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Study BG3-17 – Part One

September 20, 2018

Study BG3-17 – Part One
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Paige woke slowly, squinting against the bright, white lights in the room. Her thoughts seemed fuzzy and slow. Something seemed wrong, but she couldn’t figure out what it might be and she was having a difficult time understanding how she should feel about that.

The first thing the girl noticed was that she was lying on her back on a sort of S-curved seat, so that her feet were on about the same level as her stomach, as if she were sitting back in a recliner. The seat was suede or some other type of soft leathery material, and it felt nice against her bare skin. The second, more important, thing she noticed was that she was completely nude. That realization seemed to clear up a bit of the fog in her head and she gave an involuntary gasp and looked around more alertly.

The seat or sofa or whatever it was, Paige wasn’t sure, was white. It was about 5 feet wide, and she was on the right side of it. On the left side was another girl. She could see that this girl was just waking as well, blinking her eyes sleepily. The other girl seemed to be about her own age, which was twelve, and she was also completely naked. For a moment she found herself looking at the other girl’s small, budding breasts, which were bigger than her own, like two orange halves, as opposed to her own puffy little bee-stings atop the slightest of mounds.

Panic suddenly assailed her as she realized that what she was seeing was real. She wasn’t in her bed. She wasn’t in her house. She wasn’t anywhere she recognized. This room was strange. From what she could see, it was circular, as there was an arched wall in front of her. Up on that wall was looked like a large flat-screen television, but it seemed to have a sliding door in front of it and that door was currently covering the bottom third of the black screen. There was a counter under the television that seemed to circle around out of sight on either side, and it featured many drawers and cupboards. Glancing back at the other girl, she noticed something odd. In the empty space between them was a blue symbol. She stared blearily at it for a moment, knowing she should recognize it. It was a circle with an arrow pointing out of it to the northeast, and she finally remembered it was the symbol for male.

At that moment the other girl, Jenna, turned her head and looked at her. Her eyes were confused and a bit wild. “Is this real?” she whispered, her voice croaking with dryness or disuse.

“I think so,” Paige answered, feeling the discomfort in her own throat.

Jenna stared at the girl, her eyes on her little girl breasts, until Paige self-consciously covered her chest with one arm. That’s when Jenna realized she was also nude and with a lurch, she jumped up off the bed, one arm covering her chest, one hand protecting her groin. “Where is this?” she asked in a panic. “How did we get here?”

Paige noticed several things when the other girl jumped up from her seat. One was that, though her breasts were obviously more developed than Paige’s, the other girl didn’t seem to have any pubic hair at all, which made her feel strangely better, as she had quite a few and somehow that balanced things. The girl was very pretty though. She had the kind of beauty Paige always wished she possessed. She knew she was pretty as well, but she was pretty in a pixie-like, elven sort of way. The other girl was pretty in a very womanly sort of way, like a model. Her hair was golden blonde and shoulder length and seemed to fall in a smooth sheet, like shimmering water. She kept her own blonde hair cut short except for two pigtail buns on top, like little anime ears. The second thing she noticed was that there was another symbol where the girl had been lying, a pink female symbol, with the circle and cross looking like a little person. Finally, she noticed that the sliding panel over the tv had moved and now was covering two thirds of the screen.

Paige also stood, covering only her tiny breasts and noticed that the screen had fully closed. “I don’t know how we got here. I only just woke up, too. I remember going to sleep in my bed last night and then waking up here.”

“Oh my God,” Jenna whimpered. “Have we been kidnapped? Where are our clothes?!”

Paige was wondering why the girl kept asking her questions to which she obviously had no answers. She was used to that though, usually being the smartest girl in her class. Still, she had to admit this wasn’t a normal situation and she figured it was only the drugs which had kept her unconscious, because how else, she reasoned, could she be in a totally different place without drugs, which were keeping her so calm when she knew she should be as panicked as the pretty blonde girl.

“I don’t know how we got here,” she explained calmly. “I don’t know where we are or anything more than you do. We should probably look around and maybe find some clues. Oh, and I’m Paige.”

The other girl visibly attempted to calm herself. “Sorry. You’re right. I’m just freaking out. My name’s Jenna.”

“Well, Jenna, I’m not sure it’s nice to meet you, but I think I’m glad I’m not here alone at least. Let’s split up. You go that way,” she said, pointing to the left, “and I’ll go this way. See if we can find anything.”

Jenna nodded, grateful the other girl was thinking clearly. She hated to think about what might be happening, but she figured it was better to know than just guess at all sorts of horrible stuff. She instantly liked Paige, thinking she was smart as well as pretty, with her short blonde hair, cute little pigtail buns, and her bright blue eyes.

Paige started to the right. The seat they’d been on backed against a square wall, and the wall on her left continued to curve. Everything she was seeing was white. White floor, white walls, white counters, white everything. She’d just spotted what she thought was a shower and a toilet beyond it when she heard bare feet against the white tile floor and turned to see Jenna hurrying towards her, her eyes wide and panicked.

“What is it?” she asked, hurrying up to the other girl. She noticed for the first time that Jenna as about four inches taller than her own four foot eight.

“There’s a boy over there!” Jenna whispered frantically.

Paige felt her heart lurch. All the terrible scenarios she’d been trying to suppress flashed through her mind. “What’s he doing?” she asked fearfully.

“Sleeping I think,” Jenna answered. “There’s a bed over there.”

“Sleeping?” Paige responded, confused but hopeful. Sleeping wasn’t nearly as bad as ‘coming at us with a knife’, or ‘coming to rape us’, or worst of all, ‘coming at us with a knife to rape us’.

Jenna nodded and then in an even quieter voice said, “He’s naked, too.”

Paige processed this for a moment. “You’re sure he’s asleep?” she asked.

Jenna, arms still covering herself above and below, did her best to shrug and said, “I think so.”

“Ok,” Paige said. “Let’s go see.”

The pair walked cautiously the way Paige had been going, doing their best by silent consent to walk quietly; not a difficult feat. They each noted the large, glass enclosed shower with the single shower head above, although only Paige noted the presence of more symbols on the floor below it, the outlines of three sets of feet, two in pink and one in blue. Outside the shower was a toilet and beside that a sink area, with three toothbrushes. To the right, the square column against which their seat had been backed showed a tiny kitchenette, with mini-fridge and sink and a roll of paper towels. Again, everything was white.

A moment later they came into sight of the bed. It was a queen sized bed with a white covering or sheet and a long, single pillow. In the middle of the bed was the boy. Moving to within about ten feet of the bed, the pair of girls stood staring. The boy was blond, like they were, although his hair was much more blond than either of theirs, almost white it was so blond. It looked to be about collar length, and while it was pretty straight up top and on the sides, by the time it reached its end it was very curly. His face was restful in sleep, and each girl thought he was very cute, almost pretty even, with his button nose and bee-stung, pink lips. He looked to be about their same age.

Neither girl had seen a naked boy their age, and though each attempted to pretend they weren’t staring, that’s exactly what each of them was doing. He was nicely tanned everywhere except his middle, but unlike most boys who would have been white from waist to knee, this boy was only pale in a clearly defined area about the size of a small pair of briefs. Paige, the obvious thinker, immediately realized the boy must be on a swim team or the like, as he clearly wore a Speedo-type bathing suit most of the time.

The boy’s chest was smooth, and his stomach shallow, dipping down with muscled fluidity to the paleness of his groin, which is where each girl found herself staring. Neither really knew what she was expecting to see. Most of Jenna’s experiences with dicks had been looking at pictures online with a friend, but those were men with huge, erect penises. Paige had seen her little brother naked, but he was only three, and on a couple of occasions she’d accidentally seen her father naked. The boy didn’t really look like either, she thought.

The boy’s penis was soft and less than three inches long, a little worm about the thickness of a man’s thumb. Paige thought it was much bigger than her baby brother’s and not nearly as big as her father’s, but she supposed that made perfect sense for a twelve year old boy. It was paler than most of his body, but then that was true of the whole area. The one spot of color was the reddish little acorn shaped head which half-peeked from a collar of skin. At the base of it they could see a smattering of silky hairs, a shade or two darker than that on his head. The boy’s legs were hairless except for a field of tiny hairs just a few inches above his ankles and going no more than halfway up his calves. His legs were outstretched, and hanging down between them was a wrinkly little bag of skin holding grape-sized testicles. The sac did look to be a shade darker than his penis.

Paige glanced to her right and saw that Jenna was just as mesmerized by the sight as she felt. Looking at the boy sent strange tingles through her, and she shook herself, trying to fight the odd feeling. “What are we going to do?” she asked the other girl.

Jenna seemed shaken and she turned a bit wide-eyed to Paige. “I don’t know,” she whispered. “Oh my God,” she then exclaimed. “What if he wakes up?”

“Well of course he’s going to wake up,” Paige reasoned, as if explaining to a three year old. Paige found herself looking at the boy again. The steady rise and fall of his chest reminded her that he was indeed alive and would eventually wake.

“But he’ll see us naked!” Jenna remarked.

Paige shrugged at that point and reasoned, “Well, we’ve seen him. Only fair I guess.”

“I’m not letting some boy see me naked,” Jenna stated insistently, as if that were that.

“Shhh!” Paige hissed, alarmed at the increased volume of the other girl. “He’s definitely going to wake up if you’re that loud.”

“I don’t want to be here,” Jenna lamented, suddenly overcome by the situation.

“Well, we are,” Paige replied. “Wishing isn’t going to change anything. We still need clues.”

“Well, maybe if you’d stop looking at his dick!” the other girl whispered loudly.

Paige blushed, realizing that her gaze had indeed drifted back to the strange boy’s groin. She was about to turn back to Jenna with an angry retort of her own when she spotted something out of the corner of her eye. She looked back between his legs. She took a couple of steps closer and then pointed, saying, “Look.”

Jenna sighed. “I’ve seen it,” she said. “It’s cute, but staring at a boy’s dick isn’t going to help us get out of here.”

“Not his d-… thing,” Paige said, awkwardly stumbling over the ‘dirty’ word. “There, between his legs.”

“They are balls,” Jenna said impatiently. “Geez, are you some kind of perv?”

“I don’t mean… them,” Paige said, annoyed. “Look, between his legs, there’s papers or something.”

Jenna stepped closer and saw what Paige had spotted. In the shadowy cleft beneath the boy’s hairless balls was the corner of something peeking out. It looked to be a folder or a sheaf of papers. For the first time, Paige also noted something she’d seen earlier but hadn’t registered – the two pink female symbols on either side of the boy on the bed.

“What is it?” Jenna asked.

“How should I know?” Paige whispered harshly, growing genuinely annoyed. “Maybe it’s a clue. Grab it.”

“Why should I grab it?” Jenna asked. “You saw it.”

Paige thought about arguing, but she just sighed with resignation instead. “Fine,” she huffed. Then she stood for a few long moments, not sure how to proceed. Finally, gathering her courage, she climbed up onto the bed. On hands and knees she crept gently forward.

Jenna watched the girl slowly crawling towards the boy, her gaze moving from the boy, to Paige, to between Paige’s legs. Embarrassed, she looked away, but her eyes kept sliding back. She’d never seen a girl in that position and couldn’t help imaging how she would look in the same position. Would she be as sexy as the smaller girl looked?

Paige stopped when she figured she was close enough. This close, she could smell the boy, a strange, musky odor that she found not at all unpleasant. She dipped her face closer, trying to make it appear to Jenna as if she had to in order to reach for the folder, but in actuality just wanting a closer sniff. Her eyes were locked on the boy’s penis. His dick, Jenna had called it. She knew the word, but it felt so dirty to her. Her mom called her little brother’s penis his wee. This didn’t look like a wee. This was something so much more mature and forbidden. This close she could see the little traceries of blue veins along the small shaft, the tiny blond fuzz, the texture of that spongy red acorn. She felt so naughty looking at this boy’s penis while he slept unaware.

Shaking herself mentally, Paige reached forward, hoping she wouldn’t brush the back of her hand against those loosely hanging balls and at the same time imagining doing just that. She wondered what that thin, wrinkly skin would feel like. Biting her lip, she curled her fingers around the corner of her prize. She could tell that it was definitely a folder of some sort. Applying gentle pressure, she attempted to pull on it. It didn’t budge.

“Grab it,” Jenna insisted from behind her.

“I’m trying!” she said as quietly as she could, and watched her breath stir the silky curls at the base of the boy’s penis. Then she jerked backwards as it moved. On her knees now, she held her breath as she watched the boy’s penis slowly shift to her right, and was it her imagination or was it growing fatter?

Paige gasped as the boy made a noise, a frustrated sigh. Then he yawned. Like a shot, she was off the bed and covering herself like a suddenly frozen Jenna. The movement had obviously disturbed the boy, as he jerked and sat up on his elbows, rapidly blinking his eyes. The girls watched in a sort of horrified fascination as the boy become aware of his surroundings.

Mason knew he wasn’t thinking straight. He saw bright light and he knew that was wrong. He always kept his curtains and blinds closed so that the morning sun was never more than a soft glow in his bedroom. Had his mom turned on his light? She knew he hated that. Still, this didn’t look like the ceiling light, and this didn’t feel like his room or his bed. And what were those two blobs in front of him?

Blinking several times, the blurry blobs resolved themselves into a sight which was clearer, but no more comprehensible. At the foot of a bed which was not his own, in a room which was not his own, stood two pretty blonde girls about his own age. The girls were naked. This part made some sense, as naked girls were not an uncommon thread in his dreams, but they didn’t usually cover themselves. At the sight of them, he felt a familiar tightening in his groin. He then watched the eyes of both girls go to his groin as he felt himself starting to grow and something about those looks cut right through all the fuzziness.

“Holy crap!” the boy exclaimed in his husky, boyish voice. He sat up and quickly reached between his legs to cover himself. The girls continued to look at him, but managed to look guilty about it at least, like kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

“Is this real?” Mason asked. “What’s going on?”

Paige spoke up, hoping to curtail another round of pointless questions. She could see more of the booklet that had been under the boy, but she purposefully made herself look away, not wanting him to think she was trying to peek between his clutching hands. In her mind she was still seeing the way his smooth penis had begun to twitch and grow. “We don’t know what’s going on or where we are,” she said, centering herself. “We only woke up a few minutes ago. The room is a circle. We haven’t seen a door, or anybody else. There’s probably hidden cameras,” she said, realizing as she said it that it must be true.

“We were trying to get that,” Jenna spoke up, her voice squeaking a bit as she started to point and then realized she was about to expose her breasts. “That folder. It might be a clue,” she explained. Then, as an afterthought, “I’m Jenna. This is Paige.”

“Hi,” Paige replied.

“Uh, I’m Mason,” the boy responded, and after no response Mason looked down, but didn’t see anything at first. His left hand cupped his testicles and his right held his slim penis, which he could tell was starting to slowly deflate, for which he thought he was grateful. Leaning over even further he managed to see the thing underneath him, and with a bit of maneuvering, he rolled over to his right while still maintaining his shielding hands.

The kids all stared at the revealed folder. Across the front it said, ‘Study BG3-17 Subject Guide’. It was a glossy type paper folder. Nobody moved to pick it up. The three kids looked from the folder to each other, boy to girl to folder to boy to girl to folder. Nobody seemed willing to move a concealing hand.

After many long moments of inactivity, Paige gave an exasperated sigh and said, “Fine.” Then, left arm still covering her breasts, she reached out with her right and grabbed the folder.

Mason’s eyes were immediately drawn between the girl’s legs. He’d seen many naked women on the internet, but never one in real life and certainly never one as young as Paige. She had more pubic hair than he did, he noticed, but it was darker, which made sense. His own pubes were darker than the hair on his head, and while Paige had light blonde hair, it wasn’t nearly as light as his own platinum locks. The hairs were thin and silky though, like his. It wasn’t the triangular type of bush he’d seen on women, but instead seemed to line the puffy outer lips of the girl’s pussy. Then he really realized he was looking at a girl’s pussy and felt a resurgence of life from his dick and he looked away, both because he was embarrassed of being caught looking, and because he hoped his burgeoning boner would subside.

With the folder lying at the end of the bed, Paige opened it. There were only two pieces of paper, one on each side. The one on the left said, in large block letters, ‘DON’T PANIC’.

“Now they tell us,” she muttered.

“What?” Mason asked, unable to see the page from where he sat.

“It says ‘don’t panic’,” Jenna explained.

“Right,” Mason said sarcastically. “What’s there to panic about? Waking up naked in a strange room with naked girls, who knows where? No reason to panic.”
Paige gave the boy a sour look, then felt bad as she realized it was her own nerves and that she actually agreed with him. She gave him a small smile instead and he seemed to calm a bit and smiled in return. She pulled out the second page and read.

Dear Test Subjects,

As you’ve no doubt surmised by now, you have been removed from your homes and
brought to our installation. You’re to take part in a social experiment to help us further
our understanding of specific human behaviors. You’ve not been selected at random,
and are here with the full knowledge and permission of your parents, although they are
not themselves here and will have no part in the study.

You see, each of your parents is in debt to a certain corporation for quite a significant
amount and they have agreed to your presence here in return for a clean slate as well
as a hefty bonus for their discretion. In addition, upon satisfactory completion of this
study you will each receive a deposit into a fund which will help with your future
educational needs. Exciting, yes?

Now, as to the nature of this experiment. Well, that is actually for you to discern.
For now, there is really only one rule. First know that the nudity is indeed intentional.
We’re sorry for any mental discomfort this may cause, but we must all suffer for
science. Therefore, any attempts to fashion clothing or to keep oneself hidden away
will result in a punishment, namely starvation for ALL test subjects. Otherwise, this is
a logic puzzle of sorts. We leave it to you to discern the goal of the experiment as well
the length of your stay, which will be determined by the rate at which you fulfill the
experiment’s quotas. Know that you should plan for a stay of at least several weeks.

Until then, relax as much as you can. Know that you’re safe. No harm will come to
you. All of your needs will be met. The three of you will not have contact with anyone
else during the course of the study, so get to know one another without fear of intrusion.
As you’ve surmised, you are being observed, but even the observers are limited to
provide you with as much privacy as is possible under the circumstances.

Go Science!

“Go science?” Mason repeated. “Seriously?”

“That’s what it says,” Paige confirmed. She flipped the page, but there was nothing more and she returned it and closed the folder. Now that Mason had moved, she saw the blue ‘male’ symbol which had been underneath him. The symbols seemed to have been stitched into the fabric.

“So we have to stay naked?” Jenna asked, summing up the most important bit of information as she saw it. The other two looked equally distraught by the realization. “For weeks?”

“I can’t believe my parents did this,” Paige said softly.

“I can,” Jenna said. “My mom’s a selfish bitch and my dad does whatever she says.”

“I don’t think it’s true,” Mason said. “I think they just said that to make us shut up and do this experiment, whatever the heck it is. My mom would never do something like this.”

“Well,” Paige probed, “does she owe a lot of money?”

The boy shrugged. “Maybe,” he said grudgingly. “I guess I’ve heard her talking to my gramma about bills and stuff.”

“Maybe she didn’t have a choice,” Paige said, wondering if her own parents had had a choice. She knew her mom and dad loved her and loved each other, but she’d heard them fight from time to time, and it always seemed to be about money during those times she’d grown bold enough to sneak down the stairs a bit at night to hear better. Could they really do something like this to her? She supposed it was possible. Maybe the people didn’t even tell them what kind of experiment it was. For that matter, what kind of experiment was it?

“We need to find out what kind of experiment this is,” she announced. “You heard it. The sooner we figure it out, the sooner we can get out of here.”

“You’re right,” Mason said, awkwardly sliding to stand on the side of the bed while still covering himself.

“So we should look for more clues?” Jenna asked.

“Yeah,” Paige said. “Let’s search the whole place and see what we find.”

They agreed and began to move away from the bed. By chance, they all moved in the same direction, all still carefully covering themselves. Paige stopped for a moment and watched the other two move past her, trying not to become distracted as she watched Mason’s muscled bubble butt bob away from her.

“This is stupid,” she announced. Jenna and Mason turned to look at her inquisitively. “This,” she said, shrugging her arms as much as she could. “You heard what it said. Weeks. We’re going to be here for weeks and we have to stay naked the whole time, and not cover up, or we don’t get fed. So we’re all covering up. We need to just… you know…” She wracked her brain for a minute. “It’s like a band-aid,” she finally said. “We need to just rip it off and get over it.”

“What do you mean?” Jenna asked worriedly.

“I mean we just need to everybody stop covering. Just drop our hands, and everybody get all their staring and shyness out of their system so we can do this stupid experiment and not get starved.”

The three kids stood there for several long moments, each carefully considering this proposal. Mason could feel that his dick was soft against his hand, and he was pretty sure that was good. He was trying to decide if it was more embarrassing to be see with a boner, or be seen soft but small. Then he realized they had already probably seen him soft and small because he’d been sleeping and they’d been standing there for who knows how long.

“So, on three?” Paige urged. After a few long seconds she received hesitant nods from the other two children.

Nervous excitement filled each kid as Paige slowly counted. On three, they all dropped their hands to their sides, hearts pounding, eyes dancing.

Paige, perhaps the most observant, had already seen everything which was suddenly on offer, but found that the willing exposure of the others added some intangible, yet exciting element to the experience. She also realized that the others were looking at her tiny breasts, the puffy little bumps which provided her such a strange mixture of pride and embarrassment. She wished she had Jenna’s more developed boobs, so cute and perky. Mason was shifting from side to side nervously and she noticed he was no longer looking at either of them, but was instead in the midst of some inner struggle, probably to do with the fascinating swelling between his legs, which she’d seen briefly before when he’d first awoken.

Jenna could feel her face burning. She liked her small breasts, and liked showing them off by wearing thin, tight little shirts without a bra, smirking to herself as she noticed the reactions of boys and even men as they saw her. They were her secret pride, but being bare-chested before a strange boy and girl was something else altogether. She was also highly cognizant of the fact that she had no pubic hair at all, a point of such concern to her that she’d even asked her doctor about it weeks earlier. The reassurance that it would come soon enough had done little to sooth her worry. Now she could see the others staring at her smooth vulva and she was doubly aware of her sense of nakedness, especially compared to Paige with her fuzzy little mound and tiny breasts. How was that even fair? Even the boy had hair, and he was also shorter than her by at least two inches. Then the thought of inches drew her eye back to that fascinating little tube of flesh between his legs, the tube which was slowly lifting upward. Despite her casual attitude about his nudity with Paige earlier, she was fascinated by everything about him, even if his dick was pretty small.

Mason found he was holding his breath as he dropped his hands on Paige’s count of three. It was probably one of the hardest things he’d ever done. As she’d been the one counting, the boy’s eyes first went to Paige’s exposed chest as she dropped her arms. Of course, he’d seen those little types of nubs through the shirts of many developing girls and he’d often wondered what they looked like underneath. Now he knew and he was fascinated. The smaller girl’s breasts were a barely noticeable mound, but with puffy looking areolas and nipples.

Mason then looked to the other girl. Jenna’s boobs were much larger, although still small compared to the breasts he’d seen online, lovely rounded mounds which sat saucily upon her chest, and topped with tiny areolas and nipples not much larger than his own. Glancing downward he was fascinated to see that the taller girl seemed to have no pubes at all. He wondered how that could even be, because Paige’s breasts were much smaller and she had even more hairs than he did.

Mason wasn’t sure how much time had passed as he made all these observations, but it was probably only a few seconds. He was suffering from a bit of sensory overload, however, faced with multiple boobs and pussies and he felt that all too familiar tightening in his groin. The sensation made him panic, as the thought of being hard in front of these two strange girls, let alone the hidden people on their monitors, was terrifying. He’d have imagined that thought alone would have been enough to kill his rising hard-on, but his dick had other ideas.

Desperately, Mason looked between the two girls at the room beyond and forced himself to think of the most horrible things he could imagine. He tried to remember in vivid detail the time he’d been with his mom in the car and the car in front of them had hit a cat, and the way the poor animal had flopped about in the road. His dick was still rising and a worried glance downward showed that it was sticking straight out from his body, thickening and threatening to rise higher. So he squeezed his eyes closed and remembered the time he and his mom had been visiting his grandmother and she’d fallen in the shower, how the two of them had had to lift the nude, 300 lb woman. He was picturing those large, floppy boobs and the gray patch of hair between her legs when he felt a change. A quick glance downward showed that he was pointing downward again and he sighed with relief. A cautious look around showed him that he could look at the girls again without risk of further embarrassment again, at least for now.

Paige felt a bit of disappointment as she saw the fascinating appendage between Mason’s legs slowly shrinking again. She wondered if that had been an erection. She’d been under the impression that they pointed more upward, at least from vague descriptions she’d heard in whispered, giggly conversations with her more ‘experienced’ friends. Maybe that was as big as it got, or maybe the boy had done something to make it stop growing. He’d certainly seemed to be struggling with some inner turmoil.

“Are we all done?” the girl finally inquired. Two sets of eyes raised to meet her and there were nods of assent.

“I still don’t like being naked,” Jenna muttered. She glanced around suspiciously at where she thought the cameras might be, but the ceiling was so full of various unknown bits of equipment and odd bits and pieces it was impossible to know what was what. She almost covered up again but visibly stopped herself. “Freaking pervs.”

“Let’s just keep exploring and see what we find,” Paige suggested.

The others agreed and they all split up. A bit of exploration gave them the basic layout of the circular room. To begin with, the theme was definitely ‘scientific white’, with slick white ceramic tiles on the floors and walls and a white ceiling. There was a white square in the center, with white painted concrete walls. On one side was the seat where the girls had awoken and opposite that on the wall was the tv, now completely hidden by the panel. Paige for some reason thought of that as east. To the north then was the bed where Mason awoke, and to the south of that on the wall was a small sitting area, with a mirror, a chair, and drawers that were as yet unchecked.

To the west was the bath area, with the glass-enclosed shower, the opening of which was actually against the wall, which featured a small shelf for shampoo and soap. The whole area was slightly sloped downward to a large drain. The three glass walls were set into a steel frame starting about a foot above the ground and were each about five feet high. The entire enclosure was about six feet square. There was a large, rain-type shower head above and the colored foot outlines on the ground beneath it Paige had noticed before. To the north of the shower was the toilet, set against the west wall and enclosed on two sides by four foot walls of glass-like architectural brick, greenish in hue. Beyond that was a small sink for washing hands and brushing teeth. The central wall in this area was the kitchenette.

Finally, to the south was a sitting area, with a dining table and chairs as well as some beanbags and cushions on a thick rug. Against the central wall here was a desk area, complete with a large monitor and a keyboard in front of an office chair. The monitor was off and there seemed to be no sign of a power button.
Jenna and Mason were standing in front of the blank computer monitor when Paige joined them from the west. “Can we try something?” she asked.
“What’s up?” Mason asked.

Paige motioned for the others to follow and she led them toward the bath area. “Watch,” she instructed, and she stepped under the shower. Nothing happened. There were no knobs to turn on the water. “See the feet?” she asked, indicating the pink and blue foot outlines. “I think we have to all be together for it to come on,” she explained. “Step over here.”

As instructed, Jenna and then Mason joined her. As soon as Mason set a foot within about two feet of the central area, the shower sputtered and began to rain. With little shrieks the girls jumped back, and Mason followed.

“See?” Paige grinned triumphantly.

“My hair’s wet,” Jenna complained, although she’d barely been touched by the water.

Paige looked around for a moment and went to the nearest cupboard. Opening it revealed it to be full of towels and washcloths, all white to match the rest of the strange room. She grabbed a towel and quickly wiped off her right leg, which was the only spot that had been wet and tossed the towel to Jenna.
The taller girl grabbed the towel desperately and not only dried the bit of moisture in her hair, but that on her arms and legs as well. Then, as if she couldn’t help herself, she began to wrap the towel around her as she always did when she got out of the shower.

Suddenly the kids were assaulted by a low, menacing hum that seemed to come from everywhere and the light, a clinical brightness up to now, turned an angry red. “Take it off!” Paige and Mason cried in unison, and frightened, Jenna tossed the towel away from her as if it were a poisonous snake. Immediately, the hum stopped and the light returned to normal. Jenna looked like she was going to cry. Seeing her distress, Paige stepped forward and hugged the girl, who clung to the smaller girl desperately.

Mason wanted to hug her as well, but he was worried what she might think and scared that his body might betray him again. Instead, he had an inspiration. “Hey,” he spoke softly into the uneasy silence. “There’s marks sorta like this on that couch, too.”

Paige looked at him over Jenna’s shoulder, a small, grateful smile on her face. “He’s right,” she said, and with a last squeeze, she released Jenna who seemed sorry to let her go. “I think it controls the tv.”

“There’s a tv?” Mason and Jenna asked together.

“Let’s check it out,” Paige suggested, happy for something to do. She figured if she kept moving forward she wouldn’t have time to think about all of this too much.

The three kids moved to the east side of the room. To demonstrate her theory, Paige sat down and back on the lounge, her back against the pink female symbol, in the spot where Jenna had awoken. Across the room, the panel covering the television dropped by a third. “See?” she said, pointing. “You guys sit down,” she instructed. “Mason in the middle.”

Paige watched as Mason went to the end of the seat and awkwardly moved up and twisted around to sit. For a moment he seemed not to know what to do with his hands, covering himself for a moment, and then letting them fall to his sides. He was close enough for Paige to feel the warmth of his body. Paige couldn’t help but glance at his lap. His penis was resting against his groin in the little crease where his leg met. It was pointing in her direction and she found herself looking at the little slit in the end, wondering what it would look like to see him pee. She’d seen her dad peeing once, but only from behind. The panel covering the tv dropped lower.

As soon as Jenna joined them on the S-curved lounge, the panel fully dropped and with a small click sound, the picture appeared. The sound of soft jazz filled the air. On the screen the scene showed an overhead shot over a golden-railed, glass balcony. Down below, on a long, black leather couch sat a beautiful blonde woman wearing a short black dress. The floor of the room was white marble and there was a polar bear skin. The woman herself was arranged on top of a spotted cat hide. Perhaps jaguar. The camera panned from the tips of her black shoes, up along her long legs, to her face. Suddenly a man walked in from the bottom of the screen. He was wearing gray slacks but was shirtless. He was carrying a blue glass full of ice. The man was handsome in a pretty way, with nice eyes.

The scene then changed to another woman. She was wearing a blue dress and after touching her full lips her hands dropped downward. Her top was open, exposing her left breast, and she brought her fingers to her erect nipple.

“That’s a porno!” Jenna cried, jumping up off her seat. The tv immediately shut off and the screen closed by a third.

Mason wasn’t sure what to do. A porno. Wow. He’d seen some cheap porn online, but nothing like the tantalizingly rich and tasteful scene he’d just witnessed. It was like a real movie, and he was certainly intrigued, but the sudden thought of watching a porno while sitting between two real, live, naked girls had him ready to jump up as well.

Paige, who’d never seen a porno, agreed that it must indeed be just that. The whole thing, even the fifteen or so seconds they’d seen, had felt so tantalizingly adult and forbidden that there could be little doubt. However, she was torn.

“What if we’re supposed to watch it?” she asked softly.

“What?” Jenna asked nervously.

“Well,” Paige reasoned, thinking through the logic of what she was saying, “they said we had to discover what the experiment was. They’re making us be naked. There’s a porno on the tv. It’s not like we picked it. It’s just there. It sorta makes sense we’re supposed to watch it. Maybe that’s part of the quota to get out of here.” The more she talked, the more Paige convinced herself she must be right. The thought made her stomach flutter with a mixture of fear and excitement.

“And then what?” Jenna asked, a hint of hysteria in her voice. “Have sex or something? That’s crazy. We’re kids!”

“I don’t know what it’s about. I don’t know if we have to do… that,” Paige said. “We shouldn’t worry about stuff until we know for sure. I really think we’re supposed to watch this though, or it wouldn’t be here. Maybe after it’s over we’ll get a clue.”

“How am I supposed to watch that here?” Jenna replied. “With…” and she gestured at Mason. “Watch that? With a boy? And we’re naked? How the hell is that supposed to work?”

“You think I want to?” Mason asked, feeling the need to defend himself somehow and really thinking about just what she was saying, about the realities of watching a porno in the nude between two naked girls. “At least you guys don’t…” and he blushed furiously, unable to explain how his excitement would be so much more visible than theirs.

“Don’t what?” Jenna demanded.

“Nevermind,” Mason mumbled, nearly covering himself again before remembering the consequences.

“I don’t think we have a choice,” Paige reasoned. “The thing said we’ll be here as long as it takes. So if we sit around doing nothing, then we’re just going to be here that much longer. Don’t you want to go home?”

“After this, I don’t know if I do,” Jenna grumbled. Then with a huffing sigh she said, “Fine.”

As Jenna sat, the panel slid down, the tv flicked on, and the scene started over from the beginning. Once more the balcony shot, the slow pan along the blonde woman’s body, the entrance of the shirtless man with the glass of ice, and the appearance of the watching woman in blue. She caressed her large breast for a moment, and then the scene shifted again, back to the couple. The woman’s head could be seen, and then the man’s hand, holding an ice cube. He traced it along her forehead, down her cheek, to her open mouth. The woman’s eyes were closed. Her tongue snaked out and licked the ice, which the man traced around her lips. Then it was moved down her throat, over a thick gold necklace and into her cleavage.

Mason looked nervously back and forth between the two girls. They were staring at the screen, where the scene shifted again. The brunette in blue was standing at the railing, obviously looking down at the couple. Her breasts weren’t exposed this time, but she squeezed them through her clothing, biting her lip. Then the blonde woman was back. Her eyes were still closed, but her mouth was moving, and you could see the pleasure on her face. The camera panned downward and to the left to show that her breasts were now exposed. She held them up while the man circled her stiff nipples with the ice.

Suddenly, strangely, the scene shifted to two new players, a man and woman each dressed in white doctor’s coats. They were staring forward, but not into the camera. Then the scene flickered and there appeared a crotch shot of some woman. She was wearing black lace panties and had some sort of wired leads attached to either thigh. Inside her panties one hand worked frantically and there were inhalations of breath as all three kids realized what she was doing, although perhaps it took Mason a few seconds longer than the girls. She pulled at her panties and for a brief moment the hair on either side of mound was visible.

Mason struggled with the need to cover himself once again. Only his nervousness over the situation was keeping his dick from being fully erect, but he could see and feel that it was beginning to move.

The blonde woman was back on the tv. She was looking to the left at something they couldn’t see as the camera again began to pan to the left, exposing her body. Her naked breasts came into view. Then lower, to show she was dressed now only in a black lace thong. The man’s hands appeared. She lifted a bit and the panties were pulled down, exposing her blonde bush. The blue woman flashed up for a moment, squeezing her breasts. Then the strange crotch shot with the moving hand and the electronic leads and wires.

The blonde woman was back. This time she was completely naked but for her black heels. Her knees were spread wide, fully exposing her pussy. She was slowly grinding her hips in a circle. Then the man’s hand was running an ice cube from her right knee, down the inside of her thigh. Her pussy came into view again, and the ice cube was slid all over that pinkness.

Mason’s heart was pounding. He’d never been so scared, or so excited. Between his legs, his young cock was fully erect. Being exposed like this to the girls was a sort of sweet, terrifying agony, and he was afraid to turn to either side to see if they were looking at him.

Paige was trying to pretend she wasn’t looking, because she didn’t want to make Mason uncomfortable, but she realized that in fact she was just staring openly. Mason’s young penis was completely hard now, and she couldn’t tear her eyes away. She had no doubt that this was a full erection, and she was a bit amazed at the difference between his soft penis and this bigger, thicker thing. It was lying against his groin, twitching now and again, a bit over four inches long and about the thickness of a hot dog. The tip of it, which had been partially covered before, was now fully exposed. It was red and had a flared crown, making it thicker there than the shaft. She wondered why it kept twitching and wondered, too, at the strange urge she had to reach out and touch it.

Jenna found herself staring at Mason’s hard-on. She was mentally comparing it to the others she’d seen, and it wasn’t nearly as big. Still, there was something quite compelling about it and she found her eyes kept straying from the screen to his lap, where it lay twitching against his lightly-haired groin, pointing at his chin.

If the look of pleasure on the blonde woman’s face was any indicator, then having an ice cube rubbed all over your pussy was a pretty terrific thing. The camera jumped back and forth from the blonde woman’s face, to her crotch and the sliding ice cube, to the blue woman squeezing her breasts and staring and back again. Then the ice cube entered her and she writhed on the couch.

Both Paige and Jenna found themselves squeezing their thighs together as tingles spread out from their groins. They tried not to be obvious about it, but Mason’s eyes were glued to the screen and his dick twitched frequently, so he was paying no attention. A shiny drop of wetness appeared at the tip of his young cock.

The doctors were back on the screen, and for a minute Mason wondered if these were the doctors watching them, but then he realized how silly that was. Then thoughts of silliness were gone from his head as the wired crotch was back. This time the woman’s lace panties were pulled to the side, fully exposing her. Her right middle finger was working itself in and out of all that pinkness. None of the characters made a sound during all of this, just the soft jazz providing the sexy mood.

The blonde woman was back instantly and this time the middle finger was the man’s and it was gently exploring her insides. When the scene changed, the man was between the woman’s legs and he was licking at her most private place.

Paige gasped when she saw this. She’d heard of it, and even imagined it a time or two, but she’d never seen it. The woman seemed to love it, and she suddenly found herself wondering what it would be like if Mason were to do that to her.

Mason’s hands clenched into fists as he watched the man’s tongue explore that most intimate spot. Between his legs, his small cock twitched again, and a third drop of clear pre-cum bubbled out of his tiny pisshole, beginning to form a little puddle on the hairless skin below.

Was he having an orgasm? Paige wondered. She knew boys spurted sperm when they did, and something was certainly dripping out of the twelve-year-old’s throbbing cock. She could tell Mason’s breathing was increasing. She imagined her’s was, too. Between her legs, she felt a spreading warmth and a familiar tightening, like that when she thought her dirty thoughts late at night while alone in bed. Her tiny nubs were stiff and providing their own share of pulsing warmth. A glance showed her that Jenna’s tiny nipples were also erect, looking like pink pencil erasers.

On the screen the couple stood before a full-length mirror. The man still wore his slacks and he stood behind the naked woman, caressing her breasts as she seemed to rub at the front of his pants. A flash of the wired lady, then back to the couple, and the man’s hand rubbing between the blonde’s legs. The blue lady was shown looking down, then back to the couple, but this time it was the man lying on the couch with the blonde lady over him, undoing his pants.

All three kids looked on in anticipation as the zipper was lowered. The the man’s stiff penis was fished out. There was a moment to see his pubic bush, and about 5 inches of stiff adult cock before the woman swallowed the end of it.

Mason gave an involuntary little groan as he watched the woman begin to suck the man’s cock, her lips moving up and down, up and down, sometimes taking a moment to swipe at the head with her tongue before swallowing it again. He liked that the man didn’t have a huge dick like he’d seen in other pornos. He told himself that the man wasn’t really all that much bigger than him, and felt a bit less self-conscious about being on display like this. His own dick felt like it was about to explode, though. He looked down to see that he was leaking like crazy. The skin below his hovering dickhead was wet with moisture, and there was even a glistening trail tracking to the left where some had run down his hip. He couldn’t remember ever leaking so much before and the need to grab his dick and jack it furiously was almost overwhelming. He brought his hands to his thighs, desperate to touch himself, but he stopped there, squeezing the skin of his thighs instead, kneading the flesh.

Now Paige was truly torn. On her right was Mason with his fascinating young cock, throbbing and dripping and growing redder by the second. On the screen was an equally fascinating display as the woman sucked on the man’s penis. Here again was another act she’d heard described but had never witnessed. She’d even had a difficult time imaging what it might look like, but here it was in vivid color. She guessed the man’s penis was about five inches long, and thicker than Mason’s, but she could suddenly imagine that it was her and the boy up on that screen, and she wondered what it would feel like to have that tube of stiff flesh in her mouth. What had always been a disgusting thought to her now seemed strangely alluring.

Jenna couldn’t decide where to look. On the screen was a scene she’d heard described by her friends many times. She thought the man’s dick was really nice looking, although it wasn’t nearly as big as some she’d seen. It was larger than Mason’s certainly, but Mason’s had it’s own appeal, and she felt her eyes continually drawn to it. She wondered if the boy jacked off. She was pretty sure he did. He had pubes after all. Plus he was leaking pre-cum like crazy. This phenomena was also known to her, and she was pretty sure it meant that he could squirt. She was suddenly fascinated by the idea of watching this cute boy jack that throbbing little dick of his and spurting his cum all over. She squeezed her thighs tightly and felt a burst of pleasure shudder through her.

Sucking, sucking. Mason stared as the blonde woman worked the man’s cock. Between his legs, his dick felt like a burning sun. His body was tingling from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. He remembered when his mom had made him take piano lessons the summer before. The teacher had something he called a tuning fork, and when struck it would resonate with a thrumming note which you felt even more intensely if you held it against your head. He felt like a tuning fork now, his body thrumming with some hidden note. He felt the growing need to do something, to move, to run, to do something, but he was locked into inaction by choices he barely understood.

On the screen the scene shifted again. The man was nude now. He was on his side behind the woman, with his back against the back of the couch. He held the woman’s right leg up, and down below, his penis slowly moved back and forth, in and out of the woman’s pussy as the camera slowly approached. Soon the screen was filled with their crotches. The man, balls tight, was slowly driving his glistening cock into the woman’s eagerly gripping opening.

“I can’t,” Mason suddenly groaned. He rose to his elbows, and the small puddle of pre-cum that had gathered poured downward, soaking the silky hairs there. His penis twitched, and another bubbly bit of liquid frothed forth at the sensation of movement as his sensitive cockhead slid against his groin ripped through him. The girls turned to stare. “I have to go,” Mason said desperately.

“You can’t,” Paige reasoned, not sure what had come over the boy, but glad for the distraction, watching the couple on the screen, actually doing it right there on the screen, that dick moving in and out of the woman so sensuously, was making her whole body tremble. Of course the sight of Mason kneeling so close, his cock achingly stiff and red, glistening with wetness, wasn’t much better of an alternative. She was sure she could smell him.

Mason groaned and reached for his crotch. He gripped his cock tightly in his fist and shuddered. The angry red head peeked above his fingers and Paige saw another drop of liquid sputter forth. The boy’s face was red and his breathing was erratic. “I have to,” he moaned, and started to slide down off the chair. Paige grabbed his left arm, feeling his muscles trembling under her hand.

“He means he needs to jack it,” Jenna suddenly said. Mason winced in embarrassment, but halted his attempt to flee.

“Oh,” Paige said, suddenly realizing what Jenna was saying. She bit her lip and looked between the boy, his face full of anguish, and his hand, holding himself so tightly. “Just…” she began, and then cleared her throat and tried again, her heart pounding at the implications of what she was saying. “Just sit back down,” she said. “Do… you know… what you have to do. We won’t look. Will we, Jenna?”

“I can’t believe this,” she said, wondering why she sounded so mean. She knew what the boy was going through. She desperately wanted to spread her legs and plunge her fingers between her legs, to touch all that throbbing flesh, to feel her digit fill the aching emptiness there as she had on so many nights, to cry out as her cum shook through her. “Just do it, Mason,” she said, trying for a softer tone. “We won’t look.”

“You promise?” Mason asked desperately.

“Promise,” Jenna replied.

“Swear,” Paige answered, signing a cross across her heart, feeling a shudder of pleasure shoot through her as she accidentally brushed her stiff nipple.
The girls laid back and returned their eyes to the screen and the fucking couple. Mason returned to his place and after a quick look to either side, returned his own eyes to the screen. Hand still wrapped around his throbbing boycock, he began to jack himself. Then he lost himself in the pleasure.

Mason’s eyes drifted closed. His hand rose and fell with increasing speed. All that dripping pre-cum had filled his fist as he held himself, and now it produced a squelching sound as he worked his twelve-year-old cock desperately. The girls couldn’t help themselves. Their eyes were drawn to the middle of the couch. Mason was too far gone to notice, his eyes squeezed closed as he brought his pleasure.

The boy’s muscles began to tense. The girls could see it, in his arms and thighs, in his flat stomach, in his neck. His fist flew up and down, his four inch cock shining wetly, the head swollen. Between his legs, his balls had shrunk to a little bag of flesh, tight against his body. Finally, his toes began to curl and then his ass was lifting upwards off the couch. With a little puppy-dog whine he exploded. The first blast of thin, watery boycum splashed high on his chest, not much more than droplets really. It was quickly followed by four more, each a bit less in volume, each a bit lower on his body. There were three more pulses, each producing very little volume, and those only dribbling down his glistening shaft to trickle over his clutching fingers. Somewhere in the room there was a small ping of sound.

He lay there for many long moments, his breathing rasping loudly. Finally, he opened his eyes and blushed furiously when he saw both girls staring at him. He released his dick then, and it fell to the left, already shrinking a bit, one last dribble of watery seed pumping onto his groin. He held his hand carefully, trying to balance the puddle of hot liquid on the web between thumb and forefinger.

The girls watched in fascination until Paige shook herself. “Wait here,” she said softly, jumping off the bed. She nearly collapsed as her rubbery legs began to fold under her, but quickly regain her footing. On the opposite wall, the tv shut off and the panel slide up a third of the way.

Paige was back moments later clutching a handful of paper towels, half of which she offered to Mason. The boy gave her a nervous smile of thanks and carefully cleaned his hands. “Let me help,” she said as she knelt on the side of the seat and reached forward to wipe at his chest. The television turned on again, starting back at the start of the scene with the shot over the balcony.

Mason flinched. “You don’t have to,” he said, obviously ashamed.

“It’s ok,” Paige replied softly, wiping up the dripping trail of wetness sliding down his chest. She could feel it soaking through the paper towel to moisten her fingers, but she didn’t try to avoid it, feeling the warmth coating her fingers.

As Mason finished wiping the last of the moisture from his mostly soft penis, Paige wiped up the last of the spurts, the bottom of which ended low on his groin, and left her fingers tantalizingly close to his silky pubic hair. With a little involuntary shudder, Paige leaned back and held out her free hand. “I’ll throw it away,” she offered. Mason hesitantly handed over the messy towels.

Out of sight in the kitchenette, pulled open the lower door where she’d already discovered the trash can. Inside was the paper towel she’d used to wipe up the moisture between her own legs when she’d grabbed them. She held the soiled paper towels in her hands and dropped the bundle she’d used. After a moment of hesitation she opened up the towels Mason had handed her. She saw the watery mess which had soaked the towels. Bringing it to her face she sniffed curiously. It was a strange odor, but not one she could readily place. She supposed it smelled a bit like Mason. Intrigued, she dipped a finger into a place where there was still a little puddle visible. She felt it’s fading warmth. It was slick between her fingers and she sniffed those as well. She was tempted to taste it, but couldn’t quite bring herself to do it, already blushing with guilt.

Wiping her finger and dropping the mess into the bin, she shut the door and then washed her hands. When she returned to the other room she found Mason and Jenna in similar positions, sitting upright, hugging their knees to their chests.

Mason looked up as she came into view and blushed. “You guys promised you wouldn’t peek,” he said softly. Paige blushed in return, with guilt. Jenna turned her head away with a mumbled apology.

“I didn’t mean to,” Paige said, feeling a need to explain herself, no matter how embarrassing she found it. “I just… couldn’t help it. I’ve never seen…” and she blushed furiously. She waved her hand around. “You know,” she said. “I couldn’t…”

Jenna saved her from explaining further. With a huffing sigh she turned and said, “What did you expect us to do? Some kid starts beating his little dick in front of you, you’re gonna look, I mean, geez.” Mason seemed to shrink into himself. Jenna blew out another breath. “I’m sorry,” she said more softly. “I don’t know why I’m being such a bitch. I swear I’m not a bitch in real life.”

“We understand,” Paige said, coming to her rescue. “We’re all pretty freaked out about this.”

“I guess,” Jenna said. She caught Mason’s eyes. “I really am sorry. About what I said and about peeking. Let’s be real, ok?” She blushed. “We were all super horny watching that. You couldn’t help yourself. It’s not your fault.”

Mason perked up his head a bit. “You guys were… you know?” he asked, looking back and forth between the two girls. Jenna nodded. With another glance from the boy, Paige also gave a reluctant nod.

“I’m sorry I said it was little, too,” Jenna said. “It’s… nice. Really.” Boy and girl blushed.

The kids were literally saved from further awkwardness by the bell. Somewhere they heard a soft ping.

“What’s that?” Mason asked.

“I don’t know,” Paige said. “I thought I heard one earlier, too, when you were… I mean, at the end when you… you know.” She shuffled her feet nervously. “I’m gonna go look,” she said, then she turned and marched around the corner.

A few moments later, Paige called out. “Hey guys, come here!”

With a shared look, the other two rose and hurried around the corner. Seeing them arrive, Paige pointed and said, “Look.”

They were at the kitchenette. What had looked to be a blank wall earlier was now outlined in white light and there was an open door there. Inside were three metal shelves, each holding a covered tray.

“Food!” Mason said excitedly.

Paige was closest, so she pulled out the top tray. It had Jenna’s name on top and she handed it to the girl. Mason’s was next, and hers on the bottom. They all stood there for a moment holding their trays, unsure how to proceed when Paige said, “Dining table.”

The kids walked around the corner and put their trays down on the table. Jenna was the first to remove her tray. Underneath was a plate full of chicken parmesan, and broccoli. There was a chocolate milk and a slice of apple pie. As the other trays were uncovered they discovered they’d each received a different meal. A chef salad, 2% milk, and a Gogurt for Paige, and a cheeseburger, fries, Mountain Dew and Snickers bar for Mason.

A bit of excited discussion revealed that each child had received their favorite meal, and this in turn eased a final knot of tension they had each had inside. After all, how could these people know their favorite meals without direct info from their parents? So it must all be true and at least they weren’t to be abused or killed or something worse.

So caught up in this discovery and the enjoyment of their meals were they, that it took them several minutes to notice that the computer on the inner wall was now on. Mason noticed it first and was already moving as he pointed it out to the girls. They joined him, looking over his shoulder as he sat in the chair before the screen.

Paige absently handed Mason the napkin from her tray as she looked at the screen. “You’re fingers are greasy,” she explained, reading.

The top of the screen announced, ‘Study Goals’. Below that was the beginning of some sort of graph, but it was displaying very little information. On the left was a capital M. To the right of that, but a line above, were the numbers one through ten. Under the one was a small blue triangle. They could all see that the center of the triangle displayed a white circle and arrow, the male symbol. At the bottom was a link which said, ‘Next Page’.

“Click next page,” Paige instructed.

Mason did so. At the top of this page was a line which read, ‘Credits Earned’. Below that were all their names. Next to Paige’s and Jenna’s names were zeros. Next to Mason’s name was ½. At the bottom of this page was a link which said, ‘Credit Redemption’. Mason clicked on this next.

This page was more interactive. There were lists of many different items and activities, all with a different value. Examples were ‘Snack’ or ‘Extra Dessert’, which each cost half a credit. Other things like ‘One Hour of Television’ or ‘Movie’ or ‘Book’ or ‘1 Hour Game Console’ had values starting at one credit and going up to as many three for ‘Movie Marathon’. Apparently an ‘Adult Movie’ could be redeemed for only half a credit.

“It says we can share credits,” Jenna pointed out excitedly, citing a blurb along the bottom of the page.

“That’s cool,” Paige allowed, “but how did Mason get a half credit already? What did he do to earn it that we didn’t?”

That brought the kids up short. After all, they couldn’t get this cool stuff if they didn’t know how credits were earned.

“For watching the porno?” Mason ventured.

“Then we’d all have half a credit,” Paige reasoned.

After many long moments of thought, they heard Jenna whisper, “Oh shit.”

She looked at them, seeing that they didn’t get it. “Think about it,” she urged. “What did we just watch Mason do?”

It took a moment, but then Paige’s and Mason’s faces reddened. “That?” Mason nearly squeaked, and he reached down to squeeze his dick as he saw Paige’s eyes drop to his groin.

“It makes sense,” Paige said with a sigh. “Think about it. Making us stay naked. Showing us pornos.”

“But why would a bunch of scientists care about us,” Mason paused and then in a whisper said, “jacking… I mean masturbating?”

“Cuz they are a bunch of pervs,” Jenna answered with disgust. “FUCK YOU, PERVERTS!” she suddenly yelled.

Paige had gone back to the computer. Over Mason’s shoulder she operated the mouse and a couple of clicks brought her back to the first page. “Look,” she said, pointing. “M. One to ten. A boy symbol. M for masturbation, and a boy did it.”

“So I can finger my twat ten times and I get to go home?” Jenna asked crudely.

Paige shrugged. “I guess so?”

“So I have to do it nine more times?” Mason asked. Then, “Do you think we have to do it in front of each other all the time?”

“One way to figure it out,” Jenna reasoned. “We each go off alone and try it and see what happens.”

The other two seemed stymied by the prospect. Mason spoke first, saying, “I’m not sure I can right now. I mean usually…” he blushed. “I’ve done it a bunch of times in a day before, but with time between,” he explained nervously.

“I’ve…” Paige began. “I’ve never really done it. Not all the way I mean.” She blushed. “I’ve kinda touched but…” she couldn’t go any further.

“Fine,” Jenna said. “You guys stay here,” and she fixed them with a look which promised what would happen if they didn’t.

Then Mason and Paige were alone. They went to their unfinished meals and picked at their food for a bit as each imagined what was happening on the other side of the room. A few long minutes passed, but they were caught in an embarrassed silence so there was no talking.

After about ten minutes a frustrated Jenna appeared back in the dining area. The dishes had been cleared by Paige, who had very carefully not peeked into the bedroom area as she returned the trays to the shelf in the wall.

“I’m not in the mood anymore,” the taller girl explained. “Come to the tv chair with me. I’ll just watch a few minutes. You know, to get in the mood, and then I’ll go to the bedroom.”

They let Mason climb into place first, then Jenna sat. Finally, a bit nervously, Paige joined them. All eyes went to the television as the panel dropped and the screen lit up. They were all surprised when the expected view of the camera peeking over the balcony at the blonde woman below didn’t appear. Instead they were presented with the image of a two-story white house. It was nighttime, and a lone light shone in a downstairs window.

“It’s not the same one,” Mason pointed out needlessly. The girls didn’t bother to answer.

The film had the feeling of being older, perhaps being a bit faded, or moving just a hair too fast. The camera closed in on one of the windows on the second story of the home, and then switched. Now they were in a bedroom, obviously a girl’s, judging by the pink walls, frilly white bed and posters of unknown boys on the walls. There was just a dim light to see by. There was also a pretty blonde girl in the bed. She looked to be about twelve or thirteen. The kids all looked at each other for a moment before their eyes were drawn back to the screen.

Back outside the house, a boy had appeared. The camera closed in on him to show a cute boy also about thirteen with long, straight, blond hair and a red, sleeveless, cropped midriff shirt which displayed his stomach. He was wearing denim shorts, but these were cut incredibly short to the kids’ eyes, providing yet another clue that this was a much older film. On his feet were tennis shoes and he wore white socks with red stripes which reached nearly to his knees. He threw something towards the house.

Back in the room, the girl apparently heard something, although the film was silent, so the kids had to infer that. She rose and clicked on her bedside light, filling the room with light. Then she got out of the bed. She was also wearing a sleeveless midriff top, even smaller than the boys and tight enough to show that her breasts were about the size of Jenna’s. Below she wore just a pair of yellow panties.

Paige guessed where this was heading and she was surprised. Was this really a porno featuring kids? She’d heard of such things of course, but never expected to see one. She felt that flutter in her stomach again.

The girl opened her window, had what looked like a whispered exchange with the boy, and then she motioned him upward. The boy then went up a tree and made his way across the roof to another window into the girl’s room. Back in the room the couple made their way to the bed, where they sat and talked for a few moments. There were a couple of lustful glances, and strategic camera views, and then they were kissing.

In a moment the kids onscreen were lying side by side, kissing hungrily. Paige noticed that the boy’s shoes and socks were already off by this time, but was too intrigued to be annoyed by the continuity error. The boy already had a hand up inside the girl’s shirt. The girl apparently asked for the boy to remove his shirt, because he did that next. The camera moved so that it could look down from her right side as the boy lifted her shirt, baring her small breasts. The girl smiled as the boy leaned forward and began kissing and licking her nipples.

Mason didn’t feel nearly as nervous this time as he felt his dick stiffening. In moments he was as hard as he got. With a glance from side to side to see that he wasn’t being closely observed, he moved his right hand to his groin so that he could run his index finger up and down the length of his boner.

On the screen the girl sat up and pushed the boy so that he was lying on his back. She shrugged easily out of her tiny, cropped shirt and dropped it over the side of the bed. Then she said something in a teasing manner and she reached forward to run her fingers lightly over the boy’s crotch. The camera zoomed in and they could all make out the bulge of his dick inside the tight, thin denim. It looked big. The girl ran her fingers up and down that bulge playfully before they showed the boy mouth something and she laughed and reached forward to unsnap his pants and slowly pull down the zipper.

All the kids were a bit surprised when the flaps of the boys shorts were pulled aside and his cock was revealed. He wasn’t wearing underwear. A quick wiggle of hips and the short shorts were down and off and he was left completely naked. The boy didn’t seem to have any pubic hair at all, but his balls were large and heavy between his legs, and his pale penis was long and thick, about six inches long. It seemed huge in the girl’s fist as she wrapped her hand around it and lifted it upward. She began to jack it slowly.

Mason felt a bit self-conscious as the other boy’s cock came into view. It was even bigger than the grown man’s had been in the other movie. It made his look tiny in comparison and he wrapped his hand around his, both to hide it from view and because he just couldn’t keep his hand off it.

Jenna swallowed in nervous excitement. Now that’s a cock, she found herself thinking. She glanced over to Mason and saw him playing with his little pecker. It was cute, she had to admit, and it even turned her on to a surprising degree, but she dreamed of big throbbing cocks and the boy on the screen certainly had a nice one. She watched as the blonde girl leaned forward to take the head of it into her mouth.

The girl was smiling as she swallowed a couple of inches of the boy’s thick cock. She kept going down until she had about four inches in her mouth and then her eyes widened a bit. After that she began to work up a rhythm, her mouth sliding up and down, her hand gently playing with his big balls. The boy was shown staring at the girl hungrily, a smile on his face as she devoured his cock. He touched her hair lovingly as her head bobbed up and down.

The girl had just stopped and laid back and the boy was pulling off her tiny yellow panties when Jenna stood. “I’ll be back,” she said in a croaking voice as she hurried from the room.

“I was watching!” Mason protested as the tv shut off, but Jenna was already around the corner and didn’t offer an apology. The boy was lying there with his stiff cock held tightly in his fist. He glanced to his left and saw that Paige seemed equally frustrated. She had both hands between her legs, but he didn’t think she was touching herself there. Instead she seemed to be clutching her thighs, which were pressed tightly together.

Paige wasn’t technically touching herself, or so she told herself. She was clenching her hands between her thighs, but she could feel her index fingers pressed into her moist cleft and she was wiggling them just a bit, not so much as to be noticed, she hoped, but enough to send tingles racing through her body. Jenna marched past and she froze, and then she was alone with Mason.

Mason felt Paige’s eyes on him, but when he went to catch her eyes he saw that she was looking downward. He could see his reddening cockhead peeking out of his fist, and already it was wet with a few drops of bubbling pre-cum. Embarrassed to be seen clutching his dick, he released it, but realized that probably wasn’t much better. It wiggled back and forth briefly, almost too stiff to bounce. He went to cover himself, and remembered he wasn’t allowed and dropped his hands back to his sides in exasperation.

“Would you quit staring at it?” he whispered.

Paige blushed and met his eyes guiltily. “I can’t help it,” she admitted sheepishly.

“Why not? It’s just a dick,” he said, still speaking softly so Jenna couldn’t hear around the corner. He thought he heard a soft groan come from that direction.

“I’ve never seen one,” Paige admitted. “Not a real one. I mean on a boy,” she stumbled, flustered. “I mean a boy my age. I’ve seen my little brother’s, but he’s three, and anyway it never gets like that.” Her eyes indicated his throbbing erection.

Mason considered this for a moment. “Ok, you can look then,” he finally said.

“Close up?” Paige asked, intrigued by the possibility.

“If you want,” Mason allowed.

Paige pulled her hands from between her thighs, feeling the wetness against her fingers as they hit the cool air. She rolled a bit and came to sit at Mason’s left hip. She’d been close up to his dick earlier, but not when it was hard, and not with his permission. Looking closely, the blue veins she’d noticed before seemed more prominent. In fact, there seemed to be several much thicker veins snaking up his pale shaft. She stared at the flared head of his penis, and the strange confluence of tissue below the base of that inverted V. As she watched, his cock lurched and out bubbled another tiny bit of liquid.

“Is that sperm?” she ask hesitantly. He smelled down there much more strongly than he had before, and the alien scent was somehow intoxicating.

“I don’t think I can make it yet,” Mason admitted. “There’s two different things,” he went on to explain. He reached forward to rub his finger against his tiny slit and showed her the wetness there. “This is called prejacalate or something. Boys call it pre-cum. It’s the stuff that leaks out first so it makes things slippery for… you know,” he finished with a nod towards Paige’s middle. Continuing, he said, “When you actually squirt, your organism, that’s where sperm comes out. I have stuff that comes out but it’s clear. My mom says it’ll turn white later cuz it has sperms in it.”

Paige nearly cracked a smile when the boy said organisms. She knew he meant orgasm, but she felt it probably not the best time for a correction. Instead she asked, “Does it hurt?”

“Squirting?” Mason asked.

“No, I mean…” and she gestured at his crotch. “Your thing,” she continued lamely. “Does it hurt being all stiff like that?”

“No,” Mason said. “Feels good really. Maybe a bit like before if I can’t… you know. It aches a bit then, but in a sort of good way.”

“Does it ache now?” she wanted to know.

“Kinda,” Mason admitted. He bit his lower lip in thought, wondering if he should take the chance, and then said softly, “You can touch it if you want.”
Paige’s eyes widened. Did she dare? She thought about it for a long moment. She was so torn. “You don’t mind?” she finally asked.

Mason shook his head, wondering what would happen. He’d never had a girl touch him before. He’d kissed a girl before, and he even got to squeeze her boobs a tiny bit through her shirt until she stopped him, but the only person who had ever touched his dick was his cousin Jack, who was only ten and lived a few towns over so that they only saw each other once a month. On those weekends Jack and his mom, his own mother’s sister, would spend the night and he and Jack had recently started exploring each other while giggling under the covers after they’d been sent to bed.

After a few moments of thought, during which both Mason and Paige were sure they’d heard a girlish moan from the direction of the bed, Paige reached out a hesitant hand. She started with an outstretched index finger, just poking the pale shaft. When nothing bad happened, she moved her finger up and down the short length. The skin was so hot and silky. It twitched against her finger. Reaching out her left hand, she carefully lifted the small bag holding his testicles. She could feel them rolling under the skin as she explored them with her thumb. Mason tensed and Paige turned a worried eye on him.

“Did I hurt you?” she asked in a whisper.

“Feels good,” Mason assured her softly.

Reassured, Paige went back to her exploration. Copying what she’d seen Mason do earlier, she gently closed her fist around his dick. Now she could really feel it twitching, and the tighter she squeezed it, the more it throbbed against her fist. She was amazed by the heat and the velvety smoothness of it. Using her right thumb she swiped it up over his pee hole, a bit worried it would be gross, but then amazed by the spongy softness and the heat of that slick, dripping fluid. Mason writhed just a bit and a gasp escaped him. She was amazed at the power she suddenly had over him, able to cause him to writhe just by rubbing her thumb around.

Hoping that she was doing it right, she slowly drew her fist upward until she could feel just the flared ridge of his little cockhead against her pinky, and then she slid her hand back downward. This was greatly aided by the slickness of his leaking pre-cum. Mason groaned softly.

Paige’s eyes rose to find Mason staring at her and her hand avidly. “Does it feel good?” she asked.

The twelve-year-old nodded vigorously. “Do it faster,” he dared to say.

Paige didn’t need to be asked twice. Her blue eyes danced as she began to slide her fist up and down, feeling the exciting stiffness moving through her fist. She couldn’t believe she was actually holding a boy’s stiff penis in her hand. Not just holding it, but jacking it, just like her friends had claimed to have done.

After a minute, Mason grabbed her wrist. “Wait,” he said, a bit desperately. Paige stopped but she could feel the urgent throbbing in her hand. When she’d stopped, Mason swallowed and said shyly, “Do you want me to… you know.” He glanced between her legs.

Paige was about to say no by reflex, and then she thought about it. She was touching him. Wasn’t it fair he got to touch her? She knew about masturbation of course, but had always somehow managed to stop herself from really going all the way with it. She finally said, “Do you want to?”

Mason nodded nervously. So, not releasing her hold on his beautiful little cock, Paige scooted down so that she was lying on her side facing the boy. Not quite sure what to do, she cocked her left leg up so that he’d have access to her… parts.

Now that he was presented with the reality of it, Mason wasn’t sure what to do. Unable and unwilling to admit such however, he just gamely reached a hand down between her legs, while being careful not to watch down there or to catch her eyes. Instead he stared at her tiny breasts. He remembered the first movie they’d seen and he just sort of began to rub around down there. He was surprised by the heat and the wetness. She was as slippery slick as his own leaking dick and he wondered if girl’s had pre-cum too. Her fine pubic hair tickled his palm.

Paige couldn’t call Mason’s fumbling anything but clumsy, but the very fact that a boy was touching her down there was doing all kinds of crazy things to her body. Remembering that she was supposed to be touching him, too, she began slowly jacking him once again.

Mason bit his lip on a groan as Paige began stroking his dick again, worried that Jenna would hear them. He was feeling around down between Paige’s legs, like a blind man, trying to see through touch. He was comparing pictures he’d seen, especially the video he’d seen earlier, with what he was feeling with his nervous fingers. He stumbled upon her vagina by accident, finding his finger in a cleft and pushing. He was amazed when his finger slid deeper and he could feel the fleshy walls of that tunnel sucking at him.

Paige gasped and shuddered as Mason’s finger slid into her. She’d never felt anything like that questing digit and she suddenly wanted more. She found herself pressing her crotch against his hand, and a mewling whine escaped her mouth. On an impulse she pressed closer and kissed him. Mason froze against her for a moment and then he kissed her back. He pushed his finger deeper and she groaned. Then she squeezed his dick tighter and he was the one groaning.

Mason decided to try a second finger, as he’d seen the man in the movie do and Paige seemed to go nuts. She was pushing herself against him, her mouth pressed harshly to his, and her pussy was sucking at his fingers. He felt her fist begin to work even faster and harder on his dick and knew he wouldn’t be able to go too much longer without squirting. He was scared of squirting on her, wondering what she’d think, and that worry was holding him back a little.

With that little moment of clarity, Mason remembered something else he’d seen in the movie earlier. Just above a girl’s pussy he knew was a little button that was supposed to drive them crazy. He’d never really known where it was before, but in the movie he’d clearly seen it as the man was licking the woman’s pussy. Not removing his pistoning fingers, he quested upward until he felt that tiny nubbin of flesh with his thumb. He knew he’d hit the right spot because Paige suddenly stiffened against him and he could feel a muffled cry in his mouth.

Suddenly Paige was squeezing his dick so hard he thought she’d crush it. She shook hard against him, her whole body trembling, and her pussy clamped down so hard around his fingers that he couldn’t even move them. She trembled again, and then that clenching fist was pounding at him, stroking his dick fast and hard. Before he could even prepare himself or warn the little blonde girl, his cock exploded in her hands and several jets of watery boycum splattered her stomach.

Boy and girl held each other and shook in the aftermath of their orgasms. It was Paige’s first and she was overcome. That was an orgasm? Holy crap! Her body was still shuddering and she could feel Mason’s fingers inside her virgin pussy, making her feel so full and yet unfulfilled at the same time. She squeezed the wet, still stiff boycock in her hand and couldn’t help but wonder what that throbbing length would feel like inside her, moving, thrusting. She shuddered again and forced herself to reluctantly release that wonderful little appendage and to roll onto her back, fearing that the sensations, as awesomely wonderful as they were, would never stop. She felt a moan of disappointment escape her lips as the boy’s fingers slid out of her, and she tried to slow her breathing.

Lying there, each breathing heavily, amazed at the sudden turn in their lives, they could each hear the increasing volume of gasps and pants coming from Jenna.
Forcing herself to move, Paige looked at Mason and whispered, “We should get cleaned up. So she doesn’t notice.” She pretended to not see the fact that the boy had been sniffing the fingers that had been inside her, as he’d quickly dropped his arm to his side.

The kids rose quietly from the seat and crept the long way around to the bathroom. Paige could feel the wetness between her legs as she walked, and she knew without looking that her thighs were slick with it. Speaking of slickness, she realized that her hand was dripping with the cooling remains of Mason’s boycum. She was walking a bit behind him, having felt the urge to watch his ass as he moved, and given that tiny bit of privacy, she brought her hand to her mouth before she could think about it. Her mouth filled with the oddest taste. It was a bit sweet in some way, but also tasted a little like she remembered pennies tasting, when she’d once put one in her mouth. Sort of coppery.

Paige caught up to Mason quickly and had him hold back while she sneaked to the shower area and grabbed the towel Jenna had used earlier and which Paige herself had hung up on a hook. She could just see a portion of Jenna from that angle and the taller girl seemed to have her ass up off the bed, her hands busily working between her legs. Her moans were growing louder.

Back to Mason, she took a moment to draw the towel between her legs, sopping up the moisture there and actually shuddering a bit still with the memory of being touched there. She handed the towel with an apologetic shrug to the boy, but he seemed not to mind at all and quickly dried his groin and hands and small, soft penis. She marveled that something so tiny and cute could become something so much more intimidating and exciting in just moments.

With what had to be a cry of ecstasy, they could hear Jenna reach her climax. Afraid of being caught, they hurried back around the corner to the couch and sat themselves. Each cringed a little as they encountered their respective wet spots.

After a couple of minutes they heard the sound of water running. It shut off after a minute and they waited again. Finally a voice called out to them from the computer area around the corner.

“Wait, why do you guys have credits? And what’s MM?”

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