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Alex Hawk’s Guide to Sibling Seduction!

October 20, 2008

Brother/Sister Sex ver 2.0 – A Guide to Seduction
Alex Hawk

I have, over the last year since I started publishing, received a number of letters from people wanting to know how they can seduce their own brother or sister. I’ve decided to write this little guide to show people how to accomplish this goal. If this guide is well received, I’ll update it often and include people’s feedback on how it helped them to get laid.

Mind you, brother/sister sex is illegal in every state and, to the best of my knowledge, all countries. It can also have unforeseen psychological consequences, not to mention the chance of pregnancy. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it with each other, but you should keep the possible problems in mind. Like any major endeavor, the risks are great but so are the rewards. If you do it right, as I pretty much did, you can end up being a very happy camper. Screw up, and things go bad, bad, bad.

So anyhow, in the short form, if you use this guide to have sex with your brother or sister, good on you. But don’t blame me or hold me responsible for anything that happens. Unless it’s good, of course. Then you can share all you want!

That in mind, let’s get to it!

The methods shown in my stories are good ones, and here’s a few more in detail:


One of the easiest, but not always very effective methods, is to get your sibling into a situation where you’re watching soft-core porn together. Hardcore can work, but sometimes it can be a bit much. I’d start with the soft-core and work your way up.

Basically you ask your sibling if she or he would like to watch a movie with you. Something like “Blue Lagoon” might work here. Something with plenty of nudity and sexual content, though nothing too explicit. Think of things like what they show on Skinemax.

Naturally, another good idea is to read my stories together. Hey, they’ve got a good incest theme to them, and they’re really hardcore in parts. Show your sibling one where it’s told from the point of view of their gender. That’ll help.

If you’re a girl, you can comment on how much it sucks that they always show the breasts, and occasionally vaginas, of the women, but they never show the penises on the men. This can lead to a conversation with your brother where you talk about how much you’d like to see a boy’s penis. Eventually you can maneuver him into showing you his. I suggest offering to let him see your vagina first.

Once his penis is out, and your vagina exposed, you can move it up a notch. Ask if he wants to get completely naked. If he’s reluctant, you’ll probably need to get undressed first, or at least offer to get naked once he’s nude.

Now that you’re both naked, the fun begins. Ask him if you can touch his penis and offer to let him touch your vagina. Show him how to make you feel really good. Get his finger up inside you so that he can get a good preview of what waits for him later.

Once you’ve started touching each other, the rest is pretty easy. Move it from touching to oral sex and then eventually to intercourse. If he’s a virgin, your job will be even easier still, because most every boy is anxious to lose his virginity.

After he cums, make sure you let him stay inside you until he’s ready to pull out. He might even want to fuck you again before he leaves. Give him all the fun he wants. After all, it’s his first time, and there won’t ever be another one of those.

As a boy, your job is much more challenging. Let’s face it. Boys are much easier to get into bed than girls are. To this end, you need to use a slightly different version of the same idea.

Basically you want to avoid starting with even soft-core porn. Start by watching a movie like “Flowers in the Attic” or “The Cement Garden” with your sister. These movies feature teenage brother/sister incest. This could plant in your sister’s mind the idea of incest.

After you’ve introduced the idea to her, you can move on to watching a film like “Blue Lagoon” together. Get her used to the idea of seeing movies in your presence that feature sex. Bear in mind that this will take some time.

Once you get to a movie where there’s actual nudity on display, bemoan to your sister the fact that you’ve never seen a real life naked girl and ask her if she’s ever seen a real life naked boy. Then comes the delicate part where you offer to let her see you if you can see her. Even if she’s
already seen a boy naked, you can ask if you can see her and offer her just about anything in return.

When you’re both naked, it’s pretty much just the same as what the girls do to get their brothers into bed. Start with a little light touching, and do everything you can to make her feel good. Play gently with her clitoris, work a finger into her vagina, suck and lick her nipples, whatever you think she might enjoy. Remember: the hornier you get her, the less likely she is to say no. Give her lots of compliments, too. Girls love to hear how beautiful they are, even if it’s coming from their own brother.

If your sister is a virgin, then keep in mind that her first fuck isn’t likely to be too comfortable. Do your best to minimize her pain and push your penis into her really slowly. Make sure you keep telling her you think she’s beautiful and try to make her feel as good as you can while you
start entering her.

When you’re actually inside her and fucking, do your best to go nice and slow at first. Let her get used to you being in her. Make it feel really nice. Try not to cum until she’s satisfied, but don’t expect her to actually have an orgasm the first time.

Truth or Dare games are, in many ways, the easiest ways to get it on with your sibling. This works best if you have at least a couple other boys or girls willing to play along. If it’s another brother and sister couple, then even better!

Just like with the porno scheme, there’s a different game plan for boys and girls.

Your brother will probably take Truth an awful lot. You should, too, at first. But then build it slowly up where you start taking more and more dares. At one point, once your brother is comfortable and takes a Dare, dare him to undress. If you take Dare next turn, he’ll probably have you to do the same thing. You can probably guess where it goes from there.

As always, your job is much harder. Sorry, it’s the burden of being male.

Take Truth for the first three or four rounds, then Dare every single other time. Do everything your sister dares you to do. Doesn’t matter what (at least it won’t if you’ve set up some sensible ground rules). Your sister will probably take Truth almost the entire time. Let her get away with it for a while, and start asking lots of questions related to sex. When she starts taking more and more Dares, get her undressed, get her to get you undressed, and then slowly move the Dares into a more physical realm, like, “I Dare you to let me touch your breasts”. Played right, sometimes over the course of two or three games, it can get you where you wanna be (ie: in her vagina).

Ah, the art of the massage. Very few other things on this list can start out legitimately and end up sexual as fast and completely as a good massage. The plan for both boys and girls is basically the same, but it varies on whether you’re the one giving or getting.

In both cases, of course, you can always switch roles if need be. Tell your sibling that they did such a good job you want to return the favor, or vice versa. If you’re nude, they’ll likely end up nude as well. Then you just go from there.

Say your sibling is involved in sports. They’re probably a little sore when they get home from a game or a practice or whatever. Offer to give them a massage. Nothing big, just rubbing whatever muscles are most sore, usually the arms or legs.

Once you’ve gotten your sibling used to the idea of you touching them, you can start offering to massage other areas. Do it through the clothes at first, but then explain that it feels better without clothes in the way. Gradually work them up to the idea of being naked.

When you have your brother or sister nude, massage everything EXCEPT for the genitals and breasts (at least on girls. Go wild on boys). This is important. Do NOT touch the penis or the vagina.

It’s important here that you build up a feeling of trust between the two of you. Get your sibling used to the idea that you touching them makes them feel good. Then very, very gradually work up to touching their genitals. It’ll be awkward at first, but eventually you should be able to get away with it. Then just take things from there!

This is MUCH easier. All you have to do here is get your sibling to let you remove more and more clothes and have them touch more and more of your body. Once you have them either fingering or jerking you, you’re in! Or they’re in. Either way.

Ah, this wonderful game with so much potential. This game is borderline foreplay no matter who happens to be playing. If you wind up playing with your sibling, you can remove that border pretty easily.

Start playing the game. Once you’re feeling that the time is right, talk about how boring the game is, and how much more interesting it might be if there were stakes. Suggest, if your sibling doesn’t, that the best stakes would be clothes. Whoever takes a fall removes a bit of clothing. Once you’re both nude, things get pretty easy from there.

There’s any number of reasons why the two of you might end up sharing a bed with each other. Cold temperatures, a raging thunderstorm, a simple shortage of beds while on a vacation, all sorts of reasons. Once you’re there, though, make sure that you end up sleeping in your underwear. Even if you normally sleep naked, sleep in your underwear this time.

At one point pretend that you’re asleep and snuggle up next to your sibling, who ideally will also be wearing only his or her underwear. If you’re a boy, let your hand casually fall onto your sister’s breast. If you’re a girl, let your hand casually fall onto your brother’s crotch. Keep your hand there and pretend to be asleep until your sibling reacts to the hand’s presence.

Once you’ve got a reaction, gauge what it was. Was it positive? If so, keep your hand there. Try to move forward with things from there. Talk about how good it feels to touch like this. Suggest that it might be better naked. As with most every method, once you’re nude, it’s easy to get things to move all the way.

If you have an artistic bent, get your sibling to model for you for either photos, drawings or paintings. Talk about how you need a real, human model to practice on. Eventually you can get them to model nude for you. Once they’re naked, touch their body often as you reposition them,
cause after all, it’s much easier to just put them where you want rather than tell them (or so you claim).

If you’re already sexually active, set up a situation where your brother or sister gets the chance to spy on you having sex. Once you know they’ve seen you do it once, make sure they get the chance to see you a couple more times. After the third time, corner them about it.

When you corner them, just talk with them about what they saw. Ask what they thought about it. If you’re a girl, playfully call your brother a pervert, but then ask if he liked seeing you like that. If he did, tell him that you will let him see you again, if you can see him. From there it’s easy.

If you’re a boy, you do much the same thing, but you have to be a little more delicate about it. Keep in mind that girls get just as horny as you do, but they tend to be a little gunshy, as it were.

The last method is the simplest. If you’re both still virgins, it works really well. Ask them what they know about sex. Compare what you know. Talk about what you’ve heard about sex, how good it’s supposed to be, etc. Eventually mention to your sibling the idea of experimenting around a little with each other. Nothing big, of course. Not intercourse, no, no. Just playing around. Touching one another. Making each other feel good. Once you’ve started down this road, it’s easy to get to your destination.

Expect things to be a little awkward after the first time you have sex with your sibling. Neither of you will know what to say, or what to do right after the encounter. I advise you just play it by ear. Make a little joke to lighten the mood, cuddle a little if the other person seems to want to. Don’t discuss the consequences and don’t talk about doing it again. If your sibling starts to get aroused, then try to initiate sex again, because the more you do it during your first encounter, the more likely the odds of there being more encounters.

Now a day or so after the first time, especially if you had more times since then, you can start talking about it. Get feedback from your new lover. Make sure they’re having a good time and that you are, too. Discuss the morals if you want to. Just enjoy yourself!

In any heterosexual encounter pregnancy is a real possibility. If you want to avoid this, use precautions. Condoms, birth control pills, etc. If you don’t want to avoid it, then talk with your sibling before hand, and let him or her know of your intentions to have a child.

I DO, actually, recommend that your first time having sex be WITHOUT a condom. Other forms of birth control are fine, but leave off the condom. Why? Because I believe that the first time you do it, it should be skin-to-skin. It’s much better that way. Yes, there’s a chance of getting pregnant, but as long as you don’t make it a habit, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

If there is a pregnancy, you need to come up with an explanation as to who the father is. Believe me, you don’t want your mom and dad to know you’ve knocked up (or been knocked up by), your sibling. They tend not to be amused.

For god’s sake, whatever you do, do NOT let your parents find out that you’re fucking! Despite what you might read in some stories, parents do not really have a very understanding attitude towards their kids having sex with anyone, much less each other.

Sex is incredibly cool. Sex with your brother or sister is even cooler. Incest really IS best, if you’re both into it. So use this guide. Go out. Have fun. Get laid. Remember to always have consent no matter what you do. And make sure you write me to let me know how it all turned out! As I update this guide, I plan to include personal stories about how it worked out for people, so send me feedback!



Copyright 2008 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.


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    Very nice.

    • Avatar for Phil

      Very sound advice. Sex between siblings should be started as early as possible in order to maximize copulation to as many years as possible before the limiting entanglement of marriage takes place. That no only provides an intense bonding for the siblings, but also very experienced sex partners for marriage. I believe that it is good for the country and good for the nation.

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