Confession of a Boy Lover – Chapter 8

“I hope they didn’t embarrass you too much singing the happy birthday song,” I said as I slid the key into the ignition.

Jem’s face was back to his normal rosy cheeks, “I didn’t think they’d do that at an Italian restaurant. When I turn thirteen, we’re going to a Mexican restaurant. At least then, if they sing to me, I won’t understand a word of it.”

I started the car, enjoying how we were alone and in the dark. I said, “Your birthday, your choice. Now, you know what a young man needs after a birthday meal?”

Jem leaned against the console, “A birthday kiss?”

I glanced around us; for the moment, the parking lot around us was empty. I leaned over and tilted my head just enough to kiss his moist lips. The taste of garlic and oregano filled my mouth as Jem slipped his tongue through my lips. Only our second kiss of the day, I was surprised by how much he’d grown. When I broke the kiss, my eyes must have shown my surprise.

He flushed. Even in the dark I could see the red above his cheeks, “I-, I’ve been thinking about this for nearly two years, Jack. I really wanted to show you I love you just as much now as before.”

Right after Donna and Jem had moved back to Denver, Jem had called me almost weekly for the first year or so. But since Christmas, those cherished calls had dropped off to just a few.

I said, “I have to admit, I was beginning to wonder, bro. I wasn’t sure what happened around Christmas, but I worried you were moving on.”

Jem rested his arm on my shoulder, “No way. It’s just that’s when I realized I needed to tell Mom about being gay, and I didn’t want her thinking it was because of you. Then, when she got me so pissed off that I told her I had a crush on you, well, I really didn’t want to call and get her worked up over stuff that’s none of her business.”

I would not argue the point, although I was certain Donna would take a different view. It didn’t help that I wanted to pick up where Jem and I left off, regardless of any empty promises made to Donna. Instead, I pulled out of the parking lot and headed home.

Once we were home, as we came into the house, I took Jem by the hand and I led him over to the couch. I knew things wouldn’t be the same, but I wanted to start with something fun and familiar. I sat down in the middle of the couch and pulled him so that his legs were on either side of mine. He figured out what I was aiming for and he crawled onto my lap, facing me, with his knees close to my hips. Now, his face was even with mine. There would be no leaning down. I snaked my arms around his waist and pulled him into an embrace. There was no need to lean in, our faces were where they needed to be for us to enjoy our kiss. He wrapped his arms around my neck and played with my tongue with his teeth as my tongue made love to his mouth.

As we kissed and traded tongues, I felt something against my belly. Instinctively, I knew he had to be as horny as me. After twisting my tongue around his, when we broke the kiss, I found the buttons on the front of his shirt and with little work, pushed the material from his shoulders, letting it fall to our feet.

I ran my hands across his chest. Even though he was twelve now, his shoulders hadn’t broadened. Not yet. He was, as best as I could tell, as rail-thin as before.

Jem tugged at my polo shirt, pulling it off and dropping it next to us. I shuddered at the air on my skin, wondering if Jem would notice the difference. He ran his hands over my chest before kissing me again, while he continued to caress me.

When the kiss ended, he looked down at my chest. “You’re as smooth as me, Jack. Didn’t you have some  hair around your nipples?”

After Christmas, in the hope of another sleep-over, I bought a top-of-the-line laser hair removal kit. It had worked as well as advertised. Then he lifted my arms, exposing my pits. When he was ten, he’d played with the lonely few strands that grew under my arms. Now, he ran his fingers across the smooth skin.

“Dude, it looks like mine. Did you shave it?”

I said, “Something like that. Do you like it?”

He ran his hand across my chest a few times, just as I was doing to him, “Yeah. It feels pretty cool.”

I said, “Good, I like how smooth you still are. Reminds me of before.”

He put his arms around my neck again, “You really liked doing stuff with me before.”

I couldn’t deny it, “Yeah. I enjoyed opening your eyes to your body.”

He smiled and hugged me, “I liked it a lot to. Jack…”


He squeezed my neck a little as though trying told onto me, “When I get older, do you think you’ll still like me the same as now?”

One of my worries, even before, was wondering what would happen when the boy grows up. Before, my boys had moved on, or I had moved on before it was an issue. But with Jem, I thought I might actually get the opportunity to watch him grow up. Of course, I also worried he might tie my attraction to him to pedophilia, and that was the kiss of death in our culture.

Still, I felt I owed him an honest answer, “I’ll always love you, Jem. When you get old enough for your mom to let you date, I want to be your first date. If you’ll have me. I do know that the changes your body is likely going through are incredibly beautiful to me. For the next three, maybe four years, resisting you is going to be damn near impossible. I don’t know how I’ll feel when you’re an adult. Of course, your own tastes may also change between now and then.”

He kissed me, “So, you’re not going anywhere, anytime soon, even though I might start to get changes soon?”

I leaned over and nibbled on his ear, “Soon? As big as you’ve gotten, I figured you were going to be bragging about new hair down there.”

Jem giggled, “I wish. Well, maybe not. You want to see?”

He leaned away, giving me access to his jeans. He wasn’t wearing a belt, so it was easy enough to unbutton and unzip him. When I pulled apart the fly, he was still wearing that plain white underwear. Of course, they matched my own, all the way down to the brand.

He slid off my legs and let me tug at his pants until they fell to his ankles. I bent down and helped him until he was in just his underwear. My breathing was fast as I stared at the tent in those tighty-whities. The images of him at ten were still seared in my mind. He had grown in more ways than one, by the look of that tent.

Steadying my hands, I took the front of his underwear and pulled out and down. It had the desired effect. Jem’s erection was just as beautiful and perfect at twelve as he’d been at ten. Now, though, he was about three and a half inches. My fingers pulled at the waistband, sending his briefs tumbling to the floor.

Jem was right. I ran my fingers across his pubic bone. He was still hairless. His vellus hair at ten had been almost impossible to see. I was glad to see no change. His scrotum didn’t cling as tight to the bottom of his penis as it once had, and his little testicles were slightly larger than I remembered. All in all, he was gorgeous.

I pulled at him to sit back in my lap, but he stopped me, “My turn, Jack. I’ve waited too long just like you.”

He fumbled with my belt, but his eagerness won out and soon, he unbuttoned and unzipped me. And like nearly two years earlier, I lifted my butt off the couch so Jem could pull my pants down. Just like before, he managed to get hold of my underwear too, and in a matter of a few seconds, I was just as naked as him.

He stared at me, “Holy shit, dude, you weren’t kidding. There’s not a hair down there either.”

I wasn’t sure what I thought of Jem’s potty mouth. It was a fresh development, but given what we both intended, I wasn’t about to say a word about it.

What I did was pull him back onto my lap. As I pulled him against me and he sat down, I felt my erection slide up his backside as he giggled, “Oh, wow, that’s your dick!”

His erection was poking me in my belly as we returned to kissing. After a bit, I slid my hand between us until I found his erection, and Jem rewarded me by filling my mouth with a moan of pleasure. I wrapped a couple of fingers and my thumb around him as we both leaned back. I said, “You’ve grown, bro. I definitely like this change. Do we need a towel for a cleanup?”

Jem shook his head, “No. I wonder when it’ll happen.”

I flashed a grin, “Hopefully when we’re doing stuff together. I want to be the first person to see it.”

Jem giggled, “Then we better figure out a way for me to stay here this summer.”

After a couple of minutes of playing with him, Jem groaned, “Oh, I’m about to cum!”

Sure enough, all three and a half inches thrummed in my hand as it spasmed a half-dozen times. After he came, I pulled him against me and teased more kisses from his lips. I was content, more than content to simply hold him close, enjoying the closeness of the moment.

After a while though, he shifted around, “Can we take a shower together?”

I looked at the time, while it was getting late, as someone had told me, he didn’t a summer bedtime. “Sure, bro.”

I tried to hold him and carry him into the bathroom, but he’d picked up about twenty pounds since he was ten. Still, it was fun watching his bare, skinny ass walk into the bathroom. As the water warmed up, I said, “When did your mom finally let you bathe alone?”

His cheeks flushed, “Oh, wow. You remember that? I was kinda hoping you’d forget. Gosh, I guess it was right after we moved to Denver. She started giving me a bath, and bam! I had a stiffy. I think that’s what convinced her I could do it on my own.”

When we closed the curtain behind us, I said, “Well, as long as you’re here, you’ll never have to do that.”

He giggled as he offered me his back. My soapy hands were soon roaming across his back. His butt had a bit more of a bubble shape than before, but that only made me enjoy lathering it up all the more. Before moving on, I pushed my soapy finger between his cheeks, sliding back and forth, going further along the split until I touched his sphincter. Unlike two years before, when I pulled back and made nothing of it, now I said, “You ever play with your butt?”

He giggled and nodded, “Sometimes. That’s another reason I’m glad Mom leaves me alone in the bath now.”

I ran my index finger around those tight little muscles until I put it in the middle of his hole and gently pushed. Jem shocked me when he pushed against me, letting my finger go up his ass to the first knuckle. He gasped at the invasion.

“You okay, bro?”

He nodded, “Yeah. I used a pencil the first time I put something inside me. A couple of weeks ago, I used one of mom’s toys. It was shaped like a dick, although bigger than mine.”

I was stunned. Jem had been fucking himself with one of Donna’s dildos. Holy Fuck! After a moment, I pushed a bit more, and he gasped again as I went up to my second knuckle. “You want me to stop?”

He shook his head, “Fuck, no.”

I chuckled at his casual profanity. “Why? I don’t want you to hurt.”

He pushed down on me as he said, “Because I want you to put your dick up my ass this week. I wanna show you I can take you, bro.”

I buried my finger to the final knuckle. I wiggled it around inside and he moaned, “Oh, wow, do that again!”

I’ve read about prostate play online, but seeing Jem’s reaction was the first time I’ve seen it in action. I wiggled it again, and he said, “Ahh, wow. That feels good, even better than the toy.”

His erection was pointing up, proof he wasn’t joking. I experimented with my finger until I got a response from him every time I touched him in a certain spot.”

I hadn’t intended to bring him to another orgasm, but seeing his response to my finger in his ass, I kept on pressing on his little prostate. After a couple of minutes, his muscles constricted tight against my finger as he gripped my shoulders, “Ahh, Fuck!”

Jem threw his head back, arching his back in pleasure. Even his penis was throbbing, jerking about as though cumming. Then, as he moaned aloud again, I realized that’s exactly what was happening. I kept sliding my finger over that special spot until he finally stood up on his tiptoes, pulling away from me. I pulled it out as he leaned against me, “Wow. That was so cool. You made me cum again.”

After a bit, I finished washing his front. After that powerful orgasm, his dick shrunk. Even small, he’d grown to almost two inches.

He started working on my shoulders, but as his fingers moved across my back, I could sense by his motions he was mostly interested in returning the favor. He gave a cursory washing of my butt checks before his index finger was sliding between them. He took less time to find my little rosebud. From there, he played around the edges of it for a moment as he built up the courage to fuck me with his finger.

Then I felt his warm finger pushing against my hole. I’ve read enough about gay romance to have some idea about how to take another guy, so I pushed against my muscles as he slid into me. More aggressive than me, his finger went all the way to the hilt on one push. There was a slight pain from invading me, and as he left things alone for me to adjust to him, even that faded, replaced by a pleasurable warmth. He wiggled and flexed his finger until felt the tip of his finger brush against something pleasurable.

“There it is,” I groaned as Jem moved his finger around. “Deeper,” I explained.

I felt a bit of pain on my backside as Jem pushed up. I felt it again, that shot of pleasure spreading out from inside. “Yeah.”

As he pushed and pulled his finger inside, every second time or so, he’d touch that magical spot. My dick liked the butt play. After working his finger inside me for a couple of minutes, with his free hand, Jem reached around and gripped my quivering erection. With his right hand, his finger brushed against that pleasure spot, then with his left, he slid his hand up and down. He repeated this as I felt myself rushing toward my orgasm. When it happened, I felt it strongest in my balls, as they constricted and splattered my semen across the bottom of the tub, sending a half dozen blasts swirling down the drain.

He pulled his finger out, “What’d you think? I do okay?”

I pulled him against me and kissed him as deeply as I could, “Fuck, yeah. Great job, bro.”

By the time we crawled into bed naked, we were beat. That didn’t stop us from cuddling and kissing, or even from getting erections. We played pretty hard the night Jem turned twelve.


I felt a warm pressure on my stomach when I opened my eyes the following morning. Jem’s arm was slung across my stomach while the rest of him spooned against my side. The clock on the nightstand confirmed we’d slept past nine. Of course, it was a Saturday, and we had the day to do what we wanted.

My morning wood rested against my abs, a few inches below Jem’s arm. My bladder wasn’t uncomfortably full, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the smaller body pressed against me. I think I had only just fallen back asleep when I felt a smaller hand envelope my morning wood. Jem’s head shifted against my chest.

I opened my eyes and saw the boy’s fingers circling around my shaft. I felt a grin spread across my face. Today was going to be special. “Good morning, bro.”

Jem tugged at my shaft, “Good morning. It was staring right at me. I figured somebody needed to slay the one-eyed dragon, Jack.”

I chuckled. Even though he was still just a kid, I could see how much he’d matured over the past two years and I loved being a part of his life, watching him grow. There wasn’t anything insistent in Jem’s tugging, just a lazy way to show he wanted to pleasure me. I moved my left arm, which had been resting on the pillow above Jem’s head, rubbing it down his bare back. Jem nuzzled closer, pressing his own stiffy against my leg as my hand came to rest on one of his bare ass-cheeks.

I closed my eyes, enjoying Jem’s smooth butt and the gentle attention he paid my erection. I murmured, “So, my twelve-year-old lover boy, what do you want to do today?”

Jem lightly squeezed my shaft, “Oh, I dunno, my thirty-three-year-old boyfriend. I kinda like what we’re doing right now.”

I responded by squeezing his butt-cheek, “Okay. So, play with each other’s dicks, eat, come back to bed, play with each other’s dicks some more. That it?”

Jem giggled as he pulled on my erection, “That sounds like a good start. I like playing with yours.”

After a few minutes, the pressure on my bladder overcame the gentle tingles, and I said, “Gotta pee. Let me take care of that, then you can do what you want with my dick.”

I was out the door and to the restroom. Despite my erection, I opened up the valve to my bladder and was peeing by the time Jem joined me. I was nearly finished before he forced a stream through his hard-on. Seeing his delightful nail was enough for me to stay erect as he finished. He shook his stiffy, waving it from side to side. I said, “You hungry or you want to go back to bed?”

Jem turned toward me, waving his tube in front of me. Giggling, he said, “I’m hungry for you.”

I bent down and picked him up and gave him a bear hug, pretending to eat his shoulder, “Nom, nom, nom, I’m hungry for you too.”

Back in my bedroom, I dumped him on the bed and crawled on top of him, pinning his hands over his head. Unable to resist the look on his face, I leaned down and kissed him. I parted my lips when his tongue darted forward. Feeling him in my mouth felt so good, I felt my dick twitch in enjoyment. That’s also when I felt Jem’s erection against the crack of my butt.

When the kiss ended, Jem shifted his hips, rubbing against my backside. He smiled alluringly, “When do you think we can, um, have sex?”

My earliest thoughts had been to have plenty of butt-play to prepare him for my dick. But knowing he’d been playing with his mom’s dildos, I figured it was just a matter of the right time. I wanted us to play around with each other’s dicks before we graduated to sex. I said, “We’ll get there soon, Jem.”

He shifted around, rubbing his erection on my butt, “When we do it, can I do it to you too?”

My thoughts had been on deflowering my lovely boy. The idea of letting him put his stiffy up my ass hadn’t come up. Still, the thought didn’t turn me off. Not one bit. “Sure, bro. When we get to that point, we can take turns fucking each other’s brains out.”

Jem laughed, wiggling his hips and sliding against my butt, “Cool. I can hardly wait.”

I let go Jem’s hands and ran my fingers down his chest, enjoying the tiny protrusions of his nipples. I moved back on the boy’s legs, spreading my legs on either side until I felt his feet on my backside. This put my face over his erection. I wanted to savor him, to taste Jem’s true essence. I had no idea how long I might enjoy his delights before they changed. My desire was a paradox. Right then, I wanted to feel his prepubescent penis in my mouth, to stir him to dry orgasm after dry orgasm. The thing was, I was just as eager to taste the sweet nectar of his clear, watery cum. Even if I would be perfectly happy if that moment delayed itself for a while.

It was silly to think this way, but I figured the longer puberty waited to visit its charms on Jem, the longer he would remain in that early adolescent stage where his immature prostate secreted its sweet, clear fluid. I had nothing against seeing Jem’s body develop, or watching thick ropes of semen eventually blast out of his teen cock, but selfishly, I wanted mother nature to delay that inevitable moment as long as possible.

I lowered my head until Jem said, “Oh, wow, your hot breath is making me tingle all by itself.”

With that, my tongue licked across his glans. Bigger than last time by almost half, it was still wondrously small as I slid my lips over it and slid my tongue across the slit. I tasted the acid urine from his recent pee and a hint of sweat from his night’s sleep, but both faded against the simple taste of Jem in my mouth. What made it so erotic to me wasn’t any particular taste, but that knowledge I had his sex in my mouth. My dick twitched between my legs as I slid my lips over his rigid penis, letting gravity take my lips down to his base. At three and a half inches, Jem filled my mouth more than he had two years before. Now, as I moved my tongue around, I felt his glans brush against the roof of my mouth, a bit short of hitting my tonsils.

As I backed out, my tongue slid around his skin, drawing out a sharp breath from the boy I loved. Moving down on him again pulled a wordless moan from him and then I settled into bobbing up and down, pulling back until his little helmet of a head nearly popped out and then sliding down, practically kissing his pubic bone. A minute passed as Jem writhed under my mouth. Another minute as his moans grew louder. By the end of the third minute, Jem’s legs contracted as his dick grew harder in my mouth as it spasmed, doing its best to send non-existent shots of semen down my throat. I pushed down, trying to take even more of him in my mouth, sucking as hard as possible through a half-dozen of his intense spasms. Even then I continued sucking for all I was worth as his moans echoed through the house.

Finally, after another minute or two, Jem grabbed my hair and pulled me away as he gasped, “Oh, fuck, no more, I’m gonna pass out!”

His chest heaved as he drew in ragged breaths as a huge grin spread across his face. “Can we do this every morning?”

I tousled his hair, missing his long locks. What boy doesn’t enjoy getting a blow job?

Without waiting for a response, he sat up and grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the bed, pushing me against a pillow at the head of the bed. I’m not sure how a twelve-year-old learns to leer, but as he straddled my legs, he leered at me, “Your turn now, Jack.”

He leaned over and dabbed at my glans with his fingers, swiping the bit of precum beading from my urethra. He stuck his finger in his mouth, “Yummy.”

I’ve tasted my pre-cum, it’s not bad, a touch of something sweet. If I’m really close to cumming, there’s a hint of something salty. But mostly it’s tasteless. I said, “Really?”

Jem shrugged, “Well, yeah. It’s yours. It could taste like broccoli or cauliflower and I’d still tell you it it’s great. Just because it’s you.”

I couldn’t help smiling. Even though it had been nearly two years since our last encounter, our handful of get-to-gathers and our many phone calls had only deepened what I felt for Jem. For the first time, as his tongue licked my grans, even though I worried still about my sexual attraction lessening by the time puberty ran its course, I didn’t fear falling out of love for Jem. What I felt growing in me was for something deep inside the boy, transcending his physical appearance.

Two years can make a big difference. Jem’s mouth was bigger, and he easily took my glans inside his lips, locking my head just on the other side of his ruby lips. His tongue swiped my head, probably teasing out more pre-cum. Compared to the awkward way he’d sucked on me before, he carried himself with a confidence I wouldn’t have expected.

He had taken two inches into his mouth when I said, “Damn, bro, you’re really good. If I didn’t know better, I’d ask who you’ve been practicing on.”

Jem’s head shook, and he pulled off as he giggled, “Promise you won’t laugh. Mom’s dildo. It’s about your size.”

I smiled at him as he returned to my needs. He began little bobbing motions, lightly using his tongue to caress my head and shaft. I noticed as he continued, he was taking more of me in his mouth. When I felt my glans hit the soft tissue in front of his tonsil, he had taken about three and a half inches in. He backed off as he focused on my glans and the rough skin around my circumcision scar. I enjoyed the tingling he gave me, closing my eyes, enjoying the bliss.

Then he went back down, going even further. I felt my glans touch his tonsils. He swallowed and breathed fast through his nose. Then it hit me. He was fighting off his gag reflex. He pulled up a bit and then went back down. My glans grazed the hanging tips of his tonsils. He twitched and pulled back, still leaving most of me in his mouth.

I was in awe of this young boy who had practiced so he could take as much of me as possible. After a few more shallow bobs and the tingling between my balls and my dick becoming more pronounced, Jem went down again. The feeling of my glans tapping the back of his throat as his upper lip touched where my shaft and pubic area met was too much. My hands grabbed the back of his head as my hips arched forward. My balls constricted, and I felt my dick spasm as I coated the back of his throat with my cum. Normally, my first blast is the most powerful. By the third, it’s usually just a dribble. But with Jem’s lips locked on my spasming penis, the fourth blast felt just as powerful as the first, only dying off by the fifth and sixth.

At first, when my hands gripped Jem’s head, his eyes grew wide. I could see him trying to fight his gag reflex. Then, when I came, he had no choice but to swallow. He was still swallowing and breathing heavily through his nose, my five inches all the way back at his throat. As soon as he swallowed that first time, the fear was replaced by what I can only describe as triumph. The swallowing motion of his throat, even after I finished spasming, made my dick feel incredible, drawing out the intensity of the moment longer. But he coughed and pulled back, breathing deeply before saying, “How’s that?”

I was still riding that orgasmic high, “Holy fuck, Jem. That was the best orgasm I’ve had in I don’t know how long. I think you put your mom’s dildo to better use than she ever did.”

He laughed as he wiped at his lips, “Yeah. I can hardly wait to show you what else I did with it.”

My first thought was to wonder how he sterilized it. The second was to think we would not wait long to find what else he’d done with Donna’s dildo.

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