Bullied to Buff – Part Three
Jason Crow

“I get knocked down, but I get up again?” I asked Kaylee, who just finished writing the text on the wall in nice, elegant letters.

“Yeah. I figured it is a nice motivational text to look at when we’re down here.”

It was Sunday afternoon and our mom was packing her bags. She worked a different schedule now, which meant she started earlier. Our mom talked about this with us earlier, because this meant Kaylee and I had to do everything ourselves in the morning. The plus side was that she was a lot fewer nights away from us. The downside was that when she did need to leave, it would be a whole week from Monday morning to Sunday evening late. We assured her we were okay with it, and after our approval, she agreed to the new schedule. The added benefits she received by doing this probably helped a lot too.

This also meant she didn’t have to go away for the night over the next three weeks. We didn’t like that we had to do our evening workout in our non-provocative underwear too much, meaning no thong or bikini briefs anymore. But having our mom home this much was a big plus. Our mom left really early each day, which was fine by us because this let us do our morning workout naked, which we both hugely preferred. The cooling down in the morning was our daily masturbation session. It was always the same ritual. As I started my bench presses, Kaylee stood over me and lowered her boobs to just above my face each time the bar lowered. This was excellent motivation for me, and I did a lot more presses with than without her. After this, Kaylee sat on the other bench and started fingering herself, while looking at me jerking. I, of course, looked closely at her masturbating. By now we synced our orgasms pretty good, and almost all the time we both came within twenty seconds of each other.

Almost two weeks after our first mutual masturbation session, I was finished with my presses and Kaylee sat down to finger herself. That’s when a thought struck. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of this any sooner. It was almost like a veil being lifted.

“Ehh… Kaylee?”

“Yeah?” Kaylee answered as her hand slipped between her legs.

“You know how we agreed to talk about everything…”

“What is it?” she asked, and already started rubbing her clit.

“Ehmm… Do you mind if I try it?” I asked. “Just this once! And if you don’t like it, I’ll stop!” I quickly added.

“Try what?!?” she asked, obviously not knowing what I was referring to.

“Well… Maybe I can try and um, Finger you….” I asked, not looking in her eyes.

“Really!? You would do that?” she smiled broadly at me. “Sure! I’ve been meaning to ask you, but I didn’t want to stop these cooling down sessions. And I wasn’t sure how you’d react… So…”

“Come on Kaylee! We talked about this! You can always ask me everything!”

“I know, I’m sorry…” she blushed.

“Now, you can make it up to me…” I said smiling and sitting up straight. “Come over here.”

Kaylee moved over to a spot to the right of me, on my bench. She kissed me on my cheek and spread her legs a bit. I tentatively moved my hand down to her groin, shaking a bit from anxiety. I placed it on her thigh and slowly moved it down toward her pussy. I realized I was holding my breath, and I breathed out the moment my finger hit my sister’s pussy. I had seen her do it enough to know how it should be done, but doing it for real now was a mind-blowing experience.

My fingers spread her lips a little, and I slipped my middle finger in between them. When I was just looking at her masturbating, I noticed the glistening of her pussy, but feeling it now made me realize it was so wet and slippery! It never dawned on me that this was the way it worked. But hey! I liked it! I moved my finger upward in her slit, and the moment I hit her clit, Kaylee let out her breath and moaned loudly.

“OHHH, Wyatt! This is… Ohh…”

“Shhh. You don’t need to talk, Kaylee. Just let your big brother help you out…” I whispered in her ear.

I was copying every move I saw Kaylee do in the past weeks. I was working the outside of her pussy and concentrating on her clit. Meanwhile, Kaylee’s breathing got deep, and animal-like grunts were coming from her throat.

“Please… Mmmmhh… slip a finger in me… ahh,” she moaned.

I wasn’t totally sure what to do, but I could do the math, of course. So I moved my hand down from her clit to her baby hole, and she immediately clamped her legs shut.

“Other hand… Don’t leave my button…” she groaned.

I quickly moved my right hand back up and brought my left hand into play. I extended my index finger and started probing around in the area I figured I needed to be. It didn’t take me long before I found the right spot. It was warmer and wetter than the rest of her pussy, and I applied a tiny bit of pressure. I felt it slip in and before I knew it, I was in past my first knuckle.

“AHHH…. Oh YES!” Kaylee moaned and her hips started gyrating a bit. “Deeper!”

Needing no encouragement, I did what she asked and slowly slipped my finger in all the way. All the time trying to keep my other hand moving around her clit. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling inside my sister, but It was an interesting texture. And apparently, she liked what I was doing. I guessed that she wanted me to move my finger and mimic a dick fucking her. So I started moving my finger in and out of her, while still rubbing her clit.

“WYATT! Faster! I’m cumming!” and she kissed me hard on my lips.

It was a bit awkward, considering the way I was sitting, but I managed. Her kiss was so passionate that I just had to open my mouth. The moment I did this, her tongue slipped inside and we both started moaning severely. This was my first French kiss ever! Considering everything we’d done this far, it was weird we didn’t do this sooner. But now that we were, I knew I was definitely going to do it more!

Kaylee was pushing her pussy firmly against my finger now. At that moment, I felt her hand moving around in my lap, searching for my dick. She found it a moment later and clumsily started stroking me. The moment she started, we both moaned again but didn’t break away from our kiss. I moved in and out of her pussy as fast as I could and felt it contracting around my finger a few times. Then she gripped my dick real firm, to the point it almost hurt, and I felt a deep grunt coming from her throat. She stopped moving completely and I felt her pussy contracting sharply and rapidly around my finger. She was cumming! I kept my mouth on hers, so she wouldn’t be distracted from her orgasm. She wrapped her other arm around my neck and pulled me even closer to her. All the time, her pussy kept contracting, and I kept moving.

A few seconds later, her grip around my dick loosened a bit, and she started jerking me again. I could feel she was more focussed on it now because it was way better. I also realized that because of all this fingering and kissing, I was damn close to cumming too. I didn’t stop the fingering; I just slowed the pace. Kaylee and I kept moaning every now and then, and I sensed my orgasm approaching. I didn’t feel the need to warn her. She knew what was coming, so I just let it happen.

The moment I exploded, I moaned and instinctively threw my head back. But Kaylee kept her arm firmly around my neck and her mouth locked on mine. The moment the first spurt exited my dick, I felt Kaylee’s pussy contracting sharply again. Wow! We came at the same time! I didn’t register it at the moment. But thinking back, this was quite an achievement. We both came pretty intensely and kept sitting like that for a few minutes, Kaylee’s hand wrapped around my dick and my finger inside her. Our faces were still mashed together, but we just held them still and let the good feelings wash over us.

Kaylee was the first to break our kiss and said: “Holy fuck!”

I never heard her swear like this, but I was getting what she meant. Damn, this was good!

“Yeah… Indeed… Fuck!” I responded.

“Now, THAT is a good cooling down” Kaylee giggled. “Way, way better than doing it to myself.”

“Yeah…” I responded, not quite back on earth enough yet to participate in a good conversation.

“One problem, though…” Kaylee said. “Now we’re both covered with your cum.”

I looked down at us and realized she was right. It was all over both of our bodies, and slowly sliding down my stomach into my pubes.

“Let’s take a shower. We’ll clean up down here after.” Kaylee proposed.

I wasn’t going to argue with that. I knew I needed to wash the cum off my body, and why not do it together? So we went to the bathroom, and Kaylee started fiddling with the water to get it at the right temperature. Seeing her standing there, bend over like that, made my dick start to fill up a bit again. Kaylee stepped in and looked over her shoulder.

“Come on, bro. We haven’t got all day!”

I stepped in after her, and we took turns washing off the cum. As Kaylee was washing her hair, I took a good look at her body again. I thought I was getting used to seeing her naked, but after what we just did, I saw her in a different light and boned up completely. Kaylee turned around with her eyes closed to prevent the shampoo from getting in her eyes. She bent over to pick up the conditioner. It happened quickly, and I didn’t have the change to step back, so her butt touched my boner. She stood back up and her hand went looking for what she just felt and, of course, found it right away.

“Now… What have we here?” She teasingly said and wrapped her hand around my glans. “All hard again?!?”

“Uhm… Yeah… You have quite an effect on me..”

“I see… Wish we had more time to do it again,” she said and played with my dick a bit more before rinsing off.

After she finished, she stepped aside to let me stand under the showerhead. As I passed her, she stepped back a bit, trapping my upward boner between me and her butt. It slipped upward between her cheeks, and Kaylee moved her butt a bit up and down, so she rubbed the length of my boner.

“Hmmm…” she softly said. I guessed she didn’t want me to hear that, so I just stood there.

It lasted only a few seconds before she let me through, and I could wash myself. I was done quickly, turned off the faucet, then turned around and looked at my naked sister. She wrapped her arms around me, and gave me a fully naked body hug, pressing my boner between our bodies.

“I really love you, Wyatt!” she said.

“I really love you too, Kaylee!” And kissed her on her lips.

This initiated another Frenching session between us, but this time more lovingly and less passionate. I liked both ways, but considering the circumstance, this one suited the situation better. After a good, long kiss, we broke our embrace and started drying off. I was drying my back and deliberately made my dick plop from left to right again, right at the moment Kaylee was bent over to dry her feet. This meant she was at eye-level with my dick and she couldn’t help but look.

“Stop it! Or you’ll hit me with it and I’ll get a black eye!” she laughed.

I stopped it and continued drying off. After we were done, we needed to rush to get in school on time, but we managed.


Next week our mom would be gone for a whole week for the first time. She proposed for us to stay at our grandparents. But Kaylee and I quickly dismissed the idea. Of course, because we wanted to keep our workout and cooling down sessions the way it was, but we couldn’t tell our mom that. So we came up with a bunch of bullshit reasons which she bought.

She did have a meeting at her work with her colleagues to discuss that week away. This meeting was on a Wednesday after her work and lasted until around nine. She wasn’t too happy about it, of course, but we sure were. We planned another measuring session this week, and this gave us the opportunity. During the week, our cooling down sessions in the morning always consisted of us masturbating each other. We were getting really good at it, and almost all the time came together. We were learning a lot about each other’s bodies, and by now we discovered how to interpret the subtle signals the other gave.

After the cooling down we always showered together because we were covered in my cum. I wasn’t completely sure, but in the beginning I suspected Kaylee deliberately pointed my dick toward her, so she needed a shower too. Not that I minded, because I really liked us showering together. By now we were so used to seeing each other naked, we needed to watch out to wear our clothes when our mom was home. I had to remind Kaylee once, while she pointed out twice that I needed to put my boxers back on.

Wednesday evening came quickly and immediately after cleaning up the dishes, we went downstairs. Kaylee took our notes and phone with her, so we were all set.

“Shall I go first as always?” I offered.

“Sure!” Kaylee said and took the tape measure.

I started undressing and stood unashamed naked in front of my little sister. It occurred to me that this was a whole lot different than a few months ago. We weren’t prudish or anything, but being naked in front of a family member just wasn’t done in this house.

Kaylee started her usual measurements, and we concluded that my workout program was working excellent. I increased on all upper body muscle groups I was training. Kaylee specifically complimented me on the abs I was forming. It wasn’t a Wolverine-like six-pack yet, but there was an undeniable shape of a six-pack there. Kaylee rubbed her hand over it to feel how well-formed it all was.

All this time during the measurements, I stayed soft. Even when her hand rubbed over my belly. But when Kaylee squatted in front of me to measure my thigh, and I felt her breath on my dick, I couldn’t hold it back. I wasn’t embarrassed by it, it was just a bit uncomfortable. This wasn’t a sexual thing we were doing here, so I felt the need to apologize.

“I’m sorry Kaylee. It’s just that your hands are close to my penis, and I can feel your breath on it. Just ignore it, please.”

Kaylee called the numbers, loosened the tape measure, and put it down. She surprised me by blowing onto my boner and looked up at me.

“You feel my breath, huh? How about this?” and just like that, she took my dick in her hand and kissed the tip.

“Ohhhhh,” escaped my mouth with this newly discovered sensation on my dick.

I felt her tongue circling around my dickhead, getting it really wet. Before I knew it, her lips enclosed my glans and I felt my dick entering her mouth. All the while, her tongue kept working around my glans. It focused mostly on my most sensitive part, the underside of my glans, where the transition from shaft to glans was.

“MMMHHH Ohhh… Kaylee… Keep doing that!” I moaned.

I couldn’t think straight, the feelings were too overwhelming. Kaylee tried to get my cock as deep in her mouth as she could, as I felt the tip rubbing against the back of her throat. She quickly realized it was far enough because the next thing she did was bob up and down and her lips firmly around my shaft. As if all of this wasn’t enough, one of her hands started playing gently with my balls. Her other hand gripped one of my butt cheeks firmly, pulling me a bit closer.

I felt a lot of new sensations in the past months, but this one was by far the best one yet! Kaylee kept a steady motion bobbing up and down and her toying with my balls added another level to it all. All too soon, I felt that familiar stir in my balls boiling. I didn’t want to cum yet, and in my head, I let the most horrific images float by, but it was a losing battle.

“Ahhhhhh… O… Kaylee… I’m cumming! Watch out!”

I expected her to back off, but instead, her hand moved from my balls to my shaft, and she started jerking me too, while her other hand stayed on my butt. Maybe she didn’t hear me?

“Ohh… I’m cumming, Kaylee!!!” I almost shouted.

She kept her mouth and hand firmly around my dick, and moments later, I felt my balls contracting and the stream of cum flowing through my dick. I came the hardest I ever came. I couldn’t help but lean back against the wall as my vision went black for a few seconds. I guessed it was just a few seconds because when my vision slowly returned, I saw Kaylee’s silhouette rising to her feet. A few moments later, I regained my breath and my vision wasn’t blurred anymore.

“Oh Wow!” Was all I could get out of my mouth.

“Wow indeed! Did you just blackout?” she asked with a smile.

“I guess I did. Yeah. You were so magnificent!” I panted and looked around. “Where did it go?”

“It’s gone” she simply said, obviously not wanting to waste too many words or time on it.

I looked around on the floor and I didn’t see any traces of my cum. So my educated guess was, she swallowed it. I didn’t see any other explanation. My dick was softening, and I saw Kaylee working her phone, already pointing it toward me.

“Ready?” she asked, moving on like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

“Shoot!” I said, not wanting to make a big fuss out of this either.

Kaylee started shooting the pictures we usually took. The only difference was that this time I was completely naked, opposed to just my boxers. Luckily my dick was almost soft now, so the pictures weren’t going to be obscene. A few minutes later, Kaylee put down her phone and looked me in the eyes.

“You are really turning out great, Wyatt! Maybe tomorrow we can check out the differences in the pictures.”

“Sure. Good idea! We can check both our pics out. But first, let’s get you started” I said, making no move to put on my clothes since I figured it was unnecessary because we were working out later on. Kaylee undressed quickly and I started measuring her. When I measured her chest, I noticed her nipples poking out and were stiff as pencil erasers. I ‘accidentally’ touched them a few times, hearing Kaylee gasp each time I did this. This was actually the first time I ever touched her breasts, even though I pretended it to be accidental.

Measuring her thighs was different now. I sat on my knees in front of her and, I could smell that intoxicating smell of her pussy rather strongly. I smelled it on my fingers before, but never this strong. While wrapping the tape measure around her thigh, I made sure my fingers slipped between her pussy lips. It was obvious I did this on purpose, but Kaylee made no objections, so I kept going. I called out the numbers and could hear her breathing getting shallow.

My dick was hard again because of me feeling her up and the odor filling my nostrils. I also wanted to return the favor and make Kaylee feel as good as I possibly could, so I moved in and kissed the top of her pussy. I immediately stuck out my tongue and let it slip in between her folds. I hit her clit on the first upward move of my tongue and tasted the sweet and salty juices of her pussy. I loved that taste!

“OHHH, Wyatt!” Kaylee immediately moaned and pressed her pussy against my face.

I felt her knees go weak as I kept going, so I gently moved her to the bench next to where she was standing, my face firmly on her pussy.

She sat down and spread her legs for me. In my mind, I dug up every video I ever saw about eating out a pussy and applied everything I saw there to make Kaylee feel as good as I could. I was still sitting on my knees and licking her pussy, when I decided to do even more. I moved my hand from her thighs where they were lying, up her sides, and on her tits. I now had both my hands on her breasts and my head between her legs. Kaylee couldn’t stop squirming and moaned constantly. Even though I had no idea why her body reacted like it did, I could see she really enjoyed it a lot, especially when she got close to her orgasm. I absolutely loved playing with her tits. They were soft and mushy, and that hard nipple that responded to my touches… Amazing!

As I was thinking all of this, I noticed the telltale signs of Kaylee’s orgasm approaching. Her moaning went an octave up in tone and her legs were starting to tremble.

“AHHH… Wyatt! Ohhh… Keep going! It’s… Ahhhh”

I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop and with Kaylee being so close now, I decided to add another level to it and took my right hand from her breast. I extended my middle finger and inserted it in her pussy in one, swift motion.

“AHHH!” Kaylee moaned, really loud now. “MMGH… More!”

That took a second to land, but I immediately knew what she wanted. During our masturbation sessions, most of the time one finger wasn’t enough for her. So I inserted my index finger too. The moment I did this, she came. And she came hard! Her legs clamped shut around my head and I felt the juices from her pussy coating my mouth. I focused on her clit and kept licking there. I already knew that it was really sensitive when she came, so I licked it gently. Meanwhile, my two fingers were slowly moving in and out, and I could feel the contractions in her pussy slowing down, but not quite going away. This was new. Getting no signals from Kaylee to stop, I kept going and increased the pressure of my tongue on her clit.

Kaylee’s legs were still firmly around my head, and I could only breathe through my nose, but sensing how much pleasure my sister was having, made it easy for me to cope with that. She was still moaning constantly. Knowing how much she liked my fingers probing her, I decided to try and add a third finger. Kaylee must’ve felt me poking around because she opened up her legs to give me better access. My third finger got in there, but it wasn’t easy to move it in and out. To Kaylee, this apparently didn’t matter. The moment my third finger went in, she came again. This wasn’t a first for us, obviously, and I just wanted to prolong her good feelings, but I never expected her to cum again this quick.

“GRPHMMMMM” was all that came from her mouth.

After that grunt, she went completely limp and hung forward over me. I was a little bit worried, but not too much. I slipped away from between her legs and gently laid my little sister on her back on the bench. I kissed her on her cheek and wiped her hair from her face, softly calling her name.

A few moments later I saw her eyes slowly opening, looking around a bit unfocused. I felt all warm inside, knowing I was the cause of her intense orgasms. I couldn’t help it and started smiling at her. Kaylee got back on earth completely, looked at me, and started smiling too.

“That was SO FUCKING amazing!” she breathed.

“Good!” I said, not knowing what else to say.

Kaylee moved her head to mine and kissed me passionately on my mouth.

“YOU are pretty fucking amazing, Wyatt!” she said, breaking our kiss.

“I know…” I giggled and Kaylee giggled at that response too.

“Where do you think this will end?” she asked seriously.

“I honestly don’t know.” I sincerely answered.

For a long moment, neither of us said anything. I had a very clear idea of where this possibly could lead us. With everything we’d done, we might actually go all the way. Full-on sex! With my sister… Was this actually a possibility? I didn’t know if I really wanted to yet. I knew I loved her a lot! It could be incredible, for both of us. But it could also cause us to hate each other and never look at each other again!

Figuring I needed to say something to break the silence, I brushed the hairs out of my sisters face and smiled the warmest smile I could.

“I Love you, Kaylee. No matter what will or will not happen.”

I saw Kaylee’s eyes tear up and she started smiling too and we hugged each other firmly. After I took the pictures of Kaylee, we started our workout as if nothing had happened. We didn’t skip our usual cooling down session though, but this time we masturbated ourselves. It took Kaylee a little longer than usual, which wasn’t a surprise considering she just came twice.

Of course, we showered together after that, as we both liked that a great deal. When we went downstairs to watch some tv before going to bed, we both didn’t bother with clothes. Kaylee cuddled up against me as usual and placed her hand on my thigh. During the evening, she kept toying with my dick, making it stiff. Then toying with my balls and after that, doing nothing and making my dick go soft again. She repeated this a few times during the evening, creating a great feeling of intimacy between us. She didn’t jack me or anything, and I never was even remotely close to cumming, but it sure was a pleasant way to spend the evening. An added bonus was that I got to play with her breast as she laid against me , toying with my dick. We went to bed at our regular time, kissed goodnight and I went into my own room drifting into a dream-filled sleep in which my naked sister played the main part.

End of part three.

It’s coming to an end. Only one more part, that’s for sure. The big question of course is: “will they finally have full-on intercourse?” Well… just read the last part and find out!

Num occidere me vis tensionis

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