La Isla de Aquinas is a unique story in many ways. First off: it’s big! 150K+ words. It’s the biggest I wrote up until now, and I’m guessing it’ll be the biggest I’ll ever write. Second, it took me WAY too much time to write for various reasons, and I apologize for that. Third, I wrote half of the chapters in the present tense. This is a first for me. And last but not least: It’s my first-ever co-authored story! E-o-F wrote an entire (huge!) chapter.

This isn’t the first time E-o-F, and I brainstorm together over a story. And he’s always willing to proofread my stories, which I immensely appreciate! With his help, both my stories and my writing improve.

About the story:
In its essence, it’s about Scott. He’s a boy growing up on a lot of different army bases. He wants to be creative, but his dad wants him to start doing all sorts of manly things. They meet up with Glenn and Gloria to get their picture taken, and they hit it off instantly. Glenn starts teaching Scott the fine art of photography. We went for two storylines. One is set in the present, where Scott gets some bad news about Glenn and is faced with the consequences of that. The other timeline is in the past, where we learn all about Scott growing up and his developing relationship with Glenn.

I want to spoil as little as possible here, so you can immerse yourself in this story and find out all the juicy details. Of course, there’s a lot of sex in this story. (A lot) more than in Smoky Mountains, my other big story. But it isn’t all just dumb sex or a quick wanking story. There are a couple of plot-only chapters. Not much, but they were necessary, IMHO.

And the island? Well… I looked on the map of the Caribbean, and picked a fictional spot. Then I started thinking of logical names for such an island, and I learned that there isn’t an island named after Saint Thomas Aquinas ( That’s how I came up with the location. It’s fictional, and so are all the characters in this story, as much as they are in all of them.

This time, I did the epilogue right after I finished it, which will be noticeable in the quality of it. As you may have learned earlier, I’m not a big fan of Epilogues. I find it much more exciting to imagine some endings myself when I read a story. But I know there will be a popular demand, and I get it. You, the reader, invest time and effort in reading this story, and some of you want closure. That’s what the epilogue is for. I would personally skip it and figure things out for myself. But I won’t blame you if you don’t!

There are nineteen chapters and an epilogue. The buildup is a bit slow, but I like a good, slow-burner story, so I guess that’s why I write it that way. Chapter 17 is E-o-F’s big contribution. The first time I read it, it took me about three or four times to finish it. If you catch my drift…

This is also the first time that both the story and the audiobook are finished at the same time. I’ve found outstanding software to read my stories out loud. Their voices aren’t robot-like and actually sound pretty good! Granted, they sometimes slip up during the moaning parts in the story. I tried to correct that as well as I could, but some may have slipped through. At the bottom of each story, there’s a separate download link for the .mp3 per chapter. I’ll put the complete audio files up here and in the audiobook section when everything is published. I’d recommend for the best experience to wait until the ‘real’ audiobook is uploaded. There is a difference between separate .mp3’s and a regular audiobook.

There is also an eBook available in the eBook section.

I really hope you all enjoy this story. As always: all comments, good and bad, are welcome and always appreciated. Reply at this website (I promise it’s anonymous if you want), send me an e-mail: / Do something with the guestbook; find me on Google Hangouts, whatever you want! I’ll also ensure that E-o-F gets the messages specifically meant for him.

Have fun!

Chapter 1 – He’s dead
Chapter 2 – With a bit of help
Chapter 3 – Comfort
Chapter 4 – Just fun
Chapter 5 – Funeral
Chapter 6 – Studio work
Chapter 7 – Next steps
Chapter 8 – Shoot me
Chapter 9 – Meet the Thompsons
Chapter 10 – Melancholia
Chapter 11 – B-Wyze
Chapter 12 – Touch of an Angel
Chapter 13 – Prepping
Chapter 14 – Come to the Island
Chapter 15 – Shoot them
Chapter 16 – Angels
Chapter 17 – E-o-F’s Long Guest Chapter: No plot advancement, but a lot of sex!
Chapter 18 – Booty call
Chapter 19 – A Lil’ Bit of trouble