October 19, 2008

Alex Hawk

[do you have a cam?], boredgirl13 asked.
[no do u?]
[no 🙁 u still wanna talk tho? im bored]
[ok], I typed. We’d already traded pictures with each other. She was thirteen, just like me, and seemed pretty. Prettier than me, anyhow. [so what do u want 2 talk about?] I asked her.
[i dont know 🙁 ], she typed. Then, [do u got any brothers or sisters?]
[yeah 1 brother]
[cool how old]
[cool i got a brother who is 14! u guys get along good?]
[yeah mostly he can be kind of a jerk sometimes but mostly we get along good]
[my bro and me get along really good]
[that’s cool], I typed, and took a sip of my Coke.
[so u got a bf?]
[ha i wish 🙁 ]
[lol why don’t u?]
[im 2 shy i guess]
[lol u shold get a boyfriend!]
[well i just havent managed 2 get one yet 🙁 but i will soon i hope! do u have a bf?]
[sort of but not really]
[what do u mean?]
[its a long story]
[ u at least do anything with a boy yet?]
[u mean like sex/], I typed.
[no have u?]
[oh? what have u done?] I was curious. I was, as I’d said, pretty inexperienced, but I still wanted to know what it was like and such.
[everything 🙂 ]
I was surprised. [u mean like everything even doing it?]
[wow] I felt vaguely jealous. Just because I hadn’t had sex yet didn’t mean I didn’t want to. [is that with the boy u kind of said was ur bf]
[yeah its sweet]
[i bet]
Boredgirl13 typed, [so do u want 2 have sex]
[yeah but just like with a bf im 2 shy u know?]
[yeah well u could just], she typed and then backspaced and typed, [nevermind]
[no what?], I typed.

I pictured her shaking her head as she typed, [no i dont want 2 piss u off or anything]
Now I was really curious. [no please tell me i promise i wont get pissed off]

[r u sure?]
[ok well have u ever thought about trying some stuff with ur brother?]
I read that sentence several times before I finally typed, [gross no way! hes my brother! ewwwwww]
[lol well its not like its a big thing u know]
[its not?]
[hell no u know the boy i said i had sex with?]
[its my brother]
I was stunned. [wow 4 real????/?]
[wow] The concept was so bizarre it took me a while to really wrap my mind around it. [how can u do it with him tho? isnt it weird?]
[it was a little at first], she admited, [but mostly its really cool now and it feels fucking great!]

“Wow,” I said, out loud this time. Curious despite the creepiness of talking with a girl who was having sex with her own brother, I typed, [what’s it like?]

[u finger right?]
[and that feels good right?]
[having my brothers penis in there instead of my finger feels about 100000000 times better!!!!!!]

I tried to think about the idea of having sex with my little brother, Bastian. It just didn’t work. I mean, yeah, he was my brother and I loved him, but the idea of his lean, naked body on top of mine, my hands resting on his firm little ass, him thrusting away with his hard penis buried deep inside my wet vagina, his head thrown back, with his eyes closed and his mouth open in pleasure, making me moan with each movement of his hips… uh…

[how did u guys start doing it?] I typed quickly to distract myself from the feelings developing between my legs.
[there was a friend of mine who was doing it with her bro], she typed. [we talked about it a lot and then 1 day she came over 2 my house and she kind of was the coach showing me and my bro how do it and it was a LOT of fun!]

“Wow,” I said again. [aren’t u scared of him getting u pregnent?]

[no its cool cause boys cant get their sisters pregnent it just doesnt work taht way]
[really?] I hadn’t heard that before. I didn’t sound right, and I didn’t really buy it. Then again, I’d never talked with anyone who was having sex with her brother. Hell, I’d never talked with any girl my age who’d had sex.
[yeah tahts part of y i do it with him!!! plus like i said it feels really good and at least im sure 2 get laid whenever i want 2 lol!!1!]

I reached my hand down between my legs and rubbed at my vagina through my jeans, surprised at how horny I was starting to get. [but isnt it weird since hes ur brother?] I persisted.

[like i said it was a little but now its cool!]
[did it hurt the first time?]
[not really and once he was all the way inside it was really good!]
[what if ur parents find out?]
[well i wont tell them and he wont tell them so]
[oh ok]
[so would u ever think of trying it with ur brother?]
Reaching for the keyboard to type [no], I paused. Then I typed, [i dont know]
[u should its the best]

I didn’t type anything for a moment.

BoredGirl13 typed, [if u wanted 2 try it i could help u]

[what do u mean?] I asked.
[id walk u and him through it just like my friend did with me and my bro]
[u kind of want 2 dont u i can tell lol]
I laughed a little nervously. [yeah kinda]
[so why not do it? the worst that happens is that it sucks and u dont do it with him again]
[yeah but it just seems kind of weird]
[well its up 2 u but if u want 2 try it let me know and i will help]

I sat there staring at the blinking cursor, my mind somewhat numb, and a tingling sensation happening between my legs.

[is he home right now?]
[r ur parents home?]
[no they r at work]
[so u wanna try doing some stuff with him?]

I knew it was wrong, but I was hornier than I’d ever been in my life. And besides, she was right. If we started and we didn’t like it, we’d just stop. No big deal. No harm, no foul, right?

[ok], I typed, a distant feeling in my mind.
[cool where is he now?]
[in his bedroom]
[go get him], she urged.
[what do i tell him?] I wondered, trying to figure out how THAT conversation might go.
[just ask him if he wants to play an online game with u]
[ok, brb]

I stood up, shaking a little as I walked to my brother’s bedroom. I couldn’t believe I was actually planning to have sex with him. It seemed so wrong, but I REALLY wanted to see what sex was like, cause it sounded pretty damn sweet, and my friend had made some good points. Plus if he wasn’t able to get me pregnant, that’d be even better.

Once I got to my brother’s room, I knocked on the door. He opened it.


“Well, uh…” I took a breath to calm myself. “You wanna come play a game online with me?”

“What game?”

“It’s a chat game with a girl I’m friends with.”

“Hmmm… well, I guess. I’m pretty bored anyhow. Ok.”

Bastian stood up and we walked back into the living room, my mind spinning with the idea that I was actually going to have him fuck me!

Once we got to the computer, we sat down and began chatting with my friend. It was mostly small talk. Nothing big. Nothing particularly interesting. I was starting to get really bored, actually, and was beginning to have second thoughts.

Then she typed, [so have u guys seen each other naked b4]

“Whoa!” Bastian said, obviously taken aback by the question.

“Weird question, huh?” I asked as I typed, [no]

[Bastian have u ever seen a naked girl b4]
Bastian shook his head and I typed, [no he hasnt]
[u havent even seen a girls tits b4?]
[no,] I responded after he shook his head again.
[oh poor Bastian 🙁 if u were here id show u mine 🙂 ]

Bastian giggled a little nervously. “Is she serious?”

“I don’t know. Probably.”


[if ur sister was willing 2 let u see hers would u want 2 see them?]

“Uhm…” Bastian looked at me. “What does she mean?”

“She means if I was willing to let you see mine, would you want to?” I replied, blushing.


“Well?” I prompted.

“Uhm… I guess,” my brother said, looking like he’d been poleaxed.

Without any further hesitation, I pulled my shirt up and off my body, my bra following it moments later. My breasts weren’t exactly huge, 30 A, but they were nice enough, I guessed, and I knew my brother would appreciate them.

I was certainly right about that. If he’d been poleaxed before, now he’d been catapulted. His eyes were fixed right onto my bare chest, and his mouth was hanging open. To say he enjoyed the view would, I think, be a massive understatement.

“What do you think?” I asked, unnecessarily.

“They’re… oh, wow…”

[u showin him?]
[bet he looks cute when hes amazed]
I laughed. [yeah]
[now that u have ur shirt off he should take his off 2]

I looked at Bastian. “Well?”

“Huh?” He dragged his eyes from my breasts and onto the computer screen. “Oh.”

“You take yours off, and I’ll leave mine off. Fair?”

“Sure!” He quickly pulled his shirt off and tossed it onto the floor next to mine. His chest was small and undeveloped. Not a trace of hair anywhere on it. He wasn’t what I thought of when I thought of cute guys, but he didn’t look bad.

[is he hard lol], boredgirl13 asked after I told her my brother’s shirt was off.
[u mean his penis?] I typed, watching Bastian blush out of the corner of my eye.

“Are you?” I asked my brother.

“Yes,” he mumbled.

[he is]
[will he show u?]

“Will you?”

Bastian blushed again and shrugged. “I don’t know.”

[hes not sure if he wants 2]
She typed, [will he let u see his penis if u show him ur vagina/]

Now it was my turn to blush as I looked at my little brother and said, “Well… if I get naked and show you mine, will you get naked and show me yours?”
Bastian nodded silently.

So, a little to my surprise, I found myself standing up and removing the rest of my clothes. As soon as I was entirely nude I sat back down and spread my legs a little, giving my little brother a good view of my vagina. Eyes wide, he stared good and hard.

Blushing a little, I said, “Well… what do you think?”

“You… uh… you look nice…”

I smiled. “Well… it’s your turn, now.”

“Huh? Oh, ok.” Shyly, Bastian stood up and began to undress.

[is he getting naked]
[good and u r naked]

Bastian was naked, too, now. He was blushing furiously and looked really shy. He had his hands covering his penis. What I could see of him looked nice, though. He was a little scrawny, but everything else looked good.

“Let me see,” I whispered, putting a hand around his wrist.

“Ok.” He pulled his hands away, and there it was. My brother’s penis. It was very stiff, and probably a little under four inches long. He had a couple strands of hair at the base, but not much. I felt a little tremor of excitement shoot through me as I realized I was that much closer to losing my virginity.

“You look wonderful,” I said to my brother, with utter sincerity.

“Thanks,” he said, blushing again. “Your friend is saying something.”

“Huh? Oh.”

[well whats happening?/] boredgirl13 had typed.
[oh sorry 🙂 were naked now]
[both of u?]
[is he cute?]
Grinning, I typed, [yeah]
[ask has he ever touched a girls breasts?]

“Have you?” I asked, knowing he was standing behind me, reading over my shoulder.


[let him touch yours if he watns]

“Do you w-” I got as far as saying before I felt one of my little brother’s hands reach around and cup one of my breasts.

“Wow,” he whispered, his breath against the back of my neck.

I wasn’t able to say anything at first. I was too overwhelmed by how nice it felt having my brother’s hand touching me like that. My already wet vagina got even more slippery at the sensation of my hard nipple against his palm.

[hes touchnig] I barely managed to type.
[hows it feel?]
[godo] I typed, then, [good]
[cool 🙂 you see his dick?]
[rub it 4 him]

I swallowed a little. Turning my head towards Bastian, I said, “Come stand in front of me.”

“Ok.” My brother walked around until he was standing in front of me, his stiff penis pointing almost straight up. His hand remained on my breast.
Feeling my heart fluttering, I reached out and wrapped my first two fingers and thumbs around my brother’s penis. He jumped a little at the contact, but didn’t back away or anything.

I was surprised at the texture of the skin on Bastian’s penis. It was so soft and smooth, and of course there was a hardness under it like nothing I’d ever felt before. I decided right away that I liked it and was now looking really forward to having it inside my vagina.

“Oh, that feels so good,” whispered Bastian as I masturbated him.

“You think so, huh?”


I said, “Well… let’s see what you think of this.” With that I opened my mouth and slipped my lips around my little brother’s penis. I’d never given a blowjob before, but the basics were easy to figure out.

“…” Bastian said, his hands going around to the back of my head. My hands in turn went to cup his firm butt.

I hadn’t really planned on sucking off my brother, but as I did it, I started to think that this was probably a good idea. I knew I could probably give him an orgasm this way, and that would help him last longer when we had sex with each other. Plus if he’d already unleashed some sperm, the odds were he wouldn’t make too much more before we fucked, so there’d be less of a chance of getting me pregnant.

A little thrill went through me as I thought about all this. I was actually going to get laid! I was probably only a few minutes away from losing my virginity! Sure, it was going to be with my little brother, but that didn’t bother me as much as it probably should have.

After only a couple minutes of what I assumed was his first blowjob, Bastian gasped out, “Oh… oh, god… oh… I’m gonna… gonna cum…”

I was tempted to have him cum in my mouth, but first off I didn’t know what it would taste like, and second I wanted to actually see what happened when my brother had an orgasm. So I pulled my mouth off his penis and kept stroking it.

Seconds later, Bastian let out a low moan. His penis began to buck in my hand, and several streams of thick white fluid spurted out onto my breasts. The look on his face as his orgasm took him was one of pure bliss. I felt pretty happy, too, knowing that I’d been the cause of the good feelings going through my brother’s body. Once Bastian was done cumming, I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his penis, tasting a little bit of his sperm that remained. It was salty, but not too bad.

As my brother came down from his orgasmic high, I looked at the computer screen where boredgirl13 was typing, [whats happening? hello? r u there still?]

“Hand me a towel,” I said to my brother as I turned to the computer and typed, [yeah sorry about that]

[what happened/]
[i gave bastian a blowjob and he came 🙂 ]
[cooooooool? where did he shoot? in your mouth?]
[no he came on my breasts] I typed, picking up the towel my brother handed me.
[oh? dare to rub your finger in some and stick it in your vagina 🙂 ]

I paused, towel in hand, and then looked at Bastian. “Rub your finger through this.”

“Like this?” Bastian asked, running his finger through the sperm on my breasts and getting a good bit on it.

“Now stick it in here,” I said as I laid back, spread my legs and parted my labia with my fingers, exposing my vagina.

Bastian looked nervous but didn’t say anything. He simply pushed his sperm-covered finger all the way up inside my vagina. Once it was all the way in he simply held his hand there, a grin on his face.

“This is cool!” Bastian enthused as his still stiff penis twitched.

“Oh, yeah…” I whispered. His finger felt real nice inside me, and it crossed my mind that now I had a boy’s sperm in my vagina. It wasn’t much, of course, but it still sent a nice thrill through my body.

“Am I going to get to… fuck you?” Bastian asked, licking his lips.

“What do you think?”

“I think… yes?”

I grinned. “Yeah.”


[did u do it?] typed my online friend.
Leaning over, I awkwardly typed, [no its bastian thats doing it]
[oh he has his finger in u??/]
[cool! u like?]
[cool 🙂 u gonna let him fuck u?]

After thinking for a moment, and looking at the intent expresion on my brother’s face as he fingered me, I typed, [now]

[how u going 2 do it?]
[on my bed] I typed after a moment’s thought.
[cool good luck! 🙂 ]

Taking a deep breath, I looked at my younger brother. “Bastian?”

“Yeah?” he asked, looking up at me, his finger still inside my vagina.

“You ready to fuck me?” I asked, feeling a little tremor as I said those words.

Bastian’s face lit up. “Really?! Yeah!” Pulling his finger out of me, Bastian dropped down to his knees and took his penis in hand, scooting closer to my vagina.

“Whoa, there, buckaroo,” I said with a laugh, putting a hand on his chest. “Why don’t we get into bed for this?”

“Huh? Oh, ok!”

I stood up and went to my bed, Bastian following me. I laid down and spread my legs. My brother got between my legs and laid his naked body on top of mine. He took hold of his penis and began to poke it around.

“Bastian,” I said after a moment. “Here, let me help you.”

“Sorry,” he said as I took his penis in my hand. “I thought I could find the right… spot…”

The last bit was caused by me positioning his penis at the entrance to my vagina. “No… that’s the right spot.”

“Oh, ok,” Bastian replied. Without any further delay, he gave a push with his hips and just that easily my brother’s nearly hairless twelve-year-old virgin penis slid into my thirteen-year-old virgin vagina.

“Oh…” I gasped as my brother and I lost our virginities to each other.

“Wow, that’s cool!” Bastian said as he started moving back and forth inside me.

I closed my eyes and wrapped myself around my brother’s naked, thrusting body as we fucked for the first time. I couldn’t believe how much better this felt than just fingering myself, or being fingered by Bastian had felt. Having his penis inside me was worlds away from that!

“Oooh… ah… oh… I’m gonna cum again soon…” Bastian whispered, fucking me rapidly.

“I think I’m getting close, too…” I whispered back.

I thought Bastian might wind up cumming first, but to my surprise the image of him cumming, combined with the fact of him screwing me, was enough to push me over the edge. My vagina began clutching at my brother’s moving penis, as a warm feeling of heaven spread out over my entire body.

The was apparently enough to push Bastian over the edge. He gave one last, low moan and pushed as deep into me as he could go. I felt his penis start to release inside my vagina, filling me with his sperm. I wondered distantly if I would get pregnant. Oh, well. If I did, I could worry about it then.

“That was so… amazing…” Bastian whispered as he laid on top of me, breathing hard.

“Yeah…” I looked over at my computer where my friend was waiting. “Get off, ok?”

“I just did,” he replied with a grin.

I rolled my eyes. “If you ever want to get back inside me…”


Bastian rolled off me. I got up, a little unsteady, and walked back to the computer where my friend had typed, [well whats happening?]

Sitting down, I typed, [we did it 🙂 ]
[cool he got it in u???]
[wow 🙂 did u like it?]
[did he?]
[oh yeah]
[good 🙂 i gotta get goign 🙁 r u gys going to do it again?]

Bastian came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, his hand moving down to cup my breast. Obviously he had in mind to do it again soon, and I didn’t mind that idea myself. I reached over to sign off, and just before I did, I saw one last message from boredgirl13.

[BTW: I haven’t talked with you before, but that was the BEST cyber I ever had! It was almost like you were really a thirteen-year-old girl. I hope I see you again! Take care!]

Oh, crap…


Copyright 2006 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.