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La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Prepping

La Isla de Aquinas – Chapter 13

“I swear, Owen!” Audrey says, smiling. And after a short pause, “No! Honestly. I’m not… uhm… kidding you!”

I look at her and motion for her to hand me her phone. Audrey nods and says, “One sec. I’m putting you on speaker.”

“Hey, guys!” I say to the phone that Audrey holds in her hand.

“Hi, Mr. H,” both boys say simultaneously.

“Audrey is right. Mr. Lieberman green-lighted a project to do proper mood shots. He asked me to arrange everything. The reason we’re calling is that we wanted to ask you guys if you’re willing to do this shoot with us….” I say, smiling and knowing how much they want this.

“So you’re not shitting us?” Owen asks again.

“Swear to god!” I reply.

“Fuck me! Of course, we wanna do that!” he practically shouts.

“Hell yeah!” his brother adds.

“Great! I figured you would. But I have to talk to your mom and dad, of course. And I need formal permission, plus we need to talk about details. But she didn’t answer her phone. Can you ask her to call me?”

“She’s still at work,” Evan says. “But she’ll be home any minute now, and we’ll ask her,” Owen adds.

“Thanks! Mr. Lieberman said he was very impressed by you guys and Audrey.”

“This is SO Awesome!” Owen says, with an enthusiastic, “I can’t believe it!” from Evan in the background.

“Glad you’re excited. So are we!” Audrey says.

“Okay, boys. Gotta go! Talk to you later,” I say.

“Later, Mr. H. Later, Audrey!”

I gulp down the whiskey that’s left in my glass and smile at Audrey. She smiles and just nods. So I walk over to the liquor cabinet and pour two glasses. The moment I hand Audrey her glass, my phone rings. I look at it and see Miranda is calling.

“That’s quick!” Audrey says as she looks at the display.

I pick it up, and it’s immediately clear she’s just as excited about this trip as her sons. So we quickly agree she should come over to arrange the details. We compare schedules, and we agree on ten a.m. the following day. Both Audrey and the twins will be at school, but since we’re going to be discussing the boring things like costs, legal responsibilities and stuff, we figure we might as well do it without the kids.

After the call, I feel the need to celebrate. So I pour myself another glass and add a little more to Audrey’s. Then, as we sit down on the couch, I hold up my glass and say, ”Cheers! Here’s to Mr. Lieberman.”

“Cheers!” Audrey smiles and empties her glass in one big gulp.

“Careful there, Lil’ Bit!” I say, already feeling the effects of the first two glasses myself.

We watch some TV and chat a little about how exciting it all is. Audrey cuddles up to me during this chat, lays her head on my shoulder, and softly says, “I can’t wait to see Evan and Owen again. Their bodies are SO amazing.”

“Same here. Their tight abs and pecks, the cute asses… Even their dicks look like…” I hear myself say with a slight slur and immediately know I should stop here. “I mean…” I try.

“Haha! You said it, I thought about it,” Audrey laughs, and I hear a bit of a slur coming from her too.

Audrey’s hand is currently on my upper leg, and I hear her sigh deeply. “Yeah… their penises are magnificent!”

After she says this, she snuggles up even closer, and slowly her hand moves up my legs, causing me to get hard in mere seconds. I guess the booze is doing its work because I don’t feel the need to stop her. The moment her hand touches my balls, she lifts her head and looks at me.

“Will you do more sex stuff with me, please?” she asks.

I know I really should say no. But her pleading eyes, hand on my balls, and sexy body, combined with the booze, cause me to say, “Sure, Lil’ Bit. What do you wanna do?”

“Uhh… I don’t know? Will you use your fingers on me again? That was fantastic! Or is there something else we can do?” she asks, as the inexperience is dripping from her face.

While her hand moves upward even further and is now firmly pressed against my boner, I think about what to do. I already decided for myself that I can’t fuck her. But there are a lot of different things I can show her and have fun while doing so.

“Come here,” I say and pull her gently on my lap.

Audrey gets the idea and straddles my waist while facing me. As I look at her horny face, I feel my dick twitch inside my pants, which causes Audrey to smile wickedly. Then, she presses her groin firmly against mine and moves her pelvis around.

“We can do this,” I whisper and gently take her face in my hands, look her deep into her eyes, and kiss her firmly on her lips.

I see her closing her eyes, and at that moment, I slip my tongue inside her mouth. The second I enter her mouth, her eyes fly open, and she opens her mouth too. At first, she starts Frenching me a bit clumsily, but after a few minutes into it, she catches on, and we’re in a full lip-lock with our tongues probing around furiously.

I slowly move my hands up and down her back, caressing her tenderly. But as she keeps pushing herself against my hard dick, I feel my horniness increase. So I move my hands down and start lifting her T-shirt. Audrey immediately catches on, breaks the kiss, and lifts her arms to help me take off her shirt. A little black bra covers her small breasts, and they look extremely inviting this close. So moments after I toss her shirt across the room, my hands start working on the hooks at her back. They come undone before I know it, and Audrey slides the straps from her shoulders. Once the pads fall away from her breasts, I’m treated with the glorious sight of two young boobs, with hard nipples proudly topping off her small areolas. I feel my mouth water and immediately close my mouth around her left nipple, sucking on it and feeling it stiffen even more under my lapping tongue.

“OHHH…” Audrey moans, and I can see her throwing her head back and feel her pushing her chest forward to meet my sucking mouth.

I move my hands down to cup her jeans-covered ass and grab it firmly, pressing her pussy even harder against my straining boner. I lick my way up from her tits, down her neck and earlobe, and end in her mouth, where we continue our Frenching.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I say hoarsely, tightening the grip on her ass, and we stand up.

The moment I’m on my feet, Audrey wraps her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. She licks my lips while looking me deep into my eyes. I can see horniness and complete trust in her eyes. That’s when I realize how privileged I am to assist this amazing girl down her path of sexual discovery. Despite my apprehension, I inwardly praise myself for helping her.

I know the way down the house quite well and can probably find my way around it blindfolded. But with a horny young girl rubbing against me and licking my neck and face, I need to find my bearings with my hands. As I reach the stairs, I look around her face to ensure we don’t fall. After about three steps, I’m confident we’ll make it upstairs. But then Audrey starts tugging at my shirt, which complicates things immensely. Before I reach the top, Audrey manages to take off my shirt and throws it down the stairs, and in my peripheral vision, I see the entrance to our bedroom.

She wraps her arms around my neck tightly again, and I can feel her hard nipples press against my bare chest. Audrey’s moan in my ear and pelvic pressure against me is a confirmation of how sexy this feeling is for her too.

I gently lay her down on the bed, but instead of lying down, she immediately sits up straight and starts working on my belt and zipper. Audrey clearly lacks experience in undressing someone else, so it takes a bit longer than usual. But I’m too horny to care, so I let her do her thing. After she’s done unbuttoning my fly, my jeans slide off my hips, so I step out of them and kick them aside. Audrey immediately starts tugging at my boxers, and the loud slap of my hard-on slapping against my belly causes both of us to smile.

After I step out of them too, and I’m naked in front of her with my dick at eye level, she looks at it, wraps her hand around it, and slowly starts jacking me. As she looks up, it’s immediately clear that she doesn’t have a clue what to do next. So I decide to take the lead and introduce her to something new.

I gently push her against her bare shoulders. Audrey gets what I mean, and she lies down on her back. I get down to my knees and rub my hands over her upper legs, looking up at her face, only mildly distracted by her hard nipples, partially blocking the view. I keep moving upward, and after I unbutton her jeans, I slip my fingers in the waistband of both her jeans and panties and start sliding them down.

Audrey lifts her butt from the bed, and before I know it, I’m looking at her sparse pubic hairs. Then, after her jeans come off, she kicks them aside, and I sit up straight. Her butt is still lying close to the edge of the bed, and my stiff dick is pointing upward and now very close to her pussy. I look at her, and she suddenly seems pretty nervous.

“Are you… are you going to put it inside?” she whispers.

I look down and realize how close I am to fucking her and why she’s so nervous all of a sudden. So I shake my head and look serious at her. “No, Lil’ Bit. I won’t do that. It’s too… I just can’t.” I stammer.

Looking relieved, she says, “I want to try that. And I want to do it with you! Just not yet, you know?”

“I know. And you should be proud of yourself for knowing what you want! No need to rush anything. But I do think you’ll like what I have in mind,” I say, smiling wickedly at her. “Move up, and make yourself comfortable.”

Audrey moves up on the bed and lays her head on the pillow. One of her hands is behind her head, and the look on her face is one of anticipation and plain lust. I let my eyes roam over her body once more, and her small breasts with pointy nipples, tight belly with starting sixpack look amazing. But when I look at her puffy pussy lips, covered with these sparse pubes, I feel my mouth water again. This is the moment I’ve anticipated for a while now. I move down and start kissing her on her left knee and slowly kiss a trail up her inner leg, ending just below her pussy.

As I come closer, I smell the intoxicating smell of young pussy again, and I plant a big, sloppy kiss on it. Her soft pubes are tickling my lips, and as I open my mouth to wrap my lips around hers, Audrey sucks in a deep breath. I lick with my tongue between her outer lips without any pressure. But this is enough for her juices to hit my tastebuds, and I decide to start eating her out properly. I apply a bit more pressure with my tongue, and the moment I do this, it slides between her lips a little bit.

“AHHH!!!” Audrey moans loudly and arches her back.

Since I’m just getting started, I smile inwardly about how much more new sensations she will experience. Then, I slowly move my tongue upward while maintaining the same depth. When I touch her clit, she moans loudly again, and I can feel a shiver go through her body. Next, I play with her clit a little by gently moving my tongue over it. Judging by how her pelvis is moving around, it’s an excellent way to get her cherry lubed up even more.

I start licking a bit more firmly now and feel her juices flowing quite seriously by now. I lap up as much as I can, which in turn gets me going. I stop focussing on just her clit, and start lapping from her entrance to her clit in long strokes with the entire width of my tongue pressed against her pussy. Her moans increase, and so do her juices, so I’m positive I’m doing the right thing.

I lay comfortably on the bed with my hard dick pressed against the mattress, enjoying every second of this. I figured I’d take my time for Audrey’s introduction to oral sex, but as she lays her hands on my head and starts grunting, “MMMHHH… Almost… AHHH!!” I realize she’s getting close to cumming already.

Most women I ate out in my life usually took a bit longer than this. But I guess her build-up tension of the day, combined with the first time someone is licking her down there, is enough trigger for her to cum quickly. So, way sooner than I anticipated, I bring my fingers into the action. I gently start probing around her entrance, giving her the illusion I’m about to enter her. I let my fingers and tongue work in unison for a few moments until I hear, “AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!” above me and her fingers gripping my hair. She starts pressing her pussy firmly against my face, but I managed to place my index finger against her entrance.

“AHH!!! AHH!!! AHH!!!”

Her moans are stronger now, and it’s clear she’s on the verge of cumming. And as I slowly enter her, her lower body stops moving entirely. My tongue is focussing on her clit again, and by now, her pussy is so wet that my entire chin is coated with her juices. I give my finger one final push, and I’m all the way inside her now. I rub the tip of my finger over the inner side of her love canal and feel her legs stiffen.

A few heartbeats later, her pussy starts contracting sharply around my finger, and her hands push my face firmly against her groin.

“OOHHH!!! AAAHHHH!!!!” Audrey moans, but I’m surprised about how she manages to keep the noise down.

I try my best to lap up as much of the pussy nectar she’s producing now, but this isn’t easy since I’m being pressed so tightly against her. I’m breathing through my nose, and all I can smell is that wonderful smell of her young pussy I’ve come to love so much. I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.

I keep rubbing her insides with the tip of my finger, and I know this will prolong her orgasm. But breathing like this is getting harder and harder for me, and I have to pull back my head a bit. Despite her orgasmic high, Audrey releases her grip on my head. My tongue is only touching her clitoris lightly now, and I slow down the motion of my finger.

After a few minutes, I feel Audrey coming back again, as her body relaxes and she sighs deeply. I lift my face from her groin and look up at her. I immediately see why her moans were muffled. She’s still biting on the ball of her thumb. I don’t want her to feel uneasy, so I lick my lips and grab a bit of the blanket to wipe my face quickly before she sees my shiny face.

After another deep sigh, she opens her eyes, looks down at me, and smiles the most satisfied smile I have ever seen. I move up the bed and lie down next to her, looking her in her eyes with a big grin.

“That was AWESOME!” she exclaims, throwing her arms around my neck, and kissing me deeply while pressing her entire body against mine.

“Thanks! I knew you’d like it,” I smile.

I hold Audrey close as she gets her breath back. Then, after a few minutes, she looks up at me tentatively, “Was that a blowjob?” she asks.

“No. I went down on you or, as some people call it, I ate you out. Only a guy can get a blowjob. It’s when someone takes the penis in their mouth and…” I say with all the professionalism I can find.

But before I can finish my sentence, Audrey moves down on the bed and enthusiastically wraps her hand around my leaking dick. Then, she inches her head closer, moves my dick around, and examines it closely. I feel her hot breath on my shaft, causing tingles inside my balls already.

“And now what?” Audrey asks while looking at me expectantly and pressing my dick against her cheek.

“You… uhh… if you want to give me a blowjob, you just… uhh…” I hear myself stammer.

“Don’t be a wuss! Just tell me how I’m supposed to do it! I wanna return the favor, AND I wanna learn how to do it properly,” Audrey says, clearly amused by my apprehension.

“You… ahem! You can lick it like a popsicle. But you can also wrap your lips around it and bob your head up and down. And you can use your tongue to stimulate the glans, and you… AHHHH,” I say, interrupted by her tongue lapping up from my balls to the tip, just like you would lick a popsicle.

“Like this?” she asks innocently.

“Yeah! Like that. And watch the teeth! It’s very unpleasant when the teeth scrape over my dickhead or shaft,” I explain, figuring I might as well use words from a bit more dirty vocabulary.

“I’ll try,” she says and slips her lips around my glans and moves her head down over it.

I can feel she wrapped her lips over her teeth, which makes her mouth a tiny bit too tight for my grown dick. After a few seconds, she lifts her head and looks at me with a surprised look on her face. “It doesn’t taste bad! It’s more like skin. And I can taste your stuff again!”

“You want me to… AHHH YEAH!!! … warn you when I OOHHH… cum?” I ask as she’s going down on my dick again.

She just nods her head and is very focused on sucking me off. At first, she goes at it way too enthusiastically, and gags as my dick hits her tonsils. But after a few more rookie mistakes and a good laugh from both of us, I’m surprised at how fast she learns! I only have to give her a few more pointers, but other than that, she listens very carefully to my moans to find out which has the biggest effect on me. I quickly learn that this is an excellent way to steer her without words and that she’s a very eager and bright student.

One hand is cupping my balls, while the other is gripping my cock, so she can use a jerking motion each time her head moves up. When I was younger, the few girls that sucked me off got tired of it quickly and started complaining about their jaws. But those girls didn’t have the skillset or eagerness Audrey is showing. Those girls in my early years probably wouldn’t have gotten me off anyways. I know that now. But the way Audrey is sucking me… Oh boy!

I’m tapping into every technique I know to hold back on cumming. But because of the enthusiasm, combined with the taboo of being sucked by a preteen girl, I’m close to shooting my load already after just a few minutes of getting my dick sucked.

But the moment Audrey starts using her tongue furiously on my dickhead, I know I’m a goner. The tingle spreads in my balls faster than I’m used to, but I know I’ve still got time to warn her.

“OHHHH! Look out! I’m cumming!” I pant.

I expect Audrey to lift her head and only use her hand to jerk me. But instead, she starts doubling her efforts. Finally, unsure if she’s heard me but getting close to shooting, I almost scream, “I’m cumming! Look out!”

She must’ve heard this time, but instead of lifting, she keeps sucking and lapping. The tingle is in the bottom half of my dick now, and I feel the dam break. My balls pull up, and I feel my dick start kicking and blasting out my cum. During my cum, I sense that Audrey’s mouth is still around my dick, but her tongue work has stopped. I’m afraid she’s choking, but I’m too far gone now to do something about it.

After the peak of cum is gone, and I’m regaining my senses, I look down, worried about Audrey. But I quickly learn that I’ve got nothing to worry about. I see her swallowing, with my dick still deep in her mouth. This sight puts me at ease, and I let the good feelings retake control.

When Audrey lifts her head and lets my dick slip out of her mouth with a loud pop, I feel the cold hit it but also notice it’s clean. No traces of sticky cum hitting my pubes. However, the movement on the bed brings me back to reality, and the moment Audrey cuddles up to me again, I’m afraid the guilt will hit me.

But when I look at her, and I’m greeted with nothing but smiles, I know there’s nothing to be guilty about. Her hand wraps around my softening dick, and she says, “So that’s what giving a blowjob feels.”

“You sure this was your first one?” I smile.

“Yeah. Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, Lil’ Bit! You were FUCKING amazing!” I chuckle, “It’s not easy to make me cum with a blowjob. But you managed on your first try. I’m VERY impressed!”

Audrey looks at me and is obviously checking if I’m making fun of her. But when she sees I’m not kidding, she starts blushing. “Really? Did I do it that well?”

“Oh yeah! And you listened to my responses to find out what worked. That’s something you can use all the time during sex to know what your partner likes and dislikes. But damn, girl! You’re good!”

“Thanks… And… uh… your… uhm… stuff tastes amazing,” she smirks and licks her lips to make a point.

“I thought you wouldn’t want me to cum in your mouth?”

“When I tasted your, what’s it called again? Freecum?”


“Right! When I tasted your precum, I liked it so much that I wanted more. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, Lil’ Bit! Having sex is all about doing the things you and your partner like. And if you want to try something and it doesn’t hurt your partner, there’s no need to apologize!”

I can see her blush, and she suddenly blurts out, “I like to drink your cum, Scott! I want your cum in my mouth, taste it and swallow it!”

After realizing what she just said, she puts her hand in front of her mouth and starts blushing furiously.

“You go, girl!” I say with an overly gay accent and snapping my fingers. “Girl power!”

“Hahaha! I don’t know why I said that,” she says and starts yawning.

“I do. But let’s sleep, okay?” I say, feeling tired myself. “Busy day tomorrow.”

I click off the light, and I feel myself start drifting off already.

“Scott?” Audrey whispers.

“Yeah?” I reply.

“I really like doing sex stuff with you. Can we do more tomorrow?” and her hand grips my now soft dick firmly as she says this.

“I don’t see why not,” is my reply, still surprised by the lack of guilt I’m feeling.

* * *

After throwing her school bag in a corner and looking all expectantly, Audrey asks, “How was it?”

I explain to her that the meeting with Miranda took a turn I wasn’t expecting.

“We worked out the money and legal stuff rather quickly. But… they wanna come too,” I say.

“Huh!? What do you mean?”

“Miranda and Luke. They’re coming with us to the island.”

“Oh,” was all she said, but the disappointment was all over her face.

“Honestly, I can’t blame them. I wouldn’t send you to a faraway island with people that are basically strangers either.”

“I know. But I was kinda hoping it was just going to be the four of us again. You know? We had a lot of fun that weekend,” she pouts.

“I know, Lil’ Bit. Me too. Miranda said that it is not that she doesn’t trust me or anything, but she just thinks she needs to be there. She also mentioned that they haven’t been on holiday like this recently, and she thinks it’s a nice way to celebrate the acquisition of the new shops as a bonus.”

Audrey thinks for a second and then says, “Ah well…it is what it is. At least we’re going to the island.”

“That’s the spirit!” I smile.

“When are we going?”

“I made a lot of calls today. And it looks like we’re leaving next Sunday, so we’re there during your spring break. And… I managed to book us a condo right on the beach! It’s a two-bedroom cabin, with a living room and kitchen. I booked the one at the end of the row, the farthest from the beach entrance. That way, we’ll be disturbed the least when we want to do some shooting there.”

“Oh wow! On the beach?” Audrey says as her face lights up.

“Yeah. I’ve been there before with Glenn. Thankfully, the condos have been replaced by new ones because they really needed some fixing-up, but the location is unimaginably beautiful.”

“Oh! I’m SO excited!” Audrey exclaims as she bounces on her feet.

I laugh at her enthusiasm and give her a tight hug. “How about we go out and buy you a new swimsuit for the trip? We can’t use the pieces Mr. Lieberman wants us to wear for the shoot for our personal use, of course.”

“That’s a great idea! My current suit is getting a bit too small.”

And so, as we walk around our nearby mall, Audrey asks, “Is it okay if I buy a bikini?”

“Sure. I don’t see why not,” I reply, already creating a mental picture with her in it.

“I feel I’m getting a bit too old for a one-piece suit. And I like how you boys reacted to a bikini when I wore the one for the shoot.”

“I liked that too,” I chuckle.

“Here it is,” Audrey says, pointing toward the shop with the latest and hottest swimwear.

We go our separate ways, and as we browse the racks, I’m intrigued by how many modest pieces there are on display. But after a good five minutes, I manage to find two good ones. Finally, after a few more minutes, Audrey walks up to me, holding up a set that consists of red bikini briefs with knots on the hips, and a black and blue striped top, with way too much fabric for it to be a sexy bikini. I wrinkle my nose, making it clear I’m not too fond of it that much, and she looks a bit disappointed. But when I hold up the two bikinis I found, her face lights up immediately.

“Ohh, Scott! These look awesome! Can I try them on?”

“Of course. Maybe you should take the one you found too. Just for comparison.”

We head over to the dressing rooms, where I wait outside in order to keep up appearances. I want nothing more than to see her in it, but maybe there are other women in there, and I don’t want to stir things up in there unnecessarily. As I patiently wait outside, I hear a soft, “Scott!”

So I look around to see if no one is looking, but nobody seems to notice me. So I peek my head inside the dressing room and ask, “What is it?”

“Can you check if it’s okay?” she asks with a lot of uncertainty in her voice. “I’m the only one in here, so you can come in.”

I walk over to the only stall with a closed curtain. At that moment, I realize that people could see me as her dad, despite my young age. And it isn’t weird for parents to check when their kids are trying on stuff in a dressing room.

“You in here?” I ask softly.

A hand pokes out beside the curtain motioning for me to come and look. So I pull away a bit of the curtain and poke my head in. As I look at her, I immediately feel growth inside my pants.

Audrey looks timidly at me, but there’s absolutely no need for that. The black bikini fits like a glove. The contrast of the dark fabric against her light skin, combined with her black hair, makes her look like something out of a painting. The top seems to be held together by a few tied knots. There’s one between her boobs, behind her neck, and one on her back. The pieces of cloth covering her nipples are small triangles. They are just big enough to prevent her from looking slutty, but tiny enough to look hot as fuck.

But her bottoms. Oh my… the front covering her pubic mound is cut extremely low. I’ve seen her naked enough by now to know that the fabric stops a little less than an inch shy of the top of her slit. I can see some of her black pubes peeking out above the waistband. And the strings that need to keep it all in place are cut very high and move over the top of her hip bones. The fabric between her legs is a bit stretched because of these strings, and I notice a few hairs peeking out there too. Her ass is covered decent enough. Bits of her butt cheeks peek out, but according to modern standards, nothing inappropriate there.

“Oh…” is all I can say.

“What? It’s too much, isn’t it? My hairs are showing, and when my nipples get hard, I…”

“You look gorgeous, Lil’ Bit!” I interrupt her.

“I do? Don’t you think it’s too much?”

“I don’t. Honestly! This is on the sexy side, I admit. But it IS the latest fashion, and you make it work.”

“You really think so?” Audrey asks as her face lights up again.

“I do! And there is a very simple solution for these hairs. So we’ll take care of that. Now try the white one, please,” I smile coyly.

I close the curtain and liger a bit as I hear the ruffling behind the curtain. Then, before I can make it out of the dressing room, I hear a sharp intake of breath. “Scott! This one’s even more… revealing,” she giggles.

“It is?” I ask, extremely curious by now.

“Come look for yourself.”

I pull the curtain away a bit again and pop my head back inside. My half-hard boner instantly goes to full-mast from the spectacle in front of me. This white bikini looks even skimpier than the tiny black one she wore moments ago. Two small triangles barely cover her nipples, and the strings holding everything together look so small that you have to look twice to notice them.

The strings holding the fabric of her black bikini briefs together were high on her hips. These strings are horizontal on her body, riding so low it’s almost a miracle they stay up. The thin white fabric is so tiny that it barely covers her pussy. But when she spins around and shows me her ass cheeks with the thong string between them, I almost pop off in my pants.

“Fuck me!” I whisper.

“That good, huh?” Audrey smiles wickedly.

“Oh, yeah…” I manage to say but find it strange that the timid girl in the black bikini is completely gone now. So I ask her, “What do you think?”

“Well… I don’t know, but… I feel… I don’t know. Powerful?”

“Powerful, huh?” I say and think for a second. Then, “I think I get it. You realize you can use your body to get attention.”

“Yeah!” she exclaims. “I think you’re right!”

“That’s great, Lil’ Bit! But remember what Spiderman’s Uncle Ben always said.” I chuckle.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” we say together and laugh at the silliness of it.

“I mean it, Lil’ Bit. Be proud of your body, but don’t overdo it, okay?”

“Of course! This one feels like I’m almost naked. And I like that!” she smiles.

“As long as you promise to take them with you on our trip, you can have both, okay?”

“Thanks, Scott! She exclaims and gives me a big kiss on my mouth, briefly sliding her tongue inside.

I head out of the room to let her change into her street clothes. As we pay for the bikinis, the woman behind the counter doesn’t even give us a second look. I can only assume that it’s normal for preteen girls to prance around almost naked by modern standards.

After we buy some more stuff we’re going to need, like sunscreen, a decent suitcase, and sunglasses, we head out to the food court.

“This is going to be so much fun,” Audrey says excitedly as she starts with her burger.

“I never asked you this, but have you ever been to the island before?” I ask, moving in on my burger myself.

“Yeah. When I was four, Glenn and Gloria took me there. But I don’t remember anything except for what I see in the pictures from that trip.”

“I’m sure you’re gonna love it there. I know this is going to be a work trip, but if we’ve even got the slightest possibility to go and explore, we will.”

We make some more small talk and head home. Audrey clears her throat as we’re putting away the stuff we’ve bought. I look at her questioning face, wondering what’s on her mind.

She’s looking at her new bikinis and asks, “You said you could fix the… you know…” she says and looks down at her crotch, blushing.

“I can. And it’s very simple,” I say, smiling.

“Like you did with Owen?”

“That’s an option, but not a very precise one. I’m thinking about shaving. You are growing up, and one thing that comes with that is taking care of your growing body. Shaving down there is a part of it for most women.”

“But I don’t know how…”

“I know. That’s why I’ll help you with it and teach you how to do it yourself.”

“I did like it better without the hairs,” she says and blushes again.

“Well… most men and women like it when there’s no hair down there.”

“You too?”

“Yeah. Me too. I think it looks better without hair. And when I go down on you, it just feels better.” I smile and quickly add, “For both of us.”

“So… how do we do this?” she eagerly asks.

“Let’s go to the bathroom. We can use the big tub so that you can sit comfortably, and we’ve got warm running water at hand.”

We go upstairs, where I start rummaging through my shaving gear in the bathroom while Audrey starts undressing beside me. After finding my ‘downstairs razor’ and shaving cream, I look over at Audrey. She’s standing unabashedly naked in front of me with her hands on her hips, looking expectantly at me.

“Legs inside or outside the tub?” she asks as she heads over to the tub and starts working on the faucet.

“Inside,” I reply, realizing I have to be in there with her too.

I place my gear on the edge of the tub and start undressing too. Audrey looks at me, and her face lights up after seeing what I’m doing.

“You’re joining me?”

“It’s easier to do it while I’m in the tub. That way, I don’t have to worry about the water spilling everywhere. And when I’m naked, I don’t have to worry about my clothes. So, yeah,” I say, realizing I’m already hard from anticipation.

Audrey steps in and plants her pert ass on the edge of the tub. I step in after her with my boner bobbing in front of me.

“Look out!” Audrey giggles and playfully slaps my dick as if she’s almost hit in the face by it.

“Okay. First, we gotta make sure the shaving foam is spread out nicely, so the hairs will be sticking up a bit more. That way, you’ll have fewer stubbles, and the razor won’t have to go over the same spot that much.”

I look her in her face, and she just nods. There isn’t a trace of nervousness or anxiety on her face. Just complete trust.

“Do you want to rub it around yourself, or do you want me to do it?” I ask, knowing the answer already.

“You do it. You’re more experienced,” she smirks.

“Sure,” I say knowingly, but looking forward to touching her again.

I spray the foam on my left hand, and as it starts growing in my hand, I pour some warm water over her pubes with my other. Audrey spreads her legs further apart as I do this to give me better access.

I look at her, and as I scoop up a glob of cream with my right hand and bring it toward her pussy, she nods. My hand starts rubbing the foam over her pubic area, and I notice how much heat radiates from her slit. This isn’t just the clinical act of shaving. It’s also a very intimate moment between us with an undeniable sexual element in it.

“That feels good,” Audrey softly says.

I choose to ignore it and proceed to rub around a bit more. After I’m done, I clean my hands under the faucet and pick up my razor.

“It’s important to shave in the direction of the way your hairs grow. Otherwise, your follicles might get irritated, which can be uncomfortable.”

“That makes sense,” Audrey says while looking down at her crotch.

“Ready?” I ask.

Audrey nods and keeps looking between her legs. I can see my hand trembling as I move the razor toward her pussy. Then, I take a deep breath to steady my hand. Thankfully, this works, and the moment the razor touches her skin, I start moving it down steadily.

“That tickles!” she giggles but manages to keep her pelvis from moving.

As I move the razor around, more and more of her bald pussy appears. Seeing her pussy this way makes me realize I like it even more now than I did before, which I didn’t think was possible. My boner twitches, and as a drop of precum oozes out of my tip, I can feel my arousal grow by the second.

I already knew this would be at least mildly sexy, but seeing her bald lips appear with each move of the razor, is even beyond erotic. This is fucking hot!

Almost reluctantly, I put the razor aside and start pouring water over the area to wash away the shaving foam.

“All done,” I say and look at Audrey.

She starts probing around her lips with her palm and fingers, and a sly smile appears on her face.

“It’s like I’m a little girl again!” she exclaims.

As I’m sitting on my knees now, admiring my handiwork, Audrey pulls me close to hug me. But when my throbbing erection brushes against her moist pussy, both our eyes fly open, and Audrey looks at me nervous but expectantly.

“Are… are you gonna put it… inside now?” she stammers softly.

The temptation is almost too big, but I manage to refrain from pushing my hips forward.

“No, Lil’ Bit. Told you already. We can’t do that,” I croak, “but we can try this.”

And with that, I pull my body back a bit, take my hard dick in my hand, push my glans between the folds of her slippery pussy, and rub against her clit.

“Ohhh,” we both moan simultaneously.

I rub my dick up and down her slit, making sure to rub it around all the sensitive spots but focusing on her engorged clit. I feel my dickhead getting lubed by her soaking pussy as I’m doing this. By now, it takes all my willpower to retract myself from her and not accidentally start fucking her.

“Ohhh… why do you stop?” Audrey whines with a flushed face.

Needing to find a way out of this, I hear myself say, “I want a taste of that freshly shaved heaven between your legs.”

“Oh,” is all she says, but when she eyes my glistening boner, she adds, “only if I can get another taste from you too.”

“Deal!” I say and stand up, extending my hand to help Audrey get up. She immediately wraps her arms around my neck, lifts her body, and wraps her legs around my waist. My hard dick slaps against the underside of her ass as she does this.

“I wanna go first,” Audrey says and lowers herself to press more of her downside against my throbbing member.

“I’ve got a better idea,” I say as we walk toward the bedroom.

As I get to the bed, I gently pull Audrey free from my body and drop her on the bed. She immediately starts to get up and reaches for my dick, her lips already parted.

“Just a sec, Lil’ Bit. Lie down, and you’ll see,” I say as I gently push her back against the mattress.

I quickly walk around the bed and lie down opposite to her, my face near her crotch. She instinctively spreads her legs, and I can see the smile forming on her face.

“See?” I ask, “this way, we can do it together.”

The moment I finish my sentence, her hand is around the base of my cock, and her head moves toward my dickhead. A heartbeat later, I feel her soft lips around my glans, and a moan escapes my lips.

The picture in front of me is one I’ll probably never grow tired of. Her legs are spread, and her bald pussy lips look soft as velvet. The small stripe between her lips is a bit swollen and glistening with her juices and mine.

I don’t want to waste any second, so I immediately start lapping my tongue between her lips, savoring the taste from her young, sweet pussy nectar mixed with a bit of my precum. But, of course, now that her pubes are gone, eating her out is even a bigger treat than before.

And the added bonus is now that her mouth and hands are working expertly on my dick. Every now and then, a low moan resonates on my glans, which causes me to moan in return. I’m highly impressed by how quick she’s learned how to work my dick, with her tongue rubbing around my dickhead, my circumcision scar, and that sensitive spot behind my piss slit at the underside of my dick. So I try and focus on that sweet and delicious flower in front of me. But, because of her relentless efforts, I need to step up my game to prolong my orgasm.

My head lies comfortably on Audrey’s bottom leg, and she’s doing the same with me. This way, we’re both relaxed and don’t have to crane our necks or something. But instead of a lazy sixty-nine I usually do this way, we’re both working hard to get the other off with laziness not being an option. The urgency of our actions surprises me but is a huge turn-on at the same time.

As Audrey uses her hand to fill up the space her mouth leaves with every upward motion of her head, I decide to bring my hands and fingers into action too. So I use my right hand to spread her pussy lips, and I’m treated with the fantastic sight of her dark, reddish inner lips and soaking wet entrance. This way, I lap deeper between her lips, to which Audrey immediately responds by grinding her hips and deep, muffled moans on my dick.

But the moment I stick my tongue inside her, her legs clamp shut around my face, and the action on my dick comes to a stop. I move my tongue around inside her sweet love canal for a few moments, but because I’m running out of breath, I have to stop eventually. So after I retract my tongue, I use my left hand to push her legs open gently.

“Sorry,” Audrey moans, taking her mouth off my dick just long enough to say this.

I simply hum against her clit as I’m back at lapping up the sweet syrup she’s feeding me. Then, I slowly start inserting two fingers at once inside her while putting all my tongue’s attention to her clit. I start out with small circles, but as my fingers slide in deeper, I alternate between the small circles and using the entire width of my tongue.

Due to my efforts on Audrey’s pussy, I didn’t focus enough on my own feelings. But then I suddenly realize how close I am. Her right hand is still helping her mouth on my shaft, but her left starts toying with my balls.

At that moment, I feel my balls pull up inside my sack and approach the point of no return with lightning speed. In a desperate attempt to prolong it a little longer, I move the fingers of my left hand toward Audrey’s anus. But the buildup inside my balls reaches its peak, and I know there’s no stopping. I’m cumming.

Audrey’s words about how much she likes my cum in her mouth resonate in my head, so I figure I don’t have to warn her this time. I just continue rubbing my finger over her anus, lap away at her clit furiously, and piston my two fingers in and out of her cunt.

And then, my orgasm hits me. I have to stop moving my fingers for a second as my balls start unloading themselves into her preteen mouth, but I manage to keep my tongue busy. The moment my first spurt leaves my dick, Audrey starts cumming. Her pussy contracts sharply around my fingers, and my lips and chin are coated with the sweet, slick juices from her spasming cunt. This sensation adds a whole new level to my orgasm, and the second and third spurts are even more powerful than the first. I feel her mouth and tongue working hard to swallow all the cum I’m feeding her, and at the same time, I have to suck and lap for all I’m worth too. Finally, after sucking each other dry and letting the sensations subside a bit, we turn to our backs simultaneously. I’m still panting heavily when I hear Audrey sigh, ”That was unbelievable!”

“It’s great, isn’t it?” I say without looking down at her face, “I’m sorry I didn’t warn you.”

“It’s okay. I felt it coming. Your balls moved, and your… uhm… penis got fatter, so I figured what was coming,” she chuckled.

I chuckle at her reservations about using the more naughty words and find it adorable. As I lay there recovering, I feel a bit of pride about the self-discipline I managed to prevent myself from fucking her brains out.

“Do you still think it isn’t weird that I like the taste of your… stuff?” Audrey asks, clearly uncomfortable asking this.

“Of course! When you’re having sex, almost nothing is weird. As long as both people aren’t hurt and agree with what’s going on.”

“Then… uhm… why won’t you, you know… put it inside me?”

This catches me by surprise. So I turn my body around so that we’re looking at each other, and I stammer, “well… I uhm… According to the law, you’re basically my daughter now. And I’m supposed to protect you and take care of you. So I think that sticking it inside you is wrong.”

“But what if I want you to do it? And I know you would never hurt me, so I don’t see why we can’t do that.”

“It’s just that… oh!! I don’t know!” I say, frustrated. And after a few moments of thinking about it, “Tell you what. I promise to think about it. And maybe when you’re older, we might do it. But no promises, okay?” I say, feeling stupid already for promising this.

“Okay. I guess. I don’t see what all the fuss is about, but okay.”

And with that, she kisses me on my cheek and turns to her back again, looking at the ceiling.

“I think I’m getting my period,” she blurts out after a few minutes lying like this.

“Oh?” I answer without knowing what else to say to this.

“Yeah. But the good news is that it’ll be over by the time we leave for the shoot on Sunday.”

“Do you need anything? Like tampons or something? Or do you have questions about it?” I say, immediately switching over to my care-taking role, despite lying naked next to her with her juices still coating my chin.

“Haha! No, silly! Glenn already talked to me about it, and I’ve got it covered.”

“Oh. Okay. If you need anything, just let me know.”

“You’re sweet,” she whispers and gives me another peck on my cheek.

The following week, I’m completely focused on getting everything ready for our trip. I don’t want to leave anything to chance, so I triple-check everything. I managed to land a sweet deal on new and larger memory cards, and after cleaning the camera bodies, I’m confident that I’ve got that part covered. On Wednesday, I finally get the green light from my guy at Fed-ex that the clothes have arrived and are at the drop-off point near our cabin.

When Audrey gets to bed, I notice she’s wearing panties each evening. She says it makes her feel more confident during her period, despite wearing tampons. So during this week, we only masturbate twice, with Audrey’s hands in her panties and me stroking my own cock, with her eyes glued to it.

The rest of the week is pretty uneventful. We pack our clothes on Saturday, and I can’t help but notice how hyped Audrey is. I’m pretty excited myself, but when the doorbell rings on the morning of our departure and as I see the twins bounce around, I realize we’re just scratching the surface of being hyped.

Miranda walks in behind the bouncing boys and just nods her head. I see Luke hauling with two big suitcases, and I quickly go and help him put them in the back of my truck.

“Ready, Mr. H?” both boys ask simultaneously when we get to the living room.

I look at Miranda and Luke and see their smiling faces. Since everything is packed and the tickets are in my bag, I don’t see any reason to prolong this. So I just smile and say, “There’s a plane waiting for us. So let’s go!”

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