The Son Also Rises – Part two
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Ryan avoided Lucas the rest of the morning. At lunch Lucas was still in his underwear, and Ryan offered to take him with him to the grocery store just to get him into some clothes. So they masked up and headed, returning an hour and a half later laden with groceries.

About an hour before dinner, Ryan headed out to the garage. He put his iPhone into the docking speaker, cranked up a playlist on Spotify and got down to a serious workout. Later, muscles bunching and aching, he took a couple of quick selfies of his sweating body and posted them on his Insta account. Then he headed into the kitchen to get some water.

Lucas was dancing in the backyard. He was wearing black tights, which Ryan was pretty sure was an improvement over the tiny briefs he’d have most likely been wearing if he hadn’t dragged the boy to the grocery. Ryan watched as his son stretched and did all the ballet things for which he didn’t have words; squats and probably pirouettes or some such. The only move he knew for sure was called a grand jeté, which was a sort of flying leap. He had a tattoo on his chest with a silhouette of a boy doing a grand jeté and Lucas’ name above it. Ryan noticed that the dark material of his son’s tights obscured things up front, for which he was grateful.

Ryan was still feeling a lot of guilt over what had happened that morning. A guy perving on his own kid was just wrong, he knew. It didn’t matter that Lucas’ androgynous, perfect features were so reminiscent of his late wife, or that his young, smooth body reminded him so much of his young lover Scott from his past. Lucas was his son, and that’s all there was to it.

As Ryan stood there staring at his son, he noticed that the sun was just low enough in the sky to be peeking out underneath the spreading branches of the large oak in the backyard, but still above the brick wall that circled the property. It lent an almost angelic aura to Lucas, who was backlit by the satiny sunlight.

Lucas looked up as Ryan opened the sliding glass door that led to the patio. “Just hold that pose,” Ryan said, lifting his phone. Lucas, who had started to relax, resumed the position he’d been holding, on the toes of his right foot while his left rose perfectly straight into the air. His body was twisted to the side and he held his left foot with his left hand. Ryan snapped a couple of quick pics.

“What do you call that pose?” Ryan asked as Lucas finally relaxed and settled to both feet.

“It’s pretty much a standing second position stretch,” Lucas answered. Then he grinned and said, “You should try it.”

Ryan laughed. “I’m pretty sure I’d tear something important.”

Ryan left his son to continue his practice session and headed to his room to grab a shower. Before dropping his phone on his dresser, he logged on to Instagram and posted the best pic of Lucas with the caption, ‘My son practicing at home #prouddad #balletboy #flexible’

Dinner that night wasn’t actually frozen or microwaved. Ryan tried to provide at least one ‘real’ meal each week, and it was usually on Saturday night. That night he made Lucas’ favorite; tacos. He was frying up the hamburger with the scent of cumin strong in the kitchen when Lucas came in, fresh from a shower.

“Tacos?” Lucas asked, excited and coming up to Ryan’s side.

“Thought we deserved a treat,” Ryan said, hugging his son with his left arm while poking at the browning meat. A quick glance downward made him swallow uncomfortably, though he hid it with a smile. Lucas was wearing a tiny pair of briefs that were even smaller and tighter than the ones from the night before. They were low enough in the front that pubes should be visible, not that Ryan saw any. The thin tube of Lucas’ penis lay to the left, with barely enough room to contain it. In the back, a good two to three inches of ass crack showed.

“Those are… small,” Ryan said, feeling he had to say something. He wasn’t sure what he’d hoped to accomplish by parading around in underwear himself, but he felt things might have gone a bit too far.

Lucas glanced down at himself then back up at his dad. “I forgot to do laundry,” he explained. “They’re too small for me now.”

“Well… you could have worn shorts,” Ryan pointed out reasonably.

“I like wearing underwear now though. It’s okay, isn’t it?” Ryan watched as the boy reached down and absently pinched the tip of his penis.

“I… sure,” Ryan relented, earning a big grin from Lucas, who slid around in front of him to give him a hug. Ryan hugged him back and watched as his son laid his head against his chest. Ryan ran his hands gently up and down Lucas’ bare back.

“You are coming right out of these,” he said a bit hoarsely as he reached down and gripped the hem of the boy’s briefs. He tugged them up until they were concealing the cleft.

“Dad!” Lucas complained, stepping back and reaching down to adjust his briefs. When Ryan had pulled them up in back, he’d succeeded in pulling them down in the front, so that they were exposing the root of his son’s cock.

Lucas quickly pulled them back into place, but not before Ryan saw that the boy seemed to still be completely hairless down there. “Sorry,” Ryan said. Then, feeling his own cock starting to rise, he said, “Watch the hamburger for a sec, Lucas. I’m gonna run to the can.”

Ryan hurried to his room, his dick fully erect by the time he made it there. Then he just leaned with his back against the door, his heart beating and his cock throbbing. Lucas had gotten him hard. Ryan couldn’t deny that. He couldn’t trick himself into thinking it was something else. He wasn’t sure what it meant, but he couldn’t deny it. The feeling of the boy in his arms had always been a pleasurable one for him. The connection he had to the boy. Today had been different. His small body had felt firmer somehow, more alive. Certainly more sensual, with Lucas’ head on his chest, and his chest on Ryan’s belly. Lucas’ belly on his… well, that didn’t bear thinking about. When had Lucas’ skin gotten so soft?

Ryan forced his mind to other things. It took a couple of minutes, but he was finally able to return to the kitchen without embarrassing himself. The sight of Lucas in front of the stove, moving his hips to the rhythm of a song on Alexa in those tiny briefs though almost did him in again.

“How’s the meat coming?” Ryan asked.

Lucas turned with a smile, and Ryan couldn’t help himself. His eyes slid down to the shape of his son’s pubescent cock before flicking up nervously. Lucas’ eye quirked just the tiniest amount, as if he suspected his dad had been looking, but maybe wasn’t sure. Or maybe he was sure he’d looked, but wasn’t sure why. Who knew what the boy was thinking?

Ryan took over the cooking again, and with Lucas’ help they soon had all the fixings for tacos, which they took to the living room. They set everything up on the coffee table and sat close together on the sofa as they constructed and then wolfed down several tacos each while watching television.

There was a sofa in the living room along the back wall facing the television on the opposite wall. To the right was a love seat. It was basically a twin to the sofa, but smaller, but there was no corner piece, so it couldn’t really be considered a sectional. In any case, Ryan usually planted himself on the larger sofa, while Lucas was usually on the floor or the smaller sofa. Father and son didn’t usually sit so close together. So close in fact that as they settled down and relaxed after eating, their thighs were touching.

A week ago, Ryan wouldn’t have given this a second thought. Lucas was just his kid. Sitting together wasn’t unusual. Of course, Lucas sitting around in tiny, too-small briefs was unusual. So was this new, strange attraction that Ryan could finally admit was real. He almost asked Lucas to move back to the other sofa. Several times he almost asked him to go put on some shorts. He did neither, and not just because of the sexual undertones, but because he was worried that if he made an issue of these things, he’d somehow make Lucas aware of his feelings, and that he couldn’t do.

So Ryan did what he thought he’d typically do in this situation, and he slid his right arm behind and around his son, who happily snuggled up against him. Then Ryan did his best to imagine that Lucas wasn’t even there.

That lasted for maybe thirty seconds. There were zombies or mutants or aliens or something on the tv. Ryan wasn’t paying enough attention to figure out which. His eyes were instead locked on his son. On his smooth, creamy thighs, the flat expanse of belly, and between them, No Man’s Land. Lucas’ small penis was right there, once again stretching off to the left. The ridge of his little cockhead was clearly outlined, capping the end of a soft penis that Ryan guessed stretched maybe two inches total. Lucas’ legs were together, his feet up on the coffee table, so Ryan couldn’t see the little lump of the boy’s testicles. He’d seen plenty of them the last few days though, and knew they were likely the size of plump grapes.

Ryan was suddenly nineteen again, lying on his stomach on Scotty’s bed, the late-blooming fourteen-year-old on his back with his legs spread, and Ryan was eagerly lapping his tongue over the small, hairless balls that hung there beneath a slim, erect cock. Feeling a tightening in his groin, Ryan shifted uncomfortably and tried to concentrate on the tv. Zombies, he finally realized. Well, there was nothing boner-inducing with zombies.

“No!” Lucas groaned. “Why is he leaving?” the boy asked in response to the scene in the show. “His dad told him to stay there and now he’s probly gonna get eaten. Why are kids so dumb on tv?”

“Everyone is dumb on tv,” Ryan said. “If people were smart there’d be no drama.”

“See! I told you! Run, kid!” Lucas exclaimed, his body tensing as he shared the sense of danger with the young actor on the screen. Ryan was just watching the muscles ripple in his son’s thighs and stomach.

As the boy escaped from the zombies, Lucas relaxed again, his legs falling open. Ryan wondered what it would be like to cup that little lump between his son’s legs. He shut his eyes, attempting to rid himself of such thoughts. On the tv, things took a turn.

Focusing on the show again, Ryan watched as the boy from the last scene’s older brother pinned a girl to a bed, both of them grinning at each other. The kids were maybe eighteen or nineteen, both very attractive of course. The scene quickly grew steamy, both of the teens down to their underwear, stroking each others bodies while their hands roamed and they moaned into each others mouths.

Ryan’s gaze shifted to a barely seen movement and he watched as the little tube of his son’s cock began to lengthen. Two-and-a-half inches… three, fighting against the restraining cloth. Ryan felt his mouth go dry while his heart hammered in his chest. He surreptitiously arranged the erection in his shorts, lifting his own legs up to the coffee table to help mask it. Then Lucas leaned over and grabbed one of the sofa pillows and pulled it into his own lap. Ryan turned his gaze quickly back to the tv as Lucas turned his head to look up at him, but he could feel the flush on his cheeks.

He wished his son would move back to the other couch.

Sunday started the same as most other days since the lockdowns. Ryan was starting to lose track, and had to check his phone a couple of times a day to remind himself where they were in the week. Sunday, he sat up in bed and walked naked into the bathroom where he peed before heading back to bed. He picked up his phone and saw that it was Sunday, although he hadn’t need to check that time as he’d cooked yesterday. Of course, that thought led him to thinking about sitting on the couch with Lucas snuggled up against him. In his tiny briefs.

The erection that he’d woken with, which had gone down after peeing, returned as the mental image of Lucas’ little cock stiffening came back to him. He determinedly forced the thought away, and looked at his phone. He was on Instagram moments later, and only then remembered posting that pic of Lucas.

Ryan was shocked. 1,287 likes. In one day. One of Ryan’s pics had about fourteen hundred likes, but it had been up for months. And there were comments. Twenty-three of them, which is more than Ryan’s pics had ever gotten. Most of the comments were just heart emojis or the like. Two were a single eggplant, which Ryan was unsure how to feel about. Then there were written comments, most saying ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’ or talking about how flexible Lucas was. Two actually said that they found Lucas sexy. One was a woman, or at least her avatar was, and the other was probably a guy.

Ryan was pretty stunned. His eyes drifted from Lucas’ comments down between his legs, where seven inches of guilt stared up at him. He started when there was a knock on the door.

“Dad?” Lucas called.

Ryan quickly covered up his erection with his sheet. “Yeah?” he said nervously. “I mean, come in.”

Lucas opened the door and peeked his head around it. He grinned and came in fully, still wearing the too-small briefs. With an evil smile, he ran and launched himself, landing hard on Ryan’s left and giggling. Lucas’ landing had yanked Ryan’s sheet to the side, uncovering about half of his erection and he quickly pulled it back into place. Luckily, Lucas hadn’t been looking.

“Dive bomb attack successful,” Lucas said with a grin.

“So what did I do to deserve that?” Ryan laughed.

“Cuz you’re still in bed and it’s after nine,” Lucas asked. Then he rolled and scooted until he was next to Ryan and reached out his left arm and hugged him around the waist. Ryan felt his son’s arm against his cock.

Lucas immediately looked down, his eyes searching. Finally he met his father’s eyes and asked, “Do you got a boner, Dad?”

“I…” Ryan flushed. “I… yeah, Lucas. I do.”

“Yeah, I get ’em all the time in the morning, too,” he said, rolling back and removing his arm. “It’s called morning wood,” he grinned.

“I’m… familiar,” Ryan said, a bit sardonically, trying to cover his discomfort.

Lucas’ eyes once again scanned the area between his father’s legs, and then he looked back up and asked, “Can Mason come over? His mom said he could.”

Mason was a boy from up the street. He was only ten or eleven, but he was the only boy near Lucas’ age in the neighborhood, so they’d fallen together almost by default. “Sure,” Ryan said.

“Cool, thanks,” Lucas said, then leaned over and gave Ryan another hug. Luckily Ryan’s erection had subsided a bit, so there was no contact.

“I’m gonna go get a shower,” Lucas said, then he rolled again, but in the other direction and slid off the bed. Apparently his dive bomb had dislodged things a bit, because when he stood, Ryan saw that his briefs were slanted, baring his right hip and his left cheek. Lucas adjusted them back into place and left the room, and left Ryan once again with a raging erection.

He’d never even gotten to show Lucas the Insta response.

Mason was cute. Ryan had always thought so, but now he found himself looking at the boy in a new light. He could have been Lucas’ little brother, both blond and slender, with perfectly symmetrical facial features. Mason was a shy little thing, always looking up at Ryan through his bangs and speaking softly.

Lucas had at least dressed for Mason’s visit, wearing a pair of little shorts that Ryan was sure he’d purchased from the girls section of Amazon. They were too short to have been made for boys, but the blue and aqua shorts looked nice on him and Lucas liked them so that was all that mattered. Mason was wearing tight little denim shorts, nearly knee length, and a Star Wars t-shirt. Lucas hadn’t bothered with a shirt.

Ryan watched Youtube videos and checked his Instagram from time to time while the boys played in Lucas’ room. The pic of Lucas continued to get likes and the occasional comment, some of them insisting that he post more pics of his son. After about an hour, Ryan realized that he hadn’t heard a peep out of the boys in some time. Curious, he stood and made his way toward Lucas’ bedroom.

Ryan approached quietly, not sure what he was expecting to hear, and not quite sure why he was being sneaky about it. He’d expected to hear the boys playing on one of Lucas’ consoles, but there were no electronic noises. There were no noises at all in fact, until he got much closer to the door. He’d actually cocked his head, with his ear inches from the door, and he could hear whispered voices, and then a soft gasp.

Ryan straightened, realizing he had an instant erection. Were the boys doing what he thought they were doing in there? Ryan had certainly had his share of boyish exploration when he was young, but it had never occurred to him to wonder if Lucas had. His mind was swirling, conjuring up images of all the things that could be happening behind that door. He had an instant picture of the two boys on Lucas’ bed, naked, sweaty, their slender little limbs wrapped around one another. He thought of the sight of his son’s penis stiffening in his briefs last night, and imagined it naked, standing stiffly, throbbing with his heartbeat, a bald little boycock, aching for release. Mason’s would likely be smaller, but no less sexy. Ryan wondered if Lucas had ever sucked the other boy, and then that image filled his head.

Before Ryan even realized what he was doing, his shorts were at mid-thigh and he was softly stroking his cock while his ear pressed as close to the door as he could while doing his utmost to not make a sound. He realized he couldn’t hear over his own stroking hand and labored breathing, so he become still and concentrated.

That was a whine of pleasure. Ryan was sure of it. A boyish voice full of pleasure. He just didn’t know if it was Lucas or Mason, and then realized it didn’t even matter. The desire to open the door was nearly overwhelming. He’d pay hell for it, but it might be worth it to see those boys locked together in some way.

Ryan’s hand had somehow found his cock again, which he didn’t even become aware of until he felt it bucking in his hand, and he choked on a gasp of his own while he spattered the bedroom door with several blasts of cum. There followed a couple of minutes of hasty, silent activity as he made his way to the kitchen and retrieved paper towels, feeling the sticky warmth of a last couple dribbles of jizz soaking into his briefs. He slowly and gently wiped the mess off Lucas’ door, then snuck away and deposited the incriminating evidence in the kitchen trash. Then he headed into the shower to clean off the dirty feeling that was plaguing him.

By the time Ryan finished his shower and dressed, he’d convinced himself he hadn’t heard anything at Lucas’ door. His mind had been in the gutter, so that’s where his imagination had taken him. He wasn’t sure what the hell was going on with him, but he told himself to man up and get a hold on it.

The boys were out back in the old treehouse when Ryan left his room. They’d apparently made themselves sandwiches for lunch, and made a mess. In fact, the whole house was really a mess. He started cleaning, looking for something to occupy his mind and get it off thoughts of his son.

That lasted until he came to Lucas’ room. He was happy to see no evidence of his crime on his son’s door. Walking into the room though, he was hit with that funky boy smell that tightened things down below. How could a smell that he’d until recently found mildly distasteful now turn him on? Lucas had clothes all over the floor and the bed was unmade. Ryan started gathering up clothes, hating himself that he lingered over the scattered pairs of briefs. He flushed with guilt as he brought the pair Lucas had been wearing last night up to his nose. It smelled of musky boy sweat and the unique odor that was his own boy. The smell nearly took him to his knees.

Ignoring his aching erection, he continued to pick up clothes, putting them into the nearly empty clothes hamper in Lucas’ closet. Then he was picking up electronics and games and books and magazines and cartridges and discs, trying to put them in what he hoped were the appropriate places.

He hesitated when he came to Lucas’ bed. The image he’d had before, of his son and little blond Mason in a passionate, sweaty bundle came to him. Pushing it firmly out of his mind, he started to make the bed. He found his son’s laptop stuffed under the boy’s pillow, and he grabbed it to put it on Lucas’ desk. Then he stopped. Feeling guilty, peeking out the window that looked into the backyard to make sure the boys were still occupied, he opened up the laptop. He knew it was an invasion of privacy, and oddly, if he’d just been snooping in a parental sort of way he’d have felt even guiltier, but his reasons for violating his son’s trust were much more base.

Lucas made no attempt to hide anything. Ryan gave him unfettered and unrestricted access to the internet. He’d had talks with him about online predators, the do’s and the don’ts. He wasn’t worried about Lucas doing something stupid. Still, Ryan was surprised that the web browser already had a site loaded. It was called gayboystube, and the page it was on left no doubt that it was hard core porn. Ryan wondered if Lucas and Mason had been watching this video together.

Flushed with guilt and shame and excitement, Ryan closed the laptop and put it on Lucas’ desk, then quickly made the boy’s bed. Then he took the hamper and headed to the garage and the laundry. He started a load, seeing there’d be enough to make two.

“Dad?” he heard his son calling over the sound of the washing machine.

“Here!” he called, then opened up the door to the house to find Lucas and Mason drinking Mountain Dew in the kitchen.

“Dad, can Mason spend the night? His mom said it was okay.”

“I don’t know, Lucas, it’s a school night.” Part of him felt some relief at the thought of Mason being a buffer between him and his son come evening, but part of him, a bad part he knew, wanted Lucas to himself that night.

“But I don’t have school till eleven tomorrow,” Lucas said. “Please, Dad?”

Ryan knew he was going to relent. He’d always had difficulty saying no to Lucas, especially now. It was a good thing he was a responsible, well-behaved kid, or he’d have taken advantage of that fact long ago. “Yeah, okay,” Ryan said, and Lucas cheered while Mason smiled shyly.

End of part two

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