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Dear Jason – Chapter 12

Dear Jason – Chapter 12

When we walked into the restaurant, I realized I had forgotten how fancy it was. Good thing Julia wore a skirt and James and I wore dress pants. We all laughed when we saw we all decided on white shirts and blouse when we came downstairs to head to the restaurant.

“This is fancy,” James whispered after we were seated.

We were seated in a corner, and as I looked around, I figured that these were probably the least favorite seats in the house. But I didn’t mind at all, because we had lots of privacy here and our conversation could only be overheard by the waiters or when we were shouting.

“Yeah. It is. I forgot how classy this place has become with its new owner,” I said as I picked up the menu.

After we ordered, James said he felt terrible about his aunt. And when he said he felt bad for not thinking about her all the time, but mostly about sex things, Julia nodded in agreement. I assured them that they didn’t have to feel bad. Their aunt probably wanted them to live their life and not wallow in pity all the time.

That seemed to put them at ease, and pretty soon, the conversation turned to my stories.

“Did you really have sex with your brother?” Julia asked softly, “I read it in your FAQ.”

“Yeah. I did. Well… we did. And it was… okay,” I replied and added, “Doing stuff with Pete was way, way more interesting and fun!”

“That’s that Indian story, right?” Julia asked.

“Indian summer, yes.”

“Didn’t read that one yet,” she said.

“I did,” James said with a wicked smile, “and you had lots of fun in the woods!”

“Yeah, we did. But it wasn’t a hundred percent accurate. I did take some writing liberties to make the story a little more interesting. But almost all the sex parts and walking around in loincloths were true.”

“Cool!” James smiled.

“I liked All Dressed Up,” Julia said, “It was almost like it could happen to us, you know? They had sex almost accidentally, and they learned that deep down, they both wanted it…”

“Don’t read into it too much,” I chuckled, “I make up these stories, and there’s rarely a deeper meaning or anything.”

“Maybe, but I still read it like that,” she smirked.

“I just love how you describe it as the most normal thing to do. Most grownups are so uptight about this. I mean… it’s just sex, right?” James said at a level only the three of us could hear.

“I know!” Julia chipped in, “Grownups know how good sex feels, yet they tell us it’s bad for us. I don’t think it’s fair.”

“I never felt anything better in my life than when I… you know… stuck it in. If I knew how good it felt, not just for me but for you too, I would’ve asked you way sooner!”

“Exactly!” Julia said, a little too loud. And then continued at a lower level, “I don’t wanna marry you or anything. But I do wanna have sex with you. Why can’t this be two different things?”

Both kids looked questioningly at me, so I said, “I don’t know. Honestly. I think society decided this a long time ago, back in the days when the church had a big influence on things. I also see them as two separate things. When you love someone romantically, you can use sex to deepen and express that love. But when you just wanna have sex for the sheer pleasure it gives you, and you’re not in a relationship with anyone, all you need is someone who respects you and likes to have fun with you. And then you can enjoy the sex and have loads of fun!”

Both kids nodded and smiled knowingly. We were quiet as the waitress placed our food and drinks on the table. The moment we were alone again, I continued, “But there are a few pitfalls! When there’s an adult involved, it’s always risky!”

“What do you mean?” Julia asked, “You’re an adult.”

“I know. And I’m very aware of it. Adults tend to take control over kids, and kids automatically look up to them. So the mutual aspect of things might be off because of that.”

“But… I don’t feel it’s like that with you!” James said and took a sip of his Coke.

“Thanks. Me neither. But it is something that’s always just around the corner, and I need to keep reminding myself of this.”

I started cutting my meat to let this sink in with them. After we were quiet for a few moments, Julia asked, “What about the other things?”

I swallowed and looked at both of them. I paused dramatically and said, “Pregnancy.”

“Right…” Julia whispered.

“Especially with brother and sister. There’s always the risk of inbreeding, as we talked about earlier. But pregnancy, in general, is hard to explain to your parents,” I said, smiling.

“Yeah… I don’t think Dad will be thrilled to hear I knocked you up!” James laughed.

“Haha! No! He’ll ground us for twenty years!” Julia giggled.

“See?” I smiled, “Enjoy sex, but keep it safe and use your head! Then there’s nothing to worry about, and you can have fun together,” I said and lifted my glass to toast to that.

They both lifted their glasses and touched mine. James had a massive grin on his face and mumbled, “You’ll also have to use other body parts than just your head to have sex…”

After we were done laughing about that and ate dinner in silence for a few minutes, Julia softly said out of the blue, “I’m not wearing underwear…”

I almost choked on my drink, and she held her hand in front of her mouth to hide her smile when she saw my reaction. But James just smiled and said, “Me neither!”

“Oh my… I opened Pandora’s box…” I chuckled.

“See?” Julia said, turned her body toward mine, and lifted her skirt.

When I looked at her glistening slit and almost completely bald lips, my mouth watered, and all I could do was nod. When she turned her body back to finish her dinner, I smiled inwardly and realized I had really opened that damn box.

“Shotgun!” James shouted and ran toward the car after we left the restaurant.

After I started the car and drove for a couple of minutes, I noticed how quiet James was beside me. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Julia looking out the window. And when I glanced back at James, I saw a huge grin on his face, and he was looking at me.

“What?” I asked, but then I noticed something move in the corner of my eye.

There, in his lap, he had unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them open. I was now looking at his hard dick sticking up from his groin, and when it twitched, I laughed out loud.

“Told ya!” He smirked.

Julia moved her head between the chairs to check what I was looking at, and she started to giggle when she saw what James had done.

“Looking good, Pep!” she laughed and patted him on his shoulder.

“Zip up, Champ. I don’t wanna be pulled over by a cop with a kid next to me whose boner is on display.”

“And look out with the zipper,” Julia chuckled.

James smiled knowingly, started putting his boner away, and carefully zipped up.

“I’m guessing you two want the bed tonight? So I’ll sleep on the couch to let you two have fun,” I said, figuring I’ll take a look anyways while using my invisibility powers.

“Hell no!” Julia said and sounded sincerely offended.

“Of course not!” James said almost simultaneously.

“I wanna feel what it’s like to have a bigger… uhm… dick inside!” Julia said as she poked her head between the chairs again.

“And I wanna try anal,” James said without any apprehension.

“And I want to suck you…” Julia added.

“Alright… alright,” I interrupted them, laughing loudly, “but it’ll be a bit crowded with the three of us.”


“Just saying,” I smiled, already looking forward to having these two young, hot, and naked bodies pressed against mine.

And Julia wanted me to fuck her… and so did James… holy shit! I expected to feel some reservations about this, but the exact opposite was true! I looked forward to sinking my throbbing cock inside these kids and fuck their brains out. This realization struck me hard, and there was nothing I could do to stop this. These magnificent kids wanted me to have sex with them in every way possible.

James and Julia practically ran to the front door when I parked the car. It was almost eleven when I unlocked the door and let them in. They ran inside and up the stairs, and before they hit the third step, both their clothes started coming off and were thrown on the stairs.

I smiled at their eagerness and felt myself grow to a semi from anticipation. I slowly walked upstairs, where I found socks and shoes, and in the hallway toward my bedroom laid James’s pants and Julia’s skirt in a heap on the floor.

When I rounded the corner to my bedroom, both kids were sitting on the bed, hands fumbling with each other’s genitals and looking expectantly at me. I smiled at them and started unbuttoning my shirt. Before I knew it, James was working on my button and zipper. Moments later, my pants were at my feet, and I stepped out of them.

As my shirt came off, so did my boxers. James wasted absolutely no time undressing me, and I wondered why. Julia laid down on her back and looked both anxious and seductively at me.

“What’s the rush, Champ?” I asked as my eyes roamed over Julia’s inviting-looking body.

“Julia wants you to fuck her, and I wanna help.”

I was already halfway there, but hearing him say this, and looking at the young, eagerly looking naked girl on the bed, got me to full mast almost instantly.

“You sure?” I asked, looking at Julia.

“Oh yeah! I wanna know what it feels like. But… won’t it hurt?” she asked, eyeing my boner and suddenly looking less confident.

“It might. But I’ll be gentle, and I’ve got enough experience to make sure you’re fine,” I said, smiling warmly at her.

Julia got a little more comfortable on the bed, and James almost dragged me by my boner toward his sister’s pussy.

“One sec, Champ,” I said and lowered my body down onto his sister’s.

I looked Julia into her eyes and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips as my hard cock rubbed over her wet pussy, being tickled by her sparse pubes. I sat on my knees and pulled her by her legs toward me, causing her to giggle coyly.

“Hand me that pillow, Champ,” I said to James.

After he handed me the pillow, I lifted Julia’s ass from the bed and put it under it. This way, her crotch was almost at the same height as mine, making it easier for me to penetrate her.

I probed around with my fingers to determine if she was wet enough. As my fingers slid through the folds of her pussy and a soft moan escaped her lips, I was surprised at how wet she was. She must really want this!

Seeing no more reasons to stop this, I looked at James. His eyes alternated between my cock and his sister’s pussy, and his throbbing boner showed he must’ve been as hyped as we were.

“Line me up, will ya?” I said to James.

He didn’t need to be told twice. He grabbed my cock at its base and pointed it down. I moved my hips forward, and after I was close enough, he rubbed my dickhead up and down through Julia’s slit, causing both of us to moan.

“Just do it,” Julia hoarsely whispered.

“Here, right?” he said as he lined me up properly, and my dickhead pressed against her opening.

I nodded and pushed forward a little to prove my point. My dick was now trapped at the entrance of her pussy, and just another slight push was enough to enter her. I looked down at her, and the nervous look, mixed with horniness and anticipation, made me realize she needed something more.

“Yeah…” I said to James and looked him in his eyes, “Why don’t you play with her tits a little?”

His eyes flew toward his sister’s pointy nipples, and without saying anything else, he scooted over and started licking, sucking, and playing with them. Julia briefly closed her eyes and purred softly as her brother pleasured her.

Julia’s eyes opened and locked on mine, and for a brief moment, I thought she’d ask me to stop. But the slightest nod of her head was all it took. I nodded back and pressed my dick more firmly against her. My dickhead immediately slipped in, causing Julia to sharply suck in a breath and tilt her head back.

I let her get used to feeling me inside her and held perfectly still. When her eyes found mine again, and I saw she looked fine and even a little flushed, I started sliding in some more.

Oh boy… she was so tight! Her young pussy firmly gripped my rock-hard cock, but she was so slippery inside that I didn’t feel any resistance other than a firm grip around my shaft.

I inched forward, and her breathing got shallower as I went. She didn’t look in pain or anything, but the look on her face wasn’t one of pure bliss. I figured she needed a little more stimulation than she was already getting, so I let go of her hips, and with my right thumb, I started looking for the sensitive knob at the top of her pussy.

When I started stimulating her little clit, her head flew back again, and James briefly looked up to see what was happening. His eyes widened when he saw I was almost completely inside his sister. And with one final push, my balls rested against her ass, and the tip of my cock hit her cervix.

“Oohhhh… you’re… aaahh… I’m…” she groaned.

“You okay?” James asked worriedly.

It took Julia a moment to focus, but then she looked at her brother and softly said, “Yeah… he’s just… big! I feel stuffed.”

“Do you want me to pull out?” I asked, hoping she wouldn’t let me.

“No, no! Just… one sec,” she stammered.

I kept stimulating her clit, and I felt the walls of her pussy ripple over my shaft. I had never fucked anyone this young or tight, but I absolutely loved it. It took me some willpower to not start fucking her brains out, but I knew that wouldn’t help any of us, so, with a lot of effort, I managed.

I slowly but deliberately started pulling out. I kept my eyes locked on hers, and when I saw the wonder in her eyes return, I knew I had done the right thing.

“Ohhhh… I feel you… aaaahhh!” she moaned and dug her fingers into her brother’s hair.

James looked up and winked wickedly at me. I winked back, and when I was almost all the way out, I slowly slid back in. Keeping a slow pace again took me some effort, but this way, her incredibly tight pussy gripped me so snuggly I could savor every second of it.

“Oohh, Jason! You’re so big… and it’s my… I’m…” Julia started moaning incomprehensibly.

After a few moments of slow in-and-out motions, I started picking up the pace. But every now and then, she winced when I didn’t get the angle perfectly straight. By now, I was wondering if she wasn’t too tight for me.

But when I kept it slow, her moans were urging me on, and she seemed to have an excellent time. And the way her tight, velvety sleeve felt around my throbbing cock, combined with her young, nubile body and the view of her naked brother working her tits, was a perfect stimulation for me. I would cum no matter what, as long as her tight pussy kept milking my cock.

The familiar buildup in my balls came quicker than expected. All the physical and optical stimulation must’ve been the cause of that. Julia’s mouth was open, and her breathing was shallow. I knew I needed to stay in my rhythm, and I was about to pass the point of no return. But I also knew that I needed to prolong it for as long as possible so maybe Julia could climax too.

But as my orgasm approached, I knew there was no way I could make Julia cum. I heard my own moans increase, and I saw James had turned his head so he could watch me but still sucked on his sister’s tits.

“Ohhh… I’m… I’m almost cumming… hmmm… Julia!”

“Do it!! Aaahhh… Shoot your stuff!” her eyes locked on mine again, and she moaned, “Fill me up!”

“You… oohhh… close?” I managed.

“Fuck me! Shoot! Shoot, damnit!” she raggedly moaned.

This was it. Hearing her talk like this and seeing her sweaty body glistening in the dimmed bedroom light made the dam break. I shoved my cock inside her for the final time. I managed to still do this slowly, but when the last bit needed to go in, I pressed hard and firmly against her groin. I knew I was also pressing firmly against her clit this way, but this feeling was pushed to the back when I felt the tip of my dick hit her cervix again.

I visualized how my cum was spurting out of my cock and shooting straight into her womb. Her tight cunt was rippling around my shaft, and her legs wrapped around my ass. She was trying to push me in even deeper, which miraculously worked perfectly. My dickhead was pushed even firmer against her womb, and my third and fourth spurts were even more powerful than my first this way.

As my orgasm subsided, I opened my eyes and was greeted by two wickedly smiling kids. Julia loosened her legs around my body and said, “You sure came a lot! I feel it inside…”

“You were… oh wow!” I panted.

“You sure looked like you enjoyed yourself,” James grinned, “glad you decided to join us?”

“Hell yeah!” I said and started pulling out of her.

“I feel your stuff seeping out of me,” Julia giggled as I laid down next to her on the bed.

I looked at James’s face, who was looking longingly between her legs. I wondered what was going on in his head, so I asked, “What’s up Champ?”

“It’s… it’s nothing,” he stammered and blushed.

“Oh no, mister!” Julia said, looking genuinely pissed, “you and I said we’d talk about everything and agreed there’s nothing weird! So spill it.”

“S-sorry. You’re right. But…” he started.

“She’s right, Champ. What happens here stays between the three of us.”

“Well, I… I like to taste your cum, but now it’s…”

“Have fun,” Julia excitedly interrupted him, spreading her legs widely to prove her point.

“You don’t mind me licking you?” he asked with wonder, which surprised me.

“Dude! You fucked me this afternoon. Why would I mind?” Julia laughed, and James’s face betrayed he was feeling stupid about this.

“I don’t know. I’m not… I just wanna…” he stammered.

“Shut up and lick me! I’m too worked up for all this!” she said with mock anger and gently pulled her brother’s face toward her crotch.

James hesitated only a second, but the moment his tongue hit his sister’s pussy, and he was encouraged by her low moans, he went for it. I lay there on my side, looking at what I had created. Two amazing kids exploring every inch of their sexuality together. They weren’t making love but having great sex. And the best part was that they both enjoyed it tremendously. James might need a little more steering to make clear that he should speak his mind. But other than that, my work here was done.

“Ohhh… you’re… aaahhh… so good!” Julia moaned.

I looked at James’s hard cock sticking down from between his legs, and I gently started toying with his balls. But this only lasted a second or two because, between her moans, Julia asked, “Will you please… hhmmm… fuck me? I’m… aaaahhh… getting close and… you’re… ahhh… not so big… and…”

Before Julia could finish, James sat on his knees, positioned himself between her legs, grabbed his cock, lined himself up, and easily sunk his hard dick inside his sister for the second time this day. My work here was indeed done!

As he started pounding away, I watched his magnificent ass move up and down. Both kids fucked as if there was no one else in the room. Julia clamped onto her brother’s ass with both hands, and as she arched her back and a high-pitched grunt filled the room, it was clear she came.

But James just kept on pounding away at a steady pace. I was amazed he hadn’t cum already, but judging by his concentrated face and the blissful look in his eyes, he wasn’t far off.

Julia came back down from her orgasm and looked at her brother’s face. She wasn’t completely with us yet and was breathing incredibly shallowly.

James started slamming in harder, and after he did this four or five times, he slammed in with such force they both moved up the bed a little. His tight ass became even tighter as his ass muscles contracted. His head flew back, and so did Julia’s.

Two familiar-sounding, high-pitched groans filled the room, and if there was any doubt that these two were siblings, you could throw them out of the window as you watched this. They acted exactly alike as they came. High-pitched groans, heads were thrown back, twitching bodies, and their mouths in a perfect “O” shape.

I realized I was hard again from watching this unforgettable spectacle. But I decided to let them have their moment together. So after a minute or so, James kissed his sister on her lips, slowly pulled out, and laid down on the bed between us, still panting heavily. So was Julia, but she’d already lifted her head to smile warmly at me.

After they caught their breaths, Julia said, “No offense, Jason, but I like James’s cock way better!”

“Haha! None taken,” I smiled, “its size suits you better. I get that!”

“Yeah… with you I’m so… I don’t know, like… stretched, I guess… It still feels amazing, but with Pep here, it just… you know, fits.”

“I know what you mean. And don’t worry about it. Really,” I smiled and stroked her cheek.

I saw James was yawning, and I realized I was getting tired myself. So I lay on my back and stared at the ceiling, wondering what we should do next.

“I’m feeling tired now,” Julia said softly.

“Me too,” James added.

“Then we should rest,” I said and yawned to prove my point.

After a few moments of silence, where I felt myself starting to doze off, a soft, “Jason?” Came from James’s side.


“How did you do that conscience thing in my room the other day?”

My blood almost froze when he said it. Fuck! I was busted. Now I had to decide what to do. I promised I wouldn’t tell a soul about my invisibility abilities, but I also didn’t want to lie to them. Not now that they trusted me completely.

My mind was racing when James said, “Did you do something through my computer? Did you hide stuff in my room?”

This was my escape! I just knew it. I sighed deeply and pretended to feel ashamed.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. I installed some software on your pc that I wanted to test. And… yes… I wanted you and Julia to experience the joys of sex with each other. I knew you’d both enjoy it, so… that’s why I did what I did. I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay,” James replied without any anger or disappointment in his voice, “I was just curious.”

“Well… I’m glad you did it,” Julia added, “if you didn’t, I wouldn’t have these!”

She lifted her body a little and petted both our dicks, and gave them a gentle squeeze, smiling coyly at us. She dropped back on the bed and cuddled up to her brother, draping a lot of her body over his. They both closed their eyes and sighed happily.

As I looked at this adorable sight next to me and realized I’d fulfilled one of the items on my bucket list. And I felt a lot of pride about my achievement. But now that my work was done, I felt a bit like the third wheel on the wagon. I needed to take a bit of distance to let these two figure it out by themselves.

As I lay there contemplating this, I heard light snoring beside me. These kids were amazing, and seeing them lying there completely naked and in each other’s arms made me feel like I had completed a lifelong goal and enhanced the lives of two fabulous kids.

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Dear Jason – Chapter 11

Dear Jason – Chapter 11

I was woken rudely from my sleep. My doorbell rang, and somehow it sounded more urgent than it usually did. I tried to get myself back to the land of the living, looked at my alarm clock, and blinked a few times to get the focus to read the time. Six-thirty? On a Monday?

I quickly got up, pulled up a pair of pants, slapped on a t-shirt, and hurried downstairs. When I opened the door, I saw Bill standing there with a worried look on his face.

“I’m so sorry, Jason!” he said, very apologetic.

“No problem. Come in,” I said as I stepped aside to give him room.

“Ellis called, and she really needs my help,” he started, “but we uhm… it’s James and Julia.”

“What about them?” I asked, hoping this was going where I hoped it was going.

“Well… they can’t come. That’s simply not an option. And we don’t know a lot of people here yet. When we talked about it, they both talked about… well… you.”

“You want me to babysit them?” I asked, making sure not to look too eager but inwardly thinking about all the possibilities.

“It’s not really babysitting anymore,” he said, clearly playing it down, “they’re very low maintenance, and James really had fun over here last time.”

“Yeah. It was fun! But…”

“We‘ll pay you!” Bill blurted.

I started laughing and said, “No need for that! I’d love helping you out and have them over! But I need to work it out with the office. Maybe work a little from home and take some days off.”

“Right! Didn’t think about that. The kids won’t have to go to school until after next week.”

“When will you be back?”

“It’s probably just a couple of days. Maybe a week. I don’t know yet.”

“I think I can work something out. Don’t worry. Give me half an hour, and I’ll make sure to get dressed and call the office. Just send them over. James knows where I keep the spare key.”

“You’re a lifesaver!” Bill said with tears forming in his eyes, and he gave me a firm hug.

That was a bit unexpected, but I patted him on his back and said, “You go now and worry about the important things. The kids are safe and taken care of.”

“We’ll make it up to you!” he said as he started crossing the street.

I smiled and felt my stomach do a backflip. I was about to spend a week with a sexually curious preteen boy and his equally curious twin sister. How could I not be excited?

As I was doing my thing in the bathroom, making sure I was ready, I tried to think of a battle plan. But no matter how hard I thought about it, a plan didn’t form. Each time, this little voice inside my head managed to tone down the excitement. Ultimately, I decided to ditch a battle plan and let things unfold as they came.

I wasn’t going to force anything. I wasn’t going to ask if they liked being naked. I was going to sleep on the couch and offer Julia a different place to sleep. I wasn’t going to talk about my stories, and I sure as hell wasn’t aiming for them to have intercourse with me watching. I was going to behave like a normal person and help out some friends. If the kids had questions, I’d answer them, but that was it. If anything else was going to happen, I’d figure it out as we went.

I found this state of mind extremely relaxing and liberating. I was just going to have a good time with these kids.

After I called my new boss at the office, we quickly worked things out. I only had three things that I needed to finish. But these were relatively easy for me, and I was already further than most people knew, but I wasn’t about to tell this now. We agreed that I’d work from home as long as needed.

After I thanked him and he wished me good luck, the doorbell rang. This couldn’t be timed better! As I opened the door, I was greeted with two big grins and one worried look.

Both kids were smiling, clearly excited, but the worried look on Bill’s face caused me to act a bit more reserved than I’d normally do.

Bill was holding James’s computer, and both kids were carrying a small weekend bag. James was wearing a white t-shirt and actual shorts. Julia wore a pink shirt and cut-off jeans. They both looked excited and ready for some fun.

“Thanks again, Jason! You’re such a big help!” Bill said.

“Good luck over there!” I answered with a serious face, “And don’t worry about us. I’ll take good care of them.”

Bill hugged both James and Julia and shook my hand firmly. He looked at his kids and said, “You to listen to Jason, okay? We’ll call you every day.”

“We will, Dad,” James said.

“Yeah,” his sister added, “there’s the cab. Go and help Mom, okay?”

“You’re the best!” he said as he turned around and headed over to the cab.

As the cab pulled away, Bill waved at us, and we waved back. When he was out of sight, Julia asked, “You sure you don’t mind having us over?”

“Of course not! I’ve arranged everything with my work, so now I only have to do a little work from home in the coming week. This way, you guys can still have a nice vacation week.”

“See!” James said with a snarky tone that only a brother and sister can use on each other.

We went inside, and as I placed James’s computer on the table, I asked, “Did you guys eat breakfast?”

It turned out they did, so as I prepared mine, James gave his sister a tour downstairs. As I sat down to eat my breakfast and took a sip of my coffee, they came back inside with excited looks on their faces.

“Have you fixed the pool?” James asked.

“I didn’t know you had one,” Julia chipped in.

I smiled at this because my pool was probably far more exciting than their own above-ground pool. And putting in the effort of getting it ready now would add up to a lot of fun for them.

“I talked to a guy, and he came over and said I’d probably only need to change the filters in the pump and get the leaves and stuff out of the water,” I said after I swallowed my cereal.

“Cool! Can we do that?” Julia asked.

“Uhh… sure! There are new filters in the shack… I think,” I said, but seriously doubting if there were any left.

“Come on, Pep,” Julia said to her brother, and they were off.

I didn’t mind. I didn’t have any plans made yet, which I wanted to discuss with them. But seeing them all hyped about the pool was great. And it meant I could use my pool again.

I finished my breakfast and went outside to see how it was going. As I approached the shed, I heard some muffled talking. I figured they were probably arguing about who could change the filter. But as I came closer, they were clearly having a conversation I wasn’t supposed to hear.

“I know, right?” James said.

“Yeah! They’re really hot!” Julia said softly.

“And he writes about… different things,” James cautiously pointed out.


“I already did it a few times when… I mean…” James stopped talking and cleared his throat.

“Did what?” Julia asked with an obvious interest in her voice.

“Never mind. Let’s get this filter in!”

I coughed softly to announce my arrival, and I entered the shed. I looked around and noticed two flushed faces with looks like kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar. But I decided to ignore that. It’ll inevitably come to the table in the coming days.

“How’s it going?” I asked, looking around in the shed.

As I stood there, I realized it was probably half a year ago that I last set foot in here. My stupid ex didn’t want to swim anymore and said the power bill for the useless hole in the ground was way too high. I didn’t feel like arguing about it at the time, so I let it be.

“Great! You’ve got a couple of spare filters, so we changed them on both pumps. But don’t you need to check the chlorine level of the reservoir?”

“Right! That was the other thing that guy said I needed to do!” I said, feeling myself blush.

I took the can of chlorine and made sure the tank was filled to the maximum level. After I closed the can and the tank, I said, “Let’s fire it up!”

I flipped the switch, and with a bit of huffing and puffing, the pumps came to life.

“Yes!” James exclaimed and gave his smiling sister a high five.

We all high-fived each other and walked over to the pool. There was still a lot of debris floating around in it, but without even asking, both kids grabbed a net and went to work.

“If you want to, you can do some work now. This won’t be finished in a while,” Julia said.

“That’s actually a good idea! Thanks!” I said, glad I didn’t have to do the work on the pool.

I love swimming, but I hate how high-maintenance a pool is. So I told them to call me if they needed anything and that I’d be in my office.

The moment I knew I was out of sight, I ran upstairs, went into the bathroom, and disrobed. I grabbed the pads and was invisible in record time. I made sure to close the door to the hallway from the inside and closed the door leading into my bedroom behind me. This way, I always had the excuse I was on the toilet or something.

I quickly got outside because I didn’t want to miss a thing these two would say to each other. And sure enough, I couldn’t help but smile when I got into earshot of them.

“… about kids our age!” Julia said.

“I know! It’s strange to read about it, but still… it’s hot!”

“Yeah. It is,” Julia said, scooped up a few leaves with her net, and added, “Do you think he makes it all up, or are these stories true?”

“Dunno. But I read his FAQ, and according to that, he had sex a lot when he was our age. So I honestly don’t know.”

They silently cleaned the pool for a few minutes. Clearly both were lost in their thoughts.

“What did you do a few times?” Julia asked softly as she stopped scooping in the pool

“What do you mean?” James answered, but judging by his red face, he knew what was coming.

“You said it earlier. You did ‘it’ a few times when we talked about the stories.”

“I… it’s… uhm… I…” the poor boy stammered.

“You mean you masturbated, right?” Julia asked blankly and without judgment.

“Well… I didn’t… it’s…”

“It’s okay. I did it too last night while reading one of the stories.”

“You did!? But… you’re a girl!” James blurted.

This caused both Julia and me to smile broadly. Julia just looked at him and said, “Yeah? So? Girls masturbate too, you know?”

“Wow…” he said softly after letting this sink in for a few moments, “I never thought about that…”

“Seriously? You read these types of stories, and you don’t come up with the idea that girls masturbate? You’re a real genius, Pep, you know that?”

“I just… ah, hell! Yeah! I jerked off a couple of times. Happy? I just didn’t think you would… you’re my sister. Sisters don’t do that stuff…” James said, still blushing and not looking at Julia.

Julia put a hand on her brother’s shoulder and soothingly said, “Don’t worry, bro. It’s our thing. No one will know!”

For the first time since they started talking, James looked into his sister’s eyes, smiled, and I saw a weight fall from his shoulders. “Thanks. We’re cool, right?”

“Yeah. We’re cool,” and Julia smiled an even bigger grin than her brother.

After another few minutes of silently cleaning the pool, James said, “Damn, it’s hot!” and he started pulling up his shirt and threw it on the grass.

Julia’s eyes roamed over her brother’s bare chest, and she chuckled, “You said Jason doesn’t mind if you take it all off…”

“Yeah… he doesn’t. But I don’t wanna scare you,” James said with a cocky face, looking down at his crotch.

“Pff! As if…” was Julia’s snotty reply, but she glanced at her brother’s crotch nevertheless.

After a few moments of mutual silence where neither wanted to trigger the other, they started a bit of small talk about some movie they saw and were clearly done with the subject of my stories. And I figured I had about five minutes left, so I headed back upstairs and got dressed. This was indeed getting interesting. Both kids were curious and weren’t put off by the whole incest theme in my stories.

I was sitting at my desk for a couple of minutes when I heard them come up the stairs. They walked into my office, and I noticed James was carrying his computer.

“I think the pumps need an hour or four, and then we can swim!” James said excitedly.

“Jason?” Julia asked timidly a second later.

“Shoot!” I said as I turned my chair to face her.

“Can we… uhm… build a computer for me? I mean… you talked about it last time, and I…”

“Say no more!” I said, smiling.

“We don’t need to do it now, but it’s just that…”

“Don’t worry. We’ll start collecting stuff and begin with the build. This alone will take us a few hours. The pool will be ready by then, and we can cool off a bit. Tonight or tomorrow, we’ll finish it.” I said as I got up and put my hand on her shoulder.

She responded with a little hug and softly said, “Thanks! Thanks a lot, Jason.”

I felt her small boobs press against my chest, and I couldn’t deny that I enjoyed how it felt. I enjoyed it a lot. Behind us, James was setting up his computer and asked, “Do you mind if I play some games in the meantime?”

“Knock yourself out, Champ!” I replied and started walking toward the attic with Julia on my heels.

After we picked out the correct parts and I explained each part’s role to Julia, we went back into my office, where James was engrossed in another fierce game of Apex. He was still shirtless, and I was sure that if his sister wasn’t here, he’d be naked the moment the door closed behind him. It surprised me a little that he was shy with his sister around.

During our work on her computer, James couldn’t help himself and joined us. After a few well-meant comments, I thanked him and pointed out that this wasn’t his computer. He got the message and pulled back a little but kept looking and ‘helping’ us.

I was sweating quite heavily now, and I noticed both kids had a couple of drops on their foreheads too. The moment the PC booted and the logo came into view, Julia high-fived her brother and me, and a huge grin was plastered on her face.

“Just the Windows setup left,” I said to her.

“And then some…” James mumbled next to me.

“Indeed. And then some…”

“I think the pool is ready. Can we go swimming now?” James asked hopefully as he wiped some sweat from his forehead.

“I don’t see why not!” I said as I did the same.

I saw Julia fumble with the hem of her shirt and look at the floor. I knew something was up but didn’t know exactly what.

“Uhm… I didn’t bring my swimsuit…” she said softly.

“You can go get it. Your house is across the street,” I chuckled.

“I know… but do you mind if we… uhm… you know… do it… naked?” she almost whispered with her face beet red by now, “…like when we were younger.”

“I… uhm… it’s…” I stammered, pretending to think about it.

“You let James do it last time…” she added without looking at me.

“True. But we agreed on something before we did it,” I replied.


“You can’t talk about it with anyone other than the three of us. Most people won’t understand, and I…”

“He can go to jail for this,” James said seriously as he interrupted me.

“Jail?” Julia asked, clearly thinking she was being played.

“Yeah. A lot of people think it’s inappropriate for us to do this,” I said, making sure she knew we weren’t kidding.

“But… we’re the ones asking this!”

“I know. But that doesn’t matter. But if you promise not to talk about it, I don’t see a problem,” I said, smiling.

“Cool!” Julia cheered.

“I… uhm…” James stammered.

“What is it, Champ?”

“I’m… uhm… I might be… I mean, I can get… you know…” he said with a blush spreading all across his upper body and face.

“Oh! Right. I see…” I replied, knowing what he meant, “that’s not… uhm…”

“What are you talking about?” Julia asked, completely missing the point.

I cleared my throat and said, “James is worried about getting an erection. Right, Champ?”

“Well…” he started, and after a few seconds, he timidly said, “yeah…”

“It’s about not wanting to offend you. And a little about feeling weird for having a boner in front of his sister,” I explained to an obviously confused Julia.

“But why would you get a… boner then?” she asked.

“Duh…” James mumbled.

“Because you’re a gorgeous young woman! And that can trigger something,” I smiled.

“But won’t you also get one, then?” Julia asked, trying to wrap her head around it.

“I’m a little older and not in puberty anymore. So I’ve got a little more control over it. But I can’t guarantee it!” I chuckled.

“Oh…” she softly said and was quiet for a few moments. After that, her face lit up, and she switched her gaze between the two of us and asked, “You really think I’m pretty?”

“Hell yeah!” James blurted out simultaneously with my, “Absolutely!”

This caused Julia to blush, and the three of us laughed awkwardly at this.

“Well… let’s try to ignore the boners when they happen, okay? I’ll take it as a compliment, and you don’t have to feel weird about it!” she said sternly with her hands on her hips, looking determined.

“O… okay,” James said as a smile spread across his face.

“I just wanna have fun in the pool like we used to have a few years ago!”

“Deal?” I asked, looking at James.

“Deal!” he said and got to his feet.

We went downstairs to check if the pool was ready. The vibe I was getting from James was way more relaxed than before, and Julia was hyped. I blamed that on her curiosity about her brother’s boner. I grabbed some towels, sunscreen, and a couple of Cokes, and we went outside.

After I checked the pH levels and the kids removed the last bits of leaves and bees from the pool, the tension in the air thickened. This was it! I was about to skinny-dip with two beautiful preteen kids! I felt myself chub up a bit but thankfully managed to keep it down.

“Alright. Let’s swim, shall we?” Julia announced but didn’t make a move.

I wasn’t sure what to do at this point. I knew I shouldn’t push them, but we needed to keep the momentum going. But before I could say or do anything, James moved.

“This is ridiculous! We’ve done this hundreds of times!” he said with a bit of annoyance in his voice and started taking off his socks.

“Yeah. You’re right!” Julia replied and started lifting her shirt.

I slowly worked my way out of my clothes while looking closely at these kids. When her shirt was gone, and her little black bra came into view, I was shirtless, and James was already sliding down his shorts.

After Julia dropped her pants and I got a nice view of her black panties, James stood straight and looked at his sister. She acted like she didn’t see him watching and unceremoniously unclasped her bra, freeing her young, small boobs. I was standing sideways to her, and seeing her almost naked body in silhouette, was a marvelous sight.

A quick glance at her brother showed that he was on his way to boner city. He must’ve also realized this because he quickly threw his boxers on the pile of clothes and immediately jumped into the pool, his semi-hard dick bouncing as he jumped.

“Whoo-hoo!” he shouted while he was airborne.

With a big splash, he landed in the water, causing both Julia and me to laugh loudly. I quickly got naked and jumped in right next to James. When I resurfaced, James was wiping the water from his eyes and splashed a bit of water to get back at me.

But before I could react, I saw something in the corner of my eye. When I turned my head, I saw a naked girl flying toward me, her legs pulled to her chest and her arms around them. This hot little cannonball jumped right next to me into the water, sending another wave of water over James and me.

As we were coughing from the water and trying to wipe our eyes, Julia jumped on my back and started trying to dunk me. The feeling of her naked boobs pressed against my back was terrific, and as I felt her bare underside pressed against my ass, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

But it got even better when James joined her in a combined attempt to dunk me. I felt this hard penis press against my leg as he also wrapped himself around my body.

It was fabulous feeling these bodies against mine, but they were also doing an excellent job dunking me. Before I knew it, I felt my feet slip. I might’ve been able to postpone falling down, but I wanted to let them have their victory.

So I gave in and let myself slide under water. I quickly resurfaced, acted defeated, and pretended to be coughing because of the water. I opened my eyes, and Julia stood there with her arms triumphantly in the air and smiling broadly.

My eyes immediately went to her exposed chest, and I was treated with a good view of her little tits. A quick glance at James learned that he was also focused on his sister’s chest.

“You’re next!” Julia exclaimed and threw herself at her brother.

The moment her body touched his, she stopped for a second. They exchanged looks, and it was clear his hard dick was touching his sister. This lasted a few moments where neither of them spoke, and the discomfort of the situation oozed from James’s face. But Julia quickly regained her cool, smiled, and dunked her brother with an easy push.

Her hands went into the air again, and she shouted, “Yeah! I’m the master of the water!”

“Not fair!” James pouted as he cleared his eyes and face.

“Oh? Why not?” Julia asked, acting offended.

“Your boobs! They’re too distracting!” James stated as if Julia didn’t already know this.

She looked down at her chest, said, “My boobs?” and then looked questioningly at both of us.

“Yeah!” James and I said simultaneously, causing the three of us to chuckle.

“But… they’re too small!” she softly said.

“They’re just perfect,” I sincerely said, knowing perfectly well that it was a little inappropriate.

James nodded and added, “I really like how they look,” and another blush spread over his face and upper body.

Julia was quiet for a moment when a sly smile appeared in the corner of her mouth. She looked at her brother and asked, “Is that really why you’re… you know…” and gestured toward her brother’s crotch.

“Uhh… yeah… I’m sorry?” he answered, clearly feeling not as awkward as before.

“It’s okay. Just wondering…” Julia said thoughtfully.

Looking back, I think this was the moment she realized she had a bit of power over boys and men by using her body. She acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary, but she was a bit more touchy-feely after that moment.

I figured it was best to let the tension die down a bit, so I grabbed a ball, and we started throwing it around. I glanced at Julia’s exposed boobs as much as I could without being suspicious, but James clearly didn’t have that discipline. He missed the ball on several occasions.

But when he missed it for the fourth time, it bounced out of the pool. Julia shouted with a big grin, “You missed, your problem!”

James looked at me with a bit of panic in his eyes, but I just shrugged. After all, we all agreed on not being weird about it, so this was a great test.

After he saw me shrug, his look suddenly changed from fear into determination. He waded toward the pool’s edge and pulled himself out, giving us a great view of his tight little ass.

After he grabbed the ball, I could see him hesitate for a microsecond, but then he turned around and walked toward us as if nothing was wrong. But his bobbing boner that was leading the way told another story. He stopped at the edge of the pool, showing it all. I saw in his eyes that it was a struggle to do this, but the determination he showed to do it nevertheless, was admirable.

And now it was Julia’s turn to stare. I had both James and Julia in my eyesight, and looking at her surprised and curious face with a naked boy in the corner of my eye made me feel all mushy inside.

James threw the ball and hit Julia on the side of her face. She was so focused on her brother’s boner that she never saw the ball coming. Watching these two kids dance around each other’s curiosity was adorable.

James dived into the pool and surfaced right next to me. He smiled and whispered, “You were right! She’s checking me out too!”

I smiled at him and playfully punched him on his shoulder. We threw the ball around and played tag for a while after that. We had a lot of fun, and the staring and awkwardness were going down by the minute. James climbed out of the pool two more times, and his dick was now soft. But both Julia and I couldn’t help ourselves and just had to look at it. James gave me a knowing smile before cannonballing back into the pool.

“I’m getting out,” I announced.

“Yeah, me too,” Julia said, and James simply nodded.

As I waded toward the edge to climb out, I heard James and Julia whisper to each other. I couldn’t listen to what they were saying, but I figured it probably wouldn’t take long or wasn’t important.

I sat down on one of the chaise lounges beside the pool. As James and Julia walked toward me, I drank in the sight of their youthful bodies. James was hard again, eyeing his sister’s ass as he walked slightly behind her.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Julia asked her brother as she sat on the chair next to me.

“What?” James asked, sitting on the chair next to Julia, furthest away from me.

“Your… uhm… boner…” she said, trying to sound as casual as she could but failing miserably.

“Uhh… no. Well… after a while, it sometimes does, but not now. And when I… you know…” he said with his fist making the up and down motion, “the pain or pressure is gone immediately.”

I hadn’t seen him talk so openly to his sister about this subject, but apparently, some wall was broken down between them.

We chilled on the chairs and didn’t talk for a few minutes. In the corner of my eye, I noticed all three of us were trying to look at the other but not be too obvious about it. Julia checked me out a few times, but her main focus was on her brother, which was encouraging.

After a few minutes of silence, Julia asked, “James… uhm… can… can we like… ask you something?”

“Of course! You can ask me anything,” I replied, curious about where this was going.

“I uhm… well WE… we read some of your stories…” she trailed off, letting the tension hang in the air.

“Oh. You know there’s an age warning before you enter? And you’re not eighteen yet,” I said, looking all serious.

“But it’s just that… I… uhm… we…” Julia stammered and blushed furiously by now.

“I’m kidding! I know it’s just there for legal reasons. I know it wouldn’t have stopped me when I was your age. But what about them? Did you like them?”

“They’re awesome!” James chipped in.

“Yeah… they are… they’re like… hot. But also… you know…”

“What? Is it the sex? The kids?”

“Yeah. The kids are… our age. And in a few of them, they’re even brother and sister. Like us!” she said, still blushing and not looking directly at me.

In the corner of my eye, I noticed James’s twitching boner, and Julia’s hard nipples were even more pronounced now than before.

“So?” I answered as if I didn’t feel the tension in the air rise by the second.

“Well… uhm… isn’t it like… you know… weird?” Julia stammered, with James nodding in the background.

“No. I don’t think it’s weird, actually. I had a lot of sex when I was your age.”

“Really?” James asked, feigning surprise.

“Yeah. And I liked it a lot,” I smiled.

“But… aren’t we like… too young?” Julia asked without sounding very convinced.

I sighed exaggeratedly and said, “Look. You’re curious about sex, aren’t you?”

Both kids nodded and giggled when they saw they were both nodding simultaneously.

“So…” I said, and paused for the dramatic effect, “why don’t you have sex then?”

“Pfft! Because no girl is willing to try it with me!” James blurted out, and Julia just nodded knowingly at that.

“Precisely my point! A lot of kids are curious. Both boys and girls. But due to all sorts of social issues, trying and experimenting just isn’t an option. Boys get careless and reckless, and girls are called sluts. So why not do it with someone who loves you and isn’t going to hurt your feelings?”

I saw both of them looking intensely at me. James’s boner had deflated a bit, and I could practically see the wheels turn inside Julia’s head.

“And in my humble opinion, romantic love and sex aren’t necessarily related. Sure! When you’re in love with someone, sex is a great way to express that love. But a sibling-like love, like yours, for example, might be even better to learn about and experience sex. You love each other and won’t hurt the other. But you’re not romantically invested, so you won’t be heartbroken, for example. And you’re free to experiment because you don’t have to worry about looking silly, inexperienced, or something like that. As long as everyone involved does this out of their free will and isn’t pressured, I don’t see any problems.”

Both of them nodded understandingly and looked all serious. So I continued, “And when you DO find the love of your life, this way, you’ve got enough experience to make the sex with your partner count.” I paused for a few seconds and continued, “That’s how I see it, at least, and that’s why I write about it.”

They were both quiet and lost in their thoughts. James was the first to react with a soft, “Wow…” but Julia had clearly given it more thought.

“I didn’t think of it that way. I was always taught that having sex with family is bad. But when you put it like this, I think you’re right. I love Pep over there, for sure. But not like THAT, you know?”

I just nodded and wanted her to speak her mind, so I kept quiet.

“I know he’d never hurt me, and I trust him too. So that part is true. But isn’t there something like inbreed?”

“It’s inbred. But that’s only a thing when you’re planning to have kids,” I replied, wanting to be completely honest about this.

“Oh. But Mom already took me to a doctor for my extremely heavy cramps during my period. He prescribed the pill, so I can’t get pregnant as long as I take it.”

“I remember,” James said emphatically, “and I felt bad for you when you were in pain back then.”

“See?” she said, smiling at me, “he won’t hurt me!”

James blushed lightly, but they exchanged a warm, knowing smile. I knew by now they wanted to try it, and I sure as hell wanted to watch. But I wanted them to come up with it.

And sure enough, after a few more moments of silence, Julia asked, “We wanna try it. Can you help us?”

“You sure?” I asked, looking deep into her sparkling eyes.

“I’m sure!” she replied, and we both looked at James.

His dick had gone soft during my monologue, but it was growing rapidly with each heartbeat, and before he could answer, he was stiff as a board.

“Grpphh..” he cleared his throat and tried again, “Me too! I wanna know what all that fuss is about. But I don’t know how to start or what to do, so I’m hoping you’ll help us.”

“Okay. I’ll help you. But only if you keep your promise about keeping your mouth shut!” and with a big grin, I added, “And if I can write about it in one of my stories!”

“Of course! And I don’t care if you write about it. It might be fun to be in one of your stories,” Julia shrugged.

“Me neither. You won’t put in our last names, right?” James asked.

“Of course not. I’ll even change your first names.”

“No. Don’t do that!” Julia said, “I think it’s hot reading it back with our real first names.”

“Alright then. Just one more thing…” I said, forcing myself to blush.

“What?” Julia asked, a bit concerned.

“Well… I might get… you know… aroused watching you…”

“You mean you get a boner?” James asked bluntly.

“Uhm… yeah.”

Julia’s eyes lit up, and she tried to act cool, so she shrugged and said, “No big deal.”

“I don’t care,” James said and winked at me, “it might be even more fun with you around.”

“Great! What do you wanna do?” I asked, wanting the initiative to be with them.

“Uhh… what is there to do? I mean… I know about like, uhm… fucking, but there must be like… more, right?” Julia asked, checking her brother’s response.

“It’s called intercourse, but I know what you mean,” I smiled warmly. Seeing their eager faces, I continued, “There’s masturbation. Mutual or solo, oral sex in many different variations, anal sex, and of course, there’s intercourse.”

“I wanna try everything!” James said excitedly, causing Julia and me to chuckle.

“Tell you what. Why don’t you start by applying sunscreen to your sister?” I said, looking at James, “that’s a good way to explore her body and learn all about the good spots. Julia can do you after that.”

“Sounds good to me!” Julia smiled, flattened the chaise lounge, and turned onto her stomach.

James glanced at me, and the excitement was all over his face. I handed him the sunscreen, and he got on his knees beside his sister. He sprayed the sunscreen over her back, and after hesitating a millisecond, he started massaging her back, spreading the sunscreen in the process.

A soft moan escaped Julia’s lip, and she softly said, “This feels nice,” encouraging her brother even more.

His hands went lower, and after he rubbed the sides of her upper body, he touched a bit of sideboob, causing Julia to moan again. James didn’t seem to realize he was actually touching his sister’s boobs because he just went lower and lower. The moment he reached her ass, James looked at me. A slight nod was enough, and he started kneading Julia’s ass cheeks.

She spread her legs a bit, and James’s hands went between them, but he was clearly green as grass because he stayed clear from her pussy. After her legs and feet were done, Julia turned to her back without any hesitation.

“Now what?” James asked insecurely.

“Just massage her like you did her back,” I said, smiling warmly.

“Everything?” he asked, alternating his gaze between Julia and me.

“That’s the whole idea, isn’t it?” Julia replied, looking questioningly at me.

“That’s right. Just do what feels natural.”

So James started at her shoulders, but it was so obvious he was just killing time to get to her tits that I could hardly hold back a giggle. But both kids let out soft moans when his hands finally reached her small boobs.

“Ohh… that feels so good!” Julia softly said.

“Oh wow…” was all that came out of James’s mouth.

As I sat there sideways on my chair, looking at the innocent first steps of these two, I felt myself starting to grow hard. But the awkwardness I was expecting, despite having talked about this before, thankfully didn’t happen.

“They’re so soft,” James whispered.

“Try giving her nipples some extra attention,” I urged him on.

James gently started pinching and tweaking his sister’s nipples. The effect was almost instant. She started squirming a bit, and she opened her mouth a little. As she did this, she spread her legs slightly, giving me a great view of her young, moist, glistening sex.

But James clearly had shed his inhibitions. With his left hand, he kept massaging her boobs, alternating between them. But his right hand started traveling down over her tight belly, rubbing her there. But the end goal was clear from the start.

Julia kept panting heavily with an occasional moan as James’s hand kept heading down. He started moving his fingers through her sparse pubic hairs and rubbed the outside of his sister’s pussy. But that was about it. He looked at me with an adorable helpless look on his face.

So I looked at him, and he whispered, “I don’t know what to do next.”

This was my cue. I dropped to my knees next to them and realized how much I enjoyed the gorgeous look of young pussy and how intoxicating the smell was.

I looked at Julia. She had her eyes closed and her mouth still slightly open. So I asked softly, “Do you mind if I touch you?”

This snapped Julia out of it. Her eyes fluttered open, and she lifted her head. “N- no… of course not!” she stammered and moaned softly as James pinched her nipple again.

I started feeling bold, so I cupped her free boob and marveled at both the texture and firmness of her preteen tit. Her nipple was stiffer than any nipple I had ever felt before, and I toyed with it as much as possible.

My other hand moved slowly upward over the inside of her soft thigh, where I joined James’s petting fingers. She started squirming more deliberately when I slid my fingers between her lips. I made sure to only let my fingers slide in to just below the outside of her lips. I needed James to be the one to do the actual probing and fingering.

“Look,” I said to James as I spread her lips with one hand and kept massaging her tit with my other.

James’s head moved down closely, and his eyes were wide as saucers. He’d completely forgotten her boob and only had eyes for that mysterious place between his sister’s legs.

“This is her clitoris,” I said, pointing to the red swollen bump at the top of her pussy, “she’ll love it when you touch her there. But be careful! It’s very sensitive.”

James didn’t hesitate. His index finger immediately went to that magical spot, and he gently rubbed over it. If the effect on her nipples was instant, this effect was almost at lightning speed. Julia arched her back and let out a low grunt.

“See!?” I smiled, and the look on James’s surprised and excited face was priceless.

“And this is where the penis goes in,” I said, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to penetrate this preteen girl with the tip of my index finger.

I slid in past my second knuckle, and James’s stimulation on her clit, combined with me entering her, made her squirm and moan a lot.

“Lemme try!” James hoarsely said, and his left hand left her boob to start probing around in his sister’s pussy.

“Oh wow. This feels… different…” James excitedly whispered as he slowly entered Julia.

I looked at the squirming girl and excited boy in front of me and felt joyful about how wonderful this was all playing out. But I wanted this to progress even further. So I scooted upward a little and latched on to Julia’s right tit while massaging the other.

“Oohhh… oohhh… oohhhh…” Julia moaned constantly.

“Move your finger in and out and keep rubbing her clitoris with the other,” I said, lifting my mouth just long enough from her preteen nipple to say this.

“Yesss.. yesss… oohhhh…” Julia moaned, her head thrashing from left to right.

It was clear she was very close to cumming. And in the corner of my eye, I noticed James was doubling his effort and slowly pistoning his finger in and out of his sister’s pussy, which was making obscene sounds now, indicating she was enjoying this tremendously.

“Am I doing okay?” James asked insecurely and not reading into the situation.

I blamed that on his inexperience and found it extremely cute and adorable. But since Julia had trouble making complete sentences by now, judging by her, “ohh… you are… I’m… yesss…” I needed to answer for her. So I briefly lifted my mouth from her nipple and said, “You’re excellent! Keep going. She’s close.”

Moments later, Julia started lifting and dropping her pelvis, and her breathing became extremely shallow. Low grunts came from her throat, and a second later, “Oh yes… oh yes… oh YESSSS!!!!”

Her whole body stiffened, and she dug her fingers into my hair and pulled my face firmly against her chest. Right before she did this, I noticed she kicked James in his stomach when she extended her legs moments before she came. But James didn’t stop fingering his twin sister.

I stopped licking and sucking her nipple and looked down to check how both of them were doing. James’s face was crunched up a bit, but his face was filled with concentration as he studied his sister’s every move during her orgasm.

“Slow down a little,” I softly said.

James did as I told, and as Julia kept riding her orgasmic high, a sly grin spread across his lips.

“Oooohhhh!!!!” Julia moaned suddenly, and her whole body started shaking again.

James looked a bit scared at me, but I just smiled and whispered, “Girls can cum multiple times. So unfair…”

This orgasm wasn’t as intense as her first one, and after a few moments, she opened her eyes. She smiled lazily at her brother, and her eyes immediately went down to his hard dick.

“Did I do that?” James asked, a bit cocky.

“Yeah… you were amazing…” Julia smiled and stretched her body.

“So now what?” James asked, looking at me.

But before I could answer, Julia lifted her head, checked out her brother’s body again, and with a voice that oozed horniness, she said, “I wanna feel you inside me…”

I looked at her and was surprised at how horned up she looked. But there was absolutely no hesitation or apprehension to be seen. She wanted to be fucked by her twin brother, and she wanted it now!

I looked over at James, who suddenly seemed very nervous, and I could see him swallow. He looked at me like a deer in the headlight and said, “But… I… I’m… I don’t know how…”

“Relax. I promised to help you,” I soothingly said, “just get on your knees between her legs, and I’ll guide you.”

Julia had spread her legs obscenely, and I could see it all. With the fingers of her right hand, she was slowly rubbing her clit. She had taken over the moment James had stopped.

James crawled onto the chair, scooting closer and closer to his sister’s pussy. When his hard cock hit her fingers, she rubbed a finger over his glans and smiled widely at him.

“Fuck me!” she said softly.

“He won’t last very long the first time,” I said, preparing her for disappointment.

“I don’t care,” she said as she placed both hands on his chest.

I sat next to them and had a first-row seat to the spectacle in front of me. I didn’t want to prolong it any more than needed. Both for James and for myself. I needed to see these twins fuck. My balls were boiling from anticipation, and I felt I was also on the verge of cumming.

So I softly grabbed James’s rock-hard cock, causing him to moan. I pointed it down, and as its head slid between the folds of her pussy, I made sure to point it toward her hole.

“There. Just push,” I whispered, “and you’re no longer virgins.”

James looked at his sister and had a questioning look on his face. Julia’s nod could hardly be seen, but it was all it took. James gently pushed his hips forward, and I could see his almost thirteen-year-old cock disappear into his twin sister.

“Aaaahh!!!” Julia moaned, and she couldn’t sound more satisfied than at that moment.

“Oh… I feel it go in…” James softly said, his eyes locked onto his sister’s.

“Ohh… keep… ohhh… yes… oh yes!” Julia was moaning incoherently, and her brother wasn’t even in completely.

“Ahh… ohhh…” James softly grunted.

“Keep going, Champ!” I said and didn’t dare to touch my cock, afraid I’d pop off immediately.

“I… I… I can’t go deeper,” James said and looked at Julia.

But she hardly noticed. She was at a place of her own right now. But I leaned forward and was treated to the most priceless view there is: two preteen bodies merged at their genitals and their sparse pubes mixed together.

“Pull back a bit, and slide back in. Fuck her, Champ!” I said, urging James on.

James did what I said but was about to lose his balance. So he leaned forward, laying his lean body on top of his sister’s. Julia responded by wrapping her arms and legs around him and started kissing him on his neck, groaning animal-like grunts as she did this.

When I saw James’s ass move up and down as his instinct took over, I knew I had reached a life-long goal of mine. These kids would fuck at every chance they got from now on! And I had been a part of this journey.

After a few moments, where James was getting into the rhythm, Julia clamped her arms and legs even tighter around her brother. Her whole body shook, and her deep, low “Ooohhh!! Mmmnnnnggg!” grunts made me feel envious of her. I knew she’d cum a lot more after this, but having such a powerful orgasm during her first fuck, was something she’d never forget.

But James didn’t seem bothered by it. He kept fucking her with a steady rhythm and was still going strong. I was afraid he’d cum already by just entering her, but the opposite was true. This kid was a natural!

But seeing his tight ass move up and down, the low and high-pitched moans and grunts from both of them, and the idea I got them to do this made me lose my inhibitions. I grabbed my leaking cock and squeezed it tightly.

James increased his thrusting pace when I started moving my fist up and down. He was close. That much was clear. Julia’s eyes were closed, and she appeared to still be cumming, or was at least close to it.

I only jacked it five or six times before I reached my point of no return. I saw James slam his pelvis hard against his sister. He threw his head back between his shoulder blades and moaned from deep within his chest. Julia’s body started twitching again, and as my balls pulled up and I felt my cum enter my cock, I almost blacked out. Almost, because I didn’t want to miss a thing.

I saw thick robes of my cum shoot through the air and land on James’s back and some on Julia’s side. But neither seemed to notice or care.

By now, Julia had stopped shaking, James’s body went limp, and he laid down on his sister, his head on her shoulder. Julia released her grip around her brother’s body and was lying down on the chair with just her arms wrapped around James’s upper body.

We were all panting heavily, and when Julia said, “Now I know why you write about this stuff,” the three of us burst out in a post-orgasmic silly giggling session.

After he regained his breath, James asked shyly, “Can I just pull out?”

“Yeah, Champ! Pull back and relax a little,” I said, glancing at his sweaty body.

As James sat up straight, they both let out a soft, surprised sigh as he left his sister’s body. The sun was making his sweaty body glisten, and I saw my globs of cum slide down his back. I felt another stir in my groin as I looked at this.

But I didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable about this, so I grabbed a towel, got up, and wiped the cum from his back. Julia looked at me as I checked out the cum on the side of her body and wiped that off when she smiled at me.

“This was so freaking amazing!” James said after a few moments of silence

“Yeah. It was…” Julia replied, her eyes roaming over her brother’s body.

“We can relax in the pool a little. We can cool off a bit too, and get rid of the sweat.”

I didn’t wait for an answer and walked down the stairs of the pool and lay down in the shallow end, with most of my body underwater. By now, I was almost entirely soft again, but as James walked over, I noticed he was still almost fully hard.

Julia walked next to him, put her arms around his shoulder, and kissed him on his cheek. As she looked down, she asked, giggling, “Does it ever go down?”

James looked sheepishly at her and answered, “Not when it’s around a pretty naked girl like you…”

“Slick move, Champ!” I laughed.

James lay down next to me and Julia next to him. Our heads were above the water, but most parts of our bodies were under. “This is nice…” Julia sighed as she lay down. I looked over at them and smiled when I saw James’s dick sticking up from the water like a periscope and Julia’s nipples poking out of the surface.

Neither seemed to mind, and we all lay there quietly for a few minutes. Finally, Julia lifted her body, held herself up on her elbows, and looked at us. I looked back and saw James’s boner had gone down almost completely, and Julia’s eyes went down to her brother’s groin.

Without waiting or asking, she moved her body, grabbed his now half-limp dick between her fingers, and moved her head down. Before James could react to what was happening, she closed her lips around her brother’s soft dick and, judging by how her cheeks caved in, was sucking hard on it.

“Oohhhh…” James moaned as he looked down at what was happening between his legs.

“You don’t need to suck so hard on it. Lick it like a popsicle. And use your tongue around his tip,” I said as I moved down to get a better look at this hot action.

I saw her nod, and when she opened her mouth to swirl her tongue around James’s glans, I was hardly surprised that he was stiff as a board again. She was already showing some natural cocksucking abilities, and I was amazed at how quick she learned all this stuff.

As she bobbed her head up and down on James’s hard rod for a minute, I saw her squeeze her legs together several times. So I softly said, “Lay down on your side,” which she did without questioning or taking her mouth off her brother’s hard cock.

Somehow James had moved back up on the steps. That way, we all moved a bit further back up the stairs, and now we were lying in just about an inch of water.

James was moaning loudly now, and I think he knew what I was about to do. James was lying on his back, my now semi-hard dick brushed his shoulder, and my face was close to Julia’s crotch. I gently spread her legs and looked at this young pussy with a few wet pubic hairs topping it off. Her lips were swollen, and the smell coming from it was intoxicating. I adored the smell of young pussy. I couldn’t think of a better smell anywhere in the world. If there was a way to bottle it, I’d drench myself in it every day.

Before my voice of reason could come and spoil the day, I wrapped my lips around hers. Her body stiffened at the contact, and I heard a muffled moan from her throat. I let my tongue slide in just a tiny bit between her lips to let her know I was there. The tip of my tongue was treated with her taste, and as I moved it around slightly, her body shivered a little.

This was it. I was going to eat her out properly and give her the best oral job I could ever give to a girl. I was determined to bring every technique I learned into practice here, just like I did with her brother. So when the very top of my tongue brushed over her swollen clit, and her thighs closed around my face, I applied a little more pressure.

I started alternating between firm and soft lapping on her clit when I felt a small hand handle my now rock-hard cock. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was going on. And sure enough, moments later, my cock was surrounded by a hot and wet young boy’s mouth.

But I needed to keep focusing on Julia’s pussy, and that’s precisely what I did, even when James started going to town for real on me. I was overwhelmed by everything I felt and the realization that I was having sex with a preteen pair of twins. But I also knew that this was all far from over. These kids wanted to try everything I could teach them, and there was still a lot to be introduced to them.

I started lapping all around Julia’s soaking pussy. Her cunt nectar was such an aphrodisiac that every time another wave gushed out, I kept wanting more and more of what she was feeding me.

When my tongue started entering her love canal, I was treated with an even better taste. I was now tasting James’s sweet sperm, combined with Julia’s salty cunt juices.

I was so in the zone by now that I hardly heard our muffled moans. But when James started jacking me while sucking me, I realized I was close again. And judging by Julia’s squirming lower body and light squeezes from her pussy, she was also getting there.

But when James’s hand firmly gripped my base, and he grunted loudly on my cock, I knew he was cumming. Julia’s moans above me and her shivering body were enough indications for me to step it up. So I quickly but firmly inserted my index finger deep inside her. Her legs clamped shut again, and I felt her young pussy contract around my finger. At the same time, she was feeding me copious amounts of her salty love juice as she was cumming hard.

But James was still with us enough to keep stimulating me as he came. This, combined with the contracting pussy around my finger, was enough to make me cum too. It was unexpected and quick. I never expected to cum this quickly again after our session on the chairs. But when I felt my balls pull up and the familiar tingle spread around my throbbing cock, I knew I couldn’t hold back. Not even if I wanted to.

Because of the legs pressed against my ears, I only heard muffled sounds around me, and I only saw the slit of Julia in front of my eyes. Because of all this, I felt like I was pulled into an orgasmic vortex or something, and I felt James’s lapping tongue work hard to swallow everything I had to offer.

Spurt after spurt left my cock, and I had to work hard to keep Julia on top of her orgasm, but the combination of keeping an eye on Julia and James’s lapping tongue prolonged my orgasm even longer. I had an astonishing climax, but as it started to die down, I noticed Julia was almost done too.

Almost like it was scripted, we turned to our backs. I was feeling both drained and excited at the same time. This was all awesome, and we still had a few days ahead of us. I couldn’t be happier than at that moment.

“I can do this all day!” Julia said and splashed her hands in the water when she said ‘day’ to emphasize her point.

“Well… I can’t! You kids really wear me out!” I smiled.

“Yeah… my dick went soft now,” James chuckled.

“Really? I bet I can get it up again,” Julia teasingly said as she kissed her brother’s balls.

“We also need to eat. And it’s getting late, so…” I said.

“Can we order some pizza?” James excitedly asked.

“We CAN go out to eat, you know?” I laughed.

“Oh! Can we go to Luciano’s?” Julia asked.

“I don’t see why not. But we need to get dressed before we head out. That’s for sure!” I chuckled.

Both of them giggled at that. I sat up, looked down at these two marvelous-looking naked bodies, and said, “Why don’t you two get dressed? I’ll clean up here and get dressed after that.”

“I’ll wear my new skirt!” Julia said as she got out of the pool, extending her hand to help her brother to his feet.

As they walked toward the house, chatting about some latest TikTok viral video, I realized how comfortable they had become with each other over the last few hours. I also enjoyed how their similar-looking hot asses looked in the setting sun’s light. And what a fantastic pair of asses they had!

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All rights reserved

Stagnum mundum est et calor est

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Dear Jason – Chapter 10

Dear Jason – Chapter 10

Light was streaming through the window when I slowly opened my eyes. Something strange had woken me, but I just didn’t know what. As I slowly returned to the land of the living, I knew what it was. A small hand gently stroked my hard dick, and a hard, preteen cock was grinding against my hip. What a fantastic way to start the day!

“Morning, Champ!” I grumbled, “having fun?”

“Morning. Sure do!” he said excitedly and asked, “Can we do again what we did last night?”

“Of course!” I said, eager to feel his hot young cock in my mouth again.

The following ten minutes were filled with muffled moans and squirming bodies. I probed his ass again, and a few moments later, he returned the favor. I never was much of an anal guy, but as his small finger entered me, I had to admit I enjoyed it tremendously.

A few moments after another shot of sweet boy nectar triggered my tastebuds, I filled his mouth with my spunk. He actually managed to swallow most of it this time, and only a little dribbled down my shaft.

After we showered together, we went down to eat breakfast. I was starting to get used to seeing James naked, but every now and then, it struck me how lucky I was to be able to witness this. Especially when he bent over to pick up a bit of spilled egg, and his gorgeous ass was shown in all its glory.

We didn’t do any more sexual things together that day. And when we saw his Mom walk across the street toward my house, we quickly got dressed. I felt a surge of sadness shoot through me when his dick disappeared inside his running shorts.

When the doorbell rang, we opened the door together, and the look on his mother’s face showed some genuine concern. At first, I was afraid she somehow saw us. But that fear only lasted a second when she said, “I’m so sorry, guys! But there’s something wrong with Aunt Jane.”

“I’m sorry,” I responded, “is there anything I can do to help?”

“No. Thanks. But I’m going back to San Francisco to help her out,” she said with a sad smile.

I felt her pain as I looked at her, but I didn’t want to let on too much because she clearly had enough on her mind already.

“Hon? Can you come home, so we can talk about everything?” she asked, looking at James.

James looked questioningly at me, but I said, “Of course! I’ll clean up in here. I’ll drop your PC over later today. Don’t worry about it!”

James slammed into my body, giving me a tight hug, and said, “Thanks a lot, Jason! It was awesome!”

“I had a great time, Champ! See you next time,” I smiled as I ruffled his hair.

She nodded thankfully at me as she started to walk back to their house. James winked at me and smiled warmly as he followed his mother.

I closed the door behind me and felt sad that the fun was already over. Of course, we’d probably have another jacking or sucking session someday, which would be fun! But I didn’t think it would help us to overdo it at this early stage of his discovery.

I cleaned up, disconnected James’s PC, and placed it on the table near the front door. I had some spare time on my hand and figured I might as well put some work in now. This would benefit me later this week.

A couple of hours later, I saw a cab pull up, and they all came outside. Then, after Ellis’s suitcase was in the trunk and she gave everyone a firm hug, she took off. I quickly headed downstairs, opened the door, and waved at them.

James came running the moment he saw I was carrying his PC. When he took it from my hands, he softly asked, “I really enjoyed it! Can we do this again soon?”

I smiled at him and said, “Let’s see, okay? That’s more up to your parents than to me. In the meantime, enjoy my stories.”

A broad, mischievous smile spread across his face, and he said, “Oh! Don’t worry. I will!”

His Dad waved at me from across the street, and I waved back. I responded to his, “Thanks, Jason!” with a smile and a thumbs up.

I actually did get a lot of work done after this. And when I looked at the clock, I noticed it was time to spring into action. It was close to the time when James and Julia usually went to their rooms, so I quickly disrobed, pressed the pads together, and crossed the street.

I sneaked inside, petted Mr. Whiskers, and crept upstairs. The door to James’s room was closed, but Julia’s door was wide open, so I got into her room. She was fully dressed, lying on her bed, and listening to some music with her headphones on.

I got into the corner, close to her slightly opened bathroom door. I heard the door on James’s side of the bathroom close and figured I’d find a way into his room soon enough. Right now, I was checking out his twin sister and had to admit she was cute as fuck, just like her brother. She was lying on her belly, showing off her perfect little ass, wrapped tightly in some short skinny jeans.

I almost let out a soft yelp as the door behind me opened. I was so engrossed in this girl’s body that I didn’t hear James enter their bathroom. The door missed me by a hair, and James almost bumped into me. Thankfully, nothing bad happened, but it was a little too close for comfort.

“Hey, Pep,” Julia said softly as she took off her headphones.

“Hey,” James softly said as he sat on Julia’s bed, looking sad.

“You okay?” Julia asked.

“Yeah. I guess. I feel bad about Aunt June. I hope she gets better soon.”

“I know. Me too,” she replied with genuine concern on her face.

“Do you think Dad has to go too?” James asked while fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

“He said he might. But I don’t know. That’ll be a bummer.”

“Yeah. I just hope we don’t have to stay over at some old lady like Mrs. Chong this time,” James said, looking sadder by the minute.

“That would suck ass!” Julia said with a bit of venom in her voice.

“Big time!”

They were quiet for a few moments when I saw Julia’s face light up. She poked James in his side and asked, “How was it at Jason’s?”

James blushed a bit and said, “Great! He’s a really cool guy!”

“Can’t we ask him to watch us?”

This lit up James’s face considerably, and he said, “That would be SO cool! I think he doesn’t mind. We just have to convince Dad!”

“If we both ask him and Jason is okay with it, I don’t think Dad will mind.”

“Great plan, Sis!”

They both went silent again, and I could see James was struggling with something. After an obvious internal struggle, he whispered, “Can you keep a secret?”

Oh boy! This could go south real quick now. I was thinking frantically for a way to stop him, but couldn’t find anything without blowing my cover.

Julia nodded, and as James opened his mouth, I felt like the earth beneath me opened up.

“He didn’t mind me walking around like… you know… what we did when we were younger.”

Okay. This wasn’t too bad, and I could talk my way out of prison with just this.

“Like… naked?” Julia asked, looking a bit surprised.

“Yeah. He even joined me,” James smiled.

“Cool! You really like doing that, don’t you?” she chuckled.

“Yeah. I do. I can’t help it. I just like how it feels!” he said, pouting a little.

“Don’t sweat it! I know you do. And I liked it too, but when Mom talked about it, I just… she made me feel like… I don’t know… like it was wrong or something.”

“I hear you. But it doesn’t FEEL wrong, you know?” James said with a bit of fire in his eyes.

“I guess you’re right. Never looked at it like that,” she softly said, looking all thoughtful.

“And you know what else?” James continued.

Damn! Here it comes.


“He’s a writer!”

“What does he write? Like twilight or something?”

“No, Dufus!” James grinned, “he’s a porn writer!”

Phew! Dodged another bullet! James didn’t say anything about our actions together yet, but I needed to do something before he did.

“Porn? Eew!” Julia said, acting offended, but her face told another story.

“Yeah. And they’re not ‘Eew!’ Check out jasoncrow.eu! There’s a whole bunch of stories there. Not everything is written by him, but the few I read already were freaking amazing!”

“Really? But… can’t Dad see what we’re doing?”

I sneaked through the bathroom to James’s room to turn on his computer in an attempt to lure him away. But I could still hear them talking clearly.

“Nah. According to Jason, this can only be done by people with good IT skills, and Dad has a lot of skills, just not that one!”

They both chuckled at that, and a few seconds after I pressed the power button on James’s computer, the startup sound played loudly.

“Remember. We’ll stick together when Dad has to go!” James said as he got up.

I quickly headed to the bathroom, and he almost bumped into me again as our paths crossed as he rushed past me toward his room.

“Deal!” Julia shouted, and James closed his side of the bathroom.

Her door was still open, and I saw her smile when I entered her room. ”Dufus,” she mumbled, still smiling broadly as she grabbed her tablet. But only a moment later, there was a soft knock on her door, and I heard her father say, “Almost bedtime,” from the other side of the door.

He didn’t enter, so Julia said, “Okay, Dad! Just five more minutes.”

She sighed, dropped her tablet, and went into the bathroom. I watched her as she pulled down her pants, sat on the toilet, and started peeing. She sat down swiftly, and I didn’t see anything, which was fine by me. I never found anything that contained pee or scat even remotely erotic, so I let her do her thing.

As she brushed her teeth, Julia was humming a song and was clearly in a better mood than before. Right after she spat out the toothpaste, James entered the bathroom. He was dressed in just his boxers, which made me smile. He obviously agreed with me that Julia was probably just as curious as he was. And judging by her roaming eyes that ended on his pronounced bulge, I was right.

I had already entered her bedroom, and as she said goodnight to James and walked toward me, I smiled at James’s eyes that were glued to her ass.

“Dufus…” she chuckled again, and the huge grin on her face betrayed how much she liked her brother.

As she started lifting her shirt, I made sure to keep my eyes glued to her. More and more of her marvelous skin came into view as her shirt slowly went up. When the underside of her little black bra showed, I felt myself grow hard. Once her shirt was off and I looked at the upper half of her exposed body, I marveled at the beauty she was. She looked absolutely stunning.

But when her hand reached behind her back and she unclasped her little bra, I knew I was in for an even better treat. She didn’t waste time, simply pulled her bra from her body and threw it on a nearby chair. Her little perky breasts were everything I imagined in my dreams. Two near-perfect globes, with small, almost boyish nipples topping it off. It looked so delicious that I wanted to cup them and lick her all over.

Because I kept my eyes glued to her boobs, I almost didn’t notice she was unbuttoning her pants. But when she started dropping them and her yellow, bikini-style panties slowly appeared, I felt a drop of precum ooze from the tip. I quickly cleaned it with my finger and stuck it in my mouth. But I knew it was a lost cause as she stood back straight after kicking her pants in the corner.

Holy fucking shit! WHAT a beauty!! I already admitted to myself I was more into boys than girls that age, but she made me reconsider that notion. She was gorgeous! Her tight, pert little ass was as fantastic as her brother’s, but her small boobs and tight body looked almost better. If someone pulled a ‘Sophie’s Choice’ on me then and there, I wouldn’t be able to choose either.

This all lasted only seconds because she was clearly getting dressed for bed like she usually did. So as she pulled down the tank top and her breasts disappeared behind the cloth, I felt a slight sting of disappointment shoot through me.

I figured the show was over and was trying to find a way out of her room. Since both doors were closed, my only option was to wait for her to fall asleep. Realizing this, I got mildly comfortable by half hanging and half sitting against her desk.

Julia listened for a moment, took her tablet, and lay down on her bed. Her head was against the headboard, and she started swiping around. After a few minutes, it was clear she was reading something, and after a soft, “He was right!” I wanted to see if she was reading what I thought she was reading.

So ever so softly, I sneaked up next to her and glanced at her screen. I immediately knew I was right! I recognized the site colors and layout and knew immediately that she was checking out my site. And after reading a couple of paragraphs, I realized she was reading ‘All Dressed Up.’ Actually, my first story on the site in alphabetical order. And coincidentally a story about a twin brother and sister getting it on. This couldn’t be more perfect!

I stepped back a little to ensure Julia wouldn’t notice or touch me by accident. And as I kept my eyes focused on her body, I saw two things. Her nipples tried to poke out of her tank top, and a small dark spot was showing at the front of her yellow panties.

She looked intensely at her tablet, and her free hand started roaming over her body as if it had a mind of its own. She was caressing her boob with one hand, and she used the other to hold up her tablet and scroll slowly through the page.

Her face got more flushed by the second, and as her breathing deepened, it was clear she was horny as fuck. Her hand stopped toying with her tit and slowly inched down over her belly. When she reached the elastic band of her panties, she sneaked her fingers under it. Judging by the outlines of her fingers, she wasted no time and immediately pushed a finger between her folds. Although I couldn’t see her pussy, it couldn’t be missed what was going on between her legs.

As her hand started moving, a soft moan escaped her lips. My boner was leaking a good supply of precum now, and I knew I had to prevent it from dripping down. But it was difficult to divide my attention between the hot, young, masturbating girl on the bed and my rock-hard, precum-leaking boner.

Her cute soft, high-pitched moans filled the room. I never saw myself as a voyeur of any kind, but now that I was watching this extremely private act unfold in front of me, I realized everyone has a little pervert inside themselves.

Julia’s breathing got faster and more ragged by the minute. Her fingers were moving fast and deliberately between her legs, and every now and then, a tiny bit of her pussy was seen through the leg of her panties as her hand and fingers moved it a bit out of the way.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” she moaned, her eyes still glued to the screen.

I felt my balls tingle as I realized she was about to cum. I grabbed my dick but didn’t dare to move my hand, or I’d pop off too. And sure enough, after a few more seconds, she grunted deeply, and her whole body stiffened. The movement of her hand had slowed down significantly, and seeing her as she let her cum wash over her and enjoying every second of it, was almost too hot to handle.

As she lay there panting, I saw she opened her eyes and she started reading the last bit of the story, still slowly fingering herself. After a few more minutes, she clicked off her tablet and put it on her nightstand.

“Fuck! Pep was right,” she mumbled softly as she got under the cover and turned off her small bedside light.

I stood there with a throbbing boner, waiting for her to fall asleep so I could sneak out and jerk myself to a much-needed orgasm. And after waiting for about half an hour, I was confident enough that she was asleep, and I snuck out of her bedroom. Thankfully, Bill was still up and sitting behind his laptop at the living room table.

He didn’t notice anything as he was clearly focused on his screen. Typical porn-like moans came from the speakers, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what he was looking at. I let him have it and seized the opportunity to sneak out of the house.

When I entered my bedroom, I dropped onto my bed and jerked myself to a swift orgasm. The images of Julia and James fueled my imagination, and I came when I pictured James’s tight, naked body lying between his equally naked sister’s legs! Seeing my cum launch into the air out of nowhere was creepy as fuck, but funny to watch, nevertheless.

“Holy shit! I need to make that work!” I mumbled to myself as I came down from my orgasm.

I cleaned myself, ensured the pads were safely locked inside my desk, and went to bed. What a day!

Copyright 2023 – Jason Crow
All rights reserved

Rerum calefacit. Eritne puella in misce?

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P.S. Please don’t be offended by the featured image above this post. Apparently, there’s an artist making sculptures of naked kids. And I think he does a magnificent job in capturing the youthful ignorance and beauty of their bodies. This isn’t a sexual thing! Honestly! Just enjoy the wonderful form and features of a young male body.

Dear Jason – Chapter 8

Dear Jason – Chapter 8

It was an intense week at work. Our corporate office charged Fred, and a full-blown investigation was launched. It turned out that I did my job well. Every single piece of evidence pointed to him. I later learned they even used our internal CCTV footage to check if no one else had entered his office. Something Fred obviously claimed.

There was a lot of chaos, and everyone was required to come to the office instead of working from home. I didn’t like it all that much, but it did give me plenty of time to work on my side project. I copied a few lesser-known websites, hosted them on a private server, and adjusted a few things on them. Of course, one could call it fake news, but I didn’t care about that at all. Since I had complete control over James’s computer, this was highly usable for the things I had in mind.

The mandatory working at the office was a bit of a bummer because I lost my direct view of James this way. But I always had his webcam I could use, and I sure got some excellent footage from it.

I replayed one clip the camera recorded over and over again. It was the first clip where I saw James entirely naked for the very first time. He was in his room, obviously, and about to change into his swimming trunks. He was playing some music from what I learned by looking it up, Lil’ Nas X, and dancing to the beat. Then, after he ditched his shirt and shorts, he made some pretty decent dance moves in just his underwear.

But during a short break in the music, he unceremoniously dropped his boxers. He was facing the camera as he did this, and as he stood up straight, I saw him in all his glory for the first time. He wasn’t fat or skinny. He had just the right proportions for a twelve-and-a-half-year-old boy.

His almost three-and-a-half-inch dick was cut and had a very traditional mushroom-shaped head on it. It wasn’t pointy or blunt. It was like how you’d see it in a sex-ed drawing. This boy was as average as they can be, and I fucking loved it!

Thanks to the high-res camera, I could zoom in quite extensively, and I could see he had just a few strands of pubes above his cute-looking dick. His sack was completely hairless, and his relatively big balls filled it out quite nicely.

The music started again, and his dick swayed from left to right as he moved to the beat. James began to giggle at that, exaggerated the swinging, and even did a few full three-sixties. After the music was done, he turned around to grab his swimming shorts, and as I got another good look at his perfect ass, I was completely hooked.

I jerked off multiple times while looking at this gorgeous boy, and the urgency to do more snowballed in my head. But I needed this to be a mutual thing. With Raf and Alec, I more or less forced myself on them. I got away with it, it was awesome, and they probably didn’t feel that way about it, but it didn’t feel right to keep doing it this way.

My first opportunity to plant the seed I planned came Friday evening. I came home from the office feeling tired. But when James walked over, looking a bit sad, I was immediately on full attention.

“Wazzup, champ?” I asked as he approached me.

Something looked off because his whole body language showed he was down. His shoulders were hanging, and he looked at the ground. And it almost looked like he was dragging himself toward me.

“I… uhm… my keyboard is broken,” he said, almost tearing up.

“Oh,” I replied, expecting something much worse.

“Yeah… I was playing Apex, and when I got shot while I was in second place, I lost it, and then I turned my chair, and it accidentally fell to the floor, and then it…” and a tear flowed down his cheek, making my heart melt.

“I see,” was all I could come up with, not trusting my voice completely.

“Mom said I needed to tell you, and I should pay for it myself, and…”

He started crying in front of me for real now, and I hugged him in an attempt to calm him down.

“Don’t worry about it, Champ. I’ve got lots of spare keyboards lying around.”

“You do? But I didn’t see any,” he softly said.

“That’s because they’re in a box in the attic. I don’t need that many keyboards when I’ve got a wireless one, you see?”

“Right!” he said, suddenly smiling brightly.

“And I’ll tell your Mom they break easily, so you’re off the hook there. Tell you what. Why don’t you come over tomorrow morning, bring your computer and we’ll play some games together at my place? You’ll have to teach me how this Apex thing works, okay?”

“Awesome! And thank you!” he said, hugging me tightly.

“Just look under that rock over there,” I said, pointing, “and grab the spare key to let yourself in, okay? Maybe I’m outside or something, and that way, you don’t have to wait with your heavy computer. And I trust you,” I added, smiling warmly.

“Wow! Thanks! I won’t tell anyone where it is. Promise!” he said excitedly.

“See you tomorrow at, let’s say, nine-thirty?” I laughed.

“Great! Bye Jason!”

And with that, he ran back home. I loved feeling him pressed against me. It wasn’t anything sexual. It was just genuinely nice to feel him express his affection for me. And I would’ve loved to have him over tonight, but I already had other plans.

By now, I have learned the schedule of James and his family. Friday evening, they always made a point of eating dinner together. I knew it was a risk, but I wanted to try being inside James’s room for an evening.

As I disrobed in my bedroom, I felt anxious about what I was about to do. I inserted the voice changer in my mouth and pressed the pads together.

As I watched myself disappear in the mirror, I still felt a thrill of excitement shoot through me. I double-checked if the voice changer was invisible, and as I tried it, I was pleased with the results.

I was planning on talking to James later on. But for obvious reasons, I didn’t want him to recognize my voice. So after searching online for a while, I found a small device I could put in the back of my mouth, and it lowered my voice a couple of octaves. It used a microphone and a small speaker to change it. It didn’t sound creepy or scary, but you couldn’t make out my voice anymore. I tried using a different accent and a low voice, but it just didn’t work. This little device did.

As I walked across the street, the anxiety I had felt earlier faded away a little. By now, I felt confident enough to go inside their house and remain unnoticed. And although it still felt a little weird to walk around naked, I was slowly starting to get used to this.

I walked around the back and squeezed myself through the small opening in their gate. I could see the whole family sitting at the dinner table through the window. So far, so good. The back door was open, and I didn’t have to wait long for them to be distracted so I could sneak inside.

“Mr. Whiskers!” Julia exclaimed, “don’t leave that in here!”

I glanced over and saw their cat had dropped a small mouse in their living room and sat proudly beside it. Bill quickly got up, picked up the mouse, and threw it in the trashcan outside. This gave me more than enough opportunity to sneak upstairs.

The moment I got upstairs, I noticed both Julia’s and James’s bedroom doors were open. I never saw Julia’s room from the inside, so I decided to do a quick recon.

It was basically a mirror of James’s room. Even her bed was in the same place as her brother’s. Other than that, it was a typical girl’s room with lots of pink and a few posters of pop stars against the wall. I only recognized Harry Styles, but I figured the others were probably also famous.

Julia was a little sloppier than her brother, though. I noticed a small bra thrown over a chair and a pair of white cotton panties on the floor beneath it. The panties were white with small red dots on them. I resisted the urge to sniff them and quickly went into their bathroom.

They seemed to have made some sort of agreement together because all of the girl’s stuff was on the left side of the bathroom, and the boy’s stuff was clearly on the right. I smiled inwardly at the difference between these twins.

A few moments after I entered James’s room, the door opened, and he came barging in, shouting, “Okay, Mom! I’ll do it after Julia’s done!”

He clicked on his PC that was in the corner of his room, and as it booted, he took off his shirt. Of course, I was used to seeing him topless, but it was still an incredibly lovely sight to look at. Especially when he dropped his shorts and was standing there in his green army-camouflaged boxers. It showed off his magnificent ass perfectly. But I also realized that with an ass looking this good, even a paper bag would do it justice.

He walked over to the window and looked across the street to see if I was home. After he realized I wasn’t there, he shrugged and sat in front of his PC, put his headphones on his head, and started his game.

I was lingering in the corner, waiting for the right moment to start talking to James. He was utterly engrossed in his game, and I could hear some sounds in the hallway. So I just had to wait a little longer.

I almost got a heart attack when the bathroom door suddenly closed. Next, I heard the sounds of it being locked from the inside, and moments later, the shower started. Now that it was clear what was happening, my heartbeat dropped back to normal.

James didn’t move a muscle and was still playing his game, seemingly undisturbed. But when his bedroom door opened and his Mom came in, he looked up from his computer. A second later, his screen turned red, and James mumbled something under his breath.

“What’s wrong?” his mother asked.

“I lost, thanks to you,” he said disappointedly.

“Don’t be silly! Just play another game,” she said as she walked toward the window and looked outside.

“I’m sorry. But I was so close!” James said as he stood up to pick up his clothes and stopped them in the net hanging on the wall.

“Do you want the whole street to see you in your undies?” Ellis asked as she started closing the curtains.

“Only Jason can see me. And seems to me that he’s cool with it. Besides, it’s not like I’m naked,” James said as he sat back down on his chair.

“Guess you’re right. And Jason is a nice guy, indeed. Guess he starts seeing you as his surrogate son,” she chuckled and looked at his screen.

“Yeah. He’s really nice and likes having me over. He even told me where his spare key is. And he’s way cooler than most adults I know,” James said without looking up from his screen.

Ellis giggled softly at that but managed to hide it from her son and asked, “You’re going over there tomorrow?”

“Yeah. He asked me if I could show him how this game works. And he said he needs help with moving some of his furniture.”

“That’s great, honey! I think he likes having some company over after his messy divorce. And the two of you seem to hit it off.”

“Yeah. I like him. And not just because he helps me out with my computer,” James said, and as he looked up from his PC, he smiled warmly at his mother, and I saw a twinkle in his eyes. “Can I have a sleepover with him?”

“Haha! He’s a grown man. I don’t think he’s into sleepovers anymore!”

“But can I ask him? He’s got a really cool setup in his office, and that way, we can play games all night! And it isn’t a school day on Sunday, so…” James said, hyped up all of a sudden.

“Tell you what. You can ask him, but if he says no, don’t push! Okay? And make sure you don’t overstay your welcome because this might push him off,” Ellis said a bit sternly.

“YESS!!” James said and hugged his mother.“ I promise I’ll ask him, and I won’t push. Thanks, Mom!”

“Just have fun! And if you stay the night, you can come and grab some fresh clothes. It’s just across the street, remember?” she chuckled as she nudged him in his side.

“Uhh… it isn’t cool to go out during a sleepover, Mom! And I can put on some fresh underwear the next day. That won’t kill anyone.”

“Well… you do what you do. Just make sure to be nice to Jason. And don’t forget your shower, mister!” she said as she left his room.

James balled his fist and whispered a soft “yes!” before he continued his game.

It was a no-brainer for me to allow James to spend the night when he’d asked me. But after moving my office, I only had one real bed left in my house and one mattress on the floor in another room. So I needed a way to find out if he was okay with sleeping in my bed with me. I didn’t expect him to have a problem with it, but it might look weird if he told his parents about it.

I noticed the shower had turned off and made a note to myself to hide in their bathroom next time to see how Julia looked. James seemed oblivious, but when his bathroom door unlocked and opened a second later, he glanced at the door, and so did I.

Julia walked into her brother’s bedroom wearing nothing but a towel around her hair and an almost too-fluffy and small towel around her torso. She looked smoking hot like this. Her tanned body was still damp, and her long, shapely legs were almost completely visible because the towel was just barely long enough to hide her pussy.

As my eyes roamed up over her body, they paused on her breasts. Almost the entire top half of her boobs was showing, and the towel just managed to cover her nipples. Her lovely shoulders and long neck were still damp, and she smiled as she looked at her brother.

I glanced quickly at James, almost feeling sad for no longer looking at this young girl’s body, and I couldn’t suppress a smile either. His eyes were wide, and his mouth was slightly open. Apparently, this was the first time she had come into his room like this. Or maybe this was the first time he actually noticed. But either way, it hit him hard. And also quite literally.

As my eyes went down to his crotch, I saw a small tent forming. And it kept growing rapidly.

“You’re up,” Julia said sweetly as she walked over toward his brother and looked at his screen.

James cleared his throat and casually placed one of his hands in his lap. “I’ll go in a second,” he croaked.

“Can you ask Jason tomorrow when he’s able to help me with my PC?” Julia asked, seemingly oblivious about how sexy she looked.

“I…” James stammered and cleared his throat again, “yeah. I’ll make sure I’ll ask him.”

“Great. Thanks!” she chirped and turned around to return to her room.

James’s eyes grew even wider as he looked at his sister’s backside. The towel wasn’t long enough to completely cover her back. This meant that more than half of the bottom of her pert ass was showing. I felt myself grow to full mast instantly as I looked at her walking away.

A few seconds later, we heard music coming from her room, and I heard James exhale. He released a soft “damn!” and saw his shoulders relax. This was it! This was my opportunity to put my plan into action.

“That was interesting,” I said while standing a little behind James.

The moment I said this, he almost jumped from his chair. He turned around and started looking around his room frantically. I got a good look at his still-tented boxers as he did this.

“Who… who’s there?” he stammered.

“Relax, James. I’m your inner guide. Or the voice of reason. Some call it conscience,” I said, impressed by how good my voice changer did its work.

“But.. I’m… you…” he stammered, looking directly at me, but looking right through me.

“I’m here to help you get through puberty. I won’t be here all the time, and I’ll only be here for a few months, maybe a year.”

“I… I never heard of such a thing. Or read anything online about it,” he softly said, clearly feeling less scared. His boner was gone now, but his bulge was still prominent, and he looked hot standing there.

“Yeah. I know. But would you post online that you hear voices?”

“Uhh…” he responded thoughtfully.

“That’s what I mean. There are some articles online and why I’m here is still a mystery to science. But hey! Why not make the most of it, right?”

“I guess… What do I call you?” James asked as he sat down.

“Well… Jiminy Cricket is taken,” I chuckled, causing James to giggle too.

“How about John?”

“That’s a bit generic, isn’t it?” I asked, but honestly didn’t care.

“That’s why it’s so good!” James smiled, “John is one of the most common names, so if I call you, it won’t be too obvious, right?”

“Then John it is!”

“But uhh… why are you here now?” he asked as he fiddled with his mouse.

“I don’t know. I guess your hormones are starting to work. And I don’t blame them with a pretty girl like that in your room.”

“She’s my sister!” he said, acting offended.

“I know. But you got hard seeing her. I don’t blame you, but it is what it is.”

“I didn’t want… it wasn’t… she..” James stammered with his face and upper half of his chest turning beat red.

“Don’t sweat it! She’s a girl, she’s hot, and she was practically naked. So it’s only normal to get hard. And just so you know, all your secrets are safe with me. You’re the only one I can talk to.”

James thought about it for a few seconds. Practically seeing the wheels inside his head turn was adorable to watch.

“We used to go to nudist resorts in the past. I saw lots of girls and women naked. It never bothered me. And we often walked naked around the house. I never thought of Julia as…”

I laughed inward at his epiphany. So I helped him out by saying, “And that’s probably why your Mom stopped this whole nudist thing…”

“I guess that makes sense. And I get it now,” he said softly, “but… why do I get so many boners lately? It’s very uncomfortable and awkward sometimes.”

This was good. He started to believe what I said and already trusted me on such a delicate subject. So I said, “You get boners, also called erections, to prepare your body for reproduction.”

“You mean…” he said after my dramatic pause and a few seconds of thinking about it.

“I mean sex, yes.”

“Oh… but I don’t have a girlfriend yet.”

“I know. But your body doesn’t care about that. That’s why it’s good to masturbate. It’s like having sex, but you do it to yourself,” I said, knowing this would put the gears inside his head in overdrive.

“But… I don’t know how. I read about it online, but I’m afraid I’ll break my willie or something,” he said, blushing brightly.

Now it was my turn to spin up the gears inside my head. This was a great opportunity I shouldn’t let go to waste. So I said, “I can’t show you, but you can always ask your Dad. Or another male you trust.”

I just knew he wouldn’t go to his Dad with this. I knew I didn’t want to do this during my own puberty. Dads are asexual creatures at that age. They can’t possibly know how this works. And if they do, they’ll probably make a big fuss out of it.

“My Dad?” he responded, clearly repulsed by the idea. And after a short pause, “Maybe Jason can help me,” which was music to my ears.

“I think you can trust him. And he mentioned that he used to be a nudist too, so he’ll probably understand what you’re going through. And I guess he might not even care if you want to try that stuff over at his place,” I said, laying it on a bit thick.

“You think so?” James said as his eyes lit up, “Mom said I shouldn’t impose myself on him, so…”

“You can always ask, right? If he says no, just let it be. If he says yes, you’re good. Simple as that.”

“But what if Mom finds out?”

Damn! This kid sure overthinks his stuff! I thought for a second and said, “Just ask Jason not to tell your Mom if he says yes. He’ll probably understand.”

“You’re right,” he said after a few seconds.

“I think it’s time for your shower now,” I said, smiling.

James just nodded and, without any hesitation, dropped his boxers. Seeing his cute dick and ass up close in real life was even better than being able to zoom, pause and rewind. Of course, I write about it in my stories, but I never knew kids at that age could actually ooze sexiness the way he did.

He grabbed a towel from his closet and walked over to the bathroom. Right before he entered, I said, “Why don’t you leave both doors open this time? Maybe your sister wants to take a peek at you.”

“Uhh… why would she want to see me?” he asked with confusion all over his face.

“Why do YOU want to see her? She’s probably just as curious about you as you are about her. And maybe she’ll return the favor…”

That seemed to trigger something. He shrugged, and I could see his cute dick chubb up a little as I joined him in the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet as James did his thing. Seeing him take a shower wasn’t sexual at all, but I felt privileged to be able to watch him.

In the corner of my eye, I kept looking at Julia’s door. And sure enough, after a few minutes, as James was washing his hair, she peeked inside. She looked at her brother’s body, and I saw her eyes roam all over him, and they stayed focused on his dick for a while. This was working out better than expected.

When James turned off the water, Julia’s head disappeared, and I got another eyeful of his tight ass. As he started drying his back, he swayed his hips so firmly that his dick slapped left and right against his body. Of course, all boys and men did this occasionally, but his adorable giggle as he did this made me laugh softly too.

When we got back inside James’s room, and he started searching through his drawer for a fresh pair of boxers, I said, “I didn’t mention this, but I’m not always around. I come and go unannounced. Even I don’t know when I’m there and when I’m not, so don’t be surprised if I’m suddenly gone.”

“That’s okay,” he said without any visible emotion as he pulled up his boxers, “I think I’ll go online and look for more info on you. Is that okay with you?”

This was precisely what I wanted! I already rigged his computer for this, so I said, “Of course I am! The more you know about me, the better. And I’m not sure if you know it, but there are a few sites online with good stories about boys your age who are also curious about sex and girls. There’s Lubrican, Nifty, storiesonline, and a few others. You just have to find the right story. Maybe read some of that too?”

“Oh. I… I don’t know. I think my Dad is monitoring the internet feed, so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. I’m not in the mood for ‘the talk’ with him,” he smiled as he made air quotes saying this.

“I get it. It’s up to you. Maybe ask Jason if he knows a way around it? I just…” I said, figuring it was enough now and wanting to end our first get-together dramatically.

James looked confused and asked, “John?” Then, after a few moments, he did it again but shrugged after he didn’t hear me talking anymore.

James grabbed his short pajama bottoms, put them on, and pulled a t-shirt over his head. I made sure to linger near his bedroom door, so I could get out with the first opportunity I got.

That opportunity came sooner than expected because James opened the door and went downstairs after he pulled down his shirt. As I approached the stairs, I saw their cat walk up. He looked me straight into my eyes, walked up to me, and started rubbing his side against my leg. This was creepy. I didn’t know if animals, or maybe just cats could see me. His coat looked funny with dents in it where my leg was, so I knew now I needed to make sure to stay away from him. Otherwise, he might give away my presence.

After I got rid of the cat and reached the bottom of the stairs, I easily sneaked out of the house and was in my living room before anyone could see me. I got dressed, waited for the invisibility to wear off, and made sure to put the key under the rock I pointed out to James.

I poured myself a nice, big glass of whiskey, which I quickly gulped down. I poured myself another one, feeling pleased with how things were going. Sat behind my computer and checked what James was doing. And sure enough, he was currently browsing the websites I copied and filled with fake articles about hearing voices during puberty.

On his webcam, I kept an eye on him, and it was clear that the more he read about it, the more relaxed he scrolled through the remaining sites. He even scrolled around quickly on the Nifty website, scanning the young friends and incest section. But he only opened one story, which wasn’t a very good one. It was about two adults and was very poorly written. This wasn’t lost on James, and he quickly closed his browser window when he heard his Mom come upstairs.

After she told him it was time for bed, he shut down his computer and went to bed. Maybe it was the alcohol, but the feeling of victory about all this swept through me. I celebrated by drinking another glass and felt myself getting slightly drunk after that.

I undressed and crawled into bed, looking forward to another day. Tomorrow, I’d probably be in bed together with James because I’d let him have that sleepover he wanted without even thinking twice about it.

The image of James in just his underwear, lying next to me, filled my head. And even though I wasn’t planning on doing anything sexual with him, I got hard and jerked myself to a quick orgasm, with images of his dick flopping from left to right in the shower, and his tented boxers, pushing me over the edge.

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