Stories by Title

A pair of brothers on a vacation to the Virgin Islands finally express long-repressed desires.

29-Year-Old Grandfather
How is it possible to be a grandfather at twenty-nine? Read and find out!

A Boy and His Dildo
A gay boy comes home and finds out his penis is missing… sorta.

A Matter of Survival
Two teenage siblings survive a plane crash in the mountains and discover a new way to keep each other going.

A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes
Follow the adventures of twelve-year-old Madison Semmes as she experiences her first year of sex!

Adoring Anthony
One guy’s fantasies comes true when he gets to sleep with his dream guy!

All Your Basement Are Belong to Us
Yes, folks, the worst title ever! And I meen WORST EVER!!! But it’s a nice little orgy story, so there you go!

An Analytical Approach
Two overly-intellectual siblings decide to experiment sexually.

Arthur and Ellie
A boy with a crush on his cousin sees his dreams come true!

A Thing as Pure as Love
A brother and sister on the run from the law in the 1970’s discover safety, comfort and love in each other’s arms.

Babysitting Samantha
An inquisitive girl starts to interrogate her older male babysitter.

Bargain Pricing
A boy and a girl from a nudist family strike up a little deal.

Blake and Ashley
A reasonably kind-hearted man pics up a pair of homeless siblings. Guess what happens next? Or, well, don’t guess. Just read.

The story of a female serial killer who preys on young boys.

Boys For Hire – The Escort
A married woman (also a youth worker to make things a little more complicated) hires the services of a young male.

Brad and Jesse
Two teenage boys discover that, as much fun as girls are, they can have just as much fun with each other! And fun they have!

Chasing Colt
Fifteen-year-old Amber starts to lust after her brother’s thirteen-year-old friend, Colt! But she can’t just go fuck him, no, no. First she has to work her way through an entire baseball team!

Cherry Plucker
A boy gains the reputation as the guy to lose your virginity to!

College Guys
A teenage girl develops an interest in the college guys living next door!

Con Virgin
A teenage boy loses his virginity at a sci-fi convention.

Connor at Twelve
A horny college girl seduces her younger brother. – One of my personal favorites! –

Curing Evan
After a girl’s brother tells her he might be gay, she decides to try and “cure” him.

A pair of siblings satisfy their curiousity with each other.

Talking about sex in cyberspace leads to sex in the real world!

Dead Sexy
A boy finds the girl of his dreams laying there ready to fuck! Sadly, she’s dead. Will this stop him?

Dear Diary
Pages from a young girl’s diary.

Death of a Story
What happens when I start a story I can’t finish? Read and learn.

A man who likes boys has a daughter who likes boys, and they both like filming her getting fucked by pretty young things!

Dirty Downloads
A young girl sees some very hot annonymous porn pics, and then notices the background looks a lot like her brother’s bedroom.

Doing It
A group of kids at a summer camp learn how much fun Doing It can be!

Dull Summer
A bored teenage girl finds a way to make an otherwise dull summer much more interesting!

(Ave rats) Earning a Living
An older man makes an indecent proposition to a pair of homeless siblings.

A horribly cliched notion: sex education using the “learn by doing” method.

Elijah’s Visit
See what happens when a gay man’s younger cousin comes to visit!

Emissary to the Gods
When an ancient culture is threatened with extinction, they decide to send a young prince to intercede on their behalf, with deadly consequences!

Fact Versus Fiction
When an internet porn author meets two of his young fans, things get interesting! -Features one Jason Crow 🙂 –

A gay man in his thirties develops a fascination for his twelve-year-old niece.

Fit to be Thaied
A man on vacation in Bankok decides to get his son a souvineer: a girl.

A game of flirting between a brother and sister gets out of hand. A little…

Flour Child
A girl and boy are given a sack of flour and told to treat it like a baby as part of a class project. The girl gets more education than she bargained for!

Four Kids, One Bed
Based on a true story from one of my fans! Read about the fun he had with three friends and, you guessed it, one bed! Much, much better than “2 Girls, 1 Cup”!

Friends with Benefits
Read about two friends who become intimate one memorable afternoon.

Getting Laid in the Badlands
Two kids, stuck on a boring family camping trip in South Dakota, discover an all new way to entertain themselves.

Hannah and Her Brothers
A girl sleeps with her brother for warmth. Well, that’s how it starts, anyhow.

Holding Onto Joy
A depressed geek boy finds out he has something to live for.

In My Memories
After finding out her brother is dead, an old woman embarks on a journey home for his funeral, and a journey into her mind to the special memories she has of him.

In the FLiN
See how kids in the future have sex!

Incest is Best
Realy!!?? You need a description with this title?? Euhmmm.. Let’s see… It’s about a man stranded on a deserted island and making friends with a ball namded Wilson… Tjeez!!

A college girl decides to get pregnant… by her brother!

Jack’s Hobby
A boy spends the night with a friend and learns about his odd hobby… Contains necro. Realy not my thing, but hey! Knock yourself out if it get’s you off!!

Joyeux Anniversaire
A French boy’s older brother organizes a nice present for the lad for his 13th birthday.

Just Practicing
My first published story! Twin brothers and their sister. Setting the stage for all my stories to come after! That’s Alex Hawk, boys and girls. Quality porn since 2005!

Knocking Up Girls
Elliot is a boy in a rather sick contest to see how many girls he can get pregnant. He’s falling behind in the score, and then his eye falls onto his sister.

Life in La Fontaine
Follow the adventures of Parr, a lonely boy living in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Little Boy Blue
An older man takes in a blue-wearing homeless boy, with sexy results!

Living the Dream
A girl dreams and lusts after her older brother. Then, one day, her dreams come true.

Love in Levittown
It’s a story about love…. In Levittown…

My Crush
A boy develops a crush on his sister that gets only more intense once he starts giving her massages. – One of my favorites! –

My Ganymede
Will on vacation an older man meets the twelve-year-old boy of his dreams! This one’s for you, NAMBLA fans!

My Pregnant Sister
A young boy finds out his sister his pregnant, with sexy results!

Nebraska is Boring
After moving to Nebraska, a young boy is bored stupid. Then he meets the neighbor girl.

Nicely Buzzed
After getting a little drunk and a little horny, a young woman takes advantage of her brother.

On the Couch
A curious boy finds his sister passed out on the couch and just can’t resist poking around! (Pun intended!!)

Parker’s Present
A girl feels guilty she didn’t get her little brother anything for his birthday, so she comes up with a great idea for a present! With sexy consequences!

Paying to Fuck Formerly called “Loving my Brother – Part One”
What would you do to lose your virginity? Would you pay your cousin for a chance to fuck his sister? These boys do!

A brother and sister take nude photos of each other, with sexy consequences!

The true story of a young boy who finds out his brother and sister are fucking. To keep him quiet, they make him an offer he can’t refuse. Well, he can, I guess, but clearly doesn’t, or we wouldn’t have much of a story.

Playing Around
A brother and sister go father than they’d expected while playing around.

Plea Bargain
A Russian girl is busted for prostitution, only to have someone offer her a way out.

QT Cutie
A bored c-store worker makes his evening much more interesting with the help of a very attractive customer! One of the few adult-adult stories.

My magnum opus… follow the adventures of a sweet Southern boy as he goes through his first year of school living up North. This is my 50th story to date!

Ringing in the New Year – 2007
What did you do for New Year’s Eve? Probably not as interesting as what the people in this story did!

Ringing in the New Year – 2008
As the clock hits midnight, and we welcome 2008, see how our friends party!

Screwing at School
Health class provides interesting inspiration for a young girl and boy.

Show Me
Based on a true story – Those of you who have seen the book “Show Me!” know what an interesting bit of reading it can be! This is the true story of a pair of eleven- year-old kids who get their hands on it (And eachother) for the first time.

Sibling Sex
Jeremy and his sister look at a porn magazine together. Soon it becomes inspiration for their own play.

Story of Joe
Based on a true story – Back in the days of BBS’s and 300 baud modems a man meets a boy in a primative chatroom for a very interesting conversation… I LOVE THE 90’S!

Stud Service
A girl wants to get pregnant and looks for a breeding stud… Se asks her gay friend if he knows someone.

A true story of how a friend of mine learned all about sex

Taming Trevor
A young girl discovers a new way to tame her hyperactive brother. – One of my favorites! –

Team Spirit
A highschool football player in Texas comes to grip with his desires.

The Most Dangerous Game
A brother and sister engange in a little strip poker under supervison of their hot niece. And then some… – Also a JC favorite! –

The Price I Paid
True story of how a thirteen-year-old boy loses his virginity… and comes to regret it.

The Triton Adventure
A family goes on a cruise. The son and daghter need to use the same hut. What happens next? – I think my #1 JC Favorite! –

The Winter of 1884
Alex’ only Bestiality story. Realy not my cup of tea. But it cannot be missed in his collection of stories.

Tree House Confidential
The real life story of how a fan of my stories lost his virginity!

Up the Creek
Unlikely plot?? Absolutely!! But will it get me off?? You bet ya!!

Vanessa and Matthew
A girl and her boyfriend make love for the first time.

Virgin Brother
A wager between two brothers leads to a brand new passtime!

Warming Up Katie
A young boy’s sex life centers around giving his sister orgasms to get her ready for her boyfriend to fuck her. How long can he keep being just the warm-up guy?

Welfare Christmas
A Christmas that promises to be substandard turns out to be magical for a brother and sister. – Another JC favorite –

Wishful Thinking
Probably the stupidest plot I’ve ever come up with. Just dumb. I can’t believe I actually wrote it. Please forgive me.

Xavi and Polly and Me
Two boy’s have a ‘cumming’ arrangment and are buddy’s. One of them starts srewing the others sister. And then the real stuff happens….

Young Boys Make Fun Toys
A bored suburban housewife gets, well, desprate, and starts finding fun inside the underwear of some of the neighborhood boys!

Zane’s Audience
Zane’s younger sister has an interesting request for her gay brother.