Confession of a Boy Lover – Chapter 6

The first thing through my head was what the fuck had I done last night. Of course, it was easy to look back over the past few months and see the slide that led to our shared masturbation. I yawned and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, knowing that as much as the guilt ate at me, I wanted more out of my relationship with Jem.

My movement apparently woke someone else. Jem’s arm stretched across my chest as he mumbled incoherently. After a loud yawn, he said, “Hmm, morning.”

Even though I couldn’t ignore my feelings, I smiled, “Hey, buddy. How’d you sleep?”

A grin crept onto his face, “Good.”

He pulled the covers down, revealing a little tent in his underwear. He giggled, “Wow, last night was awesome, Jack.”

I tousled his hair, running my hand along his neck, enjoying how long it had grown. “Yeah. It was. Just remember-“

Jem lightly patted my stomach, “I know, our secret, big bro.”

My hand moved onto his back, “Thanks, Jem.”

Even though I had a morning wood, I wasn’t in the mood for fooling around, and after planting a kiss on the boy’s forehead, I headed to the bathroom. I pulled my erection out and pointed it at the bowel of water when Jem came up next to me and did the same thing. I enjoyed looking at his perfect little cock. I didn’t mind his less than subtle looks at me, either. Still, I managed to get a stream flowing and a few seconds later, so did Jem.

Once we finished peeing, we got started with our day. Breakfast followed by a beating at the hands of a ten-year-old on the PlayStation, followed by lunch. I stopped the beating, and we got dressed and went to the grocery store. I figured we needed something other than pizza or Chinese takeout.

When we got home, Wes’s car was across the street. Jem took a step toward it, then stopped. “What’s he doing home?” he said.

I took him by the shoulder, “Let’s get the groceries put away. Then, you can check if you want.”

After we filled up the fridge, Jem said, “I want to see Dad. Can you come with me?”

Uncertain I wanted to accompany him, even less certain about what Wes would say, I didn’t want to go. But the worried look in Jem’s eyes overrode my judgement, and I took his hand and said, “Sure, buddy. We’ll go together.”

When we got to the front door, Jem turned the knob. I half-expected it to be locked. But it swung open. I heard a noise and recognized it almost at once, although it was coming from the back of the house. Jem glanced up at me, a perplexed look on his face. I leaned down, “Maybe this isn’t a good idea, bro. We can come back later.”

He shook his head and nodded toward the kitchen and headed in that direction. Dreading what we’d find, I followed behind. The kitchen was empty, but the noises were louder. Beyond the kitchen was the expansive living area. Large plate-glass windows overlooked their back yard. Off to the left of the living room was Wes and Donna’s bedroom. The noises came from there.

I reached for Jem, but he slipped from my grasp and hurried across the room. I was only a step or two behind him. But I was too late to keep him from going through the open bedroom door. Wes lay on the bed, naked. Stradling him, just as naked, was Donna’s cousin, Cindy. She was bouncing up and down on Wes, her ample tits gyrating with the motion as she moaned, “Ah, I’m gonna fuck your brains out, Wes!”

Jem shouted, “Dad!”

Cindy shot off Wes like a rocket, exposing Wes’s erection to Jem and me. Wes grabbed at the covers as the tension of the moment caused him to wilt visibly in front of us, “Jesus Christ, Jeremy! What the hell are you doing here?”

Cindy’s voice was shrill, filled with both anger and embarrassment, “You said he was staying with friends, Wes. God Almighty!”

In a softer voice, Jem repeated, “Dad?” Then he swung around and buried his face into my chest as sobs wracked his body.

Wrapped in a sheet, Wes came over, “Jesus, Jack. What the hell?”

As I patted Jem on the back, I shook my head, “He wanted to see you, man. How the hell was I supposed to know you’d be…”

Words failed me as I waved toward Cindy.

Wes’s shoulders slumped, “Donna’s with friends this weekend. I figured… Oh, hell, I don’t know what the fuck I figured.”

Jem was slumped against me, still crying. I picked him up and said, “It’s none of my business, Wes. But you and Donna need to figure your shit out. Not for your sakes, but for Jem’s.”

Jem’s arms locked around my neck as my arms formed a seat of sorts on which he sat. Wes followed us toward the door. As I started back across the street, I heard the deadbolt slide into place.


I sat on the couch, Jem still clinging to my neck. The sobs had stopped, but I could still feel fresh tears dampening my shirt. I didn’t say anything. What could I say? And sometimes, the best thing to do is to simply be there for the person you love.

Eventually, Jem loosened his grip around my neck and pulled his head back far enough to look me in the eyes, “I-, I should have listened to y-, you.”

I rubbed his back, “How could you have known? Even I didn’t expect that.”

He swallowed and hiccupped. “I knew he and Aunt Cindy were, um, cheating. I just… I dunno.”

I found it interesting, even at ten, he knew what he witnessed. There were no questions about what his father and aunt were doing together. I hugged him, knowing his world was shifting under him, and he rested his head on my shoulders.

One of my hands went to his hair, and I gently ran I through his soft mane and whispered, “I love you, Jem.”

He lifted his head, “I love you too, Jack.”

I kissed his forehead and squeezed him tighter, showing him some of the affection he deserved. He responded by leaning forward and kissing my nose. A shy smile appeared on his face as he gazed into my eyes. Then he leaned in and pressed his lips against mine.

I tasted the salt of his tears in that awkward, tender kiss. Sensing his deep vulnerability, my response was muted, going only so far as to accept the kiss with my lips. He pulled back after only a heartbeat or two, a questioning expression in his eyes. “Is it okay for me to kiss you?”

In response, I tilted my head forward until my lips found his. This second kiss was purposeful, telling him yes in deed rather than words. His reaction was to clumsily pucker his lips and push into my lips. I kept it simple as he explored my lips. Although I got a lot out of his affection, this was more about Jem than me.

As we kissed, I felt his arousal grow, and besides pushing his lips against mine, Jem also shoved himself into me. Although his clothes masked it, he was erect. Even though I was not in any hurry to give him release, I tugged at his shirt until I dropped it on the couch next to us. My hands rubbed his bare back as I responded to his kisses. When he broke the kiss, Jem rocked forward, pushing his crotch against my lower abdomen. I took the moment to bring my lips to his neck, kissing him in one spot and then another until my mouth found his flat, tiny nipples. I licked on them with my tongue, eliciting giggles from him even as he ground his hips forward.

After a few minutes of teasing and kissing his chest, Jem took my face in his hands and brought it back to his lips. After another kiss, breathlessly, he said, “Show me how to kiss, you know, with your tongue.”

Happily, when I touched his lips with mine, I slid my tongue between his waiting lips. I felt a thrill of excitement when our tongues touched, and rapidly felt my erection return. I rotated between more passionate kisses where our lips locked with one another’s, and deeper kisses where I probed Jem’s mouth. Then I pulled back long enough to say, “Your turn, my love. Let me taste your tongue.”

The boy’s breathing was heavy as he giggled, “You’re my love, too, Jack.” Then he slipped his tongue into my mouth without bothering to connect our lips. I moved my tongue around as he explored my mouth. As he grew more comfortable with our Frenching, he began pushing forward with his hips again, and when we broke the kiss, my hands went to his waist where I pulled at the drawstring on his shorts and then pulled at his waist band until I saw his two-inch erection.

The way he straddled me made it difficult to do more than look down his shorts, but Jem sensed the problem and he slid off my legs and then pulled his shorts and underwear off. Then, smiling at me, he straddled me again, returning his arms around my neck as mine wrapped around his waist. Now, as I pulled him against me, his little erection poked against my bare stomach as we resumed kissing.

Jem’s arousal built as we kissed and his crotch was pressing against me. Finally, when my mouth grew tired, and the kiss stopped, I moved a hand between us and massaged his erection, playing with his rock-hard flesh, rolling it gently between my fingers as he wordlessly moaned. When his hips began moving again, I wrapped a couple of fingers around him and slowly jacked him off, working in tandem with his hips. It wasn’t long before his little dick spasmed and kicked in my hand, followed by his body shuddering in my lap.

One advantage Jem had over Mark and the other boys was there was not yet any clean up when he came. I simply wrapped my arms around him and drew him back into my hug. Murmuring happily and incoherently, his arms tightened around my neck and we sat on the couch until my stomach growled and brought him back to full awareness.

He said into my ear, “Sounds like someone’s hungry.”

I chuckled, marveling in the moment. My naked little love was hugging me while I held him in my lap. Although he was now soft, his little penis was pressed against my belly button. “How was your catnap?”

He giggled, “It was nice. But not as nice as you making me feel really good. I liked that more.”

I scooted forward until I could stand, and still holding him against my chest, I headed toward the kitchen, “Me too.”

We both tired of me trying to hold him as we tried to figure out what we were going to fix for dinner. And I was okay with that. After all, I got to enjoy watching him move around the kitchen naked. We eventually settled on spaghetti. It was easy enough. Just brown some ground beef and mix it in with some sauce, boil the noodles and, viola, spaghetti and meat sauce.

We ate in the living room, watching the first Lord of the Rings movie. Once dinner was over, Jem leaned against me, still as naked as the day he was born, “Can you hold me some more?”

As if I could deny him. I patted my lap, “Sure.”

He reached his hands to the button on my fly, “Cool. You should be naked too.”

Surprised, I leaned back and watched him unbutton and unzip me. Rather than make his work difficult, I lifted my hips as he tugged my pants down. Once I was down to my underwear, I said, “You really want to sit on my naked lap?”

Jem giggled as he nodded, “Yeah. I wanna be naked with you.”

He reached for my underwear, pulling the front down and liberating my erection. He ran his finger along my glans before tugging the underwear down and off. He leaned over me and gave me a salacious grin, “I really like your stiffy, Jack. I hope mine looks like yours one day.”

I let him climb on me. When he sat down, I pushed my penis down so it poked out, just below his. Wrapping my arms around his stomach, I tried to return my attention to the movie, even as I sat naked with a beautiful boy, just as naked, sitting on my lap.

Neither of us lost our erections for the entire rest of the movie. When the credits rolled, I was incredibly horny, and imagined Jem was too. I moved forward to stand, “Come on, buddy. Let’s get that bath now.”

Jem turned to me, “Can you take it with me, Jack?”

I’d already been thinking about that. “Sure, big guy. What about a shower instead?”

Jem glanced up at me, “A shower? Mom says I’ll slip and fall.”

I shook my head, “Bullshit. I’ll be there with you and you’ll be fine. I promise.”

Once we reached the tub, Jem was ready to try it. Once the water was hot enough, I picked him up and set him standing in the tub and then joined him, closing the curtain.

I grabbed the soap, “I’ll wash you first, buddy.”

He giggled, “All of me?”

I reached down and took hold of his little cock and played with it for a moment, “Yeah, every inch. I think you’ll like what I’ve got planned.”

I spun him around and worked my soapy hands over his back, taking my time to knead his skin. Once I reached his butt, I soaped each alabaster globe and then ran my finger from his tailbone down his crack until I felt the little pucker of his sphincter. I stopped there, not really wanting to open the door to butt play. Not yet.

Then I gently turned him around until he faced me. Then, after washing my hands, I worked my way from his chest all the way down to his beautiful little erection. I wanted that little morsel in my mouth, and I felt Jem was ready for that. I sat down on the bottom of the tub and had him stand on either side of my legs. That put my mouth just about even with his erection. Then, taking him by the butt, I drew him in. The excited look on his face told me he knew what was to come.

My tongue tingled as it touched Jem’s glans. I licked across it, feeling his little piss slit. He groaned, “Oh, wow, Jack!”

I rewarded him by gently taking his little helmet between my lips. My tongue wasn’t done though. I swiped it across his tip even as I pulled him deeper into my mouth. At two inches, my lips touched his bald and smooth pubic area without the end of his erection coming close to my throat.

I licked his pole with my tongue as I applied different pressure with my mouth, sometimes sucking on Jem and other times moving back and forth, sliding his dick against my lips. He lasted a couple of minutes before he groaned, “Ugh, feels like I gotta pee again.”

I worked his little bone for all it was worth and seconds later, his two inches fired off his blank shots as his penis jerked around in my mouth. The way I sat and held him against me, I was comfortable enough to keep sucking even after the sixth empty ejaculation. All the while, Jem’s head thrashed back and forth as he was in the throes of the most powerful orgasm any ten-year-old boy had ever experienced.

His head stopped moving, and he sagged against me, and I had no choice but to remove him from my mouth. I eased him onto my lap as his head fell against my shoulder. I rubbed his back with increasing worry that I might have really fucked up. Following the most gut wrenching twenty heartbeats, Jem’s eyes fluttered open. Seeing my face next to his, he grinned as he hugged me, “Holy shit, Jack, that was… I mean, God, it felt…”

I knew what he meant. Words didn’t do justice to that orgasmic bliss.

A couple of minutes passed before he said, “My turn to give you a bath. Okay?”

We both stood, and I let him turn me around. Even though I was a few inches short of six feet, Jem had to stretch just a bit to reach my shoulders. As he washed my back, I couldn’t remember the last time someone had scrubbed my back or even shared a shower with me. I was in the lap of luxury as he worked his way down my back. When he reached below my lower back, Jem kept right on going, washing my ass one cheek at a time. It didn’t bother me that he ignored my crack. With a bit of luck, we’d have plenty of time down the road to explore that.

Then he turned me around. The look in his eye craved validation, I ran my fingers through his soaked hair, “You’re doing outstanding, bro.”

Smiling at me, he resumed his washing. At any other time, I would have felt self-conscious. Jem’s dad was hairier than me, even though he didn’t have a chestful of hair. He had that thick trail running from his belly down to his six or so inches. But if Jem noticed the difference, he said nothing. Once he got to my dick, he knelt down until his face was level with me and licked at me.

I put a hand on his shoulder, “Hey, bro. You don’t have to try everything I do.”

Jem flashed me a grin, “I know, Jack. But I really wanna try this. Okay?”

He licked my head, sending powerful tingling through my dick, straight to my balls. Then, holding me by the end of my shaft, he opened wide enough to take my glans all the way into his mouth. There aren’t many times where a man is happy to be below average in length and girth. At that moment, I was that man. At scarcely more than an inch in diameter, I was able to fit into his mouth.

“Ahhh,” I said as his teeth grazed my sensitive skin, “Hey, buddy, not with your teeth. Try putting them behind your lips when you do this, okay?”

If he said something, it was muffled. He didn’t take his mouth off me, but he didn’t touch me with his teeth again. Even with just my head in his mouth, Jem was sending me into the sexual stratosphere. Not even Mark had made me feel as good. And this was just Jem’s first time.

Bless the boy. After adjusting his mouth to my glans, he slowly took another inch into his mouth. Jem impressed the hell out of me for his effort. Then, slowly he backed out until my head popped out.

I said, “Wow, dude, that was pretty incredible.”

Saliva ran down his chin as Jem sent me a big grin, “Thanks. I’m gonna take in more.”

I patted him on the head, “You don’t have to.”

But he had already popped my glans back into his mouth, sending that tingling feeling I love so much washing over me.

He slid his lips over the first two inches and then pulled back a bit before sliding forward. I felt my glans hit the roof of his mouth near his tonsil. Damned if he hadn’t taken in three inches. From there, as I went nearly delirious with sensory overload, he pulled back and then sank forward.  It didn’t take long for that wave to rush up on me, “Ahh, Jem, pull back, bro. I’m about to blow.”

I was still in Jem’s mouth when my dick spasmed, blasting my cum across the boy’s tongue. The second blast hit his chin as he pulled off me. The third, weaker blast splattered on his narrow chest, while the rest dribbled onto the bottom of the tub.

Jem’s eyes seemed to cross as he swallowed the bit in his mouth. I helped to wash the rest off, “Jeez, dude, I’m sorry. I tried to warn you.”

He grimaced, “It tasted weird. Kinda slimy.”

I drew him into a hug, “Yeah, it’s an acquired taste, bro. You don’t have to do that unless you want to.”

As we washed each other’s hair, he said, “Would you, um, you know, swallow mine when I get it?”

I thought about the times I felt that hot, watery elixir hitting my tongue and the back of my throat. There was nothing sweeter than a boy’s cum for the first year or so. “Oh, yeah. Definitely.”

He quirked any eye at me, then shrugged, “Then, yeah, I wanna keep trying.”

It felt weirdly exhilarating going from the bathroom to my bedroom in the nude. Even more so when I asked Jem, “You need your underwear?”

And him replying, “Nope. Can we sleep like this?”

It was late when I turned the light out and pulled Jem to me, wrapping one arm around him while he snuggled against me, his body resting against mine. This second night the sense of shame was less than the previous. My previous experience taught me that as long as things found an equilibrium, I could manage the stress of what we were doing.

I fell asleep to Jem’s soft snores.

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