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Let’s Get Physical II​

Let’s Get Physical II
Rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

Rachael Ward, R.N. was just putting away eight-year-old Luna Sharpe’s file when she overheard a man at the check-in window say, “…forty minutes.”

“He’s being called back any minute, sir,” replied April, the receptionist. “Dr. Belloso is running just a couple of minutes behind.”

“Forty is not a couple,” the man said, clearly irritated.

Rachael leaned around the corner, seeing a good-looking ashen-haired man in his thirties. The man looked down at his watch.

“Look,” the man continued, “I have a meeting I can’t miss. I’ll be back in an hour, hour and a half, tops.”

“Sir, you can’t leave your son here unaccompanied.”

“So accompany him,” the man snapped. Then he visibly calmed himself. “Sorry, look, you’ve got no idea how important it is that I make this meeting. He’s twelve. He stays at home by himself all the time. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“We could just reschedule. Let me-” April began, but the man stopped her.

“No way,” he said. “My ex will kill me if Parker misses this appointment. Please.”

“Sir,” April began to protest.

Rachael stepped up behind April, put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay, April.” She looked up at the man. “Mister…?”

“Rhodes,” the man said. Parker Rhodes, twelve, in for a routine physical, Rachael knew. She’d looked at his chart a bit earlier. “Park, buddy,” the man said, gesturing, and he was quickly joined by a gorgeous blue-eyed blond boy. The man put his arm around the boy’s shoulders. “I swear he won’t be any trouble.”

“We can watch over Parker for a bit,” she said, directing her comment to April.

“But-” the receptionist began, but Rachael gave her shoulder a friendly squeeze.

“It’s okay,” she said. Then to the man, “I was just about to call Parker back. We’ll have him all set for you when you return.”

“You’re saving my ass,” the man said, sincerely. Then he turned and bent to face his son. “Parker, you listen to the nurse and doctor, okay? Do what they tell you to.”

“Okay, Dad,” the boy said solemnly.

“That’s my guy,” the man said. Then he stood and faced Rachael. “Thanks. I mean it.” A glance at his watch. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” With that, the man left, leaving his son staring after him.

Rachael leaned down and softly spoke to the receptionist, saying, “I’ve got this.” Then she took the boy’s folder from her and walked through the door to the waiting room. “Parker?” she asked, and the boy turned to face her. “I’m Rachael. Do you want to come with me?”

“Okay,” he said.

As she held the door for the boy, she said, “So this is your first time with us, hmm?”

“Yeah, me and my mom just moved here from Pittsburgh. My dad’s moving here, too. He’s trying to get a job here.”

“Well, that’ll be nice, having both your parents around. So, will you be starting 6th grade or 7th?” It was August, and school would be starting back up in a month. They tended to get a lot of physicals during this time.

“7th,” the boy answered. “I’ll be thirteen in November.”

“Wow, thirteen,” she said, sounding impressed. “A real teenager.”

“Yeah,” he said, smiling sheepishly.

“Here we are,” she said, opening a door. “Exam room three.” She ushered the boy inside, thoughts already racing. She thought this just might be the opportunity they’d been waiting for so patiently.

Going to a cabinet, she pulled down a gown, sized medium, which she knew would be a bit small on this boy. “Okay, Parker,” she said to the boy, who was shyly looking around. “I’m going to need you to undress and put this on,” she said, lying the gown neatly across the examination table. “You can put your clothes on this chair here. I’ll go get the doctor and give you some privacy.”

As she began to walk by him, the boy spoke hesitantly. “Just… my shirt and pants?” he asked.

She stopped and gave him a warm smile. “Everything,” she said. “That’s why we have the gowns.”

The boy swallowed visibly. “Even my…?”

“Even those,” she assured him.

“My old doctor let me keep my underwear on.”

“Sorry, Parker. Dr. Belloso is a stickler.”

“O…okay,” he said nervously.

“That’s a good boy,” she said. “When you’re done, you can just hop up on the table there and have a seat, okay?”


Down the hall, Rachael knocked gently on her boss and friend’s door. Without waiting for an answer, she slipped inside, sliding it quickly shut behind her. Dr. Donna Bellaso looked up expectantly, sliding her reading glasses down to the end of her nose. She was a small, olive-skinned beauty, with rich brunette waves of curly hair. Such a contrast to Rachael’s blonde Wisconsin farmgirl looks. Some brightness in the nurse’s eyes made the doctor perk up and shoot her an inquiring look.

Rachael grinned, nodding. “Gorgeous,” she breathed.

“And?” the doctor asked expectantly.

“Dad left him here with us. Important meeting. I told April it was okay.”

For a moment Donna worried about the liability issue of having an unaccompanied minor in her offices, but the rest of the situation outweighed the risk. Three months prior, Donna and Rachael, who had known about each others attraction to pubescent boys, had lived their ultimate fantasy. They had shared a gorgeous twelve-year-old boy by the name of Richie Benton. Shared in the Biblical sense. The boy had fucked them both in Exam Room 3, plowing them with an enormously oversized cock for a boy his age and size. It had been the fulfillment of their illicit dreams, and they still relived the day together often while sharing their own bodies, whispering to each other of memories of that event.

The only thing about the encounter that left them less than satisfied had been the size of Richie’s cock. At only four-foot-eight, the twelve-year-old’s eight-inch cock had been massive for such a slight child. Neither of the women were size queens however. In fact, quite the opposite. Attracted to barely pubescent boys, it was the sight of boyishly small genitals that excited and inflamed them. Since that day, they had dreamed of an opportunity to seduce another boy. A boy who was boyish in all the right ways.

A slow smile spread across Donna’s face, quickly mirrored by Rachael. The doctor said, “I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.”

“Don’t be too long,” Rachael said with a grin. “Who knows what sort of mischief I might get into?”

Suppressing the wild grin on her face, Rachael headed back to Exam 3, stopping a moment to compose herself before knocking lightly on the door. Then she pushed it open and stuck her head in to find Parker sitting nervously on the exam table, gown securely wrapped around his legs, hands on his thighs. “All set?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered.

As she entered the room, closing the door behind her, she noticed something which she was surprised she hadn’t noticed at first glance. Parker was apparently unused to hospital gowns, having put it on backwards, with the snaps in front. She could see that the two visible snaps were connected, but hospital gowns weren’t really designed for full closure, especially from the front. He’d have been better wrapping it like a robe, one flap and then another, but then the snaps would have been too far apart, and that had apparently confounded him, so there were gaping sections down the front which left much of his chest visible.

“So, Parker, the doctor will be here soon. In the meantime we’re going to get your vitals. Do you know what that means?”

“Like, blood pressure and stuff?”

“Yeah, like blood pressure and stuff,” she smiled, wheeling over the vitals cart. She removed the thermometer, pushing on a new tip and said, “Under the tongue.” Once that was situated, she fixed him with the blood pressure cuff and slipped the pulse ox reader on his finger and hit the button. After entering the results on her electronic chart, she said, “Need to listen to your belly, okay?”


“Just need to undo this a bit,” she said gently, then leaned in and unsnapped the first snap, up near the boy’s chest. He drew back a bit, and just because she wanted to see, she undid the second snap across his stomach, then drew the gown apart, revealing most of upper body. Slender and fit, just like she liked them.

She breathed on the stethoscope. “Warming it up for you,” she smiled.

“They’re really cold sometimes,” he said.

“I think of everything,” she winked, eliciting a smile. Then she placed the end against his chest, allowing her hand to lay against as much skin as possible. She slid it over a bit after a pause, letting her fingers slide against his tiny brown nipple. She moved the tip of her finger very minutely back and forth, doing her best to disguise the movement as natural and accidental rather than the very purposeful move it was, and was rewarded soon with the stiffening of the tiny nub.

Parker squirmed a bit, so she left his stiff nipple and moved her hand downward, sliding it over his stomach. She couldn’t go much lower, as his hands were balled up and pressed against his groin, making the gown taut any lower. His belly was soft, but with a core of muscle underneath.

Finally, she pulled away and said to the boy, “Parker, can I tell you something?”


“Well, you’ve actually put your gown on backwards.”

“I did?” he asked, looking down, surprised.

“Yeah, the opening goes in the back.”


“Well…” she cocked her head. “that’s a good question. Mostly it makes things easier for doctors and nurses. Like, if your in a hospital bed and need to get a shot, it’s much easier for a nurse to get to your butt.”

Rachael poked the boy in the upper part of his ass cheek and he laughed. “Also, if you were to go in for an operation, they remove your gown once you get to the operating room, so if it connects in the back it comes off much easier.”

“You get operated on naked?” he asked, fascinated.

“Yup,” she said.

“That would suck.”

“Well, you’re unconscious when they take it off.”

“Yeah, but still…” he said, squirming a bit. “Everyone would be looking at you.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” she asked, leaning close to show she was sharing a confidence.

He nodded solemnly. “Yeah.”

“Doctors and nurses see so many people naked that we don’t even really look anymore.”

“Then how could you operate on them?”

“Well, we look, silly,” she said. “It’s just that we don’t really pay attention to the bits people normally cover up. To us they’re just another part of the body, like a knee or an elbow.”

He scrunched up his cute face a bit, processing the information. “I guess I can see what you mean.” His eyes lit up in understanding. “Like if you were a cop. A detective like on tv. An’ you saw dead bodies all the time. It’s like when you first start, you puke all over the place, but then if you do it long enough, it’s just like seein’ laundry or something.”

“A lot like that, yeah.”

He thought a bit and nodded. “Cool.”

“Yeah, pretty cool,” she said. “So… you wanna stand up so we can get your gown turned around the right way?”

He immediately blushed. “You mean…?”

“Yup!” she said, straightening. “Slide on down.”

He slid agilely off the table, hands still cupped over his crotch. The gown gaped open to his navel. “I…” he began, but she cut him off.

“Actually, let’s just go ahead and leave it here on the exam table for a minute. I need to get your height and weight.”

Rachael didn’t often try this ploy. More often than not, parents of tween boys, most often the mother, decided to stay in the room when their sons were examined. This despite the fact that it clearly made most boys uncomfortable to be in a situation where they would be uncovered for a part of the exam. The weight of the gown was of course negligible, but boys didn’t tend to know that. There were also boys she had no interest in seeing nude, whether they were too young, too old, or simply not attractive to her. For the cute ones though, this ploy was a great way to see a bit of skin and provide fuel for later fantasy.

“You mean…” he began nervously.

“Yup,” she said casually, walking around behind him. She reached over his shoulders and took hold of the gown, pulling it gently down over his shoulders.

Faced with her directness, the boy simply allowed the gown to be taken off him, as she knew he would. She saw that he had a delicious little ass, firm and softly rounded. The position of his arms told her that he was covering himself in front, but she’d expected that as well, and had her tricks.

“There we go,” she said lightly, lying the gown on the exam table. She put a hand on the back of the boy’s neck, feeling his longish hair tickling her fingers. “Over here, hon,” she said, guiding him to the scale. It was a larger hospital scale, with rails. After she’d zeroed the weight and had him step up, she said, “Both hands on the rails, please.”

“Both?” he asked, stricken.

Rachael came around the boy’s side so she could see him better. She gave him a tolerant smile. “Parker?”


“Remember what I just said about doctors and nurses?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Parker, I have seen literally thousands of boys naked, so unless you’re hiding some sort of purple alien tentacle down there, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. Do you have a tentacle, Parker? With, like, suckers on it?”

The boy giggled. “No.”

She winked. “I didn’t think so. And you’ve had physicals before, right?”


“So you know we’re going to be looking down there eventually, right?”

“Yeah, but…”

“So what’s going to happen is that you’re going to be thinking about that through the entire physical, worried about it, dwelling on it, building it up in your mind. Right?”

“I guess so.”

“So what do you say we just go ahead and get it over with now? Just put your hands on the rails, you’ll realize you’re not going to melt into a puddle of goo or explode or something else terrible, and then you can relax. Sound like a plan?”

“I… yeah,” he sighed, defeated. Then, visibly screwing up his courage, steadfastly avoiding her gaze, he lifted his hands to the rails.

Rachael very carefully avoiding being seen looking, but of course she looked. Parker had a very typical twelve-year-old boy’s penis. Small, wrinkled, circumcised, hanging perhaps two to two-and-a-half inches over a set of hairless testicles. She saw perhaps five or six stray pubic hairs, straight and light brown in color. He was perfect. Carefully measuring his height she caught his eye and made a show of deliberately checking him out down below. Then she caught his eye again and said, deadpan, “I’d really been hoping for a tentacle.”

Rachael smiled, and the boy started giggling. She joined him and then the two were laughing, but Rachael’s eyes kept going to those perfect little pubescent genitals and she felt like anything but laughing.

Just then the door opened, and Dr. Donna Bellaso entered. She saw them and her eyes widened at the same moment that Parker quickly covered his little dick. As this wasn’t the first time Donna had walked in on a boy Rachael had talked into getting nude, she took it in stride, knowing better than to draw attention to it and she played along. This was helped by being privy to some of the nurse’s tactics.

“So,” she asked Rachael, “did he have a tentacle?”

“No tentacle,” the nurse answered sadly.

“Oh, well,” the doctor said with an exaggerated display of disappointment. “We’ll find one yet.”

The boy looked back and forth between doctor and nurse as if amazed, and then giggled. Donna smiled and went to the boy, holding out her hand. “Hello, Parker, I’m Dr. Belloso.”

By pure habit, the boy reached out his right hand to her, leaving him to struggle briefly to cup his small penis and scrotum in his left. Then Donna was shaking the boy’s small, warm hand. The same hand that had just moments earlier been cupping his youthful genitals. She felt a tingle race through her.

“I didn’t know I’d have a lady doctor,” the boy said, apparently struggling to think of something to say.

“Well, lady doctors still put their stethoscopes on one ear at a time,” she quipped. Then, “Okay, that’s not actually true. I usually do both ears at the same time.” Parker grinned, and she returned the boy’s smile before turning to Rachael and asking, “You all set?”

“Yup,” the nurse answered. “Vitals taken. Parker is a very healthy young man.”

“I can see that,” the doctor said with a smile. “Okay, healthy young man, how about you hop up on the table here and let’s check you out.”

“Can I put the robe thing back on?” he asked, looking with a bit of longing at the garment draped on the nearby exam table.

“Oh, you’ve gotten over the hard part,” Rachael said, picking up the gown and lying over the back of the chair holding his clothes. “We don’t really need it now, do we?”

“I… I guess not,” he replied uncertainly.

At 5’4”, the table hit Donna at her waist. At only 4’9”, there was no easy way for Parker to get up on the table without using his hands, and after a few moments hesitation, he came to the same conclusion. So, back to the table, he used both hands to boost himself, leaving himself completely exposed to the doctor’s hungry gaze. Situated, he quickly cupped his hands over his groin again.

Donna started off listening to the boy’s heart, then his lungs. As much as she would have liked to put him on his back and get her hands on his adorable little nuts, she was still a doctor and still had a physical to perform. Ears, eyes, nose, throat, neck all got examined.

Thinking, Time to get a better look at that little cock, she said, “Okay, Parker, can you hold your arms straight out like this please,” demonstrating. “Palms up.” He did so, reluctantly. “Now close your eyes.”

The boy’s flaccid penis lay limply between his thighs. She longed to reach out and take it between her fingers, to feel it grow steadily stiffer in her grip. Instead she moved on to checking his muscle tone, rotating his wrists, moving his forearm up and down. Then it was the strength tests, having Parker push or pull against resistance, all of which kept him from covering himself. After a bit he seemed to become less self-conscious about his nudity. By the time she finished texting his reflexes he seemed much more relaxed.

“Okay, let’s get you to lie down on your back, Parker,” she said, getting him to lift his legs and spin himself till he was lying down. His tension immediately returned and his hands began to go to his crotch again, but she said, “Hands at your sides, please,” and he reluctantly did so.

Donna glanced at the boy’s face, but he was pointedly staring at the ceiling, which was just fine with her. It allowed her to stare at his adorable little penis without concern as to what he might think. Continuing with the exam, she rolled his legs back and forth, not only checking for tone, but also watching his cute cock move back and forth. Hand under his right knee, she lifted his leg, checking mobility of the lower leg, then pushed it toward his chest, checking the upper. Now his little genitals were really flopping around. Left leg next, then she had him push and pull against her as she tested his knees and hips, her hands getting to slide quite high along his thighs in a totally unnecessary way, but he didn’t know that. The whole time, Rachael stood on the other side of the exam table where their eyes would meet from time to time and they’d share a secret smile.

Next was the abdominal exam, where she first inspected him visually, noticing all five of his silky pubic hairs, then listening to bowel sounds and finally palpating him. Then, with her hand resting lightly on his groin, just above his wrinkled little penis, she said, “Alright, Parker, we’re going to do the ‘turn your head and cough’ portion of the exam, okay?”

“Y-yes, doctor,” he said faintly, turning his head and coughing.

She laughed. “I love the enthusiasm, Parker, but I actually have to be holding your testicles first.”

“Oh,” he said in a small voice, blushing deeply.

Not bothering with exam gloves, wanting her skin directly on his, Dr. Bellaso reached up between twelve-year-old Parker Rhodes’ silky smooth, hairless thighs, and lovingly cupped his small scrotum in her hand. She dutifully examined each small orb, feeling for nodules or other abnormalities.

“Do your testicles ever feel sore, Parker?” she asked as she examined the smooth scrotum, finding half a dozen small, silky hairs.

“Just if I get hit there or something,” he said nervously.

“That’s good,” she said. “Go ahead and cough for me now,” she said, performing the hernia test. That finished, she just idly caressed his young balls, under the guise of examining him. With her left hand, she felt around the base of his penis, nudging it aside with her fingers, running her fingers across his sparse few hairs.

“I see you’re getting some pubic hair, Parker. That must be exciting for you.”

“I… I guess so.”

“Did you note that, Nurse Ward?” Donna asked. “The patient has…” she made a show of bending over, taking the opportunity to inhale the youthful smell of his crotch, “I count six pubic hairs, as well as a few on his scrotum.”

“I’ll put it in the report, doctor,” Rachael said, playing along.

“You count em?” Parker asked, curiosity overcoming shyness.

Donna explained. “When a young boy begins to go through puberty, we’ve found it useful to chart his progress. When you come in for your next physical, won’t you find it interesting to know how many pubic hairs you had before? Or to know how much your penis has grown?”

“My…?” he asked faintly.

“Yes, your penis,” she said, taking the little organ between her fingers, lifting it, making a show of examining it. “Circumcised,” she said as if Rachael were actually taking notes. She squeezed the little helmet-shaped crown. “Glans is a healthy color.” She gently stroked the boy’s frenulum with her thumb, watching him tense. Then she ran her index finger up and down the boy’s shaft as she made a show of examining it. “No unusual bumps or growths,” she said as she continued to turn and bend the little cock, her finger constantly stroking up and down its length, her thumb going again and again to the sensitive little bundle of nerves in the little V beneath the lobes of his small glans. It didn’t take long before the inevitable began to happen.

“Doctor…” the boy said, a note of rising urgency in his voice.

“Yes, Parker?” she asked, not looking up, not ceasing her subtle masturbation of the tween’s pubescent cock.

“My… my…” he stuttered, but he couldn’t say it. His stiffening cock spoke for him.

“I see,” she said, wrapping her hand around the hardening organ, looking up to catch bright blue eyes widened in alarm. “Well, Parker, that is a perfectly normal reaction,” she said, glancing down at his nearly fully erect penis. She gave it a light squeeze. “It just shows that you’re a healthy young man.”

“But…” he said, swallowing nervously.

“Perfectly normal,” she repeated, her eyes locked on his throbbing young erection. She made a show of examining it, moving it back and forth, pulling up and down on the bit of loose foreskin he had remaining, palpating the glans. “That is a very healthy looking penis you have, Parker,” she said. “Do you get erections often?”

“I… I guess?” he said.

“Good,” she said, idly musing. “A boy your age should be getting frequent erections. And they don’t cause you any pain or discomfort?” She gently stroked her hand upward along his shaft. He shuddered.

“N-no,” he gasped.

“Can you measure him, please, Nurse Ward?” she asked. “I’ll hold him.”

Concealing a smile, Rachael pulled out a small plastic tape measure. “Yes, doctor,” she said. Then she dutifully snugged the end of the tape against Parker’s barely-haired pubis, and gently slid it up along his stiff shaft. “That looks like three-and-three-quarter inches,” she said.

“And?” Donna asked expectantly.

“And a circumference…” Rachael said as she carefully wrapped the tape measure around Parker’s penis, “of three-and-five-eighths.”

“Well now,” Donna said, her hand still gently holding the boy’s penis. “That’s rather impressive for a boy of twelve, wouldn’t you say?”

“It certainly is,” Rachael agreed with a grin.

“Nurse Ward…” Donna began. “Can you feel this please? Does that feel irregular to you?”

The doctor released the boy’s cock, which bobbed stiffly, hovering over his groin. It was quickly replaced by the nurse’s hand, who lovingly stroked the small organ, her fingers lightly sliding up and down the slim shaft. Parker shuddered and his cock jerked in her hand. “Hmm,” the nurse said, hand gently stroking. She reached down and cupped the boy’s balls, gently squeezing. “It feels like it could be a blockage.”

“What… what’s that?” Parker asked, concern momentarily overriding his growing sexual excitement.

“Parker,” Dr. Belloso asked in a serious tone, “I know it’s embarrassing to talk about, but I need you to tell me the truth. Do you masturbate?”

“I…” he looked nervously from the doctor, to the nurse that was still gently stroking his pubescent erection, down to said erection. “You mean…?”

“Yes, when you play with your penis until you get a very good feeling. It’s important that we know.”

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

“Please just tell me, Parker,” she insisted.

“I… yeah. Am I okay?”

“And when you masturbate and you have your orgasm, does anything come out of your penis?”

“You mean… sperms?”

“Yes, do any sperms come out when you orgasm?”

“Just… I mean… sorta? It just… a tiny bit I think?” He was looking back and forth between them worriedly, and despite her stroking hand, his penis had lost a bit of stiffness.

“That explains it, doctor,” Rachael said.

“A blockage,” Donna agreed.

“Is it bad?” Parked asked, dick deflating even more.

“Well, it could be,” Donna said. “Do you know what the epididymis is?”

“The epy… what?”

“The epididymis,” she repeated. She reached out and took back her hold of the boy’s penis, now about half-erect. “It’s a tube that brings semen, or your ‘sperms’ from the testicles,” she caressed his balls, “up along your penis,” and she traced her finger along the shaft of his penis, as if illustrating. The boy wouldn’t know enough anatomy to contradict her, and epididymis sounded very scientific. “You seem to have a blockage in yours.”

“Can you fix it?” he asked, worried.

“Hmm, I believe so,” she said, seeming to ponder.

“Will it hurt?”

“Oh,” Rachael said. “Oh, no, Parker, it won’t hurt. You see, in order to clear the blockage, we’ll have to masturbate you.”

“Mas… you mean!?” he asked, alarmed.

“Let me see,” Donna said, leaning close. She closed her eyes as she put her nose right near the boy’s crotch. Then she made a show of closely examining his penis. It was still only about half hard. “I don’t think so,” she said. “Do you see, nurse? He’s mostly lost his erection.”

“I see,” Rachael said, not actually seeing, but playing along down a road she thought her friend might be going. “You mean…”

“Yes,” Donna said, as if agreeing. “I think it will require an oral extraction.”

Rachael hid a grin and said, “Doctor, perhaps a simultaneous prostate massage?”

“Good thinking, Nurse Ward,” Donna said, hiding a grin of her own. “Fetch the lubricant, please, while I begin.”

Heart hammering in anticipation, Donna met the boy’s worried eyes as Rachael stepped over to the supply cabinet. She met Parker’s worried eyes and said, “Now Parker, I just need you to try to relax. I know this might be a bit embarrassing, but I promise it won’t hurt a bit.”

“What’s a oral…” he began, but then stopped with a hiss as the doctor leaned down and sucked the head of his slim little prick into her mouth like an overlarge bit of spaghetti.

Donna just held him there for a few long moments, savoring him. This was what she wanted. What she’d needed. A young boy’s cock in her mouth, so small and delicate, the smell of his pubescent crotch in her nose, warmth of his spongy little glans between her lips. She suckled lightly at it, lapping at the little acorn with her tongue as it began to grow rapidly in her mouth. Donna felt the expending length of it as it stiffened, sliding toward her throat. She couldn’t help it, she moaned as she took the rest of it into her mouth, feeling it twitching at the entrance to her throat as her lips snuggled against the smooth base.

“Nurse!” Parker gasped as Donna became aware of Rachael passing behind her. The other woman placed a supportive hand briefly against her back.

“Just try to relax, Parker,” Rachael said.

Sensing movement, Donna cracked an eye open and saw Rachael getting Parker’s feet against the table and his knees up while she spread his legs. Then she watched as a lubricant-covered finger came into view.

The End

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I’m sorry! That’s it! No more. I stumbled across part two of this sexy story, but unfortunately, Rwxxx13 never finished it. And since he’s no longer with us, we’ll just have to settle with this.

Camp Hiawatha – Chapter three

Camp Hiawatha – Chapter three
rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

Chapter 3

“Nobody knows about this place,” Tony said, pulling aside the hanging branch of a weeping willow and ushering the other two boys through. “I found it last year.”

The boys stepped in through the shadowy, green-smelling boughs of the tree to find a small, secluded glen. The pond was about fifteen feet across, and about seven wide. The water wasn’t still, but was rippling slightly. There was a natural sandy beach on one end about five feet wide. The rest of the pond was surrounded by rock. It looked as if it were professionally designed to look natural.

“I think it’s part of the lake,” Tony said, walking up to the tiny stretch of sand and kicking off his sandals. He dug his toes into the sand. “It’s like a spring or something. You can feel the water moving around your feet when you’re in it.”

“How deep is it?” Lucas asked, eyeing the pond suspiciously.

Tony shrugged thin shoulders. “I don’t know. Like… three feet or so? Maybe a bit more. I was shorter last year.”

“You’re still shorter,” Oliver joked.

The olive-skinned boy responded by sticking out his tongue, then grinning. Tony was the shortest of the three boys, at only four-foot-nine. Oliver was a couple of inches taller at four-eleven, and Lucas was the tallest, as well as the most muscularly developed, at five-one.

Feeling daring, and admittedly a bit horny from his experience the day before, Oliver grinned and said, “We should skinny-dip.”

“Okay!” Tony said eagerly.

“I don’t know,” Lucas said worriedly, which didn’t surprise either of the other boys. After his boner in the shower that first day, Lucas was a bit skittish about being nude. He either tried to take his shower quickly to be out before the others could start theirs, or he pretended to be busy with things until everyone else had already showered before going in himself.

“Oh, come on,” Tony said, dismissive of his friend’s reluctance. “It’s not like we haven’t seen it. Like… all of it,” he said with a cheeky grin. Lucas just blushed. “I’m kidding,” the boy said. “C’mon, Lucas, nobody is gonna say anything. Besides, it’s just us. Nobody cares if one of us gets a boner.”

“Sure, you wouldn’t,” Lucas said a bit petulantly.

“Right,” Tony said with a grin, and then he pushed his trunks down and off.

Oliver couldn’t help looking, as he did every time he saw the little Italian kid naked. While he and Lucas looked a lot alike in the dick department, each having about a dozen hairs, and each having about the same sized dick, though Lucas’ was longer when it was soft than Oliver’s, Tony was a different creature altogether.

The smallest of the three, as well as the skinniest and youngest looking, easily able to pass for twelve or maybe even eleven, Tony was the most physically developed, at least in the puberty department. He had little strands of black hair in his armpits, a tight little bush of black pubic hair, and the second biggest dick in their cabin, behind only a black kid named Marcus, who proved the stereotype with a seven inch cock, but he was also six feet tall. Like Lucas’, Tony’s dick was long and smooth when it was soft, but where Lucas had about four inches, little Tony had over six. A fat six. Oliver was fascinated by it.

“Like what you see?” Tony asked Lucas with a grin, showing Oliver that he wasn’t the only one mesmerized by the little kid’s giant unit. Lucas, being Lucas, blushed and turned away.

Not one to pass up an opportunity to show off, Tony began to wiggle his skinny hips in a way that got that big, floppy dick swinging back and forth, and then eventually begin to spin in a circle. He called it helicoptering. Oliver felt hypnotized by the spinning dick, as well as the large, swinging balls below it.

“How is it so big?” Oliver said, the awe evident in his voice. Then he clamped his mouth shut, amazed he’d asked the question out loud.

Tony just shrugged, ceasing his hip wiggling, although his cock continued to sway back and forth for a bit. “My mom told me that her dad had a big one,” he said. Then he gave a wry smile and said, “Mine is bigger than my dad’s.”

“It is?” Lucas asked, obviously interested.

“My dad’s is like this,” the little dark-haired kid said, holding his thumb and index finger about three inches apart. “I think he’s jealous. He’s always yelling at me about putting clothes on.”

“You go naked in front of your dad?” Oliver asked, remembering his extreme embarrassment when his own dad had seen him getting out of the shower.

Tony shrugged those thin shoulders. “I sleep naked, so when I get up in the morning it’s dumb to get dressed just to go to the bathroom.” A sly grin and then, “Sometimes I even go down to breakfast like that. My dad says not to do it because of my sisters, but I think he’s just jealous.”

“You go naked in front of your sisters?” Lucas asked, mortified.

Tony nodded, “And my mom.”

Lucas just shook his head in amazement, obviously baffled. Oliver asked, “How old are your sisters?”

Tony screwed up his face, thinking, then said, “Maria is seventeen. Anna is fifteen, and Sophia is eleven.”

“And they’ve all seen you naked?” Lucas asked, obviously having trouble believing such an outrageous thing. “And your mom?” He shook his head again. “I’d die, man.”

Something occurred to Oliver and he asked, “You said your dad’s thing is like this big,” he said, approximating Tony’s measurement with thumb and forefinger, “but how about when it’s… you know?”

“When it’s what?” Tony asked, confused.

“You know…” Oliver said, and then his voice dropped to a whisper, “hard.”

“Gross, man,” Tony said with a scowl. “I haven’t seen my old man with a boner.”

“Then how do you know how big it is?” he asked reasonably.

Tony was obviously confused. “I already told you how big it is.”

Now Oliver was confused. Then a thought struck him and he said, “You do know that some dicks get bigger when they’re hard, right?”

Tony looked at him suspiciously and cast an eye downward towards Oliver’s crotch. The blond boy blushed, realizing that Tony was thinking about the size of his own little penis, thinking that the inch-and-a-half that he showed in the showers was all the dick he had. He felt a sudden need to prove his… manhood or something.

“You don’t believe me?” he asked, heart racing at what he was about to do, both in trepidation and a fair amount of excitement.

Before he could change his mind, Oliver pushed down his swimsuit, quickly kicking it off when it reached his feet. He stood there for a moment, heart pounding as he saw his two friends looking at his crotch. He glanced down himself, seeing his little dick hanging there, even smaller than usual, at maybe an inch. He attributed it to nervousness. A bit awkwardly he reached down and gave his little nuts a squeeze of encouragement, and then he took his penis between his thumb and forefinger. He lightly pinched the spongy little pink head, and then he gripped it just beneath the crown and began to tug.

“Dude,” Lucas said, disbelief evident in his voice. Tony’s hand dropped to his own big cock and Oliver saw him squeeze it.

Oliver continued to pull on his little penis, stretching it again and again, then wiggling it up and down. He was nervous, so nothing happened at first, and he was growing more and more fearful that nothing would, and then he looked over at Lucas and noticed the bulge slowly moving up the front of his red trunks as the boy’s cock grew erect. Oliver instantly remembered that first shower and seeing Lucas’ erect penis, the first real one he’d ever seen. He was a bit ashamed and weirded out by the fact that he’d found himself thinking about it that night, and several nights since then if he was being honest with himself.

Before he quite knew it, Oliver’s cock was growing. His fingers began to stroke along the shaft as it grew and grew, and finally it had reached its full, quivering length of four inches. He dropped his hand then, showing off his erection proudly.

“Wow, man. I didn’t know it could get like that,” Tony said, stepping forward for a closer look. Oliver noticed that the little Italian boy’s massive cock was now sticking practically straight out from his body. As Tony moved within two feet of Oliver, his cock continued to grow, until it was throbbing and bouncing at about a forty-five degree angle. Oliver felt the sudden desire to reach out and take that big cock in his hand, and he made a fist at his side to fight that urge.

“I never really saw another one,” Tony confessed, staring at Oliver’s four-inch erection. He reached down and wrapped a tiny fist around his own hugely throbbing cock. “Except yours that day,” he said with a glance at Lucas.

Knowing Lucas was hard, although it wasn’t as noticeable now that it had lifted fully within his trunks, Oliver said to the brown-haired boy, “Let us see yours again. We can all compare.”

Lucas blushed furiously, tearing his eyes away from the bouncing erections of his two friends. He unconsciously reached down and squeezed his boner through his trunks.

“C’mon,” Tony urged. “We’re showing ours. Plus, it’s not like we haven’t seen it before.”

“I don’t think I should,” Lucas said in a soft voice.

“It’s just us,” Oliver said reasonably.

Lucas looked back and forth between Oliver and Tony’s faces. He swallowed nervously. Then, he took a deep breath, hooked his thumbs into the sides of his trunks, and quickly pushed them down, high stepping to get out of them, causing his boner to bounce.

Then the boys just stood there, all with aching erections, just staring back and forth at each other, comparing, evaluating, thinking.

Finally, Tony spoke, asking the question that all the boys were secretly wondering. “You guys… you know… do it?”


Nurse Angela Baker stood beside the examination table in her clinic at Camp Hiawatha, staring down at fourteen-year-old Jamie Waters, who was currently lying naked on said table, sporting a nice-looking five-inch erection. The boy’s dirty blond mop of hair partly obscured his face, which was turned determinedly toward the wall opposite her.

Angela still held the boy’s nicely developed testicles in her hand, massaging them gently. She was supposedly applying a topical cream to combat a nasty heat rash the teen had gotten. In fact, she was just enjoying the feeling of them in her hand, as well as the tantalizing sight of his youthful erection.

The camp nurse had been wracking her brain for the last couple of minutes trying to think of a way to legitimately get her hand on that cock. Or at least semi-legitimately. She had already used the heat rash as an excuse to get her hands on his balls. She was sure the kid would be aware if he had any of the rash on his penis. All she needed was some flimsy excuse that sounded plausible to a fourteen-year-old. Fourteen-year-old’s were dumb, weren’t they?

Angela released the boy’s hairless balls and asked, “Jamie, how often do you masturbate?”

“Wha-?” the boy asked, whipping around to stare at her alarmed for a moment, before blushing furiously and turning his head to the wall again. “I… I don’t do that,” he stammered.

“Jamie,” she said, clearly disappointed. “You’re a typical fourteen-year-old boy. And quite a healthy one by the look of… things. So, please do me the courtesy of not lying to me. Now if I had to judge from what I’m seeing, I’d say you’re doing it pretty frequently. You have some chaffing here, which will really begin to irritate you if you don’t do something about it. Luckily I have some nice, soothing lotion here which will fix you up.”

“Uh… thanks?” the boy said in a small, slightly confused and very embarrassed voice after a long, uncomfortable pause.

“You’re welcome,” she said with a smile. She slipped the glove off her hand, dropped it to the floor and quickly squeezed some plain old aloe lotion into her hand. Then, before he could realize what was happening, she said, “Now I’m going to go ahead and apply it for you this time, but you’ll have to do it yourself from now on.”

“Huh?” he squeaked, his teen voice cracking.

Before he could say anything more, like ‘hey, don’t molest me’, Angela wrapped her hand around that beautiful, slim teen cock.

“Uhnn!” Jamie croaked, his whole body jerking.

Angela took a good, although slick, hold of the boy’s young erection. She could feel his rapid pulse through the throbbing organ. Pulling back a bit she slid her hand down to the root of him, lifting his cock upright. She slowly raised her fist until she covered the cockhead, and Jamie shuddered.

“Nurse…” the boy gasped. “Nurse…”

“Are you okay?” she asked sweetly, squeezing her hand around the boy’s sensitive glans, feeling all that lotion slip and slide around it. The boy took a shuddering breath and his hips jerked. “Does it hurt?”

“N-no,” the boy wheezed, “it’s… it… ungh. Nurse… you can’t…”

“The chaffing is worse right here,” she said, and she began to circle her thumb against the sensitive little bundle of nerves just beneath that slim, bullet-shaped cockhead.

Jamie gasped again and bucked his hips, driving his cock up through her slippery grip.

“You want some lotion down here?” she asked, twisting her fist down around the base of his cock. “I really thought it looked worse up here,” she teased, sliding her hand upward. “But if you want it down here, you’re the boss,” she said, sliding downward again.

Jamie practically sobbed in a mixture of pleasure, shame, and need. His whole body was trembling, his toes curled and his feet bouncing, his fists clenched, as he tried to control himself.

“Or I could just get it everywhere,” she said as she began to slowly but steadily jack his young cock. As the boy wasn’t looking anyway, she used her left hand to hike up her uniform a bit, enough so that she could slip a couple of fingers into her dripping pussy. She spread her legs for better access, and shuddered as they slid into her. She began to frig herself rapidly while she flicked her thumb again and again against her swollen clit.

“This will fix you right up,” she said, a bit hoarsely. She loved the feeling of her fist sliding up and down on the boy’s rigid cock. Almost as much as she enjoyed the way the fourteen-year-old was squirming with pleasure and embarrassment on her exam table.

“Please…” the boy moaned. “Stop… don’t…”

“Which is it, Jamie?” she asked, her hand continuing to work his slippery shaft, twisting a bit at the top each time to make him squirm. She leaned closer, so that her lips were right near the boy’s ear. Then she asked in her softest, sexiest voice, “Do you want me to stop… or not stop?”

She stopped her hand, just held a tight fist wrapped around the very tip of him to await his answer. The boy moaned and shuddered and then drove his slender hips upward. Down again, then up again, fucking her fist. “Please don’t stop,” he gasped.

“Look at me,” she insisted.

Face twisted with fear and embarrassment, he turned to face her, his green eyes shimmering with what might have been unshed tears. He bit his lower lip, mouth trembling, then cringed as he drove his hips upward again. He groaned.

Angela slowly grinned. “Can’t help yourself, can you?”

The boy looked like he was going to cry, but he shook his head and, shuddering as if he just couldn’t hold himself back any longer, and thrust himself into her fist again.

“Good boy,” she whispered, then she released his cock.

Jamie whined in disappointment, but it quickly turned to a sound of confusion as Angela hoisted herself up onto the table. She tried to straddle his hairless thighs, but her uniform was too tight, so she quickly hiked it up, revealing her bald pussy. Jamie’s eyes grew wide in fear and excitement as she swung her right leg across him.

Taking the boy’s cock in hand once more, Angela lowered herself until it was just touching her, then ran it back and forth across her prominent pink pussylips. They spread around the slim head and she watched Jamie’s eyes grow wider and wider as she began to lower herself onto his cock. She hissed as it entered her. Jamie nearly choked, then he groaned as inch after inch slid inside.

“Is that good, baby?” she asked, bottoming out on the slim cock, then grinding against him, feeling all five inches of that gorgeous young dick doing wonderful things inside her. “Mmm, you’re so hard.”

Angela realized her eyes had closed and she opened them to find Jamie staring up at her, eyes wide with awe. He saw her meet his eyes and his cock lurched inside her. “You’re a quiet one, aren’t you?” she smiled. She ground a small circle on him again and said, “That’s okay. Let Nurse Baker do all the work.”

Angela wished she’d bothered to take off her uniform first, but she’d just been too eager to feel the boy inside her. So she cupped her large breasts in her hands, circling the nipples through the cloth as she began to work herself up and down, riding the boy. He made a sort of strangled sound and she looked down at him with a grin. “This is your first time, isn’t it, Jamie?”

The fourteen-year-old nodded almost frantically. “I… I…”

“Does it feel good?” she asked. “Your stiff, hot cock inside my pussy?”

“Uh-huh,” he said, voice cracking again.

She’d have laughed if she wasn’t nearly overwhelmed by sexual desire. Two days in a row. Two young cocks in a row. Her mind was suddenly racing with the possibilities. How many boys were there at the camp this year? Eighty-six, she knew. Not all of them would be cute enough to fuck, but… there had to be a significant number of hot boys out there who would just love to stuff their hot little cocks into her cunt. She thought back to the fifteen-year-old who’d blown his load while she held his cock. Would she have fucked him? Hmm, probably not. She wondered why, then realized that although the boy had been handsome enough, he was a bit too old for her tastes. Imagine that. She had a taste for boys, and it apparently ran to the younger ones. She thought of all the eleven-year-olds at camp. Would an eleven-year-old even have hair between his legs? She shuddered thinking about it. A hairless little boy. How hot would that be? She tried to imagine what a typical eleven-year-old’s cock might look like. She thought about Oliver and scaled it back. Three inches? Less? Would that turn her on? She shuddered. She thought it might.

Angela leaned forward, hips still rocking, and ran her hands over Jamie’s slender chest. She tweaked the tiny brown nipples, smiling when he groaned. “You like that?” she asked, pinching the tiny nubs, twisting them. “You’re so damned cute.”

“I’m gonna… do it… nurse… I mean…” Jamie stammered.

“You’re gonna shoot?” she asked.

Jamie nodded frantically.

“Hmm, not yet,” Angela said. She stopped and lifted herself, watching with avid eyes as the boy’s five-incher slapped wetly against his belly. He was wet with her juices. It jerked several times and she worried he was going to shoot all over himself. She reached down and gripped him tightly by the base, squeezed hard. “Not yet, baby. Gonna put you to work.”

Angela turned around, got on all fours. “On your knees,” she said, looking back over her shoulder.

Jamie quickly scrambled to his knees, skinny cock bouncing. He began to situate himself behind her, even reaching out to place his left hand hesitantly on her hip.

“Hold your horses,” she said, suddenly straightening. “Unzip me,” she said. Unlike Oliver, the boy didn’t even hesitate, immediately grabbing the zipper and yanking it downward. She wasn’t sure she entirely appreciated this newfound confidence.

Angela slid down off the table, then slipped out of her uniform. Jamie watched her avidly, even reaching down to squeeze his erection. She reached behind and unhooked her bra, then slipped it off, her big tits pouring out of the cups. She squeezed them, pushed them together, pinched her nipples. Then she leaned forward and sucked the boy’s cock to the hilt.

Angela was used to bigger cocks, and Jamie’s five inches didn’t present any sort of problem for her. She took him until the head was moving into her throat, tasting herself on him. When he was all the way in and her nose was in amidst his small pubic bush she could smell him, musky teen sweat filling her senses, fighting against the medicinal smell of the lotion she’d used. She reached up and cupped his balls, bobbed her mouth on his cock a few times. So good.

She let his cock go with a smile, licking her lips sensuously. “Nothing like a tasty boycock,” she said, winking at him. Then she got up onto the table again and turned away from him, going to her hands and knees. She reached her hand up between her legs, petting her pussy before sliding two fingers inside.

“Bring your cock here,” she ordered, pulling her fingers free and sticking out her hand. Some movement behind her, and then she felt the slim length of him slide into her hand. She lined up and gave a little tug. The boy did the rest, and she shuddered as he filled her.

“I hope you know how long that little thing of yours is,” she told him. “I don’t want you slipping out and fumbling around back there. Now fuck me.”

Long-fingered hands on her hips. He pushed forward first, pressing himself against her. She felt him shaking, then he was pulling back. She waited for his cock to fall out, but he stopped it with the glans still inside her, then slowly pushed back into her. So fucking good. Out again, and then in. The boy continued to pick up speed after that, his grip on her hips tighter.

“Give me your hands,” she gasped, then she felt the heat of him as he leaned forward. Propping herself on just her right hand, she grabbed his left in hers and brought it to her large, swinging breast. “Grab them,” she panted. The hands were inexperienced, but eager, squeezing her too roughly, but she didn’t care. She began to push back into him, wanting the full force of his thrusts.

“Harder,” she growled. “Fuck me harder!”

“I have to… let go,” he gasped.

“Just fucking fuck me,” she said almost angrily. She needed it so bad.

Hands back on her hips, gripping her tightly, and now the boy really started to give it to her, slamming his skinny hips forward, rocking her body deliciously, causing her titties to fly back and forth, his balls to slap against her clit.

“Yeah, baby,” she panted. “That’s it. Give me that sweet little cock!”

He fucked her even faster then, even harder. She could feel the sweat pooling in the small of her back, pleasure radiating throughout her body. She was finding it hard to breath and there was a roaring in her ears, like a powerful ocean tide rolling toward her. The rapid slap, slap, slap of Jamie’s groin smacking into her was like machine-gun fire. So it’s not surprising she didn’t hear the footsteps on the wooden stairs outside.

Suddenly, breaking through the haze, came a knocking at the door, and the muffled sound of a voice calling out. Jamie immediately stopped fucking her, his hands gripping her hard in panic.

“Someone’s there!” he hissed.

“I know someone’s there,” Angela growled, frustrated.

“What do we do?” the boy asked, panicked.

“You can start by taking your cock out of my pussy,” she said reasonably.

Jamie was out of her in a shot, sliding off the table in a rush, staring at the door wide-eyed while his glistening cock bounced in front of him. Angela slid off the table to stand beside him. “Fuck, so close,” she muttered, reaching out to grab the boy’s cock and give it a longing squeeze. “Get your shit and get into the bathroom,” she told him quietly. “I’ll come get you soon.”

The boy quickly scrambled to gather up his clothes, looking around frantically for his shirt, which was draped over the chair in front of her desk. Then he sped into the bathroom, his pale ass the last thing she saw before she reached down and grabbed her uniform. She looked around for her bra, but didn’t see it at first.

“Hello?” came the voice again, along with another five knocks at the door.

“Coming!” she called out, stepping into her uniform. She’d just have to go without a bra. She got her arms in and reached to her lower back and grabbed the zipper, she yanked it about halfway up when she spotted her bra at the foot of the exam table. She grabbed it and looked around, then walked to her desk and stuffed it into a drawer. She looked down at herself as she reached over her shoulder to grab the zipper and pull it the rest of the way up. She’d never tried wearing her uniforms without a bra before, and the stiffness of her nipples was clearly evident, as was a slight darkness where her silver dollar sized areolas pressed.

Well, there’s no help for it, she thought with a sigh. She went to the door and unlocked it and then pushed it open. There was no one there and she poked out her head to see a small form walking away. He must not have heard her. “Can I help you, honey?” she called out, pushing down her frustration and trying for cordial.

She thought at first she was addressing a girl, as strange as that would be at a boys camp. The boy who turned to the sound of her voice was delicately pretty in a way that you mostly saw with girls. His long blond hair, at least seven inches below his slender shoulders, just added to the illusion. He had the delicate features of a girl, or a very androgynous boy, with bright blue eyes and long lashes and beautifully sculpted cheekbones. A pert little nose, and soft, full, pouting lips finished the picture. Angela felt her pussy, desperately missing Jamie’s cock, contract and she imagined her juices running down the insides of her thighs. The boy was an angel.

He began to walk back toward her. “I thought you were closed,” he said in a sweet, treble voice. No puberty yet for this little angel, she thought. She wondered what his little cock would look like, and her eyes immediately homed in on his crotch, behind knee-length blue polyester gym shorts. Not even a hint of a bulge, she saw, disappointed. The thin legs below were completely hairless though.

“What can I do for you, sweetie?” she asked, holding the door for him. He brushed past her, and she found herself bending over slightly, hoping to smell him. She wanted to pull him against her, to put his face between her breasts and hold him. She wondered if he could smell her. The odor of sex must be strong in the air, and just as strong from her.

“David told me I had to come,” he said. Then wryly, “I got a sunburn.”

David, she knew, must be David Walker. There were two more adult Davids, but David Walker was counselor for one of the twelve-year-old cabins. She wouldn’t have thought this boy was that old. “What’s your name, sweetie?” she asked.

“Aiden Evans,” he said.

Aiden Evans. She accessed her mental patient chart. Twelve years old, four-foot-seven, seventy… three pounds, she was pretty sure. So, small for his age. She couldn’t believe how blue his eyes were. Oliver’s had been a crystalline blue, almost pale. Aiden’s were deep, cobalt blue, warm and entrancing. The kind of eyes that made one suspect contacts, but she knew his had to be natural. He had a beautiful smile. Such sensual lips. Did the boy just glance at her breasts? She thrilled internally. He certainly had.

“Well, let’s take a look,” she said, and reached out to lift the front of his t-shirt. His shirt actually fit him properly, which is to say loosely. Angela was no longer sure she believed that anything other than a tight shirt which showed off a boy’s delicious little body could be considered ‘proper’. She was amazed to think how much her perceptions had changed in such a short time.

Aiden had a gorgeous little bellybutton. Not quite and innie, not quite an outtie. His stomach was deliciously flat. It was also quite an angry red. “That’s a sunburn, alright,” she said. She hooked a finger into the front of his shorts and pushed down a bit, exposing him down to the yellow waistband of his briefs. She saw enough to see they were red below that. The sunburn went all the way down. She let the shorts snap gently back into place and then reached down to his knee to hook the leg, which she lifted. Higher and higher, they continued to reveal reddened skin. She lifted until she caught a yellow-trimmed leg-hole of tiny briefs. Redness all the way.

“Were you wearing Speedos?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered with a smile. “Some of the boys make fun of me, but I like them.”

“Want to know a secret?” she asked, lowering her voice to a whisper. “I like them, too.” She smiled and he returned it. She knew she could get rid of this boy quickly and go back to Jamie and that nice dick of his, but little blond Aiden fascinated her, and she knew she wanted to spend more time with him. “Okay, you,” she continued in a normal tone. “If you could strip to your undies for me and hop up on the table over there, I’ll be right with you. I have to finish up with another patient.”

“Okay,” he said happily, and began to pull up his t-shirt as he turned toward the table.

Angela was mesmerized for a moment, but then a thought struck her and she raced ahead of him. “Just let me…” she said, and she quickly ripped off the paper from the roll at the head of the exam table and pulled out a new length, then crumbled up the last bit. “There we go.”

When she turned, the boy was already out of his shirt. Such a delicate little chest, she saw. Tiny, pinkish nipples. She wanted to touch him. Shaking herself from her reverie she hurried to the bathroom. She knocked twice out of politeness, then opened the door as narrowly as she could and slipped inside.

Jamie was staring at her nervously. He was fully dressed.

“Who told you you could get dressed?” she asked quietly, annoyed. She immediately unbuttoned the boy’s shorts then unzipped them. She pushed them down, almost in a frenzy, having to slow down to get his briefs as well. She got both to the boy’s knees when she saw his little penis was soft. She breathed out her frustration and grabbed the little worm, began yanking on it. “Useless,” she muttered.

She had obviously shocked the boy, who refused to get hard. Heart racing, wanting to get back to Aiden, but needing this, she sank to her knees and took the soft little cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, suctioning her lips, finally felt it responding. She was mewling needily as it grew in her mouth, and she finally pulled back when she felt it was hard enough.

Standing, she pulled her uniform up over her hips, then grabbed the boy’s cock and jacked it a few times. “Here,” she hissed, pulling him forward. He stumbled towards her awkwardly, his lower legs trapped in his shorts. She grabbed his ass and got his cock up between her legs. She had to slide her back down along the wall a bit, but her sensible nurse shoes gave her plenty of grip on the tile floor, and she was able to maneuver the boy’s cock until she could sink down along its length.

“Fuck, that’s good,” she gasped. She grabbed two handfuls of muscular boy ass and pulled him forcefully into her, groaning as he sank to the root of his cock. “Fuck me,” she whispered harshly into his ear. “Fuck me with that little boycock,” she growled.

Jamie, perhaps too intimidated to argue, or perhaps eager to finally get his rocks off, began to slam her as forcefully as he could, the position awkward for him at first, but easier as he gained confidence.

“Fuck,” Angela gasped, licking and sucking at the boy’s neck, her hands on his ass urging him to fuck her harder.

The sounds of their fucking was more subdued in that position, but the room was smaller and the squelching sound of his cock working in and out her gripping pussy filled her ears. She thought about Aiden sitting out there. He’d be in his little underwear, with his little cock underneath. His hairless little baby cock. She felt her pussy convulsing and she almost bit the boy.

“Cum,” she gasped as quietly as she could manage. “Cum in me! Shoot it in me!”

Jamie gave a shuddering moan and pressed strongly into her. Once… twice… on the third time practically lifting her from her feet as he shuddered and she felt his young cock jerking inside her, felt the heat of his teen cum spraying her insides.

“I can feel it,” she gasped. “I can feel your hot cum!”

The boy’s ass flexed in her hands as he emptied himself into her. Her orgasm rocked through her, toes to the top of her, racing tingles sparking all over her. Her pussy convulsed around the boy’s flexing cock, sucking at him, drinking his jizz into her.

Before she was ready, she straightened, pushing him away from her. He stood there, panting, his cock red and glistening. As she watched, a string of pearly cum lurched from his pisshole and began to stretch toward the floor. She quickly reached down and caught it on her fingers, brought them to her mouth, tasted the essence of him. That was a taste she was more familiar with, being more bitter than Oliver’s sweetness. Oily. She rolled it on her tongue. Delicious.

She bent over then, sucked the end of the boy’s cock into her mouth, tasting a combination of their juices as she sucked at him. She took him quickly to the root, cleaning herself off him, then grabbed his shorts and briefs and stood, pulling them up into place. She gently tucked his still-hard cock into his briefs, setting it at a jaunty angle that amused her.

She bent again and gave him a little peck on the lips. “Ready?” she asked. He nodded and she opened the door. “Be right there, Aiden,” she smiled. She could see he was sitting there in his underpants and she had to turn away quickly. “Now Jamie,” she said, as she walked to the medicine cabinet. “this is the cream I used. Until it clears up, I want you taking three showers a day. Three cool showers. Not cold, mind you. Cool. I don’t you need freezing anything off,” she grinned at him and winked, as her back was to the other boy.

“After your shower, put on the cream. I also want you to stay out of the sun as much as you can. No swimming, okay?”

“None?” the boy asked, disappointed.

“None,” she said. “Not for a few days at least. So, cool showers, cream, three times a day. Got it?”

“Yes, nurse,” he said.

“And ask Tyler to get you some bigger shirts.”


She began moving him toward the door. “Do you own any boxer shorts?” she asked. Jamie blushed, which amazed her after what they’d just done together. He opened his mouth to speak and she cut him off, saying “Not boxer-briefs. Actual boxers.”

“I’ve got these kinda silk ones,” he said.

“Okay, wear those for now. Wash them every day if you have to. Talk to Tyler about that, too.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the boy responded.

They got to the door, and Angela opened it for him. He went through and she stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. She looked around and saw nobody near the clinic. Pitching her voice low, she said, “Jamie, did you like what we did?”

The boy nodded eagerly and opened his mouth to speak but she again cut him off before he could. She leaned close. “If you ever want to do it again, you won’t breath a word of this. Got me?” she asked, reaching down to squeeze him through his shorts. He nodded rapidly. “Good boy,” she said. She released him, and after a moment he went down the steps.

“Oh, and Jamie?” she said softly, and he stopped and turned. “Also, keep in mind how easy it would be for someone to get lost out in these woods, never to be found again.”

The boy paled. She smiled sweetly, and left him staring at her.

End of chapter three

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All rights reserved

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Camp Hiawatha – Chapter two

Camp Hiawatha – Chapter two
rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

Chapter 2

“I still can’t believe she did that,” Tony said, laughing. “Ice-pack on your balls. Classic, man.”

“I’d just die if a grown-up lady saw my junk,” Lucas opined and shuddered, sure his dick shrank a little just from the thought of it.

“I’d love it if Nurse Baker touched my balls,” Tony said. “I bet I’d blow a load all over her.”

“Gross,” Lucas frowned.

“Yeah, like you don’t do it,” Tony grinned, miming jacking off and laughing when the brown-haired boy blushed.

The boys were dressed in swim trunks, Oliver in blue, Lucas in red, and Tony in green, which were all nearly knee length on them except for Tony, who wore an older pair which fit tightly and ended higher on his thighs. All the boys were shirtless and wore flip-flops. They all had towels over their slim shoulders. They had free swim time and Tony, the veteran of the group, currently enjoying his third year at Camp Hiawatha, said he knew of a secret swimming spot.

From the window of the clinic, Nurse Angela Baker let the blind fall back into place. She’d seen the three half-naked boys walking off into the woods, laughing with each other. She felt a gnawing hunger in her pussy at the sight. Little Oliver had apparently kept his silence, but there was a part of her that wished he’d blabbed to his friends and that they’d crept to her door looking for what she’d given the little blond boy. They were all good-looking boys. She wished she were going swimming with them. What a thing that would be.

Sighing, the young woman went to her desk and sat. Not a single camper had been to the clinic so far and she was bored. That was compounded by the fact that she couldn’t get thoughts of Oliver and his adorable little cock out of her mind. She found her legs spreading, without quite meaning to do it, and then her hand was sliding up the inside of her thigh. She had to adjust her tight uniform a bit, but then she was able to touch herself.

Angela felt positively wicked, touching her pussy in broad daylight, knowing that someone could come through the door at any moment. Her fingers touched her bare, hairless pussy. She was wearing her usual white hose and garters, but she wore no panties that day. She’d had it in her mind as she dressed that perhaps Oliver would come pay her another visit, or maybe one of his little friends, or maybe all three of them at once. She hadn’t wanted the complication of underwear, and imagined their faces when they saw she wasn’t wearing any. With her mind full of images of pubescent cock, however, she worried that she was going to make a mess of her uniform.

She was jarred from those thoughts, and the sensation of her finger sliding gently into her gripping hole, when she heard footsteps on the wooden stairs outside her door. She hurriedly withdrew her finger and adjusted the hem of her uniform. She was rubbing her hands with disinfectant lotion when the door opened.

There was a voice, not a boy’s voice, which said, “I don’t wanna hear it, Jamie.”

Apparently the argument was ongoing, and Angela straightened in her chair as she recognized that the man speaking was Tyler, a nineteen-year-old counselor who ran one of the cabins for the older boys. She heard an indistinct voice say something, and then Tyler said, “Now.”

The man held the door for a boy, who slunk in with his head down and his hands thrust into the pockets of cut-off jeans, white fringe dancing around his thin thighs. The boy had a shaggy mop of dirty blond hair, and having heard the name Jamie she knew this must be Jamie Lee Waters, a fourteen-year-old who was at Camp Hiawatha for his second summer.

Tyler finally turned to face her after allowing the door to swing shut behind the boy. Tyler was a business major at the local university. He’d been working at Camp Hiawatha for two summers and had been a camper from thirteen to fifteen, before Angela’s time. He was a nice enough looking guy, with wire-frame glasses. He was tall and gangly, a bit like young Jamie. He’d never tried to hit on her, which she appreciated, but he wasn’t beyond a bit of playful flirting, which she also appreciated.

Tyler bent down and spoke softly to the boy, who never lifted his head, then he came to Angela’s desk. She stood to greet him. “Jamie apparently has a bit of a heat rash,” Tyler confided in a soft tone. He glanced back at the boy and Angela followed his gaze. The fourteen-year-old was squirming uncomfortably and shifting from foot to foot. He was staring fixedly at the floor. In an even softer voice, Tyler concluded, “In a sensitive place.”

“Gotcha,” Angela said with a smile and a wink. In a normal tone she continued, saying, “I think I’ve got this, Tyler. Leave him with me. I’ll send him along later.”

“Thanks, Angela,” the man replied, and he gave Jamie a squeeze on the shoulder and a word or two of encouragement before leaving.

Angela followed Tyler to the door. After watching him walk down the stairs she pulled the door closed. With her body blocking any view from the teen, she carefully clicked the deadbolt. Then she turned with a smile to address the boy, who was still staring at the floor.

“Come on,” she said, “it can’t be that bad.”

“It just itches like crazy,” the boy allowed, still not meeting her eyes.

“Well, that’s a fairly easy fix,” she assured him. “The hard part for you is likely what’s next.” She walked over to the exam table and patted it to the sound of crinkling paper. The paper she’d gotten screwed on by Oliver had been discarded.

“Now,” she said, “where is this rash?”

Jamie didn’t answer, just squirmed uncomfortably. Angela wasn’t sure if it was because of the rash, or embarrassment.

“Please come over here,” she said, patting the table again. Reluctantly, the boy moved toward her. “Now,” she said as he reached her, “you’re going to have to tell me where the rash is, Jamie.”

“On my belly,” the boy mumbled.

“On your belly,” she confirmed. “Anywhere else?”

The boy shrugged.

Angela sighed. “Okay, so we’ll start with the belly, I guess. Please remove your shirt.”

Jamie gave her a quick peek through the bangs that were hanging in his eyes, then he reached down and grabbed the hem of his t-shirt. Like Oliver’s, Jamie’s Camp Hiawatha shirt was too tight for him, which she knew was likely a contributing factor in the heat rash. He peeled it up over his head, for a quick moment exposing his armpits, which Angela was thrilled to see were still hairless.

“There we go,” she said once the boy had removed his shirt. She took it from him and tossed it toward her desk. “Hmm,” she mused, examining his upper body. “That’s a heat rash alright.”

The boy was covered in angry red bumps, as well as many small white blisters that resembled drops of sweat. Heat rash was caused when sweat glands were blocked, and the blisters, where sweat was trapped, would develop into the little red bumps which itched terribly if left untreated.

“You should have come in when this first started,” she scolded the boy.

“It didn’t itch at first,” Jamie said softly.

“Well, I’m sure it’s itching now.” Jamie nodded miserably. “Alright, let’s see the rest.”

“Miss?” he asked.

Angela sighed again in frustration. “We both know that’s not all of it. Now, are you going to take off your shorts, or am I?”

“I… I… yes, miss,” the boy stammered. Hands shaking a bit, he reached down and unbuttoned his denim shorts, then slid down the zipper. He hesitated, and she caught a glint of green eyes as he briefly caught her eyes again. Blushing deeply, he pushed down his shorts. The briefs were baby blue with a white waistband and two slanting white stripes framing the crotch. There was a panel of black on the left hip. They looked to be a size too small, and they hugged his little package.

Angela put a hand on the boy’s stomach, lightly touching the little bumps which led downward into the top of the briefs. She couldn’t help but compare him to Oliver. He was taller, of course. About five-foot-four compared to Oliver’s four-eleven. Both were slender boys, but Jamie had a gangling quality to him, big feet and awkward limbs. His lower legs were covered in golden down. The bumps on his skin were more pronounced around the waistband of his briefs.

Reaching down, Angela pushed down the front of the boy’s underwear a few inches, seeing more of the rash, as well as a few errant brown pubic hairs. Jamie’s body stiffened in surprise and alarm. “Just the belly,” she said dryly, allowing the boy’s briefs to snap back into place. “Okay, off with them.”

“Nurse… please,” the boy begged.

“Off,” she repeated in a tone of voice which brooked no argument. “Then hop up on the table.”

She turned then, much as she had with Oliver, to give the teen a modicum of privacy. She went to the sink and washed her hands. She didn’t need to, she was just covering. What were the chances of seeing two naked boys in two days? she wondered. She felt a throbbing between her legs at the thought. Jamie seemed so shy, and that was turning her on immensely.

Grabbing some things from the medicine chest, she turned back to the boy, who was sitting naked on the table, his bony ankles crossed, his head down, face hidden by a curtain of shaggy hair, and both hands cupped protectively over his genitals. She walked up to him, and in what she hoped was a soothing tone, said, “Jamie, I know you’re embarrassed, but I’m a nurse. Trust me when I say I’ve seen it all. Now lay back, honey, and put your arms to your sides.”

After some hesitation, the trembling stiffness in his body evidence of his embarrassment, if the burning cheeks weren’t sufficient, he awkwardly turned and got his feet up on the table, then leaned back, knees raised protectively and still cupping his groin. He turned his head away from her, facing the wall, and then hesitated again before finally, slowly, lowering his hands.

Angela sighed and pushed the boy’s knees down, until his legs were flat on the exam table. As she’d suspected, the prickly rash was especially deep along where his waistband had been. She could also see it peeking out in the creases of his thighs. Mostly though, her attention was on the boy’s exposed penis and testicles. Another grower, she mused, noting the small, wrinkled penis. Unlike Oliver though, Jamie had a small, but full little bush of pubic hair, perhaps an inch high. The pubes were a light brown in color, but curly and wrapped around the base of his shriveled dick. Interestingly, he seemed to have no hair at all on his wrinkly scrotum, which was several shades darker than his penis. The penis itself seemed a bit larger than Oliver’s, resting at around two inches, and a bit thicker as well.

Jamie once again had crossed his ankles. “Going to need these apart, young man,” Angela said, placing her hands on his knobby knees and gently prying them apart. Jamie helped spread them, and his balls dropped a bit lower.

“Especially bad here, hmm?” she asked, running a finger along the place where the waistband of his briefs had been.

“It itches like crazy,” the boy said, and with his head still turned away he brought up his left hand and scratched at the area she had just touched, making his little penis bounce.

Angela lightly smacked his hand. “Enough of that,” she scolded. “You’re just making it worse.”

“But it itches,” he complained.

“I’ll take care of that in just a moment. In the meantime, try to control yourself.”

Angela picked up a topical steroid cream and unscrewed the cap. It had a mild anesthetic, so should help with the itching. She reached for and slid a purple surgical glove onto her right hand, then squeezed a dollop onto her fingers. “Just relax now,” she said, and then she began to spread the lotion onto Jamie’s belly. He flinched. She continued to rub it in, her fingers moving lower and lower on his body. She reached the waistband section and had to apply more cream.

“Isn’t that nice?” she asked.

“I guess,” he allowed in his muffled voice.

“Turn up on your side,” she instructed, after she’d reached all she could from his current position. She slid a hand under his ass to help him, and he turned to face the wall. She admired his muscular young ass as she spread the cream around.

“A bit down here as well,” she said, and slid her fingers down into the crack of the boy’s ass, which was actually free of any redness. She just wanted to touch him, and enjoyed the way he squirmed as she worked her fingers lower and lower. The boy flinched as she reached his little pucker, and she rubbed it several times, even sliding her fingers as far up along his taint as his closed thighs would permit.

“Okay, slide back,” she said and pulled gently on his hip. He rolled onto his back again, but still kept his face turned toward the wall. She thought perhaps his cock was a bit fuller.

Spreading the boy’s legs again, which had closed when he came to rest again on his back, she applied more cream to her fingers. “This might tickle,” she warned. Then she slid her fingers into the crease of his right thigh. Jamie gasped as her fingers brushed against the side of his scrotum, and his little balls shifted inside their hairless sac. She probed deeper, her thumb riding alongside his teen nuts.

“It can get especially bad in creases like this,” she said. “It must itch horribly.”

“Uh-huh,” the boy said, his voice croaking.

“Under here, too, I’m guessing,” she said, smiling with amusement at his discomfort while she used her bare left hand to gently lift his testicles. Jamie let out a helpless groan. “I know it’s uncomfortable,” she said soothingly while she used her right hand to spread the cream underneath his balls, then up along the crease of his left thigh.

She made a show of leaning down and examining him more closely. “Hmm, some here, too,” she said, applying more cream to her gloved fingers. Then she took the boy’s balls in her hand and began to gently massage the cream into them.

That was apparently too much for the boy, as his little penis began to stretch, inching its way through his little pubic bush. “Just relax,” she said soothingly while continuing to massage his balls.

“Miss, please,” Jamie croaked hoarsely.

“It’s okay, Jamie,” she said, thrilled at his unease and the power she had over him. “That’s perfectly natural. Just relax.” She was anything but relaxed, however. She could feel her own tension growing as she watched the fourteen-year-old’s cock grow harder and longer. Finally it reached its full length, and then it lifted upward, bouncing slightly with the movement of her hand and pulsing with his heartbeat.

The boy’s cock was close to five inches long, and a bit over an inch thick. He was circumcised, and unlike Oliver’s widely flared head, Jamie’s glans was more bullet-shaped, with just a little bit of tissue remaining from his foreskin to mar the line of that streamlined shaft. She wondered if she dared touch it. Had she already pushed her luck with Oliver? Was going for two young cocks asking for trouble?

End of chapter two

Copyright 2023 – Rwxxx13
All rights reserved

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Camp Hiawatha – Chapter one

Camp Hiawatha
rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

Chapter one

“What do we have here?” Nurse Baker asked, opening up the door to the clinic and filling the doorway.

Three boys looked up at her from the bottom of a short, three riser stairway, the two on the ends supporting a blond boy between them. As a group, they gulped nervously.

“He got racked,” a brown-haired boy of thirteen named Lucas said, trying desperately to tear his green eyes away from the sight of the woman’s full breasts as they threatened to escape from her tight, white nurse’s uniform. “You know, down there,” he added helpfully, pointing to the blond boy’s crotch, currently cupped protectively in his hands. The blond boy, Oliver, squirmed uncomfortably as the woman’s gaze wandered downward.

The nurse eyed the boys speculatively, and now all three boys were squirming under that sharp, knowing gaze. “Alright,” she finally said. “You boys go on. I’ll take it from here.”

So saying, the twenty-six year old blonde descended the steps and put an arm around the boy’s back, one hand sliding up into his armpit as she took his weight. Lucas and the other boy, a black-haired kid named Tony, looked at each other and fled.

“Okay, up we go,” Nurse Baker said, getting the boy started up the stairs.

Oliver limped gingerly, feeling the woman’s warmth against his side, the firmness of her hand in his armpit. He hoped he wasn’t sweating. As the nurse led him up the stairs, he cast a longing look after his friends, wondering what the hell he’d allowed himself to get talked into.

“Nice and slow,” the woman said in a soft, contralto voice, deep and husky and oh so sexy, or so Oliver thought. They went slowly upward, and then he was through the door and it was closing behind him.

The nurse led him to an examination table which lay flat, but slightly raised at one end, and covered in the kind of paper Oliver was used to from his regular doctor checkups. Nurse Baker helped him to lean up against the table, which came up to a couple of inches above his waist.

“Alright,” she said, stepping back a couple of feet and placing her hands on her hips. Oliver couldn’t help looking at the way said hips pushed against the uniform. It was short, ending maybe five inches above her knees. Her legs were covered in white stockings. He tore his eyes away in shock as she said, “Go ahead and drop your shorts and underwear, please.”

“My… my… m-ma’am?” the boy stuttered, sure he must have misheard.

“Your shorts and underwear,” she repeated. “I can’t very well examine your injury through your clothes, now can I?”

Oliver didn’t move, scared into complete immobility.

Nurse Baker’s face twisted suspiciously. “Unless you’re faking it,” she said, and Oliver’s heart froze for a moment. “A boy tried that a couple of years ago,” she continued. “Of course, I told Mr. Jenkins and I believe he was sent home.”

Mr. Jenkins was the director of the boys summer camp, Camp Hiawatha. Oliver felt the blood draining from his face. Sent home? If he got sent home his parents would kill him. What was he going to do? The thing is, he was faking it. Lucas and Tony had told him all about Nurse Baker and how she liked to give handjobs to boys. Oliver didn’t believe it for a second, but he allowed himself to get caught up in the story and found himself on the end of a bet. He’d get the other boys’ desserts for a week if he went to the nurse pretending to have injured his balls. He’d felt sure the woman would see right through the blatant ploy and send him away, maybe angrily, maybe amused, but away nonetheless. Now she wanted him to take down his shorts? And his underwear!?!

Angela Baker watched as the boy’s mind raced. She’d known the moment the three boys showed up on the doorstep of the clinic what they were thinking. It didn’t happen every year, but it happened often enough that she knew the signs. After all, it was a camp for eleven to fifteen-year-old boys. It never took them long to get sex on the mind, if indeed they ever stopped thinking about it in the first place.

Still, Angela didn’t mind all that much. She knew about the rumors, and in fact there was at least a kernel of truth to them. In her four years at the camp, she’d touched the erections of three different boys. In two of the cases, the boys had pretended to have groin injuries, while the third one’s injury was real, and when examined they had all gotten excited. She’d really done nothing more than push aside, and in one case, hold and move aside, the swollen teen organs, but the rumor mill went into overtime. It didn’t help matters that one of the boys, the boy who’s young cock she’d actually held, had promptly ejaculated all over himself. Two of those boys, including the premature ejaculator, had been older, both fifteen, but one had been the same age as Oliver, at thirteen, although he was much more developed than the beautiful little blond boy before her. She found herself intrigued.

“So, shorts and underwear, or am I having a talk with Mr. Jenkins?”

“I… I…” the boy continued to stammer.

The woman sighed and stepped forward. “I suppose I’ll have to do it myself,” she announced.

Oliver gasped when the nurse’s hands went to the button on his cargo shorts. With a deft twist she unbuttoned him, and then he felt a slight pressure against his groin as she unzipped him. Gravity did the rest, and his khaki shorts dropped from around his thin hips to hit the floor with a soft flump. Oliver was wearing his Camp Hiawatha t-shirt, which he was sure must have been made for a much younger kid, as it fit tightly, hugging his slim form and barely covering his bellybutton. It unfortunately did nothing to cover his lower body.

Angela felt her eyebrow quirk up a bit as the kid’s shorts dropped to the floor. He was left standing in a pair of mostly green Diesel trunks, trimmed with orange around the leg openings, and with green and white stripes in panels on the side, as well as a thick orange waistband with the word DIESEL in white. The crotch was green, shaped, interestingly enough, to highlight the crotch, and she could see the little bulge of his immature dick pressing against it, as well as the curve of his small balls.

Oliver stared down in amazement as his shorts dropped to the ground. It was like time was slowing down to a crawl. He could barely believe what was happening. A woman had just unzipped his shorts. He could see his underwear, and the way his little penis pressed against the front of his briefs. He felt his eyes drawn upward, captivated for a moment by Nurse Baker’s cantaloupe-sized tits, and the deep cleavage between them. Then his eyes drifted even further upward and he found her staring at him. He blushed furiously.

“Now,” she said, in her husky voice, “do you want me to take them down, or are you going to do it?”

Down, Oliver thought. My underwear. He swallowed a huge lump in his throat. “I-I’ll do it,” he croaked.

The woman gave him a curt nod and turned away. “Go ahead and take them all the way off and get up on the table. Lie down on your back,” she said as she was walking away from him.

Angela didn’t watch his progress, wanting to grant him some small measure of privacy. She felt a smile tugging at her mouth, but she consciously forced it away, schooling her face into one of bland professionalism. She went to the sink and began to wash her hands, satisfied when she heard the crinkling of the exam table paper.

She found herself wondering what the boy would look like. She mostly dealt with sprains and sunburns and bug bites, but she’d seen a few boys naked over the years. She knew from her records that Oliver was thirteen. She made it a habit to study the charts of all the boys at camp and to remember salient details about them. Oliver was a healthy boy, although a bit underdeveloped for his age, looking more like a twelve-year-old.
When she turned, she found the boy lying nervously on his back, his t-shirt pulled as low as the garment would allow, just under his navel. His hands were cupped protectively over his genitals. She stepped up to the table, on the boy’s right side, and just stared down at him, expectantly. After a few moments she was forced to quirk an eyebrow questioningly. She was secretly thrilled when he blushed and slowly moved his hands to his sides.

Oliver felt his face burning as he moved his hands. He was cringing at exposing himself, but the look in the nurse’s eyes hadn’t left any room for disobedience. No woman had seen him naked since he was ten, and that was his mom. His pediatrician was a man, and he was the only person who’d seen him naked since that time except once when his dad had burst into the bathroom while he’d been getting out of the shower a few months ago, and since coming to camp three weeks ago, where he was forced to shower with all the other boys in his cabin.

Oliver had never even seen other boys naked until coming to camp, and it was a definite learning experience. He’d seen pictures and videos of naked men on the internet, men with huge cocks and large, swinging balls. He’d wondered if he would ever look like that himself, and worried that he never would. Seeing boys his own age had been eye-opening. He’d been amazed at the variety of penises on display in the showers, and although he’d been desperately ashamed and embarrassed to be naked with them at first, his fascination in seeing them helped him to overcome those feelings.
The boy had never realized that penises came in so many different varieties. Different sizes and shapes, with different colored pubes, or no pubes at all, with hairy balls and hairless balls, and foreskins, and circumcised dicks. His new best friend, Lucas, had just about as much hair as he did, although Lucas’ scant dozen or so hairs were a darker brown than his own. Lucas, however, had a much different penis, although he thought they were about the same size. The other boy was circumcised, like he was, but his dick was smooth and long when it was soft, where Oliver’s was small and wrinkled. On the first day they showered, Lucas had gotten a boner, and while it had lifted upward until it was straining, it hadn’t seemed to grow hardly at all, whereas, if Oliver had gotten a boner, he knew it would have grown to about three times its flaccid length of just over an inch.

It was that inch plus little worm that was resting lightly against his mostly bald groin now, and Oliver knew that Nurse Baker must be laughing inside at the sight of it, though her face was smooth and unemotional.

Angela stared down as the boy exposed himself to her. Definitely a grower, she thought, seeing the wrinkled little appendage. She saw maybe a dozen silky little dark blond hairs at the base of his boyish penis, as well as a few errant ones sticking out from his surprisingly smooth little scrotum. Oliver was circumcised, and his rosy little cockhead was half hidden by wrinkled skin. She was surprised to feel a warmth blossom between her legs. The boy was beautiful, yes, but still very much a little boy. Still, there was something about him, something incongruous about such a cute little boy penis and the presence of pubic hair, signaling the approach of manhood. It was that strange incongruity that sent an electric thrill through her.

“Now just relax, and we’ll see if you’ve injured yourself,” Angela said, in what she hoped was a pleasant, professional tone.
Oliver swallowed hard as Nurse Baker spoke, her voice full of lustful and teasing undertones. He knew she must suspect that he was faking, and he was scared that she would tell Mr. Jenkins and that he’d be sent home, ruining his parent’s anniversary cruise and probably getting grounded for a year. He was determined that she not find out he was faking, but he didn’t have to fake the flinch and shudder he gave when he felt her hand on his testicles.

Angela nearly smiled when the boy flinched. He was practically thrumming with nervousness, his eyes darting back and forth, desperate to see anything other than what was happening to him, although whether it was because of the fear of being found out, which she’d seen him react to earlier, or the fact that a strange woman had him naked from the waist down on a table and her hand on his pubescent balls, she wasn’t sure.
The boy’s nuts felt silky smooth against her palm, the tiny, silky hairs tickling her. They were so lovely and warm, about the size of grapes, and they shifted in their little sac as she lightly squeezed them. “Does that hurt?” she asked, unable to stop herself from rubbing her thumb over the sensitive little orbs. His penis moved with the motion, flopping a bit upward, so that she was looking directly at the tiny piss slit as if the squat length of him were staring up at her.

Nobody but a doctor had ever touched Oliver there. Well, once when he was about eight he’d played doctor with his cousin, Lucy, and she had explored him down there while he ran a finger over her strange little slit. He remembered how fascinated she’d become when his little penis began to grow stiff. He remembered that day in the stuffy attic as he felt Nurse Baker gently squeezing his balls. Then he remembered that he was supposed to be faking an injury, and so he moaned, but it came out more pleasured than pained.

“A little bit?” she asked, hearing the boy’s moan. “How does this feel?” she asked, releasing Oliver’s young balls and placing her hand flat against his groin and pressing down gently. She could feel his little penis against the blade of her hand. She was struck suddenly by the desire to rub her fingers through the tiny little pubic hairs she knew were against her palm. She wasn’t sure what was coming over her.

“It… it’s okay,” Oliver said, in what he hoped was a slightly pained voice. He could feel Nurse Baker’s hand actually touching his dick. A real live woman’s hand against his dick. He couldn’t believe it, and he concentrated desperately on not getting a boner.

Angela couldn’t help herself. She began to move her hand in little circles against the barely pubescent boy’s groin. The side of her hand never lost contact with the little penis, which moved back and forth, side to side, as she moved her hand. “It’s a bit tender?” she asked, feeling her heart starting to pound. “Down here?” she asked, and she moved her hand again, reaching down to cup his young nuts with her fingers while her palm came to rest directly atop his soft penis.

Oliver thought Nurse Baker’s voice had grown even more husky as she asked if he was feeling tender down there, and then he gasped as her hand laid down right on top of his dick. It was right there, touching him, the warmth of her hand suffusing him while her fingers gently caressed his balls.

“Miss… nurse…,” he moaned, unsure how to react, his mind racing. He felt an immediate warmth in his groin, a tightening, and he squeezed his eyes closed, mortified.

Angela felt the sudden tension against her palm, felt the shifting of little Oliver’s testicles in their sac. She pressed downward lightly, feeling things shift against her hand, the growth of the boy’s little penis more and more obvious. It didn’t take long; perhaps ten to twelve seconds from the time she laid her hand atop it, and then he was fully erect. She could feel the sudden throbbing against her palm, and realized her hand had grown sweaty. She pulled the sides of her hand inward, feeling it wrap around the length of the boy’s cock.

“That’s okay, Oliver,” she said softly, squeezing him. “It’s a perfectly normal reaction. Hmm, let’s take a look, shall we?”

No! Oliver wanted to scream, but he felt the damp heat of Nurse Baker’s hand leave his dick, felt the comparatively cool air of the room against his boner, and he blushed deeper than he ever had in his life, his cheeks burning with fire to match the heat of his young erection.

“Well, your testicles don’t appear to be swollen,” Angela said, her eyes drinking in the nearly four inches of slender boycock before her, “but something does.” Oliver’s thirteen-year-old cock bounced a bit, straining upward, tiny veins bulging, spongy little cockhead swollen so that it was wider than the pale shaft below.

She wanted to touch him. No, not just touch him; she wanted to caress and stroke and even kiss and lick him. Suddenly the small, swollen cock in front of her seemed the most exciting thing she’d ever seen. The fact that the boy was half naked, his upper body encased in the tight cotton t-shirt, his bottom half so lewdly exposed, seemed to make everything so much more erotic. Camp Hiawatha was emblazoned on the white t-shirt in green, trees and a lake being watched over by a stylized Native American head in full feathered headdress. The same shirt was worn by over a hundred boys all throughout the camp, but this particular boy lay on her exam table, naked from the waist down, his strangely alluring young penis bouncing with excitement, straining for her touch.

Angela reached down and once again cupped the boy’s little scrotum. She squeezed and said, “Nope, not swollen.” Then, before she could change her mind, she gently wrapped her hand around the boy’s cock, lifting it up and watching the way the head poked out above her fist. She squeezed and said, “Definitely swollen.”

Oliver groaned, both in pleasure and shame. “I’m so sorry, ma’am,” he gasped. Her hand felt amazing around his dick, but he was so ashamed of being hard in front of her. And she was touching it! He took a mental pause and repeated that to himself. Why was she touching it? Was that normal? He forced his eyes open. She was staring down at his crotch, at where her hand was holding the most private part of him.

“You don’t need to be sorry, Oliver. You’re a growing boy,” Angela practically cooed, rubbing her thumb across the little bundle of nerves beneath Oliver’s little cockhead and watching the boy react with a shudder. “Growing boys often react like this. You shouldn’t worry.” She couldn’t believe what she was doing, but she felt helpless to stop. There was something so fascinating about Oliver’s young cock, so alluring and sensual and, of course, forbidden. She looked to his young face, eyes wide with wonder and shock, his cheeks so soft. It was such a young face. Such an innocent face. And yet… there between her fingers was an achingly hard young cock, throbbing desperately, pulsing with need. There was nothing innocent about that stiff cock, and although the little hairs she could see were few and sparse and still silky, they were there. Innocent and illicit, childlike and shockingly sexual. She was once again made aware of the paradox that was the pubescent male.
Still staring down at the excited little organ in her fist, Angela was surprised to see a tiny bubble of clear liquid form and grow and then gently slip downward, leaving a trail of wetness across the spongy little head until it kissed hotly against her finger. “You really are growing up,” she said, a bit awed, as she used her thumb to swipe through the trail left by the droplet and swirl it around the tip of his glans. Oliver tensed and sucked in a staccato breath.

“Did I hurt you, honey?” she asked, knowing she hadn’t, but needing to maintain the pretense of an examination.

“N-no, ma’am,” Oliver breathed. In fact, the boy couldn’t believe how good it felt. His little cousin and the time in the attic that summer notwithstanding, Oliver had never felt a hand on his cock other than his own. It far surpassed all of his fantasies. There was something electric about Nurse Baker’s touch, and he felt horrible, knowing that he was getting so excited over an exam by a professional nurse. She probably thought he was a pervert. She’d tell Mr. Jenkins all about it, and he’d tell Oliver’s parents. The boy could imagine the disappointment and shame on their faces as they were told how his dick had gotten hard during an exam, and how wonderful he’d thought it felt, and how badly he’d wished Nurse Baker would just rub it up and down a few times so he could spray his small, watery load on his belly, like he did in his bed at night.

“Sometimes an injury like you sustained can travel, did you know that?” Her hand, loosing its grip slightly, slid upward, swallowing the thirteen-year-old’s cock. She then slid it back downward, thrilling at the little whimper that the boy let escape. He shook his head desperately, although in answer to her question, or praying that she would stop teasing him, she couldn’t know. She wasn’t sure that he knew himself.

She reached down and grabbed his balls again, and this time her left hand reached out to take hold of his small erection. She watched his stomach rise and fall, his eyes wide and flitting. She could feel his heartbeat through the pulse in his cock, wild and racing. “Sometimes the injury can start here,” she said, giving his balls a squeeze, “and travel up along here,” and she drew her fist up along the short length of his cock. Oliver moaned and his eyes caught hers and stopped for a moment, boring into her, desperate to know what she was doing to him.

“I’m a bit worried about this swelling,” she said, now gently stroking his cock, increasingly frequent drops of precum easing the journey so that her fist was riding him slickly. Feeling wicked, she asked, “Is this watery discharge normal for you? Does it happen when you masturbate, or is this something new?”
Oliver felt his mouth opening and closing, but no words would pass his lips. When he masturbated? She knew about that? How could she know? Did boys only drip that stuff when they masturbated? It had only started a couple of months earlier, and he’d been jacking off for close to a year, so maybe he caused it by doing it too much. He blushed. Now she knew he jacked off.

“N-nurse Bake… nurse… ma’am,” he stuttered.

“How often do you masturbate, Oliver?” she asked, enjoying his discomfort. “Once a week?”

She stared at him expectantly, and he stammered, “I-I…”

“More?” she asked, her hand moving a bit more quickly now. The boy swallowed hard and squirmed atop the table, causing the paper to crinkle. “Once a day?” she asked. “Twice?”

“I… s-sometimes…” he finally allowed, ashamed.

“Sometimes twice?” she asked. Oliver nodded. “And this discharge comes out, right?” Again, another pained nod. “I see,” she said, hand never stopping its up and down motion on his slick little dick. “And what happens when you finish?” she asked, eager to know. “Does even more come out? Do you squirt your little sperms?”

“Y-yes, ma’am,” Oliver said, blushing, but strangely thrilled with the admission. She knew he could squirt, that he was becoming a man. His breathing was labored, his body thrumming with electricity. He knew that if she kept doing it, just a little bit longer, that he’d show her. He’d show her how he could squirt his cum. He bet it would shoot far. Further than ever. Once he’d shot it right on his lips. He bet he’d shoot it right over his head. She knew he was close. His mouth was hanging open and he was panting. His breathing was labored and the throbbing of his little cock was growing intense. Precum was bubbling almost continuously, soaking her hand. Did she want him to cum yet? Did she want to see him spray his youthful jizz all over himself?

No, she decided, that would be a waste. She released him then, and his small cock practically vibrated atop his groin. Another string of precum dripped from the pisshole to land on his groin, soaking into two of his sparse hairs. His little balls were drawn up tightly in his sac. She felt herself swallowing now, the lump in her throat threatening to choke her.

“I think the swelling is getting worse,” she said, surprised by the sudden hoarseness of her voice. She realized her panties were soaked, and she desperately wanted to shove a hand down there, to plunge a couple of fingers deep into her tight wetness. She leaned down, as if for a closer look, and the smell of the boy hit her; pure sex, but with the distinctive scent of boy giving it a whole new dimension.

“Oliver,” she croaked. “This looks bad. I have to get that swelling down immediately, and I can only think of one way to do that right now. I’m sorry if this is embarrassing.”

If what was embarrassing? 
Oliver thought. What could be more embarrassing than what… oh shit!

Angela heard herself moaning as she slid her lips down around the length of Oliver’s little cock, but she didn’t care. The taste of the boy hit her, exploding her senses. Sweet and sweat. None of the bitterness she expected from cum, but a slightly sweet, sweaty taste that spoke of a diet of candy and soda and fruit. She felt her pussy contract as she took more and more of him into her mouth, relishing each inch, feeling the slender stalk throbbing wildly against her lips, the heat of him filling her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip of him, wanting to drink him in, but in moments she’d reached the sparsely-haired base, the tip of his thirteen-year-old cock just tickling the entrance to her throat.

Oliver stared, wide-eyed, as his cock disappeared between the nurse’s red-painted lips. The heat of her mouth seared him, and the wetness of her tongue bathed him in erotic sensation. Lying in bed at night, covers thrown off, reveling in the exposure of his erect dick, he would often slather his hand in lotion. The slickness of it as it slid up and down his cock was much as he imagined fucking would be like. He liked to imagine that it was Ashley Peyton from his history class, her small body crouched atop him, riding his cock. Or better yet, that she was lying between his legs, his cock filling her mouth. He thought that must be what it felt like, that slick hand moving up and down on his boner.

He’d been wrong. The feeling of Nurse Baker’s mouth around him, the sensation of her tongue swirling around his slender dick as her lips moved wetly up and down, was so far beyond any experience he’d ever had or had even imagined. It was like some kind of magic. Sex magic. And the nurse was casting her spell over his eager young erection.

With her left hand, Angela began to push up Oliver’s t-shirt. She wanted him naked now. The boy realized what she wanted after a few moments and peeled the tight garment up and off, leaving his short, straight hair standing up in a halo of static electricity. Angela groaned as the young boy’s body was exposed, the burgeoning muscles in his abdomen rippling, the sharp V leading down to his pelvis clearly defined. The boy had tiny brown nipples, dime-sized, and they were both swollen and pointed. She ran her hand up over that exposed flesh, luxuriating in the silky feel of his skin.

With her right hand, Angela reached down to caress Oliver’s pale inner thighs. They were completely hairless, and felt like satin under her fingers. As her mouth worked up and down on the boy’s throbbing little erection, her hand drew upward, further and further, until they came up between his legs. She almost grabbed for his balls then, so full of what she knew would be delicious boy cum, but instead her fingers found his taint, caressed him there, then moved downward, quickly discovering his tiny pucker. She circled it with the tip of her finger, felt the boy tense.
She grinned around his cock, then brought her right index finger to her mouth. She slid it in alongside the skinny prick, wetting it, then, cold with exposure, explored downward once again. A quick circle slickened the swollen anal flesh, and then she was pressing inward. A soft pop, and she was in, the tip of her finger squeezed by the tight heat of him.

Oliver cried out when he felt the nurse’s finger slide into his butt. He’d never felt anything like it, and was so shocked he didn’t know what to do. His first thought was that she must be doing some kind of medical thing, and he hoped it wouldn’t hurt. His second thought was one of wonder, as the woman’s finger slid deeper still and a totally new type of pleasure began to wake inside him.

Angela felt around and finally found the telltale bump of the boy’s immature prostate. She began to press against it rhythmically as she sucked ever more hungrily at his cock. She was amazed the boy hadn’t climaxed yet, and she was eager to taste him.
Warmth began to spread from deep inside Oliver. In some ways it was similar to the warmth that would come when his little balls finally exploded, spraying his youthful emission onto his belly. This warmth was somehow more intense, though, bigger in a way the young boy didn’t understand. He knew what it meant though. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Nurse!” Oliver cried, feeling it was necessary to warn the woman. His thing was in her mouth. If he did what he knew he was about to do while it was in there… “I’m gonna… you have to stop!”

Angela thrilled at the sound of the boy’s sweet, strained voice. She knew he was finally going to give her what she needed. She redoubled her efforts, mouth sucking hard, finger now sliding in and out of the boy’s fevered asshole.

“You have to take it out,” Oliver begged, knowing it was coming any moment.

And then it did.
Oliver felt himself exploding at the same moment that Angela’s mouth was suddenly filled with watery boy cum. She felt it blasting against the roof of her mouth, a surprisingly large amount for such little balls, but sweet and thin and delicious. She milked him with her mouth, her lips working against his jerking length, wanting every last droplet. Her finger was still, the boy’s asshole clamped down like a vise, leaving her unable to move it. She could feel his whole body thrumming as he emptied himself into her mouth.

Oliver voiced little puppydog yelps of pleasure as his cock jerked, sending his little jets of hot boyjuice into the nurse’s eager mouth. His hands were clenched into fists at his sides, his toes curled and his legs stiff with tension. He was staring unseeing at the ceiling, dazed, lost in the moment. He wasn’t sure how long he lay there, pleasure rippling throughout his body, his dick feeling as if it were pulsing with radiation.

Finally, Oliver grew aware of the fact that Nurse Baker no longer held his dick in her mouth. She was just standing there, leaning on the exam table, her eyes close and her tongue working slowly around her lips. He glanced downward, across the expanse of his chest and flat belly, to see his cock was still stiff, hovering over his groin, shining with wetness. The tip was an angry red, and swollen. He could still feel her mouth around him.

“Ma’am?” he asked softly. Then he cleared his throat and said, a bit louder, “Miss? Am I okay now? The blockage thing?”
Angela heard the boy as if from a long distance, his voice soft and indistinct. She caught the word blockage and opened her eyes to find him staring at her questioningly. It took a moment of mental rewinding, but she finally realized what he’d just asked.

Nurse Baker took a shuddering breath and straightened. She rolled her eyes and said, “You can’t be that dense, kid.”

“Ma’am?” he asked, confused.
Angela leaned over, explaining as if to a toddler. “I just sucked your little cock, Oliver. There was no blockage and we both know it. You just needed your little nuts emptied, and I emptied them.” Then she glanced at his crotch, at the way his cock still strained, vibrating with stiffness. “Well, maybe not completely empty,” she mused.

The nurse turned her back to him and said, over her shoulder, “Unzip me.”

“Ma’am?” the boy asked. He honestly couldn’t understand what she was asking. Well, he knew what she was asking, but the command made no sense at all to him.

Enunciating each syllable, an edge of frustration in her voice, she repeated, “Un… zip… me.”
Well, that got through to the boy, and suddenly full of fear and a strange excitement, Oliver quickly sat up to the accompaniment of crinkling paper, and reached for the tiny white zipper at the back of the nurse’s uniform. He slid it down hesitantly, in case he’d somehow misunderstood, and eventually it reached the small of her back, spreading apart to reveal a white bra strap against smooth, tanned flesh.

Angela turned to find the boy watching her expectantly. Between his legs, his small cock continued to throb stiffly. Reaching her hands to her opposing shoulders, she said, “You got yours, Oliver,” then she pulled away the front of her uniform and began to push it down. “Now I’m going to get mine.”

Oliver stared wide-eyed as Nurse Baker pushed down the front of her uniform. Her bra came into view, lacy and white, the darkness of her large nipples seen through the thin cloth. Then the woman stepped back and wiggled her hips, sending the uniform to the floor and revealing her underwear. Oliver wasn’t sure exactly what he was seeing. What he thought were white pantyhose were something else, as they only came up to her upper thighs. They were held in place by little straps, which were attached to a kind of… elastic something, that wrapped around her waist. She was also wearing thin, lacy panties which seemed to be put on over the little pantyhose straps.

Angela watched the boy watching her, seeing him take in the garter and hose, his eyes lingering on her crotch, where she knew her pussy was soaking through the thin cloth of her panties. “Do you think I’m pretty, Oliver?” she asked, as she reached behind her back.

He nodded eagerly, eyes never leaving her crotch. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered.

She grinned, pleased, and unhooked her bra. She knew she’d be able to draw those eyes upward, and with a shrug, she did.

Oliver’s bright blue eyes widened even further as Nurse Baker slipped off her bra. There they were. The boobs that every boy in camp seemed to talk about. There, naked, right in front of him. He felt his cock lurch powerfully and his balls begin to tingle in some strange way as he took in the large, firm breasts. The bra had been holding them in, but he saw that it hadn’t been holding them up hardly at all. They remained just as firm and high as they had before, each practically the size of his head, large, dime-sized nipples sticking out stiffly from the brown circle parts. Areolas, he remembered.

“Sit up,” she demanded then, and Oliver hurried to do so. She stepped forward and slid the boy’s knees apart, leaning forward as much as the table would allow. With a hand on the back of his head, she pulled him close, burying his face between her breasts, holding him there as her other hand slid down to caress his back. “Do you like those, baby?”

Oliver could only nod, his face warmed by her breasts. Then, without a word, she leaned back and pulled his face to her left nipple. It hit him in the lips, and she rubbed it there for a moment before he was struck by inspiration and opened his mouth. The firm, rubbery nipple slipped into his mouth, and he immediately found himself sucking on it.

Angela groaned with pleasure. “That’s it, baby,” she cooed. “Mmm, suck it.” Then she reached downward until she found his sturdy little cock, the boy’s gasp muffled by the stiff nipple in his mouth. He was dripping again, and she quickly slicked his four straining inches of boyhood with his own juices.

Finally, it was Angela’s turn to gasp. The little boy’s mouth on her nipple was causing her pussy to pulse with warmth and need. She pushed him backward, her nipple coming free with a soft pop. Hand on his chest, she pushed him until he was on his back once again. Between his legs, his little cock strained upward, glistening with precum.

Nurse Baker’s hands went to her hips, and Oliver sucked in a surprised breath as she pushed her panties down and off. The woman had no hair at all between her legs. She was just as smooth as his ten-year-old cousin Lucy had been that summer, although that’s where the similarities ended. Instead of a smooth, anonymous slit, the nurse had protruding pink flesh. Oliver was aware it was what boys and stories called pussylips, but he knew were called labia. They were glistening. He stared in fascination.

“My turn,” Angela said, and then she was carefully crawling up onto the exam table. The boy stared up at her with wide, shocked eyes as she situated herself over him. With some careful maneuvering she was able to position herself atop the boy without fear that she was going to slip off the sides. With a bit of adjustment she was poised just over his boyish cock, and she reached out and took it in her fist.

“Are you ready for this?” she asked.

Oliver wasn’t sure if he was ready or not. He knew what was about to happen, and while part of him was turned on and eager and incredibly excited, another part of him was scared to death. What if he did something wrong? What was it going to be like? Was this wrong? What if he got her pregnant or something? All these questions and more flew through his mind as Nurse Baker began to lower herself upon him, but they flew away at the first touch of her pussy against his cock.

Angela felt the first fiery kiss of the boy’s swollen little glans against her fevered flesh and she felt a shudder ripple through her. The tip of him slid through the trough of her swollen lips until it found her opening, and then he was entering her. The sensation of it, the feeling as that thin little pole of flesh slid into her was shocking.

Angela loved sex. She never seemed to get enough of it, but for the last four years, her summers had been sex-free, except for what Bob could provide. Bob, or Battery Operated Boyfriend, was an eight-inch vibrator she never left home without. Eight inches wasn’t even the biggest thing she’d had in her pussy. She’d had one boyfriend who sported just under eleven inches, and he was thick to the point of it being painful. The smallest guy she’d ever been with had been five inches, and was on the thin side, although interestingly enough, he’d been her most skilled and enthusiastic lover. She had never had a cock as small, or certainly as young, and little Oliver’s however, and frankly, she hadn’t been expecting much.

So the woman was shocked as she felt herself bottom out against the thirteen-year-old’s smooth, mostly hairless groin. All four inches were throbbing madly inside her, and although he didn’t stretch her in any significant way, or reach very far inside her, there was something about that young, small cock that was causing her pussy to convulse and ripple around it in a way she’d never quite experienced.

Oliver realized he was holding his breath and he let it out in a shuddering sigh. His dick was on fire. Nurse Baker’s pussy was like the hottest, wettest, most amazing place his imagination could conjure. He had a moment of clarity, that cut through the haze of sex and excitement, to realize that he was no longer a virgin. He was actually fucking. It was like some kind of dream and he could barely believe it was real.

Angela felt it twitching inside her; the little boy’s cock. Jerking and twitching like it would detach from the boy’s body and crawl up inside her. Hands on her thighs, she ground herself down against him, immediately shuddering as an orgasm ripped through her. She sucked in a breath and threw back her head, shaking as her pussy convulsed and lightning raced through her body. When it had passed through her, like a sudden summer storm, she stared down in amazement at the small body beneath her. How can this little kid be doing this to me? she wondered.

Then Angela’s eyes found Oliver’s face, and she stared into the crystalline blue of his wide, innocent eyes and she knew. It wasn’t so much the boy’s little cock that was making her shake like a wide-eyed virgin, but the boy himself. She looked into those eyes and saw awe and lust and innocence in equal measure, and she realized it was all that which was affecting her. In a way, by taking the boy’s virginity she was taking some of his innocence into herself. She felt a bit like she did when she was his age, discovering her pussy as if for the first time and the pleasure it could give her. Angela hadn’t lost her virginity until she was seventeen, and for a moment she imagined what it would have been like if she’d had a boy like Oliver at that age, discovering the joys of having a strong young cock inside her hairless little cunt. She shuddered again, her pussy rippling around the boy’s buried cock.

“So fucking beautiful,” Nurse Baker whispered, and then she was leaning over him and pressing her mouth against his. Oliver had only ever kissed one girl, in sixth grade, and there was no tongue thrust into his mouth as the nurse was doing. He had no idea what to do, but it felt almost as amazing as his dick in her vagina.

Angela tasted him, his mouth a combination of peanut butter and apples from lunch. She was having to hunch her back to reach his mouth, but it was worth it. She felt like she could suck the very innocence out of him, like some sort of sexual vampire. The thought thrilled her, and her pussy convulsed again. She broke the kiss and looked down at him; he was gasping for breath and staring at her in wonder. Her hands were under his armpits, which she noticed with a thrill were completely hairless. She unhunched her back, laying herself out atop him, her large breasts draping to either side of his face. Then she began to rock back and forth, riding his little cock.

Oliver could barely breath, but he didn’t care. He could smell her, there in the suffocating shadow of her big titties, a light perfume and the faint smell of womanly sweat. He could feel her moving on him, her gripping pussy sliding up and down on his boner, the heat of her as she sank down, and then the cool air on his skinny shaft as she lifted. Fire and ice. He grunted then, his cock jerking as he shot another watery load, this time into the depths of her. She didn’t even seem to notice, and his young cock didn’t lose an ounce of stiffness as she continued to ride him.

Angela didn’t notice that the boy had climaxed. His cock jerked, but it was doing that just about nonstop anyway. She thrilled to the feeling of the slim little member sliding into her again and again. She sensed his head moved, and then he was locking his pink, bee-stung lips around her right nipple. Her cunt convulsed again as he began to suckle at her breast. She could feel sweat tickling her as it slipped down her sides. She pulled back a bit then, still keeping up the humping motion, her nipple pulling free from the boy’s mouth. His lips continued to move for a moment, as if he didn’t realize the nipple was no longer between them. Then he was biting his lower lip. His eyes were half rolled back in his head.

“Why am I doing all the work here?” she suddenly asked. She stopped her fucking motion and sat back, still speared by his small cock. It took a moment, but the boy finally opened his eyes. She rose to a kneeling position, the little dick slapping wetly at his groin as it left her pussy. “Stand up,” she ordered.

Oliver quickly squirmed out from underneath the nurse, his little erection bouncing. As he stood, he almost lost his balance. His knees felt rubbery and he had to steady himself against the exam table. Then he watched as Nurse Baker rolled over onto her back. She turned to look at him. “Get up there,” she said, indicating a spot at the end of the table, between her feet. “On your knees.”

Oliver hoisted himself up on the table, awkwardly kneeling at her feet. His eyes were on her pussy, staring. He’d seen them in porno movies on the internet, but he’d never seen a real one before. At least not a woman’s. The lack of hair was strange and a bit jarring, but also exciting in some inexplicable way. The pink lips were spread wide, glistening in the overhead lights, a shadowy hole at their center. His dick had just been in there. His cock twitched.

Angela held out her arms to the boy. “Lean over,” she instructed. “You know how to do a push-up, right?”

Oliver nodded as he carefully lowered himself, his palms flattening at her sides as he took his weight, hovering over her. Her huge breasts were right below his face. He wasn’t sure what to do next, but then she reached up between his legs and took hold of his boner, squeezing it.

“Lower,” she said, and she pulled on the kid’s little pecker. She reached around and put her left hand on the boy’s pert ass, using both hands to guide him until she felt the kiss of his little acorn glans against her lips. “Aaaaalmost there,” she said, maneuvering him. Then, once he was seated properly, she pulled on his ass, and hissed as he sank into her.

“So fucking good,” she groaned. Both hands on the boy’s little ass now, she lifted her heels and attempted to cross them on the small of his back. He was so much smaller than the lovers she was used to, so it was a bit more of a stretch, but she managed. “Now fuck me,” she said.

Oliver wasn’t exactly sure what to do, but the movies he’d seen made it look pretty easy, so he pulled back a little, then pushed forward. He had the thought that he was really fucking now, on his own, fucking a woman. The thought lodged there in his brain like some sort of mysterious fossil, slightly recognizable, yet completely foreign. He pulled back again, and felt Nurse Baker’s heels dig into him, forcing him back in again. The next time he pulled back, it was too far, and he reached down desperately, fumbling until he could get his dick back inside her.

Realizing the limitations of his stroke, Oliver began to work himself with more confidence, sliding his cock in and out of Nurse Baker’s gripping pussy. He lowered his lower body until his knees were touching the table, which he found gave him better traction. Then he dug in the balls of his feet which worked even better.

“Faster,” Angela panted. “Fuck me faster,” she growled. The boy responded, beginning to really pound her, the wet slapping of their joining filling the clinic, along with her moans and his little grunts of effort. “Fuck me with that hot little cock, baby,” she whispered hotly. “Mmmm, your cock feels so good in me, Oliver. Fuck my pussy hard.”

The dirty words inflamed the boy, driving him to mightier efforts. His pale little ass was practically a blur as he worked himself in and out of her, his little cock like a piston, his nearly hairless groin slapping against her own hairless flesh again and again, the strength of his thrusts rocking both their bodies.

“Are you gonna cum?” she asked, her breathing hot and quick. “Are you gonna squirt your little boy cum into my pussy?”

“Uh-huh,” Oliver managed to gasp.

“Say it,” Angela insisted. When he didn’t respond right away, she repeated herself, saying, “Say you’re gonna shoot your hot boyjuice into my pussy.”

“I…” Oliver swallowed. “I’m gonna do it,” he panted. “I’m gonna shoot it. My b-boyjuice. Into your pussy.”

“Tell me you like my pussy,” she breathed.

“I love your pussy so much,” he gasped, getting into it now, finding the allure of dirty talk. “I love fucking you with my dick. I’m gonna shoot my sperms into your hot pussy!”

“Fuck, that’s so hot,” she breathed. “Uhhhh, your little boy cock is so good in my pussy. So hot and hard. You feel so fucking good. Cum in me, baby. Cum in me now!”

Angela began to convulse, not knowing or caring if the thirteen-year-old was actually cumming or not. Her pussy rippled and almost seemed to jerk inside her as Oliver continued to drive himself into her.

Oliver couldn’t take it anymore. His whole body felt like it was on fire, and his dick felt like a steel rod in a furnace. His little balls were churning, and as he felt Nurse Baker’s adult pussy squeezing at him, he pressed himself into her one last time, his whole body stiffening as he felt himself exploding, something deep inside him, somewhere near his asshole, seemed to convulse and pulse as his cum pumped into the woman and his little cock jerked again and again.
Oliver wasn’t sure how long his orgasm rolled over and through him. He knew from experience that it probably wasn’t that long, but it felt like ages. Finally, exhausted, he collapsed on top of her, his head sinking between her sweaty breasts, his legs out straight between her legs, her heels still resting on the small of his back.

Angela lay there as her body convulsed, ripples of pleasure washing through her as she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her entire life. She thought it would never end, and each time it began to subside, another wave would wash over her. Finally, she became aware that Oliver was lying unmoving on top of her, even the full weight of his slight, pubescent body barely felt. She clenched muscles down below, trying to sense his erection, but it was gone. She wasn’t sure if he was even inside her any longer.

As the sweat cooled on her body, Angela gently stroked the boy’s back, feeling his slow breathing. She shifted, and said gently, “Crawl up here, Tiger.”
Oliver lifted his head, saw the woman watching him with tender eyes. As he lifted himself, the sweat on the parts that were touching her caught the air and he shivered. She rolled to her side, allowing him room, and he slid down until he was lying beside her, both of them on their sides facing one another.

“That was amazing,” she finally said, with a small smile. She was feeling very generous towards the boy all of a sudden. She grinned wider as she looked down and saw the tiny, limp little worm between his legs. She reached down and gently pinched the soft little head between her thumb and forefinger. “Such a cute little thing,” she murmured, amazed by how tiny it seemed now.

Oliver felt her gently squeezing the tip of his dick, and he was unsurprised when he began to immediately stiffen. Apparently it surprised her though, because she chuckled.

“You really are a surprise,” she said, sliding her fingers downward, allowing the little erection to fill her palm. She squeezed it fondly, then began to stroke it lightly. “I think you’re ready for a second round already,” she said. “Or would that be round three for you?”

Round four, 
Oliver thought.
Then she smiled and gripped him tighter, just holding him. “It’s time for you to be going though. Don’t want you to be missed.”

“Do I have to?” he asked, surprised by his own boldness.

“Yes, you have to,” she grinned. Then her face turned serious and she gripped him even tighter. “But Oliver, if you breath a word of what happened here, if I even hear a rumor, I’ll sneak into your cabin at night, and I’ll cut this little thing off and stick it in a jar. Do you understand me?”

Wide-eyed with alarm, Oliver nodded fervently.

“Good,” she said, smiling once again, and once again gently stroking his cock.

Oliver thought for a moment, and then dared to say, “But what do I say? I’ve been gone a long time.”

Damn, he’s right, 
she thought. She gave it a bit of thought, and finally said, “You tell your little friends that you came in here with your lame lie, and you’re sure I saw right through it, but I examined you anyway, making you take off your pants and underwear, and you talk about how embarrassed you were. Then you tell them that I held an ice-pack to your balls until you thought you’d freeze to death, and you finally begged for me to let you go. Have you got that?”
“Yes, ma’am,” he said, nodding earnestly.

“Good,” she said, then sat up. “Now get your clothes back on.”

The boy hopped off the table and immediately reached for his shorts and underwear.

“The shirt first,” she said on impulse. He paused in the act of bending down, but then walked a couple of feet over and grabbed his shirt. She watched him slip into the tight garment and held up a hand as he began to move, stopping him. She drank in the sight of him then, the t-shirt just below his navel, the groin, which looked completely hairless from this distance, and the quivering little erection straining upward. She felt another shudder go through her, then after a moment she waved at him to go on, giving him permission to dress.

Naked, she followed him to the door, then stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. She bent over far enough to place a quick kiss on his soft lips, while her right hand snaked downward. She grabbed a fistful of crotch, feeling the stiffness underneath, and she squeezed a warning. “Not a word,” she said.

“No, ma’am!” Oliver insisted, feeling his throbbing dick in her hand, fearing that he’d squirt right there, messing up his underwear.

With a final smack on the ass, Angela stepped back enough to remain unseen and sent him away from the clinic. She locked the door after him, realizing with a shock that it had been unlocked the entire time, and immediately conjuring up images of what would have happened if another young camper had shown up while Oliver was fucking her with his delicious little cock. She felt another shudder go through her.

Walking to the window, Angela pulled the blind aside enough to spy Oliver walking away. He turned back to stare at the clinic over his shoulder, and she wondered if he saw her there. Then the boy’s friends, Lucas and Tony, melted out of the forest and congregated around her little lover. She wondered if the boy would be true to his word and keep silent. She also wondered what it might be like if he told his little friends and they all stopped in the next day with groin injuries.

End of chapter one

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