Boarding School Blues
Levi Holland

Chapter 12

Cooper couldn’t remember the last time anyone ever looked as depressed as Kai. Ever since he’d joined Cooper upstairs, he was more like the echo of a person than an actual one. Even now he sat hunched with his head drooped below his sagging shoulders.

The rain slapped against the suite windows in sheets, but the boys could hardly hear it over the blaring TV. Leaning back against the couch, Naveen was more interested in beating Julian in Mario Kart than listening to Kai. Cooper was ready to unplug the Switch from the wall. How did neither of them understand how big of a deal this was? People were missing! Kids, just like Naveen and Julian!

And on top of it all, Roman’s brother was missing. Cooper knew Roman hadn’t meant to be mean earlier. Roman said as much when he apologized later at dinner. He couldn’t imagine being in Roman’s shoes. The closest thing Cooper had to a sibling was Anakin. If it was him who vanished, Cooper would stop at nothing to get answers. Just like Detective Dackery, Cooper would use all the tools in his kit, sniff out the clues, and wouldn’t rest until he solved the case, no matter what the costs.

Seeing Kai stress over Jordy only made Cooper more determined. If no one else was going to step up, then he would find the missing boys himself.

“Alright, one more time,” Cooper said. “Tell us about the last time you saw Jordy.”

Kai took a ragged breath and his shoulders somehow sank even lower. The dark rings under his eyes made Cooper think he hadn’t slept any the night before.

“It was yesterday during dinner, but honestly, he was acting weird since lunch.”

Cooper and Anakin traded curious glances.

“Weird how?” Anakin asked.

“I don’t know…jumpy? Anxious? I mean, you know how he is. It’s strange if he isn’t happy all the time. I thought maybe he needed space from me or something.”

Jordy acting jumpy? That did sound odd. Anytime they talked, Jordy was always smiling. Especially early on at Blue Ridge, Jordy was a light in Cooper’s dark tunnel. He frowned. What could have happened to him?

“Eh, I’m sure you’re all being paranoid,” Naveen said. He chewed his bottom lip as he pulled off a handbrake slide around a sharp corner and dropped a banana peel behind him to spin out Julian’s character. “Jordy’s probably fine. Xavier, too.”

“Dude!” Anakin shouted, and Julian smacked Naveen’s arm.

“Oww, what? It’s true.”

“Not the time,” Julian said as he mashed a few buttons to try and catch up.

Cooper knew he needed more info. Something to give him a starting point. “So he was acting weird at lunch, but what about your other classes?”

“I should have said something to him sooner—asked what was wrong. Once dinner came around, he said he had to take care of something alone. Wouldn’t say what. You know the rest…”

Anakin put a comforting hand on Kai’s knee and leaned against him.

Cooper thought about everything that might have happened between lunch and dinner. Jordy was an active part of the swim club. Maybe he could start with the other members and see if they knew anything. Then there was the lake. The more Cooper thought about it, the more he was certain the lake held answers. It couldn’t be a coincidence that Jordy and Xavier both went missing the same night he and Anakin spotted the ghost light through their bedroom window. Thinking about it made Cooper shiver.

After Kai returned to his suite for the night, the boys brushed their teeth as the thunder grew in intensity. Naveen spat out a mouthful of toothpaste in the sink and said, “I still don’t see what the big deal is. Anyone consider they might have just run away?”

Julian rolled his eyes as he ran a string of floss between his teeth.

“Okay, but why would anyone run away in the first place?” Cooper asked. “Something weird is definitely going on.”

“Sure, Detective Dorkery. Whatever you say.”

Once inside his bedroom, Cooper stared past his reflection in the window. Another bolt of lightning tore through the sky, briefly illuminating the trees, the mountains, the lake. No ghost light tonight, just the storm. Jordy and Xavier were out there. Somewhere. But if they were trapped or in need of rescue, how was anyone expected to find them in Blue Ridge’s never-ending acres?


On the other side of the room, Anakin hugged a pillow to his chest as another bout of heavy thunder rattled the windows, rattled his bones.

“I know I saw something last night,” Cooper told him as he gestured to the window. “We both did.”

“Do you think it was them?”

“Maybe. Tomorrow we have to get down to the lake and see for ourselves.”

“Coop, I’m scared. Do you think…”


“Do you think maybe we can push our beds together? I don’t want to sleep alone.”

Cooper nodded, and as Anakin jumped from bed, they worked together to drag the furniture around, straining against the heavy wooden dressers and nightstands as they scraped against the floor. By the time they rearranged everything, Cooper was out of breath but happy with their handiwork. The twin beds were now shoved close, and there was even enough space to squeeze their nightstands on either side.

“You don’t think anyone will get mad, will they?”

Cooper shrugged. “I think they’re worrying about more important things.”

While Anakin grabbed a night shirt to wear with his briefs, Cooper stripped and pulled on his pajamas. The sky split in two from a sudden flash of lightning, and Cooper flinched into the explosive thunder that made everything tremble in the room. There was shouting from next door in Naveen and Julian’s room, and a split second later, the lights winked out, casting them all in total darkness.

“This sucks,” Anakin said.

Cooper agreed. “I know. I hate heavy storms like this.”

When the lights flickered back on, Cooper was quick to turn them off before crawling in bed. The moment he was beneath the covers, Anakin was right there and grabbed his hand. The inside of the covers immediately grew warm as they shared their body heat.

“Who do you think screamed?” Anakin asked as he and Cooper snuggled close.

“Probably Naveen,” Cooper said. “At least, I hope it was.”

“Betcha he’s a big scaredy cat.”

Cooper giggled as the rain swelled outside, no end to the downpour in sight. They were quiet for a few moments, just listening to the white noise of the rain. If everything wasn’t so crazy, maybe it would have been enough to fall asleep to, even if the rain normally set him on edge.

Anakin rustled beside him before whispering, “Hey, Coop?”


“Remember that thing we did on laundry day?”

Cooper’s breath caught, and he was thankful for the darkness hiding his blushing face.

“Yeah…” Cooper answered cryptically. He waited to see what Anakin would say.

“Have you done it since then?”

He shook his head before remembering Anakin couldn’t see him. “Not really. Have you?”

“Just a little,” Anakin confessed. “Mainly in the morning, when it’s, you know…hard.”

Cooper didn’t need to reach his hand down to know his stiff dick was pressing against his cotton pajama bottoms, but he did it anyway. He squeezed the spot just beneath the head of his penis and shuddered. Ever since that day in the laundry room, Cooper had wanted the cum feeling again, but he wasn’t sure how. He didn’t have a way to make vibrations against his crotch like the washing machine. And whenever he did try, it was always like trying to tickle himself. He knew the idea, but it just never happened.

Taking in a deep breath to steady his nerves, Cooper placed a hand on Anakin’s smooth arm and rubbed it.

Anakin shifted even closer, and now Cooper could feel Anakin’s smooth, lean legs slide against his own as their toes brushed together. Their hips couldn’t have been separated by more than a few inches. With how hard his dick was, Cooper knew if he thrust forward, he might even bump against Anakin’s boner.

“Do you wanna try it again?” Anakin asked, his breath tickling Cooper’s nose.

“I don’t know how,” Cooper said.

“I’ll show you.”

Another bout of fierce thunder rocked the castle, but this time when Cooper jumped, it was because Anakin’s hand rested low on his tummy before cupping the three-inch boner inside his pajamas. Cooper groaned against the intense sensation. Anakin’s hand against him was as electric as the storm raging outside.

“Is this okay?” Anakin asked, and Cooper desperately nodded, whispering his approval as Anakin snaked his hand inside Cooper’s waistband and coiled it around his length.

“Aaaah,” Cooper panted, grunting as little sparks of pleasure raced along his penis. It was similar to the rumbling washer, but without the buildup. It was more focused, more deliberate. By now, Anakin’s thicker dick smushed against Cooper’s thigh, and they both ground against each other, Anakin against his hip, Cooper into Anakin’s hand.

Cooper dropped his hand from Anakin’s arm and trailed it along the front of his silky briefs. When his fingers grazed Anakin’s boner, it seemed to quiver under his touch, and Anakin shivered beside him.

“I think it’s better with someone else,” Anakin groaned, pumping his hips against Cooper’s hand.

Feeling bolder, Cooper mimicked Anakin and worked his hand inside his friend’s briefs. They hugged Anakin’s hips, but Cooper didn’t need to go far to bump against the velvety pole inside. Maybe it was because they were in the dark, but it felt massive in Cooper’s hand. He remembered in the shower comparing Anakin’s boner to a hotdog, although he’d never held a hotdog so hard and soft and warm as it danced in his grip.

Already, Cooper thought he was getting close to the good feeling. His insides tingled and there was a spot somewhere deep and low in his stomach that hummed.

“My hand’s cramping,” Anakin said and took it away.

As if outside of his control, Cooper humped his hips, seeking out the warmth of Anakin’s missing hand. He bit his lower lip as he tried to capture the fleeting pleasure in his groin. He’d been so close.

Cooper still had his hand around Anakin’s dick but dropped it as his friend wiggled his briefs down to his thighs. Getting the idea, Cooper rolled on his back and raised his legs so he could do the same with his pajamas. Now when they scooted against each other, their dicks smushed together. Cooper gasped.

“Closer,” Anakin breathed.

They lined the base of their dicks together, and even though Anakin’s boner dwarfed his in size, the touch was enough to make Cooper’s eyes roll as they humped against each other. Every once in a while their balls connected, gently sticking together before peeling apart. Like with their dicks, Anakin’s balls were bigger than his own, but Cooper didn’t care. Breaking a sweat under the combined heat of the covers and their bodies, both of them panted as they rocked their hips.

Suddenly Anakin gripped his shoulders as his eyes fluttered shut. There were a few frantic thrusts against him as Anakin’s fingernails dug into his skin, and soon Anakin whined as his dick spasmed automatically, twitching and kicking against his own, smaller boner as Anakin got his cum feeling again.

The thumping against his dick was enough to send Cooper over the edge, and he jammed his hips forward, locking their penises together as the good feelings took him. He tensed as his dick pulsed, his butthole clamped, and delicious goosebumps ran up and down his arms before tingling down his spine.

Cooper wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but when his focus returned, he and Anakin were still hard as they pressed against each other’s hips, panting as they came down from their highs.

“How is it so good?” Cooper wondered aloud. His dick was extra sensitive as Anakin wrapped a hand around both of their penises together.

“I don’t know,” he said, “but I feel like we’ve been missing out on the good stuff for too long.”

“No kidding.”

Anakin rolled away, laying on his back as he caught his breath. After reaching beneath the covers and shifting around, Anakin came back with his briefs and dropped them beside his head.

“No point in wearing these anymore, right?”

Cooper shrugged, following his friend’s lead as he tossed his own pajama bottoms. His body felt freer in a way, unrestricted by the extra clothing. If he had still been at home, Cooper wondered if he would have eventually tried sleeping in the nude on his own. Maybe not. He would have died if his mom ever walked in on him in the buff.

“Anakin, can I tell you something?” Cooper asked.

The rain continued to beat against the window, though the thunder seemed less intense than it had before. Cooper wasn’t sure when his eyes had adjusted to the dark, but he watched as Anakin twisted on his side and propped his head up.

“Sure, anything.”

Cooper bit his lip, warring with his thoughts, but knowing he needed to tell Anakin.

“I think…I think you’re my best friend I’ve ever had.”

“What about Sawyer?”

Cooper was quiet. It’s not that Sawyer was replaced so easily…but the fact was that Sawyer wasn’t around anymore. It was no fault of his, or Cooper’s, or anyone else, but that’s how it was. Anakin was the one he spent most of his time with now. Actually, all of his time. He’d even stuck by Cooper’s side when he felt at his worst.

Anakin seemed to understand. He leaned close and gave a quick smooch against Cooper’s temple.

“You’re my best friend, too, Coop. And not only because of what we just did.”

Cooper laughed as his heart swelled. “But we can do it again, right?”

Anakin laughed too. “I’d do it right now if I wasn’t so tired.”

As they snuggled together, Anakin slipped his fingers alongside Cooper’s. He needed this. Not just the good feelings, but the distraction as well. His mind had been stuffed with concerns for Jordy and Roman’s brother, and even though Cooper had no way of knowing where to start, he remembered his promise to himself.

He would find them, whatever the cost.


Outside his bedroom, the evening storm raged on as Roman tried to nurse his aching back muscles from the comfort of his bed. They were bunched tight and locked from overuse, and Roman struggled to even reach a hand behind his shoulders.

Across the room, Fielding hadn’t said much since they’d gotten back from dinner. Even now, he sat hunched on his bed as he chewed his fingernails. A quick burst of thunder made them both jump in place. The power flickered out a few seconds before coming back on.

“Would you stop worrying?” Roman asked. “It’s just a little thunder.”

Fielding’s eyes flicked to meet his. “You know that’s not what I’m worried about.”

“They’re both fine.”

Roman growled in frustration as he failed again to reach the achy spot that needed the most relief. Maybe the best solution was to let his back soak in a hot shower, but it was already so late. Besides, he was undressed and comfy, and didn’t want to deal with the hassle of another shower, especially not in the storm.

“You overdid it today, huh?” Fielding asked.

“I guess,” Roman said, “and okay, maybe I am a little worried. Even Cooper looked stressed out.”

Fielding perked up and removed his clear-framed glasses. “You guys have been getting pretty close lately…”

He let the statement hang unfinished. What was he implying, that Roman had a crush on Cooper? No way. At least, not like that. Sure, Cooper was good looking, but in a charming, boyish kind of way. Not a romantic one.

“It’s not like that,” Roman said.

Whether he believed him or not, Roman wasn’t sure, but Fielding scooted off the edge of his mattress, his loose white t-shirt hanging past his underwear as he walked to Roman.

“If your back’s bothering you,” Fielding said, “I can try something my moms do.”

“What is it?”

“Here, lay on your stomach,” Fielding said, pointing for Roman to go face down on his pillow. “Actually, lose your shirt first. It’ll be better that way.”

Pulling his shirt over his shoulders proved to be tricky with the way his shoulders screamed at him, but Roman finally got it off, tossing it in a crumpled heap at Fielding’s feet. Once he laid face down on the bed, Roman turned his head in time to see Fielding disappear behind him as the mattress dipped beneath their combined weight.

“Sorry if this is a little strange,” Fielding said. “I don’t really have anywhere else to sit.”

And with that, Fielding nestled his butt against Roman’s as he straddled his hips. They both still had their underwear on, but the closeness of their skin made Roman’s head buzz. Fielding cracked his fingers and leaned forward, kneading his knuckles into Roman’s knotted muscles.

Roman groaned into his pillow as Fielding struck a particularly painful knot. Fielding had done this before. He must have. There was no way he could reach the exact spots Roman had been struggling with for hours if not. His muscles rippled under Fielding’s touch as he switched between firm pressure and soft, at times even switching to the heel of his palm.

The sharp knife of pain in his muscles was borderline too much, but Fielding continued rolling over the stubborn muscle until it finally released. Each time it clicked, the pain ebbed away as the knot shrunk more and more.

While Fielding worked, a few times he had to lean forward, and Roman could have sworn he felt the tight pouch of Fielding’s ball sack smushing against him. When something stiff poked against his lower back, it was impossible not to grow hard, and Roman shifted uncomfortably. There was no way to adjust himself, not without being super obvious.

To Roman’s surprise, the back massage was working better than he could have hoped and was enough to distract him from his boner. It had been relaxing with the added rain, and once or twice, he nearly dozed off. At some point, Fielding’s hands were doing less massaging as they mapped out the contours along his shoulder blades. The touch was soft and tender, like Fielding wanted to memorize every groove and muscle with his fingers.

A few minutes passed before Fielding leaned back and said, “I think you’re good, unless you want me to do the front. I know some stuff there…if you want…”

“’Kay…” Roman’s cheeks were on fire. During the massage, his boner had come and gone, especially as he started to snooze, but with Fielding’s last feathery touches, he was rock hard, once again smushed tight against the mattress. He had to stop himself from grinding against it.

As Roman twisted around, he tried to play it cool. How many times by now had they seen each other with a boner? Still, it was how he got his boner that made Roman so embarrassed, and he fought every urge to shield himself with his hands as he closed his eyes.

There was a long pause where nothing was said or done, and Roman almost opened his eyes to check, but then Fielding’s fingers began to work, first at his chest and then over to his shoulders. As he leaned forward, Roman gasped as something brushed against his dick.

“Sorry,” Fielding apologized a little breathlessly.

This time, Roman opened his eyes. Fielding worked just above him, his face inches away from Roman’s as his thumbs dug softly into his skin. Fielding’s long t-shirt draped across their groins, but there was really only one thing that could have bumped so stiffly against his dick.

The lamp from the nightstand highlighted Fielding’s teal-green eyes and the smattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose. Even his strawberry-blonde hair took on a reddish hue in the soft light. Pausing near Roman’s chest, Fielding’s thumb strayed dangerously close to Roman’s nipple, already rigid on his chest.

Fielding teased it once, and Roman wriggled into the mattress. It was an interesting feeling. Like being tickled, but in a way that made his insides feel all squirmy. Instinctively, Roman understood the need radiating from his hard penis. He ground his hips up against Fielding’s ass. There was no way his friend missed his poking boner as he flicked his thumb across Roman’s nipple again.

Roman’s head rolled back against the pillow. He just wanted release, whatever that looked like, whatever that felt like. He had to have it. This must have been what Xavier felt each of those times Roman had gotten him off—-an instinctual, animalistic desire. It was a hunger and a thirst all wrapped into one, and it could only be quenched by one thing.

Their eyes darted between each other’s, and Roman raised his head as Fielding bent down and mashed their lips together. His lips buzzed as Fielding’s mouth worked against his. It was aggressive at first, almost stiff and rigid, but soon they each softened and relaxed into the kiss.

Fielding broke away, panting heavily as he tried to catch his breath.

Roman could barely speak, his heart setting new records inside his chest.

“Fielding…” Roman breathed, hoping the name alone somehow communicated everything Roman needed to say. His desire was burning him up, ready to consume him like fire.

Fielding shimmied back until their groins were together. They wriggled against each other, Roman pinned beneath him, bucking up as Fielding thrust down. Whenever one of them deflected away, they were quick to readjust, and Roman could hardly breathe as he neared the tipping point he’d been so close to time and again.


“I know, me too,” Fielding grunted, and he leaned forward, keeping their bodies trapped together as he went in for another kiss.

This time they melted into each other, and Roman’s head swam with dizziness, pleasure radiating like the sun from his whole body. Their lips moved softly in sync, their chests rubbed together, and the underside of their boners rubbed in that same ticklish way, getting better and better.

“Gonna…unngh…” Fielding grunted again as he increased the power behind his thrusts, and Roman couldn’t stand it anymore. Grabbing Fielding by his smooth thighs, Roman pulled him down against his body while he humped upward, losing control of himself as every nerve ending went haywire in his groin. With each burst of pleasure, something jumped and flicked behind his balls, sending new shivers down Roman’s spine. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t breathe. He was simply lost in the moment until, at last, the feeling dimmed steadily, leaving behind a soft glow in its place.

Roman couldn’t remember when his eyes had clenched shut, but as he opened them, he let out a whoosh of air as he processed the amazing feeling that had just wracked his body from head to toe.

Above him, Fielding’s shoulders were drawn up as his head rolled, apparently going through the same thing Roman just had. When he opened his eyes, his pale cheeks were tinged like roses.

“That was…wow…” Fielding said dreamily, falling on the bed in the narrow space between Roman and the wall.

“What was that?”

“My moms called it an orgasm when they made me sit through a dumb sex talk. Everyone can get it apparently, even girls.”

So that’s what it was. The thing Xavier had been so desperate for. Roman pulled back his waistband to check for the white stuff that shot out of Xavier’s dick. Nothing. He even rubbed a finger over his penis to be sure, but he only jumped as his fingers brushed the sensitive head.

“Anything there?” Fielding asked.

Roman shook his head.

“I can almost make jizz,” Fielding said proudly. “It’s only a drop, but it happened after I got my first hair. Check it out.”

When Fielding pulled down the waistband of his black briefs, Roman couldn’t see anything at first except the purplish head of Fielding’s mushroom crown as it quivered from his recent orgasm. It wasn’t until Fielding reached down and smushed his fingers together that Roman saw something thin and clear there.

“Huh, I thought it was supposed to be white,” Roman said.

Fielding shot him a funny look before wiping his fingers on Roman’s comforter. It wasn’t long before Fielding was back in his bed on the other side of the room.

Roman laughed to himself as he pulled the covers up to his chest. The nice glow was still sitting in his belly, and he was suddenly tired throughout his whole body.

“What’s so funny?” Fielding asked.

“Nothing, it’s just…that was the best massage I’ve ever gotten.”

End Chapter 12

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All rights reserved