October 19, 2008

Dear Diary
Alex Hawk

June 19 – 10:39pm
Mood: O_O

I saw Cole’s penis today!

I actually saw all of my older brother’s body, but that was his penis that really got my attention.

See, I’d gone in to the bathroom so that I could take a shower. I hadn’t realized that Cole had just gotten done taking a shower himself! He had just stepped out and was toweling his hair, and I got a good look at his whole body.

Cole is seventeen, plays a lot of sports, he’s in really good shape, and he looked really hot with water kind of dripping off his body and with his penis swinging between his legs as he toweled his hair. It was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen!

When Cole saw me there, I apologized to him and quickly scurried out. Soon as I was back in my bedroom, I started fingering like there was no tomorrow and when I came it was the BEST ORGASM EVER! It was soooo cool!

But since then I’ve started feeling a little guilty. I mean, this IS my own brother. Plus I’m only twelve. I shouldn’t be thinking about ANY boys like this, much less Cole.

Maybe I’m just a bad person.

June 22 – 8:03pm
Mood: ¬_¬

I feel really, really weird.

Ok, so Cole was outside a couple hours ago. He was mowing the lawn and didn’t have his shirt on. I was watching him from my bedroom window and THE WHOLE TIME he was down there, I kept touching myself and even fingering my vagina wondering what it would be like to feel my brother’s penis in me instead of just my finger. I actually came while looking at his bare chest!

I don’t know. I feel guilty and weird, but… it was also really fun thinking about Cole like that. I know it’s wrong, but I couldn’t resist it.

Maybe I should have my vagina filled in with cement…

JUNE 28 – 3:14am

Man, I just did something really, REALLY bad!

So, like a half hour ago I was woken up by the sounds of Cole staggering home and going to his bedroom. I think he’d been out drinking. I tried to get back to sleep but I couldn’t, so I got up to go use the bathroom.

When I walked to the bathroom, I saw that Cole’s bedroom door was open just a little bit. When I looked inside I saw him lying on his bed, on his back, totally passed out and COMPLETELY NAKED! Before I could stop myself I’d opened his door and snuck inside.

When I was in his bedroom, I could see Cole’s body a little better from the crack of light coming out of the hallway. I crept quietly over to his bed and stood there, looking down at my brother’s naked body. Mostly I was looking at his penis.

It looked really strange. It was just laying there between his legs, just like it had been when I saw him getting out of the shower. I knew that for a boy to fuck a girl, his penis had to be hard and sticking up and Cole’s wasn’t like that. I wondered how they got that way.

As I looked down at Cole, naked like this, I reached down into my panties and started to rub at my vagina. When I sleep I only wear panties or sometimes a really long t shirt. Eventually I slid a finger up into myself, thinking about what it would be like to have my brother’s penis inside me.

So now is when I did the REALLY BAD THING! Just out of curiosity, and because I really wanted to know what it would feel like, I reached out with my other hand and ran a couple fingers along Cole’s penis. The skin felt really weird, but it was really cool, too.

Then I got a really big surprise, because Cole’s penis kind of jumped up and started to get really, really hard and big! I gotta say I actually got a little bit scared at this point, cause I quickly took my hand away and got out of his bedroom as fast as possible!

After I went to the bathroom I came back to my bedroom and fingered to an orgasm while thinking about Cole. From what little I’d seen of my brother’s penis I knew it was way too big to ever fit into my vagina, but I thought about it anyhow. For some reason I feel less guilty than before. I wonder why?

JULY 1 – 4:02am
MOOD: ^_^

Cole was out with his friends again tonight, and I tried my hardest to stay awake until he came home. I thought that maybe I might try to check him out again or something. But I fell asleep, which was a big bowl of suck.

It was ok, though, cause Cole made just enough noise when he came home that I woke up anyhow. This was like 45 minutes ago or so. I gave him some time to fall asleep and then I snuck out into the hallway once again.

Then I got a really annoying surprise! Cole’s door was shut.

So I’m standing out there in the hallway wearing only my panties and I’m trying to figure out what to do. Finally I just decided to quietly open up the door and creep into my brother’s bedroom. And that’s what I did! I was really happy he didn’t lock his door.

When I got inside Cole’s room I left the hallway door open just enough to let in some light and enough to make sure that I could leave quickly if I needed to. Thankfully Cole seemed to be just as passed out as he was last time, and he was sleeping naked again!

I moved over to the side of Cole’s bed and looked down at him. His penis was soft again. I reached out and touched it just like before and it got hard. Very cool. This time I wasn’t as surprised as I had been so I didn’t get scared or anything. In fact I kind of wrapped my hand around it and held it. It was… strange. But not like in a bad way. It felt very warm and very solid to hold.

So now I was really starting to wonder what it would feel like to have a penis inside me. I figured it would be a really long time before I got to learn that, but I DID have another thought that crossed my mind.

I pulled my panties down and off and then took Cole’s hand in mine. Very slowly I moved my brother’s hand until it was rubbing against my vagina and then I stuck out his middle finger and gradually worked it up inside me.

Now THIS felt really, REALLY good! I sort of moved it back and forth within my vagina, really getting into the fact that, for the first time, I had a boy inside me! I mean, ok, so the boy was my older brother, he was asleep and the part of him that was in me was just his middle finger, but still!

After a couple moments of this, I figured I had pushed my luck as far as I could. For all I knew Cole could wake up at any point and then I’d be really screwed. Well, not really, but you get the idea. I let his finger slide out of me, grabbed my panties and snuck back into my bedroom, where my own finger replaced my brother’s and I had my fun!

I don’t really feel bad about what I did. I don’t know why. I mean, I should really feel bad about it, right?

JULY 6 – 1:56am
MOOD: ¬_¬

Cole came home just about an hour ago and when I thought he was asleep I crept into his bedroom, hoping for some more fun. But I was only in there for a few seconds before he started moving around and I thought he might be waking up, so I high-tailed it back here!
God, I feel like such a dork.

JULY 17 – 3:27am

Cole’s been behaving and not coming home too late these days. But tonight he did! He crashed about an hour-and-a-half ago. I kept wanting to go in and have a look at him but I didn’t want to take a chance on him waking up.

So finally I thought it was enough time and I went into his bedroom. He’d left the door open a little once again and he’d passed out naked on his bed, just like before. Except this time he was face down. THAT sucked. I could see his butt, which looked pretty cool, but not his penis or anything. I was really disapointed and I left his bedroom and popped into the bathroom.

Well, on my way back from the bathroom I peeked into my brother’s bedroom again and, lucky me!, he’d turned over! Now not only could I see his penis, but I could see that it was even already hard! So I went back into his bedroom and stripped out of my panties and stood there naked, fingering myself while I looked at Cole’s cute body!

I wanted to do what I’d done before. I wanted to put my brother’s finger into my vagina while I played around with his penis, but I didn’t know if I could get away with that again, so I started to think about other ideas.

What I really wanted to find out was what it would feel like to have Cole’s penis touching my vagina. Not going into me, of course, but just touching me. It would be really, really hard to do without waking Cole up, but I thought I might take the chance.

So what I did was I sort of got onto my brother’s bed and kind of stood over his body. He had a really firm mattress, so this wasn’t all that difficult but it wasn’t easy, either. I was very happy I’d spent a lot of time taking ballet!

Now was the tough part. I held Cole’s erection up and settled myself down so that I was squating over him. I held him in one hand and with the other kept my body stable. I kept moving down until I felt the tip of my brother’s penis brush lightly against my vagina.

I can’t even begin to say what it felt like! It was like little sparks were going through my whole body! I sort of pushed down a little until I felt the tip of Cole’s penis poking against the entrance to my vagina. It felt good. It felt REALLY good. Doing my best to keep my balance and keep Cole right where he was, I let go of his erection and started rubbing my clitoris while trying to keep the tip against me.

This was just as difficult to do as it sounds. I was just starting to really get into it, though, when I kind of lost my balance just a tiny bit and felt the weird feeling of the tip of my brother’s penis start actually going into my vagina. Yeah! He actually started going inside me!

I stayed completely still at this point. I took my hand away from my clitoris and felt around. It seemed like all of the tip of Cole’s penis was inside me. It was the coolest thing I’d ever felt and it was enough to make me cum! Believe it or not, I had an orgasm like this! It was really hard not to make any noise and twitch all over the place, I still didn’t want to wake Cole up, of course, but I managed it somehow.

After I was done cumming, I quickly lifted myself up, feeling the tip of Cole’s penis pop out of me. I grabbed my panties and went back to my room and started writing this! Wow… what a night!

JULY 21 – 4:01am

I’m like WAY too wound up to write anymore right now, so I’ll finish this up later, but I just wanted to say that! WOW!

JULY 21- 5:46pm
MOOD: ^_^

Ok, so like I said, I’m not a virgin anymore! Yay, me! Here’s what happened.

Cole came home late again, just like before, and went to his bedroom. I waited quite a while, as long as I could stand it, and finally went into his room where I found him lying on his bed, on his back, totally nude and already hard again. Very sweet.

Once my panties were off, I stood there naked in my brother’s room, just staring at his whole body. He looks SO hot naked! I didn’t bother to waste as much time as I had before. I just moved right over to his bed and climbed up there next to him, taking his penis in my hand and straddling his waist so that he was rubbing against me again.

And that was pretty much all I’d planned to do. I figured I’d just use my brother’s penis to masturbate with and by doing that I’d get to an orgasm. A very good idea, right?

So while I was rubbing the tip of Cole’s penis back and forth along the slit of my vagina I kept thinking about how good it had felt before when I’d had the tip up inside me. Well, the more I thought about the idea the more that I liked it.

So I settled myself over Cole’s penis, holding it straight up, and then slowly lowered myself down until I felt him start to poke into my vagina. Finally there was this odd little “pop” sensation and I felt all the tip once again entering me.

I took a deep breath at this point and tried to calm myself. I wanted to have an orgasm like this, but not really quickly, you know? I wanted to really enjoy this! But then I started to wonder. You know. What it might be like to have Cole’s penis all the way inside me.

Well, I suppose you can probably guess what happened now! I kind of lowered myself down a little more, feeling a bit more of my brother’s penis going into my virgin vagina. It felt like I was being stretched out and it was really strange, but I liked it, too. I went down a little more and soon had half of him inside me.

At that point I paused, trying to adjust to what was happening between my legs. All the fingering I’d done hadn’t been anything even close to what this felt like! I wanted to scream out with pleasure, but I knew that would probably wake up Cole and I couldn’t even begin to imagine how I’d get out of THAT situation! Trying to explain to your brother why you’re naked and straddling his naked body with half his penis stuffed into your vagina would be a little difficult.

But of course half wasn’t enough. I went down even further until finally I felt a faint tickle from Cole’s pubic hair. I had him all the way inside me! Every bit of my seventeen-year-old brother’s penis was stuck into my twelve-year-old vagina! And GOD did it feel good!

Now I was interested in cumming, so I started moving up and down on Cole’s penis, feeling it slide in and out of me. I got a bit of a shock, though, when I stopped moving at one point, but I could still feel Cole sliding around inside me. I looked down and realized that he was fucking me a little. I wondered if he was awake or anything, but he looked like he was still sleeping, so I guessed it must’ve just been like some instinct thing or something. I didn’t know for sure, but it felt good! I stopped moving entirely and just enjoyed the feeling of my brother fucking me in his sleep.

It wasn’t too much longer after that, that my vagina began contracting hard around my brother’s penis as my orgasm started. It was such an incredible orgasm! MUCH better than ANY I’d ever had before! My brain just like completely froze up as it happened!

Then Cole started fucking me a little harder. So hard that he was like lifting me up off the bed! Suddenly I felt his penis twitching inside me and there was this really weird feeling of warm splashing happening in my vagina. It seemed like Cole was having his orgasm, but I wasn’t completely sure.

What I was sure of, though, was that once Cole was done, he kind of fell back onto the bed and stopped moving. I very carefully got off him, feeling kind of empty as his penis slid out of my vagina, and grabbed my panties and went back to my bedroom.

When I got in here, I felt around my vagina and found this strange white liquid. I did some research on the Net and I found out this was Cole’s sperm. I nearly had a heart attack cause I suddenly knew my brother might’ve got me pregnant! Oh, well, there wasn’t much that I could do about it now, I guess.

So that’s what happend! I’m really, really happy that I got fucked by Cole. I wonder if I’ll be able to make it happen again?

AUGUST 2 – 2:11am
MOOD: ^_^

It happened again and this time it was even better!

So Cole got home like an hour ago and he was kind of drunk again. When I figured he was sleeping I went into his bedroom like usual and saw him laying there like he always was. Very, very nice to see!

I got naked and went over to Cole’s bed, taking his penis in my hand and stroking it a little. Then I nearly died when Cole mumbled something!

“Ooooh… yeah, Stacey… yeah, that’s good…”

Stacey was Cole’s girlfriend! He thought that was who I was!

“Come kiss me…”

I got onto my brother’s bed and kissed him a little. He kissed me back and wrapped his arms around me, rolling me over onto my back. Then while he kissed me, he moved his hand down to my vagina and started rubbing me slowly.

“Wow, Stacey… you shaved it… cool…”

I grinned a little. He still thought I was Stacey AND that I had shaved off my pubic hair! I didn’t even have any growing yet.

Cole started fingering me and just when I thought nothing would feel better than that, he moved his face down and I felt his tongue start moving around! He licked my clit, stuck his tongue into my vagina and generally just made me go nuts! IT WAS GREAT!

Then things got even better! Cole moved up, kissing my nipples and then started pushing his penis into my vagina. As soon as my brother was all the way in me, he started fucking me nice and slow. Wonderful!

“God, Stacey, you’re sooooo tight tonight…”

It was kind of weird getting fucked by my own brother when he thought I was some other girl, but I didn’t really care that much. The simple fact that I was getting fucked at all was enough to make up for it. I got so into it that I even reached up and put my hands on my brother’s chest as he screwed me.
Cole fucked me in a nice, slow way. It felt really sweet. He was really, really good at it. I was very happy that my first lover was a boy who really knew what he was doing.

Soon Cole was fucking me faster and faster, and I knew I was going to cum pretty soon. When he reached down and started rubbing my clit while he fucked, that pushed me over the top. I started squirming around on my brother’s penis as I began to climax. If I’d thought the orgasm last time with Colt was great, it was NOTHING compared to this! It was all I could do not to scream.

I wondered if Cole was trying to hold back his own orgasm until I had mine, cause just as I started to cum I felt his penis kicking inside me and that strange sensation of his sperm slashing into my vagina as he pushed really deep into me. It was sooooo wonderful! I needed to have this happen more often.

When he was done cumming, Cole gave me a kiss and said, “Thanks, Stacey… I needed that…” Then he rolled off me and fell asleep. I gave him a little kiss of my own and came back to my bedroom.

What a night!


August 2, 2004 – 11:53am
Mood: 🙂

I fucked my sister again last night. I wonder if she’s ever gonna figure out that I’ve been awake all these times she’s come in here?


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. All characters and events depicted are fictional. Any similarity to real people or events is entirely unlikely.