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Four Kids, One Bed

October 21, 2008

Four Kids, One Bed
Alex Hawk

Randy’s thirteen-year-old penis worked itself down into my thirteen-year-old vagina, eliciting a moan of pure bliss from me. I loved having him inside me. He was so cute, so nice and soooo good to get fucked by! Such a perfect boyfriend.

I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight as he started to thrust. Each time he pushed into me, I felt the shaft of his penis brushing against my clitoris, bringing me more pleasure than I knew what to do with!

Looking up at Randy’s face, I saw an expression of happiness. He was so cute when he fucked. His shaggy blond hair kept drooping into his blue eyes, and he had a fantastic body that I just loved to drool over while he was fucking me. God, he was hot!

After about five minutes of steady screwing, Randy moaned, “Oh, fuck, Cat…” which he always said when he was cumming. Moments later I felt his penis twitch deep inside my vagina as his sperm splashed into my body. I was so happy I’d gone on the Pill. It was much better to have him shoot into me than into a condom.

Randy stayed inside me as he got his breath back. Then he slowly pulled away, his penis slipping out of me. Laying down next to me on his queen sized bed he gave me a little kiss on the cheek.

“Have I told you today how much I love you, Cat?”

“Yeah, but you can tell me again,” I said, poking him in the ribs.

Randy giggled. “Ok. I love you a WHOLE LOT.”

I rolled my eyes. “So romantic.”

From downstairs came the sound of someone knocking on the front door. Randy leaned over me and looked out his bedroom window. “Oh,” he said.

“Who is it?”

“Paul and Kim. I’ll go let them in.”


Randy threw on a pair of board shorts and went downstairs to let our friends inside. I went to the bathroom and really quickly cleaned myself up before slipping back into my own shorts and t-shirt. By the time that I was done, Paul and Kim were in the bedroom with Randy.

“Hey, guys,” I said to them. Paul and Kim were boyfriend and girlfriend, just like me and Randy, and they were also thirteen. But their parents didn’t want them to be fucking. Randy’s dad was cool with us doing it, and so was my mom, so Paul and Kim came to Randy’s house when they wanted to screw.

Paul was pretty hot. If I wasn’t fucking Randy, I’d probably be fucking him. He was a little taller than Randy, who was 5′6 or so, but he had much less pubic hair and his penis was about an inch or so shorter than Randy’s. Still, he looked good naked, and sometimes I wondered what he was like in bed. I’d never really compared notes with Kim. I should someday, I thought.

“Hey, Cat,” Kim said, waving at me.

“So what you guys up to?” Paul asked.

“Not much,” Randy said with a shrug. “Just fuckin’.”

“Cool.” He grinned at Kim. “Sounds like a good idea to me.”

She snorted a little. “I bet.”

I walked over and stood behind Randy. Despite having been fucked only a few minutes before, I was still horny, at least in part because I hadn’t cum yet. I ran my hand down his bare chest and pinched one of his nipples.

“Sounds like a good idea to me, too,” I said to Randy as he yelped a little.

“Hey…” He squirmed a little. “Don’t do that.”

Paul stood up and said, “You guys care if me and Kim get started?”

“Naw, go for it, dude,” Randy said.


Paul and Kim both began to strip. Just like how Paul’s body was less developed than Randy’s, so Kim was less developed than mine. She only had very small breasts and didn’t have more than a few strands of pubic hair. Paul didn’t seem to have any complaints about her.

Once they were naked the got onto Randy’s bed and started making out with each other. Soon Paul had a finger up inside Kim’s vagina and was working her like mad. I could see the look of pleasure on her face.

“Give you any ideas?” I said, licking Randy’s ear.

“Maybe,” he replied casually.

I could see his penis tenting up his shorts. Reaching down I took hold of it through the fabric and began to massage it gently. Randy squirmed.

I moved around to the front and reached inside Randy’s shorts to pull out his penis. When it was out, I got down on my knees in front of him, give him a couple quick kisses on the tip and then lowered my mouth around his shaft.

“Oh, yeah…” Randy muttered. I didn’t blow him too often, so it was special when I did.

Paul and Kim kept making out on Randy’s bed. After a bit, Paul said, “Hey, Randy? Can you pass me a condom?”

“Sure, dude. In fact, move over.” I moved aside as Randy got up and went to his dresser. Knowing what else he wanted, I got out of my clothes and got onto the bed next to Kim.

Randy dropped his shorts as he walked back to the bed, his penis bobbing as he walked towards us, condom in hand. He passed the condom to Paul and then got down between my legs, laying on top of me and kissing me.

Paul took the condom from Randy and opened up the little foil square. He took out the latex sleeve and unrolled it down the length of his hard penis. Once he was completely covered, he got between Kim’s legs. I saw him adjust himself a little and then push forward and down, sliding into Kim’s vagina.

Kim let out a little moan as her boyfriend penetrated her. I felt sorry for them both that he had to use a condom. Kim hadn’t been able to get onto the Pill like I had. It was soooo much better without a condom than with.

Randy apparently couldn’t hold back anymore. I felt his hand reaching down between our legs and then the glorious sensation of his penis slipping into my vagina. I let out a moan of my own as Randy entered me. I so loved having my boy inside me like this!

“Damn, you’re lucky, dude,” Paul said, looking down to where Randy’s penis went into me.

“Oh?” Randy asked, not breaking stride.

“Yeah… you get to do it bareback… I never have.”

I thought it was funny that he was thinking the same thing I had been.

Kim slapped him on his butt. “If you rather, you can just not do it at all.”

“No, no!” Paul said quickly. He closed his eyes and continued fucking Kim.

Randy looked down at Kim and Paul. Then he said, “You know… if the girls want… we could switch.”

Paul stopped thrusting and looked at Randy. “Really?”

“Yeah.” He smiled down at me. “What you think, Cat? You wanna try it with Paul?”

I looked at Paul’s lean, naked body. I’d never had any boy inside me except Randy. Some variety would be nice. I didn’t really LIKE the idea of him fucking Kim, but I could tolerate it. What the hell, it might be fun! So I said, “Sure, if Kim doesn’t mind.”

“Kim?” Randy asked.

“Sure, I guess. But you have to use a condom.”

“I will.” Randy slid back, his penis popping up as it withdrew from my vagina. It was all wet and shinny from being inside me. He got off the bed, walked over to his dresser and pulled out another condom, unwrapping it and rolling it onto himself before he rejoined us. Paul meantime had pulled out of Kim and was removing his condom. Once it was off, he settled down between my legs as Randy got on top of Kim.

Paul looked down at me and said, “You mind if I just stick it in?”

“Go ahead.” I spread my legs a little more.

Paul got onto me and reached down between us. He poked around a little and then I felt him start entering me. Soon his penis was all the way inside me. It felt very different from having Randy inside me. Not bad, just different. The look on Paul’s face as he had his first bareback fuck was pretty cool, too.

Looking over at Randy I saw that he’d started to fuck Kim. She didn’t seem to have any complaints about having him in there. It was cool seeing my boyfriend’s body as he fucked, even if it was kind of weird seeing him do it with someone else. Still, the way he looked… wow… he could’ve been a porn star with a body like that!

I let out a little moan as Paul’s thrusting penis hit a particularly nice spot. He wasn’t nearly as good in bed as Randy, but he was still nice enough. I reached up and put my hands around his body as he screwed me.

Only a few moments later Paul began shaking and moaning. Then he closed his eyes, grunted, held himself deep inside me and started to cum. It was pretty cool knowing that his sperm was now mingled with Randy’s inside my body.

That thought combined with the view I had of Randy’s body as he started to cum was enough to push me over the edge. My vagina began contracting sharply around Paul’s still hard penis as I held him tightly, riding the crest of the orgasm.

Not more than an hour later we were all fucking again, this time with our own boyfriends. Both Randy and I liked having the chance to experiment and it’s probably something we’d do again, but we wouldn’t make a habit of it. Why should we? We love each other.


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk. I want to thank all the little people who made this possible. But I won’t.

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    Nice little story of love and friendship.

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