Life goes on – Part 4

Like I said, every twist and turn with Mom only got better. I nodded as I rolled off the bed and headed toward her bathroom. It was big enough for a bathtub on one side and a walk-in shower on the other, with a set of sinks on the wall between them. Enclosed in its own much smaller room between the shower and the sinks was the toilet. It was a lot nicer, and I hate to admit it, a good deal cleaner than my bathroom downstairs.

In the shower, Mom faced me, giving me a perfect view of her breasts and slit. The look she gave me let me know she enjoyed seeing my penis just as much. Even though I had cum only a few minutes earlier, I had never lost my erection. It happily pointed at Mom’s face. She put her hands on the back of my neck and tilted her head up and kissed me. “Thank you, Todd. I was wallowing in grief and self-pity and you pulled me out of the worst of it.”

The next kiss was quick, a peck. “I miss Jerry so much. But that aching hole in my heart, well, you’re doing a lot to heal it.”

I don’t pretend to understand everything she felt. For me, standing in the shower, longing to feel Mom’s soft body under my fingers, I hungered for her because I knew she loved me and because she was the sexiest woman I knew. My love and lust came together perfectly as hot water cascaded from the showerhead.

She grabbed her loofah and drizzled some bodywash on it. She rubbed it across my shoulders, neck and upper chest. She gave me a questioning look, “Are you sure you’re okay with this, babe?”

How could she ask? My penis quivered in desire. My own embarrassment at the intimacy had burned away, “I don’t mind it at all, Mom. I love seeing your body like this. I know I can’t tell a soul, but my friends would be totally jealous if they could see me. They all think you’re sexy.”

A flush of crimson colored her cheeks, “Thanks for understanding it needs to stay between us. Would you…ah, be willing…”

Her voice failed her as her sudsy hand froze on my chest. I said, “What, Mom?”

The rosiness touched her ears and neck, “What I feel is pretty complicated, Todd. And I don’t know if I can do it justice. I loved the intimacy I shared with your step-dad. And even though I haven’t thought much about it in a very long time, Terry and I shared a similar bond. I, uh, want the same thing with you.”

Mom had just let me cum between her legs and she was telling me she wanted intimacy? Color me confused. My face must have given away my confusion. “I thought we have been, um, intimate.”

Mom flashed me a grin, “Yeah, we have. And I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. I want what I had with Terry with you, babe. And I just don’t know how to say it.”

My face burned with heat. It wasn’t embarrassment, but love-tinged lust. “I think you just did. I… I’d like to be, uh, intimate like that with you too.”

Mom’s grin gave way to a giggle as she moved the loofah down my body, tickling my erection with the soapy, delicate material. “I think that can be arranged.”

She spun me around and scrubbed my shoulder blades. The soapy rivulets of water tickled as they ran down my body. And when she massaged my butt cheeks, the tingling made my penis twitch.

Once she finished, Mom deposited the loofah into my hands, “Your turn, my love.”

The feel of her boobs through the loofah’s odd, delicate fabric made Mom’s tits feel a little weird, but I didn’t mind. I was trying to translate into my twelve-year-old brain what all she meant about intimacy. I was pretty sure she was talking about sex. And I was eager to put my four inches into her pussy. But there was something else. A subtext of what she meant, and I was still trying to figure it out.

As I ran the loofah across her abs and belly, I asked, “Can we be, ah, intimidate after lunch?”

Mom’s head was tilted back as her body enjoyed the loofah’s soft caress. She murmured, “Yeah, babe. I want you to make love to me.”

I knelt as I ran the loofah over the outside of her slit. Mom spread her legs, giving me access. I dropped the loofah and put my hand against her outer lips. I had figured out what I was trying to decipher. “What about tomorrow? Can we do it again tomorrow?”

My finger grazed her clitoris, and she shuddered, “Y-, yeah, Todd. Tomorrow too, if you want.”

I slid my soapy finger against the pink flesh between her inner labia until I found what I sought. “And again next week? Next month?”

Mom ran her fingers through my hair as I pushed my index finger against her hidden hole. She nodded, “Yes, baby. I want you for as long as you want me.”

I closed my eyes as my finger slid into the hole I found. As I pushed in deeper, Mom groaned in pleasure. I wanted this for as long as I could have it.

Around that time, the temperature of the water cooled. We had drained the hot-water heater. I had to remind myself I could pick up where I left off, but I was still sad pulling my finger from between Mom’s legs.

Once we dried off, we headed to the kitchen. Mom wore her robe, and I wore Jerry’s. I felt incredibly horny, my penis frequently poking through the front of the robe as we warming up leftovers. We sat at the bar, quietly eating, each of us in our own little worlds.

My thoughts drifted to what Mom and Terry once had and how Mom wanted the same thing with me. Obviously, what they had was sexual almost from the start. It was hard to comprehend I was about to experience what my dad and step-dad had intimately known with my mom, and even though I knew everyone we knew would freak out if they found out, there was a warmth in my chest; I just didn’t care anymore about what others might think. My love for Mom had changed over the past day. The hottest woman I knew wanted to love me, just like she had my dad and step-dad.

When we finished lunch, I collected our paper plates and threw them in the trash before coming over to Mom and putting my arms around her neck. “Can we, um, go on back up to your room?”

Mom slid her arms through the front opening on my robe as she stood up, revealing my penis as it went from semi-erect to its full four inches in just a couple of heartbeats. Taking a page from her, I let go of my hold long enough to slip her robe off her shoulders, revealing her boobs and the rest of her front.

Her arms glided around my back and pulled me against her as her face turned up, seeking my lips. My penis lay flat and hard between our abdomens while her boobs pushed against my chest. Her kiss tasted of the leftover lasagna and something else that I was beginning to identify as distinctly Mom. When the kiss ended, she took me by the hand, “Come on, love. Let’s go upstairs.”

Back in her bedroom, Mom closed the door as she let the robe fall to the floor. Once I shrugged my robe off, I joined her, climbing onto the bed. She rested in her normal place. Except instead of facing the wall, she faced me, just as I faced her.

Her hand reached around my neck, and she pulled me toward her. Her boobs were warm against my chest and my dick twitched when it touched her leg. She kissed me as her body melded to mine. And when she shifted her hip, my erection slipped against her inner thigh, and slid against her slit.

She moaned as she shifted her hips, “Fuck, baby, you feel good against me. But I need you in me.”

She moved one of her legs over across my hip. I gasped as my erection slid past the end of her slit. She reached between us and gently took me and pushed my penis into the folds of her slit, and into her vagina. She drew a deep, ragged breath as my four inches slid into her.

I gasped loudly as my penis was engulfed in something warm, wet and tight. I closed my eyes at the intense feeling while Mom’s arms pulled me into a hug. The only video I saw before about fucking was a man laying on top of the woman. People call it missionary style, although I don’t get it. The way we lay side by side was a lot different from the video. And with Mom’s leg thrown around my hip, my penis and her pussy could easily grind against one another.

It was almost as if we had melted into each other, as our arms wrapped around the other and we connected below the hips. As Mom pushed her boobs against me, my hips rocked back and forth, almost as if something evolutionary was taking place, and my penis slid in and out of Mom’s welcoming hole.

The tingling feeling ran along my entire penis. This felt ten times better than what I felt earlier in the morning. Mom did something with her thighs and my penis was squeezed tight within her pussy walls. After more rocking my hips against Mom’s pubic mound, her hands went down to my butt and pulled me against her, “Slow down, babe. There’s no hurry.”

My penis quivered inside her while I rested, enjoying the experience of sensory overload. When she finally let me resume rocking my hips, the tingling continued. I let my eyes close while the tingling ran up and down my body. I could scarcely believe it. I was fucking my mom! She was taking my virginity, and I was now her man.

Just thinking about that made me speed up, pushing into her warm, wet place. The tingling expanded, consuming every part of me until the only thing in my life was me and Mom. I pushed in and pulled out, building up. Mom moaned, “Oh, fuck, Todd! You feel so… Ahh!”

I squeezed my eyes shut, wordlessly moaning as my penis spasmed, sending my watery cum deep into Mom’s vagina. I leaned forward, gripping her in my hold as I shot my three brief blasts and followed it with a few more dry spasms until I sagged against Mom, out of breath and feeling better than ever.

Mom’s pussy walls kept undulating around my spent erection as she murmured, “Fuck me, babe. You’re just like I remember Terry. Maybe even better.”

At that moment, I took her compliment at face value, only realizing later the latter part may have been to boost my ego. But ask me if I care? The way our bodies molded together, just because I had cum inside her, I wasn’t uncomfortable or felt a need to push off her. We just held each other as I basked in the afterglow of a perfect cum.

Mom tells me, eventually when I get older, my orgasm will make my erection wilt. That’s not yet true, and it certainly wasn’t on that magical afternoon. A few minutes after I came, Mom gyrated her hips, sending pleasurable tingles throughout my still-hard penis. I gasped, as I was still sensitive. “Mom! That feels, whoa!”

Mom stopped long enough to say, “Do you need me to stop, babe? Too sensitive?”

Through a few more shifts and wiggles of her hip, I decided the pleasure outweighed my sensitivity, and I shook my head, “No. It’s good.”

Her motions were smaller, shorter, and initially, less intense. I enjoyed the lazy feeling, letting Mom move around, stimulating my erection, still deep inside her pussy. Once, when my own hips responded, and I pushed into her, she grabbed my ass cheeks, “Let me, Todd. Just sit back and enjoy this.”

At first, it was easy to resist the temptation to join her, pushing into her. But as she gently stimulated me, and the tingling gradually returned, it became more of a challenge to stop myself from pushing and pulling. At first, Mom shivered every few minutes, letting some wave of pleasure wash over her. But after twenty minutes, we were both covered in sweat, and she was grinding herself against me, relentlessly moaning. The tingling was at near its peak. I wasn’t in charge and it was all I could do to not start thrusting in and out. But this was about Mom and her needs.

Her body began shaking as she murmured, “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

The shaking hit me in the center of my groin and my balls constricted as my erection spasmed and jerked about inside her. The intensity was so intense, I cried, “Mom! Ah!”

I realized as her body stopped shaking, that Mom had just a powerful orgasm. Of course, that was through an orgasmic haze of my own. She wasn’t through yet; her lips hungrily sought me out and her tongue played relentlessly with my teeth and tongue until she finally sagged against the pillow.

My penis, limp at last, slid from her slick wetness. I was worn. Happy, but worn. I nuzzled my face against her neck, “Holy shit, that was awesome.”

In between big gulps of breathing, Mom said, “I didn’t think it was possible, babe. But you fucked me better than I have ever, ever been fucked.”

I glowed at the compliment. Of course, I also glowed from my intense orgasms. I said, “We really can do this again tomorrow?”

Mom nodded, “Yeah, babe. Tomorrow, next week, next month. I want you beside me for as long as you want.”

That was three months ago.

This morning when I woke up, Mom had rolled over in the night and her arm draped over my hip, resting against my bare butt. She rarely wore anything to bed, and this morning was no different. Even though I have explored every inch of her breasts since that first night in March, seeing them in the soft glow from the summer sun poking through the curtains, I felt aroused. I don’t think I will ever grow tired of them.

My penis agreed, and it filled with blood. All the exercise must have been good for it. I had grown a bit down there and I was nearing five inches (12 cm) in length. Mom’s eyes fluttered open, and she smiled at me. I’m not going to tell you that our romance made her forget Jerry. Although the tears mostly stopped after we became intimate, the feeling of loss has never entirely gone away, although she seldom lets me see her like that. Now, though, what we share, we share because of who we are, not because of Jerry or Terry.

She said, “Good morning. How’s it feel to not have to wake up to an alarm, babe?”

I grinned. Three months—no school. Because of the life insurance Terry left for Mom, she could stay home and not work as long as she wanted. And she didn’t want to this summer. I slid over to her and nuzzled my face against her neck, “fantastic, Mom. I mean, Becky.”

It felt weird calling Mom by her given name, Becky. But we planned to spend a lot of time traveling this summer. In fact, we didn’t have an unlimited amount of time this morning because we scheduled our flight to leave mid-afternoon for Chicago. At twenty-seven, Mom could pass for a decade younger. And at five feet six inches (169 cm), I was as tall as an average fifteen-year-old. But we are going to be away from home for two months. And for those two months, we will not be mother and son, but boyfriend and girlfriend.

Her fingers gripped my ass, “It’s going to be so much fun not having to pretend, babe.”

Then she pulled my body forward and my penis slid down between her legs. With her free hand, she ran it over my baby-smooth pubic area. Even as I’ve grown, I’m still waiting for hair number one. According to Mom, excuse me, Becky, I might be waiting a while. One of the reasons she and my dad didn’t think she would get pregnant with me was because, even when my dad was more than halfway to fourteen, he was hairless and his semen was clear and watery. Of course, they had been wrong. But that was then. Becky isn’t worried about getting pregnant and if she’s not going to worry about it, neither am I.

She slid my growing penis into her and we both sighed in pleasure. We moved together in easy, practiced motions. We both had learned a lot about the other over the last few months, and we used it to pleasure one another.

Becky ran her hand down my back, gently touching me with her fingernails, sending chills down my spine. My fingers played with one of her breasts and I tweaked a nipple and then pinched it just enough to elicit a moan.

The familiar tingling radiated from my penis and I felt myself getting close, even though I knew Becky was still working toward her own cum. My speed increased as the smacking of my pelvis against her pubic mound filled the room with its wet, squishing noises.

“Ahh!” I shouted; my balls constricted, and I felt my still watery cum shoot deep into Becky’s vagina. Five spirts blasted into her and I let my head rest between her tits as I caught my breath. She keeps warning me that the day will come when I cum and I’ll done for an hour or two. But that day is still far off. As I rested and regained my energy, my dick stayed buried inside Becky, patiently waiting for round two.

After a bit, Becky took over and slid her body against me, stimulating my erection. The longer this went on, the more animated she became, swearing and moaning as the tide of her own orgasm approached. And it never failed; as her body quaked and shook with another powerful orgasm, she sent me spiraling into my second cum in less than thirty minutes.

When her body stopped shaking, she molded herself against me and we basked in post-sex bliss.

She eventually lifted her face, drenched with sweat, and kissed me, “I love you, Todd.”

I never tired of hearing those words, knowing she’s not just telling me as my mom, but as my lover.

I respond, “I love you too, Mom—I mean, Becky.”

The end.

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