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Fit to be Thaied

October 21, 2008

Fit to be Thaied
Alex Hawk

My twelve-year-old son, Taran, and I walked through the streets of Bangkok. I’d been here many times before, doing work for my company, but this was the first time I’d visited for pleasure. I’d brought Taran along as a somewhat late birthday present. His birthday had been two weeks ago.

Taran was the product of a one night incestual affair with my sister when I was fourteen and she was thirteen. Our parents had been away for the night and we got into the liquor supply. Next thing I knew, we were both fumbling around on my bed eventually managing to lose our virginities to each other. My memories were somewhat fogged, but I knew we fucked at least three times that night. We woke up the next morning, still in my bed, buck naked and holding onto one another.

Nine months later, Taran was born. Our parents freaked out when they found out my sister was pregnant, and they really went nuts when they found out I was the father. There really wasn’t much they could do, but they did insist that if she was going to have the baby, we were both going to take care of it.

This worked up until my sister was seventeen when she was killed in a car crash. Then I was stuck raising Taran by myself, albeit with some significant levels of help from my parents.

Being a father at fourteen was tough, especially when your son was also your nephew. Being a single father at eighteen was tougher still, but I managed. Now I was twenty-six, had a decent job with a fairly large company, an MBA, a large expense account and a son I loved dearly.

“So what do you think?” I asked Taran as we walked around. We’d gotten in a few hours ago, but we’d decided to get some sleep before wandering around. Now it was pretty late at night, the air was cooling down and the people were thronging all over the place.

“It’s pretty cool, Dad. Smells kinda weird, though.”

I laughed. “Welcome to Thailand.”

We walked past a whole series of stores, street vendors, restaurants, everything you could imagine. This “everything” included a small group of girls, probably fourteen, maybe fifteen years old. When they saw us walk past they all pulled open their shirts just enough to expose their developing young breasts and rattled off a series of offers.

I looked at Taran’s face out of the corner of my eye. His own eyes were wide and staring as he looked at the girls. One of them said something to another one and all of them giggled. Taran blushed a little and we kept walking.

“So… like I said, welcome to Thailand.” I laughed a little.

Taran laughed in turn. “Yeah. Wow. Does that happen a lot? With those girls?”

“Yeah. People are pretty open about sex stuff around here.”


We made our way back to the hotel, talking about all sorts of things, but saving the biggest thing for once we were at the hotel.

“So what did you think about those girls?” I asked as once we were back in the hotel room.

“They were really cute.”

“Are you into girls yet?”

Taran blushed again. “Yeah, kinda.”

“You know what they were, right?”

He nodded. “I think so. They… like, guys pay to… you know…”

“Right. Prostitutes.”

“People really pay for that?”

“Yes, some do.”


“Cause sex feels really good.”

“So good that people will pay for it?”


“Wow…” I thought I could see a small bulge in my son’s pants.

“Yeah. People get pretty desperate for sex. They’ll do some stupid things to get laid.”

“Like with you and Mom?”

That brought me up short. “Uh… yeah, like that.” I’d always been really upfront with Taran about who his mother was, as well as all matters sexual. I’d taught him how to masturbate a few months ago and even let him watch me fuck a woman once to show him how people did it.


I turned on the tv and Taran and I sat there on our separate beds, watching MTV. Taran was singing along, or at least trying to. Me, I was thinking about our conversation.

It was pretty obvious that Taran was starting to get very interested in girls. I wondered how long it would be before he actively tried to get laid? I wondered if he’d start doing something stupid like I did. I mean, he didn’t have a sister to fuck, but still.

Abruptly I sat up. I said to my son, “Go ahead and take a shower. I’m going out for a bit. When I get back, maybe we’ll watch a porno. Jerk off a little.”

“Really?!” Taran perked up. “Cool! Ok!”

I left the hotel and flagged down a cab. I gave the driver an address, eliciting a knowing look from him.

“Just drive,” I suggested, tossing him a few extra bhats.

The driver drove. He took a scenic route. I didn’t much care. I had a plan in mind.

When we go to the destination, I got out. I tipped the driver with some dollars to keep him waiting and promised more when we got back to the hotel. He nodded. I took a deep breath and went into the fairly nondescript building.

Inside I had to pass by a couple of “receptionists” before I made it into the main room. I told them who I was and who I was there to see, making sure the video camera in the corner got a good look at my face.

Once I got into the main room my eyes were treated to the sight of about twenty naked boys and girls, most of them probably ten to fifteen years of age. Most of them were partnered up, having various different kinds of sex while various men, and even one woman, watched, occasionally joining in. I largely ignored this and walked instead through a small hallway and into a little officey kind of room.

About three minutes later a man walked in. I never knew his real name. He wanted everyone to call him John. He shook hands with me.

“Mister Smith! Good to see you. Welcome back.”

“Nice to be back, John.” He called everyone Mister Smith. Safer that way.

“What you want today? You want boy? You want girl? You want both? I got one kid now who got both dick and pussy. You want that one?”

Most times when I’d come here I’d rented a girl, usually around thirteen or fourteen years old. A couple times I’d rented boys. John was known throughout Bangkok for having clean kids. Given how much HIV and other, only slightly less nasty, diseases there were, having access to safe and clean kid-whores was a good plus.

“I’m here for a girl. But I want a special girl, because it’s for a special occasion.”

“Oh? What you need her for?”

“Well, I’m here in Bangkok on pleasure instead of business this time. I brought my son with me. He’s turned twelve recently and I thought I’d get him a girl for a birthday present.”

“Oh! So you need really special girl! I got one. She good for you I think. Very special.”

“How special?”

“She my daughter.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Oh, really?”

“Yeah! She not even have first period yet. She twelve, just like your boy. But she not virgin like him. I just got done training her last week. She good and tight still. She not even gone out on floor yet. Only been with me and my sons. We train her good. You like her!” John grinned widely.

I knew John trained all the girls himself, at least the ones who weren’t already experienced, and I knew he had a couple teenage sons who helped out. I hadn’t known that he had a daughter or that he had made her into one of his “employees”.

“Sounds possibly good. Can I meet her?”

“Sure! Anything for you, you my number one client!” John leaned out into the hallway and barked out a few words in Thai. A minute or so later out came a very pretty girl. She was naked, like all the kids here. Her breasts were pretty small still, but not bad. She didn’t have any pubic hair, but that meant nothing. John had all the kids shave.

“This Mary. Mary, say hi.”

“Hi,” she said and giggled a little.

“Hello.” I looked at John. “How much?”

“For you, special price cause you good man.” He named a figure.

I laughed. “Nice talking with you, John. See you next time I’m in town.” I made no move for the door. It was about ten times higher than an average kid would be, but I figured we could negotiate. We’d done it before.

“But she real good, Mister Smith! She real tight! You like her, trust me!”

“Not at that price, I won’t. I wouldn’t pay that much for a virgin.”

John waved a hand and swore in Thai. “Virgin? Virgin don’t know nothing. Mary good. She trained up. You like her. Your boy like her.”

I looked the girl over, feeling slightly guilty about the fact that I was basically negotiating for her right in front of her. I smiled and reached out to caress one of her small breasts. “Ok, how about this?” I named a price half what he asked for.

“What?! You insult me! You insult daughter! You bad man, leave now!” But he made no move to chase me away. “Since you special man, I give you new price.” He named a new, lower price.

“I don’t know. Maybe I can go up a little.” I named a slightly higher price.

“Still no good. She nice. She tight. You stick dick in, you see.”

Now THAT was an unusual offer. He’d never let me have a free sample before. “Hmmm…”

“I tell you what. You stick dick in. You no like, I get you normal girl at normal price. You like, you pay my last price.”

“Ah… I knew there was a trap.”

John smiled. “So you want try?”

I thought for maybe half a second. “Sure. I’ll try her out.”

John said something in Thai to his daughter. She walked over to his desk and bent over.

“Go stick dick in. Not long! For just a bit. Then you see.”

My penis had gotten hard when I first walked into the building. It had stayed more or less hard the entire time. Now it throbbed. I unzipped, pulled my erection out of my boxers and walked up behind the girl. Reaching out a finger, I ran it along the lips of her vagina. She was nice and wet already, I was happy to see.

I spit into my hand and lubed up myself as best as I could. That done, I lined up behind the little girl and pushed forward. It took some doing. She was indeed very, VERY tight. This would, if nothing else, be quite good for Taran, given that he didn’t have a full sized penis yet.

After some real effort, I finally bottomed out inside her, every inch of my twenty-six-year-old penis buried to the hilt inside this little girl’s tight, hairless twelve-year-old vagina.

“Whooo… very nice indeed,” I admitted, surprised that I’d gotten all the way inside her.

“See? I told you she good.”

“Yeah…” I gave the girl a couple experimental thrusts. She was certainly quite nice inside. She even let out a little moan of pleasure. I wasn’t sure if it was fake, but I didn’t much care.

“You gonna keep fucking her, you gotta pay,” John pointed out.

I sighed. “Alright, you win.” Keeping my penis inside Mary’s preteen vagina, I pulled out my wallet from the pocket of my pants and counted off some money. Handing it to John, I said, “There you go.”

“Thanks!” He counted the money and then pocketed it. “Now you gonna have your son fuck my daughter. We family now.”

“Yeah, right!” I said with a laugh.

“I leave now. You fuck her good.”


Once John was gone, I said to Mary, “You wanna lay on your back?”

“Ok, Mister Smith,” she said.

“You can call me Jared,” I said as I pulled out of her.

Mary turned over and laid on her father’s desk. “Ok, Mister Jared.”

I laughed. “That’ll do.” I lined myself up again and pushed my penis back into her tight young vagina.

“You got good dick,” she said, a little out of breath.

“Thanks,” I whispered, starting to fuck the girl faster.

“Your dick better than… my dad… or brothers…”

“Good,” I said, grinning.

I knew I probably wouldn’t last too much longer as I fucked her. The girl was really tight and felt really amazing inside. I’d only fucked one twelve-year-old before and she hadn’t been nearly as good as Mary! With that thought, my penis kicked within her vagina and my sperm shot deep into her in several sharp blasts.

Once I was done cumming, I got my breath back and slowly slid out of her. “You’re a really good fuck,” I said, leaning down to kiss her briefly.

“Thanks! You good, too!” She sat up, a little bit of my sperm leaking out of her vagina. “You gonna fuck me lots tonight?”

I shook my head as I did up my pants. “No. You’re a present for my son. He just turned twelve a couple weeks ago and he’s still a virgin.”

Mary brightened up. “Yeah? I get your virgin boy? That sound fun!”

“I think you’ll both like it.” I kissed her again and said, “Go get cleaned up and ready to go. I’ll meet you out front.”

“Ok, Mister Jared!” She flounced off and I worked my way to the front of the building.

I didn’t have to wait outside for too long before Mary came out, dressed in your basic Japanese schoolgirl outfit. I rolled my eyes a little, but held open the door of the cab for her.

“Thanks, Mister Jared!” she said, getting in.

“You’re welcome.” To the driver I said, “Back to the hotel, please.”

He nodded and began driving, shooting me knowing looks through the rear view mirror.

The cab ride passed largely in silence. I was thinking about what was about to happen to Taran and how lucky he was that he was going to lose his virginity at twelve. I also thought how nice it had been to fuck Mary and how much I wanted to screw her again at least a couple more times. Maybe Taran and I could tag-team her.

Once we go to the hotel, we went upstairs, pausing outside of the room.

“Right. Now I’m going to go in there and make sure Taran is ready. When I say, you come into the room, get naked and get onto the bed with him, ok?”

“Ok, Mister Jared!”

I grinned. She was so cutely enthusiastic! Taran would be lucky indeed to lose his virginity to her.

I opened up the door and walked inside. My son was laying on his bed, watching tv and wearing only a bathrobe.

“Hey, Dad.”

“Hello, Taran.” I was grinning ear-to-ear as I looked at my young son. “I have a special surprise for you.”

“Oh?” He sat up a little. “What kind of surprise?”

Silently I opened up the door, revealing Mary. She smiled at Taran, walked rather sexily into the room, purred, “Hello, Taran,” and began to undress. Once Mary was completely naked, she walked over to Taran’s bed and sat down next to him, smiling widely.

Taran’s eyes swung from the naked girl to me and back again. “Dad? What the hell is going on?”

I sat down on my bed, watching as Mary cuddled up next to my young son. “Well, I’ve decided to get you a late birthday present.”

“Her?!” Taran said, just staring at Mary’s naked body.

“You relax, Taran. I take good care of you,” Mary said, reaching down to run one of her hands up the inside of his thigh.

Taran twitched a little and sat up a bit. “Uh…” He looked at me with uncertainty in his eyes.

“Look, Taran. You wanna get laid, right? You wanna know what sex is like?”


“Well, here’s your chance.”

Mary had worked her hand further up into Taran’s robe. I saw the look on his face change abruptly as she took hold of his virgin penis. “You got nice one. I can’t wait to get it in me,” she said, smiling sweetly at Taran.

“Dad?” Taran squeaked.

“It’s ok, Taran,” I said. “Just relax and let Mary do all the work. You’ll be happy. Trust me.”

“Well… alright, if you say it’s ok.” He swallowed a little and looked at Mary. “So… what do I do?”

“First you take off robe,” she said, tugging at the fabric.

Taran shrugged out of his bathrobe, leaving him gloriously naked. My son had a really nice body. His penis wasn’t very big yet and he didn’t have more than maybe a strand or two of hair yet, but still. Mary would certainly be lucky to have him in her and vice versa.

Once Taran was naked, Mary ran her hands down his young body.

“You look good, Taran. You got nice body,” she said with a sweet smile.

“Thanks… you, too…”

When her hands reached my son’s penis, Mary took it in one hand, stroking it slowly. Then she opened her mouth and lowered it down around his young erection, her head bobbing up and down as she gave Taran his first blowjob.

“Oh, that’s sweet…” Taran whispered, putting a hand on the back of Mary’s head.

“She’s well trained,” I told him. “You’ll lose your virginity to someone who knows what she’s doing.”


“Feels really good, huh?” I asked, rubbing at my crotch.

“Oh, yeah…”

Mary said, “So what you want do?”

“I’m not sure,” Taran said.

“Try fingering her,” I suggested to my son.

“Ok.” He looked at Mary who took his hand and put it on her hairless vagina. She extended one of Taran’s fingers and guided it up inside her. “Wow… that feels cool!” he after a couple minutes of finger-fucking.

“I know it does,” I replied. “You wanna try sticking your penis in there now?”

“Can I really?” Taran asked, looking from Mary to me and back again.

Mary laid down on the bed and spread her legs, my son’s finger sliding out of her vagina. To Taran she said, “I ready when you ready, Taran.”

Taran crouched between her legs, his very stiff penis sticking straight up as he said, “You’re really going to let me fuck you?”


“Ok.” He just stared at Mary’s vagina, obviously lost at sea.

Mary reached for his penis, but before she reached it, I said, “Hang on a second, Mary.” She looked over at me as I moved down to join the children on the bed. I said to my son, “Let me help you, Taran.”

“Ok, Dad.”

Feeling horribly perverted but also very turned on, I took my son’s small penis in my hand, giving it a couple gentle strokes as I lined it up with Mary’s vagina. I’d never touched Taran like this before, not even when teaching him how to masturbate. I’d just done that by having him watch me do it and then me watching him to make sure he was doing it right, though it’s hard to screw something like that up.

Once Taran’s penis was in place, I let go of it and said to him, “Just push it in her, Taran.”

Taran did so, and I watched in pleased contentment as my son’s still hairless twelve-year-old virgin penis disappeared into Mary’s tight twelve-year-old vagina. My boy was a virgin no longer!

“Whoa,” he breathed, a look of total amazed pleasure crossing his face.

“Nice, eh?”

“Yeah!” he said with a cute little smile. “Oh, wow is it nice…”

“You got good one, Taran. Very good. Feel real nice,” Mary said, reaching up to pull my son’s naked body down on top of her.

Taran said nothing further. Apparently operating on instinct, he let his head rest on Mary’s shoulder and started fucking her slowly. She wrapped her legs around his waist to keep his penis inside her as he experienced his first lay.

I unzipped and let my penis out, masturbating while I watched the cute little preteen kids having sex on the bed next to me. It was one of the sweetest sights I’d ever seen. I made sure to masturbate slowly enough that I wouldn’t wind up cumming. After Taran was done with Mary, I wanted another turn.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait too long. Moaning loudly, Taran started climaxing inside Mary after less than a minute of fucking her. I wasn’t surprised. From what little I remembered of fucking my sister the first time, I don’t think I lasted long, either.

When Taran was done cumming, I patted his bare butt.

“You like it?”

“Oh, god, yeah, Dad!” He said with a tired, sweaty smile.

“Now move so I can have a turn.”

“Ok!” He said, moving aside.

I got between Mary’s legs and worked my penis up into her vagina once more. It took less effort than it had before. I didn’t see or feel any sign of sperm from my son as I started fucking her. Oh, well. He’d probably be fertile soon enough.

Taran and I spent the better part of the rest of a week fucking Mary every chance we could. I made all the arrangements with John. Taran kept asking throughout the time we were together with her if it would be possible for us to bring Mary back to America with us.

I was reluctant to go with the idea, but eventually took John aside one day and talked with him about it. It took quite a bit more money than I would have liked to buy Mary from him, but eventually I succeeded and with some further palm-greasing managed to arrange things so that Mary was able to fly back with us.

Mary’s had a good life here in our house for the last year or so. Taran has shared her with all his friends. I don’t think there’s a boy older than eleven on our street who hasn’t fucked her. I’ve had a couple complaints from parents, but since I officially adopted the girl, there wasn’t much they could do about it.

The last couple months I’ve started to make plans for a return trip to Bangkok. Mary wants me to talk with her father about getting her little sister, who is now eleven, over here to join us. I’m not sure that I can afford it, but I guess I had to try. If nothing else, maybe she’d still be eleven.

Perhaps I could be the one to do her training…


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. Be nice to me and don’t, like, pirate and stuff.

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    Not a bad story about a father helping his son lose his virginity. Plus I’m sure Taran’s friends liked the fact that Mary was shared.

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