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November 20, 2008

Show Me
Alex Hawk

I was laying on my bed, a picture of some girls in swimsuits in one hand and my eleven-year-old penis (twelve in one month!), in the other. I’d only just recently learned how much fun it could be to have a dick. An older cousin of mine had taught me all about jerking off a few weeks ago after his birthday party and now I couldn’t get enough of it.

“Mykie!” my mother’s voice came from downstairs.

“Shit,” I muttered. Louder, “What, Mom?”

“Cori’s here!”

Cori was a girl and my best friend. She was only a couple months younger than me and we’d been friends for as long as we both could remember. I didn’t even ever really think about her as a girl. She was just my friend.

Sighing a little, I quickly pulled up my pants, stuffed my penis back inside and went downstairs to see Cori.

“Hey, Cori,” I said, reaching the door. “What’s up?”

“What are you doing right now?”

Jerking myself to orgasmville, I wanted to say. I settled for, “Just some stuff. Why?”

“Well… come with me down to the Fort. I’ve got something I want to show you.” She patted the backpack on her shoulder.

“Oh? What?”

“Come on and see.”

I considered this for a bit. Cori usually had some good ideas for fun. Probably not as fun as masturbating, but still.
“Alright. Be right back.” I ran to my room, got my shoes on, told my mom I was going out and then headed outside with Cori.

We made our way to our little Fort, chatting idly while we walked. The Fort wasn’t much. Just a few boards and an old carpet all flung together out in the woods. It was a nice place to get away from everyone, though. We came out here when we wanted privacy for whatever reason.

“So what did you want to show me?” I asked her as we sat down.

“Funny you put it that way.” She reached into her backpack and pulled out a pretty good-sized book. Handing it to me she said, “Take a look at this.”

I looked at the book. It was called “Show Me!”. Now I understood why she thought my comment was cute. Just from looking at the cover I could tell this wasn’t a normal sort of book. For one thing there was a photo of two naked kids on it.
“What’s this?”

“A book.”

“Duh. Why are there naked kids on the cover?”

“Just look at it,” Cori said, moving over to sit next to me.

I set the book on the floor and began thumbing through it, my eyes going wide and my levels of amazement increasing with each turn of the pages. Every single page had pictures of naked kids. Most of them were younger, but some looked to be about our age, or maybe even a little older. My penis hardened up instantly as I looked at these kids.

“What the hell is this book?”

Cori shrugged. “It’s some sort of sex-ed book. I found it up in the attic in one of my Dad’s old cardboard boxes.”

“Wow…” I paused at a photo of a boy who looked about my age. He was totally naked and was gently touching a girl’s breast. The picture was from the side, and I could see that, like me, he had a raging hardon. I couldn’t blame him. On one of the next pages they were laying side-by-side and the girl was actually holding onto the boy’s penis! What a lucky kid!

“You like the book?” Cori asked.

“Hell, yeah. I’ve never seen anything like it.” I looked through a few more pages. “Holy shit!” I said as I reached a picture of a girl putting her mouth on a boy’s penis.

“Oh, yeah. Just wait until you see the next couple pictures.”

Curious, I thumbed along and then came to the big one. There was a girl lying on her back with her legs spread. There was a boy on top of her and you could VERY clearly see his penis sticking into her vagina. On the next page it was even shown in a close-up!

“Oh, my god!” I whispered. “I’ve never seen anything like that!”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool, huh?”


“I’ve never seen a boy naked before I looked at this book,” Cori said.

“Well, I haven’t seen any girls naked other than this. Well, and in movies, too. But not very many.”

“Like what kind of movies?”

“You know. Just R-rated movies.”

“Oh, ok.” She took a breath. “Well, anyhow. I got to thinking about it. And… well… I’ll tell you what. If you let me see you naked, I’ll let you see me naked.”
I blinked a little and looked at Cori. For the first time I saw her not as my friend but REALLY as a girl. A girl. With a vagina. I’d never wanted to see Cori naked before, but now that she was offering, it sounded like a really good idea.

“Uhm… yeah, ok. I guess we can do that. If you want.”

“Sure, I want to.”

“Ok.” We stared at each other for a few more seconds and then I said, “So, who goes first?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t we just go at the same time? I take off my shirt and you take off yours and then our shorts and then… you know.”


Both of us put our hands on the bottom of our shirts and Cori said, “Are you ready?”


“Ok. Let’s go.”

At first neither of us moved but then I started pulling up my shirt and Cori followed suit. Soon we were both topless. I looked her body over. She didn’t have very big breasts yet. They were barely even there, really, but what there was looked pretty damn good.

“You like nice,” I said.

“So do you.”

“Do we take off the rest now?”

Cori took a breath and nodded. Simultaneously we took off the rest of our clothes and stood there naked in front of each other.

“You look nice,” Cori said, echoing what I’d said earlier as she looked at my hairless penis sticking up between my legs.

“You, too,” I replied, looking at my first real-life naked girl. She was really cute, too! Just like one of the girls in the book. I could see the little slit between her legs very clearly, even the little tiny bump at the top of it. She didn’t have any hair, though like a couple of the older girls did.

“So… now what?” I asked after a couple minutes of us staring at each other’s naked bodies.

“I don’t know… how about… how about maybe we touch each other?”

“Like touch how?”

“Well…” Cori picked up the book and turned to the shot of the boy touching the girl’s bare breast. “How about if you touch me like this and then I’ll touch you like this,” she said, turning to the page where the kids were laying on their backs with the girl holding the boy’s penis.

“Ok, sure!” I said, incredibly excited at the idea of a girl touching my penis.

“So… you can touch me now, if you want,” Cori said, sort of leaning over towards me.

I reached out with my fingers and brushed them gently against one of her small breasts, feeling a little rush of excitement go through my body. I don’t really know WHY. I mean, it’s not like her breasts were very big. But there was still something really cool about them.

“Mmmm… that feels very nice,” Cori said with her eyes half closed.

“It does?”


“Cool. I’ll keep doing it, then.” Living up to my statement, I kept on playing around with her breast, mostly fondling the hard nipple.

After about three minutes of this, Cori said, “Do you want me to touch you now, Mykie?”


“Ok, lay down.”

I lay down on the old carpets that made up the floor of the Fort. They weren’t very clean, but at this point I didn’t care too much.
Cori lay down next to me and somewhat awkwardly took hold of my penis between her thumb and index finger. The tingles of excitement that had gone through me before were nothing compared to the ones coursing through my young body now!

“Does that feel good?” Cori asked, looking at me.

I exhaled the breath I’d been holding and gasped out. “Yeah! It does!” I swallowed a couple times and said, “Try moving your fingers up and down…”

“Like this?”

“Oh, yeah…” I closed my eyes as the pleasure swept over me.

Then I had a little idea. I rolled over onto my side and took the hand that was closest to Cori, rubbing my fingers along her bare breasts again, figuring that this way we could make each other both feel good at the same time.

“This is really fun.”

“Yeah,” said Cori. “I’m glad I found that book.”

“Me, too.” After a few more seconds. “Cori?”


“Can I touch you down there?”

I’d expected that maybe she’d say no, but she said, “Ok!” and lifted her leg a little so that I could get access to her smooth vagina.

I figured it would be just like touching her breasts, so I simply reached out a couple fingers and started rubbing along the slit. I quickly learned that things between Cori’s legs were much, much different from those at chest level. Everything was much more complex than I’d thought it would be! There were little hills, little valleys and that little bump at the top. I just rubbed everything I could on the principle that if she didn’t like it, she’d tell me.

At one point I felt a little wet spot and sort of poked my finger against it. Imagine my surprise when I felt my finger sort of start sliding into something! Cori made a strange little noise and I instantly froze, hoping nothing was wrong.

Cori said, “Why did you stop, Mykie?”

“I thought maybe I was hurting you…?”

“No, it felt really nice!”

“Oh, ok.” I put my finger back in the wet spot and pushed in again, feeling it slide into her to the first knuckle. “That feels good?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, Mykie…” She whispered, squeezing my penis a little.

I put two and two together as my finger sank a little deeper into Cori’s warmth. “Is this where the boy goes in?”

Gasping a little and nodding, Cori said, “Yeah, I think so.”

“Cool…” My finger was now entirely inside her, surrounded by a feeling of warm, tight wetness like nothing I’d ever felt before.

Then my heart skipped a beat as Cori said, “Do you wanna try… you know… putting this,” she gave my penis another gentle squeeze, “inside there?”

My mouth went dry. I wasn’t at all sure what to say. I wanted to, but I knew that we were both still too young to be doing stuff like that. I mean, we were only eleven after all.

“You mean… have sex?” I was smart enough to know what it was when a boy put his penis into a girl’s vagina.


“Do you really think we should?” I asked, moving my finger within her vagina and stalling for time.

“I guess so. I mean the kids in the book do it, right?”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“So do you wanna try it?” Cori asked again.

“Ok,” I said, butterflies flocking in my stomach.



After a couple minutes, “So… how do we do it?” Cori said.

“I guess like they show in the book.”

“Get the book.”

I pulled my finger out of Cori’s vagina and picked up the book, turning to the page where the boy and girl were fucking. We stared at it for a bit.

“So I just lay on my back and spread my legs like her and you get on top of me and put it inside, right?” Cori said after a bit.

“Yeah, it looks like that’s what we do.”

“Ok.” Cori did as she said, laying down and spreading her legs wide, giving me a perfect view of her vagina.

I got up on my knees between her legs, staring down at my target, my extremely hard penis sticking almost straight up. I sort of laid on top of Cori, feeling the tip of my erection brush against her hairless vagina.

“Ok, so I just push it in, right?”

“I guess so,” Cori said, looking up at me. “I’ve never done this before.”

“Me, either.”

“Well, just try it and see what happens.”


I pushed, hoping I was in the right place. Apparently I wasn’t, cause I felt my penis sort of deflecting upwards and rubbing against the small bump I’d seen before.

“Oooooh…” managed Cori, her eyes crossing a little. “It didn’t go in…”

“I know.”

“Try it again.”

Bracing myself with my hands on the floor, I wiggled my hips around until I felt my penis poking against Cori’s vagina. Then I pushed forward again, expecting to slide in easily, but instead felt my erection deflected once more.

“It’s not working,” I said.

“Here, you’re not in the right place. Let me help.” Cori put her hand between our bodies, taking hold of my penis and lining it up. I felt the tip rub against the wetness I’d felt before. “Try now.”

I held my breath, wanting so much to get this right. I’d been a little reluctant earlier, but now I was determined. I pushed. I pushed again. I pushed some more, hoping I was in the right place. And very slowly my still hairless eleven-year-old virgin penis worked itself up into Cori’s tight eleven-year-old virgin vagina.

“Oh!” Cori whispered in a little gasp. “Oh, it’s going in me!”

“I know…” I kept pushing and suddenly could push no more. I looked down, seeing only my hairless genitals disappearing into Cori.

“Wow,” Cori whispered.

“Yeah…” I was a little overwhelmed myself, amazed at how good my penis felt.

“So… now what?” Cori asked.

“I think I’m supposed to, like, move it around.”


I began moving my hips, trying my best to slide my penis back and forth inside Cori’s vagina. I wasn’t sure exactly what moves I was supposed to use, so I simply did whatever felt good to me. It seemed to be the right idea, cause Cori was obviously enjoying herself, too.

The only problem was that my penis kept slipping out. Cori helped me get it back inside her every time, but it was still really annoying.

“I got an idea,” Cori said after the fourth time I slipped out of her.

“What?” I asked with slight exasperation.

“How about we roll over and I get on top? Then it should stay in me ok.”

I brightened up. This sounded like a good plan! “Sure, let’s try that!”

I pulled out of Cori, reluctantly, feeling a sudden sensation of cold on my penis as it exited my best friend’s warm vagina. I then turned over and laid down on my back as Cori straddled me.

“Ok, let’s see if this works,” Cori said. She took hold of my penis, lined it up with her vagina and lowered herself down. “Oooooh… I think it’s deeper this way…”

“Yeah.” I closed my eyes in bliss as the pleasure swept over me. Deeper or not, it still was one of the best things I’d ever experienced in my life.

Cori began moving up and down on my penis, riding me like some very happy animal. I placed my hands on her hips and relaxed as much as I could. I knew that pretty soon I’d cum, like I did when I jerked off. I didn’t make any sperm yet, not like my cousin who’d shown me how to do it, but I knew it still felt good and I certainly knew that I was getting close to having it happen.

When it did actually happen, though, it caught me sort of by surprise with how intense it was. I lifted my butt off the carpets and really pushed deep into Cori’s vagina, trying to go as far inside her as I could while I nearly passed out with the incredible pleasure I was experiencing!

By the time I came down from Seventh Heaven, Cori was looking at me strangely, my penis still twitching a little within her vagina.

“What just happened?”

“I just… had an orgasm…” I managed to say. “It’s what happens… to boys when you… do good things to them…”

“Oh. Ok.” She sat up a little, my penis falling out of her.

“I really liked that, Cori,” I said to her as she laid down next to me.

“Me, too, Mykie.” She kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back. “Do you want to do it again?”

“Hell, yeah!”

Cori and I fucked five times that day. She finally managed to have an orgasm of her own the fourth time and was THAT ever a surprise to me! I’d never thought about girls having them, or about how her vagina would contract around my penis, but I was certainly happy to learn!

Cori and I spent as much time having sex as we possibly could. We did it at my house, at her house, at the Fort, even at school a couple times. It was one of the best times of my life!

Unfortunately, about a year after we’d started her parents caught us doing it in her bedroom. I’d gotten into the habit of sneaking into her room at night, which in retrospect was probably not the wisest thing to do. I was barred from ever seeing her again, I got a lecture from both my parents and a few weeks later Cori’s family moved away. She was able to get away from them the night before and we fucked our brains out under the moonlight at our little Fort.

I got an email from her just a few weeks after that. She’d missed her period and thought she was maybe pregnant. A test later proved she was. She miscarried just a couple weeks later, which I guess was for the best.

I wasn’t able to get laid again until I was seventeen and finally got a “real” girlfriend. She and I were together for a couple years and almost got married, but we ended up breaking up before that could happen. Now I’m in college and I’ve fucked more girls than I can think of, but I still keep wondering how my life might have gone, though, had things turned out differently. If we hadn’t been caught, or if she hadn’t miscarried or something like that. Maybe we would have gotten married at some point. I guess I’ll never know.


Copyright 2004 by ME! You rip me off, and I’ll send an army of rabid hedgehogs to your door and they’ll poop all over the place and YOU WILL HAVE TO CLEAN IT UP! So there!

Anyhow, yes, this is another true story. I have of course changed all the names and stuff. This was a friend of mine who I knew a year or two ago. I’ve lost contact with him since, but we’d spent with a few of our other friends, drinking and talking about how we lost our virginities. His was one of the best. I’ll probably adapt a couple others to stories one of these days.

As for the book, yes, “Show Me!: A Picture Book of Sex for Parents and Children”, really DOES exist. It was done by someone named Will McBride, who I gather did a whole lot of pictures of kids doing all sorts of things and is probably in jail by now. This was a very, very controversial book when it was released in the USA (I think it was originally German). Some decried it as kiddie porn, and you can probably understand why. The pictures I described were indeed what they showed in the book. Thankfully the public library in my town had a copy and I spent some very happy moments back in the early 90’s with some pages I’d Xeroxed. Don’t have them anymore, but, oh where they nice back when I was a wee little virgin.

So keep reading, keep writing letters to me and keep… oh, I don’t know. Keep dry in wet weather, I suppose. Write me at jasoncrowwriter@hotmail.com and thanks!

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  1. Avatar for Mike A.
    Mike A.

    Back in 1975 “SHOW ME” was on display at the local mall bookstore. I was in the military then and had to show my ID to buy the book, (I just liked seeing naked kids). I showed the book to some friends who had kids, and they borrowed it to have “the talk”. I believed it was a very tastefully done book, and the creators intended that parents sit with their kids and go through it TOGETHER.
    The US SUPREME COURT ruled it was not child porn, but educational art. Since then the Congress has passed laws that make possession of that book criminal. Shame.

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