Randall Stanhope is an author who started out in the fan-fiction genre. We started chatting together after a mutual friend introduces us. He also helped me out with illustrating my stories “Backyard Bashfulness” and “Our Chaperone” which, IMHO at least, turned out great.

After he wrote fan-fiction, he also wrote some unique and exciting stories. They can be found here.

The Grown Up Oath – Randall Stanhope
A sweet story that, despite the chewed-out babysitter premise, is original. But, most of all, very hot!

The Grown Up Oath

Emerald Oceans – Randall Stanhope
A short story about a boy struggling with his homosexuality. He’s feeling down and depressed when he meets his complete opposite. A lovely story about sexual discovery!

Emerald Oceans