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Aetheria – Chapter 13

Jason Crow

Chapter 13 – Us

Walking through the halls somehow felt different now. They seemed brighter, and the mess inside was less depressing. The cleaning bots were finished in certain parts of the building, and it showed. Those bots didn’t care about their imminent death. They didn’t know and just did what they were designed to do. Because of this, some parts of the base looked just as if the quake never happened.

But the clean halls weren’t the only reason it felt different, of course. The fact that we were leaving was probably the most critical factor. I felt cleaned up inside my head and cheerful about the future, which had been a while. It was a bummer that we had to go back to Earth, but at least we’d live.

Nadia walked next to me, and as we walked, she wrapped her arm around my waist and laid her head on my shoulder. We didn’t talk, but we both knew how the other felt. She did surprise me when her hand moved over and squeezed one of my ass cheeks.

I looked at her as she did this, and her smile was a mix of apologies and cheekiness. I smiled back and shook my head. She always did dumb stuff like this, and thankfully, today wasn’t an exception. In fact, her whole body language showed signs of mischief, and she acted skittishly.

We were now at the door of our room. I swiped my wrist in front of the keypad on the wall, and the door opened with the familiar whooshing sound. Inside, the cleaning bots were obviously done. It was as clean as when we left it the day we went outside with Ethan.

Ethan… it seemed like an eternity ago! I knew I shouldn’t be thinking about him now. I’d have plenty of time for that after we get off this planet. But still… I tried pushing these thoughts away, but it wasn’t easy.

But Nadia came to the rescue. She must have noticed something because she stepped in close and wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt her boobs pressed against my chest as she leaned in and kissed me hungrily.

“Cheer up! We’ll grab our stuff, and we’re out of here before you know it,” she said softly after we broke the kiss.

“I know… thanks!” I said, “I need to take a piss.”

I went into the bathroom, and as I did my business, I tried to focus my thoughts on getting out of here instead of my dead brother. I stuffed my dick back inside my boxers, zipped up, and sighed deeply. I washed my hands, splashed some water on my face, and was ready to move on. I unlocked the door and expected Nadia to stand there to go in after me, but no one was there.

In the corner of my eye, I saw movement on the bed. I turned my head to look at her and almost choked. Nadia was as naked as the day she was born and smiled seductively at me. She had positioned herself in such a way that she didn’t look cheap or thrashy but simply irresistible.

She leaned against the pillows with her upper body, showing off her magnificent breasts perfectly. Her legs were slightly parted, showing a hint of her slit, but the few hairs above it obscured the view just enough to make me want more.

“Wh- what’s this?” I asked, feeling my now stiff dick twitch hard in my boxers.

“We’ve got time to spare. So… get over here,” she hoarsely whispered.

I still don’t know why, but seeing her like this, the way she talked, and how she was taking the lead triggered something inside. I felt the almost unstoppable urge to fuck her. Making love was terrific, but now I wanted to FUCK her. I was both shocked and amazed by this realization. I didn’t know where I had heard that word before, but it was exactly what I wanted. There was no better word to describe my urges.

I looked at my sister as I kicked off my shoes and lifted my shirt. The moment it was off, I focused on her eyes again and started working on my button and zipper. Nadia’s eyes roamed over my chest, and when I opened my pants, her eyes locked onto that.

I shed my pants quickly, and as they crumpled at my feet, I stood there in just my tented boxers, my dick pointing straight forward. Nadia’s eyes were locked on that tent, and a wicked smile was all over her face. I hooked my fingers inside the waistband of my boxers and slowly started sliding them down. I knew I shouldn’t try a striptease because I’d look ridiculous if I did. But I could take it slow and expose myself in a more or less sexy way like this.

My boxers slid down slowly, and the tip of my dick got caught behind the elastic band, moving it down with my boxers. As I went lower, my pubes and the base of my dick were now exposed, causing Nadia to lick her lips seductively. With an obscene slapping sound, my dick sprang free and slapped against my belly.  Nadia didn’t flinch and kept staring at it.

I quickly ditched my boxers and crawled toward my twin sister on the bed. My hard dick bobbed as I did this. Nadia slid down the pillows and lay flat on the bed, spreading her legs widely. If I still had any doubts about what she wanted, they were now out of the window.

I lay my body down on top of hers and pressed as much of it as possible against her. As my dick rubbed over her slid, she purred coyly and wrapped her arms around me. One of her hands squeezed my ass, and the other pulled my face toward hers.

We kissed each other hungrily, and our bodies rubbed against each other. Her warm pussy felt terrific on my dick, but I wanted… no! I needed more. I didn’t hesitate and sneaked my hand between our bodies. I grabbed my dick and lined it up. I had rubbed it down there enough to know where I could enter her. And without any effort, my dickhead popped inside my twin sister’s pussy.

Nadia looked determined and extremely horny at me, and I felt an almost animalistic urge to make her mine. I didn’t want to hurt her. I’d never hurt her! But it just felt right to penetrate her a lot rougher than last time. So I pushed forward with more force, and the look of surprise on her face when I entered her changed into one of pure lust and submission. I never saw her like this, but there wasn’t a fiber in my body doubting that she liked what I did.

I entered her quickly and with such force that our pubes smashed together.

“Aaahh!! Yesss! Take me…” Nadia grunted.

This wasn’t lovemaking. This was raw sex, and I loved it! And I loved that our twin telepathy even extended to this and that we both enjoyed what we were doing tremendously. I pulled back and slammed back in. The pace was slow, and I was constantly checking out my sister. I wanted her to cum without hurting her, and my own pleasure came in second place.

My dick and my actions had the power to make her feel the most amazing feelings. And I wanted to use that power the best I could. So I kept slamming into her and made sure each trust counted.

She already had an unfocused look on her face, and her head was tilted back. Every time my pubes slammed against her clit, her moans got louder and the tone of her moans higher.

My right hand was still between our bodies, and I managed to rub my thumb over her clit each time I pulled back. It was a bit awkward, but with my left hand, I grabbed her tit and gently squeezed her nipple. Nadia was too unfocused to keep on kissing, so I started nibbling at her neck, a very sensitive spot that I recently discovered.

“Oh! Oh! Ah! Ah! Ah! AY!!! AAIII!! AAAIII!!”

I increased the speed by which I was slamming into my sister slightly, but the thumb on her clit and hand on her boob was enough. When she breathed this shallowly and started screaming my name, I knew she was coming. This was the perfect moment to let go. I stopped my focus on her and just went for it. Since this was only my second fuck, I was way closer than I wanted to be, and there was no way I was holding back anymore.

“AAAIIII!” Nadia screamed and dug her fingers into my ass and my back.

Her whole body tensed up, and her pussy gripped my dick so firmly I could hardly move.  But I HAD to move! The snowball was already rolling down the hill, and I had to stay ahead of it. So, I kept on pistoning in and out, pushing through the clenching pussy of my sister.

After I pulled out the third time, the grip around my dick loosened a little, which was enough to push me over the edge. I slammed in two more times, and when I felt the cum shooting up my shaft, Nadia’s pussy gripped me again, and maybe even firmer than before.

As my incestuous cum coated my sister’s insides, my brain went offline. I only saw her wrinkled-up face as she was still orgasming pretty heavily. Everything around us was gone. My dick throbbed, and Nadia’s pussy was milking me, claiming everything I had to offer.

I couldn’t hold my body up anymore and dropped down on top of her. She’d told me that she liked to feel my weight on her, and that’s exactly what I was doing now, although for a different reason. I felt utterly spent! We both lay there panting. Nadia started caressing the back of my head and whispered, “You are amazing!”

I couldn’t say anything and nodded once to show I heard her. Occasionally, her pussy gripped my dick, which caused it to twitch. The last time this happened, we started giggling, but now, Nadia said, “I’m still sorta… cumming. I’m still really close.”

And after my dick twitched again, she said with a bit of amazement in her voice, “And you’re still hard!”

I lifted my head to look at her and wasn’t sure what to do next. I figured it was over and started pulling out of her so she could cuddle. But the moment she felt me move, she wrapped her legs around my ass. Her pussy twitched quite firmly as she did this, and it felt terrific around my sensitive dick as I slid back inside.

A wicked grin spread across her face, but I didn’t have a clue what she was thinking. Before I could say or do anything, she moved her body, pressed against my shoulder, and turned her lower body with her legs still wrapped around me. I fell to my left, and before I realized what happened, Nadia also turned. It all happened really quickly, and before I knew it, I was lying on my back, and Nadia sat on top of me. My dick somehow managed to stay inside of her, and as she pushed her body down on it, her face looked amazed.

“It’s in even deeper like this!” she said as she sat up straight and ground her pussy against my pubic bone.

The way she was sitting gave me the best view of my sister and the most fantastic feeling around my dick at the same time. I looked at her incredible body rising up from my groin. Her boobs looked terrific, and as my eyes traveled down her tight belly and ended on her pussy where our genitals merged, I knew I was the luckiest boy in the universe.

I instinctively placed my hands on her hips and looked her in the eyes. Nadia placed her hands on my chest and gyrated her hips, which did amazing things on and around my dick. This was a whole new stimulation I never felt before.

“You’re the… and I… Bisque, so…” Nadia whispered incomprehensibly as she moved herself on my dick more deliberately now.

I moved my left hand from her hip to her tit to play with her nipple. They looked so incredibly inviting as they hovered above me that I just had to touch them. The moment I gently squeezed it, Nadia stiffened, and her pussy gripped my dick firmly again. The deep groan coming from her throat, combined with her convulsing pussy, didn’t take a genius to add two and two together.

This time, her orgasm didn’t take over completely. Yes, she was cumming, but she kept grinding against me. After the clenching around by dick ebbed away a little, she started lifting herself. My dick traveled down her love canal, and it was both weird and exciting to not be in control of that.

After I almost slipped out, Nadia moved her body down again. Her face had an odd look that I hadn’t seen before. It was as if she was hypnotized and completely in her own bubble, oblivious to the world around her.

My right hand sneaked over her hip and firmly gripped her ass cheek. Feeling the muscles move under her soft skin as she rose again was tantalizing. And after she moved back down and pressed her clit against me, she grunted deeply again, and her pussy gripped me once more. It was about the same as before. She obviously came, but she didn’t cum hard enough. Every half a minute or so, she did this. Sweat was forming on her forehead and upper lip, but she kept on going.

She didn’t pick up the pace, nor did she slow down. Now I was the one being fucked, and I didn’t mind one bit. I did find it hard to keep my focus, though. So I placed both my hands on my sister’s hips as she kept impaling herself on my throbbing dick. The speed didn’t change, but her moves were more deliberate now.

Just as I was starting to get used to the frequency of her orgasms, she didn’t cum. She dug her fingers into the flesh of my chest and slammed down hard against me with her pussy. It didn’t hurt, far from it, but something had definitely changed.

I didn’t know how long we were fucking like this, but I was glad I already came before. Otherwise, there was no way I would’ve lasted this long. But with the change of force of her actions and the way her pussy kept on gripping my dick, I was a lost cause. The buildup inside my balls had reached a boiling point, something I pushed away to the background. But now, my balls almost screamed that they needed relief.

I couldn’t help myself anymore and slammed hard against my sister’s pelvis as she moved down. But after just two of these, I froze. My ass was still off the bed, and I felt my dick fatten. This orgasm happened so suddenly and was so intense that I practically screamed.

As the first powerful spurt left my dick, Nadia’s weight forced my ass back down. And despite my extremely powerful climax, I felt Nadia’s orgasm hit her. The grip around my dick was almost painful but added such an extra dimension to it all, that I thought I had left my body.

Nadia dropped down on me, and as her pussy kept trying to squeeze my dick off, her body was limp and shook uncontrollably. Her “ooohhh… ooohhh… yesss… aaahhh…” in my ear pushed me through another wave. And although I had no more sperm left to give, I felt like I came again.

Nadia breathed raggedly, and as I felt her weight on top of me, I knew what she meant. We were so connected at that moment! Her contracting pussy and my twitching dick, combined with all the skin contact and sweat, made me feel like we were one.

I was still panting heavily, and so was Nadia. But it concerned me a little that she didn’t move at all.  Besides the movement of her pussy, of course. So I stroked her hair and softly whispered her name. This seemed to break the spell, and she started moving. She lifted her head and looked at me as if she was amazed to see me there.

“I was… holy moly!” she whispered and kissed me passionately on my mouth, grabbing my face with both hands.

I felt my dick deflate and slowly slide out of my sister’s slippery love tunnel. It flopped out unceremoniously, and some of my cum dripped out of her and onto my limp dick and pubes. Nadia kept kissing me, and I cupped her firm ass with both hands. This wasn’t a loving kiss but one that expressed our physical attraction to each other. After we broke the kiss, Nadia rolled off me and onto the mattress.

“We are really good at this sex thing, aren’t we?” I asked in the silence that followed.

“Oh boy! You can say that again! I could do this all day!”

“Uhm… what was that thing you did with your, uhm…”

“What do you mean?” she asked as she turned on her side to face me.

“You kept squeezing my… dick when you sat on top of me.”

“Oh that… I think I… I was almost constantly cumming. I didn’t know I could do that!”

“I’m jealous! You seemed to really be enjoying yourself,” I chuckled.

“Your, uhm, cock is amazing! It triggers something inside I can’t explain. Every time you move it in or out, it’s like a short circuit in my brain. Does that sound weird?” she asked as she lay her head on my chest and cupped my balls again.

“Nah… I think I get it.”

Nadia toyed gently with my balls as we were lost in our thoughts. I knew we had to get up sometime, but lying like this was just too lovely.

Nadia cleared her throat and softly said, “I liked this time better than our first…”

“Yeah. Me too. Way less depressing.”

“Guess you’re right. It’s too bad this will also be our last time for a while. I don’t think Mom and Dad will understand if we share a suspension pod on the way back.”

I laughed at that. I knew she was right. Our love for each other had to remain a secret between us. Maybe back on Earth, we could find some way to be together as much as possible, but we’d still have to be careful.

“I don’t think they’ll understand, no,” I smiled.

“But… I want to be with you, Ay! Why’s that so strange?”

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you and with no one else! We’ll have to find a way to make this work! And I know we will. But first, we need to get off this planet,” I said, feeling tears of frustration well up in my eyes.

Nadia moved over and kissed me tenderly on my lips. We shared a loving kiss for a couple of moments, savoring each other’s love.

“I need to pee,” Nadia giggled after we broke the kiss, “your stuff keeps leaking out.”

“Let’s get dressed and prepare to go outside, okay?”

She gave my balls a gentle squeeze, kissed me on my cheeks, and treated me with a fantastic view of her fine ass as she headed to the bathroom.

“See you on the other side,” I said as I entered the small change room.

The automatic system didn’t allow us to change together, so we each went into separate booths. We had cleaned and closed the room in the basement, and our bedroom was already being swept by the bots as we left it. We shut down all unneeded equipment, grabbed our bags, and headed out.

Our personal bags were in the garage’s airlock, so we could grab them later. After going through the decontamination and airlock cycle, I was outside first. My eyes immediately went to the sky, and there, right between the two moons, it was…

“That’s… that’s a big one,” Nadia said as she walked up next to me.

“It is! We’d never survive the impact. Not even if the shelter was fifty stories deep.”

“Let’s grab our bags,” Nadia said, and we headed over to the garage.

After we grabbed our bags, we walked over to the landing zone. We were about forty minutes early instead of the sixty we had planned for because Nadia had an issue with her HB-ICS undersuit. It didn’t recognize her at first, so we had to give it a hard reset. But we still had plenty of time to spare as we sat down on some rocks.

After a couple of minutes, Nadia said, “Well… this is boring as hell…”

“Too bad we can’t have sex out here,” I giggled, “That would definitely kill some time.”

A heartbeat later, I felt buzzing near my dick, and I boned up instantly. I glanced over at Nadia, who looked smug at me with her finger still on her wrist pad.

“It’s not the same,” I said and enabled the same thing on Nadia’s suit to get back at her.

“Ohh… No, not at all! Does feel good, though!” she smiled.

The stimulation around my dick was great, but I didn’t want to cum in my pants. So I looked at my sister and said, “Turn it off, please. I don’t want a mess inside my pants.”

The look on her face betrayed she hadn’t realized this. And as she switched it off, I opened the app on my wrist pad.

“Leave it on! I’m… ahhh… not the one making a mess.”

I shrugged and looked at her. That horny look I loved so much was back. The monitor app on my wrist showed she had an elevated heart rate, and her breathing was shallower than it should be. There was nothing to worry about yet, and if there was, this function would automatically disable itself.

“I love how your cock makes me feel filled up,” she said out of the blue.

“I… uhm…”

“It’s so thick! And so hard, it doesn’t… oohhh… bend at all. So when it rubs over that one… hmmm… special place inside, it’s…”

She looked deep into my eyes as she said this. I didn’t know what to say to this, so I smiled weakly at her and said, “Sorry??”

“Uh uh,” she said and shook her head, “Don’t be. It’s like a perfect… ahhh… fit!”

I watched in silence as my sister approached her orgasm. It was hot to watch her squirm and hear her pant over the radio. After a couple of moments, it was clear she was getting close. I’ve seen her cum enough by now to know this for sure. But when her eyes flew open, and the look on her face morphed into one of anger and frustration, I immediately knew what was going on.

“What the hell, Ay! Why did you turn it off?”

“I didn’t! I swear! I was just thinking how hot it is to watch you like this.”

She pressed some buttons on her wrist pad, but all she got was an annoying beep. She pressed the buttons more urgently, but her pad kept on beeping. I couldn’t suppress a giggle as she was fiddling and got more and more frustrated.

“Stop laughing, Dufus! I was almost there! And now it just stopped… Again!” she said with a hint of amusement in her voice.

“I think it’s a function they built in to get the colonists, you know… going… to populate the planet. It doesn’t help to push them over the edge.”

Nadia looked at me, and as the wheels turned inside her head, I could see the realization in her eyes.

“You think so?”

I shrugged and said, “Makes sense…”

“I guess you’re right! Didn’t think of it like that. I thought it was a useless feature, but now that you put it like this, it makes perfect sense.”

“Although I have to admit it’s a bit cruel.”

“Tell me about it! I was so close, and now I can’t do anything about it.”

“We can go back inside…” I chuckled.

“Yeah, right. And miss out on that one opportunity we’ve got to get out of here! No way.”

Even if she wanted to go back inside, I wouldn’t let her. It was a joke, but considering the situation, probably not my best one, so I decided to drop it. We waited in silence for a couple of minutes, with both of us looking at the approaching rock in the sky.

“It’s a pity, you know?” Nadia said after a while.

“What is?”

“That this beautiful place will be evaporated…”

“I thought you didn’t like it here?”

“I didn’t wanna leave Earth. That’s something different.”

“True. But what if-“

We both looked up at the approaching humming sound. There, still a tiny spot in the sky, a transport ship grew bigger with each passing second.

“They’re here!” Nadia exclaimed as she jumped up.

I got to my feet and had to swallow down a lump in my throat. They really came back for us. My head knew they would, but in my heart, I still had doubts. Nadia slammed her body into mine, and we hugged each other tightly. We made sure to step out of the way so the transport would have an unobstructed path to the landing spot. I almost bounced with joy as the ship landed. Behind the windows, Mom and Dad’s excited faces showed, and we waved excitedly at each other.

The moment the door opened and Mom and Dad came running out, Nadia and I sprinted toward them.

“Aidan! Nadia!” Mom shouted as we hugged in one big, family hug.

“We’re so sorry!” Dad started but was cut off immediately by Nadia.

“You’re here! We’re here! That’s what’s important,” she said.

I wouldn’t have any of that either, so I said, “The base is a mess. You did the right thing!”

“But Ethan…” Mom stammered.

“I know,” I said softly, “but there’s nothing any of us could do about it. It was a stupid accident.”

Mom smiled through her tears and gave me another firm hug. Dad was hugging Nadia, and I heard him sniff over the radio.

“Sir?” the pilot said nervously over the radio.

“Right! We need to go, guys. We’ll talk on the Zephyr.”

Nadia and I grabbed our bags and sat down in the transporter. About an hour later, we were greeted enthusiastically by the people aboard the Zephyr.

We were in the big garage that was now almost empty. There wasn’t a room big enough in the simulated gravity portion of the ship, so everyone had gathered in here. The downside of being weightless didn’t measure up to the chance of being together. It did strike me that the group was a lot smaller than back down on Aetheria. As some people came to talk to us and shake our hands, it turned out that everyone was worried sick about us. Since we lost a lot of people during the quake, people looked at our survival as a beacon of hope.

Dad took the microphone and thanked everyone for their help in our rescue. He specifically thanked the guy who came up with the idea of relaying the radio signal through the Terra site. After Dad was done talking, Jovii floated to the central spot and took the mic from him.

“Because of the effort Major Thom had to put in the rescue of his son and daughter, I was given the task of monitoring the asteroid. We decided to call it Moros, and we were able to track its course in more detail. And we’ve got news for you,” he said with a serious look on his face.

A lot of mumbling and excited whispers went through the crowd. I looked at Dad, who simply shrugged.

“Moros will enter Aetheria’s atmosphere, that we know for sure. But it won’t crash on the planet!”

“What!?” I heard myself ask as the crowd erupted with excited chatter.

Nadia looked wide-eyed at me and appeared just as confused as I was. Jovii lifted his hand for us to be quiet.

“Moros will probably ricochet off the atmosphere like a pebble on the water, and its course will change forever. But the fact that it’ll hit the atmosphere isn’t a bad thing. During this time, it’ll add significant heat to the planet, and judging by the composition of Moros, it’ll add a significant portion of oxygen and hydrogen to the planet’s atmosphere. You just don’t want to be down there when it hits.”

“What does that mean?” someone in the back shouted.

“We think it’ll save us at least two years of terraforming, probably three.”

“Oh wow!” Dad said excitedly.

“After our evasive maneuver is done, we’ll show the impact on the large screen here in the central hall.”

Turned out the calculations were correct. The external cameras managed to capture the impact beautifully. Everyone was holding their breath as Moros approached. When Moros entered the atmosphere, the whole planet got an eerie red glow. Nadia was standing next to me and squeezed my hand tightly as this happened. When Moros sort of bounced off the invisible band of air surrounding the planet, and it was clear it wouldn’t crash, the whole crowd cheered in excitement. The color of the atmosphere went back to normal quickly as the rock shot off into deep space.

People were celebrating, and I could see Mom and Dad were happy. They were constantly smiling and very affectionate toward each other. After a couple of moments of watching the celebrations, Nadia pulled me close, hugged me tightly, and gave me a quick peck on my lips.

After the excitement died down and the celebrations were done, we went to our cabin. We sat at the table and talked about the things that had happened. It turned out that Nadia and I had a walk in the park compared to what had happened at the main base.

Lots of injuries and missing people. Dad had to manage all that while worrying about his missing kids on a foreign planet in the meantime. We cried a lot about Ethan. This was actually the first time both Nadia and I allowed the thoughts about what had happened and of losing him to come to the forefront. And it hit us hard. But after Mom and Dad assured us we’d give him a proper funeral, we were able to give it a place. We agreed that we’d never forget him.

Dad told us that about half the people wanted to return to Earth. We also talked about this extensively, and despite everything that had happened, Nadia and I wanted to stay. Mom wasn’t convinced but said she couldn’t leave us on this planet, so they would also remain here.

It was getting late, and I had to suppress a moan, but Nadia saw me. She winked at me and surprised me when she asked, “Mom? Can Aidan and I sleep in one of the unoccupied cabins?”

“Uhm… I guess…” Mom said questioningly as she looked at Dad.

“We’ve been alone for so long now, and I think it’ll help me sleep when it’s just the two of us…” she said sweetly.

Dad shrugged and said, “I don’t see why not. The one next door where Seymour and Patty used to live is available.”

“You sure you don’t mind?” Nadia asked.

“Of course not, hon,” Mom said warmly.

“Come on, Dufus. Time to hit the sack.”

I followed my sister out of the room and into the next. I was at a loss for words and dumbfounded at how she had managed to do this. She knew how to play Mom and Dad like a fiddle and did it with excellence.

After the door closed behind us, Nadia lifted her shirt and unclasped her bra. She turned around and seductively said, “It’s time for you to fuck me, big brother.”

I wasn’t one to argue with that, and after another fantastic love-making session, we fell asleep in each other’s arms, Nadia’s hand firmly cupping my balls.

We were still alive and were going to make it count. Together.

The end

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All rights reserved

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Aetheria – Chapter 10

Jason Crow

Chapter 10 – Repairs

We sat next to each other at the table, where Nadia ate her dinner and fed me mine. We got used to eating like this, and I didn’t feel like a baby anymore. I didn’t feel the need to talk about what just happened, and apparently, neither did Nadia.

“Why are the lights purple?” I asked as Nadia finished her plate.

She looked at the braces around my wrists and shrugged. “Dunno. Can you use your fingers?”

I tried wiggling my fingers, but the light immediately turned red, and my fingers didn’t move.

“Guess not,” Nadia said, “we’ll check it with the med pod later.”

After a couple of minutes of silence, Nadia said, “I think I’ve got an idea.”


“I think I can go out to fix the dish. You can watch me through my suit’s camera and guide me with what to do. I mean… it doesn’t have to be you going out there. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t fix it!”

“It’s not because you’re a girl!” I exclaimed, slightly offended by her comment, “It’s because I had the specialized training about this. It would be the same with the drilling equipment where you’re the specialist.”

“I know… I’m sorry, and you’re right. But I wanna know if we can go back to Mom and Dad, you know? We can’t stay here forever, and I don’t think they’re coming for us anytime soon.”

“Yeah… we need to do something, that’s for sure. And I think it might work, but…”

“But you need to be able to operate the CPU. I know. That’s my other idea. How about we tie one of those operating pens to your wrists so you can press the buttons that way?”

I thought about it briefly and felt stupid for not thinking of that myself. When I nodded, a smile appeared on Nadia’s face.

“That’s very smart, you know?”

Nadia beamed with pride as I said this. We discussed how to do this and made an actual mission plan together. Our primary objective was to realign the communication dish and to bring coms with the main base back online. But there were also two secondary objectives.

We needed some stuff from our transport rover. A suit for me, for example. But also additional oxygen bottles, face masks to go with the oxygen, and maybe some parts to fix the garage. The garage was the other secondary objective. Since the door was jammed, she needed to check if it was fixable. It was most likely a blown circuit board, according to the CPU’s self-tests, but if we could fix this, it would increase our chances of getting out of here.

We worked at the plan for a while. The fact we weren’t wearing any clothes wasn’t really distracting us anymore, not when we were occupied with our task.

By the time we were done, it was already late. We were hyped about our plans for tomorrow and finally knowing the situation at the main base.

As we walked toward the bedroom, Nadia put her arm around my waist. I got the hint and draped mine over her shoulder. As we walked, Nadia placed her head on my shoulder, and I lay mine against hers. It was nice, walking together like this, naked and in love. When Nadia’s hand went lower and cupped my ass, it made me smile, especially when she gently squeezed it.

We entered our bedroom, and Nadia stopped at the bed. She turned over, placed both her arms around my neck, and kissed me deeply. I put my arms around her waist, frustrated that I couldn’t use my hands to caress her back.

Before I knew it, Nadia broke the kiss and pushed at my chest. I fell back down on the bed, looked at her, and saw she had a wicked grin on her face. Nadia moved quickly, and within seconds she was turned around and lying on top of me with her head near my dick, each leg next to my face, and her pussy inches away from my mouth.

The moment I felt her lips touch my dickhead, I let out a moan, moved my face forward, and kissed her pussy. I was immediately treated with that taste I learned to love so much during the last time of eating her out and started working on my sister’s pussy.  

Licking her like this was different than last time. This new position caused her hips to be turned a little, and her legs were spread a bit more. This way, her clit could be reached better, but I couldn’t get to the low end of her slit near her asshole as easily as last time. Because of this, I had to focus more on her clit and the upper half of her slit.

As I was licking away, I felt Nadia’s mouth doing all sorts of things on my cock. One of her hands was toying with my balls, while the other was on my ass with her fingers close to my opening. I was afraid a finger near my hole would put me off, but the opposite was true. She didn’t actually touch my hole, but it was interesting nevertheless. Nadia wasn’t sucking me as furiously as before, and because of that, this wasn’t a race to orgasm. We were just working on each other’s genitals with our mouths in an attempt to make the other feel as good as possible.

I liked what we were doing. The buildup was slow but deliberate this way. When Nadia felt me approaching my peak, she stopped momentarily, licked my balls, and toyed with my pubes. I did precisely the same when I felt my sister reach the higher regions of her orgasm. When her squirming and moaning got more intense, I stopped for a moment and focused on other things.

I don’t know how long we were lying like this. It felt like ages, but it was probably about half an hour of licking, sucking, grunting and moaning. But when I involuntarily started moving my hips to drive more of my dick into her mouth because of my rapidly approaching orgasm, Nadia didn’t back down. She actually started squirming more and pressed her pussy firmly against my face.

We didn’t need to talk about this. We both just knew this was it. Nadia doubled her effort on my dick, and I was treated with copious amounts of her fantastic juices that I lapped up eagerly.

It was as if I was covered with a blanket of ants. There were tiny tingles all over my body, all accumulating in my balls. I moaned loudly on my twin’s pussy as I felt my balls pull up.

At the same time, Nadia moaned loudly, and another gush of her cunt juices came out. Her pussy lips started opening and closing rapidly, and her body lay perfectly still on top of mine. I felt her muscles tighten all over, and gush after gush of her sweet nectar filled my mouth.

She was cumming, and she came strongly. This realization hit me so hard that I couldn’t hold back anymore. I lifted my ass off the bed, and as my balls unloaded themselves, Nadia sucked hard on my dick, swallowing everything I had to offer.

Having to work for it and not being able to only focus on the good feelings during my orgasm was a first, but not unpleasant at all. I had to divide my attention between my sister’s orgasm and my own, which kept me slightly horny after I came.

Nadia was still slowly sucking on my softening dick, and I lazily lapped around her lips after we came. The flow of her juices had died down, but it was still fun to trigger her pussy like this. Nadia let my dick slip from her mouth and said, “There’s no more sperm. Too bad…”

She climbed off of me, turned around, and cuddled up to me. She had a massive grin on her face and kissed me on my cheek as she settled in for the night.

“I love your sperm,” she said softly.

“I love how you taste down there,” I whispered back.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Nadia said, “We don’t need to have, you know… real sex to feel good, do we?”

“Nope,” I replied, “but everything we did so far felt better than what we did before that, so…”

Nadia giggled at that and said, “Guess you’re right.”

Another silence. Out of the blue, Nadia said, “When you were on painkillers…”

“What about that?” I asked cautiously.

“You said you had… dreams, right?”

“I thought they were dreams, yes…”

“We didn’t just kiss, you know?”

I froze at that last comment. What else did I do? I didn’t rape my sister or anything else really bad, did I?

“When I was preparing the med pod, you…”

“Uh oh…” I said, trying to break the ice.

Nadia chuckled. She looked at me and said, “Nothing bad, don’t worry. You… kissed and sucked my breasts.”

“Oh… I remember that! It was a wonderful dream…” I answered, feeling relieved it wasn’t anything stupid I did.

“I liked that,” Nadia said softly, and I could see her blush.


“I think that was when I knew I could do more with you. I was unsure what you wanted, but it was clear as day at that moment.”

I pulled her close to me and hugged her the best I could. I kissed her on her head and said, “And I’m SO glad we did!”

“Me too…”

After that, we kissed some more. We Frenched for a while, but mostly we kissed tenderly and just enjoyed the closeness between us.

“I didn’t do anything else, did I?” I asked after we broke the kiss.

“You danced the Hokey-Pokey and barked like a dog. But other than that…” Nadia chuckled.

I poked her in her ribs, causing her to squeal and laugh. I tried looking all serious at her, but I knew I failed miserably.

“No. That was it,” Nadia said eventually.

“Thank God!”

Before I knew it, I drifted off into a dreamless sleep. Despite being alone on a distant planet inside an abandoned base, I felt safe and at ease with the situation.

I was awakened by the shuffling of the bed. I assumed Nadia had to go to the bathroom. But when her hand gripped my dick moments later, and I felt something wet on the tip of it, I had to open my eyes.

I looked down and expected her lips around the tip of my dick, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw her squatting above my crotch, guiding my hard cock toward the opening of her pussy.

“Wh- what are you doing?” I stammered groggily.

Nadia didn’t look at me, was only focused on getting my dick between her legs, and said, “I wanna try something…”

“Are… are you gonna stick it in? Because…”

“No! I just want to try this.”


“I’m not sticking it in!” she said, slightly annoyed.

I moaned as she started moving my dick around over her moist pussy. Nadia’s goal wasn’t to get me off. She was just doing this to make herself feel good.

“Oh, wow…” she moaned excitedly as she rubbed my dickhead over her clit.

“This is… ohh… bisque… hmm…”

We both moaned and grunted as Nadia used my dick as her personal pleasure tool. It was pretty amazing, knowing how she was using me like this for her own pleasure. But the effect on me was also pretty mind-boggling.

Nadia groaned and shifted a little. It was clear that she wasn’t comfortable in the position she was in. So I said, “Lay on your back,” and moved to my side.

Nadia lay on her back and looked expectantly at me. I scooted closer, my dick pointing forward toward my twin sister’s opening. I pushed it down with my wrist as I scooted closer. My dick touched her sopping wet pussy, and it slid up right away, brushing her clit. Nadia moaned loudly and had the horniest look in her eyes I ever saw up until then.

She grabbed my dick and started using it as a paintbrush and moved it all over her pussy. This was amazing and felt nearly the same as when she sucked me. But the idea of being so close to entering her and having real sex was an added layer that brought me quite close to shooting my load again.

Nadia must’ve seen the look on my face because she grabbed my dickhead, and used it to focus on rubbing her clit. My sole task was to move as little as possible and not shoot my sperm. But this was a lot to ask! Each time the underside of my dickhead came into contact with my sister’s clit, a shot of electricity shot through me. And now she was rubbing them constantly together.

“Ohh… I’m close… to… aahhhb!” I groaned.

Nadia kept rubbing for a few moments and then surprised me by moving my dick down.

“Oohhh… you… ahhh… Shoot in here,” she moaned.

The tip of my dickhead touched her silky soft, warm, and moist flesh. The moment I realized I was right at her entrance, I lost it.

“NNGGGGHHH!” I grunted in a vain attempt to hold back.

But I was already tumbling down the hill as my orgasm hit me. My dick twitched, and as my first spurt entered my sister, I felt her pussy lips squeeze tight, and my dick slid back. The three spurts that followed landed on her pussy and a bit on her pubes.

In front of me, my sister was twitching on the bed, panting heavily and still on the high of her orgasm. I had regained just enough of my wits to push my hips forward and rub her pussy again. But I had to stop right away because my dickhead was just too sensitive.

I placed one hand on her knee to steady myself while Nadia returned to the land of the living. She looked at me and blushed. Her guilty look puzzled me initially, but as I lay down next to her, it dawned on me.

“That was BISQUE!!” I exclaimed, hoping to wash away her guilt.

“It was, right?” she panted.

“Yeah… especially when you, you know… lined me up…”

She was quiet for a moment and said, “I was afraid you wouldn’t like it. Because, you know… it’s almost sex?”

“Almost sex isn’t real sex,” I said and kissed her on her cheek.

We were silent for a few minutes when Nadia put her hands between her legs and giggled, “We need a shower.”

Nadia and I showered together, and she made sure I was clean all over, including the important places. We still had the four-minute limit to shower in our system, so we did everything quickly and efficiently. Showering together wasn’t anything sexual we did, but it was amazing to be this close and open with each other.

After the shower, we ate breakfast and made our plans for the day. There was no point in waiting any longer for the main base to come and search for us. It was even more likely that they had more significant problems than we did. And the weather wasn’t too bad either. Just mild rain and no wind.

As we walked toward the airlock, I could feel Nadia’s nervousness. I tried putting her at ease by cracking a few jokes, but they didn’t land. Right before she entered the airlock. She fiddled with the sticks she had tied to my wrists to check if they were still fastened enough. After she confirmed they were, she took a deep breath.

I hugged her tightly and said, “You’ve got this! Don’t worry. You managed to get both of us inside on your own, so this should be a breeze. I’m with you over the coms constantly.”

“I know. But it’s scary to do this alone, you know?”

“Yeah. If anything happens that you don’t trust, just come back, and we’ll try again later. If there’s another quake, drop to the surface of the station. You’re under the shields that way, and you can wait it out safely. You’ll be fine! I’m sure!”

“Thanks, Ay! I… I love you…”

We kissed each other, and after she broke the hug, she entered the airlock. The tension was all over her face, and I felt sorry for her. The annoyance about my fingers boiled up again, but I managed to stay focused on the task at hand.

After I couldn’t see my sister anymore, I rushed back to the control room. I sat down and made sure the pins on my wrists were still tight. Next, I pressed some buttons, and Nadia’s camera feed showed up on the screen. Her helmet with the cameras was still on the bench, and I could only see my sister’s legs. But a moment later, the camera shook, and Nadia clicked the helmet in place on her suit.

“Coms check,” she said.

“Coms okay. Let’s go,” I replied and tried to sound as calm as I could.

But the nervousness Nadia felt was also in my system. During training, it was decided that I would do the external tasks, and not being in control now had an effect on me I didn’t expect. But I tried to hide this from Nadia and maybe talk about it after this was done.

“Head over to the rover now. Cameras show there’s no debris over there, so it should be easy.”

“Check. Heading over to the rover.”

“Vision is clear on all cameras,” I said as I checked out the different monitors, “you’re doing great, Sis!”

“Yeah… I’m pretty awesome.”

Through her helmet cam, I could follow her every move. And the outside feeds provided me the bigger picture. Nadia grabbed the antenna repair kit, which was a flight case containing several components that were easily replaceable.

“You okay?” I asked after she had climbed the ladder to the back end of the building.

“Yeah. It’s easier than I thought.”

“Good. Wanna hear another joke?”

“Oh boy…”

“Two wind turbines stand in a field. One asks the other: so, what kind of music are you into? The other replies: oh! I’m a huge metal fan!”

It was awfully quiet for a moment, but then I heard a muffled giggle.

“Get it?” I pressed, knowing how much she likes it when I play dumb and explain a joke, “A metal fan… because he’s a-“

“I get it!” Nadia interrupted, giggling audibly now.

“You know you like me…”

“You’re an idiot …”

She walked a little further, and when she rounded the corner, the antenna dish came into view.

“There it is,” Nadia said, and I saw she doubled her pace.

Nadia kneeled down at its base, and we started our work. I could talk Nadia through everything easier than anticipated. After a bit of testing and troubleshooting, it turned out the alignment motor was off. It appeared to work, and all the tests said it was okay, but it just wouldn’t align the dish properly.

Thankfully, the repair kit contained a spare motor. It was connected with just four bolts and a simple connector that Nadia could loosen and tighten easily with the automatic screwdriver from the kit.

“Done. Anything else?” Nadia asked after tightening the last bolt.

“I’ll start the calibration sequence. Just a sec.”

It wasn’t easy operating the CPU with just two sticks, but eventually, I managed to start the sequence. The dish started rotating left to right and up and down, and after a few minutes, the green light lit up next to the operational status on the screen.

“Looks like it’s working,” I said.

“Yess!” Nadia exclaimed.

“Just… one… more… thing…” I said as I started the self-test sequence.

“Self-test running. 1% complete.” appeared on the screen. After a minute had passed, it read, “Self-test running. 1.2% complete.”

“It’s running a full diagnostic test. It can take a while before we can search for the home base’s signal. You might as well come back now.”

“Roger. Returning to base. Next stop: garage door!”

After about an hour of walking, fiddling, and testing, Nadia had inserted a spare circuit board. All sorts of lights started blinking, and with a loud noise, the garage door opened. It was almost as if it protested against being used.

“I really am awesome, ain’t I?” Nadia exclaimed after the door opened completely.

“No point in denying that,” I laughed.

Now that we had fixed the two errors and were off the hook, I figured I might as well pull a prank on my sister. So, I opened up her suit settings, hesitated a brief moment, and activated the massage function at her crotch.

“What the…” came over the radio a moment later.

“What’s up?” I asked innocently.

“You know damn well what’s up… Oohh…”

“Just kidding. I’ll switch it off.”

“No! Leave… aaahhh, it on,” Nadia said, panting a little already.

“I wonder why they built this in. It doesn’t seem to serve a purpose other than… you know…”

“Maybe it’s because of…”

Nadia was quiet for a second, but I could still hear her panting. When she didn’t continue, I said, “Maybe when there’s a wound in that area, it can stop the bleeding?”

“I don’t care! It feels good!”

“Just as good as what we did earlier?”

“Oh no! That was WAY… ohh… better!”

On the camera feeds, I could see she was still walking toward the rover, but her pace had slowed down considerably.

“I, uhm… I liked shooting my stuff on your…” I said timidly.

“Ahh.. that was totally bisque! I liked that SO… ohh much! I think we shou- hey!”

“What’s the matter?” I asked, now quickly checking all camera feeds to see what had happened.

“What did you do? The massaging stopped!”

“I didn’t,” I said and checked the suit settings.

“I can’t turn it back on again,” Nadia said, and I saw through her helmet cam she was pressing the buttons on her wrist pad.

I also tried to re-enable the massage function, but it wouldn’t start either. I tried to overrule it, but another beep told me it wouldn’t work.

“Well… that’s a bummer,” I said.

“Major a-hole who built this! Bring people to their peak, and then…” Nadia grumbled as she got into the rover.

“It’s weird… why would they build it like this?”

I saw Nadia powering up the rover, and she said, “I don’t know. But you better be ready for it when I come back. I need to finish this, and I know you’ve got the perfect tool to help me with that!”

This made me blush, and my dick rose to full mast when I realized what we were going to do in a couple of minutes.

“But…” I stammered, a bit overwhelmed by my sister’s determination on this subject.

“Look… it feels good for both of us. So why not do it?”

I caught myself shrugging, but knowing she couldn’t see me, I said, “Good point, I guess. But isn’t, you know… sticking it in, like… sex?”

“If it’s just the tip, I don’t think so. Do you?”

“Dunno. Guess you’re right,” I said, acutely aware of my twitching boner.

I was beaming with anticipation as I watched Nadia unload the rover and place all the spare stuff in their respective places. Was I really going to stick the tip of my dick into my sister’s pussy, or was she just yanking my chain? Or maybe we’d do what we did this morning?

“I think we can call this a success,” Nadia said, snapping me out of my thoughts, “I’m coming back inside.”

“You did great! I couldn’t have done it better myself. Diagnostic is at sixty-three percent and counting.”

“I’ll see you in our bedroom,” Nadia replied emotionlessly.

I practically ran to our bedroom. The moment I stepped inside, I was unsure what to do. Lie down or sit on the bed? Lean against the wall and try to look all cool?

As I was contemplating this, I heard a sound behind me. Before I knew it, Nadia’s hand sneaked over my hip and gripped my dick at its base, and started stroking it up and down. Nadia had tiptoed toward me and whispered in my ear, “Good! Nice and hard already…”

Her hand didn’t leave my dick as I turned around. I kissed her on her mouth, and she immediately opened her lips to let my tongue in. We Frenched for a couple of moments before she broke the kiss, looked me in my eyes, gave my dick a squeeze, and said, “I need this, and I need it now…”

“What happened to you?” I chuckled, “Not that I mind…”

“I guess I’m just… what did they call it in that movie? Horny?”


Nadia let go of my dick and got on the bed. She obscenely spread her legs and looked at me with a look I hadn’t seen before.

“Come on, big brother. Help your poor little sister…”

I loved this version of Nadia! I was way too shy to take the lead. This way, I only had to go with the flow. And it turned me on immensely. I crawled on my knees between her legs again, my hard dick pointing the way. The moment Nadia could reach it, she was rubbing my dickhead all over her pussy, focusing on her clit.

“Ooohhh… YESS!” she moaned the moment we made contact.

I got as comfortable as possible and lay my hand on her knees. She had pulled her feet toward her ass, causing her knees to stick up. Holding on to them was an excellent way to steady myself.

The feeling of her slippery wet pussy on my dick was indescribable. Knowing I was giving my sister an even better feeling this way turned me on even more.

“Ohhh… I’m close! I…” Nadia whispered between her ragged pants.

The suit had given her a headstart over me. I knew I wasn’t here for my own pleasure, so I let her have her way. And sure enough, before long, I saw the now telltale signs of her approaching climax. Ragged breaths, head moving around, soft whimpering. All signs I learned recently.

“Aaahh!!!” Nadia grunted.

Her body stiffened, and she arched her back. As she came, she lay perfectly still, pressing my dickhead firmly against her clit.

My own dick was tingling all over, and I realized I was closer than I anticipated. Being the source of my sister’s pleasure, and her moist, velvety pussy, probably also helped a lot. Nadia opened her eyes and smiled at me. She checked me out from head to toe and slowly started rubbing my dick around again.

“Now it’s time for the grand finale,” she said, giggling coyly.

“Ahh… you ohh… won’t have to wait too long…”

Nadia increased the pace, and I saw her body twitch every now and then.

“I’m still… hmmm… cumming a… ohh… little.”

I didn’t understand that. Once you came, you were done, right? “Girls are more complicated,” I thought.

“I think… I…”

Before I could finish my sentence, Nadia rubbed my dickhead down toward her entrance. A heartbeat later, I felt her warm lips against the tip of my dick again. I looked wide-eyed at my sister as she pushed it firmer against her. I had to move slightly, and that’s when I felt it!

My dickhead was surrounded by the most amazing soft, moist, silky, and slippery thing I ever felt up until then. There was a minor popping sensation as her lips closed again behind the rim of my dickhead. I looked down at her pussy, and my dickhead was now gone!

“Hmmmm!! Ohhh…” Nadia moaned.

“I… I… I…” was all I could say.

The realization I was a little inside my twin sister was all it took. My balls pulled up, and I heard myself grunt loudly.

The moment the first spurt left my dick, Nadia also grunted loudly, and her pussy started gripping my dick even more firmly. It was as if she tried pulling me inside. The way I was sitting made it impossible, but if I’d let my instincts take over, I would’ve definitely pushed all the way inside.

This realization happened in a millisecond inside my head. The second and third spurt were also coming out, and everything ended up inside my sister’s sopping wet pussy. Nadia was still having her orgasm as mine died down a little.

My eyes got their vision back, and seeing only my shaft stick out from my body and disappear between my sister’s legs was an incredible sight.

“Mother of God!” Nadia exclaimed.

“I didn’t know…” I stammered.

As much as I hated it, I knew I should pull out. Otherwise, we might end up having real sex, and we didn’t want that. Right?

I was starting to second-guess this decision but pulled out nevertheless. A strange feeling washed over me as I felt the cold hit my wet, glistening dickhead. Nadia looked a little disappointed for a brief moment. But as I moved over to lie down next to her, she smiled warmly at me.

“I absolutely LOVE using your dick on me! And feeling you shoot your stuff inside is just sooo… bisque!” Nadia said excitedly as she cuddled up and draped her body half on mine.

I felt her breasts on my chest and loved how excited she was and even more that I was the cause of that. I hesitated slightly and said, “If this was only the tip, I can’t even begin to imagine what real sex must feel like!”

“I know, right? Too bad we can’t, though…” she trailed off.

Good! She wanted to try it. Maybe I’d have a chance to try it out. If only for once. We lay like that for a few more minutes when Nadia said, “We really need to check that radio, Ay.”

“I know! But you keep using me for your own personal needs…”

“Shut up!” Nadia laughed and slapped me playfully on my chest.

She patted my now soft dick and softly said, “It IS the best part of you, that’s for sure.”

Now, it was my turn to act offended, but after a good, long, and tender kiss, we headed over to the control room.

End of chapter 10

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All rights reserved

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Aetheria – Chapter 9

Jason Crow

Chapter 9 – Scavenging

I woke refreshed from a dream-filled sleep and half-expected to be awakened by my coms. But it was something else that woke me. It took me a moment to realize that Nadia was kicking her feet in this dream she was having. During the night, she had moved over to her side of the bed, and as I checked her out, I was greeted by her boobs peeking out above the sheet.

I still had to get used to seeing her like this, and I absentmindedly put my hand on my morning wood to give it a good squeeze. But when I wanted to wrap my fingers around it, a soft beep reminded me that this wasn’t possible yet.

I checked the time and saw it was still early. It was still early enough to explain why there wasn’t a rescue mission knocking at the door but late enough to start my day.

As I stared at the ceiling, I thought about our possibilities to return to the main base. All ideas hung on the fact that I wasn’t able to use my hands, and we had to wait a week, six days at best, to go back on our own. If there even was a base left at all!

I was thinking about the options we had to bring the coms to the main base back online when Nadia was waking up. The cute whines and groans as she returned to the land of the living kept bringing a smile to my face.

I turned on my side to face her, and when she moved her head and noticed me, she also turned to her side. As her face came closer to mine, I said, “I’ve got a bad case of morning breath, I’m afraid.”

Nadia giggled at that, and moments later, she kissed me gently on my lips again. It wasn’t the intimate and loving kisses we shared last night, but it wasn’t exactly a peck on the cheek, either.

She moved closer and wrapped her arm around my body as our kiss intensified. Her breasts were pressed against my chest, and I knew I’d never grow tired of feeling them.

Her other hand lay on the mattress between us, and when I shifted a bit, it accidentally brushed against my rock-hard boner. My eyes flew open at the contact, and so did Nadia’s. She pulled her face back and smiled wickedly at me.

“You’re completely awake, aren’t you?” she chuckled.

I could only blush, and when she didn’t pull back her hand, it twitched firmly, causing Nadia to pull back her hand.

“It’s morning again,” I apologized and turned to my back.

Nadia must have noticed my embarrassment because she said, “You know I don’t care about that. We talked about it.”

“I know… but it’s just…”

“You can’t do anything about it now. Is that it?”

“No! It’s not. It’s a bit…” I stammered and realized I could be honest about this stuff now, “Yeah… it’ll get worse in a few days. And… I don’t wanna embarrass you by poking you with my boner, you know?”

“I don’t mind being poked. As long as it’s with you, at least.”

I turned my head to look at her and saw her smiling warmly at me. She was serious. She didn’t care about these things! So why was I acting so stupid then?

“I can help if you want…” she whispered with another coy smile on her face.


“Yeah! I can, you know… use my hand to…” she said as a blush spread across her face and upper chest.


“I mean… I touched you before, and I watched you do it. So…”

My mind was shooting everywhere at the moment. My sister jacking me off? That sounded like the best thing that could happen to me. But what if I shoot too quickly? What if she didn’t want to do this and just offered to do it as a nice gesture? She might hate me afterward! I know… I was so messed up!

“I really don’t mind, Ay! And it’s no big deal. I just wanna help,” she said in the silence while I was thinking.

Thankfully, my hormones took over, and I timidly nodded. Apparently, this was all my twin sister needed. She scooted over and put her hand just below my belly button. She kicked down the sheet with her feet, exposing our naked bodies.

Her head was on my chest again, and she looked down at my hard dick. Her hand inched downwards, and the moment she rubbed her palm over my dickhead, I sucked in a breath. This time, Nadia didn’t flinch. She moved her hand further down, and now, her palm rubbed my shaft. Her fingers closed around it, and she gripped my hard-on firmly.

A soft moan escaped my lips as she moved her hand upward, slightly releasing the firm grip but still enough to give the much-needed friction. The moment her fist was at the top of my dick, she moved it down again, just like I always did.

“Ohhh…” I softly moaned.

Nadia moved her face up and lay it next to my ear. She slowly kept moving her fist up and down as she did this.

“You like this, huh?” she whispered in my ear.

This sent goosebumps all over my body, and I could only nod between my moans. I felt Nadia move her head, and in the corner of my eye, I saw her looking at the action between my legs again.

Despite this being her first time, she did an excellent job. She glided her fist over the entire length but still managed to give the underside of my dickhead extra attention. She also gripped my dick firmer and softer at every move, which was a new one for me, but far from unpleasant. Quite the opposite, actually!

“It’s so hard…” she whispered, and I could hear the excitement in her voice.

“Mmhhh…” I moaned.

“Am I doing okay?”

“Y- aaahhh… you’re… oh yes!”

My peak was rapidly approaching. It came way faster than when I did it myself, but the feeling of someone else handling my dick, especially my fabulous sister, was also way more intense.

“Oh… Na- ahh… I think… hmmm…”

“You’re shooting?” she asked excitedly.

“Oh yeah.. oh yeah… oh…”

Now that I wasn’t in control, I couldn’t change the pace, grip, speed, or anything. I was completely dependent on what my twin sister did. I’d usually go faster by now, but Nadia just kept going at a regular pace. This extended my orgasm a little longer, which was fantastic.

But the inevitable was coming. There was no going back now. I grunted deeply as I felt the wave of my orgasm approach. Nadia moved her head down a little, which turned me on even more. She wanted a first-row seat for my spurting dick.

When my balls tightened and I felt my dick fatten, I moaned loudly. This was it, and the moment my first spurt shot from the tip of my dick, Nadia’s soft “YESSS!!” gave me another surge of excitement.

She was watching me cum, and she loved it. And I loved her soft hand working my dick as three more spurts came out before it turned into a dribble.

“Stop… too sensitive,” I panted.

Nadia stopped jerking me and kissed me tenderly on my neck, but she didn’t let go of my dick. She kept squeezing it as she let me catch my breath. She stayed away from my glans and kept fondling me, which was an excellent way to come down from my orgasm. I even managed to remain mostly hard, which was a first.

I looked her deep into her eyes, and Nadia immediately caught on. She kissed me on my lips, and before I knew it, we were Frenching quite heavily with her fingers still wrapped around my dick. Her lower body moved, and I felt her drape her leg over my lower body. Moments later, I felt something hot and moist press against my upper leg, and it started sliding up and down my leg. This was Nadia’s pussy, and she was grinding it against me.

Her kissing became more passionate, almost violent, and she moaned in my mouth constantly. Our tongues were wrestling, and she still had a firm grip on my dick. She was jacking me again, and the short break was enough to get me going again without it being too sensitive.

But it wasn’t about me now. Her movements against my upper leg were more and more deliberate, whereas her focus on jacking me ebbed away.

With my arm around her lower back, I felt her pelvic motion going faster and faster. Her mouth was smashed against mine, and the loud noises of her breathing through her nose filled the room.

There was one final firm push, and then she stopped. Her body stiffened, and as I opened my eyes to look at her, she had hers firmly shut, and an intense look of pleasure and focus was all over her face.

The motion of her pussy on my leg continued, and now she was making small circles. Every now and then, she shook a little, but her orgasm was going down now. After a minute or so, her body went limp, and she lay her whole weight on top of me. Feeling her on top of me like this was fantastic, and we stayed like this for a while.

“We need a shower,” Nadia chuckled after she finally lifted her face to look at me.

She was right. My sperm was between our bodies, and although it wasn’t much, we needed to wash it off. And my leg was a bit sticky from my sister’s juices. So yeah… we need to shower.

The shower itself was relatively uneventful. Our room had the biggest bathroom of the site, with two shower heads next to each other. It was initially the captain’s family room, designed for showering together with his young kids and, most importantly, to give him status. But this captain eventually never came to Aetheria.

Nadia washed my front and back, paying particular attention to my crotch. She giggled as I grew stiff again under her soapy hands, but we didn’t do anything sexual in the shower because we wanted to be ready in case a rescue team came knocking. Tenderly kissing each other under the cascading water was something neither of us wanted to miss, so we did that a few times.

Being dried by another person had been a long while, but Nadia did a great job. She tried to be clinical about it, but when it came to my dick and ass, she just had to make some smartass comments about it and toyed with my balls.

But that was about it. I loved the kissing and seeing my nude sister prance around, but we needed to make sure to be ready to head back to the main base. At least, that’s what I told myself.

If I was honest, I wouldn’t mind another hand job from my sister. But now Nadia was pulling up my boxers after she put on her gray, oversized shirt. She cupped my balls and smiled at me after everything was stuffed inside the tight material.

“All good?” she asked.

“Yup! Thanks for helping me!”

“Don’t mention it. Now I can touch your penis whenever I want, under the pretense of helping you,” she giggled.

“Be my guest,” I countered, but it came out lamer than it sounded in my head.

After Nadia fed me my breakfast and ate her own, we rechecked the control room, and everything was the same as yesterday. All tests were still showing up green, and no intelligent lifeforms other than the local animal population were detected anywhere near the site.

“Let’s explore more of this site, okay?” Nadia asked, “I’m getting bored in here.”


We checked if our coms were still connected, and after the central systems confirmed this, we headed over to the sleeping quarters. We wandered around and checked out the separate rooms, hoping to find something interesting.

Some of the rooms were nice and tidy, but a few were still in the same state as when the person who lived in it left it. After some searching, we learned that these people expected to return on short notice and asked the bots to leave their rooms alone.

Because of the security clearance Nadia had managed to give us, we could enter these rooms and check them out. Most of the personal belongings were gone, but some pictures, small boxes, and stuff were still there.

We were going through these rooms to see if we could find something interesting. Since there wasn’t too much to do here, we’d hope to find a game, deck of cards, or anything like that. We checked out all storage rooms, bathrooms, personal rooms, everything! It took us most of the day, but we didn’t mind. It wasn’t like we had anything else to do, and it wasn’t exactly cold, so we were glad to have something to put our minds to.

I looked inside a half-open closet in one of the last rooms we entered. There was a small box, so I asked Nadia to check it out. She put the box on the table and opened it.

“That’s one of those vintage personal streamers, right?” I asked as she pulled out a small black box with buttons on it.

“Looks like it,” she said, rummaging through the box.

She pulled out some pictures, a diary, and some other stuff. But when she pulled out another streamer, I looked at Nadia and matched her surprised look. With a knife, someone had carved a small smiley in this streamer.

“Let’s take those,” Nadia said, placing all the other stuff back into the box.

We scanned some more rooms, but none were interesting. We looked at each other after we exited the last room on the floor.

“We can do the floor below,” Nadia said, but I could see she was a bit fed up with it, just like I was.

“Let’s check out the streamers. We can always do the bottom floor tomorrow. If we’re still here, of course.”

We headed to the rec room, and I dropped on the couch. Nadia clicked on the TV, took the remote, and scanned for the wireless connection options.

“Good thing this TV still has this option,” I said, feeling glad we could check out these streamers.

“Yeah. It’s an oldie, and I guess that’s why this guy still had these boxes lying around. Let’s see…”

Nadia pressed the power-on switch on the box, and a soft beep confirmed it still worked. The television showed the text ‘Connecting,’ and the device menu appeared after a few moments.

There were several movies on there and a ‘personal’ section. Nadia scrolled through the movie list and giggled when we came across a golden oldie.

“Jeez! Fast and Furious forty-four! Really!?” I said, giggling myself, “Talk about vintage! That franchise stopped being interesting after the fifth movie!”

“Vin Diesel’s great-great-grandchildren still pulled it off.”

“Whatever. What else is on there?”

We scrolled through the personal section, and it was filled with videos from home. This guy had left his wife and kids behind, and there were tons of videos from them. Most of it was mushy stuff about how much they missed him and what his kids could do now. But one of them was interesting, and we watched it completely.

I guessed the woman to be in her early thirties, and she was in her black bra and panties, talking into the camera while it panned over her good-looking body.

I felt myself grow hard, especially when she said the word “Blowjob” a few times in a tone that would’ve instantly melted a block of ice.

“What’s a blowjob?” Nadia asked and smiled when she eyed my boner.

“Dunno. But it sounds good!”

“I can see that,” she giggled but turned her head back at the TV.

“And I miss your thick, hard cock, stretching out my soaking cunt as you fuck me senseless,” the woman said, and her hand slid inside her panties.

“Oh wow…” Nadia whispered.

“Love you! Come home soon. I’ll be waiting for you,” the woman on television whispered as the screen faded to black.

Nadia and I looked wide-eyed at each other and simultaneously said, “Bisque!”

That caused us to giggle, and after a few moments, Nadia said, “I didn’t know grownups did this kind of stuff.”

“Me neither. And I think a blowjob is also some sex stuff, don’t you think?”

“Has to be. Maybe we can find something in the other clips.”

We kept scrolling through the rest of his personal files, but none of them had any more sexy stuff in them.

“Let’s try the one with the smiley,” I said, getting bored with the kid constantly running around and telling us how much he missed his daddy.

“Let’s do another broad sweep first, okay?”

We headed over to the control room, where Nadia did her routine again. The broader sweep of the surroundings had to be done manually, and it could show early signs of life approaching the base.

“Still no one…” I said, feeling gloomy about being left here all alone.

“And it’s getting late. Almost too late for them to head back if needed.”

“I don’t think anyone is coming. Do you?”

“Don’t say that, Ay! We don’t know how bad they were hit by the quake.”

“I know… but we need to find a way to get that radio fixed. I need to know what’s going on!” I said and heard a bit of anger and frustration in my voice.

“You need your hands to go outside.”

“AAHHGR!” I shouted out of frustration.

Nadia placed a hand on my shoulder and said, “Let’s check out that other streamer, okay? After that, we’ll eat and figure out what to do with the radio later.”

When the streamer booted, there was only one movie on there. It was some lame-ass romantic comedy that neither of us wanted to see. But when Nadia opened the personal section, there were two folders. They were labeled ‘Pics’ and ‘Vids’ and didn’t have thumbnails.

Nadia looked questioningly at me, and I said, “Vids. Definitely.”

When the folder opened, the titles only had six-digit numbers instead of labels and no thumbnails. Nadia selected the first one, and an old, grainy opening shot started. I guessed it was shot in just 4K, which gave it an aged, vintage look. We saw an exterior shot of a big mansion, and the title faded in with big, curly letters.

“The pool boy?” Nadia said, surprised, “What kind of dumbass movie is this?”

“Dunno. Looks old.”

The camera moved to the back of the house and panned over the pool to a lounge chair. In that chair, a big-breasted young woman was finishing applying her sunscreen and ready to get her tan. I guessed her to be around eighteen or nineteen, and what surprised me most was her extremely skimpy white bikini.

The fabric of her top was barely enough to cover her nipples, and the, what I later learned, thong bottom was high on her hips and low at her front. I boned up instantly when I looked at her.

She turned to her belly, showing us her fine-looking ass with the small stripe of fabric between her cheeks. She sighed deeply and closed her eyes.

“What is this?” Nadia asked, her eyes glued to the screen.

The woman reached behind her back and untied her top, showing some sideboob. She threw it on the floor beside her and softly said, “That’s better.”

Moments later, we saw another shot of bare feet, shown from behind, walking up to the woman on the chair.

“Excuse me, miss,” a dark voice said, and the shot widened.

The woman looked back at the man and acted like she was startled by his presence. The acting was poor, and we saw a flash of her naked boobs right before she covered them with her hands.

“Oh! I didn’t know you were coming!” the woman said.

“Don’t worry, ma’am. I’m only here to clean the pool. Don’t mind me.”

The man took off his white T-shirt, and the woman exaggeratedly checked out the man’s body. And, moments later, the camera did the same. He was wearing an extremely short and tight pair of cutoff jeans. He had a pronounced bulge in them, and his upper body was muscular with a nice dark tan.

The man picked up a net and started scooping the leaves and other stuff from the pool. We saw the woman checking him out, and she licked her lips. The next shot showed the ass of the man as he picked up something from the floor. The woman acted, poorly again, as if she had just come up with something.

She laid back down on her belly, grabbed the sunscreen, and called the man over. The man checked out the ass of the woman and asked, “What’s the problem, ma’am?”

“Can you help me with this, please? I don’t wanna get sunburned…”

“This is one of those sexy movies,” I said in disbelief.

“You mean… pron?”

“I think so…”

On TV, the man wasted no time and was rubbing his hands all over the woman’s back. He didn’t ask permission and also started rubbing all over her ass. The woman didn’t protest, and a closeup of her smiling face showed she actually liked it.

“Do you need me to also do the front?” the man asked with that very dark voice that Nadia said was sexy.

The woman turned around, showing off her huge tits with extremely hard nipples, and said, “Yes, please.”

The man smiled widely at her exposed tits. He wasted no time and started massaging them, causing the woman to moan loudly. He kept kneading one breast with one hand while the other moved downward over her belly toward the top of the white thong.

The moment his hand disappeared under the white fabric, the woman arched her back and sucked in a breath.

“This is bisque,” I said softly.

“Yeah… mind if I get comfortable?” Nadia asked as she glanced briefly at my crotch.

My boner stretched the fabric, but it was stretchy enough to still be mildly comfortable. Nadia had her hands at the bottom of her shirt and looked expectantly at me. I gave her a gentle nod, and Nadia quickly took off her shirt and threw it on the floor. My eyes were immediately fixated on my twin sister’s breasts. To me, they looked way better than the big boobs we saw on TV. I noticed Nadia was looking at the TV again, and when I saw the lady had pulled down her bikini bottom, I had to look at her bald pussy.

“Doesn’t she have hair?”

“I think she shaved them,” Nadia said without taking her eyes from the screen.

The man’s fingers were shown in closeup as he was fingering the woman. I looked intensely, and it was apparent he knew what he was doing as he did almost the same things I saw Nadia do. 

In the corner of my eye, I saw Nadia’s hand between her legs. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she was doing. My dick twitched hard at the realization my sister was openly fingering herself, and Nadia glanced down when I did. She saw me looking and shrugged apologetically.

“This is hot,” she hoarsely whispered.

I was about to ask for a hand when the woman on TV said, “I wanna blow you. Get up…”

The man got to his feet, and we saw a closeup of his tight jeans where an obvious boner was stretching the material. Moments later, the woman’s fingers were working the button and zipper.

As the man’s gigantic dick popped out, both Nadia and I whispered a simultaneous “WOW!” His dick was at least eight inches and looked massive. Strangely enough, it didn’t make me feel small or inadequate. He was an adult and probably selected for this movie because of that. Maybe I’d grow to be this big when I was fully developed, but now, I couldn’t care less about it. Seeing pron for the first time was just too exciting.

The next shot was a POV shot where we looked down at the woman. Her big tits were showing, and she was stroking the man’s dick while looking seductively into the camera. What she did next caused Nadia and me to suck in another breath.

Her lips wrapped themselves around the man’s colossal dickhead, while she kept looking into the camera. More and more of the man’s dick disappeared into her mouth. For the next couple of minutes, we saw how she sucked, licked, and toyed with the man’s hard dick.

A wet spot was forming in my boxers around my dickhead. The stuff on the TV made me incredibly horny, and with Nadia slowly working her pussy beside me, I felt an incredible urge to grip my dick and do the same. The frustration about not being able to do so started having an effect.

With a loud ‘pop,’ the woman lifted her face and pulled at the man’s dick. She got up, giving us another closeup view of her entire body, and the man lay on his back on the chair.

“Are they gonna make sex now?” Nadia hoarsely asked, and I noticed she was picking up the pace.

“I guess.”

But the woman climbed on top of the man with her face near his dick. This way, her bald pussy was near the man’s face, and he didn’t waste any time. The camera got close to his face, and we saw how his tongue was licking all over her pussy. Her enlarged clitoris, which couldn’t be missed, received extra attention, and his fingers worked overtime to help his tongue.

In the next shot, the camera moved from his face over the woman’s round ass to the action between his legs. She was licking and sucking away, just like before, and was toying with his balls.

We were looking at a closeup shot of the man’s glistening dick with the woman’s head bobbing up and down on it when suddenly the screen went black, and the text ‘Check input connection’ appeared. 

“What the hell!?” Nadia exclaimed.

“Check the streamer,” I said, suspecting the source of the problem.

“It’s dead…”

“I was afraid of that. These old devices need to be recharged every six months. We were lucky it still had some juice.”

“Now what?” Nadia said, leaning back on the couch with her hands folded behind her head.

My eyes roamed over her body, and the tension I felt in my balls grew even tighter. I thought about it for a second but couldn’t come up with a quick fix.

“I didn’t see a charger in his room, did you?” I asked.

“No, damnit! I want to see how it ends. Don’t you?” Nadia said, and I saw something in her face I hadn’t seen before.

“Maybe in one of the other rooms…” I tried.

“Can’t we change the battery with the other streamer?”

“Afraid not. It’s a fixed one, so the device could stay smaller.”

We were quiet for a few moments, and I noticed how Nadia had her fingers in her crotch again, and they moved slowly. She wasn’t fingering herself but was just toying with her pubes and the other exciting bits down there.

“At least now we know what a blowjob is…” Nadia chuckled.

“I never thought people would do that. I mean… I pee from there!”

“It looked like they had fun. I don’t think it tastes bad. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have done it to each other…”

“Guess you’re right.”

My dick was now painfully hard, and the wet spot in my boxers started to feel sticky. I had a tingling feeling throughout my lower body that I hadn’t felt before. If I had the use of my fingers, I would definitely be playing with my… cock like Nadia was doing to herself.

The awkward silence was broken by Nadia clearing her throat. “Do.. uhm… do you mind if I, you know… try it with you?”

“Try what… oh!! Uhm…”

“I’m curious, you know?” Nadia said, blushed furiously, and spoke with her eyes locked on mine, “I wanna suck your, uhm, cock!”

Her usual timid reaction to stuff like this was now replaced with a determination I had never seen before, and she didn’t look ashamed or embarrassed. She looked me deep into my eyes, and there was no doubt about what she wanted. Judging by the man I saw on TV, he had a great time getting that blowjob, so I didn’t have a reason to say no. Heck! I wanted to know what it felt like the moment the woman’s lips wrapped around his dick.

But there was also the case where the man used his tongue on the woman. If I was honest, that looked like a lot of fun too. By using my tongue, I could make Nadia feel good without having to use my fingers, something I wanted to do for a long time.

“Okay. But only if I can try it with you after that!”

That brought a huge grin to my sister’s face. She got to her knees and sat down in front of the couch with my legs on each side of her.

“I was hoping you’d say that…” Nadia said with a smile and started working on my boxers.

She pulled the waistband away from my body so my boner wouldn’t be trapped. She started pulling them down, and I lifted my butt so she could pull them off completely. The awkwardness of being naked in front of my sister was long gone by now, and I only felt anticipation about what was going to happen.

When Nadia’s face was inches away from my boner, she grabbed it by the base and examined it closely.    

“I like yours better than the guy’s on the streamer. Way cuter,” she said and moved her face toward my dickhead.

My whole body was beaming with anticipation. I saw her opening her mouth, and the moment her lips touched my dickhead, a bolt of electricity shot from my dick to the back of my head. Nadia took more of my dick in her mouth, and her eyes widened when I felt a drop of precum ooze out. She was holding my dick with her right hand, and with her left, she started toying with my balls.

As her warm mouth went further down my shaft, I moaned involuntarily. This was by far the best feeling I ever felt on my dick. Ever! Judging by Nadia’s enthusiasm, she was also having a blast.

I kept looking at my sister as she was bobbing up and down on my rock-hard dick. Every now and then, her eyes met mine, and the twinkle of excitement grew bigger. She must have noticed how it became increasingly difficult for me to focus.

Her tongue was lapping all around the underside of my shaft and dickhead, and her lips were tight around my shaft. Each time her tongue hit the sensitive spot at the base of my glans, I moaned louder. But the soft squeezes she gave my balls took away the peak and made me last longer. 

The combination of my sister’s mouth around my dick and all the sensations that flooded my young mind were all accumulating into that fantastic peak I recently learned to love so much. The waves of pleasure were building inside, and these waves were banging against my inner dam. I could only moan, and my hips moved involuntarily to feel as much of that beautiful mouth as possible.

Despite all the primary feelings inside, I was clear enough to feel the need to warn Nadia. Between my moans, I panted, “ohh… cummin- ohh, I’m…”

I expected her to lift her face from my dick and finish me with her hand. But she kept on sucking, lapping, and bobbing.

I wasn’t sure if she heard me, so I managed to squeeze out a, “Look ou- Aahh… it’s…” right before I felt the inner dam break.

It was like a volcanic eruption. All the pressure that had built inside my lower body peaked into one place and erupted through my cock. Spurt after spurt left my twitching dick, and I felt my sister’s mouth working hard to keep up. Even though I didn’t shoot very much with each spurt, there were a lot of spurts, and Nadia wanted it all.

I collapsed back on the couch, heard a loud pop, and the cold hit my saliva-covered dick as it left Nadia’s mouth. She crawled onto the sofa next to me and pressed her body against mine, kissing me on my neck and face as she whispered in my ear, “THAT was freaking bisque!”

I was panting heavily and turned my head to kiss her back. She immediately inserted her tongue into my mouth, and I tasted the faint taste of my own cum. The lust and passion in her kiss were remarkable and turned me on immensely despite having an orgasm mere seconds earlier.

I felt a primal urge to make her feel as good as possible, and I wanted to feel what it was like to lick my twin sister’s pussy. So, I broke the kiss and slid to my knees, so I sat between her legs. 

This close-up view of my sister’s pussy was fascinating. She had already explained what everything was the last time I looked, but seeing it up close was different, to say the least. What struck me most was the intoxicating smell that filled my nostrils. It wasn’t a warm smell like freshly baked cookies or a forest after a rainstorm, but it wasn’t exactly unpleasant either. It triggered something deep inside, and I felt tremendously attracted to my sister.

So, I stuck out my tongue and moved my face between her legs. The moment the tip of my tongue hit her slit, Nadia hissed. I knew this wasn’t from pain or discomfort. Someone else’s touch down there gave you a whole new set of pleasures.

I moved my tongue further up her slit toward her clitoris. As I did this, more and more of her pussy’s moisture hit my tastebuds. This was almost like a drug to me. My eyes widened, and I felt an incredible urge to taste as much of this as I could.

But my first goal was her clit. Nadia said earlier that this was the best spot on her body, and I wanted to test that. This confirmation was instant. As I touched her clit with the tip of my tongue, her legs clamped shut around my head, and I could hear her moan in the distance.

She must’ve realized what she did because her legs opened again a second later. I gave her clit a couple of tentative licks but wanted to taste more of that magnificent moisture she offered me. So I started licking all around her pussy, to lick up as much as possible. Nadia caught on and opened her legs widely.

The strong scents I smelled kept me longing for more. Now that Nadia had spread her legs, I could sneak my tongue further inside. I was now licking between her lips and made sure to rub my tongue over her clit with every upward move.

Between her lips, the taste was even stronger, so I wanted to know if, by entering her, this would increase even more. I rolled up my tongue and pressed it against her entrance. I slipped in way easier than expected and was amazed by its texture. Judging by Nadia’s moans, she liked this. But I couldn’t go as deep as I wanted, and I couldn’t taste her as good as I wished to this way.

So I started licking all around her lips and clit again, all the while encouraged by my sister’s moans. Her breathing was shallow and fast, and she started rubbing her fingers through my hair. When I toyed with her clit in my mouth, her fingers pressed hard into my skull, which was sexy and encouraging.

“Oohh… yeah… right there… OOOHHH!!”

By now, I was solely focused on her clit and the small area around it. Nadia’s fingers constantly pushed into my head, and she tried pushing my face against her pussy.

I would have none of that. I was in control here, and I determined what I did. Feeling the buildup toward her inevitable orgasm, and me being the cause of that, gave me a tremendous feeling of power and pride. Her breathing became ragged, and whining sounds came from deep within her throat. All indications I was on the right track.

A soft “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” sounded every time I put pressure on her clit with my tongue. I even wrapped my lips around it and sucked on it like it was a little penis. She liked that, but the small circles I was making now had the most effect.

It was fantastic to have the power to determine when she would cum. And it was fun to prolong it a little. But my jaw was getting a bit sore, and I knew how frustrating it could be to build up to the edge only to be brought back down again.

So, I figured it was time to get her off. I slipped a finger inside her, and slowly started moving it in and out. She groaned loudly and she was rocking her pelvis a little to give me even better access. A gush of her juices filled my mouth, and I moaned loudly. The sounds were muffled by her pussy, but it also triggered a moan from Nadia. I tried it again, and the same thing happened.

“Ay! I’m… it’s…”

Another gush of her pussy juices came out, and I drank it as fast as I could so I could get back to her clit, while slowly moving my finger. I kept moaning softly and was treated with more and more of her sex drugs.

And that’s when it happened. She pressed her pussy hard against my mouth and pushed my face against her crotch. There was no way I could break free from her firm grip. But there was also no way I wanted to get away. Her pussy fed me copious amounts of those fantastic juices I lapped up eagerly.

I was breathing through my nose and heard the most beautiful sounds I ever heard. The high-pitched, soft whimpering of my climaxing twin sister. All senses in my body were treated with the best possible input I knew. Even though it was her orgasm, I shared her feelings on a spiritual level.

Her body was trembling as she came, and I slowed down my efforts on her clit, assuming it was pretty much the same as with my dick. The gentle licking continued for a few more moments when I felt Nadia’s hands on my shoulders. She was trying to pull me up, and I got the idea.

I sat up straight between her legs and moved over to kiss her. Nadia’s arms wrapped around my neck, and we kissed passionately for a couple of moments. Our bodies were pressed together like this, but I was clueless about our position until I felt my hard dick touch the warm and moist pussy of my sister.

My eyes flew open, and Nadia moaned into my mouth. I didn’t dare to move my lower body, as I didn’t want to accidentally stick it into my sister. But Nadia had different ideas as she moved her hips to press more of her pussy against my throbbing member. We broke our kiss and looked deep into each other’s eyes. Nadia had a grin I had never seen on her before, and she moved her lower body again.

“That was amazing, Ay! Thanks for doing that!”

“It was… ahh…”

The slickness of her pussy on my dick felt terrific! I didn’t dare to move my hips, and Nadia must’ve noticed my discomfort about this situation as she sat up straighter and broke our connection.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “it just feels good to have your… cock on my… cunt…”

“It does! But…”

Nadia didn’t let me finish and kissed me again. Not as passionate as before, but more loving and tender.

After we broke the kiss, I sat on the couch beside her and noticed the blue lights on my braces had turned purple. Beside me, Nadia abruptly got up and started walking towards the kitchen.

“I’ll make us some dinner,” she said and didn’t look back.

This startled me a bit. Did I do something wrong? Was she mad about what had happened? Was it about my dick against her pussy? All sorts of horror scenarios shot through my head. I needed to know what was wrong with her, but I didn’t know how to talk about it.

After a few minutes, I gathered my courage and headed to the kitchen. Nadia had put on an apron and stood with her back toward me. Seeing her naked ass and back, with just the belt of the apron around her waist, looked sexy as hell. There was no denying in that! As I approached her, I noticed some sideboob as the apron only covered half her boob.

I stood at her back, and because of the noise the hood above the stove made, she hadn’t heard me yet. I looked at her slender neck, the soft skin on her back, the perfect ass, and long legs and felt an incredible urge to hug her.

So, I put my arms around her waist and pressed my naked body against hers. I pulled her against me, and after a surprised ‘oh!’ Nadia straightened her head, and I saw a smile on her face. I kissed her neck and pulled her even tighter against me.

My soft dick was nestled between her cheeks, but this wasn’t sexual at all. It was nice to feel our bodies against each other. Nadia turned around, and we locked eyes.  Without saying anything, we started kissing each other tenderly. No tongue, just a tender, loving and heartfelt kiss.

“I really love you, Ay…” Nadia whispered after we broke our kiss.

“I love you too,” was all I could come up with.

“I know, but…”

I could see she was

struggling with something. I waited a moment for her to keep talking, but when she just kept looking at the floor, I asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I really, really love you, Ay!! Not like my brother or friend, but as something, I don’t know… deeper?” she said and sighed deeply, “I mean… we talked about it after our first kiss, and I’m glad you love me too. But to me, it’s… more. And then after you gave me, you know… the best feeling EVER, and then your… touched me there, I wanted nothing more than to…”

Wow! She wants to have sex with me! This needed a moment to sink in… I loved Nadia with all my heart and would do anything for her! Even sex. But wasn’t that… wrong?

Before I could answer, she sighed again and continued, “But you’re my brother! And what brother would want to have sex with his sister? And on top of that, brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to do that. It’s illegal! And here I am, wanting to feel you inside me…”

Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she didn’t look at me anymore. She only looked at the floor and sniffed loudly. I opened my mouth and, for once, didn’t think first about what I wanted to say. I wanted my sister to feel better and just started talking.

“I would love to have… uhm… sex with you!” I started, and Nadia’s eyes shot up to meet mine and gazed at me in wide wonder, “I want to be as close as possible to you for as long as I can remember! And when I learned about sex, I wanted nothing more than to do it with you. But I don’t wanna hurt you! And I know we aren’t supposed to do this, so I’m not sure if we should. And the thoughts of wanting to do this with you, even though you probably didn’t want to do it with me, combined with it being illegal and all, has been troubling me for months now!” I blurted out in a torrent of words.

I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I confessed my deepest feelings to my sister. The look on Nadia’s face morphed from anger and sadness into wonder and tenderness.

“You… you want to do it too?”

“Yes! Absolutely! But… It’s just…” now it was my turn to sigh deeply, “I’m not sure if we should. I mean… I read on the FliN that it will probably change our relationship, and nothing, no matter how amazing it feels, is worth jeopardizing that! I just… I don’t wanna lose you!”

“Oh, Ay! I’m SO glad you said all this! I thought I was going mad! From the moment I saw you after your shower, I knew I wanted to do something with you. But I didn’t have a clue what that was. Until A’vii’s sister told me about the secrets of sex. That’s the moment it all clicked inside my head. I felt so stupid and alone for thinking these thoughts…”

“I know exactly what you mean! And thank you for telling me this! I would’ve never dared to talk about it with you, and if- if…”

Before I could finish my sentence, we kissed again. We kissed deeply and intensely, and this kiss radiated throughout my entire body.

“We’re so stupid…” Nadia chuckled after we broke the kiss.

“Yes. Yes, we are!” I nodded.

Nadia lay her head on my chest, and her arms were around my waist with one hand on top of one of my ass cheeks. After another sigh, she asked, “So now what?”

“Dunno,” I replied honestly, “I don’t think we should force anything, do you?”

I felt her shake her head, but she didn’t say anything.

“Maybe we should think about this some more and see where it goes,” I said as I kissed her on her head and quickly added, “But we can still do all the other stuff we saw in that pron movie!”

Nadia giggled, lifted her head, and looked at me with a twinkling in her eye, “Cool! I wouldn’t wanna miss that! Your tongue around there feels totally bisque!”

Behind us, the oven beeped, and Nadia broke our hug to grab the food. As she was bending over, I got a good look at her exposed backside. Her ass looked amazing, and I had a great view of her moist pussy lips like this. I managed to steer clear from a boner by doing the table of sixteen in my head, but it was close and would just be too awkward.

End of chapter 9

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Aetheria – Chapter 6

Jason Crow

Chapter 6 – Departing

I felt a bit disoriented when I woke up. Something was pressing against my side. Something warm and pleasant, but I couldn’t immediately place it. When Nadia softly giggled, I knew she was still cuddled up to me as we fell asleep last night.

“I see you’re up,” she giggled again.

When I realized I wasn’t covered by the blanket and my morning wood twitched, I knew why she giggled.

I had to resist the urge to cover myself, and although it took some effort, I managed. I even flexed my dick a few times to make it twitch again.

“Yeah, well… told you already, can’t help it.”

“I know. It’s just funny to see you like this,” she said. And after a short pause, “Thanks for showing me last night. I’m so glad you’re cool about it!”

“It isn’t THAT big of a deal, is it? With us being brother and sister, I mean.”

I knew it was a big deal and that us being siblings made it an even bigger deal. But I wanted Nadia to think that it made things less weird.

“Yeah. You’re right,” Nadia said after another short pause.

We lay like this for a couple of minutes without saying anything. Occasionally, my dick twitched, and Nadia’s hand rubbed over my chest every now and then.

“Hey! Now I don’t have to hurry. You can go to the bathroom first!” Nadia said excitedly.

“I guess…”

She sat up, giving me another good look at her excellent boobs, and nodded toward the bathroom.

“Mom’s waiting, so we better get going.”

I sighed exaggeratedly, swung my legs out of bed, and got up. My bobbing boner led the way, but I carefully kept my back toward her so she wouldn’t see it and make fun of it. And I didn’t want to overdo it. Yes, she’d seen me jerk myself. Yes, apparently, we sleep in the buff now. But this didn’t mean we’d have to prance around naked in front of each other all the time.

“Nice butt, bro,” she giggled.

“Eat me!” I laughed as I closed the bathroom door.

After Nadia and I were done, we went to Mom and Dad for breakfast. This time, besides Mom, only Ethan was there.

The conversation at the breakfast table eventually turned to the fact that Nadia and I were bored out of our minds.

“Why don’t you two come and help me today? I’ve got two clogged laundry chutes, and they’re way easier to fix with another pair of hands.”

“Can we?” Nadia asked as she looked at Mom.

“Sure! I don’t see why not if the team leader says you’re allowed to.”

“Bisque!” I exclaimed, excited by the prospect of doing something different today.

After we helped Mom clear the breakfast table, we headed out to Ethan’s workplace. Turned out that the work wasn’t that exciting. We’d drive around with Ethan on his electric service cart, and every now and then, we’d have to do something.

The laundry chutes were a bit harder to do. Nadia and I each had to stand on a ladder opposite to each other, and we had to lift a lever. That way, Ethan could enter the chute and remove the stuck laundry.

Nadia’s shirt rose up as she pushed the lever, and I got a great look at her tight belly. She saw me looking but didn’t say or do anything. But the moment I realized I was caught looking, I must’ve looked flushed because Nadia started giggling.

During our time with Ethan, he kept asking us things about Laousa. I didn’t think much of that, but Nadia later said he’d probably have a crush on her. I didn’t care. We had a good day with the three of us and had fun together.

After dinner, which was again without Dad, Nadia and I returned to our room. After another movie, Nadia yawned loudly.

“I’m tired. Should we hit the sack?” she asked.

My heartbeat rose because I was curious about what Nadia would do. I felt a stir in my boxers at the thought of seeing her naked again. I quickly diverted my thoughts and thankfully prevented a boner.


I got up as I always did to let Nadia go to the bathroom to change. This time, however, she hesitated. As I started unbuttoning my pants, she got to her feet and said, “Might as well undress in here, right?”

I started to blush and stammered, “Are we… uhm… like last night?”

“I figured… uhm… yes?” she answered and also started blushing. She quickly added, “If you want to, of course!”

I must’ve looked stupid because she looked at the floor and added, “And if you don’t mind seeing me…”

This was my trigger. I didn’t want Nadia to ever feel bad about herself, “Oh no. I don’t mind seeing you, you know, naked at all! You’re the prettiest girl I know!”

Her eyes widened, and she looked me in my eyes. A smile appeared on her face, and she said, “Cool! Let’s get comfy, then.”

The tension in the air was thick as we both undressed with our backs toward each other. Looking back, I think that was also the reason I didn’t bone up. The moment my boxers hit the floor, and I stood straight, Nadia wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. Her cheek and, more importantly, her boobs were pressed against my back.

“It’s so cool we can do this! I feel like we can talk about anything,” she said softly.

After she broke the hug, she walked over to her side of the bed. Remarkably, I was still soft-ish. As she walked, I looked at her bare back and could only admire her fine ass again.

As I looked, I lifted the blanket and got in bed. It wasn’t that I wanted to hide myself, but I also didn’t want to make a big deal out of this. As I lay down, I tried not to look at her front, but when I saw her, I just had to quickly check out her boobs and the slit between her legs.

Nadia crawled in and also got under the covers. We lay there looking at the ceiling for a couple of minutes in awkward silence when Nadia said, “This will get less awkward after a while, right?”

I looked at her and said, “I’m SO glad you said that! It doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be awkward. But, I mean…”

Nadia looked thoughtfully at me and said, “Why don’t we just push down the blanket and get this over with? We look at each other for a few minutes and get this off our chests.”

This didn’t sound like a bad idea, actually. I figured it was like ripping off a bandage. You just need to do it, deal with the short pain, and you’re done.

I nodded and softly said, “Guess you’re right. We’re gonna be in here for a while, so it has to happen sometime.”

Nadia started sliding down the blanket on her side. I hesitated a microsecond but followed her example. The tension in the air rose as the blanket was around my ankles, and Nadia counted down, “Three, two, one…”

We lifted our heads simultaneously and looked at the other body. I was chubbed up but still not really that hard. But when my eyes roamed openly over my sister’s beautiful body, I felt it starting to rise with each heartbeat.

“It’s, uhm, growing…” Nadia said softly.


“Is that because of me?”

I didn’t know what to say but decided to go for broke, so I whispered a soft “Yes.”

“Looks funny as it grows…”

She wasn’t the least bit upset that her brother was boning up over her. And I just couldn’t take my eyes off her body. I boned up completely, and after my dick twitched, Nadia softly said, “You look good, Ay.”

“You too…”

It wasn’t the most tantalizing conversation we were having, but it was more than enough, considering the circumstances. We were quiet for a moment when Nadia asked, “You think we’ve got it covered now?”

“Dunno,” I replied, “I’ll probably still get stiff when I see you, I guess.”

“I don’t mind. I know you can’t control it, and your… looks cool when it’s stiff. I saw it soft for the first time just yet, and that also looks good. So, I really don’t care. As long as we’re not weird about it anymore.”

“Okay. Guess we’re done then.”

Neither of us moved. I kept admiring my sister’s body, and a quick glance at her face showed she was also still checking out my body.

“I, uhm… I really liked it when you showed me yesterday,” Nadia said softly and without looking at me. 

I didn’t know how to respond, so I shrugged and said, “No problem.”

Another silence followed, and I could feel the tension rise again. Nadia continued, “Girls also masturbate, you know…”

I looked her in her face, and she was smiling weakly with a flushed face. This came completely out of the left field for me. It never occurred to me that girls, especially Nadia, had the same urges as me. It did make sense, but it just never crossed my mind.

I cleared my throat and said, “Really? I didn’t know that…”

“Yeah… when A’vii’s sister talked to us, she also explained that to us.”


“It helps with… releasing the, I don’t know, the pressure I feel inside? Sounds stupid, but I don’t know another word for it.”

“No, no. I know exactly what you mean!” I replied, feeling relieved that she had the same feelings as I did.

“You do?”

“Yeah, it’s not just about getting rid of my boner. It also helps me get… less on edge, I guess?”



My heart was beating in my throat. The honesty of both of us felt good. But the subject we were talking about was exciting and forbidden, which made me feel all fuzzy inside.

After the short silence that followed, Nadia softly asked, “Wanna see how I do it?”

Suddenly, all sorts of butterflies were flying not just in my belly but all through my body. Of course, I wanted to see how my sister did it! But I also didn’t want her to feel pressured in any way. But then again, she was the one proposing it. It was all very confusing.

“Sure. If you don’t mind..” I replied a bit casually in an attempt not to sound too eager.

“I think it’s only fair.”

“It isn’t a contest,” I said, looking thoughtfully at her, “you don’t need to do things just because I or someone else did.”

“I know, Dufus!” she replied, looking slightly offended, “I think it’s hot, and I wanna do it.”

“Oh. Well… I uhm… I AM curious how you do it…”

Nadia didn’t waste more words on it. She kept looking at me as her hand slid between her legs. A soft moan came from her mouth as her hand moved.

“You can watch… hmm… closer if you want.”

I couldn’t see much of what her hand was doing, but her whole body language showed she was doing something special. So I sat up straight and scooted over so I was sitting next to her slit.

Nadia looked at me with a flushed face. With her fingers, she parted her slit. My eyes went wide, and my dick twitched violently in my lap. I didn’t have a clue what I was looking at, but it was arousing as hell.

“See this?” Nadia asked. And after I nodded, she touched a dark, pink-ish looking bump at the top of her slit and moaned softly, “This is my feel-good button.”

Her eyes got an unfocused look as her finger kept rubbing gently over that exciting piece of flesh, and Nadia’s breathing became shallower as she kept doing this.

Her lips were still spread, and when her eyes focused on mine again, she surprised me again. Her finger left that feel-good button and moved down between her legs. Her fingertip pressed against a soft spot, and with a hoarse voice, she said, “Watch this…”

Her finger slowly disappeared into her slit. This was the place where my, I mean, a boy’s dick needed to go in. I moved in closer for a better look, and it was by far the hottest thing I ever saw.

“This is my baby hole…”

“Wow…” was all I could say.

“Feels good when I do this,” Nadia said, sliding her finger in and out of her slit.

Her finger was glistening, and an intoxicating smell filled my nostrils. My hand gripped my dick and squeezed it to get rid of the building pressure.

Nadia noticed and whispered, “You can also… do… ohhh…” as she looked at my dick.

I sat back on my feet, eyes glued to the action between my sister’s legs, and slowly started beating off.

Nadia was breathing heavily as her finger moved back to the bump, and her eyes focused on my moving fist. I only had eyes for the action between her legs and occasionally glanced at her boobs.

We masturbated like this for a minute or so when I felt the point of no return was approaching. I didn’t know how close Nadia was, but despite this being the first time I saw her do this, her body language was clear as day.

Her hips moved a lot, sloppy sounds came from between her legs, and she was moaning almost constantly.

“I’m… ohh… close…” she groaned.

“Me… too…”

“NNGGHHSSS!!!” Nadia hissed.

Her muscles contracted, and her body shook, as her hand wasn’t moving and her eyes were closed shut. Seeing how my sister had her orgasm pushed me immediately over the edge. I felt the spurts leave my dick, and I didn’t think about how the drops of my cum landed on her body.

I only had eyes for her naked body and shooting my load. As I started to come down from my orgasm and looked at my sister, she was shaking again as her other hand rubbed through a glob of my sperm.

I was amazed by how long her orgasm lasted. As the last drop dribbled out of my dick and I regained my breath, Nadia smiled weakly at me.

“That was hot!”

I could only nod and lay down next to my sister. I lay on my side, facing her, and noticed two drops of my sperm on her lower body. I couldn’t deny that this was hot as hell. I never intended to do this, but it gave me a deep feeling of pride.

Nadia wiped my cum off her body with her fingers. She wiped some of it on the blanket, and some went into her mouth.

“Your orgasms last a lot longer than mine,” I said softly.

“Uhm… I had two,” she giggled.

“Two!? No way!”

“I swear!”

“I didn’t know that was possible,” I said.

After a moment, Nadia said, “Me neither. And I was close to a third.”

“Damn! You did look like you had fun,” I chuckled.

“I, uhm… it was hot knowing you were watching. Is that weird?” Nadia asked, looking insecure.

“No. Not at all. I had exactly the same yesterday when you were watching me.”


Nadia cuddled up to me, and we pulled up the blanket. We lay there for a while when Nadia said, “I’m glad I don’t have to find a solution for getting myself off anymore. Maybe it’s a twin thing, but I like how we managed to fix this.”

“Yeah. We’re amazing,” I smiled.

“I think I can sleep now,” she said, yawning loudly to prove her point.

The blanket decently hid my morning wood from view when I woke the following morning. Nadia had moved during the night and was snoring lightly next to me. Her arms were above her head, and her upper body was exposed from the waist up.

I loved the way she looked in the dim light of the room. I didn’t feel bad about checking out her boobs anymore, and they fascinated me immensely.

I didn’t want to wake her, so I decided to stay in bed and let my thoughts wander around. Seeing her exposed boobs brought me back to the training facility on Earth.

We came out of the dressing rooms simultaneously again during the second training day, and the hard nipples couldn’t be missed in her suit. She looked embarrassed at me, obviously realizing her situation.

I felt sorry for her and tried not to look. So I shrugged, smiled weakly, and gestured toward my groin. A weak smile appeared on her face, and she simply nodded. I opened the door to the training room, and we were up for another session.

During this session, we used the entire space suit for the first time. It took a little getting used to, but after a couple of tries, we were starting to get the hang of it.

“You guys are killing it!” Senii excitedly said and gave us both a high-five after we completed another task.

“It isn’t that hard,” Nadia said with a huge grin plastered across her face.

“Yes, it is! And you two are OWNING it!” Senii exclaimed, “You’re way faster than anyone I ever had in here before.

I had to admit that I felt a sense of pride wash over me. Maybe she did this with all her students, but I didn’t care. This worked for me, and I was motivated to the bone to keep going.  At the end of the session, Senii was still pretty worked up about our progress, so I decided to go for broke.

We had taken off our space suits, and while Senii was helping my sister, I walked over to the exoskeleton suit. “Can I try this one?” I asked.

“Uhm…” Senii thought about it for a few seconds and said, “You know… Why not? It’s a nice reward for all the hard work you’ve put into training so far.”


Nadia didn’t have the same attraction to the exo-suit as I had. According to her, it was just another suit. But judging by the stories Ethan had told me, it was way cooler. Because of the exoskeleton, you could lift hundreds, even thousands of pounds with this suit. And if you used it correctly, you could even jump really high and run very fast.

“Take it easy,” Senii said as she tweaked things on her tablet, “Now, try to lift your arms.”

At first, it felt like I had to lift something really heavy. But after Senii changed a couple of things, it was as if I was wearing the regular space suit. Senii pressed another button on her tablet, and on the far side of the room, a wall slid into the floor, giving us access to some sort of storage space.

“Grab that block of concrete over there,” Senii instructed.

The massive block of concrete she was pointing at looked really heavy. A thrill shot through me when I was allowed to test the suit in a real-life situation.

After I walked over there and picked it up, it was as if I lifted a bag of groceries. I felt there was weight, but it wasn’t heavy or anything.

“Wow! That’s over five thousand pounds of concrete!” Nadia said excitedly.

I could also read the sign on the side of the block, but I could still hardly believe it either.

I trained a bit more with the suit, but eventually, we had to call it a day. The rest of the training days were rough. It was a lot to handle, and a lot of rules had to be learned.

Finaly, it was the evening before our written exam. After my shower, I put on my usual lounge clothes, which consisted of black sweats and a white T-shirt.

Nadia asked me to come to her room to study together. I wasn’t really nervous about the exam, but I could understand why Nadia was. She wasn’t bad at learning, quite the opposite actually, but she was afraid that because of her, the move would have to be postponed or even canceled.

So, if I could help her by studying together, it would make her feel better, and I could spend more time with her. It also was a small effort for me, and it wouldn’t hurt to reread everything.

I knocked on her door, and as I fiddled with the books I was carrying, Nadia said through the door, “One sec.”

I heard some ruffling, and a moment later, her door opened. My heart skipped a beat when I looked at my twin sister. She stood before me in just her black bra and matching panties. There was a lot of lace on her underwear, and it looked sexy as hell on her. The contrast of the black fabric with her pale skin was stunning.

“I uhh… I can come back in a minute if you need more time,” I croaked.

“No, silly! Come on in,” she said as if it was normal to walk around in her underwear in front of me.

As she walked over to her closet, I noticed how a bit of her right ass cheek peeked out of her panties. There was movement in my own underwear after seeing her like this, and I quickly made it over to her desk and sat down to hide my possible embarrassment.

She grabbed an oversized T-shirt and threw it over her head. It was barely long enough to cover her crotch and ass, but apparently, she figured it was fine.

“Thanks for doing this,” she chirped as she sat down on the bed before me.

She sat down Indian style, giving me another clear view of her panties. And because of the wide neck on her shirt, one shoulder was completely visible, showing the small bra strap that occasionally sank down her arm.

I was distracted a lot during our study time, but I did everything I could to hide this from her. My dick stayed mostly soft, and although I saw her taking glances at my crotch a couple of times, I don’t think she noticed.

The next morning, it was exam day. Our whole family, all five of us walked through the hallway toward the room, the tension thick in the air. When we entered the exam room, Nadia took my hand and squeezed it softly. I looked at her and smiled a nervous smile, which she returned.

Turned out that we nailed it. Mom scored worst, followed by Ethan. But Dad, Nadia, and I each had the perfect score.

Later that evening, we celebrated together with a family dinner in a nearby restaurant. We did have mixed feelings about it, though, and a weird vibe hung over the evening. On the one hand, we were glad that nothing stood in our way anymore, but on the other hand, we’d have to say goodbye to our close friends and relatives.

Turned out we only had two days to say goodbye to everyone. These were two jam-packed days with lots of emotions, goodbyes, and tears. I didn’t have a real best friend; I just had some guys I hung out with at school. Saying goodbye to them wasn’t an enjoyable experience. I hated it, of course, but I wasn’t too upset about it either.

Nadia, on the other hand, was devastated after she said goodbye to A’vii. She cried all the time, and I had to comfort her all the way back to the facility. Mom didn’t look overly happy when she said her goodbyes to her friends, but she hardly cried.

Everyone was quiet when we arrived at the facility for our last night on Earth. The mood was eerie and far from happy. Dad tried when we went to bed when he said, “Cheer up, everyone! We’re going on an adventure.”

Only weak smiles and nods came his way, and we each went into our room. Nadia came with me.

“Can I hang with you for a little while?” she asked.


We sat in my room for about half an hour. We didn’t talk much and just enjoyed each other’s company. When Nadia got up and went to her room, she said, “Thanks for being there for me today. I hope I’ll feel a little better tomorrow.”

“Don’t sweat it. And you’ll be fine. I promise.”

As we boarded the transporter that would take us to the Zephyr, everyone’s mood had changed. Excitement hung in the air, and even Nadia smiled a lot.

We had practiced this a lot in the simulator, but when the boosters ignited and the pressure on our bodies grew as we went higher and higher, it was like nothing a simulator could prepare you for.

The ship shook violently, and the noise was overwhelming. Nadia grabbed my hand and squeezed it after we heard a loud bang. The pilot assured us everything was fine, but it was still a hell of a ride. The contrast of the loudness against the serene quietness of space couldn’t be bigger. The moment we became weightless, the noise was gone.

Nadia looked at me, and as we continued our journey toward the ship, the pilot said this was one of the smoothest rides he had so far. Nadia’s eyes widened as he said this, and we both giggled at that.

“There’s the ship,” Nadia said after about an hour of doing nothing.

She was sitting by the window, and I leaned over to look. Not too far away was the ship that would take us to another world.

It looked dark and spooky as we approached it. The huge back looked like a giant cigar with a big, bulky midsection where the tanks were. The front of the ship almost looked stitched-on, as it was only connected to the back by a few small tube-like pieces that looked like hallways from here.

It consisted of an arrow-shaped center with two big rings around it. These rings were behind each other and were connected to each other and the central arrow by small tubes. If you squinted your eyes, these rings looked a little like a pearl necklace. The pearls were the cabins where people would live and go into sus, and the chains between them were the hallways connecting them.

From the arrow in the middle, a gigantic antenna pointed forward. A blob-like globe at the end of the antenna radiated a blue glow.

“There’s the MPD,” Nadia said as she pointed at the globe.

I nodded, amazed at its small size, considering it was about to bend time and space. It would propel us to near-light speed and open the tunnel. When Senii explained it to us, she made two comparisons.

One was with two dots at each end of a piece of paper. She’d fold the paper in half and stick a pen through both holes. This was what the tunnel would do for us, and we would travel through that ‘pen’ to the other side.

The other one was how we thought we’d travel in a straight line when we drove on Earth from one point to another. But in fact, this wasn’t a straight line. You were actually moving in a curved line because of the globe you were driving on. This same principle happens in space. You can’t see it, but there’s a more effective way to travel. The Musk Propulsion Drive, or MPD, solves both of these issues, which makes traveling long distances through space in a short time possible.

The only downside of the system is that humans, or any living being for that matter, need to be dead in order to be able to travel. So when Xi-ping invented the Suspension pods that could stop all bodily functions and restart them after a while, without actually killing people, traveling to deep space became possible.

“Looks cool, huh?” Mom said as she also looked at the MPD.

“Yeah,” I answered, “You can see it’s already starting because of that blue glow.”

“The ship is even bigger than I expected,” Nadia said.

“Thank god for fabrication bots,” Mom laughed.

“Prepare for boarding,” the pilot said over the radio, and we sat back in our seats and fastened our seatbelts.

After the clunky sound when the connection was made, the door opened, and Dad entered the Zephyr. The rest of us followed, and after entering the artificial gravity of the spinning ring with the living quarters, we found our hut.

We didn’t have much time to spare, so Mom started preparing the sus pods while we looked at Earth through the window.

“It looks fantastic from up here,” Nadia almost whispered.

“It’s almost unbelievable we’re never gonna see it again,” I responded, equally impressed.

A feeling of doubt and sadness washed over me as we looked at the planet that gave us life for the last time. Did we make the right decision? What if anything went wrong? What if Aetheria wasn’t that great after all?

“She’s beautiful, right?” Dad said as he put a hand on our shoulders, “but, uhm… it’s time to go into sus now.”

I nodded, and as Dad closed the shutters, we walked over to the suspension pods in the corner of the room. Nadia had the corner pod, I had the one next to her, and Ethan had the one on the other side of me.

“Strange idea we’re gonna die in that thing,” Nadia said as she undressed.

I tried not to look, but when she dropped her pants and her panties and crop top were left, I had to check her out.

“Well… technically, we’re dead, yes. But with the use of…”

“Don’t, Ay! I was making a joke,” Nadia said, looking nervous.

“Sorry…” I mumbled as I dropped my pants and stood in my boxers and T-shirt.

I was glad I hadn’t popped a boner from looking at Nadia in her underwear. I was a little used to it by now, but I still had to stay focused when it happened.

“Alright, guys,” Mom said as she opened the pods, “It’s time.”

We all hugged each other, and I got comfortable in my pod. Mom gave me a kiss on my forehead, and before I knew it, everything turned black. My arms and legs started to tremble, and it was like my body was shutting down, which it basically did. I didn’t know what to expect, but this wasn’t bad at all. If dying for real was anything like this, it would be okay.

Beside me, Nadia started moving. She was waking up, and I loved the little sounds and whimpers that came with it. She yawned loudly as she stretched her body. I didn’t feel the need to hide the fact that I was checking out her chest.

With her body stretched like this, her small boobs were almost gone. But that ‘almost’ part of it was fantastic! Her small nipples were pointy, and I could count her ribs. Her skin was flawless, and her belly was tight.

“Morning…” she grumbled and lay her hands behind her head, not bothering to cover up.

“Morning! Sleep well?”

“Like a baby!” she said excitedly, “It was good to, you know… before falling asleep. It always makes me sleep better.”

“Same here!” I said, feeling only a mild apprehension to talk about this subject with my twin sister.

We were quiet for a moment when Nadia asked, “Wanna do it again?”

“Uhm… Dunno… do you?”

“We’ve still got time, so…” Nadia said with a coy smile, and her hand sneaked under the blanket a heartbeat later.

She did have a point here. And I was already a bit in the mood by looking at her exposed chest. But then again, I was always in the mood in the morning.

So I didn’t need any more encouragement and slid my hand under the covers to grab my boner. As I started sliding up and down, I felt the blanket rub against my dick. I didn’t like it, and I started kicking down the blanket without even thinking about it.

I exposed the both of us this way, but neither of us seemed to care. My eyes did fly toward my sister’s hand between her legs, and by the slight turn of her head, I knew she was looking at me.  

We each did our thing. It was hot doing this side by side. Nadia occasionally let out a soft moan, and so did I.  But other than that, we were quiet.

As my eyes drank in the sight of her beautiful body, I felt my balls tingle. I wasn’t cumming yet, but I knew that if I picked up the pace now, I’d cum in a heartbeat.

“Hmmm…” Nadia purred, “I’m getting, aahhh… close. You?”

“Almost…” I groaned and started picking up the pace.

I started going for it, and before I knew it, my balls tingled and pulled up in my sack. In the corner of my eye, it looked as if Nadia slowed down. But I was too far gone by now to let this sink in.

I went over the cliff, and I firmly gripped my dick at the base as I felt the cum leave my balls and enter my dick. A heartbeat later, drops of cum splattered on my body. It wasn’t as intense as the first time that Nadia looked, but I still managed one drop to land on my neck.

I grunted deeply as I came, and Nadia’s soft, low moans beside me indicated that she was also cumming. A drop of cum dribbled down my shaft and onto my fingers, but it felt good to lay like this with my hard dick obscenely pointing upward and showing it off.

“That was good,” Nadia sighed as I was still recovering.

I looked over at her and saw she was checking out my dick. It was still pointing up because of the way I held it in my fist, and I felt proud she was checking it out. It was deflating slowly by now, and I let go of it.

Nadia’s eyes went up to meet mine, and she smiled warmly. She didn’t look embarrassed, uneasy, bashful, or anything for being caught looking, and I was actually glad she wasn’t. It was great to be this open to each other, and after all these times of admiring her from a distance and seeing her in her underwear and stuff, it was great to see her for all she was worth and not feel awkward or embarrassed about it.

“I’ll shower first, okay?” I said as I didn’t want to waste too many words on what we did together.

“Sure!” Nadia said.

Before I could get up, she gave me a peck on my cheek. In return, I gave her a peck on her forehead because a kiss on her lips would be weird. As I walked toward the bathroom, Nadia giggled and said again, “Nice butt, bro.”

I couldn’t suppress a giggle at that, but I needed to find a thing like this that I could use on her. During my shower, I thought about it but couldn’t come up with anything.

After enjoying the privilege of watching Nadia get dressed again, we headed over to the family room.

End of chapter 6

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