Take a look at Jason’s Favorites. As much as Alex has it’s favorites, so do I. My taste is a little different from Alex, but hey! Everyone is different and is entitled to it’s own opinion right?

A Matter of Survival
Two teenage siblings survive a plane crash in the mountains and discover a new way to keep each other going.

Connor at Twelve
A horny college girl seduces her younger brother.

Hannah and Her Brothers
A girl sleeps with her brother for warmth. Well, that’s how it starts, anyhow.

My Crush
A boy develops a crush on his sister that gets only more intense once he starts giving her massages.

My Ganymede
Will on vacation an older man meets the twelve-year-old boy of his dreams!

Parker’s Present
A girl feels guilty she didn’t get her little brother anything for his birthday, so she comes up with a great idea for a present! With sexy consequences!

Taming Trevor
A young girl discovers a new way to tame her hyperactive brother.

The Most Dangerous Game
A brother and sister engange in a little strip poker under supervison of their hot niece. And then some…

The Triton Adventure
A family goes on a cruise. The son and daghter need to use the same hut. What happens next?
Probably my #1 Favorite!

Welfare Christmas
A Christmas that promises to be substandard turns out to be magical for a brother and sister.