The Son Also Rises – Part three
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Ryan ended up cooking two nights in a row. That hadn’t happened in quite some time. Mason had spent the night a few times in the past, and Ryan always cooked. As a single parent he felt this need to prove himself to other parents, and he didn’t want it getting back to Mason’s mom that he’d been served Hot Pockets and tater tots.

After what had happened earlier, Ryan found himself reexamining all those previous sleepovers, looking for some clue that would confirm what he was already pretty sure about. If he was sure about anything. He wondered how long it had been happening. He wondered if he should be upset, or be worried. Mason was younger than Lucas. Would it be considered some sort of molestation? Was Mason ten or eleven? Did it matter?

Ryan had showered before dinner, and he was dressed in a long muscle shirt and sweatpants. He wanted to be prepared to hide himself if that proved necessary. Ryan had hopes that at least for this night that he wouldn’t have to look at Lucas in tight little briefs. He’d done the boy’s laundry, so Lucas couldn’t claim he had to wear stuff he’d long outgrown.

Those hopes were dashed a bit after dinner. Full of spaghetti and garlic bread, he sent the boys off to shower and get ready for the evening while he cleaned. He just happened to be passing the hallway that led to Lucas’ room and the hall bathroom when the boys emerged from the steamy room together. At least they were wearing towels.

Ryan was still unpacking the probable fact that Lucas and Mason had showered together when the boys emerged from Lucas’ room. He gave an internal groan of despair when he saw them. Lucas came first, looking proud and a bit mischievous, wearing another pair of tiny bikini briefs. These fit at least. They were appropriately sporting rainbow colors. The surprise was Mason, walking bashfully behind Lucas, also clad only in a pair of briefs. These were at least the traditional Y-front design, and they had little Lego Stormtroopers on either side of the plain white front panel, which was showing a modest little lump. Realizing he’d looked, Ryan looked away. The cartoon undies made it even worse; it made Mason’s tender age much too apparent.

“So, more zombies tonight?” Ryan asked, deciding to ignore the way they were dressed. Ryan wondered if they were doing it deliberately, and why.

“See, I told you he wouldn’t care,” Lucas said to Mason. Lucas came and sat on Ryan’s right, and for a moment Ryan had equal measures of hope and fear that Mason would take his left, but the younger boy instead went and sat to the right of Lucas.

The next two hours were a sort of sweet torture. They watched a Star Wars movie while Ryan made popcorn and the boys giggled and whispered and wrestled on the couch. At one point, Ryan was sure he saw a prominent little tent in Mason’s briefs, but it was quickly hidden away and he allowed that it might have just been the light and wishful thinking.

When the boys finally went off to bed, Ryan found himself wishing he had a camera in his son’s room. Then he chided himself over the absolute perviness of the thought. He considered standing outside Lucas’ door again, but he didn’t.

Ryan occupied himself the rest of the evening watching Youtube and checking his Instagram, which had still more comments for Lucas and requests for more along with a few ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ comments that brought him mixed feelings. When he finally started yawning, he looked at the clock, amazed to see that more than three hours had passed.

Ryan was already regretting the next morning, because he knew he couldn’t sleep in with Mason over. Had to keep up the appearance of attentive super-parent. With that thought in mind, he decided to do the responsible thing and check in on the boys before he went off to bed. Ryan didn’t look in on Lucas every night, but it wasn’t an unusual thing for him to do.

So after turning off the tv and closing up his laptop he cleaned up the last bit of detritus left behind by the boys and then went down the hall to Lucas’ room. Not wanting to wake them, for what he told himself were completely unselfish reasons, he quietly opened the door.

He shouldn’t have.

Lucas’ bed was to the left of the door, with the foot of the bed facing the window opposite. When Ryan opened the door, the light from the hallway spilled into the dark room, throwing a fan of light on the boys. The nude boys.

If there was any doubt in Ryan’s mind about what the boys had been up to, it was dispelled in that glorious glow of illumination. Lucas was lying mostly on his stomach, closest to the door, while Mason was between Lucas and the wall. Mason was on his back, with Lucas’ right arm over his chest, and his right leg draped over Mason’s thigh.

The first thing Ryan really noticed when he opened the door was Lucas’ ass. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen it before, but though he saw it every day, he realized that it had changed somehow in the few years since he’d last seen it bare. Firm and round, it protruded out in a way that brought the word ‘plump’ to mind, though there was no fat there. It was a true bubble butt. Ryan could make out just the barest hint of shadowy something between his legs, but it was too dark to really get a look.

He got a hell of a look at Mason however. The younger boy, ten or eleven, Ryan still didn’t know, lay breathing deeply, his mouth open slightly, his lips full and kissable. That was the thought in Ryan’s head, that a ten or eleven year old boy had kissable lips. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. He knew he was likely being influenced by the perfect little erection the boy was sporting. It was about as thick as Ryan’s thumb, and about as long, maybe two-and-a-half inches. Unlike Lucas, Mason’s foreskin was attached, a little funnel of skin adding another three-quarters of an inch to his length. It was pointing up to his chin, bobbing a bit and occasionally twitching. The urge to crawl into the bed and take that tiny thing into his mouth was nearly overpowering, and before his willpower could crumble, or the boys could wake and see him standing there with an enormous bulge in his pants, he backed out of the room and walked slowly to his own room, his heart pounding with fear and lust.

He was ten. Or maybe eleven. Like it mattered. Ryan was hating himself.

Ryan didn’t have an opportunity to show the responses to Lucas’ pic on Instagram until after school on Monday. Mason’s mom picked him up after a hearty bacon and egg breakfast and Lucas disappeared into his room until that afternoon. Lucas did two hours a day via video and then was supposed to work another three hours on his own. Lucas rarely did more than an hour, and Ryan didn’t press him because he knew his son was acing all of his classes. By then, the pic had earned 1,532 likes and was up to 42 comments, mostly of the emoji variety.

Ryan was amused when Lucas emerged from his room that he was still wearing the rainbow undies from the night before, but he’d put on a shirt for the video conference. At least Ryan assumed he still wore the rainbow undies, as the shirt was just long enough to hide them. Lucas could almost be naked under the shirt.

“Hey, you’re famous,” Ryan said by way of greeting.

“I am?” Lucas asked, coming to stand before him. Ryan was sitting on the sofa with his laptop in his lap.

“I posted that pic of you practicing the other day on my Insta account,” Ryan told him.

“Why?” Lucas asked, not crossly, but just out of curiosity. He did sometimes tease Ryan about his account and the shirtless pics he posted.

“Because you looked really cool,” Ryan explained. “Anyway, you got a hell of a response.”

“I did?”

Ryan nodded. “Wanna see?” he asked.

“Okay!” Lucas said, excited, and he joined Ryan on the couch. He sat down cross-legged next to him, causing his t-shirt to ride up and reveal that he was not in fact naked underneath.

Ryan turned the laptop to face his son.

“Wow, that’s a lot of likes,” Lucas said, reading. “Can I see the comments?”

“Sure,” Ryan said, just a bit uneasily. He began to scroll down through him.

Lucas snickered and looked at his dad with a smile. “Eggplant emoji. Do you know what that means?” Before Ryan could answer, Lucas continued, “It means a boner. You know, when your dick gets stiff?”

“Yes, I know what a boner is,” Ryan said dryly.

“Yeah, I know,” Lucas said with a knowing grin, and Ryan was reminded of the near flashing he’d almost given the boy.

Eyes back on the laptop, Lucas said, “They said I’m sexy. And hot.”

“Uh-huh,” Ryan said noncommittally.

Lucas looked up at him. “Am I?” he asked. “Sexy and stuff?”

“You,” Ryan began, giving his son a critical eye, “are the sexiest boy ever.” Then, moving the laptop to the cushion beside him, he quickly attacked his son, tickling his ribs.

Lucas shrieked and tried to get away, his eyes shining with excitement. Ryan didn’t relent, moving so that he was hovering over the boy, still tickling with one hand while he attacked Lucas’ neck, making ‘nom nom’ sounds while wetly kissing him. Lucas giggled and tried to squirm away. It was something father and son used to do a lot of in the past, but Ryan realized they hadn’t done in quite awhile. Still, he remembered where all Lucas’ ticklish spots were, which was honestly just about everywhere.

Lucas was bucking his body up against Ryan’s trying to force him off him, but Ryan was much too strong, and Lucas was laughing too hard to really concentrate on the effort. Remembering what else he used to do, Ryan slid down on the sofa a bit, and still holding his son down with one hand, he pulled up the boy’s shirt and began to blow raspberries against his stomach.

“No! Dad! I’m gonna pee!” Lucas screamed with laughter.

Ryan gave his son two or three more wet, noisy raspberries and then relented. They were both breathing hard, especially Lucas, who covered his eyes with his crossed arms, still giggling. Ryan was lying on Lucas’ left leg. The boy’s right was cocked and against the back sofa cushions. Ryan had his left hand between Lucas’ right thigh and the cushion, where he’d been pressing down against his chest to keep him in place.

As Ryan rose to his right elbow, he looked down. Less than a foot away from his face, Lucas’ rainbow colored briefs were being stretched by a very obvious and very stiff erection. He felt his mouth go dry, as his eyes tried to drink in the sight. It was difficult to tell exactly how big his son’s cock was, but Ryan guessed somewhere between three and four inches. He desperately wanted to pull back those little briefs and see it in all its naked glory.

A noise made Ryan look up and he saw Lucas staring at him. Ryan looked downward again and then rose up, sitting back on the sofa. “Sorry,” he said, not sure what else to say.

“Sorry,” Lucas said at the same time, sitting up and pulling the hem of his t-shirt down over his rebellious organ. “I didn’t mean…”

“It’s not…” Ryan said at the same time. He tried a smile. “Don’t sweat it, kiddo,” he said. “You’re growing up.”

“It just… happens,” Lucas said, blushing.

“Hey,” Ryan said, “I was twelve once myself.”

“Yeah,” Lucas muttered, hardly mollified.

“And don’t think you get any better control over it as you get older,” Ryan grinned. “As you saw yesterday morning.”

Lucas did grin then. “Do you still get ’em for no reason?”

“Uh… yeah,” Ryan said, and then very deliberately made a show of adjusting his very hard cock in his shorts. Lucas laughed. “See?” Ryan said. “It’s a guy thing. Better get used to it.”

“Yeah,” Lucas said, then his smile melted, and he twisted his mouth wryly, “it’s just embarrassing.”

“Hey, no need to be embarrassed,” Ryan said, scooting over and hugging his son against his side with an arm around his shoulders. “It’s just a part of being a guy. The things have minds of their own. You should never be embarrassed about it. Especially here at home. Just don’t go whipping it out in public.”

Lucas giggled.

“You ready for some lunch?” Ryan asked. He knew he was.

Over grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup, father and son talked about nothing. Lucas did ask if he was going to take any more pics of him for Instagram, pointing out that lots of people were asking for more. Making sure he really wanted to, Ryan said he’d be happy to do so.

Later, Ryan finished an intense workout, then grabbed his phone out of the docking station in the garage, muscles burning and feeling great. He walked through the kitchen, snagging a bottle of water out of the refrigerator on his way to the sliding doors where he could see Lucas dancing.

He really was such a graceful boy when he danced. Lucas was dressed today in another pair of tights, this time a light gray. Ryan stepped outside, grateful for the cool breeze on his sweaty flesh. He stood there admiring his son, who gave him a smile of greeting but continued dancing. Ryan couldn’t help his gaze sliding downward over Lucas’ slender body to his center. The hem of the tights was apparently right in between Lucas’ small nuts, so that the sac was spread and there was a little grape-sized orb on either side of it. Lying straight up was the unmistakable outline of his son’s penis, the rim of his glans clearly visible.

“Do you want me to just get pics like this, or do you want to pose?” Ryan asked.

“Uh, pose I think,” Lucas answered, relaxing.

“So pose away, my little supermodel,” Ryan smiled.

“Your sexy little supermodel,” Lucas reminded him with a grin.

“Very sexy,” Ryan joked.

“I won’t be able to hold it long, so be ready, okay?”

“Got it,” Ryan assured him.

Lucas turned a bit, so that his left profile was to Ryan, and then he went effortlessly up onto the toes of his right foot, his left leg went back and then up while his right arm flew forward elegantly and his left went back, his hand nearly touching his heel. Ryan quickly snapped three pictures before Lucas sank back to both feet.

“Did you get it?” Lucas asked, coming close.

“Let’s see,” Ryan said, going back through the pics. They were all pretty much the same, but they were clear and well framed. Ryan had been doing pics and selfies long enough to have some skill in the area, and he had a natural photographer’s eye, which helped a great deal with his real estate job.

“Do you want me to do any more?” Lucas asked.

“Sure, kiddo,” Ryan said. “Show me what you’ve got.”

“Like this?” Lucas asked, gripping his tights on either side and pushing them down. He only went down a few inches, stopping about an inch above the root of his dick, then stopped laughing. “You should see your face,” he teased, pulling the tights back into place.

“Very funny,” Ryan said, masking the beating of his heart.

“How about this?” Lucas asked. He stepped up to the side of the house and leaned his left shoulder against it, then he lifted his right leg backwards, and kept on lifting until it was perpendicular to the other, a straight line from heel to heel, broken only by the lump of his little balls. Lucas took his heel in his right hand and his toes in his left then stood there grinning at his dad.

“How do you even do that?” Ryan asked, a bit awed as he snapped a few pics from slightly different angles. Lucas apparently had no issues holding this amazing pose.

“I stretch a lot,” Lucas grinned. “It doesn’t even hurt anymore.”

“I’d be screaming in pain,” Ryan said.

“Ready for another one?” Lucas asked. When he got a nod from Ryan, he turned his back, then quickly went into a handstand. Then he spread his legs until they were perfectly horizontal. Ryan took several pics, especially taken with the perfection of Lucas’ pointed toes.

“One more, okay?” Lucas asked, going off the patio and out into the yard. “I’m gonna jump right in the middle of the porch, okay? So be ready.”

“I will be ready,” Ryan assured him, and then fixed the camera where he thought the shot would go off, holding it steady and watching out of the corner of his eye as Lucas got a running start and then flew. Literally flew. Okay, maybe not literally, but it was like there was a gazelle traipsing through his backyard.

Lucas’ legs once again went perpendicular to one another in that impossible stretch, while his head went back, his chest arched, his arms outstretched, even his fingers delicately posed. It was glorious, and Ryan got lucky and captured it perfectly, his phone on its side to get a wide angle.

As Lucas came up to him, grinning, Ryan looked at him with a bit of awe and said, “Lucas, that was beautiful. Incredible.” Lucas smiled, and Ryan reached out, took Lucas and lifted him easily into the air. Lucas laughed and then Ryan lowered him until they were face to face and hugged him to him. “I’m so proud of you, you know that, right?”

Lucas’ blue eyes sparkled as he smiled and said, “I know, Dad.” Then he leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips. It was a brief kiss, like always, but Ryan felt his lips tingling as Lucas put his head on Ryan’s shoulder and wrapped his long, slender legs around his waist. Ryan didn’t need to, but he took advantage of the situation and dropped his hands down to Lucas’ magnificent ass, just holding him there.

“I love you, too, Dad,” Lucas breathed against his neck.

The likes and comments kept coming. It was late and Lucas had gone to bed some time ago. Ryan lay in bed, naked with a sheet pulled to his waist. It was tented. There was something about knowing that all of these people were staring at his beautiful boy, likely blowing up the shots to see his little cock and balls molded against the thin cloth of his tights, that was really turning him on. There were comments about his beauty and flexibility, but it was the inappropriate ones that inflamed Ryan. ‘I want to lick him’ read one. ‘That’s how you fill out a pair of tights’ said another. There were more eggplant emojis. Ryan knew he should delete the bad comments, but he didn’t. He wondered if he should show them to Lucas. He wondered what Lucas would think about some random guy wanting to lick him, or talking about his cock. Ryan had zoomed in on all the pictures once he was alone, and Lucas’ little dick was clear in every one of them. The thought made his cock twitch.

Ryan slid out of bed. He was suddenly overcome with a desire, a need, to see Lucas. He crept quietly through the dark house, his cock bobbing stiffly before him. He looked down at the shadowy shaft staring up at him as he stood at Lucas’ door. He wasn’t sure what he was doing. He wasn’t sure of a lot of things these days. These feelings and thoughts. They were wrong. He knew that. He opened the door.

There was moonlight out the bedroom window at the wall opposite Lucas’ bed. It cast a square of light that didn’t quite reach the bed. Still, there was enough light to make out Lucas lying there, and Ryan’s eyes were well adjusted to the dark. His son lay on his stomach, his left leg out straight, but his right cocked about as high as it could go, so that the lower half of the boy’s body was actually a bit on its side rather than flat down. A thin sheet was pulled up to his waist, but didn’t cover that right leg.

Ryan stood there staring down at his son while his cock continued to stretch upward. Lucas looked so innocent lying there, his mouth slightly open, his breath soft. Ryan reached out and pulled the sheet back slowly, just a few inches. Just enough to show him Lucas was still wearing the orange and gray briefs he’d lounged around in that evening. He realized that he’d been hoping that Lucas would be naked in bed again. He remembered staring at his son’s ass the night before. In fact, Lucas’ ass was becoming a bit of an obsession with him. He pulled back the sheet even more.

Ryan knelt, looking at his boy’s face, looking for any sign of waking. Lucas continued to sleep soundly. Ryan’s heart was beating a rapid tattoo in his chest. Slowly and oh so gently, he reached out and put his hand on the back of Lucas’ thigh. He just let it rest there. It was so soft and warm. With glacial slowness, he slid it upward, up over the fleshy mound of his son’s ass. His breathing was fast and his hand was actually trembling. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He squeezed, softly, and he felt a rivulet of precum sliding down his shaft.

Moving his hand very slightly, reaching just a bit deeper, Ryan felt his fingers sliding over Lucas’ nuts. He slid his fingers along them as far as he dared, feeling the little nuggets shift away from his fingers as he pressed. Ryan imagined turning Lucas over. In his mind, Lucas didn’t wake, and he slowly worked his little briefs off him, then took his soft young cock into his mouth, sucking it gently, feeling it lengthen in his mouth. His cock lurched and Lucas made a noise.

Ryan froze. When Lucas didn’t move or make another sound after nearly a minute, he slowly stood. He’d risked too much. He had to leave. He stood there, staring past his cock at his son’s gentle, innocent face. Those soft, full lips, so pink and kissable, were spread slightly. Screaming at himself inside to stop, he leaned forward and gripped the headboard with his left hand. With his right, he pushed down on his cock, and then leaned forward and crouched down enough that he was able to just barely kiss the fat, leaking head of his cock against his son’s lips.

Ryan moaned softly, moving the head of cock back and forth over Lucas’ lips, hating himself but unable to stop. Then he felt it. He had seconds only, and he lurched out into the hallway, his left hand cupping the head of his cock as he emptied his balls, the hot goo barely contained by his fingers and dripping onto the floor. With a handful of cum, Ryan made his way to Lucas’ bathroom and rinsed his hands in the sink, letting his seed swirl down the drain. He squeezed his cock, bringing up the last of it and then washed again.

Feeling shame and shock at what he’d done, Ryan went back down the hall to his son’s room where the boy still lay sleeping gently. He eased the door shut, swearing he would never do anything like that again.

End of part three

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