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Date Night Discovery

Date Night Discovery
Jason Crow

Date Night Discovery

“What are you looking at?” I asked, a bit snarky, as I noticed a guy staring at me from the bar. The man seemed like a typical hillbilly, so full of himself that he resembled a cartoon version of him. Despite his attempt to undress me with his eyes, I was here just to get hammered with my roommate and best friend, Gemma, and had no interest in him. However, when I checked on Gemma, I found her in a corner, kissing a guy whose hands roamed over her body. Great!

Gemma and I often went out together, and it wasn’t unusual for us to end the night separately, each going home with someone. Since I was twenty-five and she was a year older, we felt free to do as we pleased and had no problems doing so. We even ended up in bed together after a wild night, but we both agreed that we enjoyed the company of hot guys a lot more.

Finding attractive guys on a Saturday night like this wasn’t a challenge for us. We basically looked the same. Firm C-cup boobs that we loved to accentuate with loads of cleavage, smooth muscular bellies, and tight asses showcased in either tight jeans or short skirts. The only difference was Gemma’s blonde hair compared to my dark-brown locks. Currently, my hair cascaded in loose curls around my shoulders, though during the day, I usually wore it in a ponytail.

The hillbilly, who had been eyeing me, walked over. I sighed deeply, not in the mood to reject another guy, when I noticed someone else checking me out. He appeared a bit younger, and I even doubted if he was allowed to drink yet.

However, he looked amazing standing there. He was tall, blonde, had piercing blue eyes, and a tight white T-shirt showcasing his muscular chest and bronzed skin. I winked at him and put my hair behind my ear, signaling my interest. He responded with a warm smile, and I knew I had him hooked.

“Hi. I have to ask you… Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got FINE written all over you,” the guy who was eyeing me earlier said as he got close to me.

I looked at him as he checked me out from top to bottom. He looked at me as if I was a piece of meat, his face smug about his opening line. I opened my mouth to tell him to go fuck himself when the guy in the white T-shirt appeared.

“Really, dude? You think that kind of cheesy line will work on such a beautiful lady?”

“I… uhm…” the hillbilly stammered.

“Wanna dance?” the guy in the white T-shirt asked, extending his hand.

“Love to!”

We hit the dance floor, dancing for a few minutes before finding ourselves talking at one end of the room.

“I’m Steve,” he said, smiling broadly, and asked, “You want some pickup lines?”

I shook my head, but he didn’t wait for an answer. With a massive grin on his face, he began. “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.”

“Oh boy…” I said, laughing loudly.

“Don’t worry. There’s more where that came from,” he chuckled, “Like… Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?”


“Are you a magician? Because when I’m looking at you, you make everyone else disappear!”

“Stop it!” I laughed.

“I think your father is a thief! He stole two stars from heaven and put them in your beautiful eyes.”

He continued with pickup lines as if I wasn’t even there, a straight face intact. By now, I was laughing loudly and playfully slapped his chest.

“I’m not usually religious, but when I saw you, I knew you were the answer to my prayers.”

“I mean it! Stop it!” I said and kept my hand on his chest, enjoying the feeling of his muscular pecs under my fingers.

“I didn’t think anyone would actually use these lines anymore. That guy apparently didn’t get the memo.”

I wiped a tear from my eye and said, “Guess not. Thanks for saving me. I’m Carol.”

This was the start of a fantastic evening. We drank some drinks. Well… we drank a lot, actually. I learned that, according to his fake ID, Steve was twenty-one. But he actually was only nineteen. This put me off at first because I never went to bed with a guy this young.

But the more we talked and drank, the more attractive he became. He was sophisticated, funny, well-dressed, and simply looked like a young Adonis. I lay my hand on his jeans as we started kissing and slowly moved it toward his crotch. He didn’t object, and when I cupped the bulge in his pants, I was surprised by how well-endowed he felt.

“Wanna go to my place?” I asked, feeling the urge to get him inside me and ride his cock like a cowgirl.

“Sorry! I can’t,” he said, noticing my disappointment. “But we can go to my place if you want.”

“You’ve got your own place?”

“Well… not exactly. I still live with my parents. And my little brother is home alone now. I promised my dad that I’d watch him.”

“Oh…” I said, looking disappointed again.

“Don’t worry. He’s twelve and won’t bother us. I promise! And I think we can have a lot of fun together.”

He leaned in, nibbling on the sensitive spot under my ear, his hand moving up over my leg and under my skirt. The moment his fingers brushed over the laced front of my tiny string and his teeth gently scraped my neck, I was a goner.

“Let’s go,” I hoarsely said.

Steve ordered an Uber, and we headed out. As we stood outside waiting, I checked my phone and saw Gemma had sent me a text saying she was at our apartment with the guy she had met earlier. During the ride, Steve couldn’t keep his hands off me. I wasn’t a prude, but seeing the driver’s eyes constantly checking us out in the rear-view mirror was a bit of a turn-off. Despite that, I didn’t mind him squeezing my boobs every now and then.

We stopped at a huge mansion in a part of town I rarely visited since it was reserved for the wealthy. After my recent unemployment, I had even fewer reasons to be there.

As we walked toward the front door, I was amazed by the fantastic house Steve lived in. Okay, it was his father’s house, but still. It was modern, white with black accents, and the way the lights made it stand out in the night gave it a ‘fuck you, we’re loaded!’ vibe.

In the living room, the table in front of the TV was littered with a half-full pizza box, empty soda bottles, ice cream packages, and other stuff I couldn’t make out. But before I could take a good look at it, Steve was all over me.

As we went up to his room, I was stunned by how big this place was. But Steve was very good at keeping me occupied, so before I knew it, we were inside his room. I didn’t waste any time and dropped to my knees. After I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, I sucked in a breath.

Inside his white Calvin Klein boxers, a monster tented out the fabric. I couldn’t wait to see it, so I pulled the black waistband forward and freed his hard cock. It stood at a forty-five-degree angle from his hairless groin, and the seven, probably eight inches of throbbing meat was something I’d only seen in porn so far.

It was the first time I had sex with a guy who’d shaved himself. Somehow, this turned me on even more. I’d always thought it would feel like having sex with a little boy, but now that I looked at this massive cock on a hairless groin, I felt a tremble inside my cunt. I didn’t waste any more time, licked my lips, and eagerly went down on his massive pole.

It turned out that he knew how to use his tool! After I sucked him off for a while, cramping my jaws in the process, he entered me. Thankfully, he did it with care because I haven’t felt this stretched before. But once he started going, he was like the energizer rabbit. He came quickly, which he later blamed on my more than excellent blowjob. But after he came, he stayed hard and just kept on going.

We fucked for almost an hour, but after he came for the third time, it was over. I only managed one orgasm during this fucking frenzy, and that was when he went down on me. He was just too big for me to really push me over the edge. But maybe the alcohol had something to do with that, too.

“You’re staying the night?” Steve asked as he lay down next to me.

“If you don’t mind…”

“Of course not.”

We pulled up the thin bedsheets, each on our own side of the bed. Steve yawned loudly, and before I knew it, I was out like a light.

* * *


I opened my eyes, and it took me a moment to realize where I was. Steve was lying to my right with his back toward me and didn’t move.


I lifted my head and looked at the door. There, in the dim hallway light, was a smaller copy of the guy who was lying next to me. He was standing there in just his bright-green boxer briefs, looking helplessly into the room.

“Get lost, Bri,” Steve grumbled next to me.


The boy sniffed and looked so vulnerable as he stood there. But at the same time, I couldn’t help myself and let my eyes roam over his boyish body. I liked how his hairless body almost radiated in the hallway lights. This only lasted for the lesser half of a second, but I couldn’t deny it happened.

“I had a bad dream, and… my tummy hurts,” he softly said and sniffed again, “can I sleep with you?”

Steve didn’t respond, and I heard his breathing deepen, and he was asleep again.

“Well, that’s a dick move,” I thought to myself.

The boy shifted his weight from one foot to the other and was about to turn around. I was completely naked under the sheets, so I hesitated for a moment. But looking at his smooth, tight body and the thought of feeling it next to me triggered something inside. I didn’t want to admit it, but I found this young boy extremely interesting. And I blamed my motherly instincts for wanting to comfort him.

So, right before he turned around, I whispered, “Hey, kid! You can come over here if you want.”

His face lit up, and he strained his neck to see who I was. After a couple of seconds, he stepped into the room, tiptoed around the bed, and stood next to me. My eyes landed briefly on his crotch, and I was impressed by the bulge in his underwear. What was wrong with me? This was a freaking kid!

“Who are you?” he asked softly.

“I’m Carol. A friend of your brother. Who are you?”

“I’m Brian,” he said, and a sly smile spread across his face, which was an odd contrast with his puffy eyes.

“Lemme scoot over so you can get in.”

I turned to my left side so my back was toward Steve’s. I moved back a little and lifted the sheet a bit as an invitation for Brian to get in. I was careful to not lift it too high. He caught on and crawled into the bed with his back toward me. I draped my arm over his midsection and kissed his hair. He smelled like a mix of popcorn and axe body spray, which brought a smile to my face.

He scooted backward so his back was pressed against my front and chuckled. I felt my hard nipples press against his shoulder blades, but surprisingly, it didn’t bother me one bit.

“You’re naked,” he whispered secretively as if he told me something he wasn’t allowed to know.

“Yeah… didn’t bring my PJ’s with me.”

“Did you do… sexy stuff together?”

“That’s kind of a personal question,” I said and stroked the soft skin on his chest, “but, yeah. We did.”

“I thought so. I heard you guys earlier. Wha- OW!”

He cramped up and pushed his body firmer against mine. I felt sorry for the kid and tried soothing him by kissing him on his cheek.

“It’s my tummy…” he whined.

My hand moved down from his chest to rub him over his belly. Feeling his soft, velvety skin under my fingertips was something I’ve never felt before. Usually, there’d be hairs down there one way or the other, but this boy’s skin was as smooth as a baby’s ass. Feeling his developing muscles was a weird contrast, but I absolutely loved how it felt.

“Better?” I asked as I gently rubbed over his belly.

“I guess…”

“What’s wrong with your tummy?” I asked after gently rubbing it for a while.


“Did you eat too much ice cream, maybe?”


“Probably…” I chuckled.

“Steve lets me eat what I want as long as I don’t tell Mom or Dad.”

“I see. And where are your parents?”

“Mom is at a tennis tournament somewhere in Florida with her teacher. And Dad is on another business trip with his secretary.”

Oh wow! It can’t be more cliché than this. Filthy-rich parents pretending to be married but screwing around as much as they want. And their kids need to figure it out on their own. I felt sorry for the boy lying in front of me.

“Steve was supposed to watch me, but I don’t need a babysitter anymore. Had my birthday last month, and now I’m already twelve, you know?”

“I see. You’re a big boy”. I can tell.”

“Yeah… He does this all the time. Every Saturday evening, he buys me pizza and stuff so he can go out and find a girlfriend. He usually does…” Brian said and giggled as I put a finger in his belly button, ”Usually not as nice as you, by the way.”

It didn’t bother me one bit that Steve slept around like this. I did precisely the same, and we both knew what was happening here.

We were quiet for a few moments. As I rubbed his soft belly, an evil little voice whispered inside my head. It was wondering if this sweet boy was this soft and smooth everywhere… I dismissed this thought at first, but it just kept coming back, no matter how hard I pushed it away.

As if my hand had a mind of its own, it moved down and brushed the skin right along the elastic waistband of his boxers. I didn’t know what it was, but I just had to know. My fingers moved to the side of his little body, and right below his hipbone, his boxers had a tiny bit of space between his skin.

“How’s your tummy?” I whispered.

“A little better.”

I slid my fingers under the elastic waistband and moved them toward his front. They were still just under the waistband, but I wanted to see how he reacted to this.

I loved how his silky-smooth skin felt under my fingertips, and I whispered a soft “Good” into his ears.

“Yeah. Your fingers feel really good.”

As he said this, I slowly moved them down and rubbed my fingers in the same circular motion over his skin, just as I did on his tummy. I hoped this would keep up the pretense of helping him as I was aiming for my goal.

Further and further down I went. By now, I must be low enough to feel something, but he was still completely bare. The circles I was making with my fingers were smaller now, and a tingle shot through my pussy as I realized I was rubbing the pubic area of a twelve-year-old boy. I never knew I wanted this, but as I went down this path, I was amazed at how excited I was.

My heart was beating in my throat, and my pussy was slippery as hell by now. I was still a bit sore from being pounded by Steve’s big cock, but this quickly got to the background as my excitement grew.

When I accidentally brushed against the base of his boydick, he softly sucked in a breath. I didn’t want to overstay my welcome here or scare him off, so I moved a bit upwards again and whispered a soft, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. This feels nice.”

I needed to divert the attention away, so I asked, “What was your dream about? I heard it helps to talk about your dreams.”

“Two big spiders were chasing me down an old house. Then I ran outside, and the garden was one big graveyard,” he whispered and took a deep breath.

“Sounds scary,” I said and kept making small circles with my fingers over his bare pubes.

“As I was running towards the gate, zombies came crawling out of the graves. I kept on running, but I tripped. And that’s when the zombies got to me. One of them bit me in my neck, and that’s when I woke up.”

“Poor boy… Think you can sleep now?” I asked and kept on moving my fingers around.

“I guess so…”

“Let’s try and get some sleep then, okay?” I said, kissing him on his ear and keeping my fingers inside his underwear.

“I was afraid you’d send me away…”

“Of course not. You can stay with me for the rest of the night.”

“You’re cool…”

“You too,” I chuckled.

I got comfortable, but I kept my hand where it was. I could relax my arm since my fingers were held in place by the elastic waistband. I felt the warmth of his young body against me, his soft, hairless skin under my fingers, and I knew, deep down, that I had tapped into some deep, hidden desires I never consciously realized I had.

His body relaxed in my arms, and his breathing deepened. I squeezed my legs together to release some of the building pressure and felt the long night and alcohol pushing me down to the land of the sleeping.

“Maybe it’s just the alcohol,” was the final, comforting thought thatshot through me right before I drifted off.

* * *

I felt a hand on my shoulder and movement behind me. I was still lying there with the twelve-year-old boy pressed against my naked body with my hand inside his underwear. But when a muscular chest pressed against my back, I felt a bit of panic.

“Hey,” Steve whispered, “I see you met Brian. Would you mind looking after him for a couple of hours?”

I turned my head to look at him and must’ve looked confused.

“He’s a good kid, but I’ve… I’ve got somewhere I need to be,” he said and showed his phone to somehow make his point.

“Uhm…” I mumbled, still half-sleeping but already excited to be alone with him.

“I’ll pay you!” he blurted, pressing his lower body against mine, “One way or the other…”

His seductive smile did nothing to me now. Last night, it had gotten me instantly wet, but seeing it now and feeling his soft, massive dick against my back, did absolutely nothing. I was feeling tired and wanted him to leave as quickly as possible, so I whispered, “Sure. No problem.”

“Thanks! You’re a lifesaver, uhm…”

“It’s Carol.”

“Thanks, Carol! Later.”

He gave me a kiss on my cheek and got out of bed. He was moving fast, and I figured it must be something important. In my arms, Brian slept like a baby and didn’t even flinch as the bed shook.

But I was instantly awake when I felt something brush against my fingers. It was a very brief contact, but a touch that made my pussy quiver. This was his little stiffie! And it was incredibly close to my fingers!

Now, I was fighting a mental battle about what to do. The sensible part of me told me I should pull my hand out of his undies. But the naughty part of me had to know what he felt like in the dick department. And that’s when I felt it touch my finger again.

I didn’t know what it was that pushed me over the edge. I was well aware that it was a million kinds of wrong to touch the dickie of a barely twelve-year-old boy. But somehow, it was different with this boy. At least, that’s what I told myself.

Ever so carefully, I moved my fingers upward. Almost immediately, I touched the skin of his shaft. The radiant heat coming from it wasn’t at all different from a grown man’s dick. I softly traced my fingers around the shaft so I could touch the underside and size him up properly. As I did this, I had goosebumps all over my body, and my pussy was instantly sopping wet again. But I didn’t care. I had a goal.

Once I had my fingers on the underside of his stiffie, I moved them down towards his balls. When I felt his dick move inside his body and his sack started, I stopped moving down. It was difficult to move further down without moving my body and wake him. And I wasn’t here for his little balls. I wanted to feel what he was packing.

I took a breath to steady my nerves and moved my fingers. My thumb and index finger were at each side of his shaft, and my middle finger was in the middle. I didn’t know what to expect when I started sliding upward. Two, maybe three inches of throbbing boy meat?

I slowly moved my fingers, savoring every piece of him and careful not to wake him. My pussy contracted sharply when it really dawned on me what I was doing. The moment I reached his cut glans, I realized he was big. It was probably four, four-and-a-half inches without his cock head. He was made from the same gene pool as his massively hung brother, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. But this only added to the youthful sexiness this boy oozed. 

I was careful around his glans because this was his most sensitive spot, and I definitely didn’t want to wake him and explain what I was doing. But there was just one more thing I had to know. So, I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and gripped it. I was only touching it and careful not to squeeze or stimulate it in any way. I was surprised by its slenderness. Because of his brother’s monster between his legs, I had expected the same here. But he clearly had some growing to do in the girth department. I didn’t care. I fucking loved his long, slender cock in my fist. And at that moment, I didn’t care that it belonged to a young boy.

This soft, sexy body in my arms had unlocked a part of me that I knew had always been there but hidden deeply away in the crypts of my core. I had just pushed it away every time it roared its ugly head. But the smooth, shaven body of his brother and this young adolescent sexiness in my arms were just too much. It had blown off the lid from this part of my soul, and it would never get back on. There was no more denying. I loved boys!

This epiphany didn’t upset me as much as I expected. I had always known. I was just too chicken to accept this fact. But now that I did, I didn’t know what to do with it. Should I jack him? Should I wake him and let him fuck my brain out? Should I do nothing and hope my feelings will go down eventually?

After giving it some thought, I figured it was probably best to do nothing. My female body was a weapon here. This boy was probably curious about girls and women, and I would use that to my advantage. It was best to let him set the pace here. But this didn’t mean I had to let go of his hard boydick! If he’d wake up and have a problem with it, I could always say it happened in my sleep and get away with it.

I figured I might try and get some sleep. Not that I’d be able to sleep like this, but there was no harm in trying. I gave it a gentle squeeze, and it tried twitching in my fist. He didn’t move a muscle, and I smiled broadly. I couldn’t control myself and did it again with the same result.

I resisted the temptation to do more and settled in again despite knowing it was probably useless.

* * *

I was startled by the movement next to me. My arm was still draped over Brian’s body, and my hand was on his hip now. My underarm was on his pubic bone, but I couldn’t feel his dick. I panicked for a moment. Did he wake up with my fist around his stiffie? But since he was still living here and not squirming away from me, I was probably okay.

He softly chuckled. I could hardly hear it, but I felt his body shake a little as he did. I fluttered my eyes and opened them. Seeing his angelic, Adonis-like face in the golden morning light made my heart melt instantly. His eyes were locked on my chest, and he didn’t even realize I was awake.

Inside his underwear, there was movement. As he was checking out my boobs, he grew hard. Before long, I felt him press against my underarm. I didn’t move and made sure to feel as much of his boner as possible.

When he chuckled again, I asked, “What’s up?”

“Your boobs are showing.”

“So?” I asked and moved my body a bit so my arms weren’t in the way anymore, and he could see them better. As I did this, my hand rested right on his boner. But he was so focused on my tits that he didn’t even notice.

“I’ve never seen boobs before.”

“You can look. I don’t mind.”

“They’re cool.”

“Thanks!” I said, hesitated for a moment, and said, “You can touch them if you want.”

“Really?” he asked, and his face lit up.

His boner twitched violently under my fingers, but he didn’t seem to notice. Because my hand was touching him in its entirety, I could size him up even more accurately. One thing was clear. He was big for his tiny frame!

Reluctantly, I lifted my hand from his underwear-clad boner and turned to my back to give him all the access he needed. I smiled warmly at him as he looked nervously at me. He extended his hand, and I saw it was shaking a bit, which was adorably cute. But the moment his hand touched my right boob and he squeezed it softly, all the cuteness was gone. The electricity that shot through me went from the back of my spine straight into my sopping wet cunt.

This pubescent boy feeling me up was incredibly sexy, naughty, and forbidden at the same time. I absolutely loved it and wanted nothing more than to keep this up.

But Brian didn’t need encouragement. He was bold enough to fondle my boob and switch to the other one without me urging him on. He started toying with my rock-hard nipple, squeezing it gently. I let out a soft moan as he did this, and he looked worriedly at me.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No. Not at all!” I said, smiling warmly at him, “This feels really good.”

“You’re so soft…” he whispered to no one in particular and continued feeling me up.

I loved what he was doing to me. But I was so horned up by now that I wanted to take this a step further. So, with my foot, I started sliding down the bedsheet. Brian didn’t notice and just kept squeezing my boobs. I glanced down, seeing I was lying there completely naked now without the sheet covering me. He was lying there in his bright green boxers, with an unmistakable tent inside.

As if he snapped out of a trance, he looked down at my body and whispered, “WOW!”

“If you want to, you can also touch me there. I don’t mind,” I said as casually as possible.

He swallowed audibly, nodded, and moved his hands over my belly toward my pussy. He didn’t take it slowly. He had a goal, and he wanted it now. But his fingers felt electric on my skin, nevertheless.

“You’ve got hairs down there,” he said as he brushed his fingers over the top of my neatly trimmed Brazilian.

“Yeah,” my trembling voice managed to croak.

I was having a hard time keeping it together as this small Adonis explored my most intimate parts.

“Steve doesn’t have hairs,” he said, his hands going lower and lower, exploring every inch between my legs, “he shaves it.”

“I grpg-“ I groaned as he brushed over my lips. I cleared my throat and calmed my nerves. “I know. I noticed last night.”


After a couple of moments, he perked up, lifted his head to look at me, and excitedly asked, “Hey! I’ve got a couple of hairs now. Wanna see?”

Did I want to see? Really?! This adorable innocence was new to me, but it reminded me he was still just a boy.

“I’d love to!” I answered, equally excited, without sounding creepy.

A strange emptiness washed over me when he let go of my body and turned to his back. But I knew I was in for a treat, so the emptiness quickly made way for excitement. He pulled down the front of his boxers and exposed his bare pubes. I felt my mouth water as I looked at his groin.

“See?” he said proudly.

Beside his sexy, slightly muscular belly with bare pubes and the hint of his dick’s base, I didn’t see anything. Not a single hair was there. He must’ve seen me looking because he softly said, “You’ll have to look closer…”

He didn’t have to tell me twice! I moved in closer, and as my face was inches away from his groin, I smelled a sweet, musky scent I came to love so much after I smelled it for the first time on this young stud.

“Here!” he said and pointed at a barely noticeable blonde hair right above the base of his dick.

I had to stifle a giggle but nodded enthusiastically to put him at ease. I started feeling bold, extended my fingers, and touched it. I noticed a tiny other one and rubbed it, too.

“Here’s another one.”


An idea popped up as I felt myself grow slipperier by the minute. So, I looked him in the eye and asked, “Want me to check your balls?”

This made him visibly uncomfortable, and I knew I had to act quickly. I smiled my warmest smile and said, “You’re getting bigger now, so there might be some hairs down there now.”

“But… I…”

“Don’t worry,” I said soothingly.

I didn’t give him time to think and started pulling at the legs of his boxers. He didn’t protest or stop me, but he wasn’t actively helping me either. But I didn’t care. I had to see him. All of him. I made up my mind then and there that I’d do everything I could to teach him how to have sex with a woman. And I was going to be that woman!

The moment his boxers got caught under his ass, he lifted his hips, and they slid down halfway past his upper legs. My eyes immediately went to his hard boy cock between his legs. And I was genuinely impressed. I’ve been fucked by grown guys smaller than this barely twelve-year-old boy. Up until now, I only had a mental picture of it by using my fingers. But now I saw him in all his glory, and I could see he was five inches from his cut tip to his base. His shaft was as thick as my thumb, which only accentuated his length. The small, marble-sized balls inside his hairless sack completed this sexy stud next to me.

I pulled his boxers off completely before he could stop me and drank in the sight. He looked insecure and vulnerable but also sexy as fuck lying there for me to play with. I kept up the pretense of checking his sac and let my fingers roam all over it and the base of his dick.

“You’re really a big boy!” I said hoarsely and wrapped my hand around his shaft.

“Aaahh!” he grunted.

I smiled at his reaction. I was probably the first person besides himself ever who ever touched his boner. I moved my hand upward, and he whimpered softly as I did this.

“You like this, huh?”

He nodded vigorously as I slowly moved my fist up and down over his slender erection. He fitted perfectly in my fist, and I was amazed at how sensitive he was, especially around his blunt dickhead. He was rock-hard, and as it slid through my fist, I knew then and there that I needed him to fuck me. But if I’d let him enter me now, he’d probably last only a few seconds. I needed him to cum first, so we could both enjoy his devirgination to the max.

All my inhibitions were gone by now. I was going to fuck this boy’s virginity away, and I’d make it count! Before I knew it, my lips wrapped around his dickhead, and I tasted his sweet but still boyish musky taste of his dick. There was a hint of saltiness mixed with the sweet bitterness of a day without a shower. I abso-fucking-lutely loved it!

“Wha- what are you… ooohhh…” Brian moaned as he realized what was happening.

His long, slender cock fitted perfectly in my mouth. It was long enough to hit the back of my throat and thin enough so I could work my tongue the way I wanted. Every time I lapped over the underside of his cock head, he squirmed and moaned louder. This kid was experiencing all sorts of new feelings he couldn’t place, but he clearly loved every second of it.

I moved my hand from the base of his young cock and started toying with his lovely little balls. The squirming and moaning got even more intense as I did this, and I heard his breathing getting shallower. Good!

His balls pulled up in his sack, a clear indication he was about to cum. In the corner of my eye, I saw his hands gripping the sheet and his knuckles white from clenching his fists.

His ass lifted off the bed, and he started fucking my mouth. He was rapidly approaching the point of no return, and I wondered if this was his first-ever orgasm or not. And was he able to shoot cum or not? If he could, what would it taste like?

All these thoughts shot through my head as I gave this cute little blonde his first-ever blowjob. And when he whimpered, “Stop! I’m… gonna… pee…” I knew it was his first. And I was the one to give it to him! He’d remember me forever, and an incredible sense of pride and power washed over me.

He tried squirming away from under me, but I didn’t let him. I doubled my efforts, and a moment later, his thin boy cock thickened in my mouth. A high-pitched groan filled the room, and when his dick started kicking in my mouth, my pussy contracted sharply, and I almost came without touching myself.

His dick kicked violently at least seven or eight times as it tried shooting his non-existent sperm into my mouth. He was firing blanks, and I was ever so slightly disappointed by that because I was extremely curious about its taste. But at the same time, it was exciting as fuck to get a boy this young off.

After the twitching of his cock died down, he collapsed on the bed and was completely limp. With an obscene pop, I let his dick get out of my mouth and looked at him to see if he was alright. He was looking wide-eyed at me, and his face was a mix of excitement and wonder. Now that I could look at him properly in all his naked glory, I let my eyes roam over his young, sexy body and made as many mental pictures as possible. I knew I’d get off on this for months!

“What was…” he panted.

“That was a blowjob,” I smiled and laid down next to him and draped my arm over his chest to caress his chest and belly.

“And when I… I thought I needed to pee, but…”

“That was an orgasm. Or cum, which is a word I like better. You’re really a big boy now!”

“Wow!” he exclaimed. Next, he propped himself up on his elbows and excitedly asked, “That was… can we do that again?”

I chuckled at the expression on his face and his shameless eagerness. I let my hand wander down, and as I wrapped my fingers around his boner, I wasn’t surprised he hadn’t lost any of his stiffness.

“Sure! What do you wanna do?”

“Dunno…” but as a wicked grin spread across his face, I knew what he wanted.

“What?” I asked innocently, feeling my dripping cunt contract again.

“Can we do, you know… real sex stuff?”

A tremble shot through me, and I asked, “Real sex stuff?” as if I didn’t know what he meant.

“Yeah… when I stick my, you know… in your…” his boner twitched in my fist as he said this, and his face and upper chest turned crimson red.

“I think we can do that,” I said, smiling wickedly myself. His blush faded away, and his face lit up, “But only if you use the grown-up words for it…”

“Wh- what… oh!” he whispered, but as my words landed, his blush was back with a vengeance.

 I squeezed his dick but didn’t make any move. I wanted this sexy young stud to say it himself. I didn’t know why I wanted it, but the idea alone was an immense turn-on.

“I… I wanna… fuck… you!”

“Hmmmm…” I purred, “I want you to fuck me too!”

He quickly got up from the mattress and sat on his knees between my spread legs. I looked down, and between my tits was this bronzed young, slightly muscular blonde boy with his hard cock sticking up from his groin. If this was the last thing I ever saw, I’d die a happy woman.

“Where… where do I put my thingy?”

“Grown-up words, remember?”

“Where does my… dick… go?”

Good enough.

I spread my lips and pointed at my opening. I couldn’t resist the urge and slid my index finger inside. A shiver shot through me, and I almost came as I looked at his amazed face. As I pulled my finger out, he nodded ever so slightly and scooted forward.

He grabbed the base of his cock, moved his body, and aimed at my opening. The moment his blunt dickhead touched the entrance of my pussy, I had to resist the urge to push him inside with my legs. But I had to keep my cool and not scare the little kid away. So, I steadied my nerves, took a deep breath, and hoarsely whispered, “Good! Now push it in…”

He swallowed audibly, and the tip of his tongue peeked out of the corner of his mouth as he concentrated on his task. It was incredibly adorable and blazing hot at the same time.

But as he entered me, I started to lose my cool. My dripping cunt was on fire, and the preteen cock that was entering me only added to the fire. He was about halfway inside when I couldn’t take it any longer. He was moving so slowly that it almost hurt. It was cute he was being careful, but I needed him to fuck my brains out!

So, I grabbed him by his arms and pulled him on top of me. It was a little rougher than I intended, but he didn’t seem to mind too much. Once his whole body lay on top of me, I placed my hands on his cute little butt and whispered, “Fuck me, big boy… fuck me!!”

With one final push of his hips, he was completely inside. His hairless groin pressed firmly against my clit, and his eyes locked onto mine. His mouth was open, and the look of amazement on his face matched my feeling of victory for having this boy inside and on top of me.

“Ohh… you…” he groaned and held himself perfectly still.

I was so close to cumming at that moment that even the slightest movement would set me off. But he kept lying still on top of me, and his slender cock didn’t move an inch. The combination of his small body and thin cock was unbelievably hot. I had expected to be a little disappointed by it, especially after being fucked by the thick monster his brother was packing. But the opposite was true! Because he was thinner than anyone I had ever fucked before, my pussy had more room to move but was still stimulated over its entire length.

And because of his small frame, his head was on my tits and not breathing down my face, which wasn’t that pleasant most of the time either. These two things combined were my definitive confirmation that I only wanted to fuck young boys from that moment on. But my young lover still hadn’t moved an inch, so I squeezed one of his ass cheeks and said, “Start moving. It’s even better.”

“I just move my thi-… dick in and out now?”

Another tremble shot through me as he said this, and I could only nod. Under my fingers, I felt the skin of his ass move. It was delicate and firm at the same time, and I could feel every muscle move under his soft, hairless skin. The moment his cock started sliding back, I let out a groan. I couldn’t help myself anymore. But my inexperienced lover stopped moving immediately and looked worriedly at me.

“Did I hurt you?”

“Oh no! You’re doing great! It feels so good. I can’t hold back my moans!”

A light clicked on inside his head, and he asked, “Are you gonna make a cum too?”

Hearing him talk with this enthusiasm and naivety was so amazing that I just had to talk dirty to him. So, I looked him deep into his eyes and said, “Your stiff cock is so perfect! If you start fucking me good and strong, I’ll cum so hard, you’re never gonna believe it. My hot cunt will suck your cock dry, I promise!”

His insecure look made way for a shit-eating grin. And he started pulling back again. But way too soon, he pushed back in. It was frustrating knowing his five-incher had more room to move and more chances to please me. But he needed to figure this out for himself.

When his bald pubes smashed against my clit again, I felt I was already at the peak of my arousal, and another moan escaped my lips. But this time, he didn’t stop. He pulled back, and as the rim of his dickhead slowly slid out, I felt my insides ripple over his shaft. I’ve never felt this before. But then again, I was usually fucked by thicker cocks.

He pulled back further than last time, and I wondered when he’d stop. It was obvious he was completely inexperienced because last time, he had pulled back less than halfway, and now he kept on going. I tried pushing on his ass to warn him, but a heartbeat later, he slipped out, and his wet dickhead rubbed over that sensitive spot between my asshole and pussy.

“I’m… I’m sorry,” he stammered but didn’t make a move.

My right hand sneaked between our bodies, and I quickly lined him up again. I smiled at his worried face, but when his dickhead slid in, he grinned and pushed inside. He didn’t go slow this time, though. He pushed in hard, and his groin slapped against mine.

All this clumsiness, combined with another push of his soft, bald pubes against my clit, pushed me over the edge unexpectedly. Usually, my build-up was way longer and almost agonizingly slow. But this time, this smooth little boy with his long, slender, but rock-hard cock pushed me over instantly. The combination of being fucked by a cuter-than-cute boy this young, the dirty talk, the clumsy inexperience, and the look of wonder on his face was just too much.

I firmly grabbed his ass as the waves of pleasure rolled over me. My pussy had enough room to contract but was filled up enough to still be stimulated by this thin, throbbing piece of flesh. I had to shut my eyes, arced my back, and grunted deeply. But this green-as-grass young lover between my thighs didn’t give a shit about it. He just kept sliding in and out of me. And I didn’t care one bit.

With the thicker cocks, I needed time and space to let my orgasm hit me. But with this young lad pounding away, it didn’t matter. Heck, it was way better than I’d ever had in my whole life! I couldn’t stop moaning as my orgasm kept rumbling, and this boy kept stimulating me. It was like a perfect storm. My cum urged him on, and his prepubescent cock kept enhancing my orgasm.

Our bodies merged into one as I lost my connection with reality. I squeezed his ass, moaned incoherent sentences, and only saw his blonde little concentrated face in front of mine. Everything else was gone. It was just this fantastic fuck, and the one long orgasm that came with it.

But this couldn’t last forever. In front of me, his concentrated face morphed into one of pure lust and excitement. He was slamming his groin against mine with such force now that a grown man would hurt me. But his tiny frame and small hips weren’t capable of this yet.

When his eyes crossed and he slammed into me even firmer and stayed there, I knew it was happening. The mere thought of his young cock trying to shoot his jizz into me was enough to push me even harder down the rabbit hole my current orgasm had become.

I felt him thicken, and his eyes crossed. My pussy was gripping him firmly, and as he let out a loud, “Aaaahhh!!!” his five inches of boy meat started kicking inside me furiously. This caused all the muscles in my lower abdomen to spasm, and I was sure I’d have a muscle ache for days because of its strength. Even though nothing came out, his cock tried all it could to shoot deep inside of me. With grown men, their dicks would kick four or five, maybe six times. But this young stud’s cock just kept on kicking, sending me off again!

I lost count by then, but looking back, it was like one big organic orgasm, and the separate ones had morphed into one. After he came, he dropped down and lay his body on top of mine. I kissed him on his neck and rubbed him gently over his back, letting him enjoy his devirginizing first fuck. Damn! I took this boy’s virginity! He’d remember me for the rest of his life. And if he even knew how good it was for me!

This was the moment it really dawned on me that I only wanted to fuck young, virgin boys from that moment on. I knew it was a gazillion kinds of wrong, but I didn’t care! I never had the urge to be married with children, and I was perfectly fine on my own. I just wanted to get fucked regularly, and I knew I could pull this off. I just had to work for it, but the reward was well worth it!

Brian was regaining his breath, but his little cock was still rock-hard. “Another perk of fucking young boys!” I thought to myself. I squeezed my pussy, causing his dick to twitch, and the cutest giggle came from his mouth. He lifted his head and smiled wickedly at me, a smile that melted my insides.

“Now you’ve made your cum, didn’t you?”

I’d have to explain to him how to talk about sex, but now I opted for a simple reply. “Oh yeah! You did great!”

“Did I give you your cum?”

“You sure did! More than once, actually!”

“Oh wow… cool!”

Seeing his proud face was just too cute. I leaned in and kissed him on his girlish lips. My little loverboy immediately caught on and kissed me back hungrily. I squeezed my pussy again and was pleased he responded with another twitch of his boner. Good! He hadn’t lost any of his stiffness.

He broke the kiss, slid his hips back and forth, and eagerly asked, “Can we do it again?”

“Sure! But… when will your brother be back?”

“Dunno. He’s usually back at two. He’s at Aunt Julie’s. He always goes there on a Sunday when Mom and Dad are gone. I think they do sexy stuff because he always smells… different when he gets home.”

I couldn’t blame his aunt. Steve was a good fuck. A very good fuck, actually. But as I checked the alarm clock on the nightstand, I was thrilled to see we still had over four hours of fun ahead of us.

We fucked three more times that morning. This stud just kept on going! We headed over to the bathroom, and he finally went limp as we walked. But I would have none of that. So, during the shower we took together, I sucked him off the best I could, and we had our final fuck in there.

After Steve got home, he thanked me extensively and offered to give me my payment upstairs. Brian was right, and he did smell like sex. Good for them! But I smiled warmly at Steve, politely turned down his offer, and winked at Brian, who chuckled softly.  

We said our goodbyes, and when my Uber arrived, Brian and Steve waved goodbye. As I walked up to the door of my apartment, Gemma just waved a good-looking jock goodbye, and as we passed each other in the hallway, we nodded politely to each other, the grin on the guy’s face saying it all.

“And?” Gemma asked, “Was your fuck as good as mine?”

“Better!” I smiled.

I thought about little Brian all week. I just couldn’t get him out of my head. Every night, I fingered myself silly with images of his magnificent body filling my head. When Gemma asked me to go dancing with her next Saturday, I came up with a lame excuse. The moment she was gone, I stepped into my car and drove over to Brian. I parked a little out of sight, but I could still see the front door of the mansion. Sure enough, only ten minutes after I arrived, Steve came out of the front door, all dressed up, and I heard him say, “Don’t wait up, Bri! I’ll probably be back tomorrow at two!”

He shut the front door and stepped into a car that pulled up. I couldn’t see her properly, but I guessed her to be in her mid-forties and, judging by her Mercedes, a wealthy woman. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was his aunt making a booty call.

I waited another five minutes, slipped off my underwear, straightened my skirt, and walked over to the front door. When Brian opened the door, he excitedly slammed his body into mine in a firm hug and said, “You’re back!”

I sure was, and I was in for another night of countless sex with a hot, preteen boy.

The end

Copyright 2024 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

Hoc videre posset altera pars


In the Deep End – Part two

In the Deep End

In the Deep End – Part two

Freshly showered, shaved, plucked, and most anything else she could think of to avoid the inevitable return to the madhouse, Janice put on her bikini and prepared to go out into the hallway. She now wished she’d brought more modest swimwear, but it hadn’t even occurred to her. Not that there was anything wrong with the bikini. It wasn’t particularly daring in any way, just a simple black swimsuit that for some reason now struck her as incredibly sexy.

Poking her head into the hallway, she was relieved to find she was alone. She’d almost expected Emily to be waiting for her. She went with some trepidation back downstairs. Perhaps she could talk the kids into going out, she thought suddenly. Putt putt. Did kids do putt putt anymore? That seemed like a safe activity. However, looking down at her bikini she realized she was pretty much committed. Besides, what was she so worried about? She was the adult here. She was in charge.

Filled with new determination, she marched to the back of the house. She knew the pool was in the back, a huge, glass enclosed structure surrounded outside with a large, private lawn, hidden by high shrubs and a security fence beyond that. The pool was through a set of glass doors in the living room, and as she neared she got an idea of the size, which was impressive. She’d only gotten a vague impression the night before, as the pool had been dark.

The pool was long. She knew the kids were both swimmers, with Emily being the distance swimmer and Logan being the diver. Their father had indulged them and installed a twenty-five meter pool equipped with starter blocks and an impressive five, three, and one meter dive platform as well as diving boards. The depth of the swimming lane section was six feet along it’s length, but there was a shallow section off to the side for lounging. The deep end under the diving boards and platform was thirteen feet.

Janice saw someone moving in the pool, a sleek form moving gracefully through the water. As she slid open the door she was hit with the smell of chlorine and the clean scent of plants, which were sprinkled throughout to mask the scent of the former. Sound echoed differently in the large space, and she could hear the swimmer now.

Apparently they could hear her as well, as a blonde head came to a stop and made it’s way to the side of the pool. “Hi, Aunt Janice!” Emily called. She waved an arm, beckoning her. “C’mon in!”

Janice lifted a hand in greeting and stepped forward. She realized she’d forgotten to close the door, but when she turned to do so she found Logan standing there. The boy was still in the same briefs from that morning. There was no longer a wet spot on the front, and he didn’t seem to be erect any longer, his penis just a small lump in the material now.

“You should ask her,” he called, obviously talking to his sister.

“But mom said,” Emily whined.

The boy crossed his thin arms across his skinny chest and said, “You should still ask her.”

“She’s family,” Emily insisted.

“Ask me what?” Janice asked.

Logan sighed and explained, “When it’s just family, we’re allowed to swim naked. I told Em she should ask before just doing it, but,” and he leaned around and pitched his voice louder, “she just doesn’t listen.”

“She’s family,” Emily repeated.

“Uh…” Janice stalled, “guys, I’m not sure how comfortable I feel with that.”

“See?” Logan said. “I told you.”

“You mean I gotta put my stupid suit on?” Emily responded.

“You’re not wearing anything now?” Janice asked, surprised.

“No,” Emily said, and suddenly she lifted the top half of her body out of the pool. Janice couldn’t help but lock onto the girl’s budding little breasts, shining with wetness. Seeing her aunt hesitate, she asked, with just a hint of coyness, “Do I really have to?”

“I… I don’t…” Janice stammered. “I don’t want you guys to feel uncomfortable in your own house,” she finally said. She wasn’t sure if it was the right decision. She wasn’t sure there was a right decision.

“Yay!” Emily cried, slipping back down into the pool without a sound.

“So I suppose you’ll -” Janice began, turning to her nephew, but she was startled to find he’d already shucked off his briefs and was standing next to her completely naked. She hurriedly avoided looking at him.

“Are you going to take yours off?” Logan inquired.

“Uh… I think I’m just going to sit and relax for a bit,” Janice said, not even turning her head to look at him.

She sensed more than saw his shrug, and then he was trotting past her, his pert little ass flashing as he picked up speed and dove with all the grace of an otter into the pool. Janice had seen no tan lines there, his taut ass just as dark as the rest of him. Emily by this time surfaced on the far side, and Logan soon joined her. Finding a lawn chair, Janice sank into it, aware that the kids were speaking in low voices together.

Janice worried what they might have planned, and then chastised herself for imaging that there was any sort of planning going on at all. After a few moments and a final entreaty from Emily to join them which Janice waved off, the kids set about playing together.

Janice was happy to find a book on a small table next to the lounger. It was some schlocky romance novel, the type she knew her sister loved to read. She tried to get into it, only occasionally glancing up when she saw one nude sibling or the other run by, luckily far enough away that she didn’t get a lot of detail. Both of the kids wanted her to watch them dive, Logan doing some impressive somersaults off the five meter board, but again, distance kept all but the vaguest details of their bodies from her, which was fine with her.

It wasn’t until she heard the voice nearly right over her that she realized she’d fallen into the story in spite of herself and hadn’t even realized that the kids had walked up on her. “You said you’d come swimming,” Emily reminded her.

Startled, Janice glanced up to find Emily was standing right at the foot of the lounger. The girl’s sleek young body was shining wetly, highlighting her burgeoning curves. She had her hands on each of her slightly cocked hips, clearly displaying herself. Her tiny nipples were erect, her breasts small, but deliciously pert, just beginning to round. Water dripped down over her stomach into a thin little dusting of dark blonde pubic hair, pasted against her little mound. She was standing with her legs far enough apart for Janice to see the sleek pink lips of her vagina.

Tearing her eyes away just led her into more trouble, as Logan was standing practically at her left shoulder, and a glance had her staring directly at his crotch. No expert on penises, she could only think of the Seinfeld episode and the joke about shrinkage. She imagined that must be the case here, as Logan’s naked penis didn’t at all resemble what she imagined it must have looked like this morning, had he been naked then. It was less than two inches long, and she could see rows of wrinkles along it’s pale length. The bit on the end was a bit bluish, perhaps from the water she thought, and the little wrinkled bag which hung underneath was hugged up close, allowing her to see two grape-sized shapes within. Logan, like his sister, had only a light dusting of silky hairs at the base of his penis, probably darker than usual for being wet. Her final analysis, after a moment of thought, was that it was sort of adorable.

“I did say I’d swim,” Janice said. “I just got caught up in this book.”

“Swimming is more fun,” Emily assured her. “C’mon!”

Trapped, Janice swung her legs off to the left of the lounger. Unfortunately, this left her less than a foot away from Logan’s penis. “Okay, let’s go,” she said.

“Are you gonna take off your suit?” Emily asked.

“Does your mom swim with you naked?” Janice had to know.

“Sure, all the time,” Emily said.

“And what about your dad?” Janice asked, curious as to what was going on in this house.

“Well,” the girl paused, “not with Daddy. Not anymore.”

“Not anymore?” Janice asked, curious despite herself.

Emily giggled, “Because Daddy kept getting boners. Like Logan but a lot bigger.”

Apparently feeling slighted in some way, Logan said, “Only because you were always rubbing against him.”

“It’s called hugging, dummy,” Emily responded and proceeded to stick her tongue out at her older brother.

“It’s not hugging when Dad is layin’ down and you sit on top of his thing while you’re both naked and start rubbing. It’s called humping.”

Wow, Rachael thought, no wonder Ray wouldn’t swim in the nude with them.

Emily shrugged as if the semantics bored her.

“But you two swim naked together?” Janice pressed, although the answer was obvious. She just couldn’t understand how two such obviously sexually charged kids could do that and not… well, she wouldn’t allow herself to think of that.

“Of course,” Emily said, moving over to her brother. There was a sudden twinkle in the girl’s eyes that Janice didn’t like. Janice watched as the girl slid herself up under her brother’s left arm, so that it was around her neck. She hugged herself to his side, her left hand reaching out to lightly caress his stomach. Logan’s hand hovered awkwardly between the girl’s small breasts. A quick glance showed Janice that Logan wasn’t entirely comfortable with the move and she knew that the girl was definitely the aggressor in their relationship, whatever it was.

“Are you gonna take off your suit?” Emily repeated. Her hand slid a couple of inches downward along her brother’s slick body, moving playfully just below his innie navel. “Logan wants to see your boobs,” Emily grinned.

“I do not!” Logan protested, turning crimson, but there wasn’t a lot of power in his voice, and his eyes flicked guiltily towards her breasts and then away.

Janice was trying to formulate a response as she watched Emily’s fingers slip brazenly downward, her eyes daring her to say something. The woman swallowed as she watched her niece begin to playfully run her finger through her brother’s sparse pubic hair.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Janice managed to croak.

“What do you mean?” Emily grinned, her finger not stopping.

“Emily, that’s not appropriate,” Janice said, but there was a hint of uncertainty in her voice she didn’t like and that surely the perceptive little girl picked up on.

“What isn’t?” Emily teased, and then she ran a finger down along the short length of Logan’s penis before gently taking it between thumb and forefinger.

“Em,” Logan said warily, glancing nervously at his aunt.

Janice didn’t know why she was allowing herself to be drawn into this discussion, nor why she couldn’t tear her eyes away. Already Logan’s small member was beginning to lengthen as Emily gently tugged on it.

“You guys are brother and sister,” Janice said. “You shouldn’t touch each other like that.”

“But Logan likes it, don’t you, Logan?” Emily replied reasonably. When she reached down to caress the boy’s small testicles his penis remained sticking straight out, but continued to lengthen and lift with each heartbeat.

Within just a few moments, Janice finally got to see what she imagined she’d have seen at breakfast if Logan had simply walked into the kitchen naked. Gone were the wrinkles. What she saw now was a smooth tube of pale flesh, standing almost perfectly upright, although with the slightest of curves to the left, and quivering with hardness. The little glans was now gaining more of a pinkish hue, and had widened, but was still a bit thinner than the shaft beneath, a sleek bullet shape. Head met shaft at a little V-juncture, where a tiny membrane of skin sat and melted into a slight collar of thicker skin that she took to be the remnants of his foreskin.

Along the shaft was what looked like some sort of thick tube underneath the flesh, and she could see traceries of red veins along its length. Down below, under his sister’s gentle ministrations, Logan’s teen scrotum was loosening, making it easier for his sister to manipulate the delicate little balls within. Janice estimated that the boy’s penis was just over four inches, and maybe an inch thick. While still not the discomfort-inducing things she remembered from her previous sexual encounters with men, it was still more formidable than it had been just moments before.

“See?” Emily said, wrapping her tiny fist around her brother’s erection; all the evidence needed to prove that Logan did indeed like being touched there.

“Do you do that in front of your mom as well?” Janice asked.

“Well, not like this,” Emily said, sensuously stroking her hand up and down the boy’s shaft a few times. Logan squirmed. “But sometimes when he gets a boner I’ll just squeeze it to tease him.”

“And your mom is okay with that?” Janice asked, disbelieving.

“She thinks it’s kinda funny,” Emily said. “She says not to be mean and tease him, but she usually laughs when she says it. And sometimes she squeezes it, too.” Emily giggled. “She baby talks to it. She calls it Little Logan. Like,” and she adopted a baby voice, “Is Widdle Wogan all stiffy wiffy? Poor baby.” Emily laughed. “Once she even said she was gonna kiss it and make it feel better, but she didn’t. But I do, don’t I, Logan?” she finished sweetly.

“Em!” Logan said, with real warning in his voice now.

Janice felt her eyes widening in shock.

Seeing her aunt’s reaction, Emily said, “Wanna see?” and she immediately dropped to her knees and pulled on Logan’s erect penis so that he had no choice but to turn to face her.

“Em, stop!” Logan said, casting a frantic look at his aunt.

Janice knew she should be the one saying something, but it was like she’d been struck mute and she watched as Emily pulled her brother’s cock down until it was sticking straight out, and then she carefully wrapped her lips around it.

“Em,” Logan tried again, but this time there was no force at all in his voice as his sister slid forward, taking more and more of his teen cock into her mouth.

Once the girl’s lips encountered the silky-haired base she pulled back slowly, until the shiny tip slid with a soft sound out of her mouth, but the preteen girl wasn’t quite finished, using her tiny pink tongue to swirl a sensuous circle around the shiny cockhead and taking just the tip back between her lips again for a couple of bobbing strokes. Then, releasing it from her mouth, but still holding it down to point at her face, she turned a triumphant look at her aunt, her eyes dancing mischievously.

“Have you ever sucked a boy’s thing before?” the girl asked.

Janice shook her head mutely.

“You might like it,” the girl said. “Do you wanna try? I could show you how.”

The urge to lean forward and take that shiny tube of young flesh into her mouth was suddenly a very real one, and Janice, shocked, recoiled. What the hell was she thinking?

“I have to go,” she said weakly, but she was stopped by two things. The first was the fact that in order to stand she’d have to move even closer to Logan’s tantalizing young erection, and the second was the fact that she didn’t think her legs would support her. She also realized, to her shame, that she was soaked through, and her pussy was suddenly pulsing with need.

Either she somehow sensed it, or Emily had decided to try a different tact. Taking a couple of shuffling steps forward on her knees, she came up to Janice and put her hands on the woman’s thighs. Janice looked between her nephew, who’s cock was back to pointing to the ceiling, and her niece, who’s hands were so warm on her thighs.

Emily, suddenly shy, or so it seemed, was lightly caressing her aunt’s legs. “Aunt Janice?” she asked.

“Wh-what?” Janice managed.

Emily twisted her skinny hips a bit against her aunt’s knees, until the woman had no choice but to spread her legs and the little girl instantly insinuated herself between them, pressing closer and closer, her hands rising higher and higher up her thighs. Then the girl’s face lifted and met hers, all wide-eyed innocence. “Do you think you could teach me about gay sex?” she asked softly.

Janice was shocked, and then startled when she felt the girl’s thumbs brush against her crotch through her bikini. “Okay! That’s it!” she exclaimed. She took a firm grip on both of Emily’s shoulders and moved her backwards so that she could stand. Then she maneuvered away from Logan, who was playing idly with the head of his young dick. “I don’t know what this game is,” she told them firmly, “but I’m not playing it. You guys… no more of…” and she waved her hands vaguely at them, “whatever this is. Not while I’m in charge. And the next time I see you, you’d better have some damned clothes on.”

And with that, she stalked away, once again feeling lucky to have escaped.

The End

Copyright 2024 – Rwxxx13
All rights reserved

Yes, really! The End. No more chapters will follow. Not written by me, nor by Rwxxx13. Sadly, he passed away and will never write another chapter. Even though I think it deserves a more satisfying ending, I’ll never write an end to it. I don’t want to touch this genius writer’s work, because I know I’ll never do it justice. But please! Feel free to do so yourself, and send it to me and I might end up posting it here!


In the Deep End – Part one

In the Deep End

In the Deep End – Part one

When Janice’s older sister Barb asked her to come watch her kids for two weeks, she was happy to arrange things so that she could do so. New York was miserable this time of year and San Diego was always gorgeous. Besides, it had been nearly two years since she’d seen her niece and nephew and they had always been sweet kids.

Janice worked as a graphic artist, but she was freelance and could work pretty much anywhere. The only thing that kept her in New York was the city itself, and her girlfriend, but having a break from both would be a nice change of pace. Not that she and Alex were having any problems, but every couple could use a break from time to time, or so she believed.

She was able to wrap up things in New York quickly and two days later she was on a plane. This wasn’t a planned vacation on Barb’s part. Her husband, Ray, got sent to St. Bart’s on business and he found he would have some unexpected downtime and thought she should come out to be with him. Although it was the height of summer and the kids were out of school, mom and dad thought a private vacation was just what they needed and Janice was happy to help.

She was met at the airport by her sister, but wouldn’t have recognized the kids if Barb hadn’t been with them. Janice and Barbara both had the light coloring of their mother, and Ray was also a blond, so the kids had always been light complected and fair. They’d grown so much since she last saw them that she could hardly believe it.

Although perhaps a bit small for his age, her nephew Logan was now thirteen and was clearly going to be a beautiful young man, with his bright green eyes, delicate features and sensual mouth. Not quite five feet, he was as thin and graceful as his sister Emily, who at eleven was almost as tall as he was. In fact, they looked more like twins than siblings with two years between them. The kids had nearly identical hair styles, wavy strands which just brushed their shoulders. Janice wondered if that was somehow intentional. In fact, if it weren’t for the little bumps just visible on her niece’s chest, and the lack of such on Logan, she might have wondered if they were the same sex, although if that would have been male or female she wasn’t sure. She supposed there was a soft masculinity to Logan’s face that was absent in Emily’s.

Barb didn’t look like she’d aged a single day, and she wondered how she was holding up herself. She was three years younger than her sister, and at thirty-one she worked hard to keep herself in good shape. Each of the sisters shared a slim, slightly athletic figure, with smallish breasts and hips and smoothly rounded behinds. However, where Janice preferred t-shirts and jeans whenever she could get away with it, Barb had taken to her husband’s lifestyle and usually sported little cocktail dresses or something sharp and business-like, looking like some female CEO. Today she was wearing a beautiful little skirt and a blouse with just a hint of tasteful jewelry. Logan was dressed in those baggy shorts all boys seemed to wear these days, with a t-shirt advertising what she thought was a video game underneath an unbuttoned short-sleeve plaid shirt. Emily was wearing a cute little sundress, just tight enough across the bodice to show off her tiny new breasts. In fact, the whole family looked like they’d just stepped out of a print ad for something beachy and expensive.

After the hugs and greetings, Janice held each child out at arm’s length, making a point of exclaiming just how much they’d grown and asking her sister what she was feeding them. After collecting her luggage they made their way out to the car for the hour and a half drive to her sister’s house. They’d moved since she lasted visited, so she got a tour of the house, each child insisting on showing off their rooms and the other major area of interest, that being the pool. Then it was time to clean up and head out to dinner. Barb would be picked up by a service at five in the morning in order to make her flight, so after sitting up just a short while to visit after the kids had gone to bed, the adults also headed off for the night.

Janice turned over to grab her phone when the alarm went off the next morning, but she reached to the wrong side of the bed, having momentarily forgotten where she was. Janice was usually an early-riser in any case, as she liked to get a good start on the day, but she was feeling the jet lag this morning and would have likely stayed under the covers if she hadn’t agreed with Barb that the fewer interruptions in the kids’ schedule the better, so she needed to get up and make them breakfast.

She’d slept in the nude, as was her habit, so she took a moment after a quick visit to the bathroom to pull on a t-shirt and some panties and cotton leggings. She took a moment to orient herself in the hallway and then headed to the stairs which would lead down to the kitchen. She didn’t hear anything from either kid’s room as she passed.

Janice had to admit her sister’s home was beautiful. And so much space! This much room in New York would have cost a fortune. Of course, looking around she imagined it must have cost a fortune anyway. The kitchen was clean and bright and modern. A couple of minutes hunting around and she had everything she needed to start breakfast.

She had just finished cooking, buttering the last slice of toast and putting it on the table with plates of scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit, and pitchers of orange juice and milk, when the Keurig informed her that her coffee was ready. A bit of milk and sweetener and she sank gratefully into a chair at the small breakfast table.

Only a couple of minutes later Janice heard footsteps on the hardwood floors in the living room and then Emily’s girlish voice asking, “Is that bacon?”

The girl came into the kitchen, and that’s when Janice got her first surprise of the day. It wouldn’t be the last. Emily was a skinny little thing. Well, not precisely skinny, but certainly slender. She had what Janice knew would be the same slim, athletic build that she and her mother shared. Her bare legs seemed impossibly long, aided in large part by the fact that her little girl panties rode so high on her thin hips.

The girl’s panties seemed tiny, a little pink triangle that barely covered her small mound. To the side, near the waistband was a tiny round-headed figure licking a lollipop and winking. Below it was written, ‘Eye Candy’. Janice was shocked. She could see the girl’s vulva clearly through the thin material. She was a bit alarmed as she felt a tingle race through her at the sight. Yes, she was a lesbian, but she’d never been attracted to a young girl before. Especially her own niece. It wasn’t just the panties either. Up top Emily was wearing a too-small, spaghetti strapped tee, which left nothing to the imagination, especially when she bent over to hug her aunt and Janice was able to see her little tits plainly. Not that she had all that much to see, the girl’s tiny breasts being about the size of a half-lemon, more of a swelling topped with little brown boyish nipples than actual boobs.

Janice patted her niece uncomfortably on the back, unsure how to respond and baffled by her own response. “Did you sleep well?” she finally asked, at a loss of what to say.

“Yeah,” Emily smiled. “It’s gonna be so cool having you here,” she said. Then she glanced around for a moment and turned to go to a cupboard. It took many long moments for Janice to realize that the girl had gone to grab a glass, which she’d forgotten to put on the table. The reason for the delay in making the connection was the discovery that the girl’s little panties were in fact a thong. Did they even make thongs for such little girls? Apparently they did. Janice didn’t want to look, but her niece’s pert little ass was magnetic. She was barely able to shake herself out of it and she was staring fixedly down at her cup of coffee by the time the girl turned and came back to the table, where she poured herself a glass of milk and sat down across from her.

Emily began to talk about possible plans for the day, but Janice found it very difficult to listen. She was trying not to stare at the little girl’s breasts through the thin tee. Apparently the kitchen was a bit cool, because her tiny nipples were poking against the material. Of course, the girl was practically naked, so of course she’d be cool. That was when Logan joined them.

The boy stumbled sleepily into the kitchen, his eyes slits against the brightness through the window. He was absently scratching his belly and yawning. The boy was dressed only in a pair of powder blue briefs, and not the type of briefs Janice would have expected, thick cotton with the traditional Y front, but instead a thin, clingy cotton which hugged his hips and had no opening in the front. Which was probably a good thing, because his erection would have surely managed to escape otherwise.

Emily snorted with amusement into her milk, her eyes locked on her brother’s straining erection. Janice saw the girl glance at her from the corner of her eye to see if she’d noticed, and she was unable to pull her eyes away quickly enough to pretend she hadn’t. The boy didn’t have an adult-sized penis in his briefs, but it was bigger than she’d have imagined, if she’d have tried to imagine it, which she wouldn’t have. The thin tube of flesh was poking out at what she estimated was about a sixty degree angle, and she could clearly see the outline of the boy’s glans through the thin cloth, as it was wider around than the shaft. She could even see a little indent where the pee hole would be.

Realizing that she was staring, Janice tore her eyes away. She instead caught Emily’s bright green eyes, which were dancing with merriment and mischief. “He gets like that all the time,” she confided in a softer voice which wasn’t actually supposed to be hidden from her brother. Logan snorted dismissively and went to get his own glass. Janice realized her eyes were following yet another pert little bottom across the room. At least this one wasn’t bare.

Janice wasn’t sure if it was the early morning sun shining through the window, or the coffee, or something else, but she suddenly felt overly warm. Logan returned with a glass and stood at the table pouring a glass of orange juice, seemingly totally oblivious to his erection, or simply not caring. Janice studiously ignored it until he sat between the two females, but she could still see it poking up in his lap as he grunted what sounded like a greeting and began to load his plate with food.

Janice had very little experience with penises. She’d had a couple of experiences in high school, losing her virginity when she was a junior. It was a disaster and she hadn’t tried again until college. It didn’t go any better the second time and she finally accepted what she’d known all along, that she liked girls. Women, she was quick to correct herself in her mind with a glance at her niece.

Men were just so… brutish. With their hairy bodies and thick, aggressive cocks. Out of the corner of her eye she saw that Logan’s young penis was as stiff as ever. She wondered if the thing ever went down. She was sure she’d heard somewhere about the stamina of young men. She supposed that went for young boys as well. She also realized that a small, dime-sized area of wetness had appeared where the head of his dick was pressing and thought back to her middle school health classes to realize it was the male equivalent of a girl’s pussy getting wet with excitement. Did that mean the boy was excited, or was this just normal? She also knew anecdotal stories about ‘morning wood’ and ‘piss hardons’. She wasn’t sure if this fell into one of those categories.

Janice found herself wondering what it would look like, her nephew’s penis. How big was that? About four inches perhaps? Five? What did five inches of penis look like? She had a vague memory of the boy she lost her virginity to proudly proclaiming to have six inches. His was much bigger than Logan’s, wasn’t it? Did he have any hair down there? There was certainly none on his body. She’d seen him scratching an armpit at the table and there was no hair there. None on his chest or stomach. He didn’t even have that ridiculous little mustache some boys got when they started going through puberty. In fact, she imagine that if she were to put Logan next to Emily and stripped them both naked, covering only their chest areas and groins that it would be almost impossible to tell boy from girl. The thought of a boy that was so much like a girl was somehow… intriguing.

Finished shoveling food into his mouth for the moment, Logan finally spoke, saying, “Hi, Aunt Janice. Thanks for breakfast. It’s really good.”

“He lives,” Emily teased, earning herself a scowl from her older brother. Glancing away, she said, sotto voce, “Well, we already knew part of him lived.”

“Shut up,” Logan said, finally blushing a little bit. He turned a quick glance at his aunt before turning to his sister and saying, “Mom says it’s normal.”

Janice saw Logan’s left hand creep into his lap, to cover himself she thought, but then she realized he was just squeezing the lump there.

“It’s like that practically all the time,” Emily confided again, as if to make sure her aunt hadn’t missed it the first time.

“Em,” Logan warned, stretching out the syllable and glancing nervously at his aunt.

Apparently done with the subject, Emily looked to her aunt and said, “Mom says you’re a lesbian.”

Startled, Janice replied, “Uh… yeah. Yes. That’s true, Emily.”

“See?” Emily said, as if she’d just won some sort of argument. “She doesn’t even care about what you have down there.”

While Logan sputtered, Emily said, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Uh… yes, I do,” Janice replied. “Her name is Alex.”

“That’s a boy’s name,” Logan pointed out helpfully.

“Why didn’t she come with you?” the girl asked.

“Well, she has to work,” she said to Emily, and then to Logan, “It’s short for Alexandra.”

“What does she do?” Emily asked.

“She’s an attorney,” Janice told her.

“That’s cool,” Emily replied. “Like my dad.” Before she could answer, Emily continued. “Did you ever have a boyfriend?”

Reeling from the rapid-fire questions, Janice replied, “A couple. When I was younger.”

“Did you have sex with them?” the girl asked.

“Well, that’s really none of your business,” Janice said, surprised.

“How do girls have sex together?”

“Well, that’s really none of your business,” Janice said.

Logan was watching this back and forth with interest, and Janice noticed that the wet spot at the tip of his penis had grown larger. He was clutching his erection tightly, and she was sure he even jacked it a couple of times. It was time to get out of here before things got even more weird.

“Well, I cooked, so I’m going to leave it to you guys to clean up, alright?” Janice said, standing.

“What are we gonna do then?” Emily asked, standing herself. Janice couldn’t help but notice the still-stiff little nipples and the way the girl cocked her slim hips.

“Well, I don’t know about you,” Janice said, “but I’m going to go take a shower.”

“Do you wanna go swimming after?” the girl asked, stepping closer.

“Maybe we could do that,” Janice answered nervously. “If that’s what you guys want to do.”

“We swim a lot,” Logan answered, rising from his chair. It was a mixed blessing to see that the boy’s erection had subsided to some degree. Mixed because on the one hand it was looking smaller in his tight briefs, but on the other, that left it poking out at a forty-five degree angle, which seemed somehow even more obscene. The boy began to gather dishes.

“Well, we don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Janice said.

“No, I mean we like to swim a lot,” Logan clarified.

Imagining that the boy would be dressed in those over-sized shorts all boys seemed to wear, she thought that would be a great improvement. “Swimming it is, then,” Janice said, trying on a smile.

Emily smiled happily and stepped forward to wrap her arms around the woman. Janice felt her niece’s head between her breasts, the girl’s own firm little tits pressed to her abdomen. “It’s so great to have you here,” she repeated. Janice shuddered as she felt hot breath from the girl’s mouth slide across her nipple, which stiffened instantly in response, much to her embarrassment.

She carefully unwrapped herself from the girl and forced herself to walk away slowly, literally feeling as if she were escaping.

Of course, the entire time she was in the shower, Janice’s thoughts were filled with her niece and nephew, which was really the worst of times to be thinking of them, she thought. Naked, in the shower, her thoughts had a natural tendency to turn to things sexual, which was the last thing she wanted on her mind right now. The kids were family of course, but they’d spent so much time apart over the years, only seeing each other every couple of years at Christmas or Thanksgiving, that they were practically strangers as well. Especially now that they were growing into actual little people, instead of just little bags of noise and nonsense. Of course, strangers or not, they were children, so such thoughts were inappropriate at best and frighteningly deviant at worst.

When was the last time she’d even thought about a penis? she wondered as she soaped her breasts, not realizing that her nipples were stiffening as she once again pictured Logan’s erection straining against his briefs. Alex liked to use dildos and vibrators from time to time, and Janice was happy to help her girlfriend in those moments, but she hadn’t been penetrated since college and hadn’t even thought about a real penis in years. She was always just vaguely repulsed by the thought of them. As her hand moved absently downward across her stomach and across her groin, she realized she didn’t once have that reaction as she’d watched Logan.

And what about Emily? she thought as she slid a hand between her legs. There was trouble, for certain. There was a knowing, wicked look in that young girl’s eyes that she recognized as nothing but trouble. She wondered if the girl always dressed so provocatively, or if it had somehow been for her benefit. So brazenly showing off her little pussy, her pert little ass, her budding little breasts…

Janice gasped as she realized she’d slid a finger into her pussy. She quickly pulled her hand away, trying to control her breathing. She was being silly. Of course the girl hadn’t done it for her. After all, her brother would have reacted if he wasn’t used to seeing her that way.

But then, what was all of that about, she wondered? An eleven-year-old girl and a thirteen-year-old boy, each quite obviously in the first explosive stages of puberty, showing themselves off like that, whether to her or just to each other. What did Emily think, seeing her brother’s hard-on? What did Logan imagine as he saw his sister’s nubile, near-naked body? Did Barb really let the kids run around like that? Did she watch Logan walk around with that straining erection every morning…?

Janice shuddered and realized that once again she was lightly fingering her pussy. Fuck, she was in trouble. She thought about finishing herself off right there, but knew that unlike a man, it wouldn’t release any pressure, but just rev her up for more. The best thing to do was ignore it. So, gritting her teeth, she reached down and began to turn the water as cold as she could stand it, shivering under the freezing spray until the urge to touch herself faded.

End of part one

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Let’s Get Physical II​

Let’s Get Physical II
Rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

Rachael Ward, R.N. was just putting away eight-year-old Luna Sharpe’s file when she overheard a man at the check-in window say, “…forty minutes.”

“He’s being called back any minute, sir,” replied April, the receptionist. “Dr. Belloso is running just a couple of minutes behind.”

“Forty is not a couple,” the man said, clearly irritated.

Rachael leaned around the corner, seeing a good-looking ashen-haired man in his thirties. The man looked down at his watch.

“Look,” the man continued, “I have a meeting I can’t miss. I’ll be back in an hour, hour and a half, tops.”

“Sir, you can’t leave your son here unaccompanied.”

“So accompany him,” the man snapped. Then he visibly calmed himself. “Sorry, look, you’ve got no idea how important it is that I make this meeting. He’s twelve. He stays at home by himself all the time. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“We could just reschedule. Let me-” April began, but the man stopped her.

“No way,” he said. “My ex will kill me if Parker misses this appointment. Please.”

“Sir,” April began to protest.

Rachael stepped up behind April, put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay, April.” She looked up at the man. “Mister…?”

“Rhodes,” the man said. Parker Rhodes, twelve, in for a routine physical, Rachael knew. She’d looked at his chart a bit earlier. “Park, buddy,” the man said, gesturing, and he was quickly joined by a gorgeous blue-eyed blond boy. The man put his arm around the boy’s shoulders. “I swear he won’t be any trouble.”

“We can watch over Parker for a bit,” she said, directing her comment to April.

“But-” the receptionist began, but Rachael gave her shoulder a friendly squeeze.

“It’s okay,” she said. Then to the man, “I was just about to call Parker back. We’ll have him all set for you when you return.”

“You’re saving my ass,” the man said, sincerely. Then he turned and bent to face his son. “Parker, you listen to the nurse and doctor, okay? Do what they tell you to.”

“Okay, Dad,” the boy said solemnly.

“That’s my guy,” the man said. Then he stood and faced Rachael. “Thanks. I mean it.” A glance at his watch. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” With that, the man left, leaving his son staring after him.

Rachael leaned down and softly spoke to the receptionist, saying, “I’ve got this.” Then she took the boy’s folder from her and walked through the door to the waiting room. “Parker?” she asked, and the boy turned to face her. “I’m Rachael. Do you want to come with me?”

“Okay,” he said.

As she held the door for the boy, she said, “So this is your first time with us, hmm?”

“Yeah, me and my mom just moved here from Pittsburgh. My dad’s moving here, too. He’s trying to get a job here.”

“Well, that’ll be nice, having both your parents around. So, will you be starting 6th grade or 7th?” It was August, and school would be starting back up in a month. They tended to get a lot of physicals during this time.

“7th,” the boy answered. “I’ll be thirteen in November.”

“Wow, thirteen,” she said, sounding impressed. “A real teenager.”

“Yeah,” he said, smiling sheepishly.

“Here we are,” she said, opening a door. “Exam room three.” She ushered the boy inside, thoughts already racing. She thought this just might be the opportunity they’d been waiting for so patiently.

Going to a cabinet, she pulled down a gown, sized medium, which she knew would be a bit small on this boy. “Okay, Parker,” she said to the boy, who was shyly looking around. “I’m going to need you to undress and put this on,” she said, lying the gown neatly across the examination table. “You can put your clothes on this chair here. I’ll go get the doctor and give you some privacy.”

As she began to walk by him, the boy spoke hesitantly. “Just… my shirt and pants?” he asked.

She stopped and gave him a warm smile. “Everything,” she said. “That’s why we have the gowns.”

The boy swallowed visibly. “Even my…?”

“Even those,” she assured him.

“My old doctor let me keep my underwear on.”

“Sorry, Parker. Dr. Belloso is a stickler.”

“O…okay,” he said nervously.

“That’s a good boy,” she said. “When you’re done, you can just hop up on the table there and have a seat, okay?”


Down the hall, Rachael knocked gently on her boss and friend’s door. Without waiting for an answer, she slipped inside, sliding it quickly shut behind her. Dr. Donna Bellaso looked up expectantly, sliding her reading glasses down to the end of her nose. She was a small, olive-skinned beauty, with rich brunette waves of curly hair. Such a contrast to Rachael’s blonde Wisconsin farmgirl looks. Some brightness in the nurse’s eyes made the doctor perk up and shoot her an inquiring look.

Rachael grinned, nodding. “Gorgeous,” she breathed.

“And?” the doctor asked expectantly.

“Dad left him here with us. Important meeting. I told April it was okay.”

For a moment Donna worried about the liability issue of having an unaccompanied minor in her offices, but the rest of the situation outweighed the risk. Three months prior, Donna and Rachael, who had known about each others attraction to pubescent boys, had lived their ultimate fantasy. They had shared a gorgeous twelve-year-old boy by the name of Richie Benton. Shared in the Biblical sense. The boy had fucked them both in Exam Room 3, plowing them with an enormously oversized cock for a boy his age and size. It had been the fulfillment of their illicit dreams, and they still relived the day together often while sharing their own bodies, whispering to each other of memories of that event.

The only thing about the encounter that left them less than satisfied had been the size of Richie’s cock. At only four-foot-eight, the twelve-year-old’s eight-inch cock had been massive for such a slight child. Neither of the women were size queens however. In fact, quite the opposite. Attracted to barely pubescent boys, it was the sight of boyishly small genitals that excited and inflamed them. Since that day, they had dreamed of an opportunity to seduce another boy. A boy who was boyish in all the right ways.

A slow smile spread across Donna’s face, quickly mirrored by Rachael. The doctor said, “I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.”

“Don’t be too long,” Rachael said with a grin. “Who knows what sort of mischief I might get into?”

Suppressing the wild grin on her face, Rachael headed back to Exam 3, stopping a moment to compose herself before knocking lightly on the door. Then she pushed it open and stuck her head in to find Parker sitting nervously on the exam table, gown securely wrapped around his legs, hands on his thighs. “All set?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered.

As she entered the room, closing the door behind her, she noticed something which she was surprised she hadn’t noticed at first glance. Parker was apparently unused to hospital gowns, having put it on backwards, with the snaps in front. She could see that the two visible snaps were connected, but hospital gowns weren’t really designed for full closure, especially from the front. He’d have been better wrapping it like a robe, one flap and then another, but then the snaps would have been too far apart, and that had apparently confounded him, so there were gaping sections down the front which left much of his chest visible.

“So, Parker, the doctor will be here soon. In the meantime we’re going to get your vitals. Do you know what that means?”

“Like, blood pressure and stuff?”

“Yeah, like blood pressure and stuff,” she smiled, wheeling over the vitals cart. She removed the thermometer, pushing on a new tip and said, “Under the tongue.” Once that was situated, she fixed him with the blood pressure cuff and slipped the pulse ox reader on his finger and hit the button. After entering the results on her electronic chart, she said, “Need to listen to your belly, okay?”


“Just need to undo this a bit,” she said gently, then leaned in and unsnapped the first snap, up near the boy’s chest. He drew back a bit, and just because she wanted to see, she undid the second snap across his stomach, then drew the gown apart, revealing most of upper body. Slender and fit, just like she liked them.

She breathed on the stethoscope. “Warming it up for you,” she smiled.

“They’re really cold sometimes,” he said.

“I think of everything,” she winked, eliciting a smile. Then she placed the end against his chest, allowing her hand to lay against as much skin as possible. She slid it over a bit after a pause, letting her fingers slide against his tiny brown nipple. She moved the tip of her finger very minutely back and forth, doing her best to disguise the movement as natural and accidental rather than the very purposeful move it was, and was rewarded soon with the stiffening of the tiny nub.

Parker squirmed a bit, so she left his stiff nipple and moved her hand downward, sliding it over his stomach. She couldn’t go much lower, as his hands were balled up and pressed against his groin, making the gown taut any lower. His belly was soft, but with a core of muscle underneath.

Finally, she pulled away and said to the boy, “Parker, can I tell you something?”


“Well, you’ve actually put your gown on backwards.”

“I did?” he asked, looking down, surprised.

“Yeah, the opening goes in the back.”


“Well…” she cocked her head. “that’s a good question. Mostly it makes things easier for doctors and nurses. Like, if your in a hospital bed and need to get a shot, it’s much easier for a nurse to get to your butt.”

Rachael poked the boy in the upper part of his ass cheek and he laughed. “Also, if you were to go in for an operation, they remove your gown once you get to the operating room, so if it connects in the back it comes off much easier.”

“You get operated on naked?” he asked, fascinated.

“Yup,” she said.

“That would suck.”

“Well, you’re unconscious when they take it off.”

“Yeah, but still…” he said, squirming a bit. “Everyone would be looking at you.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” she asked, leaning close to show she was sharing a confidence.

He nodded solemnly. “Yeah.”

“Doctors and nurses see so many people naked that we don’t even really look anymore.”

“Then how could you operate on them?”

“Well, we look, silly,” she said. “It’s just that we don’t really pay attention to the bits people normally cover up. To us they’re just another part of the body, like a knee or an elbow.”

He scrunched up his cute face a bit, processing the information. “I guess I can see what you mean.” His eyes lit up in understanding. “Like if you were a cop. A detective like on tv. An’ you saw dead bodies all the time. It’s like when you first start, you puke all over the place, but then if you do it long enough, it’s just like seein’ laundry or something.”

“A lot like that, yeah.”

He thought a bit and nodded. “Cool.”

“Yeah, pretty cool,” she said. “So… you wanna stand up so we can get your gown turned around the right way?”

He immediately blushed. “You mean…?”

“Yup!” she said, straightening. “Slide on down.”

He slid agilely off the table, hands still cupped over his crotch. The gown gaped open to his navel. “I…” he began, but she cut him off.

“Actually, let’s just go ahead and leave it here on the exam table for a minute. I need to get your height and weight.”

Rachael didn’t often try this ploy. More often than not, parents of tween boys, most often the mother, decided to stay in the room when their sons were examined. This despite the fact that it clearly made most boys uncomfortable to be in a situation where they would be uncovered for a part of the exam. The weight of the gown was of course negligible, but boys didn’t tend to know that. There were also boys she had no interest in seeing nude, whether they were too young, too old, or simply not attractive to her. For the cute ones though, this ploy was a great way to see a bit of skin and provide fuel for later fantasy.

“You mean…” he began nervously.

“Yup,” she said casually, walking around behind him. She reached over his shoulders and took hold of the gown, pulling it gently down over his shoulders.

Faced with her directness, the boy simply allowed the gown to be taken off him, as she knew he would. She saw that he had a delicious little ass, firm and softly rounded. The position of his arms told her that he was covering himself in front, but she’d expected that as well, and had her tricks.

“There we go,” she said lightly, lying the gown on the exam table. She put a hand on the back of the boy’s neck, feeling his longish hair tickling her fingers. “Over here, hon,” she said, guiding him to the scale. It was a larger hospital scale, with rails. After she’d zeroed the weight and had him step up, she said, “Both hands on the rails, please.”

“Both?” he asked, stricken.

Rachael came around the boy’s side so she could see him better. She gave him a tolerant smile. “Parker?”


“Remember what I just said about doctors and nurses?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Parker, I have seen literally thousands of boys naked, so unless you’re hiding some sort of purple alien tentacle down there, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. Do you have a tentacle, Parker? With, like, suckers on it?”

The boy giggled. “No.”

She winked. “I didn’t think so. And you’ve had physicals before, right?”


“So you know we’re going to be looking down there eventually, right?”

“Yeah, but…”

“So what’s going to happen is that you’re going to be thinking about that through the entire physical, worried about it, dwelling on it, building it up in your mind. Right?”

“I guess so.”

“So what do you say we just go ahead and get it over with now? Just put your hands on the rails, you’ll realize you’re not going to melt into a puddle of goo or explode or something else terrible, and then you can relax. Sound like a plan?”

“I… yeah,” he sighed, defeated. Then, visibly screwing up his courage, steadfastly avoiding her gaze, he lifted his hands to the rails.

Rachael very carefully avoiding being seen looking, but of course she looked. Parker had a very typical twelve-year-old boy’s penis. Small, wrinkled, circumcised, hanging perhaps two to two-and-a-half inches over a set of hairless testicles. She saw perhaps five or six stray pubic hairs, straight and light brown in color. He was perfect. Carefully measuring his height she caught his eye and made a show of deliberately checking him out down below. Then she caught his eye again and said, deadpan, “I’d really been hoping for a tentacle.”

Rachael smiled, and the boy started giggling. She joined him and then the two were laughing, but Rachael’s eyes kept going to those perfect little pubescent genitals and she felt like anything but laughing.

Just then the door opened, and Dr. Donna Bellaso entered. She saw them and her eyes widened at the same moment that Parker quickly covered his little dick. As this wasn’t the first time Donna had walked in on a boy Rachael had talked into getting nude, she took it in stride, knowing better than to draw attention to it and she played along. This was helped by being privy to some of the nurse’s tactics.

“So,” she asked Rachael, “did he have a tentacle?”

“No tentacle,” the nurse answered sadly.

“Oh, well,” the doctor said with an exaggerated display of disappointment. “We’ll find one yet.”

The boy looked back and forth between doctor and nurse as if amazed, and then giggled. Donna smiled and went to the boy, holding out her hand. “Hello, Parker, I’m Dr. Belloso.”

By pure habit, the boy reached out his right hand to her, leaving him to struggle briefly to cup his small penis and scrotum in his left. Then Donna was shaking the boy’s small, warm hand. The same hand that had just moments earlier been cupping his youthful genitals. She felt a tingle race through her.

“I didn’t know I’d have a lady doctor,” the boy said, apparently struggling to think of something to say.

“Well, lady doctors still put their stethoscopes on one ear at a time,” she quipped. Then, “Okay, that’s not actually true. I usually do both ears at the same time.” Parker grinned, and she returned the boy’s smile before turning to Rachael and asking, “You all set?”

“Yup,” the nurse answered. “Vitals taken. Parker is a very healthy young man.”

“I can see that,” the doctor said with a smile. “Okay, healthy young man, how about you hop up on the table here and let’s check you out.”

“Can I put the robe thing back on?” he asked, looking with a bit of longing at the garment draped on the nearby exam table.

“Oh, you’ve gotten over the hard part,” Rachael said, picking up the gown and lying over the back of the chair holding his clothes. “We don’t really need it now, do we?”

“I… I guess not,” he replied uncertainly.

At 5’4”, the table hit Donna at her waist. At only 4’9”, there was no easy way for Parker to get up on the table without using his hands, and after a few moments hesitation, he came to the same conclusion. So, back to the table, he used both hands to boost himself, leaving himself completely exposed to the doctor’s hungry gaze. Situated, he quickly cupped his hands over his groin again.

Donna started off listening to the boy’s heart, then his lungs. As much as she would have liked to put him on his back and get her hands on his adorable little nuts, she was still a doctor and still had a physical to perform. Ears, eyes, nose, throat, neck all got examined.

Thinking, Time to get a better look at that little cock, she said, “Okay, Parker, can you hold your arms straight out like this please,” demonstrating. “Palms up.” He did so, reluctantly. “Now close your eyes.”

The boy’s flaccid penis lay limply between his thighs. She longed to reach out and take it between her fingers, to feel it grow steadily stiffer in her grip. Instead she moved on to checking his muscle tone, rotating his wrists, moving his forearm up and down. Then it was the strength tests, having Parker push or pull against resistance, all of which kept him from covering himself. After a bit he seemed to become less self-conscious about his nudity. By the time she finished texting his reflexes he seemed much more relaxed.

“Okay, let’s get you to lie down on your back, Parker,” she said, getting him to lift his legs and spin himself till he was lying down. His tension immediately returned and his hands began to go to his crotch again, but she said, “Hands at your sides, please,” and he reluctantly did so.

Donna glanced at the boy’s face, but he was pointedly staring at the ceiling, which was just fine with her. It allowed her to stare at his adorable little penis without concern as to what he might think. Continuing with the exam, she rolled his legs back and forth, not only checking for tone, but also watching his cute cock move back and forth. Hand under his right knee, she lifted his leg, checking mobility of the lower leg, then pushed it toward his chest, checking the upper. Now his little genitals were really flopping around. Left leg next, then she had him push and pull against her as she tested his knees and hips, her hands getting to slide quite high along his thighs in a totally unnecessary way, but he didn’t know that. The whole time, Rachael stood on the other side of the exam table where their eyes would meet from time to time and they’d share a secret smile.

Next was the abdominal exam, where she first inspected him visually, noticing all five of his silky pubic hairs, then listening to bowel sounds and finally palpating him. Then, with her hand resting lightly on his groin, just above his wrinkled little penis, she said, “Alright, Parker, we’re going to do the ‘turn your head and cough’ portion of the exam, okay?”

“Y-yes, doctor,” he said faintly, turning his head and coughing.

She laughed. “I love the enthusiasm, Parker, but I actually have to be holding your testicles first.”

“Oh,” he said in a small voice, blushing deeply.

Not bothering with exam gloves, wanting her skin directly on his, Dr. Bellaso reached up between twelve-year-old Parker Rhodes’ silky smooth, hairless thighs, and lovingly cupped his small scrotum in her hand. She dutifully examined each small orb, feeling for nodules or other abnormalities.

“Do your testicles ever feel sore, Parker?” she asked as she examined the smooth scrotum, finding half a dozen small, silky hairs.

“Just if I get hit there or something,” he said nervously.

“That’s good,” she said. “Go ahead and cough for me now,” she said, performing the hernia test. That finished, she just idly caressed his young balls, under the guise of examining him. With her left hand, she felt around the base of his penis, nudging it aside with her fingers, running her fingers across his sparse few hairs.

“I see you’re getting some pubic hair, Parker. That must be exciting for you.”

“I… I guess so.”

“Did you note that, Nurse Ward?” Donna asked. “The patient has…” she made a show of bending over, taking the opportunity to inhale the youthful smell of his crotch, “I count six pubic hairs, as well as a few on his scrotum.”

“I’ll put it in the report, doctor,” Rachael said, playing along.

“You count em?” Parker asked, curiosity overcoming shyness.

Donna explained. “When a young boy begins to go through puberty, we’ve found it useful to chart his progress. When you come in for your next physical, won’t you find it interesting to know how many pubic hairs you had before? Or to know how much your penis has grown?”

“My…?” he asked faintly.

“Yes, your penis,” she said, taking the little organ between her fingers, lifting it, making a show of examining it. “Circumcised,” she said as if Rachael were actually taking notes. She squeezed the little helmet-shaped crown. “Glans is a healthy color.” She gently stroked the boy’s frenulum with her thumb, watching him tense. Then she ran her index finger up and down the boy’s shaft as she made a show of examining it. “No unusual bumps or growths,” she said as she continued to turn and bend the little cock, her finger constantly stroking up and down its length, her thumb going again and again to the sensitive little bundle of nerves in the little V beneath the lobes of his small glans. It didn’t take long before the inevitable began to happen.

“Doctor…” the boy said, a note of rising urgency in his voice.

“Yes, Parker?” she asked, not looking up, not ceasing her subtle masturbation of the tween’s pubescent cock.

“My… my…” he stuttered, but he couldn’t say it. His stiffening cock spoke for him.

“I see,” she said, wrapping her hand around the hardening organ, looking up to catch bright blue eyes widened in alarm. “Well, Parker, that is a perfectly normal reaction,” she said, glancing down at his nearly fully erect penis. She gave it a light squeeze. “It just shows that you’re a healthy young man.”

“But…” he said, swallowing nervously.

“Perfectly normal,” she repeated, her eyes locked on his throbbing young erection. She made a show of examining it, moving it back and forth, pulling up and down on the bit of loose foreskin he had remaining, palpating the glans. “That is a very healthy looking penis you have, Parker,” she said. “Do you get erections often?”

“I… I guess?” he said.

“Good,” she said, idly musing. “A boy your age should be getting frequent erections. And they don’t cause you any pain or discomfort?” She gently stroked her hand upward along his shaft. He shuddered.

“N-no,” he gasped.

“Can you measure him, please, Nurse Ward?” she asked. “I’ll hold him.”

Concealing a smile, Rachael pulled out a small plastic tape measure. “Yes, doctor,” she said. Then she dutifully snugged the end of the tape against Parker’s barely-haired pubis, and gently slid it up along his stiff shaft. “That looks like three-and-three-quarter inches,” she said.

“And?” Donna asked expectantly.

“And a circumference…” Rachael said as she carefully wrapped the tape measure around Parker’s penis, “of three-and-five-eighths.”

“Well now,” Donna said, her hand still gently holding the boy’s penis. “That’s rather impressive for a boy of twelve, wouldn’t you say?”

“It certainly is,” Rachael agreed with a grin.

“Nurse Ward…” Donna began. “Can you feel this please? Does that feel irregular to you?”

The doctor released the boy’s cock, which bobbed stiffly, hovering over his groin. It was quickly replaced by the nurse’s hand, who lovingly stroked the small organ, her fingers lightly sliding up and down the slim shaft. Parker shuddered and his cock jerked in her hand. “Hmm,” the nurse said, hand gently stroking. She reached down and cupped the boy’s balls, gently squeezing. “It feels like it could be a blockage.”

“What… what’s that?” Parker asked, concern momentarily overriding his growing sexual excitement.

“Parker,” Dr. Belloso asked in a serious tone, “I know it’s embarrassing to talk about, but I need you to tell me the truth. Do you masturbate?”

“I…” he looked nervously from the doctor, to the nurse that was still gently stroking his pubescent erection, down to said erection. “You mean…?”

“Yes, when you play with your penis until you get a very good feeling. It’s important that we know.”

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

“Please just tell me, Parker,” she insisted.

“I… yeah. Am I okay?”

“And when you masturbate and you have your orgasm, does anything come out of your penis?”

“You mean… sperms?”

“Yes, do any sperms come out when you orgasm?”

“Just… I mean… sorta? It just… a tiny bit I think?” He was looking back and forth between them worriedly, and despite her stroking hand, his penis had lost a bit of stiffness.

“That explains it, doctor,” Rachael said.

“A blockage,” Donna agreed.

“Is it bad?” Parked asked, dick deflating even more.

“Well, it could be,” Donna said. “Do you know what the epididymis is?”

“The epy… what?”

“The epididymis,” she repeated. She reached out and took back her hold of the boy’s penis, now about half-erect. “It’s a tube that brings semen, or your ‘sperms’ from the testicles,” she caressed his balls, “up along your penis,” and she traced her finger along the shaft of his penis, as if illustrating. The boy wouldn’t know enough anatomy to contradict her, and epididymis sounded very scientific. “You seem to have a blockage in yours.”

“Can you fix it?” he asked, worried.

“Hmm, I believe so,” she said, seeming to ponder.

“Will it hurt?”

“Oh,” Rachael said. “Oh, no, Parker, it won’t hurt. You see, in order to clear the blockage, we’ll have to masturbate you.”

“Mas… you mean!?” he asked, alarmed.

“Let me see,” Donna said, leaning close. She closed her eyes as she put her nose right near the boy’s crotch. Then she made a show of closely examining his penis. It was still only about half hard. “I don’t think so,” she said. “Do you see, nurse? He’s mostly lost his erection.”

“I see,” Rachael said, not actually seeing, but playing along down a road she thought her friend might be going. “You mean…”

“Yes,” Donna said, as if agreeing. “I think it will require an oral extraction.”

Rachael hid a grin and said, “Doctor, perhaps a simultaneous prostate massage?”

“Good thinking, Nurse Ward,” Donna said, hiding a grin of her own. “Fetch the lubricant, please, while I begin.”

Heart hammering in anticipation, Donna met the boy’s worried eyes as Rachael stepped over to the supply cabinet. She met Parker’s worried eyes and said, “Now Parker, I just need you to try to relax. I know this might be a bit embarrassing, but I promise it won’t hurt a bit.”

“What’s a oral…” he began, but then stopped with a hiss as the doctor leaned down and sucked the head of his slim little prick into her mouth like an overlarge bit of spaghetti.

Donna just held him there for a few long moments, savoring him. This was what she wanted. What she’d needed. A young boy’s cock in her mouth, so small and delicate, the smell of his pubescent crotch in her nose, warmth of his spongy little glans between her lips. She suckled lightly at it, lapping at the little acorn with her tongue as it began to grow rapidly in her mouth. Donna felt the expending length of it as it stiffened, sliding toward her throat. She couldn’t help it, she moaned as she took the rest of it into her mouth, feeling it twitching at the entrance to her throat as her lips snuggled against the smooth base.

“Nurse!” Parker gasped as Donna became aware of Rachael passing behind her. The other woman placed a supportive hand briefly against her back.

“Just try to relax, Parker,” Rachael said.

Sensing movement, Donna cracked an eye open and saw Rachael getting Parker’s feet against the table and his knees up while she spread his legs. Then she watched as a lubricant-covered finger came into view.

The End

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