September 20, 2018

Holiday Cabin – You Touch Mine, I’ll Touch Yours

After a day of swimming and sunbathing, with a picnic on the beach for lunch, the family returned to the park at four o’clock. They were tired and Jessica and Jack declared that they were off for a lie down. Gareth briefly thought that his parents might mean they were going off to have sex – the boy wasn’t stupid and did not hold the prejudice of most children who didn’t think their mum and dads had sex. Gareth was briefly jealous of his dad. After all, his mum was very sexy and Gareth couldn’t help but look at his mum in her swimming costume during the day and imagine what her big boobs would be like to play with or how good it would be see what her cunt and arse looked like, maybe to penetrate them… Then he remembered that he had Wanda! His little sister who he’d seen nude and masturbated with. His mother left his mind as he followed Wanda into their cabin, closing the door behind them.

“I’m starved again,” Wanda said. She was in a one-piece yellow bikini.

“Me too,” Gareth said, dumping his towel on the sofa. He was wearing blue swimming shorts.

“Mum and dad said to go over to their cabin in about an hour and they’d take us out for dinner.”

“Not sure if I can wait that long. Fancy a sandwich?”

“Okay. I’ll put the telly on.” Gareth tuned the TV into some cartoons and sat watching them whilst Wanda singed happily to herself, making peanut-butter sandwiches for her and her brother. She came over and sat next to her brother, both eating hungrily whilst watching Road Runner. Afterwards, still with a long time until dinner, Gareth began to feel horny, sensing that Wanda might be too.

“Hey sis,” he said, trying to sound all casual,

“Shall we er…go for a lie down?”

“Like mum and dad you mean?” sniggered Wanda,

“I know what they mean when they go for a lie down. They’re off to have it off.”

“Yeah! Shall we go to bed and, y’know…jerk off? Like this morning?”

“Sure! I’ve been feeling kinda horny all day. I need to finger myself! Let’s go.” They hurried into the bedroom, Gareth closing the drapes before turning and spying his sister removing her bikini. She looked so pretty and sexy, standing nude, her hair still damp from all the swimming that day. Gareth took off his shorts, feeling no embarrassment at being nude in front of his sister with an erection. Indeed, he felt proud of his five-inch jutting from his hairless groin, knowing how much it fascinated and charmed Wanda. They got onto the bed.

“Shall we do the same as this morning?” asked Gareth.

“We could do,” said Wanda,

“But we could do something different.”


“Well…er, let’s leave that. I’ll leave it as a surprise. Let’s just do what we did this morning to start off, kneeling opposite each other.” So, that’s what the youngsters did. Brother and sister knelt opposite each other, thighs apart, knees touching. Gareth gripped his erection and masturbated away, no self-consciousness at all, whilst Wanda stroking and fingered her clit. They exchanged glances and grins but paid most attention to each other’s bodies, both drawing sexual pleasure from having a naked member of the opposite sex in front of them, mirroring the onanistic activities.

“Do you think you’ll cum this time?” asked Gareth after five-minutes of silent mutual masturbation.

“Dunno,” shrugged Wanda,

“Hopefully I will. What about you, are you close to squirting your juice?”

“Yeah,” grinned her brother,

“It’s not far off. It’s quite close actually. What’s this surprise you mentioned earlier?”

“Well, it’s more of a suggestion. How about I jack you off?”

“Huh? How…do you mean?”

“Well, you can lie back like you did this morning and I can, y’know, stroke your willie, just like your doing know.”

“Are you sure you want to?”

“Yeah! Of course! I want to touch it, your thingy. Do you want me to?”

“Sure, it’d be nice.” Gareth shifted about and lay on his back, head on the pillow, looking down his slender body as his naked little sister took her fingers from her crotch and shuffled to kneel next to his hips. Wanda licked her lips as she examined her brother’s cock. He’d taken his hands from it, Gareth’s tool sticking upright, throbbing and stiff. After a moment of hesitation to get her nerve, Wanda reached out and took her brother’s cock in her small hand. She encircled it in her fist.

“Wow, it’s so hard,” she commented,

“I didn’t think it was this stiff!”

“That feels nice. No-one’s ever touched it before.”

“What do I do, just stroke it up and down.”

“Yeah,” Gareth replied, and his sister began pumping his cock, a little clumsily but soon getting the knack. Her brother gave her instructions:

“That’s it…grip it a bit firmer…that’s nice…a bit faster…faster…oh yeah….yeah.” He began lifting his arse a little off the bed, fucking his sister’s pumping fist. Wanda had a mixture of curiosity, fascination and lust on her pretty round face as she masturbated her brother.

“Are you going to shoot soon?” she asked, casually.

“Very soon,” panted Gareth,

“Not long…keep stroking it…faster….uuuuh, oh Wanda, oh WANDA!” Gripping Gareth’s cock and pumping her fist faster and faster, Wanda watched with delight as her brother’s sperm shot out of his cock, splattering down onto his chest. A second and third squirt flew out and landed on his belly, a couple more wads squirting just a few inches and landing on Gareth’s smooth, hairless pubic area. The boy’s face was a picture of ecstasy, his eyes closed. His legs were stiffening and his toes curling, then the boy’s body relaxed and he let out a long sigh as his orgasm faded away. Wanda slowed down her wrist action until she’d stopped, left holding a softening cock that leaked out some finally sperm that ran down onto her fingers.

“Wow,” Wanda gasped,

“That was so cool!” She felt so happy at having caused her brother such pleasure, at having used her own physical presence and actions to bring about her beautiful brother’s climax and the way she’d personally caused his hard willie to spurt on this lovely baby-making gunk over his torso. Gareth sat up, Wanda shuffling back a little and taking her hand from the boy’s cock.

“That was nice, thanks,” Gareth smiled. He leaned forward a little, hesitated, then leaned forward some more and planted a kiss on Wanda’s lips. He moved back, smiling shyly.

“My pleasure,” Wanda chirped,

“Now you do me.” She lay on her back and spread her legs.


“Come on, it’s only fair. I masturbated you, now you do me.”

“I don’t know how.”

“You think I knew how to jerk you off? You told me what to do and I did it. Now I’ll tell you what to do. C’mon.” Gareth looked at his sister’s spread legs, her neat bald cunt on display, her lips clearly wet. He was bit anxious at doing this wrong, but he figured that it was only fair as his sister had masturbated him, and furthermore it felt so erotic to be able to touch his sister so intimately! He knelt between Wanda’s spread-eagled legs and flexed his fingers.

“Right,” he began,

“Er…what now?” Wanda giggled.

“First off, take your forefinger and index-finger of your right-hand and place them on my clit. See it?”

“Yeah, I see it.”

“Put the tips of the fingers on it and start to rub.” Gareth did so, touching his sister’s budding little clitty and making her shiver with pleasure at someone else’s hands touching her most private area. It felt delicious.

“Now,” she continued,

“Use the forefinger of your other hand to touch my lips.” Gareth grinned and reached forward, placing his left forefinger on the lips of his sister’s mouth.

“No,” she squealed, giggling,

“My…cunt lips.”

“I know, I know, I’m jokin’ sis.” Gareth placed his left forefinger in the correct place, feeling his sister’s puffy cunt-lips, delighting in the sensation of their smooth moistness.

“Do I stroke them?” he asked.

“Yeah. stroke the lips and occasionally slide the fingers in, to the second knuckle, whilst rubbing my clit with the other hand.” Gareth did so and his sister instructed him appropriately, her young voice growing more breathy and lustful:

“That’s it Gareth…mmm…a bit faster with the fingers on my lips…slide them in a bit…a bit deeper….ooooh, that’s it….yeah….rub my clitty still…keep it up….mmmm.” She began breathing faster, her eyes fluttering, her little round cheeks blushing. Her brother had only been doing this a minute when she felt her climax approaching. She couldn’t believe it was approaching so quickly! It was clearly because someone else was doing it, and more importantly it was the most handsome boy in the world, her brother! She tossed her head, her toes flexing as her brother’s had done when he’d climaxed.

“Ooooh, I’m cumming….oh God Gareth…OH GOD! Faster…finger me….rub me….aaaah.” Gareth rubbed his sister’s clit with the tips of his fingers furiously whilst sliding two digits from his other hand into her slit, feeling it so warm and moist in there. Like his sister, Gareth discovered the sheer delight in making someone else climax with simple actions. He fingered Wanda throughout her climax, which lasted almost a minute! She panted and gasped, uttering her brother’s name repeatedly, Gareth working hard between her legs. When his sister’s orgasm had died away, the girl seemingly exhausted, Gareth took his fingers from his sister’s crotch. He only just noticed that throughout all this he had thick gobs of sticky sperm on his chest and belly, drying slowly in the hot room.

“Oh wow, that was good,” Wanda said, sitting up. She knelt in front of her brother and embraced him, kissing him on the mouth. She moved back and realized that, because their torsos had briefly pressed together, she had sticky semen over her own bare torso from her brother’s.

“Oops,” smirked Gareth,

“I got my juice all over you.”

“S’okay, my juice is on you!” Gareth looked at his fingers which were shiny with pre-teen cunt juice from his sister. They giggled to each other. Gareth kissed his sister again, letting his lips linger briefly, before he moved back.

“We’d better clean up and go to mum and dad’s cabin,” he said,

“I’ll take a shower.”

“Let’s have one together,” Wanda suggested,

“It’ll save time. Plus it’ll be fun.”

“Fair enough. C’mon.” They scampered naked out the room and into the shower, turning on the hot water and stepping in. They giggled as they washed themselves in front of each other, totally at ease with one another. Once they’d finished they dried off with fluffy towels and went back to the bedroom. They made the bed, straightening the duvet, then got dressed. Finally looking respectable, the affectionate brother and sister shared a couple of hesitant little kisses before they left the cabin and went to their parent’s. Jack was dressed smartly for the evening in a black suit and white shirt, and Jessica wore a sexy black dress that showed off a lot of her impressive cleavage that drew the attention of Gareth’s eyes (Wanda feeling a stab of jealousy when she noticed this). They went off out to town to a restaurant and had a nice family meal, the siblings sitting closer together than they normally would at the table, almost shoulder-to-shoulder (albeit squabbling as much as they usually did – who ordered what, who had ordered more than their fair share of soft-drinks, who was unfairly stealing who’s dessert spoon because they’d foolishly lost their own, etc). Not that it mattered. It was a nice meal and the family went to the cinema afterwards.

It was nine o’clock when they got back to the park. Wanda and Gareth went to their parent’s cabin for a moment to say their goodnights before they went to their own. Soon enough, Wanda and Gareth were sitting on the sofa in their own cabin, watching telly.

“Not much on,” Gareth complained, flicking through the channels.

“Fancy an early night?” Wanda suggested. Gareth grinned and flicked the TV off. Wanda turned out the lights and they went to the bedroom.

“Shall we do each other again?” Gareth suggested as he closed the drapes and began to strip.

“Of course,” Wanda said, taking off her clothes,

“It’s more fun that way, don’t you think?”

“Definitely! It’s cool.” They removed all their clothes and got onto the bed, Gareth’s little erection nodding in the air. As they’d done earlier that afternoon, they played with themselves whilst kneeling opposite one another. Gareth wanted to masturbate his sister first and Wanda was more than happy to lay back, spreading her legs. With a bit more instruction, Gareth was quickly getting the hang of this, and he frigged his sister well. She took longer to climax this time but it was worth it, Wanda almost swooning with delight when her brother’s digits bought her off to an orgasm that shot through her young body. Then it was Gareth’s turn. Masturbating his sister had been such a turn on that on the twentieth flick of Wanda’s wrist the boy’s cock began firing sperm all over his body. They lay next to each other, catching their breath, then wiped themselves down with tissues that Gareth fetched from the bathroom. Then they got under the covers and turned out the light.

“Gareth?” Wanda said into the darkness after a moment.


“Shall we…hold each other? Whilst going to sleep? Y’know, kinda hug and stuff.”

“Okay, sure,” Gareth said, liking this suggestion.

“You lay back and I’ll kind of…drape myself over you. I like touching you, our bodies together. It’s cool.”

“I like it too,” Gareth said. He lay on his back as his sister shifted, Wanda laying on her side and resting her head on her brother’s chest, draping an arm across his belly, one of her knees pressed against his thigh. They snuggled together, enjoying the warmth of bodily-contact, before falling asleep.
The siblings woke up in the morning early again. It was Tuesday, eleven full days of holiday still left to go. The masturbated each other again, Wanda climaxing twice under her brother’s enthusiastic fingering and stroking. Then she jerked off Gareth, who shot a bucket-load of semen all over his torso. they showered together, getting all horny again and rushing into the bedroom to frig each other for a second time! Another shower was required before they dressed, had breakfast, then settled into the innocent routine of the day, which was mostly spent at the beach. That night, they masturbated each other once more before sleeping in one another’s arms.

Wednesday morning. Gareth woke up before his sister at six-thirty and he slipped out of bed (nude, like his sister) and went to the bathroom. He took a piss, washed his hands and returned. The act of getting back into bed, with his dick stiffening already, woke up Wanda.

“Mornin’ sis,” he said, snuggling up to the girl.

“Hi brother,” Wanda said. They lay together for a moment before Wanda sat up.

“Hey, I’ve an idea. Shall we try kissing?”


“Yeah! I mean, we’ve touch each other a lot and we’ve kissed a couple of times…just pecks on the mouth or cheek. But how about we try snogging. It’s er…practise, I guess. For when we get boyfriends and girlfriends.” Of course, what she really meant was that she simply wanted to kiss her brother – she couldn’t imagine any other boy capturing her heart more than he did. Likewise, Gareth was excited at this suggestion as he wanted to snog his pretty younger sister so much. He tried to keep his cool though.

“Let’s snog then,” he said casually. He sat up and knelt on the bed, Wanda kneeling opposite him.

“You ever snogged a girl before?” Wanda asked.

“No, not really. Have you?”

“Snogged a girl? No, lesbian encounters have been few and far between.”

“You know what I mean,” giggled Gareth.

“No, I’ve not snogged a boy. Not properly. Aren’t you supposed to use your tongue or somethin’?”

“Yeah, you shove your tongue down the other’s throat. Apparently. I dunno. Let’s just make it up as we go along shall we?”

“Sounds good to me.” They moved their heads towards each other, a little hesitant and nervous but very keen. Their lips touched and they opened their mouths, breathing through their noses as the sealed their lips. Gareth’s tongue probed into his sister’s mouth, encountering her tongue. Their tongues moved to the side to let each other pass, like pedestrians through a tight alley, and they explored each other’s mouths. Amateruish as their efforts may have been, the kids managed to get on quite fine. They snogged heatedly, sliding their tongues into the other’s mouth. They parted after a minute.

“How was I?” asked Wanda.

“Good,” replied her brother,

“I think. I don’t really know how to do it myself. But it was nice.”

“Well, you were good. Shall we do it again?”

“Okay. Then we’ll frig each other. This is getting me all horny!”

“I can see,” snickered Wanda, looking down at her brother’s cock, which jutted upwards, rigid. They sealed their lips together once more and kissed, but this time there was more passion. Both realized the other was injecting a lot of lust into their efforts, that this wasn’t just a bit of ‘practise’. It was a loving and heated snog, Gareth reaching out with his hands to gently hold Wanda’s waist. Wanda reached out her right hand and gripped her brother’s cock, stroking it lightly as she stuck her tongue down his throat. They continued to kiss as Wanda jerked off her brother, Gareth’s hands running up and down her side, along her ribs then stroking forwards across the front of her thighs. Gareth moaned into his sister’s mouth as he felt his climax rising quickly. His sister’s rapid manipulation of his organ was wonderful in itself, but breathing in her sighs and sliding his tongue into her warm, wet mouth was increasing his arousal. Before he could pull away, his sperm began to squirt out. The first shot of semen fired out powerfully and splashed against Wanda’s stomach. She was delighted! This was what she wanted. It had seemed such a waist to see her brother’s cum fire over his own body, she wanted it on hers! Whilst still kissing him, Wanda pumped her brother’s cock in her fist, feeling a second shot of sperm blast out and land on her belly. A third squirt hit her left thigh whilst the remaining pumps leaked out slowly and ran over her fingers. She slowed down her wrist action and finally pulled her lips from Gareth’s.

“Hmmm,” Gareth smiled,

“I er… got a bit on you.” Wanda looked down, delighted at the sight of the big white dollops of cum on her belly and thigh. It felt nice and warm.

“I don’t mind,” she said,

“It’s nice! Kissing is just as nice as frigging!”

“I’ll frig you now,” Gareth said as his sister finally released his wilting cock.

“Kiss me whilst you do it,” Wanda instructed her brother. Gareth leaned forwards and began snogging his pretty sister, sliding his tongue into her throat whilst he bought both hands up between her legs. He groped blindly but the last few days had given him a good knowledge of his sister’s bald cunt. He found her clit and her moist lips and began frigging her. He worked fast and hard, Wanda’s climax rapidly approaching thanks to the stimulation of kissing her brother (something she’d fantasized about so frequently) and also at having his sticky cum still on her stomach. She climaxed, hard, moaning with delight into her brother’s mouth. The orgasm was too powerful to contain though and she took her lips from Gareth’s.

“Oh Gareth, oh, oh,” she wailed,

“Frig me…that’s it…uuuh!” Gareths pushed three fingers up Wanda’s slit and pumped them in and out, prolonging the girl’s climax. Wanda’s eyes were tight shut as she came and Gareth felt so in love with the girl, finding her so unbelievably pretty as she came under the deft actions of his fingers. Wanda’s climax ebbed away. She was tired, as was her brother. Gareth snogged Wanda some more before they parted and cleaned themselves up. They had a nice shower together, snogging some more under the jetting hot water, before they hopped out, dried off, and went back to bed. They lay in each other’s arms and semi-dozed until eight, when they finally got up and dressed. They were hungry after their dawn antics, and thoughts of kissing and masturbation went out the window as they padded into the kitchen in their underwear to make breakfast.

On the beach, Gareth lay on his stomach in his shorts on the towel. He was gazing towards the beach. His mother, Jessica, knelt on her towel nearby, sitting up and rubbing suntan lotion into her arms. Gareth was busy watching his father dive around in the sea, showing off to Wanda, who stood in the shallows in her tight two-piece pink bikini and giggled and applauded her father. Gareth was almost feeling jealous of his sister’s awe at their dad when he was shaken out of his thoughts by his mother.

“Gareth?” Jessica said.

“Hmmm?” the boy responded, turning to look at his mum. She was kneeling up, wearing a two-piece yellow bikini, the top barely holding her big firm tits.

“Could you rub lotion into my back?” she asked. Gareth thought back a couple of days to when he first did with this Wanda, and then to all the wonderful things that had indirectly lead too…briefly he thought of a hypothetical scenario of his mother later asking him about masturbation, wanting to masturbate next to him, then wanting to jerk him off…Gareth snapped himself out of these thoughts.

“Sure mum,” he said, kneeling up.

“Just rub it into my skin, around my upper back and shoulders,” Jessica instructed her son, giving him the sun-tan lotion and turning to face away from him. Gareth knelt behind his mother and squeezed some of the lotion into the palm of his hand. He applied it to his mother’s skin, rubbing it into her shoulders and her upper back, feeling his cock grow semi-stiff. He forgot about Wanda for a while, instead just savoring the feel of his mum’s body as he rubbed the lotion into her. He barely noticed how his mother sighed with pleasure at her twelve year old son’s touch, how she shivered with delight as the boy’s hands slathered the lotion into her flesh. Gareth did his mum’s back then moved aside.

“All done,” he grinned.

“Thanks honey,” Jessica said,

“I’ll do you know.”

“I’ve got some suntan stuff on me,” Gareth replied,

“Wanda put some on earlier.”

“Yeah, but you might need some more. Lay on your belly honey.” Gareth decided not to complain. He lay on his stomach, propped up on his elbows, his cock growing stiff in his shorts as he gazed at Wanda’s cute bum as she splashed about with their dad in the sea. Jessica knelt next to her son and held the sun-tan lotion bottle up and squeezed a big blob onto Gareth’s back, making him shiver.

“That’s cold,” he giggled.

“Don’t be a wimp,” smirked his mother. She put the bottle aside and began rubbing the lotion into her son’s back. Her fingers were warm and skilled, her actions more of a massage than simply rubbing lotion into her son’s back. Gareth enjoyed it, his cock throbbing under him as he lay and felt so lovely and relaxed as his mother’s fingers worked over his back. Jessica surprised her son by leaning in and giving him a kiss on the back of the neck once she’d finished a couple of minutes later.

“There, finished,” she said, shifting back to her own towel.

“Thanks mum.”

“You’re welcome,” Jessica smiled. She lay back and closed her eyes, soaking up the son. Gareth remained laying on his belly, closing his eyes, feeling tired in the heat of the midday sun. Wanda and Jack soon trudged up the beach. Wanda lay on her belly next to her brother, joining him in dozing in the sun, whilst their father knelt next to their mum, the parents kissing briefly before laying back together. The family sunbathed together in silence for a while, then shortly had a picnic for lunch.