You and I Both

You and I Both – Part five

The next morning dawned as lovely as the one before it. Adam was a snugly bit of warmth at my side, really half draped over me to be honest. He was apparently a bed hog, but I was okay with that. I took a moment to just lie there, feeling him against me, the smell of him on me, the sound of his soft breathing. Then, the fullness of my bladder providing a bit of urgency, I moved very slowly out from under him. Finally, I was able to slip off the side of the bed without disturbing him. His soft breathing followed me to the bathroom.

As I returned to the bedroom, I found myself standing at the end of my bed, staring down with a mixture of lust and affection at my young lover. I knew then I had to capture his image. I thought about just grabbing a camera, but that seemed a bit gauche. Not to mention incriminating. After all, he was an eleven-year-old boy with a throbbing morning erection. No jury member was going to see that photo and be thinking innocent thoughts. Besides, I couldn’t express myself with a photo. Not that photography isn’t an art form, it is, it just isn’t my art form.

It only took a couple of minutes to quietly carry up my easel and a canvas. I considered watercolors again, as something about the scene seemed to call for it, but I wanted a medium with which I was more familiar and prepared my oils. However, as I pondered how to begin, the same problem presented itself. Adam was still the very picture of rampant pubescent sexuality. Oils, watercolor, sculpture, it didn’t matter – it wouldn’t change the truth of what he was to anyone who saw him.

Standing there staring at him my eyes were continually drawn to that adorable little gap between his front teeth and his cinnamon-colored hair. That’s when it coalesced. I’d had several pets when I was a kid; dogs, a couple cats, even turtles at one point. However, my most memorable pet had been a little bunny my parents got me for Easter the year I was eight. He had fur very similar in color to Adam’s hair. I’d named him Cinnamon.

I grabbed up my brush and paints as the painting bloomed fully complete in my mind. The sheets and pillows became grass and clover. Adam’s deliciously smooth, lightly tanned skin took on a more reddish hue. The clumps of his hair afflicted with bed-head became long bunny ears. Still, I didn’t lose the essence of Adam. They were his beautiful features in the delicate face, disguised only with whiskers and a pinkening of his perfect little nose. I decided his fur would be cinnamon and white, so his pectorals became white, with a swirl of pink for each tiny nipple while his stomach became a smooth expanse of reddish fur. The mottled fur spread down his delicate limbs, where his feet and hands became slightly elongated paws. One arm, his right, was laid across his middle, the paw artfully disguising anything that might get me into trouble as too recognizably ‘boy’. However, not satisfied, I smiled as the solution came to me and clutched in that little paw rose a sturdy little carrot.

One moment I glanced to my left around the canvas to memorize a detail, and the next I looked back Adam was gone.

“Whatcha doin?” Adam asked from my right.

I jumped and nearly dropped my brush. Adam giggled. “Holy crap, Adam! You trying to give the old guy a heart attack?”

“You made me a bunny!” Adam exclaimed, close enough now to see the painting. He laughed. “I got a carrot for a wiener!”

I grinned. “You noticed that, huh?” On second glance, there really were some similarities between the shapes of Adam’s little cock and that carrot. Hmm… did carrots have veins?

I stepped back a half step, wanting to give Adam more room and to watch him taking in the painting. It could have been a painting in itself, the little boy, naked, hand idly tugging at his erection while gazing with interest at the painting.

“Why did you make me into a bunny?” he finally asked.

I shrugged. “You just looked so sweet lying there in bed. I starting thinking of a bunny I had when I was a bit younger than you. His fur was almost the same color as your hair. His name was Cinnamon.”

“So I make you think about bunnies?”

“Well, you’re both adorable,” I smiled.

Adam giggled, then suddenly clenched up over his middle and bounced on his heels a couple of times. “I gotta pee so bad!” he said, then he was racing for the bathroom.

I stepped back in front of my easel, adding just a couple of small details. I was probably only at it a couple of minutes before I was satisfied, but I turned to find Adam again at my side. I hadn’t heard him approach.

“See?” I said. “You’re quiet like a bunny, too.”

“Can I play with your carrot?” he asked with a grin, reaching out to take my soft penis in his hand. A few soft caresses and it wasn’t nearly as soft. He giggled and said, “My, what a big carrot you have, Grandma.”

“Grandma!?!” I cried in mock outrage. Adam shrilled laughter as I grabbed him up and threw him over my shoulder. I held the back of his thighs with my left hand while my right gave him a few playful slaps on his shapely little butt before tossing him through the air onto the bed. He squealed as he flew and landed, bouncing, in a gale of laughter.

I didn’t always run on weekends, and seeing Adam laugh and roll over onto his back to stare at me I thought I was about to get my fair share of exercise anyway. As I knelt onto the end of the bed Adam’s eyes locked on my rampant erection. His green eyes were alight with excitement. I bent over to crawl to him, but as my hands came down on either side of his hips, he bit that lip and used both hands to cover his stiff little nail.

I sat back on my heels. “What?” I asked, amused.

“You don’t get to see him,” Adam said coquettishly.

“I don’t?” I said, playing along.

He shook his head, eyes shining.

“What if I say ‘pretty please’?” I asked.

Adam stifled a laugh and shook his head again.

“Hmm, and what if I say ‘pwetty pwease’?” I asked again.

Adam giggled and shook his head.

“Okay, Mr. Smartypants, what do I have to do then?”

“You have to say ‘pwetty pwease wif sugar on top’,” he instructed in the cutest baby voice ever.

“I have to say ‘wif’?” I asked, disbelieving.

Adam giggled louder and nodded his head eagerly.

I gave a huge, put on sigh of exasperation. “Fine,” I muttered with disgust. “Can I please, please see your cutesy wutesy widdle wiener? Pwetty pwetty pwease WIF sugar on top?”

“And dance!” Adam cried, laughing.

“Okay,” I said in a stern tone, “there is no way I’m dancing.”

Adam’s heels suddenly dug into my back, lifting him, lifting me, while he shuddered and gasped. I felt his adorable little cock twitching hard in my mouth as he climaxed. I held him tight, suctioning on his dick while it spasmed. Finally, he sighed and his little body relaxed. He let go of my head and his upper body flopped backward on the bed. I carefully unwrapped myself from around him and then lay down beside him. I rubbed my hand soothingly over his smooth chest, then kissed him on his downy cheek.

“How was that, bunny?” I asked.

Adam turned and smiled at me beatifically, eyes shining with love. “You called me bunny,” he said.

“I did, didn’t I? Is that okay?”

Biting his lower lip, he gave me a nod. “I kinda like it.”

“I kinda like you,” I told him.

“Just kinda?” he asked, rolling to his side to face me. He looked down between us at my cock, which despite being on my side, was straining forward perfectly on the horizontal. “Looks like you like me bunches.”

“I do like you bunches,” I agreed, leaning forward for a chaste kiss, amazed anew at the softness of his lips.

Adam’s hand reached out and gently wrapped around my five-inch shaft. He began a gentle stroking motion. “Do you like that?” he asked, seeing my eyes shut for a moment while I enjoyed the feeling of his small, warm hand on the root of me.

I licked my lips, looked him in the eye and said, “I like it bunches.”

Adam looked down at his stroking hand, watching I’m sure as the first bubbles of pre-cum began to ooze from my cock. He was quiet for a couple of minutes and I just enjoyed the sensations, as well as the incredible visual of this gorgeous eleven-year-old jacking my cock.

Finally, he shyly asked, “Brad?”

“Yes, Bunnyboy?”

Adam smiled, then grew shy again, his eyes not meeting mine. “Do you want to…” he faltered. Taking another breath, he started again and said, “Do you want to… f-fuck me?”

“F-fuck you?” I teased.

“Stop,” he said, and there was no humor in his voice, just embarrassment and the beginnings of hurt.

“I’m sorry, Adam. I was just joking.” I reached forward and cupped his cheek, raising his eyes to meet mine. “That was stupid of me. You were trying to be serious. I’m sorry.”

His eyes skittered away. His hand had stopped, but he still held me. He shrugged. “It’s okay,” he mumbled.

“Well, it’s not,” I told him. “It’s never okay to make fun of somebody. But to answer your question, as much as I might want to, I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.”

“I’m old enough,” he protested, a bit more fire in his voice now.

“It’s not about how old you are,” I told him. “Well, partly it is I guess.”

“Because I’m little?” he asked.

“Yeah, bunny, because you’re little. I mean, I’m not the biggest guy down there, but I might be too big for you. At least for now.”

“But I wanna do something nice for you, like you just did for me,” he said.

“Adam, you’re doing something nice for me right now,” I told him, a pointed glance indicating his hand on my cock.

“That’s just normal stuff,” he protested. “Not special.”

“Trust me,” I said, “from you it’s special.”

Adam shook his head. “I wanna do something really special. Should I suck it again?”

“You can do anything you want to me, honey. I’ll love anything.” Adam sighed in frustration and I realized I was being too passive. “I’ll tell you what,” I said, thinking quickly. “You want to do something really special for me?”
Adam shrugged as if to say, okay, if you don’t want all this…

I gave him a considering stare. “Hmm,” I said. “I’m wondering what would happen if, instead of dancing, I were to… oh, I don’t know… tickle you?”

Adam’s eyes and mouth both grew wide with excitement, he began shaking his head while trying to squirm away from me.

I nodded. “Oh yeah, I think it’s time for… a tickle attack!”

“No!” Adam laughed.

“Yes!” I cried, and then I was on him.

Adam squealed with laughter as I attacked his vulnerable sides. He squirmed like a worm on a hot sidewalk. Okay, I don’t think I’ve even really seen anything other than dried up worms on hot sidewalks, but I’m trying to set a scene here. Write your own damned story.

All I could think as Adam writhed and wriggled all around the bed attempting to escape me was that it was a good thing I didn’t have satin sheets. He’d have squirted out of bed like a watermelon seed at a Fourth of July picnic. He screamed laughter as I attacked him, tickling his sides, his hairless armpits, behind his knees, even below his little balls. Finally, I captured him underneath me and, gripping his hips firmly, I leaned down and began to perform raspberries on his stomach. Adam giggled crazily and held my head against him, his body curling around my head, his long legs wrapping around my middle and his ankles locking between my shoulder blades. All the time the softness of his skin and the scent of him like an aura around him shouted to me of the joy of a boy.

Adam shook with laughter underneath me, his body wrapped around me. Tilting my head a bit downwards, I was surprised to see that his slender little dick was still fully erect. I guess he liked raspberries. Having to work to move given his grip on my head and upper body, I managed to slide my head just low enough to work my lips around the little acorn-sized glans. Adam’s laugh cut off with a gasp. A little thrust of his hips and he was buried to the hilt, his hairless crotch pressed hard to my lips.

I was still on my knees, my body arched sharply, my head perfectly upside down as he twisted himself up, latched to Adam’s crotch. Adam bent himself awkwardly, lifting his ass well off the bed, his legs wrapped around my neck, his arms and upper body clutching my head, feet suddenly locked at the ankle and against my back. He could very nearly touch his mouth to his own knees. Despite the slightly uncomfortable position, Adam was taking advantage of the situation to piston his small dick rapidly in and out of my mouth. If I thought he’d reminded me of a bunny before, now I was convinced.

Amazing that he could go from frolicsome to licentious so quickly. Adam was whimpering hungrily as he furiously fucked my mouth, his whole body trembling.

“Uhhhnnnggg, Brad,” he groaned. Then he began uttering a little series of childishly high-pitched grunts with each rapid-fire thrust. It was such a strange mixture of sexy and adorable that my dick didn’t know how to react.

Adam perked up, his hand squeezing my cock. “Yeah!”

“C’mere,” I said, rolling onto my back. Then I indicated he should get onto his knees over me. I had him sit on my thighs, so close to my crotch that our balls were practically touching. “Now you can jack me,” I told him.

“But it’s just jacking off again,” he protested.

“Yeah,” I said, “but from this angle I get to watch you, looking so sexy on top of me, and I can see your hard little cock. And…” I said, leaning over and stretching out my left arm to open the drawer on my bedside table, “you can use this.” I presented him with a green tube with a silver cap.

“What is it?” he asked, turning the tube in his hand.

“Well, open it, silly, and see,” I suggested. He took off the cap, sniffed, then squirted some in his hand. Yes is a great lube by the way. Highly recommended. “Put it on here,” I said, holding up my cock for him. He wrapped his hand around me and slid it up and down a couple of times.

“It’s really slippery!” he said, excited.

“Go ahead,” I chuckled. “I know you wanna try it on yourself.”

Adam grinned and did just that, eyes shining as he felt his fist sliding over his little cock. Then he began jacking us both together. That gave me an idea.

“Lean forward,” I told him. “Put your dick against mine and do them together.”

Adam giggled as he did so. With Adam being just a bit over three inches, and me being just a bit over five, there really wasn’t a huge difference between us lengthwise, but when you put the two together like that it seemed a huge disparity. Adam tucked his smaller member against me so that his little helmet was situated just underneath mine. That left his hairless little sac resting right on top of my much hairier one. Enclosing us in between both hands, which he carefully arranged for maximum coverage after a couple of configurations, he began to slowly jack the two of us together.

Adam’s eyes flicked to mine, seeking approval. “Neat, huh?” I asked. Adam nodded eagerly.

Adam’s small, slippery hands moving up and down our joined shafts felt nice, but it was more a visual thrill for me than anything. Until, that is, that Adam began to thrust a little bit while his hands moved up and down. Now his stiff little cock was rubbing directly against mine, his hot spongy cockhead directly stimulating that little bundle of nerves called the frenulum.

“That’s good, Adam,” I said encouragingly. I reached up to gently stroke his thighs.

“Are you gonna squirt again?” he asked eagerly.

I nodded. “Soon, if you keep that up,” I said, panting a little. With that, Adam went from two hands wrapped around the both of us, to both hands wrapped just around me, one on top of the other, forming a long tunnel for my cock. The direct contact of his hand was more intense and I gasped and couldn’t help but thrust up against him. Adam moved his hands faster, a determined look on his angelic face.

“Adam!” I gasped, knowing I was close. “Yeah, baby… ungh…. just like that!”

With a final gasp I was coming. Under hooded eyes, I could see Adam’s eyes glowing and the wicked grin as he avidly watched my cock pump out thick streams of cum. Well, at least a couple. This isn’t a porno after all. The rest spurted more like one of those water fountains that cause you to lean over really far to get refreshment. Still, there was an impressive amount of slimy liquid coating the back of Adam’s hand when I finally spurted my last. Adam continued to milk my cock, staring at the pisshole, waiting for more.

“Think that’s it, kiddo,” I said gently.

Adam looked up and grinned. “That was a lot, huh?”

“You just bring it out of me,” I quipped.

Adam giggled and bit his lip thoughtfully, his eyes returning to my cock. Or at least I thought he’d been staring at my cock. He proved me wrong a moment later when he swiped his cum-covered hand over his own cock, spreading it around messily. Then he raised up on his knees and started jacking off, using my own cum as a lubricant. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. By the time Adam gasped and came maybe ninety seconds later, my cock was as stiff as if I’d never come. Adam’s slim hips were still pumping, his messy hand still wrapped around his cock, his eyes closed, that lower lip getting a real workout. He finally opened his eyes and met mine. A knowingly wicked grin slowly grew on his face.

“You are a nasty little boy,” I told him.

Adam grinned even wider. “Yeah,” he said sexily, “but you like it.”

I grabbed him and pulled him down on top of me, kissing him briefly, but passionately. “I love it,” I assured him.

Getting Adam cleaned up afterward was not exactly what you’d call a chore, but it was no walk in the park either. Not unless that park was full of horny, prancing boys who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. Adam insisted we use the big whirlpool tub instead of showering, and I obliged because… well, because he asked of course.

The tub was another of those little wonders I hadn’t yet gotten around to using. I’d of course had my fair share of luxuries in my New York apartment, but with this house I’d made sure to get the best of everything money could buy, and even I was surprised by just what that meant. Adam was in heaven and it took a fair bit of convincing and a placating handjob to get him out of the tub.

Breakfast was bacon and eggs. Not the healthiest meal I suppose, but it felt like a bacon and eggs morning. Besides, I’d been spending a lot of protein reserves. Afterward I sent Adam to ‘his’ room to dress while I ran upstairs to do the same. I just dressed in a simple pair of khaki slacks with a black Polo shirt and comfortable loafers. Adam met me downstairs dressed in over-sized shorts with yet another over-sized shirt. Having seen what he had to choose from I wasn’t surprised, and that was the reason I was asking him to dress in the first place. It was time to do some shopping.

However, just as we were about to leave, Adam came to me, looking embarrassed. “What is it, honey?” I asked.

Adam blushed a bit. “I don’t want people seein’ this,” he said, indicating his black eye.

“Ah,” I said, understanding. I suppose I could see being a bit embarrassed about that. Frankly, thinking about it, it would likely make my afternoon a bit easier. Adam was already dressed like an orphan. People might already have the thought that I kept the poor kid locked in my basement. Add in a shiner and I suddenly became the abusive father.

“Well,” I told him, “I suppose we could get some makeup and cover it. How would that be?”

“Okay,” Adam said, smiling gratefully. “I can put on makeup I think. I tried my mom’s before.”

“Well, what kind of makeup do we need to cover up a black eye? Sorry, but the Avon lady hasn’t paid me a visit yet.”

Adam giggled, then shrugged. “I don’t know. Eye makeup?”

“Hmm. Let’s go to the expert.”

“Who’s the expert?” he asked.

“The internet, of course.” So saying, we went over to my computer and within a couple of minutes we had detailed instructions on how to best cover a black eye and which makeups to use.

So, we piled into the truck, and while Adam waited in the truck, I ran into the drug store and grabbed what we needed. I actually waited until we got out of town to stop. Why plant the seed? Afterward I found a sunny little spot to pull over and we went about transforming Adam into a blemish-free little boy. We started with some yellow tinted makeup, as that was the current color of his eye, and then covered that with something called concealer, which I suppose concealed things.

Afterward, I had Adam check himself in the big side mirror on the truck. “What do you think?”

“It looks great! Thanks, Brad!” he said, giving me a big hug. Satisfied, we got back onto the road.

The town of Pikeville in Kentucky was the closest decent-sized town where we could do some shopping. Although only maybe twelve miles away as the crow flies, the nature of the roads in this area meant it was nearly an hour of driving before we arrived. Adam hadn’t been happy at first when I’d told him we where we were going. He was used to taking the charity of others, but, although properly grateful, he didn’t like it. As his ‘special friend’, he didn’t want to take advantage of my generosity. However, after I explained that I honestly had more money than I knew what to do with, and that things meant nothing, he warmed to the idea.

I’d have loved to take him shopping in New York, to watch his eyes as he took in the lights and the people. He’d look fantastic in a little tailored suit. In fact, as I had the thought I vowed to somehow do that soon. Which thought made me realize that I had better figure out just exactly what it was I was doing with Adam. From a legal standpoint, that is, as I’d already thoroughly explored the illegal aspects. Those were thoughts for another time however.

The GPS in the truck was able to lead us to a shopping mall. By this time, Adam was excited about the idea of shopping and he took my hand, practically dancing on the end of my arm as he tried to hurry us to the mall.

I had to laugh. “Calm down, Adam. We’ve got all day.”

“I never shopped in a mall before,” he admitted, falling in to walk beside me, hand still clutching mine. If anyone thought it was strange, they didn’t make a big deal about it. I assume most people believed we were father and son.

The mall was decent sized. Two stories, all lined with shops. Either end held large department stores.

“Where to first?” I asked.

Adam looked around with glowing eyes. “There!” he finally pointed. ‘There’ turned out to be Aéropostale. I’d seen the name on shirts, but never realized it was its own chain of stores. I knew it was popular with kids though, so I allowed myself to be half-dragged across the mall. I got a few knowing and sympathetic looks from a couple of mothers we passed. I just shrugged and smiled.

“Can I really get anything I want?” Adam asked at the entrance to the store.

“Anything you want,” I assured him, and he was off like a shot. I just stood looking around. Being Sunday, the place was fairly crowded. Mostly teens in the fourteen to seventeen area. In fact, I grew a bit worried as I looked around at the glossy photos of beautiful teens casually modeling their hip Aéropostale clothes. The models in the pictures all seemed quite a bit older than Adam. I found a storage shelf holding lots of different sized boys jeans. After a bit of rifling I finally found the smallest waist size in the bunch. They were twenty-eights.

I was able to flag down a young girl who seemed to work there. “Hey!” she said, coming up to me. “Can I help you?”

“I’m here with my son,” I explained, pointing over to where Adam was looking through shirts. I felt I needed to explain the quality of his clothes. “I only get him during the summer, and he’s in need of some new clothes, as you can see. Anyway, I know he wants to shop in here, but I’m worried he’s a bit small. Is this the smallest size jean you have?” I held up the ones I’d found.

“He is sorta little, but we get lots of smaller kids in here. Mostly for shirts. The pants will probably be a bit big on him, but he’s… you know, right at that age where he’ll probably grow into ’em pretty fast.”

Well, that was a valid point.

“What is your son’s waist size?” she asked.

“Uh… I’ve no idea,” I told her honestly.

She gave me a sympathetic smile, whether because I was a generally helpless father or a helpless father who rarely saw his kid, I wasn’t sure, but it didn’t matter. “We can fix that easily,” she said. “What’s his name?”


She walked up to Adam and touched him on the shoulder. “Hey, Adam,” she said with a smile. “Your dad wanted me to get a couple of quick measurements, see what we can fit you into today.”

Adam looked to me for approval and I nodded. He smiled and said, “Okeydoke!”

The salesgirl grinned. “Aren’t you a cutie?” she said.

Cheeky Adam replied, “Yup!”

The girl laughed. She reached down and took his hand and said, “Come over here with me a sec.”

She led him to the sales desk and reached in behind, emerging with a tape measure in her hand. She knelt down in front of Adam and said, “Can you lift your shirt up a bit for me, Tiger?”

Adam lifted his shirt, probably higher than necessary, but I certainly appreciated the flash of his tiny nipples here in the family atmosphere of the mall. I felt a little twinge below the belt. Adam’s over-sized shorts were a bunched up mess in the front, held high on his skinny hips with a black belt. The girl took hold of either side of his shorts and with a series of alternating jerks got them down low enough to expose his waist, which she quickly measured.

“Twenty-five inch waist,” she informed us. “Our smallest jeans are twenty-seven inches which are going to be a bit big on you, Tiger.” Then she leaned in and said conspiratorially, “You should try Gap Kids. We have some cool shirts that will only be a little bit big on you though.”

“Thanks,” I said.

Adam shyly brought me two t-shirts he liked. I was happy to pay and leave, but Adam insisted I buy a couple of things for myself. Seemed my look needed updating. I allowed Adam to pick out the things he liked best for me and I ended up leaving with two pairs of jeans and five shirts.

On our way out of the store he looked up at me and said, “I like how she called me Tiger.”

“Pretty cool girl, huh?”

“Yeah, but I like bunny better,” he assured me, and put a slender arm around my waist for a hug.

I checked the directory and we made our way to Gap Kids. Or rather the Gap with a kid’s section. I released Adam to wreak destruction on my bank account. I became the official shopping cart, as Adam came to me again and again to give me clothes to hold for him. At one point, I’d seen him holding up two different t-shirts and I asked him what he was doing. Couldn’t decide between them, he told me. I told him to get both and anything else he liked.

Adam seemed to go for the more brightly colored clothing, which wasn’t a complete surprise. He had numerous pairs of pants in orange and blue and green. I didn’t even realize they made pants in such colors to be honest. Looking out for my own interests, I suggested he get a couple of pairs of the skinny jeans that seemed popular with kids now, already imagining how he’d look in them.

Finally, he reached the point where he had everything in the store that interested him, or he was feeling guilty about the amount of stuff he’d chosen. I couldn’t have told you which.

“That it?” I asked.

Adam nodded. “I can really get all this stuff?”

“Of course you can,” I said, pretending to stagger under the weight as I walked over to the end of the sales counter and plopped it all down, causing Adam to giggle. “You mind if I put this here a moment?” I politely asked the fashionable young guy behind the counter.

“No problem, sir.”

I began separating the clothes into two piles, shirts and pants. I figured most of the shirts would easily fit Adam as he knew his sizes and shirts had a lot of leeway in sizing. However, I felt the pants were a different matter. Some of the pants were obviously the same style in different colors. I took an example of each and ended up with four pairs of pants I handed to Adam.

“You should go try these on,” I suggested, indicating the changing rooms. “Make sure they fit.”

“Okay,” Adam said happily.

As soon as he disappeared into one of the small changing rooms, I hurried over to the sleepwear section. I’d seen a couple of things I wanted to get Adam myself. I made my selections and hurried back to the register, instructing the young guy to ring them up and put them in my Aéropostale bag. Then I gave him my debit card.

What? I hear you asking. You? A millionaire, with a debit card? Yeah, well, credit is evil. Trust me on that one.

The clerk had just finished ringing up my purchase when I heard Adam’s voice. “Dad!” he hissed. It took me a couple of whispered cries before I realized I was dad. Smart kid. I turned to see Adam’s head sticking out of one of the stalls. He looked relieved I’d finally seen him and said, “I need help!”

Awww, my boy needed help. Passing a couple more mothers, I got that smile which said, ah the things we do for our kids. It felt nice to be part of their little fraternity. I walked up to the door and, not sure exactly what the protocol was, I knocked.

“Geez, come in,” Adam called.

With a last goofy look at the mothers, I stepped inside and pulled the door closed behind me. There wasn’t a whole lot of room. Adam was wearing only a pair of briefs and his back was to me. “What did you need help with?” I asked.

Adam turned and said, “This.” His little erect cock was sticking out of his Y-front. Adam saw my look and giggled.

“Adam, put that away!” I said, as quietly as I could, afraid of being overheard by the mothers.

Adam shook his head, impish grin on his face. “You gotta kiss it first,” Adam said, leaning close and nearly whispering in my ear.

“Adam,” I said warningly.

Still grinning, Adam hopped up onto a bench and turned to face me. Now his small erection was much closer. Praying there weren’t any cameras in there, I sighed and bent over a bit and planted a soft kiss on the tip of Adam’s penis. He giggled, put it away, and then wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me.

He allowed me to swing him down off the bench while we kissed and then he released me. “Okay,” I said, “now put on some pants so these ladies out here don’t get suspicious, okay?”

Adam smiled and then proceeded to squeeze into a pair of the skinny jeans I’d suggested. His eyes grew wide with appreciation as he modeled in the mirror. “I look good!” he said in surprise.

“You look really good,” I agreed, my eyes taking in the way his perfectly rounded little ass was hugged by the jeans.

“Can I wear them home?” he asked. “Please?”

“I don’t see why not,” I told him. “Do you want to wear that shirt or one of your new ones?”

“Get me the white Gap shirt!” he said, excited.

“Alright, you gonna be okay in here?” I asked. “Make sure you try on all of them.”

Adam nodded and began stripping out of his skinny jeans. I opened the door, noticing one of the mothers slyly peek into the changing room. I wondered if she was looking for evidence of something inappropriate, or if she had a thing for half naked little boys. I was actually betting on the latter; Adam was a delicious looking little guy.

I went to the counter, instructed the young guy to start ringing up my pile and grabbed the shirt Adam had requested. It was actually a white sleeveless shirt with Gap written across the front in blue. I imagined how his smooth shoulders and hairless armpits would look in that shirt and again felt a little stirring downstairs.

“Coming in,” I called as I arrived back at the changing room, and then entered, purposefully holding the door for a few lingering moments, but although shirtless, Adam was already back in his skinny jeans and shoes, awaiting my return. He eagerly took the shirt from my hands and slid it over his head. It seemed a little small honestly. I checked the tag and saw it was a medium. I was pretty sure Adam should be wearing a boys large. Still, it looked as fantastic on him as I thought it would, and the combination with the jeans was amazing. Adam, though, after a quick turning inspection in the mirror, wasn’t satisfied. He pulled the shirt off and handed it to me.

“What?” I asked, surprised. “Don’t you like it?”

“It’s too big,” Adam said. “Can I get a smaller one?”

“It wasn’t that big, Adam,” I told him.

Then he leaned close and lowered his voice and said, “You can’t see my butt in it,” he informed me. “Or… you know.”

Understanding, I gave the boy a snappy salute, earning myself a smile. I exited and pulled the door closed and again noticed Mrs. Housewife checking out my boy. She realized I’d seen, and she quickly averted her eyes and called out, “Aubrey, are you almost done in there?”

I vaguely heard a girl’s voice responding as I headed back to the kid’s section and started looking for the sleeveless Gap shirts. Mr. Hipster behind the counter came to my rescue.

“He says it’s too big,” I told him, when he inquired if I needed help.

“This is a medium,” he said, examining the tag as he led me to the correct area. He rifled a moment. “Here’s a small,” he said, handing me a near identical shirt. “The medium really should fit fine,” he said. “Your boy’s what? Ten? Eleven? He could wear large. The small is for like eight-year-olds.”

I shrugged. “I think he’s trying to be sexy,” I said, letting him in on an embarrassing little secret.

He nodded his understanding. “Gotcha.”

I returned to Adam. This time the shirt hugged him, looking quite small but wonderful, showing off his burgeoning musculature. Best of all, the hem rode right at the low rise waistline of the skinny jeans, giving tantalizing glimpses of silky flesh as he moved. His little ass was being hugged as if the jeans were a sybaritic lifeform and wanted to become one with Adam. Even his little penis was forming an adorably recognizable bump in the front. A bump that was quickly becoming a tube-shaped lump as Adam modeled in front of the mirror.

“You look amazing, bunnyboy,” I whispered in his ear.

Adam gave me a fierce hug. “Thank you so much. I love you, Brad,” he whispered into my ear.

“I love you, too,” I assured him. Then, straightening, I gave him a pointed glance down below and said, “Are you going to go out there like that? It’s a sure bet nobody is going to be mistaking you for a girl.”

Adam giggled and teased quietly, “I am unless you wanna make it go away.”

“Okay, boner brigade it is,” I said, adjusting myself in my own jeans and happy my pants weren’t as tight as Adam’s.

On the way out of the changing room, because I’m twisted and cruel, I stopped Adam just a couple of feet from Mrs. Snoopy. “Did you get everything?” I asked. I could see her eyes sliding over him and saw also the widening of those eyes as she saw the delicious little lump lying at an angle across his crotch. Her eyes snapped guiltily up to mine and seeing herself caught she flushed. I grinned and led Adam to the counter.

We were about to check out when I realized I’d forgotten something. “C’mere, Adam,” I said. “We forgot something.”

“What?” Adam asked.

I pointed. “Should you get some underwear?”

Adam’s eyes lit up. “Oh, yeah!” So we spent a few minutes loading up on underwear and socks for my special boy. I tried not to influence his decisions, so I said little, but I was happy to see he stuck with briefs and cute little boxer-briefs. I despise boxers on boys. Or anyone for that matter. For good measure, I grabbed him two pairs of swim trunks. He protested, quietly, that he wouldn’t need them, but I reminded him of the need for camouflage.

After the Gap, we headed to the food court where Adam and I enjoyed lunch together. When I say enjoyed, I don’t mean the food, which was barely mediocre, but Adam’s company was always a pleasure and watching other people’s reactions to him was a joy in itself. He really was a stunningly beautiful little boy with his perfect features and coppery cloud of hair. His body in those skinny jeans and tiny little muscle shirt was also a treat to watch. One guy, mid fifties, was so entranced by Adam as he passed by that he ran into two teens because he wasn’t paying any attention to where he was walking. I laughed, which made Adam ask what was so funny. I just waved it off, thinking he might be a bit embarrassed to know he was the object of such attention.

The first step after lunch, well, after a quick visit to the men’s room where it was a temptation to avoid the stiff little treat Adam waved at me from the adjacent urinal after he’d finished peeing, was Foot Locker. Five pairs of shoes later, we left there in search of more. I suggested a quick stop at the truck to drop off our loot. It had started raining a little and Adam carefully skipped over small puddles, trying to avoid getting his new shoes wet. They were white and blue Nike’s, which went very well with his shirt and jeans. I was sort of hoping he’d wear the pink and gray pair he got, as I was just tickled by the thought of him wearing pink shoes, but I had to admit they clashed with his outfit, as he pointed out, as if I’d suggested that he rub excrement in his hair. Mr. Hand-me-downs had become haute couture in the space of hours. Ah, gay boys and their clothes.

We ended up buying even more clothes in stores I’d never heard of, as well as two more pairs of shoes in Sketchers. I made another secret purchase while Adam tried on more clothes. I was frankly exhausted after all the clothes, and I think Adam was getting there himself. However, he perked right up when I led him into Best Buy.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not overly enamored of technology. Odd coming from someone who built up a multi-million dollar computer graphics company, but there you go. Still, I realized that Adam would need a few things to compete in today’s world. So the first stop was a laptop. We ended up choosing a combination laptop tablet that the salesman assured me was the best they had and would suit all Adam’s needs. Adam protested that it was too much, but after a bit of a talk he was thrilled to receive it.

I brought Adam up to another section in Best Buy. “You’re gonna get me a phone?” he asked, trying, poorly, to mask his excitement.

I stopped in front of an attentive salesman and then ignored him to turn to Adam. “I’m going to get you a phone on some conditions,” I told him. Adam seemed cautiously hopeful. “First,” I told him, “this is for emergencies, not for playing games or texting in class or any of the stupid things kids get up to with their friends. In other words, young man,” I said, putting on a bit of a show for the salesman, “no taking naked selfies and sending them to your little friends.”

I think Adam had been game to play along, but he lost it, bending over with a case of the giggles. I looked up to find the salesman smiling. He had short brown hair, and a slightly unkempt beard, with no mustache. I have no idea why guys keep trying to perpetuate this look. It has never worked for a single man in the entire history of mankind. They all end up looking like demented Amish or leprechauns. Insanity. I almost said something, but decided to leave him in his ignorance.

“So what can I help you find today?” he asked.

“A phone for the holy terror,” I said, putting an arm around Adam, who grinned cheekily. “Something basic,” I warned.

“What carrier would you like?”

“I’ve no idea. Just a cheap phone.” This is why I hate technology.

“Well, most of our phones are actually free with a 2 year plan.” I saw Adam’s eyes light up at this.

I sighed. “Do you have a phone that just makes calls? No frills?”

“Well, we’ve got this one,” he said, holding up a random looking phone.

“What’s it do?” Adam asked eagerly.

Salesguy shrugged. “Phone, text, camera, video, data plan for internet -”

He’d have kept going, I’m sure, if I’d let him. “I said basic,” I reminded him.

Salesguy shrugged again. I was beginning to dislike Salesguy. “That’s pretty much as basic as they get,” he said.

“My phone doesn’t do any of that,” I assured him. “It just makes calls, like a phone is supposed to do.”

“What kind of phone have you got?” he asked.

I shrugged, growing annoyed. “I don’t know, it’s out in the car.”

The guy gave me a look like he couldn’t even conceive of anyone being that far away from his phone. “Well… what’s it look like?”

I sighed. “I don’t know, you flip it open and it has glowing numbers.”

“You flip…” he began, incredulous, “You have a flip phone? Dude, how old is that thing?”

“Like… ten? Twelve years old?”

Salesguy shook his head as if to clear it, like I just grew a second head or something, or had just gone down on Adam in the middle of the store, a combination of horror and disbelief.

“Can’t I get an iPhone?” Adam asked.

I shook my head. “You don’t need all that crap, Adam. Games and apps and all that. Tell me, would you rather go down to the lake and find your red-breasted throat warbler-”

“Ruby-throated hummingbird,” he reminded me.

“Whatever, ruby bird, or would you rather play Angry Birds? You see these kids running around with their noses stuck in their phones, fingers flying as they text the person sitting next to them, not looking at the world around them. These things make people stupid. I’m sorry, I’m not buying you an iPhone.”

So we left Best Buy, Adam eagerly checking out his iPhone and promising to program mine for me on the way back home. I hate technology, but I love Adam. On our way out of the mall, I had the opportunity to buy Adam a last couple of items, including some new birding books he wanted as well as a real pair of binoculars, the best they had in the store.

Despite his promises to program my phone, and his eagerness to look through all the bags, Adam was asleep in the front seat before we were five miles from the mall. He slept the whole way home.

I was wondering if I’d have to carry Adam into the house, a prospect that didn’t bother me in the least, but he woke as I pulled into the garage. He woke slowly, still on his side, moaning a bit and stretching. He stretched his way over until his head was in my lap and then turned to look up at me.

“We’re home,” he said with a tired smile.

“Yup,” I said, smiling, caressing his cheek.

Suddenly his eyes widened and he said, “I have to put away all my stuff!”

I laughed as he shot up and out of the truck, getting tangled in his belt for a moment. Seeing the number of bags, I realized I probably should have stopped in front of the house first and unloaded. As it was, it took us three trips to carry everything inside. We then spent the next twenty minutes putting things away in the downstairs bedroom, Adam gushing anew over each item. Seeing dresser and closet filled with his things, I decided that I should let him decorate the room with some things he’d like. If he was going to have a fake room, it might as well be one in which he’d enjoy living. I ran the idea by Adam and he was excited by the prospect.

“Can I put my paintings in here? The ones you made of me?” he asked.

“Hmm, how about we keep the bunny one private?” I asked, thinking of the suspiciously-shaped carrot. “We can put the other one in here though.”

“Can I get it?”

“Well, be careful,” I warned, and while he ran to my studio I grabbed hammer and nail and we hung the watercolor in a place of honor above ‘his’ bed.

Then, while Adam got around to his promise to program my phone, with what or to do what, I frankly had no idea, I took my own purchases upstairs to put away and hid the couple of extra things I’d secretly purchased.

As there was about an hour of light left, I suggested to Adam that he take his new binoculars outside and give them a trial run. He grabbed them and his camera and his little notebook where he recorded his bird findings or notes or whatever, and with a quick kiss, he was out the door.

While Adam was out I went ahead and started dinner. A real meal this time, not those crappy frozen things. Turning on some music, I stuffed some big pork chops with an apple and sage stuffing. I wasn’t sure what type of vegetables Adam liked, but a look in fridge and the pantry didn’t leave a whole lot of choice. I ended up making some frozen green beans and threw in a couple of baked potatoes as well. After getting everything into the oven, I headed upstairs for a quick shower. I dressed in a pair of my jogging shorts and one of the t-shirts Adam had insisted I buy.

I was checking my email, nothing important, when Adam came flying into the house. I couldn’t help but smile at his enthusiasm as he said, “These work great!” He rushed over and gave me a big hug. “You can see practically forever!” He slid into my lap, forcing me to scoot the chair a bit back from the desk. “You smell good,” he told me, and leaned down for a soft kiss, which I was happy to provide.

“You smell sweaty,” I told him with a smile.

“I stink?” he asked, lifting an arm to sniff a hairless armpit.

“No, I said you smelled sweaty,” I corrected him. “I like sweaty boys.”

Adam grinned. “All sweaty boys or just me?”

“Just you,” I assured him, wrapping my arms around him and holding him close.

Adam just sat there for a couple of minutes, content to lie against me. Finally, he rose his head a bit and asked, “What smells so good?”

“I thought you said it was me,” I teased.

“The other good smell,” he clarified with a smile.

“Dinner,” I told him, sitting up and shooing him off my lap. “And you can have some as soon as you get cleaned up and dressed for bed,” I told him.

“Are you gonna take a bath with me?” he asked, eyes lighting.

“Sorry, sport, already had one,” I told him.

“Awww,” he pouted. “Can we have one after?”

“Into bed early tonight,” I warned him. “You’ve got school in the morning.”

Adam looked surprised. “I have to go to school?”

I laughed. “Of course you have to go to school.”

“It’s just… I thought…” Adam mumbled.

“Thought what? That I’d just hide you here forever and you could do whatever you wanted?”

“Well,” he had the good grace to look embarrassed, “I guess not,” he finally allowed. “I just wanted to stay here with you.”

“Well, you’ve only got one more week and then we’ll have the whole summer. So, shower, dress, dinner, and then bed after some tv or a movie.”

“Okay,” Adam smiled. Then he gave me another kiss and started up the stairs.

I checked on the food, then headed up the stairs. I wanted to give Adam one of his surprises. Listening at the bathroom door, I could hear the shower running and Adam’s surprisingly sweet voice singing a song we’d been listening to earlier in the truck.

Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do
That is a happy sounding boy, I thought to myself. Hopefully my little present would make him happy, too. I grabbed it out of the closet, and holding it behind my back, opened the door. Adam was gloriously naked in the shower, all three shower heads blasting, dancing a little, which flexed his pale little ass in delicious ways, while clapping and singing.

“Hey, Liberace!” I called, though I’ve honestly no idea where Liberace came from. Sometimes best not to question these things. “Did you think to grab a towel?”

Adam spun. “Liver who?” he asked.

I couldn’t help staring between his legs. He was about half hard, his little penis sticking straight out from his body. Seeing where I was looking Adam grinned, reached down and shook it at me, thrusting his little hips. When he released it it was appreciably stiffer.

“Before your time,” I assured him. “Hell, before my time. Nevermind. Do you need a towel?”

“I got one”, he said, and then pointed to the towel over the bar just outside the shower, which I’d have seen if I hadn’t been blinded by pubescent nudity. There should be warning stickers.

“Well, I’ve got something you can put on after your shower, okay?”


So I went and laid his little gift on the sink and then left, shutting the door behind me. Dinner was ready by the time I got downstairs, and I started getting everything on to plates and getting the dining room table set. That’s when Adam appeared at the railing overlooking the loft.

“Brad?” he said, perhaps a bit of confusion and humor in his voice.

I stepped back from the table so I could look up and see him. He was dressed, neck to feet, in red, one-piece pajamas. They had black buttons that ran up the front from neck to navel, and a cute bear paw on the breast. Then he turned and asked, “What is this supposed to be?”

When Adam turned, he revealed the trapdoor bottom, which was currently open, displaying his beautifully rounded little butt. The flap, when closed, had an embroidered bear on it and the words, ‘Bear Bottom’.

“The most perfect ass in the world?” I asked.

Adam rolled his eyes and turned back to me saying, “My butt is hanging out!”

“And that’s a bad thing because…?” I teased.

Adam came down the stairs, not bothering to button the flap. He came to me for a hug, then, arms still around me, leaned back to look up at me and said, “You’re such a perv.”

“This coming from a sex monkey,” I countered, reaching down to take two handfuls of that fleshy little bottom of his.

“That’s cheating,” Adam grinned, a hint of impish delight in his green eyes.

“No,” I said, “this is cheating,” and so saying, I reached around and searched in all that cotton until I found his stubby little penis, and I squeezed it lightly. It quickly grew in my fingers.

“That’s really cheating,” Adam said, but he seemed delighted.

With a last little squeeze, I released him and patted him on that bare ass. “Button yourself up, sex monkey,” I told him. “Dinnertime.”

Adam reached behind him, attempting to button up the flap with the two big black buttons on either corner. Standing that way, his front pushed out as he looked over his shoulders and stretched his arms behind him, his little penis was obvious, poking saucily at the red cloth.

Finally he gave up and came over, stuck his pert little behind out at me, and said, “Button me, perv.”

I chuckled. “Yes, dear.” I quickly buttoned up the flap and we sat down to dinner.

As we started eating, Adam asked, “Why did you get me these?”

“They were just so…” I began, and then blushed, making Adam smile, “…cute.” I said, a bit embarrassed.

“Why does the butt open?” he asked? “Is it so…?” and the look on his face left me no doubt he wasn’t talking about bodily functions, but rather what a boy and a man who were as close as Adam and I were growing might want them for; which, in the final analysis, had more than a bit of truth to it.

“No!” I said, then lowered my tone as I saw Adam noting my deepening blush. “They used to make these a long time ago,” I told him. “They are sorta retro. The flap was so that you could go to the bathroom during the night without having to undress.”

“So for pooping?” he asked with a grin. I nodded. “But what if you have to pee? Shouldn’t there be a little flap in the front?”

I lost myself in that image for a few moments until Adam called my named, jolting me back to the present. “Uh… oh… peeing. Well, you have to sit of course. Once you sit, you just aim down like normal, and there you go.”

Adam thought about this a moment. “Neat,” he finally declared, and I felt like I’d won something. Adam looked at me slyly. “You think I’m cute in them, huh?”

“I think you’re cute in everything,” I assured him, “but, yes, you’re particularly cute in those.”

The rest of the meal was accompanied with affectionate chatting. Adam was now looking forward to school the next day and the opportunity to show off his new clothes and phone. I warned him again that the phone was for emergencies only and that if I somehow found out he’d been abusing it, texting in class or the like, that I wouldn’t hesitate to take it away. He called me a meanie and I called him a brat, so I think that one was a draw.

After dinner, we snuggled on the sofa while Adam introduced me to one of his favorite shows, The Walking Dead. I honestly didn’t watch that much television, either too caught up in work when I owned my company, or my art now that I was retired. I didn’t actually get to follow the show very well, as Adam spent most of the hour telling me the back story. It didn’t bother me at all. Just being with Adam, hearing him speak, feeling the presence of his small body warm against mine, that was all the entertainment I needed.

After the show, I sent him to his bedroom to brush his teeth and get ready for bed, reminding him we needed to maintain the illusion, and a bit of toothpaste in the sink wouldn’t hurt in that department. Meantime, I closed up the house and then headed upstairs to do the same thing. I exited my bathroom nude, intending to crawl into bed before Adam arrived, but I found him already waiting.

Already waiting. Sounds like I walked in and he was just lounging around casually, but that doesn’t begin to capture the sight that greeted me when I walked out of the bathroom. Adam was in bed, propped up on knees and elbows, head craned to look back over his shoulder. His little ass was stuck impudently into the air, and yes, that flap was no longer in place. I could see his little balls dangling, and the winking pucker of his pink asshole as he gently waved his ass back and forth, like a fakir trying to mesmerize a cobra. It seemed to be working, because my own cobra began to rise between my legs. Okay, baby cobra. Garter snake? Leave me alone, you’re harshing my vibe.

“Holy Shi’ite Muslims,” I exclaimed, softly, stunned.

“You’re getting’ a boner,” Adam giggled.

I shook myself from my reverie. “Bet you’ve already got one, sex bunny,” I said.

“Sex monkey,” Adam corrected. “You said bunny.”

“You’re a sex bunny and a sex monkey,” I told him. “Now hush, I’m busy staring.”

Adam giggled again and shook his ass more enthusiastically. “I knew as soon as I saw the flap on these pj’s that you wanted to see me just like this.”

“When did you get so smart?” I asked, fully hard now. He looked so fucking adorable. Sounds a bit odd to put ‘fucking’ and ‘adorable’ together. You’d know exactly what I meant if you’d seen it. He was the perfect combination of childishly cute and wickedly sexy. He knew exactly the picture he was presenting, had obviously staged it, and I was right where he wanted me.

“You are in love with my butt, Brad,” he pointed out quite reasonably.

“I’m in love with you,” I admitted. “Your butt is just a huge bonus.”

“My butt isn’t huge!” he protested.

“No,” I agreed. “It’s perfect.”

Adam grinned, then said softly, “Kiss it.”

I went and sat on the end of the bed. I eagerly but gently ran my hand over that deliciously round expanse of silky smooth flesh. Then, leaning forward, I planted a soft kiss on his left cheek, and then the right.

“Not like that,” Adam said, a new tightness in his voice. “Like you did before.”

I knew what he wanted of course, and I wanted to give it to him. Besides, I had another little secret gift I’d gotten on our shopping trip earlier and I was eager to share it with him. Kissing those lovely cheeks again, I slid a hand into the darkness inside Adam’s pj’s, tickling his little wrinkled sac, then walking my fingers upward, finding that he was indeed hard. I wrapped my hand gently around his slender dick and gave him a squeeze.

“Brad,” he said my name softly, thrusting himself into my hand.

He wasn’t getting off that easily, though. Getting off. See what I did there? Anyway, I released his eager little tool, and intrigued by the thought of everything hidden in those pj’s, I slid my arm further between his legs, caressing his hairless groin, and his smooth stomach, the muscles taut underneath as he shuddered under my touch. With my arms stretched so far between his legs, my face was naturally closer to his ass, so while I massaged his chest and stomach I began to gently lap at his center with the tip of my tongue. Adam gasped and shivered.

“That still feels so weird,” he confessed. “Really good though.” I began to lick him harder, rasping my tongue over that little pucker of ridged tissue. “I cleaned there good,” Adam assured me, voice growing raspy. “I even did inside. With my finger.” I continued to lick. “Are you gonna put your finger in again?”

Suddenly I stood up, leaving him looking back at me in surprise. “Not my finger,” I told him, going to the drawer of my nightstand. I blocked his view with my body and grabbed the lube and my secret present. Hiding the items from him, I made my back around.

“What then?” he asked, following my movements. “Your dick?” he asked, a surprising amount of excitement in his voice.

“Don’t think you’re ready for that yet, Adam,” I told him, settling back behind him again. I couldn’t help running my hand over that creamy ass again.

“What then?” he asked, obviously intrigued.

“It’s a surprise,” I told him. “Now turn around. No peeking.”

I began attacking his asshole with my tongue again and within a few moments he was no longer interested in turning around. I began to push at his little rosebud with my tongue, pressing until he relaxed enough to let me enter him. While my mouth was thus engaged, I quietly opened up the lube, spread a bit in my palm and then carefully lubricated my new little toy. Then I brought it to bear.

I replaced my tongue with the toy. It was a mini vibrator I’d picked up at Spencer’s Gifts in the mall while Adam had been trying on clothes in a nearby store. I’d actually had a pretty difficult time choosing something and had been forced to make two trips, running back to check on Adam in between. A bullet vibe had seemed like a good idea, but apparently not good for anal as the cord could break. Last thing I wanted to do was bring my eleven-year-old lover into the emergency room to explain that the sex toy I’d bought him was lodged inside his rectum. So I’d looked at vibrators specifically designed for anal, but they were all long and skinny and weirdly knobby, and, while I’m sure would they’d have been pleasurable, in the end (see what I did there?) I was trying to ready him for my own cock, so I got him just a regular, although small, vibrator. It was pink and even lit up inside, for what reason I honestly couldn’t fathom.

“What’s that?” Adam asked, clenching. He tried looking but couldn’t get a good angle.

“Relax, bunny,” I told him gently. I worked the narrow little tip around his anus, mostly to transfer a bit of lube to him. Then I pushed gently. Already loosened by my tongue, he opened right up and I slid the first couple of inches inside. Adam’s back arched and he gasped.

“You okay?” I asked, worried.

“It’s big,” he breathed.

“Too big?” I asked, ready to remove it. The vibrator was only an inch thick, thicker than my finger, but not by much. At only four inches long, it was already halfway in and not going to get any thicker for him.

“It’s okay,” Adam said. “What is it, though?”

“This,” I said, then I switched it on. Adam gasped.

“Oh, man!” he said after a few stunned moments. “Brad! It’s… unnnnghh. It tickles!”

“You like it?” I asked, sliding it a little deeper. I had to keep hold of it, as Adam’s ass was already sucking at it, trying to draw it deeper.

“It feels really weird,” he said, repeating himself. “Can you… move it back and forth?”

“You bet,” I said with a smile, and I began to slide it in and out, finding a gentle rhythm. Meanwhile I reached back into the darkness of his pajamas and took hold of his quivering cock.

“That feels so good,” Adam moaned.

“Wanna see if we can make it feel better?” I asked.


“Try this,” I said, then I turned the base, increasing the vibrations.

“Uuuuuuunnnnnghhh,” Adam gasped, and I watched a huge shudder start at his shoulders and work its way down his back to his ass and thighs.

“I…. I gotta…” Adam started, “Take it out!”

I didn’t hesitate, afraid I’d hurt him somehow. Adam immediately flopped onto his back and started fumbling at the buttons on his pajamas with shaky fingers. He looked up at me with desperate eyes and begged, “Help me.”

I saw what he wanted right away and hurried to kneel over him. I gently swatted his hands away and made quick work of the buttons while Adam whimpered and his hands worked in his crotch. As soon as the buttons were low enough, he thrust his hands inside them and began squeezing his cock. I helped him shrug out of the pajamas and then, with a bit of maneuvering, we had them down his back and he was lifting his ass so I could pull them off the rest of the way. Before I could even get them off his feet, he was wrapping his hand around my neck and pulling me into him for a frantic kiss.

Adam again flopped onto his back, then he was spreading his knees wide and saying, “Put it back in me.”

I made to move down between his legs, but then Adam was kissing me again, and I had to switch the vibe to my left hand and reach down between his legs, going by feel while Adam’s small tongue swirled frenziedly inside my mouth. I finally found that lubed up little pucker and slowly inserted the still buzzing vibrator, careful to keep a firm grip on it. Adam moaned into my mouth, his body shuddering once again.

Pulling away from me with a gasp, Adam said, “Suck me, Brad!” his extreme sexual excitement apparently overcoming his shyness at speaking so forthrightly.

Happy to oblige, I slid down until my head was over his crotch, and while my left hand continued to shallowly stab him with the vibrator, I took his cock fully into my mouth, my lips quickly meeting the hairless base. Adam shivered and pressed up against me, grinding his groin against my mouth, his hands desperately clutching the sheets, his legs trembling as he pressed his feet against the mattress.

“Yeeeessssss!” he hissed.

Then Adam’s little cock was jerking in my mouth, the underside pulsing strongly as he grunted out his dry orgasm. After the twitching of his dick had ceased I let it fall, wet and shining, from my mouth. I started to remove the vibrator from his ass, but his small hand caught mine.

“Keep it in me,” he mumbled softly.

Realizing he still had more in him, I gathered him to me gently. I moved up on the bed until I was leaning with my head against the headboard, supported by pillows. Adam lay on top of me, his sweaty back against my chest, his ass just high enough that I could feel the head of my own cock brushing against my left hand, which was holding the little vibrator firmly in place. Adam’s pajamas were still around his ankles, trailing off the end of the bed. I placed soft kisses on Adam’s neck and right shoulder. My right hand caressed his body, from chest to groin, teasing around his still-hard cock, but not giving it more than the slightest brushes of contact as my hand moved around it.

Adam turned his head to me and his lips sought out my own. His left hand caressed the hair on my left arm, while his right hand reached out to cup the side of my face. His mouth moved against mine hungrily, his tongue dancing inside. His mouth tasted of toothpaste. I finally relented and wrapped my hand around his prick while my other hand once again began to slide the slender little vibrator inside his clutching hole. Adam whimpered into my mouth.

To bring things into easier reach, I slowly drew my feet back, my knees lifting. Adam’s legs, draped over mine, began to rise as well, so that by the time my feet were flat on the mattress and my knees bent, Adam’s legs were gaping widely, the hollow in the back of his knees cupping my own knees. Now the hand holding the vibrator could more easily work it in and out without stretching so much. This also put the head of my cock into contact with Adam’s ass, and I began to hump my hips a bit, sliding it in the cleft.

Suddenly Adam tried to sit up, nearly causing me to lose my grip on the vibrator, which luckily slid from his ass instead of the other way. He reached between his own legs in order to grab my cock, but given the awkward position could only reach the tip of it.

Adam flopped back in frustration and said, “I want you to feel good, too.” Then, “You can put it in me, Brad. If you want. I really don’t mind.”

“Honey, I don’t think you’re ready for that,” I said patiently.

“You always say that, but what if I am? What if I wanna do it? That thing was already in my butt and it’s big.”

“Well, not quite as big,” I said weakly. The truth is, I wasn’t hesitating so much because I thought my monster cock was going to rip the poor boy apart. I was more concerned with taking what seemed a huge final step. Fucking a boy, I mean, that was a big deal. Right?

“Almost,” Adam said, “and it didn’t hurt at all!”

“How about this?” I temporized. With a bit of maneuvering, I situated Adam on top of me so that my cock was snuggled warmly between his silky thighs, poking up just below his little balls. In this position I could still kiss him, which I did, as well as jack his cock with one hand and caress his body with the other. Then, with a steady humping motion, I began to drive my cock in between his thighs.

“It feels nice,” Adam allowed. “Does it feel good to you, too?”

“Very nice,” I assured him. And it did. Adam’s thighs were wonderfully smooth and warm and felt great wrapped around my cock. Feeling around, I located the tube of lube and squirted some into my palm. I then used that to lubricate Adam’s slender little penis. He groaned and began to hump his skinny hips, driving his stiff nail into my lubed fist. That in turn made his thighs tremble and slide around my cock.

I was learning that when Adam got excited, he was very vocal. He started in with a series of gasping little moans as I jacked him. That sound just went right through me, thrumming through my being somehow, increasing my own pleasure. I especially liked it when I was kissing him at the time, as those little gasps went right into me, as if I were consuming them. In a way, I suppose I was. It was food for the soul, certainly.

The pace of Adam’s little thrusts began to increase along with the panting little yelps of pleasure he was voicing in my ear. I was kissing his neck. His hands tightened their grip on my arms, using me as an anchor as his lower body writhed and shuddered.

“Gonna come again,” Adam gasped. I felt his body begin to tense. His high-pitched little gasping moans shuddered through me and I felt myself beginning to tense as well. I pressed my left hand down flat and hard against Adam’s hairless groin, my pinky against the root of him, so my right fist could pump on his cock and, more importantly, I could thrust between his legs. Then Adam’s small dick was jerking in my fist while he gasped out his orgasm into my mouth. Moments later, I felt my own orgasm rip through me, and I thrust upward one last time, feeling Adam’s thighs tense around me while I began to pump out my hot and sticky load over his crotch and my own pumping fist.

The sensation of my hot jizz coating Adam’s crotch seemed to excite him, as he gasped again when he felt it and instantly reached down a hand to grab my spurting cock and feel it squirting over his fingers. Adam continued to jack my cock as the last of my cum dribbled out. I was just holding his still-stiff penis in my hand, no longer jacking him. He lay there on my chest, back slick with sweat, both of us breathing heavily.

In a voice heavy with satisfaction, Adam said, “We’re all sticky.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s all your fault,” I said.

Adam giggled. “You’re the one that squirted all over the place.”

“Yeah, but you made me squirt all over the place,” I reasoned.

“Cause you’re a perv.”

“Am not,” I countered.

“Are too.”

“Well, know what I think?” I asked.


“I think you might just be a little perv, too.”

“Am not,” he said, humor in his voice.

“Yeah? Then why are you rubbing my cum all over yourself?”

Adam giggled. “It feels neat. Is it really pervy?”

“Nah, bunny, but it might be if we don’t clean it up. Up ya go!” I sat him up and lifted him to the side, carefully, so we didn’t make a mess. “Shower time!”

“Yay!” Adam said as he waddled into the bathroom, giggling at the way his pajamas, still around his ankles, trailed him across the floor.

“Then, bedtime,” I reminded him as we made our way to the bathroom.


End of part five

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