October 18, 2008

Curing Evan
Alex Hawk

I sat down hard in my chair.

“What…?” I weakly asked my fifteen-year-old brother, Evan.

“I think I’m gay,” he said again.

I shook my head. “No, that still doesn’t make sense, not even after two times hearing it.”

“Would three help?” he asked with a faint smile.

I shook my head again. “Probably not.” I looked out at the ocean. We were at the beach house our family owned. It was almost the end of summer and we’d be going back home soon. Before we left, Evan apparently had something to get off his chest.

“How can you be gay?” I asked him. “You’ve had tons of girlfriends.”

“Mary…” Evan shrugged and sighed. “I never really wanted to date them. I just did because… well, it’s what you do, you know?”

“Have you ever…?” I couldn’t bring myself to ask the question. I was only thirteen myself and had certainly never done what I was asking Evan if he’d done.

“Had sex with one of them?”


“No.” Evan took a deep breath. “I’ve had sex with two other guys, though.”

“Oh… anyone I know?”

“Yeah, but I can’t tell. I promised them I wouldn’t.”

“I see.” I thought for a bit. “How do you know that you’re gay?”

Evan shrugged again. “I just do. I mean, like I said, I had sex with a couple other guys. I really liked it.”

“Well, yeah, but…” I trailed off. “Couldn’t it just be a phase or something?”

Evan gave a bitter chuckle. “I wish. I mean, if I’m gay, I’m gay and I don’t really care. But I know other people will care.”

“Well… maybe you should try it with a girl sometime and see if that cures you.” It was a stupid thing to say, I guess, but I couldn’t think of anything else.

“I don’t know. Maybe. Probably. But I haven’t found the right girl for that, yet. She’d have to know that she was just, you know, an experiment or something.” He shook his head. “That sounds really bad, doesn’t it?”

“Kind of,” I admitted.

“I just wouldn’t want it to be a girl who thought I was in love with her or anything. But I don’t really want to try it anyhow. Or maybe I do. I don’t know.” Evan sighed. “It’s just so confusing sometimes.”

“I bet.”

As the sun began to set Evan and I sat there quietly, occasionally saying one thing or another but nothing big. Finally, once it was dark, Evan got up and went into the house, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Eventually, still unable to decide what to do in order to help my brother, I got up and went to bed.

* * *

Three days went by with me thinking the entire time about what I should do for Evan. Only a couple days from now we’d go back home and I wanted to do something, anything, to help him not be gay. Not that it was a bad thing to be gay, really. I mean, I guess it was ok and stuff. But if there was anything I could do to help him NOT be, then I should. I am his sister, after all.

Late that third night the idea hit. It was a bad idea in almost every way, I knew, but I had to do it anyhow. There was only one way that I knew of to help my brother get over being gay. It was a simple, elegant idea.

Basically, I’d have sex with him.

In theory it was perfect. I’d know that he was only doing it to find out if he liked it or not, and there wouldn’t be any danger of getting my heart broken because, well, since he was my brother I wouldn’t be falling in love with him. It would just be a good, consequence free way of him finding out if he liked fucking a girl.

Getting up out of bed, I walked over to my full length mirror and pulled my nightgown and panties off, standing there to look at myself naked. I wasn’t bad, I knew that. I had more than a few boys who wanted me. My breasts were still small, but growing, and I had a nice small patch of hair starting to develop between my legs. I knew from playing around with myself just how good things felt down there. Any boy who got inside me would be lucky indeed.

So I decided. If he fucked me and he liked it, then he wasn’t gay. If he fucked me and he didn’t like it, he was, but at least no girl would fall in love with him and end up with a broken heart.

I put just my nightgown back on and left the panties aside. Feeling my heart beating fast, I stepped out into the dark hallway and crept down towards Evan’s bedroom. Our parents were out for a night on the town and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow morning. We’d have all the time we needed. Once at Evan’s door I straightened myself up and slowly pushed the door open, peering inside.

Evan was laying on his back on top of his bed in a pair of boxers and nothing else. I could see his body seeming to glow in the moonlight. Oh, he looked nice. He was blond and had blue eyes. He exercised a lot and wasn’t really buff, but he was nicely shaped. Any boy that was having sex with him was damn lucky, that was sure.

I looked down at his boxers, imagining what his penis must look like. The fact that he was going to take my virginity sent a shiver of delight from my vagina and through the rest of my body.

I walked over to my brother and whispered, “Evan?”


“Evan, wake up for a moment.”

Evan opened his eyes sleepily and blinked at me. “Mary? What’s up?” he whispered.

“I’ve got an idea.”

He squinted at the clock on his nightstand. “At one in the morning?”


“Alright.” He sat up a little and turned on his lamp. “What’s up?” he asked around a yawn.

“Well… remember how we talked about you needing to try it with a girl?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

Swallowing hard and speaking softly I rasped out, “Well… I know who you can try it with.” Saying that I pulled my nightgown off my body and stood there naked before my older brother.

Evan stared at me. Then he shook his head. “Ok. I’m still asleep and this is a dream, right?”

Shaking my head I sat down next to him on his bed. “It’s not a dream, Evan.”

“You want me to fuck you,” he said flatly.


“But… you’re my sister!” he protested.

I rolled my eyes. “I know that.”

“Well… but that’s incest and it’s wrong.”

“So? It’s the best way to find out if you’re gay or not.”

Evan folded his arms across his chest. “Really. And how do you figure that?”

I took a deep breath. “Well, look. In order to get some other girl to fuck you, she’d probably have to be in love with you. If you fucked her and you didn’t like it, she’d get her heart broken, right?”

“I guess,” he said, slowly.

“If you fuck me and don’t like it, it’s ok, cause I’m not in love with you. But I do love you, because you’re my brother, so I’ll do whatever it takes to help you figure this out.”

“And what if I fuck you and I DO like it?”

I blinked. “I hadn’t thought about that,” I replied. “Uh… well… then you’ll know you’re not gay and you can go out and fuck other girls and feel happy about it.”

Evan just stared at me. “This is a really fucked up plan, you know that, right, Mary?”

I shook my head. “It’s a perfect plan.”

Evan shook his own head in reply. “Look. Go back to bed, ok?”

“Tell me you’re not curious,” I said, putting a hand on my brother’s bare chest. “Tell me you don’t want to know what it’s like.”

“I am curious a little,” he admitted. “But not with my own sister.”

“Why? Does it really matter? I mean honestly?”

“Well… yes?” he said in a “duh” kind of tone.

“But why?”

“It just does,” Evan said.

“Look,” I said, firmly. “There’s nothing bad that can happen here. I love you. You love me. But we aren’t in love with each other and won’t ever be, right?”

“Right,” he said, slowly.

“So if you fuck me and don’t like it, it won’t break my heart. No foul, no harm. If you fuck me and like it, you can get on with fucking other girls.”
Evan looked unsure. “Well, yeah, I mean, I get that idea, but… I don’t know…”

I still had my hand on his chest. I moved it down slowly, feeling the sensation of his skin under my hand. “Look, Evan… I want to do this for you. I really do. You’re my brother and I love you and I want to help you.” I looked into his eyes. “Please let me?”

“I don’t know…”

I moved my hand down further to the waistband of Evan’s underwear. Swallowing hard and trying to calm myself, I slipped my hand down inside, feeling his pubic hair brushing against my hand and then touching the base of my brother’s soft penis. I cupped it in my hand, surprised at how warm it felt. Then I got another nice surprise as it started to get bigger and harder under my hand.

“Do you really want to try it with me, Mary?” Evan asked softly.


“Alright,” came the reply, barely above a whisper.

I didn’t say anything in reply, I just pulled my brother’s penis out of his boxers and looked down at it as I held it in my hand. It was hard and warm to the touch and about seven inches or so long. It looked huge. I experienced a moment of panic at the idea of fitting this inside my vagina, but then I realized that it was, after all, made to push out babies. Something like this probably would go in ok.

“What do you think of it?” Evan asked.

“It’s nice. I’ve never seen one before.”

“Well, there you go.”

“What do you do with it when you’re with other guys?”

“Well… sometimes we suck each other, sometimes we stroke each other. We just do whatever seems good,” he said with a shrug.

“Oh. Stroke it like this?” I asked, giving my older brother’s penis a couple up and down tugs.

Evan nodded. “Yeah.” He looked down at me. “What does yours look like?”

I sat back and spread my legs a little, giving my brother a good look at my vagina.

“Wow,” he said after a moment.

“You wanna see where the hole is?”


I took my brother’s unresisting hand and guided it down between my legs. I extended one of his fingers and placed it against my vagina. “Push a little.”

Evan pushed slightly and his finger began to slip up inside me. He kept going until it was all the way in and then sat there with an odd look on his face.

“Well…?” I said, a little out of breath. Having his finger in me felt GOOD.

“It’s… wow… it’s really different.” He moved his finger back and forth inside my vagina. “I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“I’m not sure.”

That wasn’t the answer I’d hoped for, but it was ok. Evan and I said there on his bed fondling each other for a bit until I was really good and wet. I knew it was getting to be the right time.

Taking a breath, I looked at Evan and said, “Are you ready to try it?”

“Do you really want to?” he asked after a bit.



“Good.” I sat up a little and moved to the center of my brother’s bed where I laid down on my back and spread my legs. “Go ahead and get on top of me, ok?”

Awkwardly, Evan got on top of me, his penis brushing against my vagina. He looked down and said, “I think you’ll have to get me into the right place.”

“Alright.” I reached down and took my brother’s penis in my hand, lining it up. “Right there.”

“Here?” he asked, poking a little.

“Yeah…” I whispered. “Go slowly, ok? It’s my first time, too.”


Evan steadied himself on top of me and pushed forward. I felt the tip of his erection pressing into me and just as I was wondering if this might not be such a good idea, I felt the incredibly odd, wonderful sensation of my brother’s very hard fifteen-year-old virgin penis slipping all the way into my tight thirteen-year-old virgin vagina.

“Oh, my god,” Evan whispered as he pushed the last bit inside me. I could feel his balls resting against me.

“Yeah…” I whispered, looking down to see the base of my brother’s penis sticking out of my vagina. We were really doing it!

Evan pulled back and looked down at where our bodies merged. “Wow… that’s pretty cool.”


“How’s it feel for you?”

“It’s nice,” I whispered, moving my hands up to rest right above my brother’s ass.

Holding himself above me, Evan began slowly moving his penis back and forth inside my vagina. It felt very good and he looked really beautiful moving on top of me like this. It was the best thing I’d ever experienced.

I’d heard from other girls and from books and stuff that most boys came pretty quickly their first time. Evan didn’t seem to agree. He kept fucking me in a smooth, steady motion for about five minutes, my pleasure increasing every second until finally my orgasm hit, my vagina contracting sharply around my brother’s very hard, thrusting penis. It was the most amazing orgasm I’d ever had!

“Shit,” Evan said after a moment. He stared down at me, a little sweat dripping off his face, his penis still trapped inside my vagina. “What was that?”

“I just… came…” I whispered.

“Really? Wow.” He grinned. “I didn’t know that girls did that, too.”


“Cool.” Evan’s penis twitched inside me a little. “So… can I keep going until I cum?”

“Yeah…” Even though I was a little sore at this point, I was pleased he wanted to cum.

Evan closed his eyes and started moving inside me once more. I guess he must’ve been deliberately holding back or something earlier, because this time it didn’t take more than a minute before he let out a loud, pleased sounding moan. His penis twitched and kicked within my vagina and I felt something warm splashing into me.

Once Evan was done cumming, he got off me, his penis slipping out of my vagina. He rolled down onto the bed, laying next to me. For a long while we just laid there, naked, quiet, and recovering.

Finally I couldn’t stand the tension. “Evan?”



“Well… it felt good.”

“Good,” I said with a smile.

“And I wouldn’t mind doing it a couple more times.”

“Very good.” My smile got bigger.



“I like it better with guys,” Evan muttered.



“But I DID like it with you. I just like it with them more.”

“Oh.” I shrugged, doing my best to hide my disappointment. “Well, that’s ok.”


“You don’t need to be sorry,” I said to my wonderful older brother, reaching down and taking hold of his somewhat soft penis and stroking it, feeling it harden slowly. “I had a good time.”

“Me, too,” he said with a smile.

“And you really wouldn’t mind doing it with me a couple more times?”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind that.”

“Good.” I straddled my brother’s waist. His penis was now completely hard, and I squatted down over it. “Does now work for you?”

Evan grinned a little. “Sure.”

I held Evan’s penis straight up and lowered my vagina down around it, feeling my brother disappear into me once more. I let out a sigh of pleasure and looked down at his wonderful nude body and his beautiful face, his eyes closed in passionate pleasure. God, he was hot.

Evan stayed inside me a good ten minutes before he came that time. I managed two orgasms myself. Then we went to sleep. When we woke up we fucked once more, this time with him on top again. It was the best night of my life!

But it was, however, the last time Evan and I had sex. Despite my hints and flat out requests he kept saying no until finally I had to give up. He eventually wound up with a steady boyfriend. I was really disappointed and I was surprised to find out something else.

It was possible for a girl to get her heart broken by her brother.


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk.