The Son Also Rises – Part eight
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Ryan got his blowjob, which had been needed and greatly desired, but that was three orgasms and it was just late afternoon. Ryan hadn’t cum three times in one day in years, and that was a problem because he didn’t think his little boy was anywhere near sated.

He got himself a respite by claiming to need to do some work, so Lucas disappeared into his bedroom while Ryan relaxed on the sofa with his laptop. Lucas continued to earn likes and comments. Ryan began to imagine different pics he could post. Like some of the ones Phil took. He felt a tightening down below and realized that wasn’t a good train of thought, so he switched to Youtube and watched inanities.

About an hour later, about the time Ryan was starting to think about what to do for dinner, Lucas came out of his room. “I’m gonna get a snack, Dad. You want somethin’?”

Ryan couldn’t help staring. He’d always known Lucas was a beautiful child, but found it amazing that he’d never really seen the entirety of his beauty. And that wasn’t just because he was nude, with his adorable little dick soft and only about two inches, bouncing with his footsteps.

Ryan tore his eyes away from the delectable little treat before he boned up again. “I was just thinking about dinner. Any ideas?”

“Pizza?” the boy asked, excited and hopeful.

Ryan chuckled. “Why did I bother to ask? I was thinking maybe Chinese. Golden Star is doing curbside and you like their General Tso’s.”

“Okay, but when are you gonna get it? I’m hungry.”

“I was thinking about ordering in about… thirty minutes.”

“Be right back!”

Ryan’s pause and Lucas bolting out of the room were both in response to the faint ringing of Lucas’ cell ringing in his room. Ryan sat appreciating the view as his boy hurried away. To steal from the internet… ‘that ass tho’.

A minute later and Ryan was back to watching Russian drivers fail to drive and Lucas returned. “Dad?” he said, holding out his phone. “It’s Mason’s mom. She wants to talk to you.”

Frowning, curious, Ryan took the phone. Of course the parents knew each other, living in the same neighborhood, going to the Parker’s July 4th block party every year. An attractive woman, single, and she’d even shown a little interest after his wife passed, but he hadn’t been ready.

“Hello? Gail?”

“Ryan, hey,” the woman answered, sounding a bit harried. “Look, I need to ask a huge favor. I know it’s a huge favor, but I’m sort of up against the wall here right now. Please feel free to refuse though. I know it’s asking a lot.”

Ryan chuckled. “You’re going to have to tell me what the favor is before I can refuse.”

“Sorry,” she said. “Sorry. My brain is in a hundred different places. Okay.” Ryan heard her take a long, calming breath. “I just got a call that my dad is in the hospital. COVID.”

“Gail, I’m sorry,” he said.

“Thanks. I really don’t know anything. If it’s bad or what, but it was the hospital that called, and not him, so it can’t be great. Anyway, the problem is that he’s in Detroit. I’ve arranged some time off from work, but I just don’t feel good about taking Mason with me. I don’t need him getting exposed. I’ve talked to everyone I know, and nobody else has been able to take him.”

“So I’m your last resort?” he asked, humor in his voice.

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. That sounds bad. I just knew that you had your hands full already and besides, it’s not like we get together and braid our hair and gossip. Anyway, it would only be for three or four days. If it goes on any longer than that I’ll have to work out something else, but it’ll give me some breathing room. Part of the problem of course is that I’m doing everything so last minute. I just got the call a couple of hours ago.”

Ryan was torn. On the one hand, he was sure Lucas would enjoy having his friend over. He’d also be able to help out a single mom in a real bind, dealing with some tough personal issues. The other hand, of course, was that he and Lucas had jumped into this whole sex thing, and it was new and exciting, and this would mean turning that off for a few days. Of course, that was just him being selfish.

“Gail, of course we’ll take him in.” Ryan saw Lucas’ eyes raise. He obviously didn’t know what was happening. “I’m sure Lucas will be thrilled.” What? Lucas mimed.

Ryan listened, knowing to Lucas his end of the conversation was just, “Yeah. No, of course. It’s not a big deal, Gail. Let me worry about that, you worry about your dad. No, that’s fine. I was thinking about going out for Chinese actually. You don’t have to do that. Alright. Okay, we’ll be waiting. You, too.”

“What?!” Lucas asked as Ryan ended the call and held out his phone.

“Mason’s grandfather is in the hospital with the virus, so his mom is going to see him. So Mason is going to stay with us a few days.”

“Cool!” Lucas said. Then the dawning realization. “Oh.”

“Yeah, oh,” Ryan said ruefully.

“But… maybe we could still do stuff,” Lucas suggested. “Like… if Mason is taking a bath? Or at night?”

“I think Mason will be expecting you to be there at night. We wouldn’t want him to wake up and come looking for you.”

“Yeah, I guess not,” Lucas said, disappointed. Then he grinned wickedly and sank to his knees. “I can suck your cock one last time though,” he said, reaching out to fondle his dad’s big, floppy dick.

“Or not,” Ryan said, pushing his hands away. “He’ll be here in less than an hour, which means getting dressed.”

“Oh,” the boy said, disappointed. He was biting his lip when he looked up and gave his dad a sly grin.

“I don’t like that look,” Ryan said.

“Remember when I said I did some stuff with boys before?”

Ryan nodded, aware of course that one of the boys at least was Mason.

“Well, one boy was Mason.”

One boy. Ryan wondered how many others and who they were.

“We only ever jacked off and stuff. And anyway, I was thinking maybe I could suck his cock, now that I’m good at it.”

“Well, one of us will enjoy themselves.”

“Yeah, but maybe you could watch,” Lucas suggested.

Ryan looked highly skeptical. “I doubt Mason would go for that.”

“No, I mean watch without him knowing. Like… maybe hide in my closet or something? I bet you’d like seeing him naked. He’s really cute.”

“He is cute, but stuffing myself into a closet seems pretty dangerous. Not to mention uncomfortable.”

“Ummmm…” Lucas thought, “maybe I could do a Facetime!”

“Right,” Ryan scoffed. “My twelve-year-old son sucking off a ten-year-old and you want that going out on an unsecured phone?”

“Mason is eleven.”

“Doesn’t change the problem,” Ryan said. And then it came to him. As a real estate agent, he often found himself dealing with unoccupied homes. On occasions, those homes could get broken into and vandalized. It had happened to him twice, so when alarm systems weren’t installed in a place, he often set up his own security cameras to monitor them. Being out of work at the moment, all that equipment was just sitting in a box in the garage.

Ryan explained his plan to Lucas, who was enthusiastic. They spent about thirty minutes setting up two pinhole cameras in Lucas’ room and testing to make sure they worked. Perfect picture and sound.

“Just make sure you take ’em out later. I don’t want you watchin’ me jack off or somethin’,” Lucas grinned.

Ryan was thinking about their great timing when the doorbell rang less than ten minutes later. Two minutes before that Ryan had gone to his room to put on some clothes while he instructed Lucas to do the same.

So he was wearing red knee-length gym shorts with black stripes and a plain black tank top as he answered the door. He found young Mason wearing skinny jeans and a gray t-shirt with the slogan ‘Do it My Way’ which Ryan was perfectly willing to consider. So long as his way involved sliding between those slim little thighs. Mason had shortish golden hair that was sort of wavy and just flying all over. It was messy, but it looked deliberately messy.

His mother was standing beside him laden with a suitcase in one hand and a big bag from KFC in the other. She smiled, but she looked exhausted. “You didn’t have to do this,” Ryan said, indicating the food, which he took from her along with the suitcase. Mason was wearing a backpack.

“I wanted to,” she said, “and I know we didn’t discuss it, but we can work out something later. I don’t expect you to just take on the expense of housing him.”

“Gail, I’m not going to charge you. I want to help, not perform a transaction.”

“Well, we’ll figure out something, okay? Maybe some of that lasagna you guys liked so much.”

“Lasagna it is,” Ryan grinned.

“Hey, Mason!” Lucas said, greeting his friend happily. Ryan wasn’t so happy. He should have know that ‘get dressed’ was too little instruction. Lucas was wearing a pair of his little briefs, gray with faint pink stripes.

As the boys bumped fists, Ryan saw Gail’s eyes go to his son. His little bulge, soft at least, was clearly visible. He saw her quirk an eyebrow and turn to him, and he just shrugged and rolled his eyes. As the boys headed off to Lucas’ room, Ryan said, “If I can get him to put on a shirt for school and maybe brush his teeth every once in awhile, I consider it a win.”

Gail smiled. “Mason is the same. Especially with the lockdown. It was always a hassle keeping him in clothes.” She looked to make sure the boys were out of earshot and whispered, “Puberty,” before continuing in a normal tone, “started to change that, but then the lockdowns hit and he’s reverted to an animal-like state.” Seeing his look, she explained, “He has a fit if he hears me utter the P word.”

Ryan laughed appreciatively, while wondering what form puberty might be taking for the cute little blond. Realizing that was a dangerous train of thought, he carried the chicken to the kitchen table. “Can you join us for dinner at least?”

She shook her head. “No, and I feel terrible about the dump and run… that didn’t sound good, but I have a flight in less than two hours, and you know what it’s like these days.”

“Go,” he said, escorting her to the door. “I’ve got this. Don’t worry.”

“Thanks again, Ryan.”

“Just take care of your dad.”

A wave and she was gone. Ryan hurried to his bedroom and checked his laptop where he could access the surveillance cameras. The boys were just sitting on the bed talking, but Ryan could see very clearly that Lucas had an erection stretching those tiny briefs.

“So, you wanna?” Lucas asked. The voice was a bit tinny through the laptop speakers, but clear.

Ryan had a good enough angle from one of the two cameras that he could see Mason’s indecision, but also clear interest given where he was gazing.

“What about your dad, though? Plus there’s chicken.”

“We can play with boners first, and then go eat. Anyway, I know you want to.”

Mason blushed and squirmed, his hands going to his crotch. “Okay, but really fast, huh?”

Lucas grinned and stood, quickly shucking his briefs, freeing that magnificent little cock of his. Mason’s interest was clear. He kept his eyes locked on it as he kicked off his shoes and stood, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.

“Take your shirt off, too,” Lucas said.

“Why?” Mason asked, beginning to push his skinny jeans down over even skinnier hips. Black and white striped boxer-briefs with a black waistband and a cute little anchor on the left thigh.

“Cuz I like to look at you,” Lucas smiled.

Mason sighed and slipped out of his shirt. “You’re so gay.”

“You were the one who wanted to kiss me last time,” Lucas teased.

Mason blushed. “I just wanted to see what it was like.”

Ryan watched avidly, already straining to rip out of his shorts. As he knew from the last time Mason had stayed, the little blond was adorable. He was five inches shorter than Lucas at only 4’9”, but where Lucas’ body was lovely and perfect, his strength wasn’t at first evident. Mason was the opposite. A slight and slender boy, but he was already impressively muscular. Apparently he was a gymnast. Ryan had even done a little light lifting with the shy boy and answered some nutrition questions for him.

“So you don’t wanna kiss me again?” Lucas teased.

“Maybe I do,” Mason shrugged.

Lucas smiled and stepped close to the other boy, and leaned down, pressing his lips gently to Mason’s. It wasn’t the hungry, passionate kisses that were shared between father and son, but Ryan didn’t imagine it would take long until Lucas introduced that particular variety to the eleven-year-old. As their lips pressed, Lucas reached down and laid his hand on the bulge in the other boy’s shorts.

Giggling, Mason shucked out of his underwear, and Ryan’s cock lurched. He found it amazing that he hadn’t thought about boys sexually in years, or mostly hadn’t, but suddenly he was getting worked up over an eleven-year-old. He was gorgeous though. Once again, Ryan was treated to the sight of that cute little three-inch uncut erection. Ryan was intrigued by that little funnel at the tip of the boy’s uncircumcised member. Ryan was also struck by the oddly alluring sight of the boy standing there with a stiff little dick, naked except for white ankle socks. And a foreskin.

Lucas knelt before his friend.

“What are you doin’?” Mason asked.

“You wanna try something?” Lucas asked, reaching out to run a finger over his friend’s little boner. It jerked.

“What?” the boy asked suspiciously.

“A blowjob,” Lucas said.

“Eww, you wanna lick it?”

“Yeah,” Lucas said simply. “Can I?”

“I don’t know,” Mason answered nervously.

“I’ll just do it a little bit and if you want me to stop, I will, okay?”

“… I guess so,” he said dubiously.

Lucas turned and looked up at where one of the cameras was, making Ryan smack his forehead in disbelief. Then he gripped Mason’s slender hips and said, “Turn this way a little.”

“Why?” the boy asked, turning. Ryan realized Lucas was giving him a better angle, which he appreciated, but he wished Lucas could have done it without staring into the camera. Ryan expected his kid would wave next.

“I just wanna see better,” Lucas shrugged. Then he gripped the little boy’s stiff penis at the base, using his thumb and forefinger. He jacked it a couple of times, and then moved down, lifting up the little scrotum. Finally, he leaned forward and ran his tongue over his friend’s balls.

“Tickles,” Mason said, squirming.

“What about this then?” Lucas asked, and he licked upward along the little shaft until he reached that fascinating bit of skin at the top. Ryan had no experience with uncircumcised dicks. He’d seen plenty, on men, but had never touched one. The boy’s foreskin put Ryan in mind of a balloon, or at least the little bit that dangled after being blown up and tied.

Speaking of blowing up… Lucas sucked the foreskin between his lips, and then followed it all the way down the shaft. He bobbed his head three times and then released him. “What do you think?”

“Feels weird,” Mason said. “And anyway, it’s gross. I pee outta there.”

“So you want me to stop?”

“… you don’t have to,” Mason equivocated.

“Okay, try this,” Lucas said, and then he gripped the boy’s little boner near the top and gently skinned back that skin, revealing a slightly purplish little glans, not a mushroom head like Ryan and Lucas had, but a slim little bullet. It reminded Ryan of his wife’s lipsticks.

“You can’t lick there,” Mason said. “It’s dirty.”

“You don’t clean it?”

“Well, yeah, but still. You don’t think it’s gross?”

In answer, Ryan’s son took his friends exposed little cockhead between his lips. Mason gasped. Then Lucas must have started sucking and working it with his tongue, because Mason started to shiver and he reached down and pulled Lucas’ head, holding it tight against his groin.

“That’s…” the boy gasped. “That’s… unnggh,” he said and began to awkwardly fuck Lucas’ mouth. Ryan’s son reached up and grabbed the smaller boy’s pale little ass and let the eleven-year-old fuck his face.

Mason slowed and stopped a bit awkwardly, so Lucas took over, bobbing his head enthusiastically. Mason just held on, gasping and giving little puppy dog whines of pleasure. Ryan was feeling decidedly jealous of his son, and he was refraining from stroking his cock, though it was painfully hard. His dick, not… well, both applied.

Ryan watched as his son continued to bob his head on his friend’s little cock. He watched Mason, eyes squeezed shut, looking like he was in pain, his little body quivering. “Uhhhhh… gonna do it… gonna do it, Lucas!” Mason moaned.

Once again, Mason’s hips began an awkward, stuttering movement, and then he was thrusting forward, holding Lucas’ head tight against him as he rose up on the balls of his feet and grunted, straining and shaking.

The boys stayed in that position for maybe another fifteen seconds, before Mason squirmed and fell to his flat feet and backed away. His little dick was still perfectly stiff. The boy reached down and squeezed himself, looking down at his penis as if amazed that it had just done what it had. He skinned his foreskin back up, covering himself, then reached down and collected his balls and just held himself.

“How was that?” Lucas asked, looking up with a grin.

“Can we just do that from now on when we play with our boners?”

Lucas laughed. “Yeah. Now… let’s get chicken.”

After that, Lucas pulled his briefs back on, but they were being stretched over an obvious erection. Mason pulled his underwear back on, and then reached for his shorts.

“Just wear your underwear,” Lucas said. “Like last time.”

“Is that what you’re wearin’?”


“I can see your boner though.”

“And I can see yours,” Lucas grinned.

“Your dad will see.”

Lucas shrugged. “He’s seen me with boners before. Your mom’s never seen you with one? You wear underwear all the time at home.”

“Yeah, but she’s my mom.”

“My dad won’t care. Seriously.” He shrugged and said, “You don’t have to, but you’re gonna be here a few days, and me an my dad mostly just wear underwear all the time.”

“Your dad does?”

“Yeah. You should see when he gets a boner.”

All the talk of boners made Ryan very aware of his, and the fact that the boys would be emerging in moments expecting him to serve them dinner. Leaving the boys on the laptop, he quickly shucked off his clothes, turned on the water in his shower to cold, and jumped in. Two minutes later, wearing briefs and shorts but no shirt, he emerged without an erection.

The End

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Yes… This is it. I think it’s Rwxxx13’s last story he wrote. Unfortunately, he passed away due to that terrible disease. Cancer doesn’t care who you are. Black or white, gay or straight, Democrat or Republican. We all know someone we’ve lost to cancer.
I hope that we keep remembering Rwxxx13 for his magnificent stories. I know I love his work and by giving him a place here, I hope more people will remember and appreciate him. Rest in peace!

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