she didn’t answer.

I opened the door. Mom was lying on her big bed. I could see both her legs spread wide. She had something between her legs; it looked like it was inside her, uh, girl thing. She moaned as she pulled the blue thing from her butt.

Then she looked up and saw me.

“Kyle!” she nearly screamed.

She sounded really angry, and I felt like I saw something I wasn’t supposed to. I froze and leaned against the door. Tears flowed down my cheeks. I just knew she was going to punish me bad for opening the door.

She swung her legs out of bed and ran over to me and said, “What are you doing in here, sweetie. Mommy had closed the door.”

I couldn’t help myself, sure that she was going to tell me I had really messed up. “I, I, uh, knocked a c-couple of times, M-mom. I t-though you were h-hurting and I c-came in.”

I couldn’t take my eyes from my mom’s boobs. They looked soft and warm, reminding me of an icecream cone. And they were not so big that they hung down. No, they pointed toward me. In the middle of each boob was a dark pink circle, the size of a bicentennial quarter. Part of her boob poked out from there, the size of one of my pencil’s erasers.

I realized I shouldn’t stare and lowered my eyes. That’ when I saw her girl parts. Once, my friend Billy had brought his dad’s girlie magazine to school. He showed it to us at lunch. There were pictures of women, like my mom, and they had lots of hair between their legs. Mom didn’t look the same way. Hers looked different. Sort of like mine, without any hair… but like what girls have.

Even though I saw all of my mom, I hadn’t stopped crying, and she hugged me tight and said, “There, there, Kyle. It’s okay.”

She pulled me over to her bed. I guess she realized she wasn’t wearing anything. Before she dragged me onto the bed, she wrapped herself in a long, flowing bathrobe.

Mom sat me in her lap and asked, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you knock. Hmm, what did you see when you opened the door?”

It was hard for me to forget Mom’s legs spread wide and that blue thing she had between them. It didn’ seem like it would fit up her butt. Do people really do that?

Mom hugged me and said, “It’s okay, Kyle. I promise I won’t be upset. Momma just wants to know.”

While I didn’t really want to admit to her what I’d seen, my mom is good at knowing when I’m lying. So, I said, “I saw you, um, putting that blue thing in your, uh, butt. Is that why you were hurting?”

I don’t know why she smiled. But she did. “I wasn’t hurting, Kyle. Sometimes, well, people do things when they’re alone to feel good. Have you ever done things that make you feel good, like in your tummy?”

I know my face turned red when Mom asked that. She couldn’t possibly know about the good feelings when I rub against a pole? She can’t possibly know…

I shrugged, “Dunno. I guess.”

I could see Mom thinking. She said, “Well, when I gave you a bath this evening, and you asked me to wash your penis, it felt good, right?”

“Yeah. I got a stiffy.”

Mom nodded, “That’s right. Well, I was doing something like that.”

I was confused. It had sounded like she’d been hurting. “Up your butt?”

Mom giggled and shook her head, “Oh, sweety, no. Not up my butt. We’ve talked about how girls have more than just their butt down there, right.”

I felt my tummy lurch. She was talking about her girl thing. I am nine, so I know that girls have a hole instead of a thing between their legs. I know that men put their things in women’s holes. Nine months later, a baby comes out of a woman’s hole. See, I know what I’m talking about.

Still, I was confused. “What was that blue thing for? You can’t use that to make a baby, can you?”

Mom’s face got really red. She even put her hand over her mouth. I was starting to worry I’d said something wrong when Mom shook her head, “No, Kyle. That blue thing can’t make a baby. Only a man can do that.”

“What is it?”

I could see Mom was about to put the blue thing in her shoebox when she changed her mind. “Well, what’s this look like to you?”

The blue thing looked like it was plastic or something like that. It was long, almost a foot, I think. And narrow. It was no thicker than the D-batteries that I use to power my remote-control car. Then I realized it looked a little bit like my thing, which was still stiff in my Scooby-Doo shorts.

I was red as a beat as I said, “Well, it looks a lot bigger than my thing, but it looks kinda like it.”

Mom looks pretty when her cheeks blush red. She said, “Thing? Sweetie. It has a name, you know.”

Penis? Anytime any of the boys at school called it that, everyone else made fun of them. It sounds kind of dirty, too. Still, if that’s what mom wanted me to call it, then, okay.

I felt silly, “Well, it does look a lot bigger than my…penis.”

Mom smiled and ran her hand through my hair. “Well, one day, your penis will get big, like this one. When that happens, you’ll be able to make a baby with the woman you love.”

I shook my head, “If my uh, penis is blue like that, there’s going to be a big problem.”

We both laughed. Most of the time, when I make a joke, Mom just gives me that stupid look, but her laughter right then was the real thing.

“Any other questions?” she asked.

I glanced at the blue penis-shaped thing she was still holding, “Uh, well, if you can’t make a baby with that thing, and you’re putting it in your, umm, hole…”

Mom put her hand up, “Oh, for Pete’s sake, Kyle. It’s my vagina. Calling it a hole is just… well, I don’t like it.”

I must have turned even redder. Some of the girls at school will point to their privates and call it their vaginas. All the boys run away, saying the girls have cooties. Still, deep inside, I knew Mom was right. “Okay, anyway, you were putting it in your, uh, vagina. How does it make you feel better?”

Mom hardly ever told me that she’d tell me something when I got older. She’s not that kind of mother. Sometimes I don’t always understand what she’s telling me, but that doesn’t happen as much anymore. But I was afraid she was about to tell me that.

Instead, she said, “When I put that ointment on your penis before your bath earlier, had you been doing something that made it feel good?”

Uh-oh. Mom had noticed the pole. I shrugged, “Yeah.”

“Rubbing up against things?”

I shrugged. I could see she knew what I’d been doing. “It feels nice.”

Mom smiled as she held up the blue penis, “Well, women sometimes do the same thing with one of these. Just like you and the pole, this helps me feel better.”

Have you ever seen a cartoon where the lightbulb pops on over someone? That’s what it was like for me. I never realized that girls, or even moms, had similar feelings, like when I rubbed my thing, uh, penis.

Mom returned the blue penis to the shoebox and said, “Anything else, honey?”

I shook my head. “No. But, uh, can I sleep in here? I couldn’t sleep, and maybe if you rub my back, I’ll fall asleep quicker.”

“Sure, Kyle,” she pulled back the covers and patted the spot next to her, “Lay here, and I’ll rub your back.”

Kyle bounced around a few times before stretching out face down on the bed. I had no illusions that if he fell asleep that my sleep wouldn’t be quite as restful. My beautiful baby was an active sleeper. Still, even though I was trying to wrap my mind around the last fifteen minutes, part of me wanted him close tonight.

Kyle just wanted his back rubbed. No deep tissue or anything like that. Gently rubbing did the trick. And as I rubbed on his back, I thought back over the past fifteen minutes.

When I realized the door was open, and Kyle was watching me push the vibrator into my pussy, I could have died right then and there. Worse, he froze up, like he was petrified with fear, and I ran over and pulled him to me without thinking about how naked I was. It wasn’t until I got him over to the bed and realized he’d been gawking at my tits that I put on a bathrobe.

Our conversation had really challenged a promise I made to myself a couple of years earlier that I’d always try to tell him the truth. God, I never realized when I made that promise, he’d see me getting off with a vibrating dildo.

It could have been worse. After I got Kyle settled and he started asking questions, the tent in his underwear went away. I swear, when did nine-year-old boys start sporting boners all the time?

Kyles’s pale skin was warm to my touch. That paleness would give way to a nice tan once summer arrived. There were no blemishes, no birthmarks anywhere on his body. Just a perfect nine-year-old boy. My fingers caressed his neck, brushing against his curly blond locks. He’d gotten his blond hair from me, but the curls were all his father’s.

I rubbed my hand over his shoulder blades and down the narrow of his back along his spine, and over his lower back, brushing against the blue and green of his underwear. By now, I could hear his rhythmic breathing. He was asleep.

I turned out the lights and put a couple of feet between Kyle and me, hoping it would be enough to let me sleep in peace.

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