The Lottery – Chapter 7

A fragrant aroma woke me. When I opened my eyes, the brilliant light flooding through the open curtain. I blinked as I tried to adjust to the light. As my brain connected with my eyes, I realized the double doors to the balcony were open. Sam leaned against one, holding a steaming cup of coffee. She must have been up for a while. She wore a gauzy, transparent blouse over a two-piece swimsuit.

I croaked, “G’morning.”

She turned away from the sparkling, blue ocean and gave me a radiant smile that would have outshone the sun, “Oh, finally, you’re awake.”

A glimpse at the clock on the nightstand showed it was pushing ten in the morning. I yawned, “Why’d you let me sleep so late?”

Sam’s cheeks flushed, “Between watching you sleep and the sun rise, it’s been a near perfect morning.”

That’s when I noticed I’d kicked off the covers during the night. And I sported my habitual morning wood. Reflexively, I moved my hand to cover it, but stopped. Sam had touched my dick last night, and I had copped a feel. Granted, it was only through our underwear, but my embarrassment at her seeing my stiffy through my underwear was rapidly retreating. Hiding it was more the behavior of a twelve-year-old kid, not that of Sam’s boyfriend.

My body responded faster than my mind, as my cheeks turned crimson. “Oh. Yeah. Sorry about that.”

Sam came and leaned over and kissed me. “Don’t be sorry for that, Robin. It’s quite nice to look at.”

She went over to the chest of drawers, where we stored a lot of our clothes and tossed my swimsuit to me. “I’m dying to get down to the beach. You wanna come with?”

I swung out of bed and tried to ignore my boner as I grabbed the swimsuit. I started toward the bathroom to change, but hadn’t gone past the end of the bed when I realized I wanted Sam to see a bit more of me. I turned back around and faced her. Then I grabbed my briefs by the elastic band and pulled them down. My dick caught the material for a second before popping free and slapping me in my belly as the underwear landed on the floor.

Sam stared at my little four inches before I stepped into my swimsuit and hid it from her. Her cheeks were as rosy red as my own. I murmured, “Was that okay?”

She nodded, “Wow, Robin, you’re growing up very nicely. You’re sexy as well as handsome.”

Then she turned and headed toward the living room, “I’ve got everything ready to go to the beach.”

I followed her through the door after putting on some sandals and picking up a bag with towels while she hefted an oversized umbrella. The hike to the beach was short, only a few hundred feet along a dirt and sand path cut through scrub-brush. Looking each direction, the beach stretched for miles. In one direction, a multi-towered hotel rose into the sky. Where the beach met the hotel property, there were a couple of umbrellas and cabanas. They were four, maybe five hundred feet away. In the other direction, I could see a couple of umbrellas, but they were so far away, they were tiny specks.

Sam removed her sandals, moaning with pleasure while digging her toes into the sand. After a moment of looking up and down the beach, she pointed to our left, and we walked a couple of minutes away from the hotel, putting a couple of hundred more feet between us and the other people on the beach.

Sam set the base of the umbrella down, “Robin, can you help me?”

I unfastened the clasp keeping the umbrella from popping open and then, it was just a matter of spreading it open. It was huge, nearly eight feet in diameter when open. The aluminum pole telescoped longer and there was a dull point at the end which we sank into the sand as deep as we could manage until it felt sturdy to me.

Sam took off her transparent blouse and stretched under the morning sun, “Oh, God, a girl can get used to this.”

I helped her spread out a couple of towels on the sandy beach, one under the shadow of the umbrella, the other in the sun. Once finished, she said, “You going swimming?”

I glanced at the ocean. The waves were small, lapping gently against the shore. I was a decent swimmer and wanted to swim in the surf. “Yeah. You want to swim with me?”

Sam shook her head, “Not now. I’m going to enjoy some sun. Before you go in, though, let’s get some sunscreen on you.”

From the bag, she pulled out a large bottle of sunblock. “Lay down in the shade, Robin, and I’ll put it on you.”

I felt a smile spread over my face as it dawned on me what Sam intended. Curious, I lay face down in the shade and said, “Okay.”

She knelt beside me and I flinched as cold lotion drizzled across my back. Then, her fingers rubbed some of it along the nape of my neck, where my hair flowed. And she worked down, kneading the lotion into the skin covering my shoulder blades, slowly and methodically working down my back. She squirted a bit more of the stuff on my lower back, rubbing it into my skin, not stopping until she reached the hem of my swimsuit.

Sam folded down the hem of my swimsuit, exposing the top part of my butt, and then her lotion-covered fingers were massaging the upper part of my butt-cheeks. From there, she shifted down to my ankles. She poured more lotion on my legs and the feel of her fingers on my baby-smooth ankles felt nice and erotic. I’d been jealous of Jeremy when the two of us had fooled around. His ankles and even his shins were covered with a smattering of straight, dark hair. Mine were smooth. Sam would be hard pressed to find even the baby vellus hair that was short and nearly impossible to see on my ankles.

She got me laughing as she tickled the back of my knees. From there, she worked her hands and fingers up, pushing at the loose material on my legs until it was bunched up near my crotch. Then she said, “Turn over, please. Let’s get your front.”

Enjoying her every touch, I eagerly complied, trying my best to ignore the bulge in my swimsuit. Sam surprised me by taking hold of the hem on my swimsuit and pulling it down a couple of inches, exposing most of my pubic area. She might have pulled it down more, but my erection got in the way. Then she drizzled the lotion across my chest and stomach.

Sam surprised me when she straddled my legs and leaned over me as she rubbed the sunblock into my shoulders and chest. She grinned down at me, “If this bothers you, I can get off.”

I was in seventh heaven and shook my head, “No, gotta have sunscreen, you know. Don’t wanna get a sunburn.”

Her fingers worked their way down from my chest, to my stomach; she played with my ribs long enough to work the lotion in, but not so much as to tickle me to discomfort. From there, her lotion-slick fingers worked their way along my abdomen and onto my smooth pubic area. She moved down my legs enough before working her fingers under my swimsuit’s hem. She was a hair’s breadth away from my stiffy when her fingers retreated and she said, “There you go, Robin. All lotioned up. Do you mind helping me with mine?”

I shook my head, not trusting my words, as I tried to calm my heart’s rapid tattoo. Sam lay face down on the towel in the sun and I grabbed the bottle and spread some over her upper back. As I worked the cold lotion into her skin, I could see why she had straddled me. Rubbing the lotion in from beside her was an awkward angle. Following her lead, I straddled her, where her legs and butt met, and leaned forward, resuming massaging the lotion into her skin.

Sam purred, “That feels good, Robin.”

When I hit the strap across her back, she said, “Do you mind untying me? I don’t want a tan line there.”

Funny how our minds and bodies work. My hands were steady while rubbing in the lotion. As soon as I took hold the string holding her bikini top on, my fingers quaked. Even so, I managed to untie her top and pull back the strap. My fingers stopped their shaking as I resumed rubbing her back. Once I got down to her lower back, she let me know what she wanted by lifting her butt up, which couldn’t have been easy with me sitting on it. Then she slid the bottoms down below her milky globes.

I’d seen those orbs before, that first night in the hotel in Texarkana. But now, my hands perched just above them on her back and Sam invited me to touch them. My fingers tingled as I touched her butt. The flesh felt softer, more pliable than her boob, although her boob had been covered by her bra. Aside from the slickness of the lotion, there wasn’t anything between my fingers and Sam’s butt. I spread a bit of the lotion over her globes and worked it into her skin, enjoying the tingling feeling between my legs. I turned around and sat back down directly on her exposed butt and leaned far enough over to grab her ankles and smear some lotion on them. They were smooth, about the same as mine, although every now and then, I felt the subtleness of stubble even with the skin.

“You sure are smooth,” I said.

Sam murmured, “Took a bath this morning. Shaved. A girl likes to know her boyfriend notices things like that.”

As I worked my way up the backside of her calves, I asked, “Why?”

My hands were kneading the backside of her knees as she said, “Girls don’t shave their bodies for themselves, sweetie. We do it for the men we love.”

Before long, my fingers were nearing where I sat on her backside. I said, “Um, you want me to get your front?”

“Of course.”

I stood on my knees while Sam turned over beneath me. A second later, she said, “It’s nice not having to share the beach this morning.”

I leaned over her legs and dripped more of the lotion on them. Her legs felt supple beneath my fingers. Still mesmerized by how silky smooth she felt, I said, “You’re so smooth. Does it take you a long time to shave?”

“Not really, Robin. Some people are naturally hairy people. Others don’t have much body hair to begin with. That’s me. I suspect you’re like that too.”

I rubbed lotion onto her shins, “You don’t think it’s because I’m, ah, so small, is it?”

Sam put her hands on my hips, “You don’t think that, do you?”

I paused as I got to her lower calves. “Yeah. Jeremy’s my age. He’s a lot bigger and has hair, too.”

Sam said, “You finished with my legs?”

“Not yet,” I said, drizzling more on her knees and thighs. A bit of massaging later, I said, “I am now.”

Sam let go of my waist, “You’re quite the expert, Robin. Can you turn around and get the rest of me?”

I stood up and turned around, my feet on either side of Sam. I’d forgotten about her top. It rested loosely over her boobs, the strings lying on either side of her. Also, the back of the bikini bottoms were still pulled below her butt cheeks. Her bikini bottoms were pulled down a few inches. What I saw befuddled me until I remembered Sam telling me she shaved this morning.

Sam patted her lap, “Come on, Robin. You going to finish what you started?”

I knelt down, resting on her thighs. It took a moment, but I managed to tear my eyes away from her exposed pubic area, which was every bit as smooth as her legs. I grabbed the lotion and dribbled it over Sam’s exposed skin. When I stopped, she said, “Can you do something for me, Robin?”


“Do you mind putting sunscreen on my chest, too? I plan on sunbathing front and back.”

It happened again. As my fingers reached to grab hold of one of the strings, they shook. Nothing I did stopped them until I tugged the top from her body. I gasped as Sam’s breasts came into view. Although they were small, they were well formed. The gentle swells from below her chest rose gracefully to a point, where darker skin neatly surrounded her eraser-sized nipples.

Sam could hardly miss the stunned expression on my face. She grinned at me, “What do you think?”

I stammered, “Sh-, shit! They’re gorgeous.”

Her hands returned to my hips, “Go ahead, finish putting the sun screen on.”

Leaning over her, I stretched my arms out and massaged the lotion into her shoulders, working down along her neck. I gulped as my hand touched her bare nipple. Almost instantly, it grew hard under my touch, and Sam wordlessly moaned. The look of pure ecstasy on her face was all the encouragement I needed to cup her boobs in my hands. They fit nicely inside my palms and I gently squeezed the soft, fatty tissue until I realized I hadn’t put any lotion on her boobs.

“Oops. Forgot the lotion,” I said with an apologetic grin. Then I drizzled some over her boobs and resumed cupping and massaging the soft, warm tissue.

I don’t know if it was a minute, five minutes, or an hour. But eventually, my fingers worked their way down as I put more sunscreen on her stomach and abdomen. I worked the lotion into her skin, gradually going lower, until I reached her exposed pubic area.

I suspected Sam’s intentions. Still, I wanted to hear it, “You want me to go lower?”

Sam let go of my waist and untied the strings on her bottoms, “Please.”

Her hands returned to my waist as I squirted out some lotion across the top of her pubic area. My fingers tingled as I worked the cream into her skin. Untied, as my fingers brushed against the fabric, it gave way, revealing even more silky-smooth skin. My fingers froze when an indention appeared. My breath caught in my throat as I saw the beginning of Sam’s slit. All I could see was the top of her clitoral hood. And it looked marvelous.

Rather than push my luck, I said, “I think I’ve got you pretty well sunblocked, Sam.”

Sam’s fingers finally left my hips and rested against the top of my legs, just under the swimsuit fabric. “Thanks, sweetie. You did great. Now kiss me before you go swimming.”

As I leaned forward to kiss her, Sam’s fingers slid up my leg, sliding under the mesh underwear sewn into the suit and lightly encircled my erection. I gasped aloud, only having it cut off when she leaned up and kissed me. When she lay back down, she smiled, “Go on, have fun in the water.”

I adjusted myself when I stood, glancing both directions along the beach. As before. We were hundreds of feet away from people in one direction, and a lot further in the other direction. Sam could have had her way with me on our towels and nobody would be any wiser. With my erection still straining my trunks, I ran toward the surf with a backward wave of my hand.

The ocean was clear and I could see down to the floor as I ran and splashed and eventually went deep enough to swim as the tide pushed and pulled at me. Eventually, I grew tired and started worrying the sunblock would wash off, so I headed back toward our umbrella. Sam was still in the sun. Now, though, she was on her back, her boobs exposed. She had never retied the bottoms, although they covered up that delicious slit I spied earlier.

Collapsing in the umbrella’s shade on the second towel, I must have woken Sam. She lifted a pair of sunglasses from her eyes, “How was the water?”

Still breathing heavy from the exertion, I said, “Fun. Next time, I’m going to drag you into the water.”

She put the glasses back on, “Good luck with that.” Then she turned over onto her back, making sure her bottoms, while still not tied, covered what they were supposed to.

I turned onto my back and closed my eyes. A few minutes later, I drifted off.

The sun seemed barely higher when I woke. I grabbed a water bottle from the bag and took a deep pull. Between the sea water and a little nap, I was parched. Still on her stomach, Sam appeared asleep. I stood and looked at the inviting water of the Gulf of Mexico and started back that way. Getting wet would help with feeling a bit dried out. I was still next to the umbrella when I saw a vehicle slowing coming toward us, just above the surf line. After a moment, I saw the bar across the top of the SUV.

“Sam, there’s a cop coming this way.”

Sam mumbled, still asleep. The vehicle was an all-wheel drive pickup with the logo of the Cameron County Sheriff’s department on the door. The driver was an older man and, as he neared, he raised his index finger from the steering wheel. I recognized that signal. Whether you’re from Texas or the deep South or even Oklahoma, you waved at people, whether or not you knew them. Reflexively, I waved back. The truck slowed to a stop, and the window came down.

He reminded me of Sam Elliot in The Ranch. He drawled, “How’s the swimmin’?”

I crossed over the sand the twenty or so feet to where he stopped, “Okay, I guess. No sharks today.”

He chuckled, “Don’t get many of them this close into shore. Jelly fish are more likely. You’ll want to avoid them unless you want to get acquainted with the local emergency room.”

I bobbed my head, “Yes, sir. I’ll keep an eye out.”

He said, “You folks don’t have any glass bottles here, do you?”

I shook my head. The water bottles were plastic, as was the bottle of sunblock. “No sir. We read the rules for the beach in our condo.”

He shifted gears in the truck, “Guess the report was from the hotel. You folks enjoy yourselves and stay safe.”

With that, he nudged the truck forward, the wide tires gripped the sand without spinning and he was slowly winding his way up the beach to the hotel.

A moment later, Sam picked her head up, “Was that what I thought it was?”

Changing my mind about the water, I returned to the shade, “Yeah. Cop. Someone must have reported people with glass containers.”

Sam flashed me a grin, “Better him looking for glass containers than girls on the beach suntanning topless.”

The sheriff’s deputy had glanced Sam’s way when he stopped. But her topless back hadn’t seemed to bother him. When I followed where he’d gone, the truck was already at the hotel’s beachfront. “Yeah, I don’t think he cared about that, Sam. Just glass.”

Sam rolled from laying on her front under the warm noon-time sun into shade, laying on the same towel I was on. Now, though, she was on her back. Her bikini top and bottom were still on the other blanket. I drew in a sharp breath as I drank in her every exposed inch.

That hint of her clitoral hood earlier was now a narrow, thin slit disappearing between her legs. I gasped, “Shit, Sam, what if he comes back?”

Her body had rolled against mine, but my fear of being in such a public place as the beach a few moments after a cop stopped by was enough for me to roll out from under the umbrella and fetch the towel and her swimsuit.

I spread out the towel next to her and looked down the shoreline. The truck was gone and my nerves were returning to normal as I sat down next to Sam. She gave me a wink, “He’s not coming back?”

I shook my head, “No. Sorry for over reacting. It’s just you’re um, naked.”

Sam eyed her swimsuit, “If you’d rather, I can put it back on, Robin.”

I liked seeing her naked like this. That mysterious space between her legs drew my eyes like a lodestone. I shook my head, “I guess it’s okay. You really do look good.”

I lay down on my back and scooted over until I was touching Sam’s side. She shifted, turning onto her side, her boobs pressing against my chest and her shaven pubic area against my swimsuit. She rested her hand on my chest and played with my tiny, flat nipples. “I wouldn’t try this in the summer or during Spring Break. I bet this place is crawling with sunbathers and swimmers then. But now, it’s made for us.”

Her hand was on my stomach, playing with my inward facing belly button, “Maybe by the end of the month we’ll both have great tans.”

A barking startled both of us, and I lifted my head. Less than length of a soccer field away came a couple of men. One held the leash of a dog while holding the other guy’s hand. Sam’s hand pulled back as she rolled onto her back, “Shit! Robin, can you lay my bikini bottom on my butt?”

I was so startled by the approach of the couple my hands didn’t shake as I draped the small bit of fabric over Sam’s ass. As they neared, I kept a wary eye on the pair. The one walking the dog was older. His hair was the color of salt and pepper. To me, anyone over thirty looks old. But he was probably a good deal older than that. The younger guy was younger than Sam. No, he was only a few years older than me. He wasn’t as tall as the older guy. I wasn’t even sure if he was finished growing, given how young he looked. I smirked as they walked past.

Sam lifted her head, “Who were they?”

I smirked, “Social proof.”


I pointed to the guys’ backs. “The younger guy was probably just a few years older than me, maybe sixteen. The older guy was a lot older than you.”

She shook her head, “How’s that social proof?”

My stomach grumbled. We hadn’t eaten breakfast when we came down to the beach. “Nobody who doesn’t know us is going to care if we’re dating, Sam.”

She tied her bottoms and sat up, “Why don’t we grab a bite to eat?”

I came around behind her and helped tie her bikini top on. Now that we were alone again, my fingers shook, making me take a half-dozen attempts to get it tied right. “Sure. Do you want to come back here after lunch?”

Sam looked along the beach, “Yeah. Let’s.”

With so little foot traffic along the beach, we left the towels and umbrella in place. There was a food-mart and farmer’s market across the road from the condo. With our feet clad in our sandals, we hurried back to the trail that led to our condo. Less than ten minutes later, we were paying for a couple of subs, chips, and soft drinks.

I carried the food in one hand as we started back to our spot on the beach. We hadn’t gone far when I slipped my other hand into Sam’s. As we passed another couple, I noticed we didn’t really look any different from them. The guy wore board shorts, and the girl was in a bikini only slightly bigger than Sam’s. They were hand in hand, too.

We were past them when I nudged her, “See, more social proof, Sam. Some place like this, nobody’s going to question that we’re dating.”

We came to the main road and while we waited for a car to pass, she turned me to her and leaned in and kissed me. When the kiss ended, she flashed a grin and said, “I guess we can contribute to the social proof too.”

Still feeling light-headed from the sudden kiss, I let her pull me back across the road. A few minutes later, we were back on the beach, getting comfortable under our expansive umbrella. We sat Indian-style on the towels facing each other.

Sam said, “You sure you’re okay hanging out on the beach the rest of the afternoon?”

A light breeze came off the Gulf, kissing our skin with a hint of spring. That breeze kept the sun from feeling too warm or the weather from getting hot. The temperature wouldn’t get much above eighty degrees. I could lounge under the umbrella, go swimming, or simply hang out with Sam.

“Sure. I enjoy hanging out with you.”

Once we finished lunch, Sam grabbed the sunblock lotion, “If you’re thinking about going swimming or just laying out in the sun, you need another coat.”

I flashed a grin and turned onto my stomach. Sam straddled my backside and drizzled some lotion across my shoulders. She worked it into my skin, massaging me sensually. She worked down my spine, spreading her hands to the side, rubbing the greasy lotion against my skin. When she got to my shorts, she scooted down to the back of my thighs. She leaned forward, her front pressed against my back and whispered into my ear, “Lift your backside, I want to touch your butt.”

She sat up and I happily complied. With my ass pointed into the air, Sam slid my swimsuit down to where she straddled my legs. Then she drizzled more of the lotion onto my butt. Her fingers dug into my cheeks, smearing the lotion around. She even ran lotion-slick fingers down my crack, only pulling back when she neared my hole.

I shivered, “That tickles.”

That shiver took me back to a night I spent over at Jeremy’s. It was the night we stuck our dicks in each other’s ass. We had fingered each other quite a bit that night, too. I never thought Sam would touch me there.

Sam said, “Sorry, sweetie.”

I shook my head, “It’s okay. Just surprised me. Y-, you don’t have to stop.”

Her slick finger moved in again, stopping only when she touched the outer rim of my hole.

I sighed at the touch. She rubbed her finger back and forth between my hole and where my crack started. Then she resumed rubbing my ass cheeks with lotion. Once done, she said, “I’ll get your legs when we’re finished, can you turn over now?”

She rose enough for me to turn over. She sat down on my thighs and gasped, “Holy, shit, Robin, you’re gorgeous.”

My swimming trunks were still down around my thighs. Sam had a perfect view of my dick.

I don’t think I have ever heard more wonderful words than those. I’d worried Sam would think me too small. After all, I was still bald as a baby. She sat up enough to pull my trunks down to my knees and then scooted forward until she sat on my crotch.

I gasped when her bikini bottoms pressed against my erection, forcing it to lie flat against my pubic area and abs. Then she leaned forward and drizzled the lotion on my chest and stomach. I was the horniest I have ever been as Sam massaged my shoulders and chest, spreading the lotion all around and into my skin. My erection tingled as she ran her fingers across my stomach. It twitched as her fingers rubbed the lotion into my abs and pubic area.

Then she slid back down my legs, letting my dick point upward again. She drizzled more lotion on my hips and on my dick. Then I groaned as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft. She stroked me, letting my shaft become slick with lotion. Her fingers slid along my penis and my little helmet of a head. As aroused as I was, her very touch was enough to send my tingles into overdrive. Less than a couple of dozen strokes later, I grunted as my ball constricted, and a single strand of colorless watery cum shot from my dick. That blast of semen shot into the air at least three feet before landing on my chest.

I was still feeling the orgasm kicking in my dick as Sam’s fingers worked their magic. After a few more spasms, she stopped. Another pearl of my clear seed beaded on the tip of my dick.

Sam let go of my erection, “Oh, wow. That was incredible, Robin.”

I still felt the high of my orgasm, “That was way better than my hand, Sam. Wow. Wow.”

Sam gave me a moment to lie there, enjoying my orgasmic bliss, my dick still quivering from the attention it had received. Finally, she slid down my legs. I was aware of her pulling my swimsuit off before she started applying more of the sunscreen to my legs.

Once she finished, she said, “While you were enjoying your cum, I checked around us. There’s only one family down at the hotel, and the other way is clear. You ready to put sunscreen on me?”

I looked down at my smooth, naked body, “Like this?”

Sam tugged my arm, getting me to sit up, “It’ll be fun. I promise.”

My erection twitched in response. “Okay. Lay down.”

Sam lay on her stomach and I straddled her backside as I untied her top. She purred, “Oh, very good. And I didn’t have to ask.”

I liberally applied to sunscreen to her back and rubbed and massaged it into her skin. Putting my hands on her bare skin and my erection bumping on her lower back was enough to keep me as hard and horny as before. It was almost like I had never cum.

When my hands reached Sam’s lower back, I shifted my butt down to her thighs. She said, “You’re doing splendid. Go on and untie me.”

I noticed my hands weren’t shaking as bad when I untied her bottoms. She lifted her hips enough that she was able to tug the material away. We were both naked. I had fun dribbling more of the lotion on her pale cheeks. I even made sure to drop a bit into her crack. After massaging and working my fingers into her pliable cheeks, I followed Sam’s earlier guidance and slid a finger down her crack. The lotion already down there, coupled with the slickness of my finger, meant there was simply no friction. My finger slid within her crack until I found her hole.

Sam gasped, “Oh, wow. That’s what it feels like.”

She seemed to like it, so I ran my finger around the hole a bit before finishing her backside. Then, like Sam, I said, “You r-, ready for the front?”

I don’t think I could have been as bold if I wasn’t so horny. I wanted to see her slit. I wanted to play with it. And when she turned over and I sat down, my dick was nearly touching it.

I was speechless, my mouth agape at how close I was to Sam’s pussy. Sam leaned up on her elbows, “Oh, fuck, you’re so close!”

After a moment of paralysis, she said, “Robin, why don’t you scoot up, sit on my lap and put lotion on my chest?”

With instructions, I scooted forward until I felt her smoothness on my ass. Then I managed to focus on rubbing the lotion into her shoulders, neck, and boobs. I played with her tits, rolling her perfectly formed and perfectly hard nipples between my fingers. I massaged her stomach and abdomen. When I reached her pubic mound, Sam reached out and took me by the hand and pulled me toward her. It felt like I was falling in slow motion as my chest pushed against her breasts. I put my hands out, stopping my descent, my face just inches away from Sam’s.

I realized as I lay on top of her that when I fell forward, my erection had slid between her legs. I could feel the top of my dick pushing against the length of Sam’s slit. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a kiss. Her tongue pierced my lips and assaulted my tongue. Feeling so aroused, I moaned.

Sam’s hands let go of my neck and worked down my back, not stopping until she gripped my ass cheeks. She pulled me against her and moaned in pleasure. “Oh, God, Robin. This feels so right.”

She pulled herself against me several times before she whispered, “Lift your hips, sweetie.”

When I lifted my hips, I felt the top of my dick slide against her slit. When my hips lifted, I felt her fingers grip my stiffy. With her other hand still on my ass, she pulled me down. My dick didn’t slide along her shaft. No, this time, I felt my little head slide between the two lips of her opening. She was moist down there, and I figured it had nothing to do with the lotion on her body. Her fingers guided me to where I felt the tip of my dick poke at her hole. She let go of my rod and, with both hands on my butt, she pulled herself against me.

My dick slid inside her. I gasped, “Oh, fuck!”

I was fucking Sam.

She moaned, “Oh, yes! Baby. Fuck me, Robin.”

Her hands on my ass, helped me as I lifted my hips. Before I could pull out all the way, her fingers gripped me and pushed me back in. It’s a good thing nobody saw us. Not counting Jeremy, this was my first time. It was awkward, me lifting my hips to slide out and Sam pulling my ass down, sliding me right back in.

While the tingling in my dick started even before I invaded her vagina, it didn’t grow as fast as the first time she jacked me off. Still, the rising tide of my orgasm came upon me pretty fast. My balls constricted as I moaned, “Ah, I’m c-, cumming!”

I fell against Sam as my entire body shuddered with my orgasm. The walls of her pussy undulated, sucking at my dick through each spasm. Sam’s fingers kept pulling me into her for a while longer, until she shuddered under me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I realized we both came. Maybe I came a lot faster than her, but as her body shook under me, there was no doubt I met her needs, too.

I eventually rolled off of Sam and we lay naked on the towels for a while. In fact, I fell asleep under the umbrella at some point.

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