Do Ya Think I’m Sexy – part 2
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Wednesday was only remarkable because of gym class. Billy met me in the hallway on the way to the gym and we walked the rest of the way together. We were both a bit shy at first, and we’d blush at odd moments, but we shared a lot of laughs as well and I was feeling very warm towards him. In the shower afterward we made sure to go in at the same time and we grabbed adjoining showers this time. By unspoken agreement we each seemed to avoid staring at each others naked bodies.

By Thursday I was beginning to form a routine. Up for breakfast, off to school, classes mostly a blur except for gym, which always shone clear in my mind. Home after school, hang out and watch tv or play games outside with Jimmy, dinner, bath, get touched by Donna (I could have called that tv time, but let’s be honest about what I was thinking during those times), and then off to bed. All that with lots of jacking off in between, often with my ursine companion. In fact, I’d even performed a little surgery on the bear. Taking a paring knife from the kitchen I’d cut a little slit right between the bear’s legs. Now I had a small opening just big enough for my thin cock. I was no longer rubbing up against his furry body, but the stuffing inside, the sensation of plunging in and out of an actual hole, and probably the mental image that accompanied the act, more than made up for it.

Friday was much like every other day that week with one notable exception. When I arrive home after school that day, thoughts of a certain bear in the front of my mind, I was surprised to see that Donna had left me a gift. On the bed in my room, already unpackaged, were 9 pairs of colored underwear. There were three different styles in all.

The first three were briefs like the ones I was used to, with a Y front fly and everything, except they were colored, red, blue, and green, all with white trim. Excited, I pulled off my pants and white briefs and slipped into the blue pair. They were a bright blue. I checked myself in the mirror, delighted as always too see the way my stiff dick would press against the material. I liked them, but except for the color they were much like what I always wore.

Much more exciting were the string bikinis. Not that I knew what they were called then. The material was shiny, and the sides were very thin, like maybe a quarter inch thick. The back panel was just barely enough to cover my bubble butt, and the front was a V, leaving quite a bit of groin exposed. They were just a bit loose on me, in spite of the fact that the material itself was tight. I saw that they were adult sized small. They came in a shiny red, yellow, and black. In spite of the looseness of the fit, they actually were a bit like wearing a jock strap, in that they held everything down. Looking at myself in the mirror in the red pair you could barely see the lump of my cock, despite how hard it was. Just a slick little tube.

The final set were cut much like the Speedo I’d worn last summer. Low cut, but high on the hips. These were regular bikini briefs. The material of these was very soft and much thinner than the other two. They came in baby blue, a soft gray, and black. I thought the blue would go nicely with my eyes and I slipped them on.

My eyes widened as I saw myself in the mirror. The thin material of these briefs clung to me like they were wet. My erection was plainly outlined, obvious, even blatant. I could not only see the ridge of my slightly flared little cockhead, but I could make out the ring of flesh below that which was all that remained of my foreskin. I could actually see my dick throbbing through the material. I didn’t even make it to the bear. I just flopped onto the bed and humped the mattress, not even pulling the briefs down, feeling that soft material hugging my boy parts.

Donna got me alone a little while after she got home that evening. “Did you get my little presents?” she asked.

“Yeah,”I smiled. “Thanks so much. They were great.”

“You’re wearing a pair right now, aren’t you?” she grinned. I nodded and blushed slightly. “Which ones? I wasn’t sure what kind you’d like best.”

“The blue ones,” I told her.

“I think I remember a couple of blue ones,” she said. “Show me.”

Looking at her with a bit of surprise, I thought a moment, surprised that I was a bit eager to show off, and then quickly unzipped my pants and pulled the flap apart, careful not to show too much, because even soft my dick was plainly visible in the bikini briefs.

“Oh,” she said, with a nod and a grin. “Good choice.” Then she leaned closer and said in a low, sexy voice, “Very sexy.” She gave me a wink and left me blushing as she moved on down the hall.

That night after my shower I had a debate with myself. I was standing in front of the mirror, wearing my new gray bikini briefs. My dick, amazing enough, wasn’t stiff. Probably because I’d just quickly jacked off in the shower a few minutes earlier. Even soft, the outline of my dick was clear in the briefs though, as well as the lump of my small balls. I tried putting my dick in different positions. Lying over my balls, lying to the side of my balls, straight up against my groin, and lying at an angle across my groin.

It was important to find just the right position, because I was planning on going downstairs for ‘tv’ time in just these briefs. After all, Jimmy was always wearing just his underwear. Donna never said anything about it. She even seemed to think it was cute. I wanted her to think I was cute, too. Ok, maybe not so much cute as sexy. I’d be happy with either though. So, screwing up my courage, I laid my dick at what I felt was a jaunty angle, up and to the left, and I headed downstairs.

When I got to the living room Donna and Jimmy were already curled up on the sofa. As I rounded the side of it and stepped into their view I heard Donna exclaim, “Oooo, look at this sexy little man.”

I fought to keep from blushing as I passed in front of them sure they were staring at the lump in my briefs. “You’re in your underwear, too,” Jimmy said with a giggle. “Yay, we’re the Underwear Gang!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Underwear Gang to the rescue!” I cried. This was Jimmy’s cue to jump up and do a few of his signature karate kicks, laying out bad guys in his red Robin Underoos.

This time I felt a bit awkward as I snuggled up against Donna to watch tv. I felt practically naked, and the feel of her silken nightgown against my bare thighs had me fighting to avoid getting a boner. Of course that wasn’t helped by her caressing hand, which seemed even more adventurous than usual, paying particular attention it seemed to my newly bared thighs. Eventually I had to put my hands in my lap to cover my inevitable hardon.

Said hardon had happily departed by the time Jimmy slipped down to lie on his back with his head in his mother’s lap, which had become my cue to do the same. Thankfully, Donna seemed to mostly pay attention to my chest that night. Just gently back and forth in the same area. It being Friday we were both allowed to stay up later, so by the time Johnny Carson started I was feeling pretty tired. In fact, I must have dozed off a bit, because I became aware all of a sudden that Donna’s hand was no longer rubbing my chest. In fact, thanks to the low rise brief I was wearing, her long-nailed fingers were lower than they’d ever been before. Dangerously low.

At the very moment I realized that, I felt the back of her fingers brush very softly against the very tip of my dick, a dick which was straining mightily against the clingy but restraining cloth of my briefs. I shuddered at the sensation, almost like a mini orgasm. In order to cover both my physical reaction to her touch, and what must have been an obscenely swollen lump in my underwear, I pretended to mumble in my sleep and I turned on to my right side, my left leg slightly forward so that my boner was pressing into the sofa cushion.

As I lay there with my eyes shut, praying Donna hadn’t noticed my swollen pubescent cock, or the fact that I’d been awake, I was struggling to make sense of what had just happened. Did Donna know I’d been hard? Was she doing it all to me on purpose, or was it just completely natural and innocent to her? I had no way of knowing, but my mind was in turmoil. This confusion wasn’t helped at all by the fact that Donna had just gone right on caressing me when I turned to my side, her hand now gently rubbing my ass.

Luckily, by the time Donna ‘woke’ me to go up to bed, I’d exhausted myself mentally and my dick was safely soft enough for me to get up and walk up the stairs with her without embarrassing myself. It took me a long time to fall asleep that night.

The next night, Saturday, Larry and Donna announced that they would be going out to dinner. We were to order pizza for dinner and ‘not wait up’. Donna also instructed me to make sure I helped Jimmy with his bath.

We ate our pizza around 6:30, and afterward I announced it was bathtime. “You’re gonna help me, right?” Jimmy asked.

A bit uncomfortable at the prospect I said, “Do you really need help?”

Jimmy nodded. “Mom always helps me so you have to, too.”

Since I was going to be helping, I decided to let him go first this time. He didn’t hesitate for even a moment in stripping in front of me. “Do the water,” he instructed while he stood there fingering his little boy dick. Even tho he was only 9, it really wasn’t all that different from some of the boys I’d seen in gym class. His little balls were a bit tighter in their sac maybe, and he was smaller than me, but I’d seen other boys in the shower who were just as small, just as hairless.

Jimmy walked me through preparing his bath, the correct temperature, how to plug the drain, how much bubble bath to pour. After it was filled high enough for him, he climbed in and sat down, smiling happily.

As I picked up the washcloth to get it soapy Jimmy said, “You should just take a bath with me.”

“Huh?” I exclaimed, a bit dimly.

Jimmy shrugged his thin shoulders. “You’re just gonna get wet anyway. I always get Mom wet. That’s why she always takes off her shirt. So you should-” he cut off when I gave a strangled, “What?!”

“What?” he asked innocently.

“What did you say about your mom?” I asked, knowing full well but for some reason needing to hear it again.

Jimmy looked at me quizzically. “I said she always gets wet. That’s why you should just take a bath with me. Cuz we’re both boys and you’re gonna get wet anyway so it don’t matter.”

“She always gets wet so she…?” I prompted.

Jimmy looked at me like I was dense. Maybe I was. “So…” he said, drawing it out mockingly, “she takes off her shirt. So it doesn’t get wet.”

“And her bra, too?” I asked.

“Duh,” he replied.

I took in this information as I stood and took off my shirt. Jimmy was right about one thing, it made more sense to take a bath together. And like he said, we were both boys, so it didn’t really matter. Or something. Besides, I wanted to find out more about his mom and her missing shirt and figured making him happy would be a good way to pump him for more info.

“You’re getting in?” Jimmy asked excitedly as I started to unsnap and unzip my jeans. I nodded and he said, “Cool!”

I noticed he made no attempt to hide the fact that he was staring right at my crotch. So, more familiar now with undressing in front of other boys, I went ahead and shrugged out of my jeans and then quickly pushed down my underwear, stepped out of them and stepped into the tub.

“Yours is really big,” Jimmy exclaimed, eyes riveted on my nearly teenaged dick.

I knew it really wasn’t, but I was still proud of it and the compliment warmed me inside. Outwardly I just shrugged and sank into the water, hidden beneath the bubbles. “Yours will get bigger too when you get older.”

“I can’t wait,” he replied.

“So,” I said, with all the nonchalance I could muster, “you’ve seen your mom’s boobs, huh?”

Jimmy gave me a sly look. “I knew it,” he said with a smile. “You got the hots for my mom!”

“Do not!”

“Do, too! Tommy and Donna, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S- Hey!” he said when I punched him lightly in the shoulder. “Anyway, you do.”

“Whatever,” I shrugged, a bit embarrassed.

“I’ve seen her boobs a lot of times,” he said. “I’ve seen her all the way naked too.”

“You have?” I couldn’t help but exclaim.

He nodded knowingly. “I’ve even sucked her boobs. Wash my arms first,” he said, holding out his arm to me.

I reached out with the washcloth I’d just soaped up and absently rubbed his arm. “You have not,” I said, but I actually believed him.

Jimmy nodded. “It’s called the Baby Game,” he informed me.

According to Jimmy, he’d burst into his parent’s room one Saturday morning a few months ago. He’d caught them ‘wrestling’ under the sheet and wanted to join in, so he hopped onto the bed with them. His dad seemed to be a bit upset that he had joined the game, but his mom thought it was funny. After a bit, his dad, who was lying on his mom’s right side, pulled down the sheet to uncover her right boob. Jimmy had seen his mom’s boobs hundreds of times, so it didn’t phase him at all. However, he was surprised when his dad started to suck on his mom’s boob.

“Look, Mom,” he’d exclaimed. “Dad is a baby!”

“Larry,” Donna had admonished, trying to push him away.

“He had his turn when he was a baby, now it’s my turn,” his dad replied.

“I wanna be a baby, too!” Jimmy whined then, and without a pause pulled down the sheet exposing his mother’s other breast and latched on to it and began sucking.

Of course I was having to read a lot into this story, because of Jimmy’s ignorance, but the story I pieced together was that this ‘Baby Game’ went on for a bit, until his mom began to shake. I was pretty sure she’d had an orgasm then. I was blown away by his story. I was even more blown away when he confided that he and his mom still sometimes played the Baby Game when his dad wasn’t home. He told me it was supposed to be a secret.

“You got a boner!” Jimmy suddenly exclaimed. I looked down and sure enough, the bubbles which had hidden me before had faded away and my rock hard erection could clearly be seen. “Let me see!”

A bit too excited by his story and thinking about him sucking on his mom’s big boobs, I rose up on my knees. My dick pointed straight up, bouncing lightly and glistening in the fluorescent light. “Wow, it’s really big, Tommy,” Jimmy said, awed. Then he reached out his hand and gripped it.

I nearly jumped from the shock. Nobody else had ever touched my dick before. I couldn’t say a thing as Jimmy’s hand felt all over, rubbing and caressing, feeling my balls and my swollen shaft. “You got hair!” he exclaimed at one point, his finger rubbing the silky little strands.

I’m not sure how long this went on. It felt like forever. Finally Jimmy looked up at me, his hand wrapped around my dick and then he also go on his knees and said, “You can touch mine too if you want.”

I looked down at his skinny little body and there it was, pointing at about a 45 degree angle. Jimmy’s dick was about 3 inches long, and maybe as big around as one of his dad’s fingers. He didn’t have a single hair of course. Curious now, never having touched someone else’s dick, I reached down and took it gently in my hand. I really liked the feel of it, silky smooth yet very stiff. Warm and throbbing in my hand. I wondered if that’s would it would be like to hold Billy’s larger cock in my hand and my own cock gave a lurch.

That’s when I came to my senses. Taking a bath was one thing, boner and all, but having my nine year old cousin make me cum was quite another and a step I wasn’t ready to take. All business then I hurried us through the rest of our bath, much to Jimmy’s disappointment. We were both still stiff as I dried first him and then myself, and then I instructed him to go get dressed and I’d join him in a few minutes downstairs.

I waited beside the door, not bothering to dress, cock still achingly stiff, listening. Finally I heard Jimmy go downstairs. Waiting another 30 seconds or so, I stole out of my room, into his and grabbed his bear, quickly bringing it back to my room. I hurriedly arranged my pillow, and then my cuddly little lover on top of it. I sighed in pleasure as I carefully fit my cock into the little hole between his legs.

It wasn’t 20 seconds later when I heard my door open and Jimmy ask, “What are you doin’ to my bear?”

I turned around, startled, on my knees with my hard dick throbbing in front of me. Jimmy’s eyes locked on it immediately. “You’ve still got a boner,” he said with a grin. “I get them a lot, too. What are you doin with my bear?”

“Uh…” I hesitated, thinking quickly, “… just playin a game.”

“What sorta game?” he asked, coming closer. I could see a little tent forming in the front of his Batman Underoos.

“Uh… it’s called the Rapist Game,” I replied, no idea what I was saying, just struggling to make it up on the spot.

“What’s a rapist?”

“Uh… it’s somebody who sneaks into the house, and he takes off his clothes and your clothes and then holds you down.” Did that make any sense at all, I wondered.

“So why are you playing it with my bear?”

Man, this kid asked a lot of awkward questions. “Uh… I don’t know. I didn’t have anyone else to play with, I guess.” I said lamely.

“You can play with me then!” he said happily, and before I could say another word he’d stripped off his underwear. “What do I do?” he asked, crawling on my bed with me.

Hell, what did we do, I wondered. “Ok,” I said, thinking quick, “you lay down, and pretend you’re asleep.” I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but the foremost thing in my mind for some reason was making my bear humping seem something other than sexual, and hiding the fact that his bear had a new hole between his legs. Upon reflection, I really didn’t think it through very well.

Once Jimmy was lying on his stomach, I went over and turned off the light and shut the door. Adopting my best spooky voice I softly moaned, “Ooooo, I’m the rapist. I wonder if there are any little boys in this house?”

Jimmy giggled. “I think I see a bed,” I moaned. “I’ll look for a boy there.” Jimmy laughed. “Hush,” I said. “It’s a very serious game.”

“Ok,” he whispered.

I knelt on the end of the bed, and reached out in the dark and found his right calf. “I think I found a boy,” I said. “Now I’ll have to rape him.”

With that, I worked my hand up his leg, over his thigh, then over his ass. I was taken for a moment with the softness of the skin there and I remembered the way Donna had touched me there. I took a moment to move his legs apart and kneel between the so I could reach out and take a handful of his firm little ass in each hand. After that I moved up so that I was hovering over him, and then slowly lowered my weight on top of him.

My cock, still at least three quarters hard, settled right into the crack of Jimmy’s ass. As my weight settled I could feel each of those firm globes wrap themselves around my dick. Unable to help myself, I gave a little thrust. The sensation was much like sliding my cock in between the folds of my pillow, but so much better. Jimmy’s 9 year old ass was warm and silky and alive. I couldn’t control myself. I began to slide my cock back and forth in that crevice.

“Are you raping me now?” Jimmy asked.

“Yeah,” I grunted.

“It feels weird,” he commented.

“Uh-huh,” I replied, incapable of anything more coherent.

As I thrust away my cousin’s ass crack grew slick with sweat, making the sensation that much more intense. Sweat began to form wherever we were touching skin on skin, and after a little bit my stomach against his back started to make a little farting noise.

“You farted!” Jimmy laughed.

“It’s not a fart. It’s just our skin making noise,” I said.

“Make it louder,” he giggled.

I only knew one way to do that, and that was to increase the pace and force of my thrusts, something I was only too happy to do. My elbows were at my sides, but I was clutching each of Jimmy’s shoulders as I humped my rigid cock against his sweaty ass. My head was back as I thrust harder and harder, feeling my orgasm like a storm building just offshore. Jimmy was giggling at the farting sound, but I was anything but amused. Finally, with a quaking shudder, I came, my dick spasming, my toes curling.

With a sigh I rolled off my little cousin, the relatively cool air of the room hitting my overheated body, making me shiver.

“Are we done?” Jimmy finally asked. I felt him reach out and touch my chest, and then his hand went lower, gripping my overly sensitive cock. “You’re all wet,” he informed me.

“Raping is hard work,” I informed him.

Jimmy giggled. “It was fun. Next time I get to rape you, ok?”

“Ok,” I agreed, wondering for a moment what it would feel like to be on the receiving end of that. “Hey, Jimmy?” I said.


“Uh… the Rapist Game should be our little secret, ok? Mom’s don’t seem to like naked games very much.”

“Ok, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone,” he assured me.

End of part two

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