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Stories written by others

This page contains stories written by others. Over the years I collected some stories from different authors that I find interesting and in the same style / spirit of Alex’ writing. I’ll place them on this page for your convenience.

BUT… to make things clear: I am NOT the owner / author of these stories!! If you are the author of one of them, and don’t like me posting them here, just let me know and I’ll remove them immediately!!

On the other hand… If you have stories YOU think should be on this site / page, send me a message, I’ll look at it and will probably post it. It’s a two way street 🙂

The Grown Up Oath – Randall Stanhope
A sweet story that, despite the chewed-out babysitter premise, is original. But, most of all, very hot!

The Grown Up Oath

Emerald Oceans – Randall Stanhope
A short story about a boy struggling with his homosexuality. He’s feeling down and depressed when he meets his complete opposite. A lovely story about sexual discovery!

Emerald Oceans

Holiday Cabin – Author unknown
A brother and sister are on holiday and the big cabin they booked is not available. So the parents get there own cabin, and so do the brother and sister. They start to play house…

Holiday Cabin – Part One
Holiday Cabin – Part Two
Holiday Cabin – Part Three
Holiday Cabin – Part Four

Strip Foosball – kids_at_play
The true “X” in Xmas. The title says it all..

Strip Foosball

Study BG3-17 – rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)
Three kids wake up in a science lab-like environment. Disorientated, confused and… naked…
As much as any writer, rwxxx13 really likes feedback on his writing. So drop him a message on rwxxx13@yahoo.com! Oh! And maybe mention you read it on jasoncrow.eu??

Study BG3-17 – Part One
Study BG3-17 – Part Two
Study BG3-17 – Part Three
Study BG3-17 – Part Four

Sibling Rivalry – rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)
A young woman and her sister visit each other every year. This year she’s invited at her sister’s place. But things have changed. Her two nephews did some growing up, and they moved into a nudist resort. How will this young woman cope with this uneasy situation?

Sibling Rivalry – Chapter one
Sibling Rivalry – Chapter two
Sibling Rivalry – Chapter three
Sibling Rivalry – Chapter four
Sibling Rivalry – Chapter five
Sibling Rivalry – Chapter six

Other stories by rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)
Beach Bums

Camp Hiawatha – Chapter one
Camp Hiawatha – Chapter two
Camp Hiawatha – Chapter three

Cards on the Table

Cliché Cousins

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Part one
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Part two
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Part three
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Part four
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Part five

Hearts and Bones

Let’s Get Physical

Midnight and the Kiddy is Sleeping – Part 1
Midnight and the Kiddy is Sleeping – Part 2

Minding the Children – Chapter one
Minding the Children – Chapter two
Minding the Children – Chapter three
Minding the Children – Chapter four
Minding the Children – Chapter five

A Passage Into Darkness – Part 1
A Passage Into Darkness – Part 2
A Passage Into Darkness – Part 3

Tattoo on my Heart

The Vlog


  1. Avatar for Levi Holland
    Levi Holland

    I had the pleasure of coming across Rwxxx’s work a few years back. It was one of the few times I found myself really taken by an author’s work, so much so that I reached out to him to see if he was still writing. His response to me was pretty dire sounding…from what I could tell, he had a chronic illness of sorts, and I took that to mean ‘not much time left.’ I tried to send him words of encouragement, but when faced with news like the kind he mentioned, I’m not sure any words can help. Maybe they had some glimmer of positivity. Who knows? Shortly before I started writing, I tried reaching out again to check up, but sadly I never heard any reply. I dont know for sure if that means their time has officially come, but in any case, Im honored on Rwxxx’s behalf that their work can live on here. In many ways, that interaction kickstarted the bravery I felt with writing and posting my own stories. Thank you, rwxxx13.


    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Very kind words, Levi! And I didn’t know this about him. I asked for his approval to publish his stories, and he replied pretty quickly back the. He said it was okay, as long as I published his name and e-mail address so people could reach him to comment on the stories. But… this last contact was on September 21st 2018… I tried contacting him after this, but he never replied. Guess it makes sense now.
      Great to see he inspired others to start writing.

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