Sibling Rivalry
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Chapter 1

There was a slight bit of turbulence in the Texas air as the plane made its descent. Megan Richards looked out her window, watching as the lights of Houston grew larger and brighter. She felt a nervous flutter in her stomach, but it wasn’t fear of the impending landing, but rather what awaited her on the ground.

Megan needed this vacation, but it scared her as well. She only got to see her older sister once a year, during her summer break. Megan taught sixth grade English at a public school in Pittsburgh. Nicole, “the successful one” according to their mother, was a divorced divorce attorney in Houston. Nicole had married early, and she’d had two sons. Shane had recently turned thirteen, she knew, while Jack would soon be twelve. The sisters alternated hosting their annual reunion, and the previous year Nicole and the boys had joined Megan in Pittsburgh, where she lived still with their mother in their childhood home. Two years before, when Megan had joined the family in Houston, she’d pretty much sealed her doom.

The realization had been slow in coming. There had been hints for years, she knew, looking back on it, but she hadn’t been fully conscious of it, at least not enough to put a name on it, until that last visit to Houston. In the two tortured years since then, Megan had accepted the fact that she was a boylover. Even saying it in her head sounded weird. Not wrong, exactly, but definitely weird.

Megan had always liked some of the boys in her classes more than she’d liked any of the girls. It wasn’t something she’d thought about, or ever quantified, but just another of those things that hit her upon reflection. She’d felt more comfortable around them. Found them… cuter. Not in a sexual or romantic way. At least not on the surface. Or so she told herself. In fact, for awhile, her sexuality had been a bit of a mystery to her.

She was no virgin. She’d had boyfriends throughout middle and high school. She’d lost her virginity in tenth grade, and she’d had a few lovers while she was in college. She’d just found herself dating less and less through her twenties. For awhile, she wondered if she might be gay. Or at least bi. She’d found herself growing more and more attracted to girls. Well, not actual underage type girls, but women. Petite women though, with short hair, smaller tits and, she’d realize later, an all-around boyish vibe. She’d experimented a bit, and while lesbian sex didn’t turn her off, she’d realized it just wasn’t what she was after. She hadn’t been hit by that particular epiphany until her last trip to Houston.

Megan didn’t consider herself a prude. Far from it, she felt, but Nicole… well, her sister had always been a bit out there. Even as a girl, she’d lost her virginity at twelve and had gone through boys like tissue paper all through her school years. So it was no big surprise to anyone when she’d gotten engaged to Steve, to find out that he was a nudist. There was even a rumor that he’d done a couple of porn films when he was younger. No, the surprise was that they wanted to get married in the nude. Megan went to the wedding, but their parents refused. Megan figured that it would just be a phase, but as the marriage continued, and the boys were born, the family continued to live their nudist lives. Or naturist, as Nicole always insisted.

Whenever their sisterly reunion was held in Houston, Megan had swallowed her discomfort and had eventually just gotten used to Nicole and Steve and the kids running around in the buff. She was always invited to join them in their casual nakedness, and they never pressured her, but she just didn’t feel comfortable outside of a bikini. Despite Nicole’s assurances to the contrary, Megan just couldn’t help but think that her brother-in-law’s big, flopping penis was a sexual display rather than the expression of freedom and comfort they claimed. After the divorce, Megan thought it might stop, but it hadn’t. Nicole continued to maintain a clothing-free household, so Megan was used to seeing her sister and the boys naked on her visits. Without Steve there, she even felt comfortable enough at times to go topless. Until the boys began to get a bit older, that is.

Megan’s last visit to Houston, two years earlier, Shane had been eleven, and little Jack was nine. The boys had been two years younger, nine and seven, the last time she’d seen them nude, and while she’d been able to see the young men they’d become, they were still very much little boys. But seeing an eleven-year-old Shane had somehow been different from all her previous experiences with her nephews. He’d awoken something in her. Or, if not awoken, at least made her aware of something that had been growing inside her for some time. She’d been barely able to take her eyes off him the entire trip, and the sight of his pubescent nudity had filled her with a confused sort of tingling excitement. She hadn’t even realized what was happening until that first night, alone in her bed, as she fingered herself to an explosive orgasm while she fantasized about him naked and erect in her bed. Of course, she’d last seen it when it was a cute little nine-year-old boner, so she adjusted its size in her imagination.

She’d seen it the next day though. In fact, it seemed that eleven-year-old boys spent a good part of their day with erections. It honestly wasn’t a whole lot bigger than it had been at nine, but it somehow looked more… sexy. That was the difference from before, she knew. That was the change. That little erection had gone from being a cute little appendage to something infused with sexual potential. In her head at any rate. Nicole had laughed it off, seeing her reaction. That’s boys for you, she’d said. Indeed, nine-year-old Jack was hard on and off throughout the day as well, and seeing those bouncing little boners had Megan in a near constant state of nervous sexual excitement.

Back home in Pittsburgh after that last visit to Houston, Megan had found herself seeing every boy she encountered in a new light. She’d catch herself pausing on shows and commercials that featured cute, pubescent boys. In the grocery store, or out at a restaurant with friends, she’d find herself staring at the crotches of young boys, wondering if they were hard right then. Boys, she knew from her nephews, couldn’t seem to keep their hands away from their crotches, constantly shifting their little bits around, and she imagined every time she saw it that they were adjusting straining young erections.

The end of that August two years ago had brought as well the end of any doubt in Megan’s mind as to what she was; a boylover. She didn’t actually know that name yet. That would come a bit later, as she found herself searching the internet for information on what she was thinking of as her ‘condition’. It was the return to teaching though, with daily interactions with a new host of sixth-graders, that cemented the fact she was sexually attracted to pubescent boys. She felt herself practically humming with excitement every time she was near a cute boy. The look of him. The smell of him. The sound of his voice, raspy with adolescent growth. If she hadn’t been a crotch-watcher before, she certainly became one quickly, and with that came the realization that sixth-grade boys became erect just as often as her nephews had, despite having to wear clothes. She couldn’t often see a bulge, although she continually caught exciting glimpses, but the way boys tugged at their crotches and adjusted them, and hid them, or avoided standing at certain times, left no doubt as to the frequency of their youthful boners. She’d never been so grateful that signs of her own sexual excitement were more difficult to discern.

The internet eventually gave her a name for her ‘condition’. She latched onto the term boylover, not liking any of the more clinical or vulgar terms she found to describe her attraction. Also, while she was afraid to go look for the true boy pornography she knew must exist out there online, she was able to indulge herself in other ways. She discovered shotacon, and story sites which features tales of boys with women, or boys with men, or any other possible combination. She found amazing 3D art, which made the boys so much more real for her. She found that even just plugging ‘boys in briefs’ into an image search would provide her plenty of inspiration for fantasy.

Not that she dove headlong and heedlessly into her attraction. She’d fought it. For awhile. Who in their right mind would want to find themselves attracted to children? The idea shocked and repelled her, although perhaps not as much as it should have. At first, before the image searches fueled her, she’d concentrated on finding help, some answers, someone to whom she could talk. She’d quickly realized the futility, and even the danger, of that, and as her eyes continued to wander and she found herself in awe of this beauty she realized so few others could see, she gave herself over to it.

So, from the spark of seeing her nephew naked at eleven, her world had practically come to revolve around boys and the thought of boys. She wouldn’t say she was obsessed, but she hadn’t had sex in two years, not having any interest any longer in grown men, or even boyish women. It was the thought of boys, the sight of boys, the nearness of boys, that thrilled and excited her. Which all brought her here, two years later, with butterflies doing a jig in her stomach, about to touch down in Houston. She knew she’d once more find herself in the company of cute boys; boys who were now squarely in what she’d learned was called her AOA, or age of attraction. Boys who would be naked practically 24/7.

She was filled with equal amounts of excitement and dread. What if she couldn’t hide her reaction from her sister? Would her nephews recognize her hungry gaze for what it was? Their visit to Pittsburgh the previous year had been bad enough. Her nephews were gorgeous, and though they’d stayed clothed during the entire trip out of respect for their grandmother, Megan had still been treated to the sight of the then ten and twelve-year-old in their underwear on several occasions, and having them under her roof had been sweet torture. She was able to restrain herself at school, avoiding touching the boys for the most part, only indulging her desires by being near them, feeling their body heat, inhaling their pubescent perfume. Shane and Jack were her nephews though, and she’d been expected and even encouraged to hug them, to kiss them, to snuggle with them. She’d spent each day in a mixture of extreme sexual overload and fear of discovery. It had almost been a relief when they’d finally returned to Houston.

Now, a year later, she was heading back into the lion’s den.

After the plane arrived at the gate, Megan sat almost primly in her seat, letting the other passengers stream by her, preparing herself mentally. Which was ridiculous, she knew. It wasn’t as if the boys would be naked in the airport. Of course, her mind immediately went to an image of her nephews naked in the airport. Then she was distracted briefly by a boy passing her. Boys of any age above eight or so pinged her radar now, waiting for an evaluation of appropriate age and level of cuteness to be a suitable subject for ogling. She’d only gotten the barest glance as this boy passed, but her mind had registered him as cute. He was only about ten, but she knew how interesting he’d be in a couple of years and she was still able to admire the firm, round potential he had stuffed into his skinny jeans. Still, while a nice distraction, he wasn’t old enough to hold her interest for long. Sighing, knowing she couldn’t put it off any longer, she rose and made her shuffling way to the front of the plane.

Arriving at baggage claim, Megan searched the waiting crowds for naked boys, but she’d suspected that would a bit too much for which to hope. When she finally spotted her sister, she saw that Nicole was alone. Megan was grateful, knowing it would give her a bit more time to prepare herself before facing her nephews. The sisters greeted one another, hugging and smiling as they made their way out of the terminal.

Megan had to admit that her sister looked as good as ever. Tall and blonde and athletic, Nicole had always been the star of the family, the one the boys fawned over. Soccer, volleyball, basketball, track. Nicole had excelled at them all. She even won at puberty, being five-foot-eight by thirteen, with firm, cantaloupe-sized breasts. At thirty-five, she was five-ten and still in terrific shape; her ass taut, her DD-cup breasts still firm. Her honey-blonde hair was shoulder length and expensively styled. Her clothes screamed money.

In comparison, Megan was four years younger, four inches shorter, had mousy brown hair and more modest B-cup breasts, still firm thankfully. She struggled at the gym and at yoga class to keep her body firm and toned, something which seemed to come easily to her older sister. Although attractive, she’d never felt she compared favorably to Nicole, and she’d always been bookish compared to her older sister’s easy athleticism.

Still, Megan loved her sister, and while she sometimes felt a bit envious of her life, she didn’t feel any jealousy. She repeated that to herself as they exited the elevator into the parking garage and got into her sister’s new BMW, trying not to think about her own six-year-old Corolla. Thirty minutes later, when they passed the exit to Nicole’s home, her sister told her that she’d sold the house and that she and the boys had moved into a condo. Less maintenance, she explained. The women fell into a companionable silence as Megan watched the lights of Houston flow past them.

Paradise Cove, read the ornate signs on the walls to either side of the tall walls surrounding the condo complex. They pulled up to a guard shack and stopped as a nice-looking young black man in a blue and white uniform stepped out with a smile. “Good evening, Ms. Bennington,” the man greeted them as Nicole stopped and lowered her window. Nicole had kept her last name after the divorce so as not to confuse the boys.

“Hi, Isaac,” she said. “How’s Angela?”

“She’s doing well, ma’am,” he smiled. “Thank you for asking. Have a good evening,” he said as he stepped back and the large gates slowly slid open.

“You, too,” Nicole said, as she slid the window back up and pulled slowly through the gates. They were greeted by a cascading little waterfall, which occupied the center of a circular roundabout just past the gates which obscured the view of the private neighborhood. Then they were past it and the complex revealed itself to be large and lux, with a sparkling lake, pools and tennis courts. There were lush wooded areas sprinkled amidst townhouses and two-story apartment blocks.

“It looks really nice,” Megan said politely, then did a double take as they drove by one of the pools and she saw a young couple walking toward them with towels around their necks and nothing else. She craned her neck to look behind them as they drove by. “Nicole, were they…?”

“Nude?” Nicole asked, then laughed. “Megs, did I not mention that bit? It’s a naturist community, of course.”

“Of course,” Megan said a bit sourly, her heart suddenly pounding, imagining not just her adorable nephews nude, but an entire neighborhood full of naked boys. She really was doomed.

“You should see your face,” Nicole laughed. “Don’t judge! This is a nice place, Megs,” she said. “The boys love it. They have lots of friends they don’t have to have ‘the talk’ with before they come to the house. There’s a top-rated private school nearby which the boys love. Plus, it’s a safe neighborhood.”

“That explains the guard,” Megan said.

“They’re just there to keep out the looky-loos,” Nicole said as she pulled into a spot. “Here we are,” she said, shutting off the expensive sedan. She glanced at her watch and said, “It’s after eleven, but I’m sure the boys are still up. They’re excited about your visit.”

Megan had been half hoping that the later flight would give her a night to get used to the idea of being back in her sister’s home without having to actually see the boys, but she realized that perhaps this would be best. A quick look, then the boys would trot off to bed before they had time to realize she was staring. Even better, maybe she’d be able to keep herself from staring. As if.

Steeling herself, Megan got out of the car and moved around to the trunk to collect her luggage. “The boys can get them,” Nicole called, taking her keys from her purse. Resigned, Megan followed her sister, her heart already pounding.

Then they were through the front door, and it was young male voices, and brown limbs and dicks and dicks and dicks. So many dicks. Megan laughed as she was swarmed by her joyfully shouting nephews, trying desperately not to appear to be staring while her eyes drank them in like a starving castaway presented with a feast.

The boys wrapped her in hugs, and she couldn’t help an involuntary shudder of pleasure as she hugged them back, her hands glorying against their smooth, tanned flesh. She couldn’t believe how much they’d grown. Shane was deliciously thirteen. She guessed he was about an inch over five feet. He had his father’s chestnut hair down to his shoulders, chocolate brown eyes, and round, sensual features. His body was deeply tanned, slim and athletic, with a flat stomach and that V of muscle that led down to… a gorgeous, stubby little cock. Megan tried not to look, but her eyes were drawn back again and again as the boys danced around her, looking for hugs and kisses.

The thirteen-year-old’s soft cock was only a bit over two inches long, but surprisingly fat, looking to be mostly glans, with a little fan of dark, silky hairs radiating outward from the base. The hairs were all straight, almost looking as if they’d been drawn in with a very fine mascara pencil, but forming a very defined little strip about one inch high across the base of his penis. Down below was a pair of surprisingly large testicles, like cherry tomatoes, in a hairless pouch.

A month from his twelfth birthday, Jack was the real shocker. He was tall for his age, at nearly five feet, all slim, muscled smoothness. While Shane looked a lot like his father, Jack had his mother’s sharper features, blue eyes, and blond hair, bleached nearly white from hours in the sun, which had also tanned his slender limbs a golden brown. The surprise was down between his legs, bouncing around as he himself bounced with excitement. The eleven-year-old’s dick was even longer than his older brother’s. Nearly twice as long in fact, at nearly four inches, although it seemed much thinner. His little balls were smaller as well, grape-sized to Shane’s golf balls, and he was still completely hairless.

Megan was lost in a sea of noise and excitement, her eyes darting while trying not to ogle her nephews’ nude bodies, nervous about being caught while trying to participate in the rush of conversation as the boys tried to talk about what they’d been doing since they’d seen her last. Finally, after what seemed like hours, but was likely no more than ten minutes, Nicole sent the boys out to grab her bags, sparking a stab of worry in Megan when she saw them going outside naked before her brain caught up with the reality of where they were living.

The boys moaned their disappointment when they were sent quickly off to bed, and then the sisters settled down with glasses of wine to talk and relax. Megan’s head was still swimming with the intoxication of Shane and Jack’s nudity and the wine just muddled her further. Claiming jet lag, she begged off from further reminiscing and went up to bed. Thirty minutes later, she lay shaking in the guest room, sweat cooling on her body as she felt the warmth of her orgasm seeping through her body, her mind still swirling with images of her naked nephews.

So doomed, she thought as she drifted off to sleep.


The next morning Megan showered and dressed in a simple cotton sundress. In a nod to the nudist household she was in, she left off her bra, and decided that the faint shadow of her brown nipples through the white cloth was plenty daring enough. Downstairs she found her sister at the kitchen table with an open laptop before her and a stack of papers and folders in an open briefcase. Nicole was nude of course.

“Hey, Megs,” her sister greeted her with a smile, rising to hug her, her large, perfect breasts pressing against her own. Megan couldn’t help a quick look at the perfect little strip of dark blonde curls on her sister’s perfect little vulva. Then, “Sit, sit,” as Nicole went to the counter and took a mug, filling it from a carafe of coffee before placing it down before her.

The women then spent a few minutes on the catching up that they’d cut short the night before. They spoke at least once a week on the phone, so there was no big news to share, but it was nice just to be in one another’s company.

They were still laughing over a story from their childhoods when Nicole looked over Megan’s shoulder, smiled, and said, “Hey, sleepyhead.”

“Hey,” Megan heard a boyish grumble behind her, and she turned with a smile, a smile which froze on her face when she saw Jack standing in the doorway of the kitchen, yawning and stretching, sporting a major case of bedhead along with a major erection. She felt like her heart had stopped in her chest. As if time simply ceased to have any meaning and she was just lost in an eternal moment. Jack’s pubescent cock stood up stiffly, almost quivering, it seemed to her, with hardness. Nearly four inches long, about an inch thick, perhaps a bit less. It was certainly bigger than Shane’s had been at that age, and in every single way it exceeded all her fevered fantasies over the last several months.

“Where’s your brother?” Nicole asked, startling Megan and snapping her back into the time steam. Her sister asked the question casually, as if she were used to this display of rampant pubescent sexuality, and Megan realized that of course she was used to it, and a flash of envy burned through her. In fact, Megan saw that her sister, after a glance at her youngest son, had her attention on something on her laptop.

“He’s takin’ a shower,” the boy answered, strolling unconcernedly into the kitchen, erection bouncing. “Hi, Aunt Megan,” he smiled, and Megan nearly froze as that stiff young cock drew closer and closer, filling her vision. She felt her mouth begin to drop open in anticipation, and shook herself, shocked, as Jack leaned down and hugged her.

“He’s in the shower?” Nicole asked, clearly surprised enough to look up from her laptop.

“He wants to smell good for his girlfriend,” the blond boy’s teasing emphasis on the word apparent, but Megan barely heard him, her eyes filled with the boy’s firm little ass as he moved around the table to his mother.

“He means you,” Nicole smiled at her sister, accepting a hug and a kiss from her son, who then turned to grin at Megan while his mom’s arm wrapped around his skinny hips.

“Me?” Megan asked, a bit confused, head full of the image of mother and son, so blond and perfect, Jack’s throbbing young penis perhaps six inches from his mother’s lips.

“He’s in loooove,” Jack said in a teasing tone.

“No teasing your brother,” Nicole said, turning her head, then recoiling. “You almost poked me in the eye!” she said with an accusing laugh.

Jack giggled, then reached down and pushed his thumb against the base of his cock, moving it to horizontal and thrusting his hips. “Pew, pew!” he said. Then he turned and went to the counter, grabbing a bowl and a box of cereal.

“Boys and their toys,” Nicole laughed, smiling at her sister, who burned with jealousy.

Jack was happily slurping down spoonfuls of Apple Jacks when Shane came carefully into the kitchen a few minutes later, shoulder-length hair clean and carefully styled, smelling of soap and what Megan instantly recognized as a variety of Axe. Axe was very popular with her sixth-graders, and she’d been subjected to just about every variety they produced. She’d never claim it the best smelling stuff, but she so closely associated it with pubescent boys that the scent could inflame her. Jack immediately grinned around a full mouth of cereal, but he didn’t say a word after a warning glance from his mother.

“Nice of you to join us,” Nicole said, eyes dancing with amusement.

“Hey,” Shane said casually. His eyes caught Megan’s and he blushed very slightly as he smiled and said, “Morning, Aunt Megan.”

Megan was careful to maintain eye contact with the boy as he walked over to her, but as he was leaning down to hug her she glanced downward, both relieved and disappointed to see his penis still soft between his legs. As Shane straightened, Megan struggled to tear her gaze from his crotch, and she looked up guiltily from the stout little penis to see Shane look quickly away from her chest with his own guilt flashing in his eyes.

Where Jack’s ass was slim and athletic, Shane’s was fuller and rounder, but no less firm, and Megan found her eyes tracking it as the boy went to his mother, bending down for a hug and kiss, giving her a quick, winking peek at a pink anus.

As he straightened, Megan watched as her sister bent forward, her nose perhaps two inches from her son’s crotch. She made a show of sniffing and said, “Someone smells nice.” Jack snickered, and Shane blushed, quickly turning to grab his own bowl from the cupboard.

“Guy can’t take a shower without everybody crawlin’ up his ass,” the teenager grumbled.

“Language,” Nicole said, but she turned a grin to her sister.

“Shane and Megan, sittin’ in a tree…” Jack began under his breath, but cut off quickly with a yelp after a kick under the table from his mother.

As Shane sat down at the table and poured himself a bowl of cereal, Nicole’s phone rang. She picked it up and asked, “What’s up, John?” The boys both groaned.

Nicole gave them a sour look, listening to the call, and Shane, who’d sat at Megan’s left, leaned close and said, “That’s mom’s assistant.”

“Then take care of it,” Nicole said, looking perturbed. Finally, after listening for a minute, she gave a sigh and said, “Fine. Forty minutes.” The boys groaned again.

“I know,” she said. “I’m sorry.” Then, turning to Megan, “I’m sorry, Megs. I told them I was taking off the rest of the week, but something has come up that just can’t wait. I swear it’ll only take a few hours and then I’m all yours.”

“Mo-om,” Jack complained. “We were gonna go to Rainforest for lunch.”

“We’ll go tomorrow, Jacky,” she said. “I promise.” Then, rising from the table, gloriously nude in a shaft of morning sunlight, she said, “Megs, can you entertain them for a bit? Hey, maybe you guys can take your Aunt Megan to the pool.”

“Yeah!” Jack said, hopping up and coming around the table to Megan. She noticed that his penis was soft again, but only slightly smaller than it had been when erect. A shower, she knew, and she wondered if Shane was a grower.

So it was decided that Megan would accompany the boys to the pool while Nicole went into the office for a few hours. While Nicole went to get dressed, Megan went to her room to agonize over what to wear. Part of her was tempted to simply go nude. A quick, whispered conversation with Nicole had informed her that nudity was actually a requirement in the pool and spas around the complex, but not around them. She didn’t think she was ready to display herself in front of her nephews like that, to say nothing of who knew how many people around the pool. So, even knowing that she’d likely stand out more for being dressed than she would if she were nude, she went through the drawers where she’d unpacked her clothes and chose her skimpiest bikini. Even that wasn’t something she’d have worn back home, as it barely covered all the important areas, but she knew she’d look practically modest in it here.

Nicole knocked at her door a few minutes later, then poked her head in at Megan’s invitation. “Hey, that’s cute,” she said, eyeing her little sister’s small, red bikini. Then, with a sly gleam in her eye, she said, “You’re going to drive Shane crazy.”

“God,” Megan moaned, quickly taking the top off.

“Or you could go like that,” Nicole said, entering and shutting the door behind her. “Honestly, Megs, you’ve got great boobs, you should show them off.”

Megan looked down at her chest. Her breasts weren’t as large as her sister’s, but they were nicely formed, quite firm and topped with perky nipples. “That’s a great way to get Shane to pay less attention,” she said wryly.

Nicole chuckled. “He’s thirteen and he’s got a crush,” she said. “You could wear a burka and a down parka and he’d still get turned on.”

“Nic!” Megan exclaimed, as if scandalized, but mostly kidding and secretly thrilled.

“If only you knew,” her sister said, rolling her eyes. “You know those blacklights they use to show you how nasty hotel rooms are? Bring one of those into the boys’ room and it would light up like a Jackson Pollock painting.” Megan giggled despite the sudden tightening between her legs at the thought.

“My kids jack off more than monkeys at the zoo,” Nicole told her with a grin. “It’s like a wildlife documentary around here most days.”

“You’re horrible,” Megan laughed.

“I’m serious,” the older sister chuckled. “I know what the people around Vesuvius must have felt like. Liquid magma raining down everywhere.”

The sisters laughed until Nicole announced she had to run. In the end, Megan decided to stick with the skimpy red bikini. Even then, she dawdled uncertainly until she heard Jack’s soprano voice loudly asking if she was ready. Bracing herself, she left her room, carrying a bamboo tote she’d prepared with towels, sunscreen, and her Kindle.

“Hey!” Jack said from the bottom of the stairs upon seeing her. He turned his head to his left and called, “She’s ready!”

As Megan continued down the stairs, Shane came into view. The older boy stood stock still, staring, and Megan could see his young eyes roaming all over her body. As self-conscious as it made her, she figured it only fair, considering how much she’d been eyeing him. Plus, if she were being honest, the thirteen-year-old’s obvious interest sent a thrill through her. As she neared the bottom of the stairs, she saw Shane glance downward before the boy suddenly spun and hurried out the door.

Seeing his brother leave, Jack looked after him, confused, then said to Megan, “It’s this way!” before hurrying after his brother. Megan pulled the door behind her, seeing Jack catch up to his brother, about thirty feet away. They were talking quietly, and Jack suddenly made a show of moving ahead a bit and glancing down and back. He giggled and glanced back at her, grinning, before whispering something to his brother. The older boy said something, glancing back himself, then looking around as he hurried ahead.

Jack drifted back and fell in beside her. “Shane’s gonna meet us there,” he said with a huge grin as the older boy veered away from the pool toward a small copse of woods. Then Jack leaned close and whispered, “He’s got a boner.” He giggled then, and Megan glanced down to see that he was lightly pinching the tip of his own penis, not completely flaccid himself.

Despite knowing that her sister and nephews were living in a nudist community, she still found herself shocked by all the naked people. They were everywhere. Walking, riding bikes, on skateboards, getting in and out of cars. They were old and young, fat and thin, and everything in between. Hearing a high-pitched giggle, she turned to see a boy of about six being swung on outstretched arms between his naked parents, a couple in their late twenties she guessed. The woman was an attractive blonde and the man an equally attractive brunette with very little body hair and a surprisingly small penis, or so it seemed to her. It was difficult to tell from that distance, and because the man had a normal amount of pubic hair, but his penis didn’t look any larger than Shane’s.

Right behind that couple, a much younger one, with an auburn-haired girl of fifteen or sixteen walking with an attractive auburn-haired boy, probably her brother considering their resemblance, who looked to be about thirteen. Unlike the man, however, the boy had one of the largest flaccid penises she’d ever seen, easily a full seven inches long, like a fat snake swinging between his skinny thighs.

Jack must have noticed her staring, because he said a bit too loudly, but hopefully not loudly enough to be heard by them, “That’s Richie. He’s got a big one, huh?”

“I… yes,” she said, unsure what else to say.

“It gets even bigger when it’s hard,” the eleven-year-old said, as if he were commenting on the weather.

In amidst the old and the too old or too young or wrong gender to be of any interest, Megan spotted a number of pubescent boys. All in the eleven to fourteen range which mostly held her interest. Not all of them were nude, and she found herself disappointed each time she spotted a cute boy wearing a pair of shorts. However, there were enough nude boys parading around that by the time she and Jack arrived at the pool her nipples were poking out saucily and she was a bit damp between her legs. After two years of simply imagining it, or substituting artistic renditions, here was naked boyflesh everywhere she looked. She imagined it must be somewhat like a colorblind person able to see color for the first time. Or like winning the lottery after a lifetime of being poor.

The pool was chaos. There were naked children everywhere, and beleaguered parents lining the deck. After making sure she’d be okay, Jack ran off with a yell of pure delight and threw himself into the pool. Megan was happy to see she wasn’t the only clothed person, but there were only three others, including a girl of about twelve, a nervous looking woman in her thirties, and a forlorn looking boy of about fourteen, who was staring longingly at the water. She imagined he must be a visitor, too shy to undress. From the way he was looking at the other playing kids, she doubted it would be too much… and before she could finish the thought, she saw him stand, brace himself, look around, and then quickly shuck off his shorts and run to the pool, little penis flopping below a modest little clump of brown curls.

Megan was surprised by the number of pubescent girls running around nude, their tiny budding breasts shining wetly, sparse little pubic hairs damp with pool water. She’d have never had the bravery to expose herself at that age, mortified even of being seen by her big sister.

Just as she was growing relaxed about being around all the naked people, an absolutely stunning blond boy of about twelve walked right by her with a slightly younger boy, both chatting animatedly. The older boy had no hair visible between his legs, but what was visible was a very stiff and bouncing three-inch erection. She looked around, and couldn’t spot a single person reacting to the sight, although a few of the moms were looking around the pool, keeping an eye on things, so Megan was sure it wasn’t going unnoticed. She was honestly stunned, because that boy was just about one of the sexiest things she’d ever seen and the lack of response to that glaring display of rampant preteen sexuality had her legs trembling.

As the boy left the pool area with his friend, Megan finally pulled her attention away from the pool and grabbed her Kindle, hoping that the murder mystery she was reading would calm her. Surely bloody murder was less intense than the smorgasbord of boyhood sexuality surrounding her. The alternative was to lie there and take it all in, ogling every boy she saw. She figured she may as well put up a neon sign that read ‘PERVERT’ over her head.

She couldn’t concentrate on the book, however. Not with so much naked flesh all around her. She was grateful for her sunglasses, which allowed her to look around with impunity as long as she didn’t follow every swinging little dick with her head, but despite that, she still felt as if every eye were on her, knowing the depravity of her thoughts. Glancing to her right, she spotted a man a few chairs down, obviously asleep on his lounger, but with a six inch erection twitching as it hovered over his groin. From what she could see, he was a good-looking man, but even an erect cock in public couldn’t pull her gaze away from the glistening boyflesh in and around the pool or seemingly draw the attention of anyone else around the pool. As she watched, two girls, each about twelve, walked right by the man. They each glanced at the man’s erect cock, and while their gazes may have lingered a bit, there were no girlish giggles or pointing. Megan was simply amazed.

Seeing a cute boy of about thirteen run by with a semi-erect penis, laughing before jumping back into the pool, Megan was shocked to feel a small orgasm shudder through her. She realized she’d been rubbing her thighs together, like she was a pubescent girl herself, overcome with a rush of hormones while gazing at Jeremy Butler in her seventh grade science class. Embarrassed, sure everyone knew she’d just cum, she rolled over and closed her eyes, trying to calm her thoughts.

The calm she nearly achieved was shattered minutes later when she sensed a presence and heard a voice say, “You should put on some lotion.”

Megan opened her eyes to find Shane sitting on the lounger next to hers. His legs were spread, his thick little cock hanging down over his big boy balls. She could see a small shaft of sunlight lighting a sliver of his groin, turning the dark hairs fanning around the base of his penis to shimmering brown honey. Raising her eyes guiltily, she met the soft brown eyes of her nephew, who was looking at her with a mixture of shyness and intensity.

Megan nearly sat up to do just that, realizing that she’d forgotten. Then something stopped her. Perhaps it was the look in her nephew’s eyes. Perhaps it the lingering tightness between her legs. Instead, she said, “Could you do it for me?”

The boy just sat there for a few long moments, making Megan instantly regret saying it, her mind going to her sister and wondering what she would think. She was suddenly burning with guilt and opened her mouth to say something when Shane said, “Okay,” and reached into her bamboo tote and pulled out the tube of lotion.

Unable at that point to say or do anything, Megan just found herself waiting, her body thrumming with anticipation as Shane squirted a large dollop of the white cream into his palm and then slid off the lounger to his knees beside her. Her eyes filled with the vision of his penis, poking cutely outward, wiggling with his movements, and then the feeling of his big hands on the small of her back. Megan let out an involuntary moan as the boy’s hands worked upward, kneading her flesh and coating it with the suntan lotion.

“I put Mom’s on all the time,” he told her, his hands working higher, coating her back and sides. Then they hesitated as they reached the string of her top and he said, “She doesn’t wear anything though.”

Without a word, Megan reached back and yanked the string which tied the skimpy top behind her back. After a moment, Shane’s hands continued their trek, climbing up her back, to her neck, then down her arms. He had great hands, she thought. Firm yet gentle. Assured. Then they were moving back down again, his little penis twitching with his movements. To the small of her back once again, hesitating, then skipping downward, his slick hands sliding to her inner thighs, so close to her wet, burning pussy that she trembled.

Shane stopped only long enough to squirt more lotion into his hand, and the imagery of the white liquid spraying into his palm wasn’t lost for a moment on Megan, who’s eyes were locked on her nephew’s cock, which was undergoing a remarkable transformation. From two inches of squat nub, Shane’s young cock was slowly lengthening, outward at first, becoming longer and even fatter, and then upward, twitching and rising with each heartbeat until fully five inches of fat, throbbing teen cock was jutting out between his legs. Megan felt her throat go dry at the sight. It was the most gorgeous cock she’d ever seen. From dry mouth one moment to the opposite in the next, as her mouth began to water at the thought of taking that inch-and-a-half thick cock into her mouth. Megan longed to reach out and wrap her hand around it, wanting to feel it pulsing in her fist, like the pulsing between her legs.

Then Shane’s hands froze on her calf and she tore her eyes away from his raging erection to meet his doe-brown eyes, currently widened in shock. Without a word, he stood, his gorgeous cock bouncing crazily, as he turned and raced into the pool. Megan turned over and sat up, watching him disappear beneath the water. A glance showed her that once again, a stiff boycock was going unremarked upon by the many adults and kids around the pool, many of whom had surely seen the state of her nephew’s penis.

Still shaking, realizing that in her shock, she’d cum again as her nephew was touching her, Megan glanced down and saw that her boobs were exposed as her top had slipped to the side. Feeling emboldened, she reached behind her neck and untied the remaining bit of string holding it together. Then she lay back, feeling suddenly free as she felt the sun on her bare breasts. A glance to her right showed her that Mr. Sleepy was no longer erect, now lying limply, mostly lost in his pubic hair. Her thoughts immediately went to Shane’s cock, and she searched for him in the pool. She saw him on the far side, tucked into a corner, no doubt waiting for his erection to subside. It seemed odd to her that as common and unremarkable as erections seemed to be around here, that Shane would be so ashamed of his.

As another set of barely pubescent girls walked by, so free with their developing bodies, Megan felt inspired and a bit reckless, so she stood and skinned her bikini bottoms off revealing the small, neat triangle of hair between her legs, glistening with her wetness. She dropped the sopping garment into her bag, and with a few short strides, she dove into the pool, embracing the shock of the warm water surrounding her.

As she came up for air, she threw her head back, her hands slicking her short hair back. The water was shallow, and she could feel the cool kiss of a breeze against her breasts.

“You’re naked,” she heard, and she opened her eyes to find Jack standing in front of her, eyeing her breasts with interest.

“So are you,” she pointed out with a grin.

“Yeah, but you never got naked with us before. Well, maybe when we were little.”

“You’re not so little anymore,” she said.

“I know,” the boy said. “I’m getting hair like Shane.” When she didn’t say anything, he said, “You know. Down there. On my dick.”

“You are, huh?” she said dubiously, surprising herself with the calmness with which she was standing there naked in public and conversing with her gorgeous blond nephew.

“They’re hard to see,” he admitted. Megan saw his hand reaching down to his crotch, and a moment later, his other hand grabbed hers and pulled it to his crotch. “You can feel one right here,” he said.

Megan froze, because all she could feel was her eleven-year-old nephew’s slim erection against her fingers. Unable to help herself, her mind screaming at her to stop, she felt her fingers sliding around that thin tube of flesh, holding it gently.

“That’s not it,” Jack said, glancing up at her slyly while his little erection throbbed between her fingers.

“Sorry,” she said, her hand acting completely independent of her will and sliding downward, cupping Jack’s small scrotum.

“There’s some there, too,” the boy said, something in his voice which told her he knew something was happening.

Megan’s fingers moved, caressing, opening and closing, and to her surprise she did indeed feel a silky little hair slide between her fingers. Then she lifted her eyes, staring around, seeing a couple of sliding gazes and realizing just how obvious it was that she was bending over with her hand at her nephew’s crotch.

She snatched her hand away suddenly and straightened, saying, “That’s hair alright,” which earned her a grin from Jack.

“Told ya,” he said. Then, “When are we gonna have lunch?”

“Are you hungry?” she asked, making her way to the side of the pool.

“Starving,” the boy said, keeping pace with her. When she levered herself out of the pool, Jack exited right beside her, his skinny cock still standing up stiffly.

As she made her way to the lounger, she found herself unsure what to do. Should she get dressed? Now that she was naked, it seemed silly to put her bikini back on. Glancing to the pool, she saw Shane quickly look away. Then she turned back to Jack, to find him squeezing his rosy pink glans.

Catching her gaze, Jack announced, “I’ve got a boner.”

“I can see that,” Megan said, once again shocked at her own seeming calm. Underneath the surface, she was trembling with desire.

Jack shrugged and wrapped his fist around his erection, so that just the glans was sticking out above his fingers. “It pretty much happens all the time,” he said.

“Well, that’s pretty normal,” she told him.

“Yeah,” Jack said, glancing around the pool. He said, “I’ll go get Shane.” Then he was running around the pool, boner flopping, ass flexing. A girl her late teens, sitting in a chair by the pool, said something to him and he slowed. Apparently she was a lifeguard. A lifeguard unfazed by the highly erotic and aching beauty of her nephew’s throbbing four-inch boycock. Megan simply couldn’t understand how all these girls and women could see something like that and not ache for it. It then occurred to her that perhaps they did, and they were just hiding it like she was, although more successfully she felt. Nah.

Megan began to gather her things, stuffing her bikini top into the tote along with the bottle of lotion and her mostly ignored Kindle. She saw Jack reach his big brother and lean over to talk to him, then the older boy was climbing out of the pool, water glistening on his naked flesh. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that his penis was no longer erect, for which she thought she was grateful. He certainly seemed to be.

“So,” Megan said as the boys joined her. Shane was carefully avoiding her eyes, but he was sneaking constant peeks at her body. She was sure she saw his dick twitch as she continued. “You guys want to go somewhere for lunch? Or eat at home?”

“Can we go to McDonald’s?” Jack asked, hope clear in his voice.

“Let’s just go home,” Shane said. “We’d have to get dressed and everything.”

“I guess,” Jack said, clearly disappointed but deferring to his older brother.

Then the three of them made their way back to their townhouse, waving at friends as they passed. Megan saw eyes on her, especially of boys and men, as they walked along, but somehow she was fine with her nakedness. Perhaps it was all the erections she’d seen, not to mention the old and flabby bodies. If they could be so free with themselves and not be gawked at, she figured her own nude body wasn’t any cause for embarrassment.

It was, though, a cause for many sideways glances from Shane, and considering the position of his hands, the glances were having an unwelcome effect. For him anyway. The thought of that surprisingly large erection was plenty welcome to her. It was obviously made worse when Jack leaned in close to his brother and whispered something, followed by a boyish giggle and an angry shove which left the blond boy staggering and exposed Shane’s mostly full erection.

Feeling guilty for reasons she couldn’t explain, Megan reached out and put her hand on Shane’s shoulder as he turned away from her, stopping him with a light squeeze. Then she leaned in, looking over his shoulder, her eyes full of his rising cock and softly said, “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Shane. It happens to all boys.”

“I know that,” he grumbled, not meeting her eyes and trying to cover himself with his hands.

“It must happen here a lot,” Megan reasoned. “This can’t be the first time.”

“I… it’s…” Shane started, then hurried on to say, “It’s happened before. A lot. Just not…” he finally glanced at her and blushed, and finished, “…in front of you.”

Now it was Megan’s turn to flush, and feeling brave in response to Shane’s timidity, she hugged him from behind and, with her lips nearly brushing his ear, she said, “I’m flattered if I’m the cause of that.” Then she paused for a moment and said, “It’s a very nice one.”

Shane finally met her eyes and said softly, “It is?”

Megan could only nod and give him a wink. Then, arm around his shoulders, she gathered Jack under her other arm and they made their way back home, both boys now fully erect and not bothering to hide themselves, while Megan felt the wetness from her overstimulated pussy dripping down her thighs.

End of chapter one.

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