In Bullied to Buff, we can read all about a boy who is being bullied after his first time in the showers after gym class. Up until now, his life hasn’t been that great, and the bullying doesn’t help either. After an epiphany, he decides to get buff in an attempt to stop the bullying. His sister offers to help him with it. Read all about the journey they make during this period.

It’s a four part story, and it starts out a bit slow. But I’m quite proud about how the story turned out. A big, big shoutout to caliboy1991, who helped me a lot with the editing!

Oh, and by the way: Nathan Bowers, #AkaCarelesskid, is the one that inspired me on this story. Check out his Youtube channel and his TikTok page. I like it a lot…

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part Four

Link to the Audio book formats:

As a Jason Crow fan service, I created an eBook from this story. You can download it here. Have fun!!